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Hi, first of all I just wanted to tell you that I really love your blog. :) I was also wondering why you don't like Lou? I am not calling you out on anything I'm just curious because I don't really know much about her. I hope you have a great day!x

Hi anon and thank you! To your question, here’s why I don’t like her:

As i mentioned earlier on my blog, Lou’s cultural appropriating behavior really bothers me. She’s a professional stylist so I’m really surprised by how unprofessional she is at the difference of culture and fashion. For example she claims bindi is “funky” and “easy to find on ebay”. If you don’t know the cultural meaning behind bindi, you can check this article.

Second, she also showed this “new dreadlocks” in her book. Dreadlock is a significant  symbol of black culture yet she thinks she can teach people how to do dreadlocks and even used a white model to represent it. It’s just terrible.

More, in her book she also mentioned this “non-tr*nny lashes” tutorial and???? Honestly??? How dare you to use transphobic slur in your fashion style book?? What the hell does non-tr*nny lashes even mean??? All yikes.

The other anon sent me this too:

To add it: Lou claimed putting too much makeup on boys making them too feminine

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I love your spite reblogging of women tumblr hates.

It’s my favorite thing about myself because someone could be like, “Did you really go through a Taylor Swift blog and favorite a bunch of gifs to casually reblog throughout a number of days to annoy all the people who put misogynist posts about her on your dash?” and I’d be all, “What? Of course not, that’s so petty and weird. I just think she’s cute. Sheesh.”

Theme and Things

Hi Guys!

Thanks to the lovely Anon and for letting us know the theme is down!!!

At this time, we will not have time to fix it so please bare with it for just a little while! Emi is taking the Bar this week and is 100% unavailable and I am REALLY BAD at technology ^^; I’ll try to keep the queue going for you, but we won’t be able to fix links/etc. until after Emi’s taken her test/rested! (speaking of please send her encouraging messages to her personal!! @emibonbon )

If you have any tutorials or cosplay pictures, please feel free to submit them! I’m not usually home from work until 7 PM central time, but I’ll make sure they get posted :)

Thank you for understanding! Keep having fun and working hard, Cosbabies! (and catching Pokemon ^.~)

L2S Cosplay

Duvet Fort (Chris Evans x Reader)

Originally posted by welcomethenewage

Prompt: hey!! could I get a Chris evans imaging where the reader is really scared of storms and a big one comes through and Chris like comforts her? I love your blog!! xoxo

Word Count: 1299 words

A/N: I got done watching ‘Before We Go’ and I am ready to write ALL THE CHRIS EVANS FLUFF. So send me more requests, please. I promise the fics will be good. Anyway- thank you anon for this wonderful prompt. I hope you enjoy. 

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2,000 Followers: Thank You!!!

Guess which gal just reached her 2,000 followers mark on Tumblr? This gal!!  I would like to say thank you to all my wonderful followers who deal with my messy ass fangirling about superheros (mostly DC… actually all DC), Shadowhunters, and other stuff. You guys are so lovely whenever I post selfies, complementing me, and always keep my spirits up.

 The moment I realized that people really enjoyed what I had to say on here, was when I got countless asks that people really liked my blog and looked up to me? Like wow. I think I teared up the first time. I’m just a 19 year old black bisexual female about to start her sophomore year in college, unsure of her future, but also ready to take life by storm, and you guys have stuck with me through all my fangirling, shit posting, and overall craziness.

Some of you have been here since day one, and others, just recently. I’ve compiled a list of some of my followers who have been nothing but supportive and to which you guys should all follow. This list in no way captures ALL of my followers, but just a few that I can recall. 

Thank you again,

-Asher (nightfallgoddess)

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Calling all Mary Jane Watson fans!

Are you tired of looking through MJ’s tag and seeing unnecessary rudeness and bad, false opinions about her and usually, really gross porn? Do you want to be a part of a community who loves the character just as much as you do and be involved with discussions and fan casts and general excitement?

I created a little community for our girl where we can gush about her, and Peter, and anything else Spidey related, even the upcoming film Homecoming! The topics can be anything about Spidey, but I wanted to make it mostly an MJ positive atmosphere.

What it is, is a blog. MJSquad, but it’s actually a private blog. So what this means is, if you want to join, you give me your email address that your tumblr is associated to, I’ll invite you to the blog, and we can do our discussion within that blog!

