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What are your thoughts on the episode statistical probabilities? You don't have to answer if you don't want to, I was just curious about your opinion

soooo I received this ask when I was at work like a week ago and resolved to answer it when I got home… and then promptly forgot about it. so. sorry, anon. 

anyway: I do not care for statistical probabilities but not with the visceral hatred I feel for its sequel, chrysalis. (jesus christ I hate chrysalis so fucking much oh my god but don’t get me started. or do. I’m always willing to yell about chrysalis). statistical probabilities had a lot of potential, but it fell rather disappointingly short of achieving it. 

prior to DS9, the federation had generally been portrayed as utopia – with all basic needs met and all prejudices thoroughly overcome, mankind is free to explore the stars for no other reason than the existential betterment of the species. which is fine for what it is and what it allowed tos to say in the 60s and tng to say in the 80s and 90s, but then ds9 came along and said, “well, wait a minute. maybe eradicating hunger and poverty and inequality isn’t enough. maybe a utopia created by people, with their myriad flaws, isn’t quite as perfect as the federation and starfleet would like to think.” so you get more shades of grey, things like section 31 and starfleet as a military institution (which it of course is somewhat in tos and tng, but not nearly to the same degree as in ds9.)

and you also get things like statistical probabilities. saying “infinite diversity in infinite combinations” is one thing, but the reason why quark saying of the federation“they’re worse than the borg” is so striking is because, from a certain point of view, he’s not wrong. the federation has a specific culture that follows from its economy, and member worlds tend to assimilate that culture. to do otherwise would be to chafe at the very nature of what the federation is – and that doesn’t really lend itself to peaceful cooperation. the klingons, for example, could never join the federation. their cultures are too fundamentally different.

so what does that have to do with statistical probabilities? well, the “federation as utopia” has the unfortunate implication of erasing those things that make us different, and that includes people with disabilities and neurodivergences (geordi and his blindness is a whole different post tbh and I’d have to rewatch tng before I could really get into it). ds9 takes rather an opposite tack in this regard by saying “yes, people like you exist in this universe.”

I have said before how much I love that ds9 portrays the federation as imperfect, and this is no exception. the federation may see itself as the epitome of equality, but statistical probabilities is the federation saying “people like you may exist, but they have no place in our society”. I mean, the jack pack is institutionalized for christ’s sake.

there are so many excellent moments in statistical probabilities that just slay me

Jack: Here it comes. The ‘we can still contribute’ speech. No, no, no, no, no. I will not forget what was done to me. I will not be part of a society that put me away for being too smart.

I love that Julian starts out believing what the federation has told him – that he should be ashamed of what he is, that he should pretend to be “normal”. I mean, what neurodivergent person can’t relate to that kind of kneejerk self hatred? and I love the conversation julian has with miles about “the common people”. pretending to be neurotypical is exhausting, so of course julian should revel in the company of people like him. 

so the episode has a lot of really great potential on the heels of dr. bashir I presume: what an opportunity for a scathing critique of how disability and neurodivergence are treated in today’s society, how we’re forced into neat, socially acceptable boxes, regardless of the cost to our soul. How differences are cast out, especially if those differences are inconvenient. and then instead of following through, instead of saying “you are valuable for more than what you accomplish and how well you pretend”, the episode goes back on its word and says “the federation was right about you all along, you are dangerous, you should be fixed or hidden away.”

and I absolutely hate the focus on contribution. “It’s my fault, not theirs,” julian says to miles at the end. “I should never had let things go so far. If I hadn’t been so bent on trying to prove to the world that they had something to contribute.” and of course julian should feel that way – the federation has told him, explicitly, that the only reason his presence in society is acceptable is because of what he contributes as a doctor. but then miles says, “They did contribute.” and the narrative agrees with him! the jack pack is seen as valuable – to miles, to the federation, to the galaxy – because of their contribution. and I hate that. you are not what you contribute to the world. you are inherently valuable because of who you are, not because of what you do. you do not deserve mistreatment because you’re not productive. in a post-scarcity economy, production should be the last marker of worth. you deserve food and shelter and happiness regardless of what you’re capable of, and the federation has the means to provide that. and that all logically follows from the flaws that ds9 portrays in the show, but the narrative doesn’t critique it

julian, our pov character for this episode, lets the jack pack get shipped back to the institution where the federation says they belong and doesn’t say a word against it. julian spent the first half of the episode unlearning what the federation has been whispering in his ear his whole life, but he winds up exactly where he started. and obviously it’s not his responsibility to effect change (being nd himself), but he’s the narrative opinion proxy and thus bears responsibility for what the show is trying to say. right up until the end when it becomes abruptly clear that no, julian isn’t the narrative opinion proxy, miles is. the audience isn’t supposed to identify with julian and the jack pack – we’re supposed to look at them with pity and fear and discomfort until they start pretending they’re “normal” again.

