you’re like the ocean. pretty enough on the surface but, dive down into your depths, you’ll find beauty most people never see.                                         lucky me. i fell in, headfirst.   


i see a lot of tumblr and twitter posts like “how can you grow up watching movies where nazis are the bad guys and still be a nazi” and the thing u gotta realize is that nazis believe that mass media is some sort of worldwide jewish conspiracy™ that is turning the world against them, so no, they don’t learn anything from these movies, they see themselves as being on some sort of different plane of reality where the movies themselves are the bad guys

so like.  idk none of this shit shocks me this has been going on for years.  u can’t fight nazis with ~logic and reason~ because they’re on like a completely different level where that stuff no longer applies

  • Ishida: How long have you been sleeping with Rukia?
  • Ichigo: What? I don't even get...why would I?
  • Ichigo: I've never had sex with anyone, anywhere
  • Ishida: ...
  • Ichigo: It's none of your...you have the nerve, the AUDACITY
  • Ichigo: And how do I know, quite frankly, that YOU'RE not sleeping with her?!
  • Ichigo: Maybe you are. Maybe you're trying to throw me off
  • Ishida: ...

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was looking for a fic in which Dan was mute due to hating his own voice, and D&P have sex for the first time, and Dan accidentally says "Phil" or something, and it's the first time Phil ever heard him speak? I think it was Highschool!phan, though I'm not sure. Thanks in advance!

Hearing You (ao3) 

They were laying on Phil’s couch, watching a movie. Maybe watching was a bad choice of words.
“You look so beautiful like this. Cheeks flushed, hair messed up, eyes blown. I love it.” Phil breathed, and Dan blushed more. A smile tugging at his lips, Dan brought his own to meet Phil’s once more in a single kiss.
‘I want you.’ Dan signed with a seductive glint in his eye.
“You look so pretty, sprawled out for me. Do you know how sexy you look?”
“Ah- Phil” 

- Sam

similarities between hamlet and richard ii
  • talks a lot about death
  • talks a lot in general
  • is royalty but kinda bad at it
  • bisexual af
  • has a male best friend / confident / lover who everyone ships him with
  • has a “real” female lover who he doesn’t treat as well as his friend
  • there’s another dude who’s his rival but there’s some ~subtext~ and people ship them
  • inexplicably funny
  • rapidly changing emotions
  • mental health issues
  • someone wants to kill them and succeeds
  • played by david tennant in the rsc

Okay, but like the first time Hoseok ever cried in front of Jimin, I 100% guarantee you that Jimin started crying too. 

Like it’s just them chilling in the dance room, and Hoseok just starts talking about his worries about not being good enough and before he knows it there’s tears streaming down his cheeks. He apologizes, super embarrassed, but when he looks at Jimin, the poor kid’s face is scrunched up and just COVERED in tears. And Jimin just tackles him into a hug and blubbers about how amazing and talented and GOOD Hoseok is and “Hyung I get inspired by you everyday, you’re one of the strongest people I know” and wow Hoseok was only kinda crying at first but Jimin’s word are making the tears flow harder. And they just sit there holding each other for a few minutes, occasionally sniffing until Hoseok looks at Jimin and starts laughing because Jimin’s face is all red and puffy and snotty and gross but so fuckin’ cute, which he says, making Jimin’s cheeks flush.