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Alrighty headcannons for the guys ☺️👌🏻 How would they act if their wife brought their fussy 6 year old who refuses to listen to their poor s/o who's crying of frustration? Like shes been spending hours trying to get the kid to stop throwing temper tantrums and he won't stop? Love your writing and stories 😘

This would be me as a mother, not gonna lie. I’d hand the kid off like PLEASE HELP ME MAKE IT STOP. And continue to cry myself. Also this is such an oddly specific ask that it makes me wonder if you had something similar happen to you because if so, godspeed.

Noctis is just as befuddled as you are. Like, what’s his kid’s problem today? The kid won’t stop chucking toys across their room when you try to ask them to do legitimately anything. They won’t get a shower, they don’t want to get dressed, they don’t want to go to the doctor’s. Noctis gets where the kid is coming from, but geez. So Noctis crouches down to their level and asks them what’s up. When their kid keeps making grumpy faces at them, Noctis says, “Hey, your mommy wants you to go get clean. I know it sucks because she makes me do the same thing, but if you do that for me, I’ll take you to the arcade later. How about that?” His kid is literally overjoyed, but you look so exasperated in the background like Noctis this is bribery this is how you start bad habits and reward bad behavior aaaaAAAAAHHH

Prompto knows exactly what to do when you come to him for help. The kid has so much energy and emotions towards something that no one can figure out what it is, so Prompto has the BEST idea. He runs back to the bedroom and snatches two pillows from their bed. He runs back to his kid yelling, “PILLOW FIGHT!”  Prompto tosses a pillow, and the kid is so confused that when Prompto lands the first thwack they almost fall over. But they’re loving it, and they immediately start giggling and bash at their father’s legs with the pillow. It’s a pillow and a tiny kid, so it doesn’t hurt at all, but Prompto takes a few more hits before crying out and dropping to the floor wailing “OH MY LEGS, MY LEEEEGS!” You’re laughing lightly, but also grinning. This was genius. Let the kid beat him up to blow off steam.

Gladio probably scares the poor kid into listening because he’s a firm believer on respect and self-control. He’ll ask you what you’ve been trying to get your kid to do, how they’ve been responding, etc. And then he just plucks the kid off the floor where they’ve been whining for hours before Gladio got home and sits down on the couch with them. You’re listening in from the next room, and you can hear Gladio very sternly telling them that they can’t act that way towards you. Don’t they want to grow up and be like their dad? Yeah? Well, they can’t throw tantrums and refuse to listen to their mom like that because there could be consequences. Yeah, the kid will literally never throw tantrums this severe anymore.

Ignis treats this a lot like Gladio does, but he doesn’t openly say that there will be consequences from him. He’ll scoop them up and sit them down somewhere rather comfortable, because oh boy this kid better be prepared for this. Ignis would tell them a story like parents used to do a long time ago about the monsters that would come and snatch bad children. They come in through the window while they’re asleep, and whisper an incantation. Before they know it, they’ve captured them and taken them back to their lair! Ignis is perfectly satisfied, but you’re looking at him like oh my god the kid is going to be fucking terrified now great job A+ parenting Ignis

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Hi, I absolutely loved your Kakashi/ children headcannon? If you have the time, can you do one on Deidara?

I always have time for babies!  Alrighty, I’m going to go with the idea that Deidara would end up having a girl, so here we go.

