In honor of my boyfriend, Michael, and Michael Dorn sharing a birthday today, I would like us all to remember the time Dorn yelled at my boyfriend during a photo op

I just woke up and saw the news. My heart goes out to the Tomlinson- Deakin family. All we can do as a fandom is show them love and give them space. I really hope the fandom respects Louis, his family, and the rest of the boys right now. <3

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What's your favorite picture of Jared?

This question is unanswerable! But still thank you for the question @thepromiseofanend 😘. It is every single one, every one holds a piece of the truth who Jared is! However I will go with this one, because I woke up one morning and was straight looking at this selfie. For the time until my consciousness came fully to life, I had one of the most peaceful and happy moments in recent years.

What is yours @thepromiseofanend, @avaj99, @clockgirl94? And who else wants to show?

“Hmmm, Human History sure is interesting.”

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do you have any advice about getting infantilised as a disabled adult? i turned 20 this year but my mother still treats me like a child, especially in comparison to my younger sister

Ah, I’m gonna have to open this up to followers, both mods are still minors!!


i think a lot of this also ties into the relative infrequency of it, if that makes sense? most media creators have yet to catch on to the fact that a lot of women are into unconventionally attractive dudes. so it’s honestly pretty rare that a male character comes along that really captures female fandom’s attention. and when it does happen the sudden influx of interest seems, to outsiders, like it came out of absolutely nowhere, promoting lots of embarrassing wide-eyed posts about the world ending or w/e because suddenly there’s skeletonfuckers everywhere, what the hell! so fuckin weird, right?? (newsflash: the skeletonfuckers were always there, it’s just that no one had hit that perfect fictional character sweet spot in order to draw them all out into the open yet)

female fandom also tends to be more character-focused than male fandom does? a lot of them actually really love & care about this character they’re writing/drawing porn of, and that care keeps their interest held for longer, promoting even more content to be created. i look at this contrasted with male fandom, which (to generalize for a moment) is typically focused on just the skin-deep sexiness of a given character without much real investment and will draw porn of them & then quickly move on to the next. (female fandom also tends to be more creative-leaning in general. there are plenty of male artists of course but not nearly as many dudes writing fanfiction, making ~weird~ ASMRs, etc etc. and all that content makes for even more visibility, in the end.)

I took my grandma christmas shopping today (for 7 fucking hours) and at the end as we were about to leave the mall I felt something in my hood and I was like wtf??? I reached in and like……someone had put a new and wrapped lollipop from the gourmet chocolates store in my hood……..randomly…….I have no idea still when it happened or who did it but it was so strange lol 

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do u and emily send each other good morning texts :')

no but sometimes i send her a good morning meme


i just finished the inking of my latest wip and it’s honestly not that bad for a first