You know what I’m sick and tired of?
Rodents being treated like they’re not real pets. I’m tired of people commenting shit like “aw my snake eats those!”, “my cat would kill that”, “they’re pests!” on pictures of my very loved pet rodents. If all you can think of when you see pictures of my incredibly sweet mice is the fact some animals eat them, don’t comment at all? They’re someone’s PETS, yet this seems to be an acceptable thing to do. I don’t think it would be taken lightly if I’d comment shit like “aw I have an animal that eats those pests!” on a picture of a dog. Why are rodents worth less?

Stop this.


“Thank you for all your service”
“If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it”

I love Eliza ❤ ❤ ❤

Huh ok I’ve been having some thoughts just now that are partly academic, partly ship-related (and hoo boy is it gonna be fun to negotiate THAT boundary ethically).

So I know that some Critters seemed to be making the argument that they were displeased with Taliesin’s rather dramatic ending to Episode 72, because they thought he might have just been doing it to pander to the crowd.

I’ve been on board this ship for a very long time now, so obviously when people say there was no buildup to Percy’s actions, I’m inclined to disagree. (I mean, that would make this a little nonsensical, wouldn’t it?). The past fifteen or so episodes, in particular, seemed to draw the characters together quite clearly and naturally in a way that I thought most people, not just us hardcore all-aboard Perc’ahlia shippers, would be able to see. I don’t think it can all be chalked up to pandering.

But even if it could, here’s a question worth asking - what is inherently wrong with the idea of pandering to a fanbase?

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Emily Kinney photographed by Renée Rodenkirchen for Coveteur

‘I have two things that I’m thinking of for my last meal. I love avocado toast—I know it’s so trendy and basic, but honestly, I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My favorite is avocado, cucumber, sprouts, and hot sauce on a really grainy bread like Ezekiel. I really love macaroni and cheese, too. It has to be worth it, though—I’m very specific.’

  • Byakuya:No matter. Tell me, Makoto, who do you think is the ugliest girl in school?
  • Makoto:Uh, Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg.
  • Byakuya:Good one. Obscure. You know who I think’s the ugliest girl in school? That Toko Fukawa. You know what I’d give her, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1... 1 would be the ugliest, and 10 is pretty? I would give her... 8. 8.5. Or 9, but not over a 9.8. Because there is always room for improvement. Not everyone’s perfect, like me. That’s why I am holding out for a 10. Because I’m worth it.
Ladies, listen

If you have a set of rules that you follow when fucking with a dude, do NOT break them, no matter what you think.

Don’t change your ways because you want things to workout with him
Don’t give him your all if he’s not reciprocating
Don’t beg him to treat you right- he already should
Don’t beg for him to stay- if he wanted to, he would


Do not rely on a man completely
Do not make him the only good thing going in your life
Do not think you “need” him
Never settle
Do not let a man have power over you

Because if he drops you, you will be heartbroken and you will have nothing. No man is worth feeling broken. I greatly wish I had someone telling me this when I broke my own rules thinking this guy was different.

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what do you think about evan mcmullin polling high in utah?

I think it’s cute to be elected President of the Utah, but there are 49 other states, and not only is McMullin not even on that ballot in my state (which is worth 20% of the Electoral votes needed for election) but he’s only on the ballot in 11 states total. I’m pretty sure anybody would do well in one state if they directed all of their money, energy, and effort to it and only it during a campaign, but again, being President of Utah isn’t actually a thing.

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Ur painting is so amazing if I was in that crit I would probably be useless because I'm almost speechless I love the blue roses and the writing inside. It reminds me of Valentine's Day in elementary school except it has deeper emotion than a child's valentine would. Not to say that you understand love because I can't say if you do or not because I'm not you and I wouldn't know that. But the painting is so innocent and breathtaking the excitement that I had for your next painting was worth it!!💖