The cool thing is that whenever a new post is created, there’ll actually be a notification ON the blog, so all the members will know when there’s an update/new post! This actually is only available on the computer, so in apps you won’t get alerted, but you can still check periodically to see if anyone had made a post on the app. :)

Here are the rules:

  1. This is a respectful and happy environment. No drama!
  2. When you create a post, you’ll need to put your name and/or URL in the tags so that the people on the tumblr app knows who created the post.
  3. Have fun! And keep it for the most part Spidey related.
  4. This isn’t mandatory but it would be awesome if you could reblog this post to get the word out!

How to join:

Go to my submission box and send me the answers to the following:

  • Why do you love MJ Watson? (can be brief or can be long!):
  • Will you participate in this blog?:
  • What is your email address associated to your tumblr?:

And then there’ll be a 99.9% chance you’ll be added! This seems like a very long, convoluted, confusing post. But I assure you it’s actually very simple. And really fun! Let’s make our own little family. :) I hope you all join!


The Suicide Squad movie is out in 2 weeks and Harley Quinn and Joker will star in it.  So I just want to reiterate my policy toward headcanons about them.  It’s canon that Joker is abusive.  (really not a surprise when you think about it) This is not a retcon or anything.  That has been a part of the story since Harley was created for the DCAU and continued when she was introduced to main continuity.  She fell in love with him and later realized he didn’t treat her right and left him.

Now how does this affect this blog? Well just don’t send me headcanons excusing Joker’s abusive behavior toward Harley.  This sounds like a very specific thing but I used to get a lot of headcanons that said that.  It’s just not a message I want to be spreading.  There are stories where they are happily together and you can send me shippy headcanons.  I just don’t want “Joker hits Harley but he really loves her in his own way.”  I don’t ship those two but I can’t deny that they were together off and on over the years.  I don’t mind shipping Joker/Harley.  I do mind excusing abuse.

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For the one word AU thing: careful

In an au where Nick and Judy can have children, when Judy gets pregnant Nick is extremely protective of her. When they get to work, he always yells for everyone to clear the way (and they listen, because deep down every other officer is just as concerned). He signs up for all the mom blogs so he can get every bit of advice on how to raise their child. He always dotes on Judy and asks if she’s hungry, or needs any water, or a backrub, or a footrub, or literally anything. Judy will roll her eyes and tell him that she’s fine, really, she doesn’t need any help, but secretly it makes her love him only more to see him so concerned about their baby. 

Send me any word, and I will create a Wildehopps Au based off of it

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He was a good father to Brianna and but a bad husband to Claire. I can't stand that people justify his affairs just because he was trapped in a loveless marriage. Some people make him look like the victim of the story when that's not true. I've always sided with Claire in their marriage because her only fault was falling in love with another man and she told Frank about it. He knew Claire would have never loved him again so it's not like she was this cold bitch who neglected her husband (1)

(2) Also, I don’t think I could ever forget that he tried to take her daughter away from her. A good father doesn’t do that. I’m in no way attacking you, I love you and your blog but I’m just sharing my thoughts here since I don’t have a tumblr account :)

Thank you so much, anon! I love discussing these things, so I really appreciate you being so respectful with your opinions.

I totally agree with you: Frank was not a good husband to Claire. He could be cruel. He had numerous affairs and was generally a Class A Asshole when admitting those infidelities. And - I’m embarrassed to say this - it’s been so long since I’ve read Voyager that I didn’t even remember him threatening to take Brianna away! But that, to me, is more unforgivable than anything else. So I’m with you there. 

I by no means want to justify Frank’s actions, and I certainly don’t want to paint Claire as The Cold, Distant Mother. Trust me: I am the last person to ever champion mistreating Claire, My Sun and Stars, Beauchamp (!!!). She is the fictional character I hold closest to my heart, and because of that, I have always tried to take on her perspective. What did she see in Frank? Why did she love him? Why did she stay with him?

Frank does horrible things, yes. But he does some great things too. He could have easily turned Claire away in 1948. In fact, that’s something that, especially in the 1940′s/50′s, I think many men would have done. What’s more: could you blame him for considering it? For doing it? I’m not sure I could. But Frank didn’t abandon Claire. He raised Brianna as his own. And their marriage had some terrible low’s, but it wasn’t all horrible. To say it was is, I think, a disservice to Claire as a character. She wouldn’t let a man walk all over her for twenty years. She wouldn’t willingly deny herself all happiness for twenty years.

