• Henry:... and I like you even less now that you and my mom are together!
  • Hook:'Together'? She used that word, together?
  • Henry:Did you miss the part where I said I hate you?
  • Hook:Yes yes I know, I suck, you hate me, whatever, let's get back to the point
  • Hook:I mean did she actually say 'together'?
  • Hook:Or are you paraphrasing?
  • Hook:And what was the context?
  • Hook:Did she talk about me?
  • Hook:What'd she say?
  • Hook:Actually, DOES she ever talk about me or was this just a once-off comment?
  • Hook:I need details damn it
  • Henry:FML

1) Walmart hurts local communities

Of all of Walmart’s egregious practices overtime, this is the one that’s probably the most well-known. For additional evidence, check out the 2005 documentary, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price. Many people are aware that when Walmart comes to town, the company drives out smaller mom-and-pop businesses, but what not everybody realizes is that the presence of Walmart actually does little to bolster the economy of local communities in the long run either.

2) The company uses foreign labor, including child workers

It’s been estimated that over 50 percent of Walmart goods come from overseas suppliers. This doesn’t just take away American jobs in favor of cutting costs; it also creates a living hell for those forced to meet Walmart’s hefty supply needs. The corporation has been accused of paying off officials in foreign companies in order to keep many of the details silent, but various stories paint a gruesome picture.

3) Walmart underpays women and neglects pregnant workers

Although working at Walmart may not necessarily be great for anybody, it may also be additionally tough for women. Beginning in 2001, the case of Wal-Mart vs. Dukes sought to change that, but unfortunately, the Supreme Court shot it down in 2011, making it harder for female employees at Walmart and everywhere else to break free from being underrepresented and underpaid.

4) The company also discriminates against workers with a disability and elderly employees

Besides women, the other marginalized groups Walmart goes after are the disabled and the elderly. In 2001 alone, the company paid $6 million to settle 13 lawsuits filed by various disabled workers. And in 2014, Walmart was forced to shell out $363,419 to settle a suit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of an employee with an intellectual disability who had been sexually harassed.

5) It isn’t a safe environment for employees

In 2013, Walmart finally agreed to update its safety policies at 2,900 stores after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited violations at a store in New York State. The measure covered a multitude of Walmart and Sam’s Club locations, but unfortunately for some, it was too little too late.

6) The company is notorious for wage theft

Besides mistreating their employees, Walmart has, in some ways, literally stole money from them over the years. In one instance, the company forced employees to buy new uniforms—when they could have just bought them new uniforms themselves.

7) Walmart provides poor healthcare for workers

Walmart employees have been found to be sicker on average than most American workers, and it’s no wonder why. Though the company has taken various steps to provide cheaper insurance, the result has simply been to give their workers plans that include less care. Walmart has also used taxpayer subsidies to provide these benefits, without ever addressing the most important question, which is whether or not the company even pays its employees enough for them to afford health care at all. (Spoiler: Walmart doesn’t.)

8) Walmart has a bad track record on animal welfare

If the way Walmart treats people wasn’t enough to turn you against them, then perhaps the way the company treats animals is. Reports show that Walmart is among the worst companies when it comes to ensuring that the animal products its stores sell came from livestock that was well-treated.

9) However, Walmart does care about rich people

In 2013, the Walton family received $8 billion in tax breaks, $6.2 billion of which came from federal taxpayer subsidies handed to them because employee wages are so low. Currently, the company is also hosting $21.4 billion in offshore accounts, which remain untaxed by the U.S. government. And in 2014, as Walmart failed to meet shareholder expectations, the company somehow managed to dig up enough money to give its CEO a $1.5 million bonus for performing poorly at his job.