Ok wait u brought up some good observations and I know you didn’t ask but I want to explain the idea behind that work because I don’t think I ever got the proper chance too and it seems lik tumblr.com is interested in it atleast visually
I have been thinking a lot about the whiteness of the art world and how black children learn things- through print media, through their environment, specifically how they learn about the art world and often quickly decide that it’s not a space they belong in. I’m also thinking about erasure and representations of blackness and tenderness/love(so yes you’re very right this thing is about love!)/innocence together as I don’t think that depiction happens often enough. Also I think in a way this thing functions as a critique of ideas of what makes are ‘valid’ or not ie, what is taken seriously versus what isn’t. I have been wanting to make the work I think was missing for me when I was a kid to really feel I had a part in the art world, to recognize a narrative that is similar to mine, and I hope other black kids people etc get that from this work and what I continue to make.. I was also really interested in the paint roller marks we’ve all come to recognize as a way to cover up graffiti, I think it’s recognizable for lower class communities but I also think it’s a pretty solid representation of black voices being routinely/ systematically and literally erased, and I feel that gesture and how this act of erasure occurs so often in lower income communities definitely has an impact on the way children of color ascribe value or don’t to their voices. Im also like a painter or whatever so I was thinking about the abstraction of these recognizable gestures and motifs… I’m really interested in the idea of narrative abstraction, the idea of weight physically and mentally, carrying something with you, weathered-ness, age….. So this all has manifested into the heart painting. I don’t know if I got all of my ideas across or if this is like? Comprehensible but yah these are all the reasons I made this thing. I guess my real hope or aim for my work is that in the distant future it isn’t so hard for black artists to feel like they can be apart of this world, and talk about THEIR experience without having to speak on behalf of the entire black community, and not have to literally put black figures in paintings for themes of race to be respected, so they don’t just have to reiterate the artists who have come before them. I don’t know, while I respect representational black art work and I think at one point in history it was very important to depict the black body in paintings I don’t know if it’s really doing much to change things any more? I don’t know why the black body needs to be present to earn respect, to me that seems a lot more like fear

As a writer, do you ever look at Trump and think: “I’d never get away with that!”?
Oh, yeah. We did an episode of Black Mirror [The Waldo Moment] about a cartoon character who ran as an MP, and I remember thinking about Boris Johnson, but I wasn’t sure we had quite got it right. Some of the criticisms of that episode, which I thought were valid, were that they didn’t think a character that crude and basic would ever catch on. Then you look at Trump and you go: “Well …” But you would never accept Donald Trump as a work of original fiction … it would be panned as way too implausible. I have no idea where political satire goes after this.
—  Charlie Brooker (The Waldo Moment is really worth watching.)

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So I saw your sheild I'm assuming it's one of the Amazon ones. They have one for like $90 bucks or $300 and I've been debating which one to get. Did you get one of those and if so what do you think of it?

hey buddy!! i didn’t get it off amazon actually, they don’t ship here so it would have cost me a fortune to get rerouted here, so i got it through my local games shop lmao

i managed to find the same one on amazon though - here. i assume it’s the 90 buck one you mentioned even though i paid 170 thanks exchange rates

this is the same one but in metal, with real leather straps. it was out of my price range (500 bucks nzd i cry) but it’s better quality, and i’d assume it was made in a similar way, but y’know. metal. this i think is the 300 dollar one you mentioned?? idk.

it’s really quite heavy and though it says it’s made of plastic it’s the really heavy duty stuff, not flimsy at all. it could take a convention or seven easily without getting damaged at all, i think. the straps themselves are pretty decent, they’re not real leather but they’re sturdy and adjustable. it’s really good considering the price, and i love it to bits lmao

there’s some decent pics in the link above but if u want any more detailed shots i’m happy to help.



A little over six years ago I started this blog, and today it reached the 5,000 follower mark and I’m kinda shocked. I honestly didn’t think it would ever reach this point. I was utterly amazed when I reached the 100 follower mark. So this is absolutely incredible.

I love what I do here, and I love that it means something to people. I’m constantly learning new things about Sharon, and being able to share that with so many people is just fantastic!

I genuinely want to thank every single person for their support over the last few years. It’s been an insane roller coaster ride with incredible highs, and some very disturbing lows. All in all though, the lows have been worth the highs. It has taught me a lot about myself, as well as the human condition. The majority of the people that I’ve come into contact with because of this blog have been wonderful, kind, thoughtful people. A rare breed these days, it sometimes seems.

The person I really need to thank the most though, is Sharon Tate. She has been my role model for so long, and I constantly try to live up to the kind of person she was. At times I do alright, and at other times I get a little wonky and lose track. She truly was a rare breed. Completely full of love and acceptance for everyone. She was a beautiful human being, inside and out. A good person who lived life to the fullest, who never wanted to hurt anyone’s feelings or cause anyone any pain. She may have been in Hollywood, but she wasn’t Hollywood–or the typical Hollywood starlet stereotype people think she was. I think everyone can take away something from her life, and incorporate it into their own. She wasn’t just a pretty picture, she was a person. A daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, and a mother. Thank you, Sharon. Thank you for everything you’ve already taught me, and everything I’m sure you’ll teach me in the future.