Originally posted by akatsuki-trashcan

  • She was 100%, absolutely, positively, not a single doubt in my mind, a mistake; and she was a mistake that absolutely terrified him. Until he found out that he was going to be a father, Deidara did not know fear, but that day when his daughter’s mom said that she was pregnant, Deidara was a mixture of being completely stunned, unable to process anything, and wanting to screech out every expletive that he could think of. 
  • Deidara did not want a child; having a kid was not a part of his plans, but now he’s being told that he’s going to have a baby in nine months, and his first instinct is to just run away and never look back. Immediately, he doesn’t respond well to it; probably storms out and tries to get away from everyone and process it all, but it is something that he eventually comes to grips with it. Of course he’s still terrified of the idea that he’ll have to take care of a child, but the idea of just leaving them to fend for themselves is something far worse. He may be an S-ranked terrorist bomber, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a heart.
    • I want to say that Deidara and the mother of his child would have pretty limited contact after his daughter was born; part of me just doesn’t think that they would last together as an actual couple. That being said, I want to say that the custody would be split between to two, because you know, Deidara is a terrorist bomber, and that’s not exactly child friendly…
  • Honestly, when his daughter was in the early baby stages of life, he wasn’t that extraordinary; he kinda half-assed it and hoped that she would be fine. He did the basics, but that was about it; absolutely hated diapers. As she got older and gained personality and mobility, Deidara began to genuinely like having her around and taking care of her instead of just doing because he had to. When she’s about 6 months old is when he really starts to bond with her.
  • She’s such a sensory advanced child! As expected with a father like Deidara, she grew up around clay and various mediums, so she became very sensory engaged at a young age. She always goes in to play with different textures and is very cognitive of various sounds and colors; she’s not afraid of getting messy; she wants to explore the world around her, and this is probably one of Deidara’s favorite aspects of her personality. Whenever he’s just working, Deidara will make sure to give his little on a bit of clay too, because it keeps her occupied for hours at a time~ though sometimes this was a problem when she was very much still in the oral stage of her life.  
  • Deidara also made her into a fearless little thing too. She wasn’t even six months old before she was flying up on one of his birds, and as she got older, this became one of her absolute favorite things. You know the stereotypical thing dads do when they throw their kids up in the air? Ya? Imagine that, but on one of those birds. Deidara will toss her up in the air, and then nose dive with the bird, so she’s free falling for awhile, and she just loves it. He’ll end up making her into an adrenaline junkie by the age of three, but oh well.
    • On a side note though, this is a great trust exercise, so you can imagine the massive amount of trust that Deidara’s daughter has in him, which if Deidara wanted anyone to have faith in him, he’d want it to be his child. He may not have been the best at getting her bottles on time or dressing her proper, but he can catch her as she free falls in the sky, and show her how to enjoy life and everything exciting about it, and that’s what his little one truly cares about.
  • Yet he does not deal with fits AT ALL. If his girl starts having a fit over something, he will just kinda glare at her for a moment before shaking his head and saying something like, “No, what are you doing? Stop.” And if their fit turns into a tantrum, he will literally just start walking away from them, completely ready to leave them by themselves until they stop acting like such a brat; Deidara’s just not putting up with that.
    • It’s like Jesus Christ Baby Deidara, get your shit together; your dad doesn’t have the time or will to deal with you throwing yourself into a puddle bc he wouldn’t let you pick up a dead bird. Stop, child.
  • But she’s so stubborn; it’s terrible, makes Deidara wanna throw her off a cliff half the time. Her stubbornness has almost always been with her too, and Deidara knows that she got it from him, but some days he just doesn’t want to deal with it, because a child shouldn’t be this defiant. She will literally bother him until he gives in, which ends up becoming a day long event, because he doesn’t want to give into a 2 year old, but at the same time she won’t eat, sleep, play, nothing until she gets her way. It pisses Deidara off so much.  
  • He gets so protective over her whenever another one of the Akatsuki members get near her; it’s kinda funny, because he thought that he wouldn’t care, but when the reality that all of these S-ranks are just casually around his little girl, his territorial side kicks in.
    • ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to allow Itachi to touch her, “Don’t contaminate my baby with your tainted Uchiha hands, hm.”
    • Baby Deidara kinda likes Itachi though; his room is always good for naps and his heartbeat is slow and calming, so if she’s feeling sleepy and Deidara’s gone, she’ll go find Itachi. But she’s a smart little one and knows enough about her dad’s relationship with the Uchiha to act like she doesn’t like Itachi wherever Deidara is near. It’s funny, because one time she fell asleep on Itachi while Deidara was out on a mission, and then Deidara came back and she woke to Deidara questioning Itachi why his three year old is all cuddled up to him, and she straight out freaked out and bit Itachi, because her dad can’t know that she likes to nap by Itachi when he’s gone. And Itachi’s just like ?!? because this is the same child that searched him out and cuddled up to him and fell asleep- he was just being kind and let her rest- but now she just bit him hard enough to make him bleed and started sobbing to her dad like he did something to her. Deidara was so proud of her, but Itachi is just glaring at her because she’s a little shit just like her daddy; she’s cute, but she’s such a little shit.
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YOU JUST GOT KINKSHAMED BY KINKY MCSHAMER! 😁 have fun role playing your creepy, weird, father-daughter incest shit. Pls never have actual kids 😊 -anon with good intentions

:) Alrighty then

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im sorry for spamming your submit but here are The Kids™

awaah no it’s alrighty hahaa, i love when people submit their drawings to me it’s so cute :’^) AAAAAAAAA now THIS is some quality content


Sole Survivor’s Reactions/Dialogue as a Companion: Maddy

Maximum lines 4, minimum of 2.


