“Okay, for real now.”

Dean is serious, sitting straight and looking like he’s working in another case– and this is half weird, half funny because they’re supposed to be on a short vacation or whatever. Sam isn’t sure how he should feel about this. so he just hums in response, turning a page of his magazine. He can’t remember why he’s even trying to read it, but he’s grateful for Dean’s interruption.

As weird as it is.

“Why do you never say ‘yes’?”

Oh. So that’s the reason behind Dean’s sudden behavior. Sam has believed they’ve got that settled a long time ago.

He can’t remember when Dean started asking, really. Maybe after Stanford and Jess, maybe when they first kissed in the back seat of the Impala when Sam was 13. At first it was just an innocent joke, something they threw around only to have something to look for– a promise of sorts. They’d always be together, day after day, as long as Dean kept asking and Sam kept refusing, and it was good. No matter how fucked up their lives were, they still had a constant there, keeping them together.

But then time flew by, things got even more fucked up than ever and with everything the world had thrown at their faces, somewhere down the road that question turned and twisted into something meaningful, real and deep as a fresh wound. Despite Dean’s best efforts, though, Sam’s answers has never changed.

‘You goin’ to marry me today?’

‘Ask me again tomorrow.’

Dean is still staring, still waiting for Sam’s answer, and Sam sighs, pushing the magazine aside to look up at his big brother. Their eyes lock for a second or two and even if there’s a thousand and one things Sam could say, there’s only one answer he’d always pick.

“Because if I did, I’d never get to hear you ask again.”

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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter

Name one hero who was happy

Keith’s hand held Lance by a hip when he struggled to stand. There was blood on his forehead and in his mouth. His face was bruised, dark skin marked by blues and violets. Keith was sure that Lance’s ribs were bruised or even broken but Lance was stubborn and refused to lay still. He supported most of his weight on Keith and even if he was rather skinny, more “long” than tall, he felt heavy. But Keith kept Lance up. 

They managed to do few small steps and Lance made few small pained noices but he looked okay. With slow and steady pace they walked through battlefield to Red. Lance felt anxious about leaving Blue behind but Keith told him that Shiro will take her home. 

Lance muttered something but Keith couldn’t hear him. His voice was so quiet and so un-him it made Keith worried even more than he already was. Lance usually spoke and laughed for whole universe to hear him. Keith wanted to scream.

“What did you say?” he asked. 

Lance looked at him with bloody smile. 

“Im going t-to be the first” he told him. He sounded like he just ran a marathon. Tired, with quick breath, but happy. Keith looked at him, confusion in his eyes. Lance explained him.  

“You asked me before… m-mission to name one hero who w-was happy. That was… my answer”  

Keith looked at him for few seconds and then smiled. 

Please, he thought. 

Tell me if you see mistake, english is not my first language ^^” 

Also you can ask me to draw something for you, I need to practice and have no idea what to draw. 

edit: thank you @wispenne that you corrected me :D im happy that you like it tho 

Folks… a bit of healthy competitiveness is good.  It keeps you going, and drives you to make yourself better.

But it’s really not normally appropriate to be overtly competitive with folks over things that are genuinely no big deal, especially if you don’t even know that person.

Like… seeing something that somebody else made independently from you and perceiving it as competition is fine, I guess, but when you make a point to openly challenge that person and give ‘em fighting words… when that person wasn’t even really aiming it at you or at anyone in general and was just sharing it… that’s kinda not cool?

I dunno, I just don’t like waking up to find somebody I don’t know from Adam is saying stuff like “NO YOU CAN’T DO THIS, I’M GONNA BE THE ONE TO WIN” in the comments on my stuff when I was just sharing something that I thought I’d done a decent job with.  That’s not really friendly or funny, it’s just kinda rude.

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I saw you wanted to read/write more of Madi and Flint's friendship, so how about them for the prompt "please don't leave"?

The sun was rising by the time James woke. His neck and back ached from resting against the half dilapidated wall of the run down house they had taken shelter in that night. And although the night was cold, James felt warm. Madi was at his side resting quietly against him, her smaller frame curled into the space his own body left. With an arm about her shoulders he could almost feel the depth of her breathing. 