except I’m not miles. I’m julian and sarina and patrick and jack and lauren; I’m different, and statistical probabilities tells me that’s scary, something to be fixed or hidden away.

I am not broken.

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Your blog is called incorrectzodiacquotes, the last incorrect zodiac quote was 37 posts ago. That might be why you're losing followers. It's difficult to keep a big fanbase on a personal blog, anyway props to you for doing what you want with your blog and not caring about what people will think

Um, I post a lot bc I answer the questions ALL OF YOU send in. I don’t reblog random shit has nothing to do with astrology, hell I hardly ever reblog ANYTHING. But sure, if all of you have a problem with the fact that I answer YOUR goddamn questions, (and let me just say that I can’t fucking stand compatibility asks but I still answer them) then I’ll just close my ask box now and delete all the questions in it. Then my blog will return to being exclusively quotes. No interaction from me. None. Happy?

Also, I’d like to point out that I MADE ANOTHER DAMN BLOG a while ago and asked everyone to send their questions TO THE OTHER BLOG so that that incorrectzodiacquotes could get back to posting ONLY CONTENT. And you know what happened? Seventeen people followed it. Of the 2,350 (I think I was around that number at the time?) people that followed me only 17 of them did what I asked and followed that blog. But then nothing happened. That blog didn’t receive ANY ASKS. NOT ONE. So making it was completely purposeless because it didn’t take away any questions that would previously be directed at my main blog. @amultitudeofstars

thank you for your end comment though :)

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Can you recommend any really good/popular jayroy fics that are more on the lengthy side? I've been having trouble finding any, thankyou 😊

Sorry this took so long, it was hard to find fics. I did this search on AO3 and this is what I got. 

*I haven’t read these fics myself. I’m a slow reader and didn’t want to make you wait any longer than this already took.

Short version:

I hope one of these at least works for you. 

[Longer version beneath cut]

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Hey love ❤ Adamant follower of your twitter account. Ily to the moon and back. You are far too creative for your own good XD. Anyway. Idk if you do this type of thing or not, but I was wondering if you could give your opinions on jikook and their dynamic. I.e why you ship them (after vmin ofc xD) and anything really that draws you to look and write about them. Only if you have time and want to answer this tho ❤ haha don't force yourself. Much love.

aw i lov u too !!! as for why i ship jikook, honestly at the beginning it was purely bc i thought they looked good together like….. physically.. im just a huge sucker for any ship with height difference. but then as i got to know their personalities better, i was really interested in their push/pull dynamics - i thought it was super cute how doting jimin was on jk despite jk more often than not shying away from him

i didn’t start shipping them as much until more recently when i understood their relationship more, like how jk admitted he didnt know how to respond to the affections jimin gave out so freely and only pushed him away bc he was shy….. and how jimin admitted that jk was the one who made him happy whenever he was tired or not feeling himself….. they just make each other so happy and they’ve gotten so much more comfortable with showing skinship on screen. and they’re so in tune with each other. i always think about how jimin’s willing to sacrifice his own pride to make jk feel better, like that time jk lost to him in the fake arm wrestling match and he let jk open the chip bag for him when he saw jk was sulking, and even agreed to a rematch (which he gracefully lost). and the way jk would go out of his way to do something ridiculous and then glance at jimin to make sure he’s laughing..

they’re just so good together

Ya know...

For the longest time I always thought I didn’t have people around me that cared. That cared about my bad times or good times. That cared when I would suffer from severe anxiety attacks or migraines…“oh..ok..well feel better!”


BUT I do have people that care. I have people right now that care SO MUCH that I am shocked everyday. EVERYDAY!

