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So there’s a new event in hesokuri wars and this ghost girl walks across the screen a lot. I saw her the first time in the fifth level and immediately knew I just had to draw her. 

Who is she? What does she do? No one knows yet. But we do know she’s so cute and we love her already ♡

I haven’t written fanfic in about four years. Fourteen year old me wasn’t terrified of writing other people’s characters. Current me is, would never normally touch anyone else’s characters with a ten foot pole, but @littlefists had to bring up that trope for that ship and goddamn I am weak and also owe a lot of my interpretations of those characters to Salt so this is some vague attempt at a thank you I guess. Unedited bc I will lose nerve and not post it otherwise but anyway I’ll shut up now here’s the thing.

Like Spun Glass

The gunfire is so persistent, peppering the air and the dirt with a constant irregular drumming sound, that if Wash closes his eyes he can almost pretend that it’s raining. He can’t, of course, would never close his eyes in the middle of battle, but it’s a nice thought.

It’s about the only nice thing about their current situation.

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Shit APH Australia Does #39

Actually shows a lot of sportsmanship in Rio rather than his usual competitive side, mostly because America won’t stop bragging to anyone he can get a reaction out of

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Oh finallyyy Benji is woke that tweet was about casiyah right?

sadlyyyyyyyy.. zkfjhzdfcds. okay at first i wasn’t going to have Benji see any of that but it didn’t feel realistic to me if had just ignored it or just not have seen it at all. someone would’ve came in his inbox and put him on or he would’ve just seen it on his timeline anyways because twitter likes to keep you up to date with what you’ve missed. so he seen her tweet and then expanded it to find Casper’s response.

off rip though he knew she was talking about Cas because Benji had just seen Ani yesterday so it’s no way that she could have missed him that much and if she did then there would be no reason for her to refrain from sending it to her boyfriend lol. so he’s just like lol wow okay.. that’s cool. honestly he’s kinda hurt and feels some type of way right now which is why he’s on twitter bothering everyone.. lol it’s his defensiveness kicking in and that’s how he handles everything.

Vernon: A Long Saturday Evening

Summary: It’s been so long since I wrote for vernon which is odd because I Love Him So Much

His eyes were brown. There was nothing special about that colour, she was pretty sure that over half the entire population had brown eyes, but it was the fact that they were his brown eyes that made them special. They held passion and fire and the power to make her weak at her knees. The way they crinkled at the corners when he smiled, or became impossibly wide when he was surprised. It was his brown eyes that were special, almost as special as the rest of him.

His hair was always a different colour, but it never strayed too far from the natural. He loved it when anyone ran their fingers through it, slightly tugging at the locks and massaging his scalp. And she loved that about him. Loved the way that anyone could comfort him in that way and it was guaranteed that he would relax and allow himself to destress.

It started on a Saturday evening.

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Chris pls stop this
Fallon dumped your angsty, clingy ass a while ago it’s time to chill