10) The chain has a deceptive public image

Walmart’s universal reputation as the “bad guys” stings that much more as the company keeps trying to remind us how good it is. Take their OUR Walmart initiative, which attempts to silence dissenters with positive representations of the company, even as workers flood the Internet with their personal horror stories. Or the Walmart Foundation’s initiative to “fight hunger,” while their own employees go hungry, spending $300 million in taxpayer money on food stamps. Or how about its campaign telling you to “buy American,”  even while the company’s new uniforms were made in Jordan.

Read the full article 

how NOT to comment on a girls makeup

  • “maybe u shouldnt use so much”
  • “u dont need that!!”
  • “u would look SO much better without all of that!”
  • “wow u kind of look like a cake face no offense”
  • “maybe a lighter color lipstick would look better???”

how to comment 

  • if youre going to comment on the amount theyre wearing just shut up please
Fairy Tail Headcanons: Favorite Movie Genres

Natsu- Action. Give him anything Marvel and he’ll love it.

Lucy- Anything thought provoking. Lucy likes to overthink half the details she sees in movies.

Gray- Horror/Action. If this man watched anime you’d bet he’d get a kick out of Ajin.

Erza- Does this really need to be said? Steamy romances. I’m talking actual rated-r types of movies. She might tone it down to just plain romance but so long as the couple gets together in the end she’ll love it.

Jellal- He doesn’t watch movies that often, but he likes his classic sci-fi over anything else. He thinks Star Wars is the greatest movie to happen to humanity.

Juvia- Horror. It isn’t that she isn’t scared of them, it is that she loves the rush she gets while watching them.

Levy- “Based off of the true story of….” documentaries. Particularly animal stories. She always cries at the end but she finds it rather satisfying.

Gajeel- He likes to think of himself as having high standards which is why he always makes fun of old movies, but in reality he likes action movies with a bit more depth than anything.

Wendy- Innocent child. Angel of happiness. Loves a good story with a heroine in it. Brave is probably her favorite out of everything.

blog rates!

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A note about twitter

Guys, can we please find our collective chill over the recent spoilers blowing up twitter. I get that it’s sucky for our ship, but ya’ll need to cool it until we know something for sure. Constant overanalysis and speculation over every minute detail is doing far more harm than good at this point in time.

And if it does turn out to be true, who gives an actual fuck? We KNOW that TVD and TO have gone to absolute shit these past few seasons, and that our characters have regressed so much that they’re unrecognisable. Let the Ster0line and Klamille fandoms have their basic ass ships and whatever paltry and OOC endgame the writers can scrape together for their dying shows.

Because let’s be honest, the writers will never be able to do Klaroline like we do. I think we’ve more than proven it for the past few years.

Enjoy Klaroline as it was when the show was actually good, the storylines compelling, and the characters rich and intriguing and full of purpose. Think of all the wonderful people you’ve met because of this amazing fandom, the friends you’ve made.

Guys seriously, even if the worst happens think of all the amazing things this fandom has achieved. Charity drives, gift exchanges, Countless world wide twitter trends. The highly successful Klaroline Awards. The AMAZING Klaroline magazine, Smutmas, AU weeks, fanfiction quotes events, an ENTIRE blog dedicated to spreading positivity amongst the fandom. Think of all of the amazing and epic stories, gifsets, covers, graphics, youtube videos, metas that we write on the daily.

Even if the show runners and writers are so set in their ways and stubborn to the quick, and determined to continue with problematic, shitty, and downright fucking creepy storylines (calaric anyone?), remember that we have celebrated authors and media that are on our side. That counts far more than the fuckery going on behind the scenes on those shows right now.

Prove the assholes that think we should stop shipping Klaroline wrong. Our ship is not dead. It is still alive, for all of the reasons I’ve said above.

I am seriously so grateful to be part of a fandom like this one, and I appreciate each and every one of you. You are welcome in my inbox anytime, that goes for all of you.

Twitter might be fucking lit right now, and things might suck for us, but I’m still not going anywhere, I’m still going to do that writing thing, and I will, as always, go down with this fucking ship if I have to.

You’re more than welcome to join me.