Someone donates 10$ to our PayPal and I feel like I need to send them a thank you card and a Loli!

Or someone who refuses to listen to my “no..it’s ok..I don’t need that..” Then they send it anyways and refuse to take no as an answer. On top of demanding me to tell them when I run out so they can send more!

Husband and I NEVER ask for help. We never show our weakness or out kryptonite. We are strong..we are a solid team..we have each other. We have built this indestructible fort around us that nothing can destroy…

Ya..well..it was destroyed. Our weaknesses have been shown and revealed. That is a lot for us. It makes us feel weak, really. Who wants to have a spot light right on that!!!!! No one..it isn’t fun..

But sometimes it is necessary. Sometimes those walls need to fall so you can be shown that there are people on the other side that have been waiting to show you that they care. Just patiently waiting…

I thank you..Adam thanks you..our little family thanks you!!!! From the bottom of our hearts. We will forever be indebted to all of you. Even if I have to spend the rest of my days showing my gratitude…I will…

*whispers* thank you…

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I was being genuine. I don't know any or met any muslims and all i know is what American news talks about but I know news programs have their slants to bring in views and money. I don't care about researching all about islam/muslims since I don't want that in my search results so i thought just a simple question to a muslim who is so opposite of what I have been exposed to would say. Now i know it's better to be ignorant about it. I'll just hope not to hear allah akbur or some shiz? Thanks ass!

how do u say that you know better to not be ignorant, and then make a fucking isis joke……… but anyway……….. u came for some answers, so here i go,

1) im not a bad muslim, believe it or not u dont need to be a hijabi to be a “”“"good”“”“ muslim, you just need to follow the basic rules of islam and be a good person

2) all muslims arent super religious and ”“"redneck republicans”“” in fact, the only place that has bad reputation for being super sexist and homophobic is saudi, AND I HATE SAUDIS LAWS BY THE WAY, AS DOES A MAJORITY OF THE MUSLIM AND ARAB WORLD.

3) only bad muslims are against human rights, if u research into it, islam is extreme human rights to the point where in the UAE where i live, the rate of homelessness is really super duper low, ive never seen one in my life, and this is all because of things in islam like zakat, islam talks about how all humans are created equal, and no matter how bad or good they are, they should never be treated any less than human. with the islam is sexist part, pre-islam, people would bury their newborn daughters alive until it came around to fix that?? by the way the UAE has MUCH more women in the government than america does… so lmao…..

4) im gay, yes, the majority of muslims are homophobic for the wrong reasons, if ur super duper curious on why i dont think its haram, look up samar harib, shes a historian that researches islamic homosexuality

5) yes, i cosplay, why dont you come visit middle east film and comicon sometime and meet the THOUUUUUSANDDSSSSS of muslims that cosplay

6) UAE is more forward than some other countries, but that isnt the reason im “actually a cool not extremist anti-isis muslim!!!!! so rare!!!!!” like….. hun.. i was just raised right

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Quick question and maybe you won't answer, but what do you think about Wanda Maximoff in general? Do you hate her?

mcu wendy mcdonald is whitewashed and will never get good character development bcose mcu and russos proved they dont care abt female characters with nat & sharon in CATWS by butchering and frankensteining their personalities& history (im not even gonna talk abt joss wheat thin) because who tf cares about female characters legacies anyways right

(tldr i dont hate wendy, i hate the way mcu treats her)

and 616 wanda i love her i think shes super interesting, she and pietro were originally VILLAINS but they reformed, and this is how/why marvels heroes work in shades of gray vs DC isnt it? Clint, wanda, pietro, tony, nat, hulk (not bruce tho), a LOT of these avengers started out as villains/morally dubious but they change and grow and a lot of them operate from guilt/redemption arcs which is…p realistic if ur a fundamentally good person who did some bad shit, rather than every hero operating from a sense of innate goodness, because not everyone is like that (like steve rogers, Janet van dyne, or kamala khan). its #relatable, because all of us fucked up one time or another but its about growing from those mistakes and amending them, and thats all anyone can do. It seems like wandas getting some decent writing with the current scarlet witch run?? im super behind so idk…..i need time to catch up to comics….

