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hey can you tell fic writers too stop fucking fetishizing trans people? it's disgusting and I'm really fucking tired of it. also stop making top/bottom jokes, they are extremely heteronormative and gross so shut the fuck up.

i totally understand where you’re coming from, my friend, but sadly even if we tell people to stop, there are always going to be those that continue to do so. I think the best thing we can do is come together to educate each other as to why these types of things are bad, rather than lashing out. a large portion of fic writers nowadays are very young and simply don’t know that those types of things are negative. educate people, make them understand what’s going on and why. 



Wow it’s already been 5 whole years since I joined the tumblr. I’ve met a lot of awesome people on here and thank all of the followers I have gained throughout. My arts grown a lot too and hope to continue to do so! My new years resolution is to try and be more active and motivated with my art and the online and local community. I feel like I used to do a lot more things but got a little emotionally tired along the years and it’s time to get that inspiration back. Art wise I want to continue developing my style and practice perspective angles.

I also hope to bring more products to my shop and artistic content for everyone to enjoy. Thanks so much for the support everyone has given me!


The continuity starts below and goes up. Tumblr just likes to post them like that and I’m too tired to fix it. First few pics are just waiting and then it’s the same scene they filmed all night with Sherlock sniffing and I think also licking the letter (does he ever learn?).

Scene seems to end with him getting up. I caught a clutterboard in the last one but it’s too far away and unreadable. This should be from The Lying Detective though.

You can click here for my setlock pics.

MHA episode 3 dub commentary

  • “Age: Unknown” i wonder when we’re gonna get canon confirmation for how old All Might is
  • also i enjoy that the backdrop to this scene is a anime render of All might from one of the manga covers/colorspreads
  • i’m sorry is All Might on the fucking cover of a fashion magazine named “Torzan”
  • i always enjoyed how All Might told Izuku that he could be a hero while in his true form. no facades or bombastic masks, just the real Toshi talking to Izuku.
  • also i love this background music
  • i think it’s kinda funny how Izuku is literally on the ground sobbing and Toshi is sorta just… standing there, staring at him
  • i mean they’re happy tears, but still
  • Toshi this kid was just sobbing his eyes out and is so confused and your first response is to laugh and say “YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR FACE RIGHT NOW!!” Toshi no
  • “DO YOU WANNA ACCEPT MY AWESOME POWER OR NOT!!”  i love the little sound affects of him spitting up a gallon of blood during this line of dialog
  • also i enjoy the difference between Bombastic All Might’s voice and Dramatic Toshi’s voice
  • i always found it kinda funny how they’re in the middle of a residential neighborhood and yet Toshi is just telling the secret of One for All to Izuku without a care in the world that someone might overhear
  • “Someone gave you this quirk…? No way!” “Yes way!”
  • i love Toshi’s dialog omg
  • more fucking amazing background music fuck i love this soundtrack
  • Toshi does this really silly little movement in the middle of this dramatic music and i’m just. laughign. what a dork
  • “Hey, hey, hey! It’s pretty comfy up on this fridge, how are you doing down there!” “NNNNRRRRRGHHHH….!!!!”
  • All Might you little shit lmao
  • what the fuck All Might is 600lbs?????
  • 560lbs IS STILL A LOT OF WEIGHT TOSHI what the fuck how much does he weigh in his true form because  w hat  the uf c k
  • i refuse to believe that Toshi’s true form weighs more than 160lbs
  • the fact that Izuku goes into a mini existential crisis so quickly here kinda makes me laugh
  • don’t worry my child it’ll be alright
  • also the difference between All Might’s voice in his hero form is interesting to me, because he speaks so bombastically towards Izuku even tho there’s no real need to do it, which makes me wonder if it’s just sort of. instinctual by now to speak like that in that form
  • All Might just casually hits his knuckle against the side of the fridge and leaves a baseball sized dent in it
  • the fact that All Might created this ridiculously well planned schedule for the next 10 months of Izuku’s life just shows how fucking smart he is
  • i know i keep mentioning it but i really enjoy the difference in All Might’s voice when he’s in different forms. it’s so subtle but it’s there. Chris Sabat is a fantastic actor
  • i enjoy the different colors of All Might’s shirts
  • i also enjoy the japanese rap here during the great background music
  • poor Inko is so confused
  • ok so i just wanna make a note here that Izuku carried All Might on his back and ALL MIGHT APPARENTLY WEIGHS 560 FUCKING POUNDS
  • Toshi is a harsh trainer
  • more amazing bg music
  • also Izuku’s voice acting during his collapse scene is really great
  • Izuku’s scream of triumph is great and has just the right amount of catching and stuttering to it
  • hearing the word “supercrap” be said in All Might’s bombastic, heroic voice makes me laugh
  • Toshi sounds so embarrassed over how one needs to pass on OFA 
  • “Get out of my way now before I set you on fire.” Bakugou chill, please
  • also i enjoy Bakugou’s pale yellow scarf, it’s so cute
  • “Thanks to All Might… I could actually become a hero!” *trips* “…. Or I’ll just die!!” #relateable
  • fuck Uraraka’s voice is like a combo of Nami’s voice and Duck’s voice and it’s fucking me up yo, that is gonna take a lot of getting used to
  • “HOLY WHOA, I JUST TALKED TO A GIRL!!!!” *dramatic violin plays*
  • oh myg od what the fuck Present Mic’s voice
  • i am gonna have to get used to that holy shit
  • he sounds like Usopp trying to be a DJ an di’m  shak;ghaskg;
  • however i will say that his voice matches the background music perfectly
  • this voice is growing on me
  • idk i just expected his voice to be higher
  • Bakugou, my son, my child, my precious… chill the fuck out yo
  • oh my god Iida is J Micheal Tatum 
  • all these new voices are fucking me up
  • i think i’m gonna get used to Iida’s voice quick tho
  • Iida my boy, you also need to chill
  • the awkward silence after every moment Mic asks for a crowd cheer fills me with joy. he tries so hard and never gives up
  • heard Uraraka’s voice again in the preview and oh man it is gonna be hard getting used to her voice

