Hey guys

Sorry to basically repeat myself from last week, but I truly am very very sick.

It’s been going on for about two months now and it’s only getting worse.

The doc told me I might have a chronic illness called myalgic encephalomyelitis, but he can’t diagnose it until I’ve had the symptoms for six months (which really really pisses me off)

I think the part that’s most annoying is not being able to leave my house most days due to how fucked up I am. If it is myalgic encephalomyelitis then I really don’t know what I’m gonna do seeing as I can barely take care of myself much less hold down a job.

I just


Anyway. I’ll stop whining now. I’ll try and answer questions this weekend but don’t hold your breath. Stay safe everyone.

I would just like to give you an example as to why treats marketed towards ferrets can be harmful. Whilst doing readings while answering some “asks” I stumbled upon this 

“I give my fuzzbutt lots of ferretvite he will go through one tube in like a month. he loves it. just wondering if i could be endangering his health in anyway buy giving him a lot of this.”

This was posted 3 years ago. I decided to fling an email over to this individual, and it turns out the ferret ended up with Bowel and Bladder Problems that needed veterinary attention. 

anonymous asked:

Please tell me you understand that not everyone knows how bad autism speaks is. You can't just go around shitting on companies and people when they think they're doing a good thing, not everyone knows that autism speaks is a bad company.

this is really condescending but i’m answering anyway, consider yourself lucky because usually asks with this kind of tone would just get deleted

so: autism speaks is incredibly shitty. ubelievably shitty. because we DO know this, we are doing our best to avoid supporting them in any way whatsoever.

this includes avoiding companies that support a$. us withdrawing our support isn’t “shitting on companies”, it’s avoiding supporting an organisation that shits on /us/.

& yes, not everyone knows a$ is bad! but also: intent is irrelevant. it doesn’t matter /why/ you’re doing a bad thing, just that you’re doing it. i don’t care if google thinks they’re helping! they are not helping!

this ask also implies it’s entirely on us, as autistic people, to educate other people about a$, which isn’t true. yes, i’d educate google if i had the chance, but that isn’t actually my responsibility. it’s /their/ responsibility to properly research an organisation before pledging their support, & to listen to autistic people over abusive bigoted neurotypicals.

(also: you don’t have to avoid google because they support a$, it’s a personal choice & entirely up to you. google are everywhere & not wanting or being able to go to the massive effort it takes to avoid them is completely understandable.)

Past, Present, and Future are playing truth or dare.

Present turns to Future, a smirk on her face, and says dare before he can even ask about her preference.
Future stares at his watch before answering.
‘I dare you to forgive Past for starting the avalanche you’re currently
sifting through the rubble of,
and I dare you to forgive me for not telling you where the hope is hiding.’
Present starts to cry and blames it on allergies.
'that isn’t a real dare, anyways.’
'you still have to do it.’
she’s trying.

Past chooses truth.
'what is your biggest regret?’ Present asks, caring more about his answer than she appears to.
Past doesn’t even hesitate.
'I regret you.’
the room seems to get smaller and colder.
Present wishes she had a sweater.
Future wishes he was somewhere else.
Past wishes honestly didn’t taste like asphalt.

Future also chooses truth.
Past polishes his glasses and forgets to hold his tongue.
'any words of advice?’
Present leans forward in her chair and Future starts to smile.
'remember that it’s going to be okay.’
remember that you are doing just fine.’

—  a sleepover with time, cgc

Orion: I am a bodyguard by job description, for Radi. I just see myself as more of a simple, overly cliche care taker. Seeing how there is so little activity nowadays. I have yet to actually protect anyone from anything that’s an actual threat like those before me have.. And sometime they may not need me. They will some day be independent. But i will cherish my time here anyway.

As far as running goes the only running i do around here is when the cooking’s on fire.

