My life ....

Me : let’s go out and find a cute boyfriend ! Let’s put on some make up…. okay ,maybe let’s just take off our pj’s and dress like a normal human would during the weekdays !? Hana come on !!! DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR HAIR , I’M ABOUT TO CRY.

Also me : f*ck off , I still have 12 unfinished dramas to watch. Boyfriend who? I’ll just go write some fics and imagine jungkook is my man *sighs* and this is also why I’m a boring 20 y/o banana with no sex appeal. Thanks mom. *SIPS APPLE JUICE * Wait… a banana is drinking apple juice ? KINKY ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • me: (has some game grumps animateds planned in my head for months but never acts on them outta laziness)
  • me: (months later) oh look the game grumps posted a gga for the butthole sniffin' adventure thing
  • also me: YOU F O O L. YOU WAIT FOR TOO LONG AND NOW YOU PAY THE CONSEQUENCES FOR YOUR INSOLENCE. now this animated has become Canon and yours would be moot and pointless, is this really what you wanted motherfucker??? you wanna stuff your face with lunchables and watch vine compilations instead of getting toonboom and drawing arin as a child talking about butthole sniffing adventures?? you're gonna miss out on the obama opportunity too, ya big shit,,,

Let’s be real.
Aka: So You Think The 14-17 Year Old Girl Paired With An Ageless/Centuries Old Male Trope Is New And Inherently Bad & You Wanna Start a Riot

X - Elisabeth (Musical). Sissi is 15 when she falls in love with the literal personification of Death. As in, old as life itself. You don’t want me to tell you how many fics there are on the German fanfic sites I know. By the way, the real Empress Elisabeth was about 16 when married to 23 year old Franz.

X - Labyrinth. Sarah’s what, 15? David Bo- I mean, Jareth is centuries old when he falls in love with her. Pretty sure 97% of all fanfics for that particular tale involve romance/love, twisted or otherwise. Most all with Sarah aged up. Also read the damn book. Those budding feelings are canon, baby.

X - Repo! Confirmed by Terrance, not confirmed… we all know Graves was a nosy show off who took a shine to that kid, and she followed. Now, Shilo is 17 so that makes the fanfiction a little less creepy. Then again, Graves is still a lot older, and it is Repo!

X. Phantom. Christine is…. Doesn’t really matter, middle-aged Phantom fell in love with her as a child (okay, okay it developed as she aged). Creepy? Well, I don’t think anyone can argue that. But the romance lives on. And on FF, it really lives on. Also in multiple published fan sequels. And various movies.

X. Beetlejuice. Continuing my march on that side of the internet. Lydia, teen. Beetlejuice, centuries. While most fics like to mesh the film with its more relationship-line crossing cartoon counterpart, this pairing can still be all kinds of odd. Again, with this one we mostly adhere to the age-up-the-teen rule.

X. Drop Dead Fred. So your favorite (centuries old) imaginary friend when you’re like, 7, if we’re being generous, kisses you when you’re in your 20s. Also, canon meet fandom.

X. Whistle Down The Wind (Musical). Blame ALW for this one too. Swallow is 15 when the convict (early 30s?) falls for her. It’s tragic. Also he’s kind of Jesus? Idk the lines blur a lot when you take the whole plot into consideration. Also the book and the movie play with who is enamored by who and the ages…. Essentially though, yeah.

X. Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Buffy was what, 16? When she and Angel dated? Angel is what? 200+? Buffy later is with Spike? We’re talking centuries of difference. Again.

X. Legend. Lily wasn’t that old when Tim Cu- I mean Darkness seduces her.

X. Greek Mythology. Yeah Persephone? “Edge of womanhood” back then was around 14-16. Hades? Let’s not count. 

Not to mention Twilight, because though it’s a regret, it did happen. So did most of the YA Fantasy section of your local bookstore.

Face it, for a lot of young women, naive and searching, reading relationships like these…. It makes a safe way to explore their minds/wants/desires/genders/identities, without getting hurt or getting in over their heads. Is it practical to go out and hit on a guy two times your age when you’re 14-17? Heck no. But that’s what fiction is for*
(*even though all fiction has flaws and you still should be selective -cough- Twilight -cough-)

But I’ve never encountered a problem with these narratives before now. Why?

Because in old fairytales, there was usually a young girl and an older male. Danger, trepidation, coming-of-age, first steps into womanhood, sometimes care and love (I’ll spare you my Little Red and Erl King rants. And Valerie’s Week of Wonders. Hello).

So for the love of the goddess, if you wanna ship the damn thing, ship it. Be respectful of their ages / age difference. If it’s comfortable, embrace it. I’m not advocating underage sex (because also sex =/= romance), but build a relationship (just try to downplay the creepy). Make them friends. Make them enemies. Make them learn. Age them up. Age one down. Put a curse on one. Introduce conflict. Put it in an AU. Make them queer. Make them not. I don’t really care.

Percival and Credence is romanticizing literal abuse, do not pass go. 
Scar trying to get Nala in the musical is creepy. Esmeralda and Frollo also creep me the F#$% out. While Moana and Maui, really don’t.

So quit putting negative rants in the Maui, and Moana, tags (ha, hypocrisy). You’re welcome.

anonymous asked:

do you have the plot and ending figured out or are you still working on that? i figure the show releasing new episodes also have some influence

Most of the plot has been worked out, as has a bit of the ending.

But at the same time…

Me: *watching the new episodes* don’t fall in love with the new characters.

Also me: F U C K.

So I may include them, I may not. Nothing about the Diamonds is going to change from now on. (the only time a Diamond has been changed was Blue, she was going to be a lot less… Motherly originally. But now I can make her creepier!)

Hell of a Week

Apparently, my bestfriend for 8yrs which happens to be my #1 anti as well, just sent me a very loooooooong message telling me to fix myself and not to ever think of committing actions that she sure I’ll regret soon. She also told me how f*cked up I am this past few days and that she understand where I’m coming from but she still hates me b'coz I texted her last monday telling how ruined I am and ending my message with the note, I want to end this, I want to die now and then I just leave the words hanging. I don’t answered her calls, her text messages or even her social media messages. Practically, she thought I’m dead. Lol. I let couple of days past before I finally message her the reason why I’m still here in Manila. I love her tho, but again she’s my #1 anti. She even told me that I’m stronger than what I thought I am and all the wonderful words that are combined just to make me feel good. I never know how blessed I am to have this lady in my life, not until today.

My today is actually better than my yesterday. I feel a lot more alive today. Though, I really don’t know where to start. Again, all of my plans are set to a different place. I’m not really sure if those are applicable as well here in Manila, but seriously I doubt. Hmmm. Let’s just see what will happen and what this world may offer for a broken shit like me.

I’m just happy I feel better today. I still cry myself to sleep but I don’t do cuts. Way to go. 😌