Idle in a settlement:

“ *heavy coughing* “

“ *humming various rock’n’roll songs* “

“I’m gonna burn out in this sun, I know it..”

“Oh…what do? What do? What to do?”

Sole Survivor passing by them:

“What up?”


“Oh, excuse you..”

Sole Survivor passing by them (romanced):

“Hey you~”

“Getting close, aren’t ‘ya~?”

“Need me for something~?”

Dismissing (low affinity):


“Guess I’ll see you when I see you..”

Dismissing (high affinity friendship):

“I’ll head back home. Just stay safe out there, you dig?”

“Alrighty! I’ll get out of your hair. Just watch it out there, okay?”

Dismissing (romanced):

“Hey, I’ll be alright out there! It’s just…it’s you I’m worried about. If something happened to you, I just don’t know what I’d do..”

“Please be careful out there! Want to see you come home, y’know?”

“Your thoughts?”:

“If worst comes to worse, I’m going out with my boots on!”

“Don’t you just love that earthy scent after a heavy storm?”

“I’m loaded up, suited up, and ready to blast some heads off!”

“I’m glad I get to venture out here with such cool people…too bad I’m stuck with you! *chuckles*”

“Your thoughts?” (romanced):

“You have no idea how much you put a smile on my face.”

“It tough situations, better best we keep this thing on with us on the down low, ‘Kay?”

“hmm? Oh sorry…just admiring your face. Might have to sketch it one day..”

“What are your thoughts on our relationship?” (low affinity):

“Eh, I really don’t know at this point. I’ll get back to you on that..”

“I’m just not sure. Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“What are your thoughts on our relationship?” (friendship):

“Couldn’t ask for a better bud to tag along with!”

“Whatever happens, I got your back no matter what! Having my full support!”

“What can I say? I’m glad I’m here for the long run! Just say the word and I’ll be there!”

“What are your thoughts on our relationship?” (romanced):

“There is never a day I regret being with you…I’m so thankful we met.”

“You’ve done so much for me. Thanks is such an understatement.. How else can I ever repay you?”

“You make me feel safe. Like I’m at home. You give me the butterflies.”

“You really pushed me to do better, really helped me in the long run. You have no idea how much that means to me–how much you mean to me..”

Being ignored in mid-conversation:

“Spacing out pretty good there?”

“Did I…say something wrong?”

“Lost your train of thought?”

“hmm…that smoke I smell? Jammed, much?”


Copy/Paste and try it on your OC!

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Top five modal spells. In order.

I have to order them too? Alrighty!

#5. Boros Charm

I just kinda does everything you’d want out of a card and never once feels expensive. It offers your 3 options that you’d happily pay RW for anyway

#4. Merciless Eviction

The first wrath I really liked, and I acquired it after some aggressive trading. The fact that it exiles is extremely powerful and allows you to ruin one kind of permanent, while keeping you on top. Against aggro? Enchantress Pillow Fort? Superfriends? Artifact recursion? All solves.

#3. Retreat the Kazandu

Too many games to count have I won to that incidental life gain, and the option to also make a dude bigger is great. High on the list because it’s in a deck I really like and fits the theme really well

#2. Sultai Charm

Like Boros charm, it just does everything. It solves creatures, artifact/enchantments and card draw. Removal if you need it; card draw if you need it. Super good.

#1. Crux of Fate

It’s basically my personal damnation. Odds are, I’ll never own a damnation and sure, I’m paying 1 more for this, but 98 out of 100 times, it’s just a universal wrath. 1 time they’ll have a balance of dragons. 1 time I’ll have a board full of dragons

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I need some soft Keith fluff, with maybe an s/o that suffered from a lot of verbal abuse at home? I'm Sorry if that's something you don't feel comfortable doing, I'm having a rough time right now and I think Keith might relate maybe.

Alrighty love- I hope things get better, though! I’m always here if you want somebody to listen~

I hope you enjoy!

In the midnight hours, there was peace. Everything that was once emotionally charged riddled with hate, or anger, had all but drained away, and you lay in your bed.


