But for serious jk rowling missed out on what could have been one of the most devastating love stories of all time and i know that the late nineties and early two thousands weren’t that gay friendly yet but seriously. Friends to lovers to having a falling out thinking each other was betraying their friends to reuniting to sharing an apartment and rekindling their love only to have it be ripped apart again in the dept of mysteries. So heartbreaking. So epic. Its like titanic brokeback mountain shit for real.

if you don’t have a dad and you want one, or your dad is no good and you want a better one, I will be your dad on father’s day. shoot me an ask and I will send you a lame joke, or tell you i am proud of your artwork, or give you advice about life that will probably be lame but you will remember it in like three years and realize i was right, or something else dads do

soon after bruce came back tim was forced kindly asked to sit down in front of his desk and tell him about everything that happened to him while bruce was “dead”

and so tim told him about realizing that he was still alive

the fight with dick

all the stuff with ra’s al ghul

losing his spleen

the time at the lazarus pit when he broke down in his brother’s arms (and here it all got too much and he had a hard time keeping tears in his eyes)

and he ended it all with “i just, i don’t know…i’m sorry.”

and he looked up at bruce and realized that 

wow bruce is having a hard time keeping tears in his eyes too

and tim scored a hug out of it all

“Keep on falling ♥” – Hong Jisoo

Don’t be a little s**t Joshua. You can’t do this to me. I’ve completely fallen now. Tumbled down the rabbit hole, into darkness. #iamseventeentrash 

Drunk text.

Texting au (Michael text)

Requested: no

Imagine having been primary school friends with Michael but slowly growing apart in secondary. You still keep in touch every now and then but nothing too serious. Though one night during an after party you get these texts.

A/n: whooooo this was me after I was on medical drugs for tests

so i’m currently re-watching all of Marble Hornets, and here’s some stuff about the earlier entries that still haunts me

  • What exactly happened in Brian’s house? 
  • Seriously, why is it all tore up? Why was there blood in the sink?  Does it have to do with Brian becoming Hoodie, or was it something more? Why was Masky lurking around in it after all this time? Was he purely following Jay, or was there something more to that, too? Is Brian’s house possibly like the tunnel in Rosswood? I JUST HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS ABOUT BRIAN’S HOUSE. 
  • Speaking of Brian, was he really out buying snacks?
  • there were probably no snacks
  • what if tim had reached into brian’s hoodie pocket after finding him dead and found like a slim jim in there or something and with brian’s last breath he whispers “hey…. i finally… got… the snacks…”
  • how many people would be alive if jay sucked a little bit less at life
  • let’s be real, Alex had been plotting to kill Jay ever since he took his keys from his belt loop. not letting the “sickness” spread any further was just a perk
  • KEY
  • alex is the saltiest mother fucker
  • tim just wanted to go to lunch why did life have to do him like that

So I decided to go in Deviantart for once, I haven’t been in there for a long time so why not? Then as I was searching up new MKX fanart, I stumbled upon this beautiful piece of mods interacting. ^_^

Aye chick by DillyDong

…Cassie’s face though, she’s all like:

“Are you serious?” Or “How high are you?” ;|


The trip had been planned down to the last detail between King Regis Lucis Caelum and Sephiroth.  A very nice suite had been provided, a special team of chefs had been hired, and everyone was alerted to the fact that they were harboring royalty.  Sephiroth himself was to provide only the best of training, using methods of his own discretion.

The prince, however, had only been made aware that he would be going on a trip for several days.  He was likely aware of accommodations, possible “things to do” and “sights to see”.  But when the limousine pulled up to what was obviously not a 5 star hotel, and the only man standing there to greet him was Shinra’s most prized First Class SOLDIER, there was a little hint of the unusual happening.

“Noctis Lucis Caelum, I presume?”  He bowed slightly.  “Would you follow me, please?”  He didn’t exactly wait for an answer, turning and leading the way into a rather purposely unmarked training facility.  The enormous open space at its center would be more than enough room to determine how skilled the price really was.  Sephiroth was rather determined to wait for questions to answer rather than explaining anything directly.

Throwback to the time that one of our senior congressers sent THIS out in an email to help prep the freshman who state qualled on legislation. This wasn’t the entire email, but this screenshot is iconic.

as a professional tagger sometimes i wonder if OPs of the stuff i reblog read my tags and just… you know… cringe a little