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The weight of their history hangs in the words left unsaid, and standing so close to the empty distance of space beyond the window gives Ezri a touch of vertigo… It’s like they’re at the edge of an airlock, the vast unknown looming beyond, willing themselves not to jump.

Ezri / Lenara, Regrets Collect Like Old Friends

drivebyanon  asked:

Those two idiots. It was the gif of them arm in arm as they're looking at each other that really got me this time. I think it actually made my heart hurt. If somebody had shown that to me without any prior knowledge of them, I would have instantly said those were two people in love. If my significant other looked at somebody else that way, I'd be waiting for the "It's not you, it's me" speech. They're just too much.

Like who just stands like that with their arms linked? It wasn’t being filmed for the movie. Like, that’s an intimate sort of embrace wow I’m gonna need them to stop torturing me ugh

☽║☾ ooc. didn’t do a munday post so here it is: to no one’s actual surprise, i’m actually unapologetically 100% vampire trash ^^’
like p lease give me all the threads
idk why but just the angst && melodrama that comes with vampire/human relations gives me life??? idk man but i’m 100% ready to make a vampire anubis verse bc the need is r eal

sorry for being kind of inactive lately! 

i’m trying to get a lot of my own writing done before eos comes out

because let’s be honest, my life will be dedicated to edits and tumblr and empire of storms itself for a good two months after it’s released

and i’m kinda hiding in case spoilers start popping up because i will lose my shit if eos is spoiled for me like acomaf was

Plans for this week:

Tuesday: Harry Potter Studio Tour 😁😁😁
Wednesday: driving theory test (note to self: make flashcards with stopping distances on, find out what hazard perception test is)

I have done nothing all summer which has been glorious only now I need to, like, do things and I have FORGOTTEN HOW

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have you stopped writing for good? :((

The honest answer is no, I have not. For a long time I stopped writing anything at all because I realised it was shit and I hated what was I producing but now I think I’ve reached a point where I’ve stopped being an angsty shitlord and gotten the fuck over myself.
Will I ever finish the stuff that I started? Probably not. But do I have many many other interesting and filthy ideas floating around in various files on my laptop? Yes, yes I do. :D
The one that’s festered and developed the most is probably this thing where a frustrated angst ridden post!ws Bucky visits a strip joint and becomes enamoured by one of the girls that works there. There’s more backstory and justification to it than that obviously but it’s verrry filthy, so if that’s your cup of tea then I might have something to upload in the near future ;)