Peace out xx


Its taken me a really long time to get this to a standard I was satisfied with, I actually printed out the final, before realising it needed far more detail (its going to be quite big!). This is for the quotes book that falmouth university does every year, each student gets a page, and chooses a quote. My quote was:

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need” -Marcus Tullius Cicero

I’ve decided for my 300 follower giveaway, there are going to be 3 potential winners;

  1.  My chosen favourite female character outfit.
  2.  My chosen favourite male character outfit.
  3.  And a randomly generated winner.

Submit  (or post with the tag #hexcrests, as I do track that tag) a picture, screenshot or gif of your chosen character outfit on Runescape. (bare in mind there are plenty of outfits that look lovely without the use of Soloman’s Store).


  • Prize will be between one bond and 30m (random generator getting this amount). (maybe more, depends whether bossing goes well or not.)
  • I will post this again, with more details when I actually get 300 followers (not long).
  • YOU ONLY NEED TO LIKE THIS POST TO BE IN THE RANDOM GENERATOR. (no outfit needed for that, though if you submit an outfit you will be put forward, too)
  • You do not have to use Soloman’s at all, and it doesn’t have to be all non-armour outfits. (Cos believe it or not, you look sexy in that torva too).
  • Colour co-ordination does help but not necessary (just issss beautttiful for my eyeesss)
  • You do not need to be following me.
  • You can start sending me them now.

Today In “Texas History Is Filled With The Most Slavery Filled BS”

Remember when your Uncle Husky told you kids about that white-washed propaganda bullshit  that your high school history books (and old school Hollywood) had us all fooled into believing about The Alamo

Today, lets cut to the chase about another Texas legend

There was a hit song about her.  Sing that shit, Mitch!

(The first time I ever heard this song, it was in a scene from the John Wayne/John Ford Western, The Searchers.  I briefly spoke about that movie before, one of these days, I need to go into detail about that problematic and beautiful film)

The Yellow Rose sure sounds like a beautiful winner…pure as the driving snow, she does.  Yeah, about that pure as the driven snow ish, the actual “Yellow Rose Of Texas” was less like her

and more like Lynne Moody in Roots

That’s right, kids, The “Yellow Rose Of Texas” was a “hi-yella” slave woman indentured servant

(…don’t look at me like that, that’s what folks in Texas call her)

named Emily Morgan and the song was originally a minstrel tune about a slave who had the vapors over a hot like fire, fione ass mulatto who he he had relations with and he wanted that ol’ thang back a black man (assuringly a slave) singing about a light-skinned black woman he was in love with.  But, hey, don’t believe me, believe some of the lyrics from the 1850s-1860s;


by the 1950s The Yellow Rose Of Texas was whiter than the Duggars (too soon?)

altered and all traces of sexy Mulattoes and turned out runaway slaves were replaced with the blue eyed heaven sent piece of ass made famous in that rendition by Mitch Miller and further validated the dude who was no stranger to taking black folks heritage and using it to get paid

I know he jacked his style from 50s R&B/Blues-Rock performers, but damn, Elvis could sing!


Starting later today, the History Channel airs the 10-hour mini-series, Texas Rising 

Will they go deep and portray what part American Slavery played a part in the events leading to siege at The Alamo?  I don’t know, it’d be cool to get at least one hour devoted to the subject and it does seem like there is an effort to tell the story as true to life as possible

but I won’t be holding my breath expecting that.  It seems like the focus will be on the creation of the Texas Rangers

BUT! I do see that my girl Emily Morgan West (I guess they won’t be using her slave indentured servant last name, whatever) will be getting some love and lookahere!

She’s mulatto black!