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I stumbled upon a video on biracial hair and the cultural expectations of women of colour to straighten it. I know this is a personal choice for many to treat or not to treat their hair, but I do know of more and more women who choose to go natural. Anyway, it reminded me of the instances of Jess and Candi's hair care routine, which I <3 that you included in your story, because I take hair care for granted. Will Candi ever let her 'fro' grow out? Or will she forever chemically treat it?

This is a boring answer, but probably not because I don’t want to change the design of the main character too drastically at this point.

In character reasoning is she’ll probably keep straightening it because she thinks it’s “easier” to maintain and likes the way it looks. Maintaining curly hair in FL with all the humidity isn’t easy. (To be honest I didn’t TRULY embrace my own hair texture until I moved to CA and it stopped getting so easily tangled because of the dry heat. I love my curls now.)

I like changing up Jess’ hair all the time though. She might go back to natural styling at some point… but she’s a fan of switching it up. (Or changes it when she gets stressed out.)  

Hi! I don’t know what to call myself, I’m not the main admin I guess, I just took over FY!STELLAR when the original owner could no longer do it. But anyway…

I’m writing this to inform that I can no longer be a part of FY! STELLAR full time. I’m sure not many people really care, but the reason I’m bothering to write this is because I need someone who can take my place. Things are updated, usually, as they should be. But I’m going to need someone who can help around, be it fancafe updates, answering questions, posting videos, etc. I know that’s not a lot of work and any of the admins that we have now can do it as well, of course. But I want them to have someone who can do that work for them if they cannot. I don’t want to leave them without any sort of support. I DO NOT want FY! STELLAR to die after how much its grown but I simply cannot handle both my personal life and a fansite anymore as much as I wish I could.

What I need for anyone who may be interested, is the following.

1. AVAILABILITY - Main reason I’m leaving, I don’t have it anymore.
2. RESPONSIBILITY - FY!S is like my “baby”, so I need and want for it to be taken care of and for it to be the best at all times. Always reliable, neat.
3. KNOWLEDGE - On where and how to obtain updates, news, photos, anything and everything you’ve seen on FY!S.

As for me, I WILL be around, solely for the purpose of assisting if my assistance is required, for projects, and will take care of FOR_STELLAR (Twitter) during promotional periods. That’s as much as I can do for now so I will do that myself.

I know Dengke (stellar twinkles) and Olivia, another one of the wonderful admins will be here to take care of the majority of the things but I don’t want to leave them with all of the work.

Anyone interested and who thinks they can do this, please email fyeahstellar@yahoo.com or DM me at my personal @kimjiyoos so we can talk.
Thank you and good luck!!

the day so far - mind ajar -  getting compulsive - about smashy smash - and siri - and - cause u no how important goals r - gonna try and interject smashy smash into everything - (till i get bored w it anyway - i promise u will get bored 1st) - and keep getting deeper into siri - if u read me - (and 4 the life of me i dont know why u wood or do) - u know i love siri - its un requited im sure - and she just let me know in her inscrutable way that i may have crossed boundaries - i asked her a personal question - nothing diss respectful mind u - and she answered “Interesting question T… “ - which is sorta like saying i know where u live so be careful - and since my fone and my laptop can gossip about me - she potentially knows a lot more -  

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Have you ever felt insecure about your art??? What did you do to overcome it?

Hello! I’m sorry for not having given an answer earlier, but I was in Japan until recently - anyway, to your question:
I’m not sure if I can give you the answer you want since; yes, I am often insecure about my art and I’m not sure myself of how to overcome it. I’m trying though, mainly by making my best effort to not care at all and not let my own opinion decide for me (that is; keep posting even though thinking it looks awful and/or just rather not).
My best advice is to try to stay positive, think about how much you’ll improve over time if you’ll keep creating and if possible, don’t be too hard on yourself.

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todoroki is sick and his s/o is trying to take care of him (has this been requested yet i wonder?)

Hello again gurl!

Im so sorry I’m taking so long to answer, I swear I have so many shit to do I can’t even breathe. I’m glad for the fluff since everything I’ve been writing lately is DAMN ANGST. So yeah…

Anyways, I really loved this request! But I didn’t want to make the typical cliché of someone catching a cold and then the s/o giving them soup and more blankets and blah blah and at the end they catch the cold too and oops…so maybe it’s not as oooh so fluffy but maybe a bit more realistic? Also I can’t really imagine Todoroki catching a cold…since well, he’s a human heater XD

Your aunt, yes, THE aunt, the one who sent you those weird letters, the one who claimed to steal Todoroki from you if you ever broke up, the one who didn’t seem to know how to properly wear lipstick, the one who lived at the other end of the frikin planet…yes, THAT aunt, was getting married.