[ ask-the-runner-meowstics]

so i work with three girls and they are all super feminine and i also sometimes wear dresses and skirts but i wear menswear whenever i can… like today i am wearing navy pants with a button-down shirt and a tie and a vest. anyway. just now all of us were sitting around and chatting about maybe going out for a coffee break and their general consensus seemed to be “hmm maybe later i have a lot of work to do” and while we were talking my phone rang so i turned around to answer it and literally as soon as i picked up the phone aLL THREE OF THEM GRABBED THEIR BAGS AND HEADED OUT THE DOOR TOWARD STARBUCKS… LIKE WOW Y’ALL REALLY DO NOT WANNA HANG OUT WITH THE DEE-WHY-KAY-EE

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I luv meeting mutuals but I’m always worried about what ppl expect me to be like bc I don’t even say the word anal in real life…..why u wanna meet someone who talks about anal anyway…..didnt ur mother ever tell u to be careful online…

alex-the-lioness asked:

Hi Gwen! My name's Sandra and I'm 24 literally just doing my first HRT shot today. I noticed you had facial hair to similar to mine before transition and was wondering if you had tips/suggestions for taking care of body hair :/ Thank you darling!

Gonna answer this publicly just in case anyone else has similar questions - if that’s not okay lemme know and I’ll take it down!

Anyway, some important tips:

- if you’ve got a lot of hair, go slow and try and use fresh blades as much as you can


- exfoliate before and after as it’ll help get rid/diminish of the red bumps/ingrown hairs that will pop up

- epilators are nice for not having to shave often but they definitely hurt - they’re not really for your face tho

- if you wanna cover up the shadow, use orange lipstick underneath your concealer/foundation as it’ll cancel out the blueness, or use concealer with an orange base like EnterPronoun (a bit pricey but I can attest it works)

Hope this helps!

Dear Charlie,

I know she doesn’t mean to. But I share a room with my mom right now and she woke up to me typing a letter to you and while she was half asleep she say the “Dear Charlie” on this part but she didn’t see what I was writing because has had bad vision. But she hit me at an emotional moment and patronized me saying “Dear Charlie, i’m going to fail all of my classes because maybe I just don’t care at all. Maybe I don’t want to graduate high school” and she kept rambling off and I almost started crying. I do want to pass and I try even when i’m not interested because other have to anyways. It just never turns out right and I know it’s all on me. But no matter how much I tell her that I care she only sees my grades as answers. And i’ve raised my grades a prior year when she became like this but she ended up taking the credit and saying that she just had to keep pushing me when in fact had just been bullying me and it was annoying.

I just feel like while parents are supposed to raise us to be adults, we’re supposed to raise them to be parents. And I know she’s not having any more children but I don’t want her to go through life thinking that everyone’s the same and you can just push them and push them until they succeed. Because I know for a fact she’ll have no idea what to do if she accidentally breaks someone like she didn’t know what to do when my dad left with my sister for a year before she came back. And she only came back for her friends because our dad had lived was 3 hours away. And she was a mess.

Maybe this is just what I think now and  i’ll change my mind in the future. But right now, I strongly believe in this that we raise our parents the rest of the way of their lives.


loveactually-rps asked:

Have you ever wondered why Zude cared/trusted each other, even before their first kiss in the limo. I mean who gifts Porsche to an agent? Why Zero was so sure that Jude won’t leave him when he was buried deep in controversies. Do you think, they might have known each other, way before, beyond agent-player relation in the past? Or am I missing something here :)

Hello!!! First of all I like so much reading all the different headcanons!! <3 Anyway I don’t think they knew each other way before, but Jude was the one who brought him to L.A., like Zero liked to point to everyone there (his thanks were for Jude and God no one else :D )
But the connection between them was there from day one, even before their strong feelings for each other  were all in their faces. And after being lovers, they were even more “real” to each other, they didn’t wear a mask around the other. Jude opened up about his father and Zero opened up about his troubled past, no one else knew these things about them.

Tom Keen vs Red Reddington

Now let me start this off by saying I am not anywhere close to being a Tom Keen fan but kudos to him for what he did. He wanted Lizzie to sail away with him. He didn’t want her to leave but he didn’t stop her and he knew what it meant if she walked out. The lying Tom would have taken her hostage and sailed the boat anyway, not caring about what she wanted. I do believe he loves her in his own way. What Liz leaving his boat symbolizes is the question that was asked some episodes back…who will Lizzie choose, Tom or Red. The moment she left, Tom knew the answer. She chose Red and I think a part of him is okay with that because there is no way he could protect her and give her what she needs compared to a man who is willing to give everything up for her. How far they are willing to go for her is truly what separates them. If Tom truly had wanted to give everything up for her, he would have been on her heels walking off the boat with her. Instead, he chose himself and allowed her to fight her battles alone. Some might say that shows he doesn’t care. No, that shows Tom choosing himself and fixing himself first there is a difference because Tom has many problems and issues. Red, on the other hand gave up the one thing that was keeping him alive…the fulcrum. Has that hit anyone yet? The single thing keeping the cabal from killing him and he gave it to the public for Lizzie. Tom showed a truly selfless act by standing back and letting Lizzie leave. So, Kudos to him!! Kudos to Red for continuing to be the man we all know you are…flawed yet worthy of redemption!

