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Martin in glasses. Martin in a jean jacket. Martin licking his lips. Marring winking. Martin in a tank top. Martin swimming. Martin jogging. Martin in a suit. Martin in nothing. Martin biting his lip. Martin with stubble.

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I think I blacked out don’t do this to me Mimi 

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"Mom, there's a guy that I really, really wanna fu-- ask out on a date. How should I do it?" Signed, A Lonesome Bachelor (just go with me here.)

Oh seven hells not this shite again, this is going to end up exactly like last time where everyone sends me a bunch of awkward sexual questions just to see what happens, well I WON’T LET THAT STAND-

“All right, listen up! I have the perfect, foolproof way of ensuring a date with anyone that will definitely get you in the sack. A question. Just one. One siiiingular question, with eye contact, right before you walk away. You ask…”

How big is it?”

“This is a perfect line of inquiry, and it won’t possibly go wrong.”

“Now stop asking me shite like this.”


Nonbinary people are wonderful. They truly are.

Even if nobody else appreciates you, I do.

If I had to choose from every possible universe a place to live out my life, I would always choose the one(s) with you in it.

I’m glad you’re here.

Raul Panther III Needs to FUCKING STOP.

He sings. But he doesn’t just sing, oh no. He sings with INCREDIBLE FUCKING RANGE. And diversity in styles. And tones. And oh, don’t even get me STARTED on the raw passion and emotion in his voice. He sings FOUR FUCKING PARTS. He sings multiple duets WITH HIMSELF. LIVE. SON OF A BITCH. NEEDS. TO. STOP.

Also, he plays a bunch of instruments.