We love Jamie, and we’ve seen his relationship with Claire - how powerful it is, how beautiful it is. So it’s harder for us to understand Frank’s POV. Frank doesn’t understand Jamie and Claire’s relationship in the way we do because he hasn’t experienced it like we have. To Frank, Jamie is just some asshole who stole his wife, married her, and knocked her up - like when your ex gets a new SO, and you demonize them solely for what they represent: You were not someone’s choice. You have been left behind.

In a way, it’s almost tragic for Frank. He and Claire were very much in love before her disappearance. And to have that ripped away and then returned, irrevocably broken? It’s worth considering how that must have felt and how that played into his later behavior.

That being said, Frank is no more of a victim than Claire is. Do I support his later behavior? HELL NO #ClaireBDefenseForce!!! But I can at least understand some of it, and also appreciate the fact that he did stay with Claire, he did raise Brianna as his own.

I hope I haven’t come across as attacking you, anon! This is a topic I really enjoy debating - especially because I know a belong in the minority here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And pssst - would love for you to get a tumblr! :)

Don’t Go Changing (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request\ Summary: Could you do a #9 with Bellamy where Bell is like really cocky and the reader is all sweet and innocent and has a crush on him because he’s basically the opposite of her but little does she know that Bellamy knows about her feelings and he likes her back but doesn’t tell her until the moment where he catches her changing and just fluff please I would love that. Also your blog is amazing and I’ve been scrolling through it and reading like everything and you’re just really amazing!

A\N: omg thanks so much! Love the idea for this, hope you like it!! xx (Also when I thought of writing this I thought of a really good song to go with it: Forever Ago - Woodlock)

Originally posted by fluffydare

Spending time with Bellamy is always the highlight - and low light - of your day. Highlight because come on, it’s Bellamy Blake. It’s a shock he hasn’t found out about your massive crush on him by this point. And low light because you always felt so boring compared to him. Bellamy’s brave; funny; fearless; strong. Maybe that’s why you admired and liked him so much, he was everything you weren’t. While Bellamy lead everyone, you were there standing by him not saying a word. And right now you were in your tent, your head low as you studied your outfit. Black jeans, clean and no holes or rips in them - you make sure to keep everything you own clean and tidy, who knows when you’ll get another pair of jeans? You were also wearing a grey shirt that Bellamy would probably find boring and plain, it had no cleavage as it hung tight to your body. Your hair was tied up in it’s usual ponytail with some fly aways. Your eyebrows looked good, you had to admit. You sigh, sitting down on your bed. As you reluctantly cut your jeans at the knees you realised you didn’t know why you were doing this. Was this really all to get a boys attention? Really? You regretted it immensely… but it had already been done, there was no turning back. Switching your boring shirt for one Octavia gave you when she cleaned out what she had as a wardrobe. It shows a lot more than you would usually be comfortable with but your other shirt is almost five days old, it’s either this You couldn’t just walk out with one hole in your right pants leg, you had to commit, go the full nine yards. When you were done, the regret washed away because they looked good on you. Untying your hair with one last breathy sigh, you walk outside your tent already around 15 minutes late to carry out Bellamys orders like everyone else. 

Your breath hitches when he looks at you. Immediately feeling nerves set in, you know you have to be confident; like he is. So you march up, your back straight and your head held high, “What’s the plan for today, leader?” You ask him, keeping minimal eye contact so you don’t die under his gaze. 

“Uh, finishing the wall, trying not to die. The usual.” He replies, confused. Though Bellamy may seem like he could care less about the people around him, he takes a considerable amount of time noticing small things about them. And as soon as you walked out of your tent, Bellamy knew you were different. And he did not like it one bit, “Even though you do look gorgeous, I’d advise to button up, baby.” You hide a smile, playing it cool as you look up at him through your lashes. Baby. He just called you baby.

“Why?” You ask and Bellamy looks up at all the passing delinquents, seeing guys and girls gawking at you as they walk.

“You’re going to freeze to death, darling.” He teases with a smile on his lips. When you weren’t looking he would shoot dirty looks to everyone whose eyes stayed on your longer than they should. There he goes again, darling? Darling??

“I’m sure you can keep me warm, handsome.” You smirk, internally screaming at how the normal you would never say that. You’re innocent, you haven’t even had your first kiss yet. Bellamy swallows nervously, trying to push the fact that he likes you down.

“What have you done with the real, Y\N?” He questions, looking you up and down, noticing your ripped jeans, “And why is your hair down?”