Portrayed by Spartacus and Arrow’s Cynthia Addai-Robinson, The Yellow Rose portrayed in Texas Rising seems like a Republic Of Texas Mata Hari, 

a beauty that no man, even men such as Sam Houston (Bill Paxton) and chewing gum precursor inventor General Santa Anna (Oliver Martinez) can’t resist 

or cause Mexico to lose to Texas after the General gets turned out by The Yellow Rose 


Wait, goddammit, the History Channel is giving The Yellow Rose the white man’s “chocolate fantasy” treatment 

(Actually, how did Rihanna NOT get cast in this thing?)

I should quit while I’m slightly ahead because we all know that Hollywood could have done MUCH worse than Rihanna just to fuck with my emotions


I also just realised there was an actual case going on in the episode about recovering the file that could clear that dudes name (the details are a bit hazy because I was a little distracted by the fact my otp HAVE A FREAKING KID) so if the farmhouse was burned to the ground then presumably the file was destroyed too, which means that dude has no way of clearing his name.

Does that mean that this story will continue at the start of next season? Does that mean that actually, if they are going to play the whole Ziva is alive thing, she still has said folder? 

Because all I would need is for the folder to turn up on Gibbs’ desk, with a note signed ‘T, Z & T’ or preferably a photo, and I’m good. Either way, not holding my breath that they’ll follow through with that story, wouldn’t be the first one to just disappear but if they decide to keep Ziva alive and that she sent Tali to the US to keep her safe then I do feel like that would need to be revealed within the next season.  

Condé Nast Moves Into e-Commerce

Condé Nast, the parent company for fashion magazines such as GQ, Details, and Vogue, is planning to move into e-commerce. Not a breaking development, as many companies in traditional media have been doing this, but a slightly concerning one for anybody who cares about journalistic integrity. Will magazines such as Details and GQ be reporting on trends or trying to sell you on one? Does it make a difference if they’re trying to sell you the clothes they’ve named this fall’s “Must-Have Essentials?”

In an interview with Internet Retailing, the company’s president for their new e-commerce division had this to say:

Ideally when a reader goes to Vogue and sees a product she’s interested in, we need to find a way of making that connection with that product so that it actually goes all the way through the transaction. Vogue will keep presenting its content as it is doing it today. But we will add a way of making that match between the content and products we are selling.

Kind of gets into the whole issue of native advertising – the disguising of advertising as content. Condé Nast says they can balance their journalistic integrity with their need to sell stuff, and they may, but for those who care about journalistic integrity, these kind of developments feel troubling. 

Incidentally, this clip from On the Media is worth listening to, if you haven’t already. 

You know, when I said Miranne needed a dress made out of those leaves, I actually meant a DRESS. Not mother fucking battle armor. 

Mega WIP. Which is why a bunch of the lines are still scribbly and the leaves aren’t detailed out. And why she’s missing a sword.

@skyvar, regarding this post

Here are the relevant sketches from Volume 73, enlarged to show more detail:

#i just need to know if he carries benihime’s arm or maybe the one from askin 
#s just that she has one arm less in that one pic
#but why should kubo draw grimm with her arm
#i mean asdfghj
#idk what to interpret into it

You know, I pondered this all day, and I don’t think that’s either Benihime’s OR Askin’s arm. I actually had a chat with @askingnakklevaar about it. Neither Benihime nor Askin have sleeves, for one thing, and there’s pretty clearly a sleeve on that arm. We think it may be a flashback from before, since Grimmjow is in Adjuchas form, and we never see him revert back to that in canon. But it doesn’t seem like it would be anyone in that scene.

But it does look like Benihime’s missing her left arm below the elbow. Now, that could be just because it’s hidden behind her, and it’s a rough sketch. Or it could be deliberately missing.

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So much missing from the spoilers...

If you read the spoilers, yeah it sounds like a pretty decent episode to be honest, but there has to be something missing, a few things actually.