anyway that’s it for ep 3

7. 5 study tips

1. Pick a place and time

Everyone has their own idea about the best place and time to study. Whether it’s your bedroom at night or the library after school, find a study space and a regular study time that works for you and stick with it.

  • Set up your study space - Your study space should be quiet, comfortable and distraction-free. It should make you feel happy and inspired. Decorate it with your favourite pictures or objects. If you want to listen to music or burn incense, pick a space that lets you do that.
  • Find your best time - Some people work better in the morning. Others work better at night. Work out which time suits you and plan to study then. Don’t study much later than your usual bedtime - pushing yourself late at night can make you too tired to study properly.

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long post ahead

Collecting together all the information about Victor’s backstory and there’s nothing good

beside that he won 5 gold medal of GPF continuously - but with what prices, I’ve always been wondering. He clearly lives for skating so that’s what made him happy to do that but the audience and his career where also important for him, but in the present, he had been really tired and unhappy, and we still has no idea about his family circumstances and he seemed to be completely alone before he went to coach Yuri, and he said himself that life and love is like a completely new thing for him and neglected them during his whole career.             …   And so now in the present we sees that he still works hard but there are many hints that his career is dying.

I like how much Yurio knows about him and around this is the only moment when he speaks about him with respect then next moment he starts shouting again but whatever, he is the only one who spoke about him this much and until the 10th episode where Victor starts commentating no one reveals too much more 

and this is the point where you realize that he gained no life and love from working hard and winning all the gold medals for 20 yyyyears, sounds really dark but if he would say that so seriously he would be dead already inside and not being so successful and cute, so to reduce that it means he just didn’t care about life and love so basically didn’t care about himself during his career and working-practicing his ass off  —- but to think that rather seriously he where really melancholic and lonely after all 

