oh god… i still have no idea why y’all follow my trashy ass blog but anyway!!! harley is such an important character to me, i always try my best to do her justice and even tho i always feel like i’m shit at this & 10/10 should leave, you guys really do make me wanna stay and keep doing what i do cause i’ve never felt so welcome in any other place on the internet. i’ve met so many nice people and made so many good friends over the past few months and everyone else is just so sweet and talented!!!! so all i can do is return the favor and thank you all!!!!!!

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hey guys!

so, i know a lot of you (and maybe all of you) are going to ignore this and probably not see this, but it’s worth a try…

It’s called “lost & found” and it’s about witches and i personally think it’s very interesting. if you want to check it out, here’s the link! 


i spent a lot of time on this book and it would mean the world to me if someone, besides me, read it. okay, that’s all i wanted to say, IF YOU CHECKED IT OUT I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THAT LITTLE FIRST CHAPTER I JUST POSTED!

ok so it’s too late at night for me to start on any new art for the inbox questions about amun that i’ve still got to get through, but i’ve been mulling over how to fulfill the “does he have a partner/romantic interest” ones, and even though there’s another related oc to explore in that area i, like……. just found out this character exists in monster high because i’ve been so behind on the movies

it feels way too self-indulgent to ship ocs with canon characters (and proceed to tell everyone about it), but oh my god i am emotionally compromised right now

tickiing  asked:

❛ Go pet the dog. Follow your dreams. ❜

funny meme haha lol • accepting

            grace had been unfocused – every time lucas would speak, she’d answer with a ‘huh?’ or a ‘sorry, what?’. they were in the middle of lunch, a little cafe – cute – they were able to sit outside which was nice but so distracting. she’d had her eye on the biggest golden retriever that was at the table across from them. you could tell that she physically wanted to get up to touch the dog, but something was keeping her. 

                                                        NOT YOUR DOG TO TOUCH. 
                                                        if you pet the dog, they’ll know.
                                                           hands to yourself, grace. 

           another frustrated sigh leaves tinted lips ( she’d been really loving strawberries lately ). she cuts him off, eyes still focused on the sweet puppy,  y’think he’s real – y’think he’s hungry? d’yah – they’re not really, really givin’ him much ‘teh’ – ‘tention, lucas. his – his eyes – his eyes —– his eyes seem kinda, seem kinda, seem – seem sad t’me? d’you think –  she reaches forward and cups lucas’ chin, moving his head so that he’s forced to look at the dog,  wha’ y’think? i think yes but then he gives her a sort of permission? oh – good. anything that lucas said, immediately cancelled out anything the voices in her head said.  pet – dog – meit’s like she was meeting her most favorite celebrity,  y’think so? i – i mean – i – i mean, i mean – i – i –  she’s starting to stand, but slowly – dropping back to her seat a few times before standing up completely,  wha’ – what – what do – do i say? — do, do i juss’ – do i ask? do – hey lucas,  she grabs his wrist but doesn’t tug,  can – can – can you come – can you come with – can you come with, can you come with me? t’pet – can you, juss’ – so you, so you can do tha’ – can you come with me? 

                                                                        feat. @tickiing


A/N: So I’m I finally back from Wales and while I was away I started writing a series. I’m not sure if it will last long but it’s worth a try  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Also tell me your feedback!

(Y/b/f)=your best friend

You couldn’t do this anymore, everyday was the same. Get up, eat, get dressed, go to work, serve several moody customers, come home, eat, shower, sleep. There was no break from it, your everyday routine was breaking you.  Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as quitting your job and following your dreams, they were unrealistic and as for your job, you needed  the money.

Being 20 and living in London was difficult. You decided to move to London from your home in Staffordshire for university. Why had you made such a mistake? Why were you so stupid, that you decided to move hundreds of miles south of your home. You were such an idiot, not only did you leave home, you dropped out of uni. Ugh, your life was ruined.

No! You swore you would not put yourself down like that again after last time. You promised (y/b/f) and Phil that you wouldn’t. They believed you, so why let them down just because you weren’t happy? Focus on the good things in your life;  (y/b/f), Phil, your family. That was it though. The negatives outweighed the positives. The only other positive you could think of was Dan. He was another of your best friends

Phil and (y/b/f) knew you liked him. Who could blame you; you loved his hair, the way it curled at the ends when it was wet. You loved his eyes, the way they shone beautifully at any point in the day. You loved his smile, his smile was contagious anyone who saw it immediately smile back. You loved the way he looked in the sun. You loved the way he cared about anyone, his sense of humour, his intelligence. Fuck you fell for this boy, and you fell hard.

Any opportunity they had, Phil and (y/b/f) would leave the two of you alone. Phil always said that he liked you back but you didn’t believe him. Why would anyone as gorgeous as Dan love you?

You needed to stop thinking about Dan and get back to work.

It was Monday and to be honest you had already had enough of this week.
Monday was always the worst day anyway, the moody customers would be super annoying and you would work half the day alone.
 It was just before the typical mid-day rush and you were already rushed off your feet. Angie, your collegue had called in sick and there was no-one to cover her shift, so you were alone.

You were in the middle of making one of the regulars their chicken and bacon pasta salad when you heard a familiar voice.  You looked up and your eyes were met with a pair of beautiful deep brown eyes looking down at you. You felt butterflies rush to your stomach as you realised who it was. Curious as to why he was here, you held your hand up for a few seconds, as a signal for him to wait.

