💀 Preparing for the Madness 💀 ahhh~ (=   w =) i wish i could have finished this one a lot sooner! BUT! here it is anyway! (o   w o) there are a lot of awesome headcanons out there for the time before Yuri’s skate! but, for this piece~ i like to imagine that Otabek was the only person in on Yuri’s plan, so they had to hide away somewhere to prepare! X3 hehe! i can’t wait to see the whole routine finally!!! hope you all enjoy this! (^   v ^)


Hey! So 1) I just got around to bottling up my supplies (flower petals, herbs, and one giant thing of salt) and 2) this is the witchy stuff I’ll be bringing to college! The box my friend got me works pretty well as a secret altar, and I’ll bring some extra bottles and jars too. Hopefully they survive the trip up.


19.3.17 [8:12pm]

I had such a busy and packed weekend that I didn’t even finish half the things on my to-do list! I really have to stop overestimating the time I have…(O∆O)

Anyways, tonight I’ll be doing more History of Art notes in preparation for a test on Wednesday and a mock SAT paper.

Dating Finch Headcanons

 These were not requested. I hope you like them anyway!


These get… a little nsfw. But only if you squint… yeah…

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Dating Finch Headcanons:

- You’re a newsies

- Finch is a fidgety bby

- He just has to always be moving

- Like when you two cuddle?

- He’s always moving to get himself comfortable

- Shifting his leg

- Or moving his arm

- He’ll even move you so you’re laying differently.

- He’s also playing with your hands constantly when you cuddle

- Or playing footsie

- If you wear rings?

- He’s twisting those fuckers around your fingers

- He’s accidentally grinded your ass a few times while spooning

- (Or was is an accident O.o)


- When you two walk hand-in-hand he’s changing the way he holds your hand

- Or he’ll throw an arm around your shoulders, then go back to holding hands

- Fidgety boi

- And the fidgeting gets worse when he’s scared/nervous

- “Babe, what’s wrong?”

- “… Nothin’.”

- “Babe you’s is so shaky, somethin’s wrong.”

- It takes a lot for him to admit that something’s wrong

- But he feels so much better afterwards

- He teaches you how to use a sling shot

- He’s almost as good with it was Spot Conlon

- And you’re getting better at it every day

- Also, kisses with Finch can get pretty damn heated

- Especially when you two are laying down

- Because of his constant need to move, he’ll end up grinding into you

- Not that you mind

- In fact, it is… encouraged


- Finch is always complimenting you

- And telling you how beautiful/handsome you look

- He just loves you

- Since you’re a newsie, you’re always in pants and a shirt/button up

- So the first time this boi sees you in a dress/suit he just cannot stop staring.

- And he’s deathly still

- Like, the boi would look dead if not for his WIDE AF EYES

- He breaks out of it though

- And he can’t keep his hands off you all night

- Which isn’t usual for him

- But it’s more lingering touches

- You can tell he’s nervous

-  “What’s wrong, babe?”

- He’s silent, staring at you

- Then he breaks out in a large grin

- “I’ve come to tha conclusion that you’s in the most beautiful/handsome goirl/guy I’ve ever met.”

- He’s just a pure

- fidgety


- And he’ll always stand up for you

- Anyone looks at you funny?

- Calls you names?

- Is a little too handsy?

- Bitch is gonna get soaked

- And he’s an aggressive fighter

- He broke Oscar Delancey’s nose in a single swing because he catcalled you

- This boi will do just about anything for you

- Appreciate him.

💓 Dating Hana Lee would include 💓



▪ posting cute pics of her, becasue she’s an angel

▫ doing eachothers hair all the time

▪ (she’s so good at it?????)


▪ leaning your head on her shoulder when she plays the piano

▫ kissing her shoulder

▪ (dozing off a bit)

▫ being awoken with soft kisses all over your face


▫ so much baking, like SO MUCH

▪ (you’re gaining a bit of weight, but hana loves you anyways)

▫ F O O D F I G H T S because you’re a small child and you want to see her smile

▪ licking the chocolate off her nose, because HER FACE IS TOO CUTE WHEN SHES WRINKLING HER NOSE


▪ “What is this?” - “Are you serious, Hana. That’s a meme.” - “Oh my god, you don’t know what a meme is??? Sit down, i have to explain A LOT!”


▪ going to the ice rink

▫ (pretending that you can’t skate as an excuse to hold her hand)

▪ “I’m pretty sure I saw you skating in cordonia.” - “Hush, Hana, and now hold my hand.”


▪ s h a r i n g c l o t h e s

▫ you just love to see her in your clothes!!!

▪ [who wouldn’t tho, right??]