What exactly will we be needing our Kleenex for? What will have us screaming at the TV? What will anger us or make us cry or shock us? In all honesty, the episode summary so far is incredibly underwhelming and predictable, how does this warrant the episode being shown internationally at the same time and TTD to be shown in the UK for the first time ever? There are also no details given for the Coda scene from T$DF… Now I know there are spoilers for the coda elsewhere but still, everything people are saying happens is leaving out something crucial. I think Beth comes back and those scenes have been purposefully hidden from screeners and were shot in absolute top security. I bet nobody but those involved know about it!

Okay, so this is probably going to be a little cheesy, but I want to take a moment to thank someone who’s really helped this blog a ton without even realizing it.

For those who have never heard of her, Ariane DeVere / Callie Sullivan is a Sherlock fan who has written absolutely brilliant transcripts of every single episode, including The Abominable Bride and Many Happy Returns. Not only does she get down all of the dialogue, but also visual details so that even someone who has never actually watched the episode in question can know exactly what’s going on. (She also occasionally throws in her own personal commentary, which I adore because it’s usually hilarious.)

Being able to come up with a new pick-up line nearly every day means I need a lot of repetition with the material. Even if I think I have an episode or a scene or whatever basically memorized, there will always be some little detail I never noticed before or a particular quote that I won’t quite phrase 100% correctly. There’s only so much innuendo potential I can draw from the top of my head– everything else means examining the source material again and again and again until inspiration strikes.

Ariane’s transcripts speed this process along tremendously. Basically, thanks to her, I can quickly skim through text versions of the episodes without having to literally rewatch them. I can’t even begin to express how useful this has been. I legitimately don’t think I would have been able to keep this blog up for as long as I have without those transcripts.

So, @callie-ariane, I just wanted to make this post to say thank you, thank you, thank you so much for everything that you do. I love and appreciate every single punctuation mark of all your hard work, and I felt like I should let you know that.

For those who are curious, you can read and/or download her transcripts at this link.

~ Froggy, your admin

Im so fucking excited

i need brot3 between Dip, Mabel, and Pacifica. SO FUCKING BAD. Pacifica with her still somewhat rude tendencies, and Mabel gives her a stink eye when she does that, but her abrasive nature ends up helping fight aggressive monsters because she’s intimidating (just gotta get her to not be scared on them)

Dipper jokingly mentioning some political theory behind why monsters and magic and hidden, and Pacifica actually reciprocating because her parents taught her a lot about politics and she manages to give Dipper new information and details on stuff he didn’t now before because Pacifica has probably MET those people.

Brot3 pls

Does anyone else get the feeling that the first 5 minutes clip was edited, shortened? Like, they didn’t have the bit where hiccup and toothless fly into the rocks, and I think they edited a lot out from what is going to be in the actual movie. It better be edited, because it want waayyyy to quick for my liking. I need way more detail.

For quakerhobbit, who wanted a few more details of my smut paperback wedding flowers:

Two fun facts about real flowers: (1) they are expensive and (2) the vast majority of them make me sneeze. So instead of paying lots of money for real flowers that would ensure I’d either be doped on allergy meds or super snotty-nosed through my ceremony, I made my own paper flowers. And I wanted some of them to be actual book pages, but needed to decide between (a) nice, favorite, symbolic books I actually liked or (b) smutty paperbacks. And because smutty paperbacks are a dime apiece at the Tualatin library and are also funnier, smutty paperbacks won out.

I also picked out as many of the actual sex scenes as I could because why the hell not.

These were my supplies:

And this was my result:

Pretty badass, no?

But my favorite easter egg that I was bragging about on the marriage post: I made a littler tossing bouquet, partly so I could keep my own bouquet (another bonus to paper flowers!) and partly so no one would, like, die trying to catch it – it was sort of heavy.

And for the tossing bouquet I…pretty much picked out the raunchiest sex scene I could find. And then folded it so all the dirty words faced out. And prayed to God it didn’t get caught by, like, my niece.

I knew I succeeded when one of my (college-aged) single friends came up to me after the bouquet toss and went “So, I have a question…why does the bouquet I caught say "nipple” on one of its petals?“