I mean if you think about it he and Yuri has the opposite problems: Victor lacks life and love -so friends and family members around him and caring about himself    

 meanwhile Yuri has friends, family, cares about himself a lot and eating katsudon and drinks if he looses and has the onsen all the time but unlike Victor who winning so much he lacks the ability to win any gold medal 

but together they saved each other

omd I hope he not literally means it I mean I really worries about his past at this point when he says “a brand new world I’d never known before” 

in this whole episode he is so cute commentating all along and expressing how happy he is to met with Yuri and saying he finally lives and loves and he didn’t experienced these before

then next day is GPF and he reveals some thoughts about his career and we can actually see him how he is like outside of the shining

and below here you can notice the two frame is the same, very similar side view of him slowly fading over each other from smiling to being really sad

so that is what he shows on the outside but meanwhile he is being alone with Makkachin and looks like being so lost and unhappy 

and someone who knows Japanese said here that the “but that also held me back” line where literally translated instead “but that was like a leash around my neck”  — and to interpret what he says is a bit difficult like: where surprising everyone being like chains for him ?  and from what? 

he looks so sad T-T

 he says “I can ONLY find new strength on my own” I hope this is translated right tho - “that’s what I always thought” means he thought that being alone is the only way to find new strength and it’s sounds and looks like he always pushed everyone away from him  

and it’s again the same side view showing him smiling and saying “now” so I guess he not thinks that way anymore and being happy about finding strength with Yuri / being inspired by Yuri 

a kiss

and in the last episode he is completely confused and showing up true feelings without hiding them 

and I love this because until this you can think he is absolutely insensitive and unable to cry but then Yuri says he decides to retire which shocks him so much he cries like a fountain - which is understandable cause to suddenly think loosing Yuri and that he will not skate anymore sounds pretty bad especially when he started to be finally happy and having someone beside him +if he cries now then he could cry before 

-I hate this translation that talking about Yuri in third person, agh-  -I think he says selfish at Yuri -who not being offended at all by that-  because of a sudden reaction that feeling hurt and that Yuri not cares about him 

Yuri is like “oh sorry I didn’t expected you to take this so sensitively” - it shows how Yuri where always seen Victor, as he never saw him showing tears, and thought that Victor is strong and insensitive enough to say such rough things to him so suddenly - which is pretty unfair - because Victor became very careful with him after seeing Yuri crying 

tbh Yuri didn’t wanted to be rude, Yuri just not realizes how important he is and their relationship to Victor 

but I love that both of them fights back and letting themselves raising their voice up it’s just shows how honest they became towards each other

here Victor says “chikara” means “strength, power” so it can mean “I thought you need strength from me more” basically he really wants to continue coaching Yuri 

and he is almost shouting and cut - 

I think Victor surely wanted to continue skating, it’s nothing like he ever wants to stop it, the case is, he wants to return with Yuri together, so for him to continue skating without Yuri became a pretty terrible thing and this scene just shows how much he is important for him now, and it’s not reveals anything about Victor’s background but a lot about their relationship and that he has a sensitive personality like this 

so in next season he gonna continue to coach Yuri and return skating at the same time [which is gonna be hard as fuck] and living together in Russia and I hope we can learn a lot more about him TwT 

Alex Karev Imagine

Alex Karev Imagine
619 Words
Suggestions: Reader is Pregnant with her’s and Alex’s first child. Some fluff.
Requested By:

Originally posted by 4evergreysanatomy

You sat around, doing nothing for the time being. You were tired, ready sleep all of this out, but you couldn’t. You were in labor. You bounced around your hospital room until Alex got there, but tired yourself 15 minutes in. It’s your first child, and you were honestly too tired to continue. You were offered support by your one trusted friend Meredith Grey, but then she had surgery to go to, so you turned to Cristina Yang, who also had surgery. So, you ended up alone. You heard a rush of footsteps and saw Alex run in, panting.

“Why did you run,” You asked, yawning.

“I just got out of surgery,” He said, sitting on your hospital bed.

“Really? I mean, it’s not the end of the world. I’m just-.”

