when you find a pawn partner, plans to dominate the world together taste so much sweeter


..always the odd man out

                 ..the screw-up

                                 ..the bad boy.


The remaining two Silmarils are regained from the Iron Crown - only to be lost. The last two sons of Fëanor, compelled by their oath, steal them, and are destroyed by them, casting themselves into the sea, and the pits of the earth. (x


"Who’re you?"

Beth didn’t speak, biting her lip instead. Her shoulders were squared and she lifted her chin. His eyes roamed her face and she allowed that too. They stopped on her forehead.

"What’s your wound? Did you get bit?"

She didn’t answer, but took a step forward. He lifted his machete higher in warning.

"Did…you…get…bit?” he growled out. She shook her head and his tension eased a little.

"What is your wound?" he asked.

"Gunshot," she murmured. His eyes widened at that, and she supposed it was even more bizarre for other people to hear she survived such a thing.


It looked like a map out of Georgia and there was some sort of written scrawl at the bottom. The man’s next words caused her heart to stutter.

"Do you know Rick Grimes?"

The “yes” tumbled out before she could stop it. The man’s eyes lit up and he took another step forward. It didn’t feel threatening so Beth didn’t move away, but she watched him carefully.

"Is he a part of your group?"

Beth bit her lip before revealing: “He’s our leader.”

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"Since then, I now see the visions always, whether or not I wear the crown. They tell me the secrets… The secrets of the ice and snow…""That the power of the crown will save me with its frost!"

"Don’t worry, Jake. I’ll share the secrets of ice and snow with thee.""The power of froooooooost! Power of froooooooost! The power of fr—"

I like it when this show does parallels.