▪ she’s not a fan, but would do and try anything for you

▫ making her laugh so much

▪ hana has such a cute giggle,,,,

▫ comforting her when she’s doubting her decisions


▫ CuDdliNG


▫ (“Come on, let me go! I have to get up, love.” - “Never!! You’re mine, now!”)

▪ tickling her


▪ (straddling her hips, while biting her lips)

▫ everything is a bit slow, and hazy, trailing small kisses over her stomach

▪ telling her how pretty and gorgeous she really is

▫ undressing her with so much care and love, ‘til she’s completely naked underneath you

▪ cherishing every. single. inch. of her body

▫ you make her feel so so good


▫ (i mean, what’s there not to love???)

▪ being so soft and understanding???

▫ you’re the softest™ couple

▪ protect that angel at all costs

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82. “This is all your fault! I can’t believe I listened to you!” - Pokeshipping

Ah, thank you for sending me a request! In fact, maybe it was due to the time of day I’d reblogged that request post, but you’re the only one who did! Anyway, here ya go!


This had better be worth it!” she had exclaimed ferociously when Ash told her to meet him by what had been dubbed as their special place at the lake outside of Pallet Town.

That had been nearly four hours ago.

Four blisteringly, abysmally, heartrendingly, frantically gross hours ago.

Misty had grown notoriously weak against forests ever since she was a kid. The closer to adulthood she got, the more intense her fear/phobia of bugs became. At some point it had gotten to be too much for her to even walk through a wooded area without a partner because of it.

Only today had apparently been a special case because her boyfriend, already long since first aware of her problem, had coaxed her into following his directions and meeting him out at the river from their childhood.

And now she was lost, after being thrown off track two or three different times with a particularly daunting jostling of some nearby shrubbery, or else with the sighting of a nearby bug-types leftover cocoon or sticky thread. And the last time she’d run off in some unknown direction, it had been caused by the very direct approach of a Kakuna lowering itself from a tree branch it had been hanging on to by use of a sticky noose until it was face-to-face with her.

She’d been so petrified she’d nearly hit the forest floor and started foaming at the mouth in a dead faint… but she’d made it out alive by the skin of her teeth.

There was a sudden clicking, chirping sound from somewhere to the right, and she stepped on a fragile, dried twig that had been on the ground, snapping it in two before freezing in her place.

Almost in response, she felt her phone vibrating in her pocket and jumped a foot in the air, twisting on her heel, pulling it out, and kneeling down to the ground in a curled, almost fetal, position, whispering a shaky, “Hello…?” into the receiver.

“Misty?” a mildly concerned tone of voice drawled back at her, “Where are you? I’ve been waiting for nearly two hours now!”

“Wh - where am I?!” she nearly screeched, doing her best to contain her fear and anxiety and fury at this question. “Where are you, Mr. Pokemon Master?! I’ve been lost for three hours and you’ve just been s - sitting wherever, twiddling your thumbs, without a care in the world about my whereabouts?!”

“I did try calling you…”

I didn’t have reception, otherwise your call would have gone through! I’m trapped and alone in the woods and you know I hate coming to places like this!  Also, the normal thing to do in a situation where you can’t get into contact with someone you know is supposed to be at a certain place at a certain time is go look for them, isn’t it?!”

She could practically see his nonchalant reactionary shrug at this statement.

“I mean, your Pokemon are strong enough to handle anything in these parts, aren’t they?”

“I didn’t bring my whole team because you told me it would take under an hour to find you! And now, here I am, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by an infinite number of b - bugs,” she ranted, tone increasing in decibel with every other word, “Ugh, so creepy and crawly and sticky and gross and - and… This is all your fault! I can’t believe I listened to you!

With her final shout, Misty heard the trees around her tremble. Though, whether it was due to the ire in her voice or… something else… had yet to be determined. That was, until she heard the incense of furious buzzing and hissing from somewhere beyond her range of sight.

The next thing Ash heard was an abruptly high-pitched squeak, followed by a shallow breath of air and some static from frantic movement.

“Misty?” he asked cautiously with a quirked eyebrow.

“A - Ash… If you don’t come find me within the next ten minutes, I’m going to say no. Also, I’ll probably kill you.”

“Wait, how’d you–”

And the line went dead.

Ash slid his phone back into his pocket and huffed, removing a Pokeball from his belt and tossing it forward. Talonflame appeared in a visage of red light and bright, glimmering plumage and Ash mounted him with a smile, patting him softly, fingers drifting through his feathers.

“Alright, let’s go, Talonflame. Misty gave me ten minutes. Sounds like quite the challenge for us,” he added with a smirk, feeling the fire he frequently felt throughout his relationship with Misty burst alight once more within him.

Talonflame squawked with what appeared to be his own interpretation of a confident grin and they took off into the air together without any more of an exchange.

Ash was going to get that yes.