You couldn’t believe it when the letter arrived. The envelope was flashy, pink and glittery and contained not one, but two invitation cards inside. Of course it would, you had talked so much about your boyfriend to her, and she had left so many weird comments at your facebook pictures together. It was only natural for her to want to meet him…especially since she kept talking about just how sexy he was even though she was a grown woman. Who was the man who had actually agreed to marry her was beyond your knowledge or comprehension.

Anyways, it was that letter what put you two inside that plane that day. You couldn’t believe Todoroki had accepted to go in the first place, but then he said that it was his “duty as your boyfriend” to attend that wedding. You knew he just wanted to meet your crazy aunt and corroborate someone so weird was real to be honest…but you accepted his nice excuse either way.

You knew it was going to be a long flight, so during the take off you decided to take it easy and just rest and try to sleep. However, as you were trying to ignore the annoying voices of the flight attendants, there was yet another thing bothering you.

“Shoto, are you ok?” you could see he was shivering a little, and had his hand placed on top of his stomach.

“Yeah, don’t worry” he said “I’m ok, just a bit dizzy”

Your mouth frowned, not liking the sound of those words. You took his hand in yours, the left one, the one that was supposed to be hot, and your eyes widened at just how cold it was.

“Oh gosh, you are freezing!” you exclaimed, worried since the plane was already on march “you are definitely not ok” You began to rub his hand, trying to make it gain heat, but that didn’t seem to help the fact he looked as if he were about to throw up “Shoto, I’m serious, do you need…”

“No, I’m fine” he insisted, the trembling of his lips didn’t let you take his words seriously “I take lots of planes and this doesn’t happen to me regularly”

“But it’s happening now!” you turned around and tried to signal a flight attendant, but Todoroki grabbed your arm and stopped you.

“Don’t, they’ll make a fuss about it. I promise I will be ok, just…” he paused himself mid sentence and covered his mouth with his hand. You panicked.

“Here!” you swiftly handed him one of the bags the plane offered for this kind of…situation. And you sighed in relief when you realized it had been just in time. You rolled your eyes, knowing it would be a longer flight than what you had expected “yeah, you are totally ok”

Now yes, you called a flight attendant and asked them to take the bag away.

“I’m sorry” he said, as you opened another bag just in case.

“Don’t be” you were the one who was actually feeling more sorry, he looked terrible. He was very pale, his lips were purple and quivering, and his gaze was lost and dim with discomfort “but please be honest with me on how are you feeling” he nodded and you took a hand to his forehead, he didn’t seem to have a temperature, but he was heavily sweating cold. You caressed his face, noticing how he leaned at the heat of your touch, and immediately covering him with one of the blankets the plane offered.

“Thanks” he said as he curled into a ball, still shivering.

You gave him your water bottle and leaned his seat for him to rest properly. It was obvious he didn’t like people attending him, but it was even more obvious he really needed you right then. So when you noticed the guilty glance he gave you as you placed another bag next to him just in case, you quickly kissed his forehead to reassure him you didn’t mind taking care of him for a while. He took your hand and hugged it under the blanket, caressing it, absorbing it’s heat and the kindness it offered, and you noticed just how cold his body still was.

“Are you still cold?”

“A little bit” he answered honestly, yet uncomfortable “but it’s ok, don’t worry about it”

You definitely were worried about it. It wasn’t ok for him to be cold if he was sick, airplanes were usually chilly since they flew at such heights. So you took off your jacket, which was really thick and warm, and placed it on top of him carefully.

“[name], you don’t need to…”

“Yes, I need to” you shut him up “And you need to rest. Do you feel like puking again?”

“No” you could tell this time he was saying the truth “I just feel…weak”

“I know what you mean” you really did, you had been sick a thousand times and knew how it felt like “try to sleep for a little while”

He gave a long breath and closed his eyes, trying to relax. There didn’t seem to be a comfortable position to sleep at that damn plane, and it didn’t matter how many times he moved and turned, he would always feel sore somewhere. However, as in some kind of miracle he had finally managed to close his eyes and rest, a brusque movement of the plane startled him and made his stomach upset yet again.