anonymous asked:

Hi have you seen the footage of Chloe talking about Ward and Skyeward?Damn I knew she was stil trash like us and wow I'm so happy that skincoln ship had bitten the writers in the ass,it was a joke anyway,so maybe now they'll do some damaging control now,we don't need even that negativity in our lives

Yeah, I’ve seen it on my dash and all it did is make me scoff. Honestly, no one’s interview is able to fix the finale by now. I don’t really care what Chloe thinks of Ward or Skyeward if 19 episodes after Donnie Gill’s death she uses “He’s hot, but he’s a murderer” as an answer.

I never hated Lincoln (I actually always liked him and I never got the ‘traitor’ or ‘bad guy‘ vibe from him like some people did) I didn’t even ever hate Scincoln because that ship is so lazily written it isn’t capable to cause anything as strong as hatred.

anonymous asked:

I honestly have never read any D or G interviews when they compare MSR to Mondler. As I said, no internet back in the day, only had access to publications, but have never come across that one. But, if so- love it! Anyway, I'm not giving up on these two, I'm just not! My head is clear, but my intuition says to stay tuned' cause shit ain't over! There's just something in the air,lol! Don't you worry bout answering, usually I'm busy too, but I've got the time and courage today so- here it is!:)

It was a small blurb of a comparison. I wish I could remember more. Its one of those little things I see pop up every now and again. ANYWAYS. lol 

YES DO NOT GIVE UP. Fuckery is coming! 

I don’t care if these two ever happen for real or not I’m gonna ship them like a mofo. You cannot be looking and acting like that and expect me to think that friendship is all there is or ever has been. Bish plz. 

I’m glad you got the time and courage! ;) Seriously feel free to hit us up with any thoughts anytime!

I have actually done this one before, but I don’t mind doing it again lol, I’ll choose a different OTP this time. Anyways, thanks for the tag there dokuro96 :)

Choose five of your otps (any series) without looking at the questions. First answer the questions with the corresponding ship and tag ten people.

1. Jellal x Erza - Jerza (Fairy Tail)

2. Ren x Kyoko (Skip Beat)

3. Hijikata x Chizuru (Hakuoki Kitan Shinsengumi)

4. Tomoe x Nanami (Kamisama Hajimemashite)

5. Sesshoumaru x Rin (Inuyasha)

1. Do you remember the episode you started shipping 5?

I sure do, it was when Sesshoumaru first met Rin for the first time. It was also the first time I see a more softer/caring side to him, and that’s when I fell in love with his character to be honest. Him caring for Rin (despite he hated humans, and Rin is a human) makes me love him even more.

2. Have you read fan fiction about 2 ?

Umm, nope. I hardly read fanfictions, the only time I read fanfictions is when I really want to see a moment of my OTP being done in a better way, so me not reading fanfictions for Ren x Kyoko can be considered a good thing

3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your icon/background?

No. ( O ^ O)

4. If three was to suddenly break up what would be your reaction? 

I would be SO DEVESTATED!!!! *MY OTP FEELS!!!* But that’s like my reaction to all my OTP’s

5. Why is 1 so important?

Because it’s my #1 favourite in the overall. They need to be together, not because they are very important to me, but because they deserve this much considering all that they’ve been through. They are the pairing that have past many trials “through time” that I can’t see them be with anyone else but each other. I hope they get that happiness in the end because this is the pairing I am so emotionally invested on that if they are not together, the thought just scares me. Jerza FTW!!!

6. Is 4 a serious ship or a funny ship?

It’s a serious ship, although they have their funny moments.

7. Out of all the ships which has the most chemistry?

Well, to me they all have their own chemistry otherwise I wouldn’t have shipped them to begin with, but if I really have to pick, I’ll say Jerza, not because they are my #1 favourite, but their chemistry goes way back, and there is unconditional love between them with the way they can still love each other without being in that kind of relationship first.