So the context is that Ash invited Misty out to their special place for a surprise marriage proposal and Misty knew that, which was the only reason she was tempted to conquer her fear.

I just….REALLY LOVE FILI’S HAIR. o(≧∇≦o)

Anyway I did this really quick drawing of Fili one night. I wanted to use some watercolour pencils since it’s been a while, so here is a watercolour pencil Fili. I like using watercolour pencils when I want to paint, but I know I can’t paint, so watercolour pencils are a happy medium. I’m not 100% happy with it but I think it came out okay. The background is just regular watercolours tho.

The scan is really terrible tho…

I wonder what it’s like to have such pretty hair safdsaf!

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You know what? your English is amazing! You know more than one language which makes you 10 times smarter than those jerks.. I mean English is my only language and I suck at it. Your awesome and never forget that... so chin up your super smart and super talented and I look up to you also people are just jealous... anyways thats all (-^w ^-)\....- (/O- O) shys away -

thank you :A:

Okay so yeah Im doing my first art event here on tumblr xD

arakicanaria’s FIRST 100 FOLLOWER ART EVENT!

R U L E S :

1. MUST BE A FOLLOWER (new followers are always welcome xD) (and please dont unfollow if you didnt win ;-;)

2. REBLOG and LIKES only counts as an entry.


4. Put the tag “Ara’s Art Event” on every reblog so I can see who’s been reblogging this post.


6. For the REBLOG ENTRY, if some of you had the same number, the first one I’ll choose was the first reblogger.


You have to choose one number from 1-100. I’ll be picking 6 winners from the 6 numbers that I also chose. To entry, use the REBLOG button. Then put ur one lucky number on it. And LIKE it.



If 3 people got each correct number, they won.

Example: (for reblogs)

Chosen numbers are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Ana: 1
Rose: 2
Juana: 3

Therefore, these three people won.


If a person who is in that number of one of my numbers, they also won.

Example: (for likes)

One of the chosen number is 3.

1. Ana
2. Rose
3. Juana

Therefore, Juana wins the prize.

PRIZES: (traditional art only sorry ;-;)


The winners get to choose if they want Icon or Header.

(Prizes will improve as my art improve and my blog had that many followers xD)


BABTQFTIM (i’ll try?)


NSFW (guys Im underaged xD)
DETAILED DRAWING (I suck at those ._.)


G O O D L U C K ! ٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶♥

For some reason this post disappeared out of my feed no idea why o-o anyway Kayde with Nikko & Lilly 

a gift for @missladytale of her beautiful moth Kayde a wonderful mother to Lilly and Nikko he is such a gem such a precious lovebug.

Firebug - is the ship between Cicada x Kayde x Pyro

The adopted chidren are Nikko (boy age 6) & Lilly (girl age 4) 

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So, a while back when I started following you I loved your kuroken stuff so much that I actually started writing a fanfic for them. I have over 400 hits so far on AO3 and I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me!!!

Eh??? Really??? Why nobody never told me about this??? ( O.O )

Anyway, I’m glad to know that? That’s so nice! (^///^)

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So yesterday my game crashed. I was so sad because I was like two hours into a sim makeover that I was really enjoying. But it motivated me to clean out my CC folder. Which was 4.4GB o-o Anyways, I got it to under 1GB now. And actually I found myself falling in love with a lot of EA's CAS items. You've been a big inspiration in that way! I just want to be able to play the game and enjoy it. I don't need so many peices of CC when I really only use like 5 items lol!

Did you really spend 2 hours making over a sim??? :O Create A Sim really needs a save feature tbh. Something other than saving it to the gallery. But I’m happy to hear you’re enjoying having less cc! Everything happens for a reason. ^_^

So this is fanart for @adreamingsongbird ! Thank you so much for your hard work on trfl! It is one of my favorite fanfics! ^-^

So this is scene is from Chapter 8, where Viktor comes to Yuuri’s rescue >u<, I’m sorry if the clothes are not right, i just figured if they were going to a cafe that they wouldn’t dress so formally? o//////o anyways i hope you like it! Have a nice day/ night >/////<


Somewhere in the world it should still be 26th, right? o-o

Anyways, this is Lotor Week DAY 2 - Family/Independence 

I did “Family” and the piece was inspired by a lot of theories! I forgot to do his altean marks… Again ’^^ Maybe I’ll ad them tomorrow :| 

Voltron fandom creativity: 100000/10 


💧 no tears 💧

it’s 1am (-^    v ^-) so i suppose that’s the best time to sneak some original art on to my blog! this is my first lined and colored piece with my new tablet and Clip Studio (=     w  =);; i-it took way longer than it should have… but! it went okay for a first try! i still have so, SO much to learn! anyway! (O   v O); this is my precious OC, Rhys! he has watched over my blog since day one as my icon! 💙