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So a friend and I were talking about Rogue One, which lead me to read the wikipedia page for it, and as I was scrolling through I noticed that this movie has the same composer as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes.

This is significant because Michael Giacchino gives his songs the WORST PUN-BASED NAMES EVER, and he continued that tradition with Rogue One. Look at this shit.

look at it

look at this shit

and my two personal favorites

In conclusion: stop this man, he’s a menace.

June Rebellion


why am I fangirling over a fictional character

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The ask about rein and zenny with crushing dead friend was sad... Do you think maybe we could get a happy ending, where friend lives but they find the letter? Ily and your work for making me cry you're too good stop don't actually stop you're amazing.

The mentioned prompt is here.


You were in the med bay, healing from the shot you took for him. He felt guilty and scurried around doing whatever you wanted. After you asked for a book that was on your bedside table he went into your room, picking up the book and noticing the envelope flutter to the ground.

He picked it up to notice his name on it, reading it quickly and feeling his heart drop with excitement.

He never figured that you felt the same way, the saccharine words popping out at him. He put the envelope back on your bedside table, already starting to plan out how he’d confess.


You took a hit for him and he felt so guilty about it, asking Genji for advice he figured he would leave a bouquet in your room to greet you the day that you’re freed from the med bay.

However, a letter was sitting on the bed side table, his name faintly on it as if it were erased. He quickly opened it and felt his fans jitter as he read your sweet words of confession.

The door opened and you stared at the omnic staring at the piece of paper, you suddenly flushing a bright red. You started to panic and he just handed you the bouquet, giving you a tilt of his head.

“I love you as well,” was what he said and a tear slipped down your face, you gently grasping his hand and squeezing it tenderly.

Remember that time Jenn Colella ruined my first time meeting Christian Borle because months previous she had told me what painting he has hanging in this bathroom at home so the entire time I was talking to him all that was going through my mind was “i know what painting you have hanging in your bathroom”