10 minutes passed an it was finally your break. You and Dan walked into the back room, closing the door behind you.
“How come you’re here?” You questioned as you reached behind you to untie your apron. You were only used to seeing the typical business men, from the offices next door.
“I came to see how you were doing” He replied, your palms had gone sweaty and your heart rate sped up. This boy was killing you on the inside, why did he have to be so caring? Especially to a girl like you.
“I wanted to see if you were okay, I know how busy this place gets and I know you don’t particularly like Angie” He was right, you and Angie had never got along, she didn’t do much even when she was there.
“Uhh, th-thanks Dan”
For fuck sake (y/n) stop stuttering, you thought to yourself while wiping your palms down your jeans.
“Oh and before I forget” Dan mentioned taking his bag off his back and turning to face it on the counter. Seconds later he turned around with a small pizza box in his hand. “I thought you might want a change from pasta and salad so I saved you those” he continued. You opened the box to reveal 2 slices of your favourite pizza. Leaning up on your toes you hugged him as a thank you. You could smell his cologne, which was unusual as he only wore on special occasions.

“Another thing just before I go, after work can you come to mine and Phil’s flat, I-I need to talk to you” It wasn’t unusual that Dan asked you to go to his after work, normally you just played Mario Kart. However this time he mentioned needing to talk to you which made you slightly concerned.

Oh shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. He knew, he knew you loved him. Oh fuck. He was goimg to tell you he only likes you as a friend. He was going to break your heart.

You worked the rest of the day, rushing around, worrying about what Dan would say. The time seemed to go slower than usual for a Monday. Eventually, after what felt like days you looked up at the clock to see it read 4:30, you could finally leave. You took your apron off and swapped it for your black leather coat. Leaving the cafe the heat hit your body. You sighed and held your jacket over your arm cursing the typical British summer.

Hastily you walked back to Dans apartment, thinking about what you were going to say if he friendzoned you. Luckily him and Phil lived in the apartment block opposite yours, so you could quickly go home and change before going to Dans. You only changed into some shorts and a t-shirt, it was too warm for anything else.

You crossed the busy main road and walked into the apartment block and up the three flights of stairs. At the top of the third flight you stood outside the door and lightly knocked, waiting patiently for Dan to open the door. Butterflies entered your stomach as you stood, your palms began to sweat and your heart began to race.

Suddenly, you heard heavy footsteps from the other side of the door. It opened and you looked up to see Dan looking down at you, a slight smile on his face. His smile was enough to make your day ten times better than it had been.
“(y/n) come in” he said hugging you close.
“Um thanks” you replied walking in and closing the door behind you. You followed Dan towards the lounge, where he stood by the door.

You walked past and took a seat in the corner of the sofa, Dan sitting next to you, crossing his legs to face you. His fringe was slightly pushed back and his chocolate brown eyes looked different, he looked slightly anxious. The sparkle in his eyes had gone and just because he was going to break you.

Dans P.O.V~
I can’t believe I’m doing this, I thought to myself as I ran my hair through my fringe one last time. She would just tell me she likes me as a friend, that she liked somone else.

After checking my fringe for way too long I decided a glass of water would calm me down. However on the way down to the kitchen I heard a small knock at the door.

Oh shit, she’s here, what am I going to say. Do I go straight ahead with it. Do I offer her a drink? What the fuck do I do.

I wiped my sweaty palms on my jeans and opened the door to see her beautiful face looking up at me. I looked down at her smiling, she was so perfect. The way her (y/h/c) hair fell over her shoulders made her (y/e/c) eyes stand out in the most gorgeous way possible. Her figure was perfect, she wasn’t stick thin like the other girls in London. She had the most beautiful curves to her body. She was self conscious about her body, even though everyone she met told her she was beautiful.
TALK TO HER YOU GIANT IDIOT, I scolded myself, we had been stood in the door way and not exchanged words since I opened the door.

“(y/n) come in” I said, as I leaned down and hugged her. Her hair smelt of her favourite berry shampoo. Fuck I had fallen for her.
“Um thanks” she replied pulling out of the hug and stepping into the hall. She closed the door behind her as she followed me to the lounge. I waited by the door as she took a seat next to my iconic sofa crease, where I then took a seat crossing my legs and facing her.

anonymous asked:

Bro I need angst,, something corrin centric like she's hurt real bad and Azura is Yellin

Is it bad that I full on cackled maniacally when I first saw this request? Fluff is wonderful and all, but I live for feelsy fics. Anyway, I hope it’s angsty enough for you!

Also if anyone was wondering, I didn’t post last week I wasn’t in the mood to write prompts. Also I posted a lot of fics during Azurrin week so I figured I would take a break. I’m back on track now though!

Most of my angst material was used during Azurrin week so I borrowed some inspiration from this prompt.


Snowy wind raged angrily throughout the mountain. Nothing could be seen through the whiteness. Corrin gazed out of the mouth of the cave they had sheltered in. Her hand reached out on its own into the open air. Snow painfully battered against the appendage. A hiss escaped her as she quickly withdrew back.

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@zvezdaboyets c/f here

     Once upon a time he might have been afraid of the reaction his silly antics might get him. But it’s different now, and stirring Cain up is more fun these days than it is terrifying. 

     So he’s laughing at the sight of the Fighter flailing about on the bed, hair sticking every which way while he tries to figure out what the fuck is going on. He lets himself be shoved backwards, still with a shit eating grin on his face, and grips Cain’s without an ounce of remorse whatsoever.

     Honestly, the fear is taken out of the situation when his adversary has bed head.

     “You just looked so peaceful and content, and I had to do something about it,” he says, mirth still laced in his voice. “I just finished and I haven’t seen you all day.”