8. Out of all the ships which has the strongest bond?

Jellal x Erza for me. They do have a strong understanding of each other and with all the mental connections etc, how can I not pick this pairing?

9. How many times have you read/watched 2’s fandom?

I wasn’t really counting on my end, but I’m reading them as I am following the manga Skip Beat, so I guess once

10. Which ship has lasted longer? 

The longest one would have to be Jerza,they’ve known each other since they were kids, and their love for each other existed way back, so my votes goes to Jerza!

11. How many times, if ever have 5 broken up?

They aren’t dating yet so… N/A

12. If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse which ship would make it out alive?

I believe 1,3, 4-5 can get out alive but I am not so sure about #2 on my end….

13. Did 4 have to hide their relationship for any reason?


14. Is 5 still together?

They are separated for now, but I believe they will be together again once Rin is all grown up!

15. Is 1 canon?

Their love is canon (because there’s mutual love between them), but if you’re referring to canon as in if they are actually dating now, then ‘not yet’, hopefully they will by the manga’s conclusion!! Even though I still regard the pairing Jerza is canon (on my end).

16. If all five ships were put into a couples hunger games which couple do you think will win?

I actually never like the concept in Hunger Games :P, so I’ll like to believe that all of them will find some way to “work together” and get out safely!!

17. Has anyone tried to sabotage 5’s relationship?

Yeah, anti-shippers (which I am surprised there are) on this pairing.

Other then that, in the story itself, they are pretty much set with the way how the manga ends (with the hints also in the Drama CD), plus there is no opposing ship that contradicts my OTP.

18. Which ship do you defend to death and beyond?

I would defend any of my OTP when I feel the need to, but I tend to get really hyped up and defensive when people bash Jerza/Jellal’s character so I have to say my defense for Jerza goes to a whole new level!!

19. Have you ever spent hours a day going through 3’s tumblr page?

Only when I feel the urge to reblog their moments, otherwise nope.

20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you had to pick one of the ships to break up for good which would sink?

My reaction to this question would be: “YOU’RE KIDDING ME RIGHT?!!?!?!?”

I refuse to answer this question, I’ll probably just remain silent about it and hope this is some kind of joke there (LOL)


Yay, finally done!!! I’m going to tag (only if you guys feel like doing it) ~

cchareon ; ripace ; ajerzaaddict ; bugie78 ; nipnongblocks (and….whoever feels like doing this on their end :3)

daddys-x-princess asked:

My Daddy if I can call him that, left. We were friends and our relationship kinda blossomed from that. Anyways. It escalated it was all via text. He has a gf and a couple of days ago he pulled back and said we couldn't do this anymore cause he cares about her. We've never done anything really but my sub side is very attached to him and I want my Daddy back and it hurts so much abd I can't stop crying. He says he cares about her abs she makes him happy and I don't wanna fuck that up and Idk what

Aww sweetie that stinks, I’m so sorry. But if he has a girlfriend you need to let him go. You don’t want to be the “other girl”. You’re too good for him, and you’ll find a daddy who worships you above all else. Just take some time for yourself to get over him, it’s ok to hurt. But it will get better, I promise.

Throwback Thursday, er, I mean, Tuesday!

Look at all the avatars this blog went through! Do you remember the one when you started following? If you’re around since the first avatar, you probably saw things I’m not proud of… *war flashbacks*

Anyway, anon asks under the cut!

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HANDWRITING TAG (Thanks to mybubblessszzzz for tagging me! Also I just noticed I spelt your URL wrong, forgive me!)

I finally got around to doing this.  My handwriting is terrible, I know. And yeah, shitty phone camera quality. Oops.

You basically have to answer these questions using both your cursive and your regular handwriting. (My cursive is my regular though, but you get the point.)

I’ve tagged these poor souls; thephanleytwins •  elna221b  • thefreshprinceofmirkwood  • ionastage  • cali–marie  • phanforlyf  • breannapart2  • skinnydefencelessanchor  • lethal-wasteland  • yunesugihara

IF you’ve already done this or simply don’t want to, you obviously don’t have to do it. However, if you want to, have fun! ^_^

TRANSCRIPT UNDER READ MORE (Because let’s be honest, this is barely legible)

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