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can you recommend some really good tronnor fics? oneshots, chaptered (completed or wip) and also your favourite authors?

I have an old list here :)

BUT if you have already read all of those (which I’m assuming a lot of you have), then here is a list of authors (in no particular order) that I like everything they’ve written :)










Suburban Dad AU 6/??

NEW PART!! Thank you baka (keybangs) for helping. You were very helpful lol~ And I’m glad I could torture you :P And thank you bat-nerut ^^ I’m sorry I’m an idiot~ Well yes moving on..

you can read the other parts here:

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Jonghyun sat in his room, or what was now called the “base of operations.” Jinki and Onew sat across from him, watching as Jonghyun started writing a plan.

“We’ll begin with a simple problem. Let’s ask of we can go to the movies. Get your dad interested in the movie, and then we can all see it together?”

Jinki and Onew nodded, “And what if we ask to go bowling? That would be fun too!”Jinki added.

“There’s mini golf, and we haven’t been there in a while,” Onew offered.

Jonghyun looked at the twins suspiciously, “Are you sure you’re not doing this for your own benefit?”

They shook their heads together, “What makes you say that?” Jinki asked.

“And isn’t this all for our own benefit?”

“No!” Jonghyun looked upset, “It’s for the benefit of our dads!”

There was a short silence before Taemin waddled into the room, “What are you doing? can I play?” He asked, innocently.

Jonghyun groaned, “No Taeminnie. We’re not playing a game, we’re, um.”

“Doing homework!” Jinki said, completing Jonghyun’s sentence.

“Yes, that’s it.”

“Can I sit and watch?” Taemin asked. He was enamoured with his older brother, and Minho wasn’t being very entertaining at the moment, so he had nothing better to do than to watch Jonghyun and his friends do their “homework.”

Jonghyun sighed, “Are you sure you can keep a secret?” Taemin nodded, even if he didn’t really know what it meant to keep a secret. “Their daddy, and our daddy like each other a lot.” Taemin looked a little confused, “Key and daddy like each other.” Jonghyun clarified.

“Oh!” Taemin smiled, “I like Key too!”

“Um,” Jinki tried to help, “He liked Key a looooot.”

“No no,” Onew hushed his brother, “He wants to kiss Key, do you want to kiss Key?”

Taemin made a disgusted face, “Like they do in movies?”

“Yes, do you want to kiss Key like that?” Jonghyun asked.


“See, it’s different. So daddy wants to kiss Key,” Jonghyun smiled, “But you can’t tell daddy, okay?”

Taemin smiled big, “Okay.”

They continued planning like that, plotting out movie like scenarios to put in to play later. Taemin helped, by drawing stickfigures holding hands as they went to the movies, or walking through the park together, and playing on the playground. Soon Kibum came and picked up Jinki and Onew. He drove up, staying in his car, and waiting until the boys exited the house.

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