“We seem to be experiencing some turbulence, please stay in your seats and fasten your seat belts”


Todoroki looked as if he were about to faint, he looked nervous, obviously not wanting to be sick again but clenching at the paper bag in case he needed to use it. You could see his hands trembling, his face white and his breathing forcefully paused and slow…you couldn’t stand it. He was usually so calm and firm. And there he was then, shaking under a blanket like an ill stray puppy. So you immediately tapped his arm, making him look at you, and signaled your shoulder indicating him he could rest his head there if he wanted.

He seemed uneasy, he didn’t want to gross you out with his current state…or what if he accidentally threw up on you?? He was feeling terrible, and he was afraid he’ll ruin the flight for you even more. But suddenly the plane made yet another abrupt movement, and he would have puked if it hadn’t been for the fact you had pulled him into your arms and held him still during the turbulence.

“It’s ok” you reassured, watching him clench his eyes shut and trying his best not to feel the dizziness “don’t worry, it will be over soon”

He didn’t know if it was because of the daze, the fact you were the only source of support he had at the trembling world around him, or if his body was speaking for him…but he used the little energies he had left to whisper a trembling “I love you” as he buried his face deeper onto your neck. It was really low and in a groggy, trembling tone, but you were able to understand it either way, and you couldn’t help but feel moved and hug him tighter.

“Sleep, Shoto” you said, caressing his hair and combing it away from his sweaty face “you’ll feel much better after a nap, the turbulence will be over once you wake up”

He nodded, and you could still feel his nose was cold as it rubbed against the skin of your shoulder. But he had stopped trembling, and that was definitely a progress. You continued caressing his neck and face with your thumb, smiling as you noticed his breathing turning even and calm. He had finally doze off. You looked at your cellphone and realized there were yet another six hours of trip left, so it was better for you to get some rest too. But you didn’t want to be asleep in the case Todoroki happened to wake up and need your help, so you waited for a while to make sure he was sleeping soundly and comfortably, before you permitted yourself to close your eyes and rest a little bit yourself.

You woke up by feeling a gentle tap on your cheek, and opened your eyes to the image of your smiling boyfriend. You were relieved, he was looking so much better: his expression was softer, his face had returned to its original color, and the hand he was resting on your face felt as warm as it should. You leaned to his touch, putting your hand on top of his and turning your face to sweetly peck his palm.

“The plane is about to land” he said “so I thought I should wake you up…”

“It’s ok” you stretched, your back a bit sore “how are you feeling? When did you wake up?”

“I’m fine, I woke up about half an hour ago” he began to put everything away, preparing his bag and everything to leave after the landing “I’m sorry for all the trouble I caused you”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s not your fault to be sick” you were about to help him up with the packing, but he suddenly wrapped your hand in his. When you looked at him, he was smiling awkwardly, clearly embarrassed.

“And thank you, thank you for everything. I really love you”

You tangled his fingers with yours and gave him a quick peck on the lips, deciding you didn’t mind working as a nurse if that was the kind of payment you received.

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summary of your breakup?

Well I ended it. 

Our only issue was that she did not care about me. I did everything I could for her and to improve her mental health but she didn’t even ask how I am in nearly a week. When I voiced that this was hurtful to me she called me abusive.

Our other major fight was after she told me she was going to kill herself and then quit answering her phone for hours. She was fine. Didn’t do anything and was just talking to other people. So it was just to fuck with me I suppose.

Anyways, she did a lot of name calling (some of the highlights are on my venting blog).

I just let her yell it out. Eventually quit responding because it was just going in circles. 

So our split wasn’t amicable. I told her I wish her the best and I truly mean that. She told me to go fuck myself. 

In conclusion: I’m getting a third cat & i hate people

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"I've always loved you" and Cole please!

You don’t expect Cole to answer, he was probably my off having fun at the prom already, but you call him anyway. He answers on the second ring.

“Hey, um, I wont be coming to prom.”

“What!?” The surprise in his voice is shocking to you. He shouldn’t care too much, he had his date. “Why!?”