“Giving birth. Yeah, I know, I’ve seen plenty of those. C’mon, how far are you?”

“Still waiting for Arizona. She was also in surgery.”

“And you didn’t call me?”


“Why not?”

“Because you need to stop freaking out.”

“Well, this is my first child-.”

“It’s mine too. So, you can shut up about that. I wanted you to take it easy, instead of passing out as soon as the baby’s here. I want you to hold them first.”

“Well, I’ll always be here to do that-.”

“No, because you look like your heart rate has gone up a billion beats per hour. Also, your face is flushing red. You should take a nap.”

“And miss this? No thanks.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Whatever Karev, you need to sleep.”

“Hey Guys, who’s ready for a baby,” Arizona walks in with a smile.

You both look at her.

“I’m ready to get this baby out,” You smiled.

“Alright, that’s what all mothers say.”

“I’m ready to see if it’s a boy or a girl,” Alex nodded.

“Can you tell him he needs to sleep,” You ask.

“Can you tell her I’m not missing this?”

“How about as soon as the baby’s out, you both sleep? Okay,” Arizona asked.

“Okay,” You both nodded.

As Arizona checked her face turned from calm to surprised.

“You’re ready. How long have you been here?”

“About 20 minutes.”

“You’re far from ready. You need to push now.”

“What,” You squeaked.

You grabbed Alex’s hand and squeezed out your anxiety.

“Yep. Push.”

You blinked twice.

“You’ll be okay,” Alex nodded.

“Me? What about you? Because your face is now blue!”

“You’re squeezing my hand really hard.”

“Oh, sorry.”

You let it go and started to push. You forgot the next few minutes until finally, you stopped.

“Congratulations, it’s a girl.”

“Sweet,” You nodded, shutting your eyes.


You and Alex leaned on each other, both snoring away.

When you woke up, you turned your head and saw Alex holding your baby, making cute faces at her. You frowned.

“Give me my baby,” You held your hands out.

“No, she’s my princess,” He said.

“Okay, she’s going to be my baby surgeon, where she’ll be learning all her techniques through Mommy, not the Peds doctor.”

“Yeah, think about that. She’s a daddy’s girl.”

You picked up your baby and smiled.

“She’s so cute. She’ll have your charm and my looks.”

“Yeah, guys will think twice when they see me after her.”

“Nope. You’ll scare them.”

“I won’t.”

“You will.”

Alex inched closer to you, a smile increasing on his face.

“Yeah, I won’t. I’ll be there giving them a warning.”

“Oh yeah, a ‘warning’.”

Alex rolled his eyes and soon was next to the both of you. You leaned on his as you both looked at her.

“She’s so adorable.”

“Yep, she’s the second best.”

“Am I the first?”


You kissed his jaw and smiled.

angelica schuyler headcanons got when her s/o is sleepy:

  • angelica would immediately ask you if you were tired, noticing that something was off about you
    • you would yawn while you said ‘nope’
    • ‘look me in the eyes and say that again.’
    • you would burst out laughing saying ‘that again.’
    • she would sigh loudly and would be screaming internally
  • you would go for at least a couple days without sleep before you were too tired to give in to her protests
    • you would even then try to continue working
    • angelica threatened to break all of your writing utensils and she would have to practically carry you to your shared bedroom
  • she would tell you stories to help you sleep
    • you never stayed awake long enough to hear the ending to one
  • she would also try and get you to talk about why you insist on staying up for four days at a time. she kept on insisting that alex is a bad influence on you and your sleep schedule
    • you are probably worse than alex at this point
  • some days though it is different
  • she doesn’t like waking up to an empty bed and you know that 
  • and sometimes when she wakes up at midnight to try and get you to come to bed, you go to bed with her and she is the big spoon and you guys cuddle together
    • angelica is a great cuddler, don’t leave her alone
  • when you do come to bed, you confide in her and tell her why you work so hard
    • you want to be enough for her
    • you just want to be enough for her
      • she tells you that you already are
      • she tells you that you always were

Thank you for requesting this! I hope you like it even though it’s shit.
If you’re going to use it please credit me!
By now you guys know I’m like the laziest writer, so if there’s typos! I’m sorry I was probably too tired to check.
Also please request more and… and! Please ask me questions! I would really appreciate them!