Eme was asleep across from them, she was probably not impressed by the familiarity they showed one another after such a short amount of time. But losing a loved one could do that. James knew that all to well. 

Something must have woken her, as Madi shifted at his side and tightened her grip on his coat. 

“It’s dawn,” he said under his breath. “You can sleep another hour or two. We needn’t hurry anywhere.”

Madi nodded, shifting ever so slightly closer and rolled her head to look up at him. “I dreamed of him.”

Flint nodded, unsure of what to say. 

“He was far away, I didn’t want him to leave but he did. We are not close, you and I, but… Please. Don’t leave me, not you too.”

James brushed the thick tangle of her hair away from her face and kissed her forehead. “I’ll try.”

She sniffed and James looked away, letting her keep her pride by not witnessing the tears falling down her cheeks. 

For another hour they dozed against one another, Madi’s hands in fists at his chest and his arms about her. He felt a measure of peace there, one he hadn’t known for years. She was fast growing precious to him and he feared what that would lead to. 

But as she sighed and played with the hem of his coat, he let the peace of that moment wash over him. Worry had no place between them at that time. They were safe, with one another. 


not what he was expecting, but he loves it

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Confession: i am only doing uni because, well, i don't want to not do uni. does that make sense? So i spend my days just going through the motions of doing uni work, handing in assignments, all the while living in an alternative reality in my head where i'm doing fun things. And three years have passed in that way. Ever feel like you're just passing time, in your head, and not even being fully present in your life? And that time is just pushing everyone forward and you are just standing still?

That makes sense bc I have felt the same! After high school it’s like what am i supposed to do with life - so it’s either work or go to Uni obviously (unless you have the fortune to do something else that drives you, or if unfortunately, you can’t do any of that). Do you only imagine having fun in your alternate world or do you have activities/hobbies to take a break from reality? Recently I’ve found fun in writing fanfictions, and believe it or not (because I do everything in my power to not study) first I like to research certain things, and think hard about making complex paragraphs and fun dialogues, it fills up my time and I get to produce something and share it. I like drawing too though I don’t do it much, and recently we tried embroidery at Uni and to my surprise I liked it and thought of picking it up sometime in the future (as a kid I hated it). Recently I was so into a game (mystic messenger), and before that an anime (yuri on ice) (- I still love both of them), and judging by my blog I’m trapped in drama-world. What I want to say is during your time that has passed can you come up with something you enjoy even if it’s very little? 

I don’t want to be noisy because you probably already have your own ‘‘concept of life’’ figured out. We all, probably many times in life feel like time is not real and it’s just the same thing over and over. Sometimes I feel it often because writing ff or having a tumblr isn’t that special but it’s still something. If I were to give you advice then it is to start something new or find something you’re curious about or it can even be to read more about something you’re not so curious about. There’s nothing that is bad per se so go and explore. It can be off- or online, you may hate it or like it, won’t know until you try, right? Giving an ex. of mine then just two days ago while searching about a fave OTP I found something called ‘doujinshi’. I often stay off explicit stuff so basically I was fascinated and curious so I read thru some lmao and I love art so a plus for me woho. I won’t be making it my daily habit bc it’s not something I enjoy but I’m kind of ‘glad’ to have found something new. And then sometimes I just chill and waste time and go on with life because that’s one kind of activity too imo. Time is just something that’s supposed to pass and sooner or later we will— um, I feel like I’m going off topic….

Either way, I hope you soon start to feel your time is meaningful because life is short and I think people often get stuck in ‘I must do something meaningful’ when sometimes just eating food, helping a kid, smiling at some stranger (lol?) or waking up in the morning to start a new day can be something meaningful. Handing in assignments is an accomplishment too and in the future when you’re entering a new chapter it may all lead to a somewhat satisfying life.

idk why people get so hung up over being left on read? I mean, I know people leave read receipts on if they’re pissed at you but like?? Wouldn’t u rather know someone’s pissed than continue to annoy them?