I haven’t even seen anything past the Intermission he hasn’t even DONE ANYTHING YET BUt y ikes I had to stop and draw him.. a few… times…

(again no spoilers in tags or anything pls i’m desperately trying to catch up hrngg!! SOON…!)

15 Days of Fanmixes 

Day 1: For your OTP  (or any ships you’re into at the moment)

space gays | a mix for the Hetalia ship Rusame or Russia/America with songs by echosmith, fall out boy, the beatles, and various others | cover edit by me yours truly :)


i. bright- echosmith | ii. more than words/heaven- julianne hough and diego boneta  | iii. we’ll be a dream- we the kings ft. demi lovato | iv. cosmic love- florence and the machine | v. phantom of the opera violin medley- lindsey stirling | vi. this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race- fall out boy | vii. a hard day’s night- the beatles | viii. radioactive in the dark- imagine dragons and fall out boy  | ix. accidentally in love- counting crows | x. we are young- 3oh!3  | xi. bonus totally space gays song ;)


a “i’m sick of living in my shitty shared flat so can you pretend to be my boyfriend even though i met you five minutes ago so i can get a let on this new place instead” plot where muse a and muse b meet at a coffee shop and proceed to fake a relationship in order to get a lease on a new apartment. include several ridiculous scenarios as they attempt to prove their “relationship”. in the end they move in together and it’s a backwards slow burn with getting to know each other over sorting out who does the groceries and losing the spare keys and making up anniversary dates and faking couple photographs and stories and then slowly falling for one another ( like to plot! )

Shingeki AU in which Arthur is the grumpy captain (a la Levi) and Alfred is the trainee that’s under his tutoring and has a huge crush on him and every time he kills a titan he dedicates it to Arthur and even though he doesn’t express it he thinks it’s cute and enjoys it.

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I also shoot with a Pentax ME Super and Nikon f50 depending on how lazy I want to be.

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“You honestly think I’d take you up if I didn’t know it was one hundred percent safe?” 

Hal tried to fight the smirk at his lips – he needed to sound convincing. Particularly because Barry was staring at the helmet Hal was offering him with a very unconvinced look.

“C’mon, Bar – I got you a custom helmet!” It was red – his favorite color. Something he had to go a little out of his ways for considering most facilities refused to deviate from the standard hunter green. “At this point it’s starting to feel like you’re doubting my mad skills.” 

           ▎┊《  ▓▓▓    ♞ 

                            y'know what’s REALLY the worst thing
                              ‘bout summer ?     freakin’ mosquitos.  


nevermind the consequence of sin
nevermind the pain you feel within
i don’t care as long as you are here by my side

I still think we should’ve gotten to see the Conclave. 

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Serious talk about Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet.
We really shouldn’t be comparing this to Hirunaka no Ryuusei. Especially considering there is only one chapter out (and most characters haven’t been properly introduced yet). And the fact is that mangakas don’t commonly make a career out of developing the same story over and over again. Reading it while anticipating a similar developement to hnr’s and seeing connections between the two series is just nitpicking. Tsubaki-chou needs to exist on it’s own as a new (and independant) series and be read like so. Moreover, it has an innocent cohabitation setting which is not really the same thing as hnr’s country girl who moves to tokyo falls in love with her teacher. It’s not especially original but it’s a nice trope that will be very gratifying if well executed.

Nevertheless, I admit, I myself did pick up a few motifs:

  • Yamamori does not want her protagonists to live with their parents.
  • Both Fumi and Suzume like to wear their school skirt long (well, compared to manga standards).
  • Braids are cool.
  • Kibikino’s character does seem to be an updated version of what Shishio was supposed to be in the first draft of Hirunaka (see Hirunaka no something at the end of chapter 14 / volume 2)
  • So I’m guessing that means Kibikino wasn’t pure enough to be a student either?

But that’s just the author’s preferences and superficial details. Also, I don’t get in which way Kibikino looks like Shishio. Besides the black fluffy hair (that most shoujo baes have), the potential History foundness and mabye the age, they have nothing in common, design wise and character wise. Fumi doesn’t look much like Suzume either, they don’t have the same expressions. However, judging from Margaret’s back cover, Mamura 2.0 does looks quite a bit like Mamura, with more liveliness and less hostility in him.

​​Hopefully the love triangle won’t be to cumbersome this time. It seems that Kibikino is getting exposed as THE main lead: having “hero?” tagged under the first picture that was released of him (in the Margaret back cover), having his back appearing in the colored pre-relese notice, being the only other character on the first chapter’s cover with Fumi and being the only male protagonist to physically appear in the first chapter. Usually promotion strategies are quite revealing of how the plot would unfold (it establishes the characters’ importance). So that’s that…