Before I do other requests, I’m going to write a smut I was planning for a while, I dunno I found it interesting so I wanna write that and post if before I continued with my other requests so look forward to that one too!!!



You came home from work, tired and of course stressed since your boss has been busy with the stock exchange and basically piled on a lot of work for you to carry out.
You were about to explode, you just wanted to scream, annoyed! You just wanted to quit.

You sat down and loosen up your top to let air get through your chest. Your boyfriend of two years comes out of the shower, “I thought you went out taeil?” You asked laughing
“I did but then the boys had to go home early, they had work super early” he laughed
“Ahh, I see! When do you go back to work?” You asked him
“Next week” he sighed, he didn’t dry his hair but he put come comfortable clothes on.
“I wish I could quit” you rolled your eyes
“You could take the day off tomorrow?” Taeil said with a smirk plastered on his face.
“What do you mean?” You raised an eyebrow, you were provoking him.
“You know what I mean babe” he bit his lip, you took your shirt off…
“How about we do it after I get out of the shower?”
You said as you undressed in front of him…
“y/n How about we do it now” he spanked your ass
“No I’m sweaty and I need to cool off” you told taeil
“We’re gonna get sweaty anyways” he laughed
“Just wait! I won’t take long” he went to the bedroom as he waited for you to get out of the shower.
“You’re such a tease” he said eyeing you up and down, as you walked in with your towel covered around your body.
“And you make my heart skip a beat” you giggle and then you dropped your towel to the floor, making taeil bite his lip as he admired your body.
You get on top of him straddling him and start making out with him as he played with your breasts.
You start moaning in pleasure and then you start rubbing your sweet spot on top of his member. Making him moan too, you then start leaving marks on his body and finally made your way down to his member. You start licking it slow making Taeil moan in pain, “y/n you’re such a tease” he continued moaning.
You smirk as you continued your job, you didn’t even speed up when giving him head, you just went nice and slow. Which was torturing to him.
“You keep doing this and I won’t go easy on you y/n” taeil warned you and you finally made him cum.
You stem straddled on his member and started moving up and down on his member, taeil grabbed your breasts again and massaged them. You both moan lighting. Again teasing him you go nice and slow, he groaned in frustration since he want you to go rough on him. Instead, you wanted him to take the lead and be rough on you, you wanted him to show you bad he can get. You loved rough Taeil.
“That’s enough baby girl, my turn” He smirked, made you go on the bottom and spread your legs wide. He started eating you out, he didn’t even stop, he went fast and good as if he was eating his last meal. He gave you no mercy, your body twitched on pain and pleasure “Tae…Taeil… I can’t Handel this” you said out of breath.
You breathe in and out and then you moan his name out, he even pumped his fingers in and out of you. “Taeil I’m about to cu…” he cut you off “this is your punishment” he smirked
He pumped his fingers even faster as he motioned his tongue inside and outside of you.
Out of breathe, you finally came. All you could see Taeil do was smirk “I’m not done yet y/n” he smirked.
He put his member in you without a warning and then took it out and twirled his member around your sweet spot teasing you, “just…just put it in” you begged…
“As you wish baby” he put it in again and went past, by this time you were sweating and crying out moans of pleasure.
He grunted in pleasure,moans and grunts filled the rooms. Probably your neighbours could hear you, Taeil increased his speed, making you cover your mouth so you don’t scream.
“Fuck” Taeil said out of breath.
“Taeil I’m about to cum again” you moan…
“Me…me too” he said as you two both take a deep breath.
He continued until you two came, he laid next to your and put your hair behind your ears.
“Did that relieve stress y/n?” He asked you as he kissed your neck lightly.
“So much, im considering on taking a day off tomorrow for round two?” You smirked
“You should do that” Taeil then kissed you again and then you two fell asleep next to each other.