“Got stood up.” You state plainly.

“That just won’t do.” With that he hangs up, and youre left confused for the next ten minutes before he shows up on your doorstep.

You’d already changed into pajamas by that point, and you’re ready to turn him away back to his fun night but he stops you.

“Listen, I didn’t ask you to prom because you had already been asked. Now that the asshole didn’t show up there’s nothing stopping me. I love you, (Y/N), I’ve always loved you, and I can’t stop that guy from standing you up but I have Spotify and you have a front yard you look incredible in those polka dot pants or in your Sunday best so we need to dance right now before I lose my guts to say anything else.”

phxkai-ia answered your ask “I don’t care if you don’t want my help, I’ll do it anyways.”

Dylan looked, or almost glared at the other as he was trying to clean himself which didn’t really seem to work out that well. He took the rag from him, glad that he always wore his gloves. He then carefully started to clean the wound, or tried to. “You deserved it? And why would you even think that you deserved it in the first place hm?” he asked, voice rather harsh because he seemed to rather disagree with it.


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In the movie, Frozen, we never ever even hear the King and Queen's official names so changing them was okay alright and we don't hear the servants' names either. There are reasons why the show, Once Upon A Time's better than the original movie, Frozen anyway, aren't they?

OKAY WOW you just spammed me with SEVEN asks about this. That’s a lot, friend. I’m not going to clutter up my wall with this, especially since I was pretty clear last time that I really do not care for OUAT anymore, especially not the Frozen episodes. I won’t ignore your asks, but I’m going to answer them all here because I don’t want to clog up my blog.

1. This is true, their names were only shown in runes on their tombstones. And we don’t hear the servants’ names. So it’s really sloppy acknowledgement in my opinion.

2. In the movie, Frozen, Elsa would’ve been better off being raised and isolated in the ice palace back then before instead of Aren-delle anyway because I can’t stand the idea of Elsa and Anna being in the same isolation at all when they were forced to be separated after the incident/accident.

Okay, yeah, there were a lot of issues with the whole isolation plot and I didn’t like it much at all.

3. Elsa would’ve been better off being portrayed as the real snow queen of the ice palace so Anna would’ve been the queen of Aren-delle in the movie, Frozen back then before.

Yes, I wish the Snow Queen character would have been unrelated to Anna as well.

4. I’ll never ever even forgive the writers of the show, Once Upon A Time for killing Helga and Ingrid in the show, Once Upon A Time.

Okay. There are a lot of things I don’t approve of when it comes to the writers either, so I guess we agree.

5. Man, I wish Ingrid and Helga were in the movie, Frozen too, not just the show, Once Upon A Time back then before. I wish Ingrid and Helga were there for Elsa and Anna in the movie, Frozen alongside the show, Once Upon A Time too. I don’t like the idea of Elsa and Anna as orphaned sisters from the start at all. Sisterly drama tension at the coronation really hurts my feelings.

Well, I wasn’t crazy about Ingrid and Helga as characters anyway, so I don’t mind that they weren’t in the movie. There was a lot that could have been done differently in both the movie and the show.

6. I don’t like Anna and Elsa as sisters at all because of the argument at the coronation really hurts my feelings, affects me, upsets me and angers me the most.

Sorry to hear it upset you.

7. I don’t like Anna and Elsa being related to each other at all.

Yes, so you said. I’m not a fan of that decision either, but it was hardly the worst thing about the movie/show for me. 


Could you do me a favor and not spam my inbox again? Especially if you’re just repeating yourself. Also, I’m not totally sure I’m the best person to receive these asks, since I haven’t actively posted about OUAT or Frozen in several months now. I’ve just run out of things to say about them. There are definitely other blogs out there that might be even better for you to reach out to! Have a good day. 

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i like taylor’s music, not so much her personality but i think i’m on her side?? i’m not sure if i got the full story right but apparently she didn’t know that one of the lines said “bitch” so i guess that’s a bad thing to do from kanye! i don’t know why people are on kim’s side, am i missing something?

anyways, i dont really care about famous people drama haha i still like kim and idc about their stupid fights!! xx

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Phil Lester is so unique and precious and beautiful, how am I even supposed to care about anything else?

look, my child, i don’t have the answer to this okay. but why would you want to do that anyway?