BTW, as far as my inbox is concerned, those messages aren’t all new. The majority were answered on the blog, in some way. There’s also some love and hate. I should probably clean it out, but I’m pretty lazy when it comes to that.

There had been some unanswered asks in the inbox before I changed the blog URL ages ago, and I lost access to them. On one of the more recent app updates they showed back up and I’m considering going back to answer them–I don’t know if I should since they came in so long ago, but I might pick a few of the more interesting ones and post those. Anyone can send me a new message whenever they want to, and I’ll try to reply as soon as I can.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has been with me since I began this crazy journey–and thank you to everyone who has joined me along the way.

Much Love,

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Just saying. Nothing wrong with writing about 10 years worth of making out. At all.

I think my hands would cramp.  Which…sounds bad.  Ahem.  

Anyway, so, yes, they will have 10 years of generally happy togetherness before the events of Afghanistan.  Now, to just get them together!  I think the next chapter will do it.  Lots going on, but I hope to get it to that point.  Then, on to the sexy times!

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I dont think the spirit would give up ali unless she requested to leave

me neither, there’s nothing they could get from the pride that would be worth it enough for then to initiate it

My first attempt and I got it! T^T 
I am so happy I could cry rn. I was just thinking the other day how much easier explorations would be if I had a rare familiar not a common one (I actually went as far as asking myself whether spending real money would be worth it). This has actually made my day, hell it has made my whole month. I am so happy!

Now I can hopefully get good Halloween items~ 

so for those of you who haven’t seen the Fox version of the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I’d say it’s worth a watch.

It’s along the lines of what a broadway remake would be. All the lines and songs are the same, the general look and feel of the show were preserved, it’s very in line with the original. 

There are some changes, obviously. I don’t think Victoria Justice was a good choice for the role - she didn’t fit in with the throwback feel like everyone else - but the rest of the cast was superb. Reeve Carney especially was almost a perfect copy of O’Brien and his interpretation was on point. Most of the changes made really heightened the film to make it mirror the effect it had on the original audience. Those tentative hints of punk culture in the original were beefed up, the choreography and innuendos were highlighted more to bring the same feeling of taboo that it held in the 1970′s.

A few things are a little out of place, though. The iconic intro to the Time Warp was altered to fit the punk rock feel, which I don’t think was a good choice. They toned down the “violence” of the original, downplaying Eddie’s death and leaving his body in the table untouched. The intro was unneeded and frankly took away from the show. The point of the disembodied lips being voiced by a male actor in the original was to set the scene for the general androgyny in the movie, yet Fox decided to replace that with a pinup girl working a movie theatre. Had they made it more kitschy and showy like the movie, or at least hired a more androgynous actor for the part I think it would have made that a little easier to take, but as is it wasn’t my favourite. That being said, I do think that intro was a good idea in it’s purpose for leading into the little audience inserts, which were a beautiful choice. Audience participation is such a big part in the showings, having that inserted into the movie was a great nod to the cult following and added a sense of both modernity and history to the film, which I enjoyed.

Tl;dr it was much better than I expected. It was in no means perfect, but as a revival/modernizing attempt/tribute it was pretty damn good. A lot of the stylistic choices were right on point, a few were misguided, but overall it was a great watch, 9/10 would recommend.

mushroomhobbit replied to your post “Just saying. Nothing wrong with writing about 10 years worth of making…”

omg the events leading to Afghanistan will kill me. And Steve. And everyone *clings to those 10 years*

I know, right?  Actually, I think a lot of the plotlines from Iron Man on would stay much the same.  Age of Ultron makes a ton more sense to me in this ‘verse, because I completely believe that if Tony thought Steve was going to die and he could save him, Tony would do literally anything to prevent that.  I can even see Steve not letting himself figure out that Bucky was behind the (eventual) murder of Tony’s parents making more sense because he totally would not want to ever think that, and self-denial is a powerful thing.  I just can’t wrap my head around the end fight in CW taking place quite the way it did.  

But, anyway, ten good years!  That’s more than they usually get, lol.  

so I will stand by your side and we will face whatever is coming for you together


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