Today’s bot is DeathCobra (Affectionately known as DesuKobra to me - it’s how I named his layer group - HAH)

I was so tired yesterday evening that after dinner I had a good ol’ nap- Then I woke up and decided to get down to art and the result is DeathCobra fully inked and coloured!
I actually streamed the whole inking process - thanks to those who attended!
(I also recorded the whole inking *and* colouring process - hope to put a sped up video of that too!)

This is bot #4 of the 7-bot team, so I’ve got a couple more to go! Hope y’all like it ^_^


That’s some kid you got there, Drift… Its okay your sparkling still loves you.

IDK this idea came out from my head. You can tell I gave up on coloring. Too tired to color at the moment. Also drawing Ratchet’s new design is a pain…

This is a continuation from this and the sparkling is base on a discussion me and @oruvanitii had on Twitter.  Based on this drawing.


Ok so as you probably know I’m doing 18 GCSE exams (I already have four GCSEs go me) in may & June, they finish on the 17th of June meaning I can post daily again after that date but until then ill only be posting on Sundays and Saturdays so I can revise properly through the week
Obviously as time goes on ill have to revise in the evenings on weekends too but until then I will continue to post.
Things will be back to normal soon
Thank you for being patient, ill have 13/14 GCSEs when I’m finished and I’m desperate to get good grades and your patience is appreciated (especially when I’m tired & dont answer DMs and asks)
Also thank you for 900 followers


160212 Time Capsule letter
Wonho: Dear Wonho, I hope in 1 year, we can promote with a song you produced. Don’t be upset because your songs were rejected or you weren’t able to go on the album. Think about your passion (for producing songs) and don’t give up and continue to produce songs. Also, the moment you are reading this, if you are tired nowadays, remember last year. The time you thought you could do anything while doing the survival show. After you debut, continue to produce and sing cool and good, real songs. Shownu, Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, I.M, let’s not fight and stay loyal and close to each other. I love you!
Kihyun: Are you doing well after your debut? The future me would always only write these kind of things but I’m finally writing about my post-debut. Don’t be too full of yourself, you know that, right? The most important thing is, if you run while only looking ahead, you’ll be tired. Rest a bit, just rest. Instead, gain strength! MONSTA X Fighting! Fighting to the best vocal! 2015.02.12
Jooheon: Jooheon, it’s me, Jooheon. Me who always lives with loneliness in my heart… you are probably promoting as MONSTA X after battling those obstacles… Jooheon, always smile. Even if you are having a hard time right now, a good day comes in the end!! From me who seriously loves myself a lot…
Minhyuk: Currently writing this letter on a cold day while filming the last episode of Deokspatch in a cafe.
To Minhyuk. How is it? Can you live? To Minhyuk in the future: always think of your physical health, of your parents, and don’t get annoyed because you’re hungry during filming. You’re not alone. I hope if you’re having a hard time, you’ll share it with the people around you. I will believe that you are way more successful and mature than I am now. Let’s gain strength
I.M: Changkyun, you’re holding it in well like you always did. Even if nobody tells you, right? Just hold it in, you have a lot to do. I am the best. To Im Changkyun: (in english) Yes you are sure you are good, I.M we all right Monstar X
Shownu: Hyunwoo, I’m assuming you are obviously eating well and living healthily, right? I have ended a program called ‘No Mercy’ and am waiting for the Lunar New Year holiday. I personally hope you read this letter, you are so busy you don’t even have time to blink. Let’s live well and happily while giving your parents lots of allowance, okay?
Hyungwon: Hyungwon, how can your singing improve unbelievably this much, Why is your body looking so good too. Why is your skin so clean? You all worked hard getting a rookie award AND the daesang. I’m glad you succeeded faster than I thought. I heard you have a concert soon. Prepare it well.

© monstaxtrans

Nesting is an amazing thing.

