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There's no need to apologize to us. This is your blog, and it's silly for people to go on anon just to try and involve themselves in your personal life, yet you still handle it tactfully and gracefully even though you don't have to. I'm 100% serious when I say that while I came for the cosplay, I stayed because you are incredibly kind and patient with the people that talk to you even when they're confrontational or give you no reason to be. You just are and i find that really great

I really appreciate this, I tend to worry I’m not being understanding enough. I’m glad my feelings are getting across. Thank you so much for being here for me, you’re great!

i want someone to write a musical where the characters (not the actors, the actual characters in the story) realize that they’re fictional and in a show. and they “go off script” trying to get out of the show to be real and make their own stories, but the music and dance cues keep following the “original story,” so they keep getting dragged into musical numbers that don’t make sense in the new context. and they’re just baffled the whole time like what the fuck am i singing what was supposed to happen here?? and their asides are written into the music as they try to break free. and there’s this big dance break in the middle of an angsty scene and they’re all just like oh for fucks sake not again just get it over with.

am i the only one who thinks this would be hilarious?

Hazel made a mental note not to underestimate Percy again. When he’d first arrived, she’d thought he was a little goofy from the questions he’d asked - about the Feast for Tuna and all - but clearly he was smarter than he let on.

The Son of Neptune

something i think people need to be reminded of sometimes. He may be a little dense at times (hello, Riptide) but this little demigod is actually pretty perceptive.


Cisco Ramon and Ray Palmer being absolute nerds (.❂‿❂.)

how to attract the signs

aries- take a shower
taurus- take a shower
gemini- take a shower
cancer- take a shower
leo- take a shower
virgo- take a shower
libra- take a shower
scorpio- take a shower
sagittarius- take a shower
capricorn- take a shower
aquarius- take a shower
pisces- take a shower


The Shimada Brothers

I wanted to draw young Shimada Brothers… and it didn’t end well…

Make me choose:
Silly Onew or Serious Onew
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But for serious jk rowling missed out on what could have been one of the most devastating love stories of all time and i know that the late nineties and early two thousands weren’t that gay friendly yet but seriously. Friends to lovers to having a falling out thinking each other was betraying their friends to reuniting to sharing an apartment and rekindling their love only to have it be ripped apart again in the dept of mysteries. So heartbreaking. So epic. Its like titanic brokeback mountain shit for real.

Bioware Lackey 1: Hey, we have more time to work on Inquisition. Anything you think we should add?
Bioware Lackey 2: Hmm….Oh! What if we made Solas a romance option?
BL1: Wait are you serious? Even though he’s-
BL2: Yes, even though he’s.
BL1: Oh man, that would destroy the fans.
BL2: Yeah, it would.
BL1:…Let’s do it.

  • Dan: *gives heart eyes of all heart eyes in plane clip*
  • Dan: 'Excuse me?'
  • Dan: 'Are we recreating the milk-fic or something?'
  • Dan: 'Phil Lester'
  • Dan: 'Don't you like nuts?'
  • Dan: 'Yeah, put it in your mouth.'
  • Me:
  • Dan:
  • Me:
  • Dan: no homo though
  • Me: are you fucking serious