Even a million miles away from Earth, those vile words still haunt you. Threaten you from doing anything else other than pray for night to come, and the dawn away. Because everyone was asleep at night. No one dared to utter or mouth any words during then. 

You did not deserve such insults. Such degrading, horrible words. 

Even now, a million miles away, you still have this habit. It’s practically what you do now. You stay up for as long as you can. Allowing those small, minuscule moments of peace to overcome your being, and for a period of time, you felt okay. You felt better.

You liked that feeling. It was a nice feeling.

Things were slightly different this time around, however. A tug in your stomach had believed you into thinking so. A yearning, so it had seemed. For that warmth that you had never really had felt, that comfort and safety that was all but neglected elsewhere-

You threw off your comforter, and traded in your bare feet for sock covered ones, and made your way towards his room. 

On the nights that those awful memories would never seem to cease, you had done this. The silent communication that was held between the both you, was something that other Paladins could never really give. 

Silence. You liked the silence. Not a lot of things could be done in such a secretive time. 

Ignoring the act of knocking on the door, you simply turned the handle to Keith’s room, only to find him sprawled to one side of the bed, his eyes closed shut, and his chest moving only slightly. He was peacefully asleep.

You had asked him once if this had bothered him, especially when he, too, was finally able to catch a break and rest, but he never argued otherwise. 

You wondered if he liked doing this, too. 

Maybe he has his own reasons for trying to search for comfort. 

In an instant, you had found yourself collapsing onto his bed, trying desperately to be as quiet and as careful as possible, but to no prevail as Keith had slowly popped upon one eye, and whispered, 

Thinking about it again?”

His voice was soft. So caring and so mild that you swear, you could have fallen into a peaceful rest then. 

You merely nodded, however, searching for his hand to hold. It hurt so much. Guilt, fear, anger, sorrow. They swirled around in your head like a tidal wave of hate, waiting for the dam to break to simply fill you with the feelings of disgust.

His hand had found your grasping one, and he shifts his body towards you as well. 

Do you wanna talk about it?” Keith asks, though you never say yes to the question he never seems to forget to ask. 

No-not…really…” You answered back calmly, fighting back the words that scrambled in your mind, and ran rampant through your heart. 

Tears pricked the corners of your eyes. No more no more no more you had chanted to them, hoping they would go away, and leave you alone.

That’s alright, doll, that’s okay,” Keith reassures, “Tell me when you’re good and ready, yeah?”


Silence had consumed the dark, warm room. And for a moment in time, it felt like everything was on standstill. 

Keith was warm. He was kind. There was no hint r a trace of what had possessed him in the day. It was during the cover of darkness, did his true colors shine. 

You felt safe in his arms. The indescribable pain that comes from those horrific memories that flash through your mind, was no match for the power of its opposite blooming-

Young love. 

Do you…do you love me?” You whispered to your partner. You couldn’t tell if those words were from your own feelings or not, but it was spontaneous,

B-because I…I love you.”



I…I love you, Y/n,” Keith had finally broken the silence, “It’s going to be okay. I know it will- you…you don’t have to respond. I don’t want you to if you don’t b-but I…”

He pauses for a moment, searching for the right words,

…I love everything about you.”

Keith ended his confession with the soft, and subtle words, 

Good night, Y/n.”

-And for the first time in a long time, you had slept through the night in peace.  

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Hi, what does " only cersei count on Three" mean? I agree, however that now the plot is the last thing they care . I expect dany, like Davos in s6 , Will be in love with jon the first time they meet

Wellllll, alrighty. Read at your own risk: http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/104790352.html

I have literally no way to let you know if these are legit or not, because this show is at self-parody levels now

Kyoto, after seeing her teammates announce winners, was more confident than ever. This would easily be a piece of cake.

Talking as loudly as possible, she held her microphone to her mouth.


She decided to stop yelling, sure that the audience heard her clearly enough. “Alrighty! This award goes to a person who regularly posts fancure content on the miracle that is called Tumblr! I really love Tumblr! Oops back on topic. This person enjoys sharing fancures, be it text, photos, quotes, aesthetics, and even just reblogging and adding to the fancure tag on tumblr! And finally, the nominees are Ladyemilykaldwin, bubbleversefancureofficial (previouslygameonprecureofficial) and MissMellifluous, and the winner is MissMellifluous!”

Easy-peezy, Kyoto thought. She was excited to see the other awards.