We got our crib yesterday, car seat a few days back and have so many awesome clothes from friends and family already.

He already has five stuffed animals.

I’m getting my car detailed, windows tinted and just got new tires, all for his safety and comfort. My car will be paid off in a couple of weeks and I will have zero credit card debt.

I love how my instincts are kicking in hardcore and everything is just happening smoothly at this point. I’m also really proud of my fiancé for his nesting powers too.

The wait continues…

9 weeks and 5 days left.

anonymous asked:


9. If you had a magical pet snail what would you call it?


10. How do you like your steak cooked? (if you eat it)

bloody rare
11. If you were a type of animal, what would you be and why?

cat cause i’m angry and hide under the bed when people come to my house, and also i don’t sleep continually through the night i just constantly take short naps throughout the day-night.
12. What phone do you have? 

an old blackberry lmao i’m poor
13. Have you ever got blackout drunk?

not… that i remember?
14. What do you think people think of you? 

people on the internet seem to get different impressions than the people i interact with in person, so i’ll do seperate ones
offline: tired, talks too fast, gets worked up easily, small

online: tired, small, funny???? 

idk i’m bad at seeing myself according to other people
15. If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn? 

a language!! I’m really bad at learning languages no matter how hard I try
16. What’s something you want right now?

17. Do you have any brothers or sisters? 

yep two younger brothers, one older sister
18. In general what do you think about art? 

19. What are some of the first things you do in the morning?
my morning routine:
set alarm for 6

cat nap till 6:30

throw on first clothes i see

throw on bare minimum of makeup to hide how dark my eyebags are



A Year Every Minute Pt. 10

A story centered around the lives of Gaster, Sans, and Papyrus from beginning to end. Themes will be both happy and tragic.

The year slipped by, Dr. Gaster working on the child’s ability with bone magic. It had a hard time controlling just how much power it let loose, usually causing it to become light-headed and tired even with their practice lasting only a few minutes. It was coming along slowly, the tiny skeleton able to summon smaller and smaller attacks as the months drew on. The experiments also continued at a slow and steady pace with no incident since the last time he had pushed it too hard.

“Alright kiddo, time to get on the table for me.” Gaster said, approaching the child as it lay in the middle of the room reading.

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Rest Day

I’m glad I did my Workout DVD Monday in addition to walking Ritter. While Ritter and I were housebound today (and may be tomorrow: we have more ice than snow where I am), I just didn’t feel well so I took a rest day.

I got plenty of rest last night and have eaten quite healthy today, but I just feel miserable. I’m tired, ache all over, and my stomach is still bothering me. Not to mention that I experienced a new pregnancy symptom last night: burping. It wasn’t burping like I consumed too much of a carbonates beverage, it was burping air uncontrollably while I was trying to fall asleep. Weirdest symptom ever! I’m also experiencing more ligament soreness/ache in my lower belly so I expect my belly is going to continue to spurt this week. I just feel kind of meh.


Baekhyun’s message to EXO-L:

Aeri annyeong~~~ (EXOmentary) V app broadcast has come to an end. Thank you for watching our broadcast even though it airs very late at night, for supporting and cheering for us. Thank you for giving us so much love.

During promotions, thanks to Aeris, i’ve been smiling a lot. Even when i feel tired in the morning, i gain a lot of strength when i see you lining up orderly to go in for pre-recording. I laugh a lot too when i read your comments during V App broadcasts. Also hmmmm, what else…. When i lost in the game. I lost with a good mood. Thanks to Aeris who still likes / adores me even though i lost, i’ve been able to do the broadcast happily.

Let’s continue to give a lot a lot of love to each other in the future. Let’s long and miss each other when our eyes can’t see each other. Let’s cheer and give strength to each other. EXO and EXO-L that are like that. I hope EXO and Aeris can have a relationship like that.

Thank you for everything so far. I’ll be showing you more sides / images of me in the future, so please look forward to it. In order to let you feel the “EXO pride”, we will work harder! So, annyeong~~~ Thank you~~~~