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does erwin's character ever make you really sad. like, i think about him all the time, and i just don't see a way that he's ever going to be happy, like there's no possible way he's going to have a happy ending. i dunno, what are your thoughts on it?

yeah, erwin makes me sadder than any snk character tbh and its because he’s not only had a rough upbringing but the theme of most of his personal tragedy si that he sees it as self-inflicted; like he believes its his fault that his father was tortured and killed by the CMPs, and the nature of his job is people losing their lives on HIS orders. erwin is up to his ass in guilt; he’s basically sacrificed almost every opportunity for personal happiness not only so that he can help advance humanity’s fight against the titans but because, in part, I personally think he’s punishing himself. 

he lost his dad, saw the girl he loved go off with his best friend who left him to join the MPs, he hasn’t married because he doesn’t know when he’ll die, he’s probably seen more friends and comrades die to the titans than is reasonable, and now he’s responsible for making the calls that result in those deaths. erwin basically has the entire weight of the fucking human race on his shoulders and he voluntarily sacrifices pieces of himself and others in order to keep humanity from falling into fucking oblivion. 

and he’s more tragic to me than someone like levi because he has more responsibility and accountability for the horrible realities of war and command, not only personally but publicly too. levi gets the hailed titled of “humanitys strongest” and is like a superhero to the people whereas erwin is the cold and rutheless commander who has no soul left lmao. and as a result of this and probably just as a means of coping, erwin has to be more emotionally closed off than anyone, including levi. I swear to god we actually know SO little about who erwin actually is as a person because he is in dedicated, ruthless commander mode almost 24/7. its only been in the uprising arc that we’ve seen him actually crack open a little bit and we find out he’s actually a ridiculously guilt-ridden, self-doubting, melancholic, vulnerable as all hell guy who has been through so much that he was fucking relieved that he was about to go to his death 

he didnt know that anka was going to burst in with the lie about the titan invasion, he didnt know zackley or pixis had coordinated a plan to intervene; erwin just knew that the gamble didnt pay off and had been told he was being taken to the gallows and this is his reaction. 


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Hello Ethan! you seem like you enjoyed last night's Ep, i did too duh :D, i was wondering if you have any theory about that shady blue bitch? she didn't want to help Regina and seemed like she knows something..


i have a theory, after nights and days of thinking about the shady bitch, i think i found a clue

so i’ll just explain it and show you the hidden scenes,the unshown,the unknown,what goes inside the blue fairy, inside her devil mind,her inner evil plans and….her evil radar.

let’s see, my theory

we start with Emma, who was like..

at granny’s,

that’s my theory, that’s why she hates Regina and doesn’t want to help her,she’s shady as hell,

the uncoool nun who thinks jesus loves her more than Regina and Emma just bcoz

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So how's your game going?


Things I learned today from my fellow tumblr users

katblaque taught me that using a dictionary to find the definition of a word and show it to someone makes you weak, that bub is a gender specific word and that even if there are several definitions for a word, the one that she says is the right one is automatically the right one. She also taught me that not having all the information to a subject that has to deal with trans people makes you transphobic, and that wishing negative things onto people does not make you a negative person. So guys feel free to wish all the negative things you want onto people because you’ll still be positive at heart. The final thing she taught me was that I’m cis. Simply because she said so. Huh good to know? I hope she calls me a pokemon master next, because obviously whatever she says goes.

overcomingdefeat taught me that if you defend yourself against an accusation that someone with no knowledge of the situation has made, that automatically means that you are wrong and the accuser is right. So fellow tumblr users beware because if someone ever accuses you of doing wrong, you can’t defend yourself or you’ll be automatically proving them right. Another thing she taught me was that if you say you’re only calling out tumblr activists to the person who accuses you of whatever it is you’re doing wrong, you’re automatically calling that person a tumblr activist too. Glad to know or I may have called a lot of people some very bad things. She also taught me that I’m a negative asshole for defending myself so I guess you should just write me off right now because I’m just throwing shade like a motherfucker.

denidoingstuff taught me that if you pull up one definition for a word, that makes all the other definitions wrong. Way to go, I think someone’s been taking some good lessons from katblaque. You’re bound to pass the class with FLYING colors Deni.

Well those are just a few of the lessons I’ve learned today. I hope you all can learn from me and not make the same mistakes. I would hate to see any of you in my position. 😩

Good vibes and wishful thinking to all. I love you guys.

P.S. This was a very angry post and I’ll probably lose followers to this, but you can find all of these things in their replies and the posts I reblogged from them. I’m not a confrontational person, but if you put me into a position, I will defend myself. I’m not the young pushover kid I was when I was younger. I learned how to speak up. And you calling me names or a nigger will not stop me from doing so.

the geneverse has really made me think of rebooting my own dark superhero story, Dust, which is essentially ALIEN BACTERIA CAUSE BODY HORROR SUPERPOWERS: THE STORY. it  features amazing characters such as:

  • a temperamental girl who can control her own blood
  • a trigger-happy man who wears a gas mask because his own lungs are “dead” and produce poisonous gas constantly
  • a boy who has snake-like powers like heat vision and increased flexibility; also, he sheds his skin often and it’s Not Great
  • a tissue fluid vampire
  • a manipulative young man who can turn into a giant invincible amoeba who uses his powers to steal things because WHY NOT
  • a young woman whose body produces volatile bomb-like orbs

should i bring it back in some fashion y/n?

Really tired of that like blond white girl mystical forest fairy aesthetic. Like they only listen to folk music probably named amethyst and wear bindis sometimes because “all cultures are meant to be shared”

Catching Stars - a Petrarchan sonnet written 3/02/2015