“Do you like it?” You ask, smiling up at him as you run your hands through your hair.

“I like the you that’s comfortable in loose shirts and sweaters, the you that doesn’t try to show off for me. I like the you who doesn’t believe in ripping holes in perfectly good pants.” Bellamy furrows his eyebrows as he speaks genuinely. You almost skip over the fact that he said he liked you. Does he mean like, or like like? “I like the original you.” 

“I’m such an idiot.” You mumble to yourself, running your hand over your face. You’re so embarrassed at how you’ve acted up to this point, without giving Bellamy a second look you go to turn and run back into your tent but his hand grabs onto your arm, spinning you around. He smiles down at you, stepping closer and you hear someone in the distance whistling at you two. 

“Hopefully you’ll be my idiot.” His gaze is intense and you can’t help but look away with a big smile on your face, “I like you and I really want to get to know you better.” His left hand holds you closely as his other rubs your back comfortingly. You feel so safe next to him and warm as your cheeks blush.

“I’m your idiot.” You confirm, placing a hand on his broad chest. 

“Good.” He mumbles happily, his lips darting from your lips to your eyes wanting to kiss you right then and there. So, still feeling confident and brave for once you place your hand on his cheek before leaning in and planting your lips on his. Your regret washes away. Bellamy’s finally noticed you for who you are. And he like, likes you for it too.

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Hello I have a question In seventeen whats the oldest and youngest they would date. In your opinion. also What kind of girls can you see dating seventeen. I hope im not asking for much its just I was wondering these questions for awhile now!!! And I would love you honest opinion <3 also I really love your blog.

Hi lovely!!!
(Omg when I saw this in my inbox I was so happy!!)

OKay here we go!

I feel that Seungcheol, Jeonghan, Joshua [95line], would date some one at least two or three years older. The youngest for Seungcheol maybe a 99liner? Jeonghan a 00liner, I could see him spoil the shit outta her/him. Joshua probably the youngest a 00liner too, I just have a feeling.

Hoshi: Oldest: Three years[93liner], Youngest: 4 yrs[00liner]
Junhui: Oldest: One year[95liner]. Youngest: 3yrs [99liner]] I feel like Jun would like someone younger than him and I can’t remember if he’s said different.
Wonwoo: Oldest: Two yrs[94liner], Youngest: Two yrs[98liner]
Woozi: Oldest: Four yrs [92liner], Youngest: Two yrs [98liner]
Dokyeom: Oldest: Four yrs[93liner], Youngest: Three yrs [00liner]
Mingyu: Oldest: Four years [93liner]. Youngest: Four yrs [01liner]
The8: Oldest: Two yrs [95liner], Youngest: Three yrs [00liner]
Seungkwan: Oldest: Four yrs: [94liner], Youngest: Two yrs: [00liner]
Vernon: Oldest: Two yrs [96liner], Youngest: Three yrs [01liner]
Dino: Oldest: 4 yrs [95liner], Youngest: Three yrs [02liner]

This is just my opinion!! 
Thank you lovely for asking this! And I’m happy you love my blog!! For the what kind of girl they would date, could you be more specific? Like their personality? Or looks?
Thank you again!!

Seeing Kae work this year and even 2015 is really astounding. I been following her since I found her pictures in a FF forum and I just had to know who she was 😫. It’s crazy cause that was like in 2009-2011. Like almost of decade and to see her build
Herself up like this and keep pushing past the barriers and road blocks people tried to set in front of her. AMAZING. She def my ultimate fave man. She’s about her business and keep her mind to herself. Love this girl man, definitely enhanced my wardrobe (along with your blog Amb💘) and I’ve taken so many makeup and beauty tips from her. Like it’s just crazy to know how she’ll succeed in 2017 and then from. I’ve always rooted for her. She’s just so bomb man. I really can’t wait for NYFW and see what she brings. Cause I really can’t remember an outfit that I hated (I probably disliked it at first but after staring at it for awhile I be liking tf out of it lmao). Literally couldn’t ask for a better fave, or mom. 😫😫😫

//// Omg. Yassssss. She deserves it all. I still remember like it was yesterday when she was shooting for 1two 5 years ago and look at her now. I’m so proud. Hard work pays off! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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Hey🐍🐍🐍 so can you do a fanfic where the reader is on her period but have really bad cramps to the point she can't walk. Then leafy takes care of her and all that snazz. Btw I love ya blog and you should take writing more seriously😍😅

Lol sorry for the delay! This one isn’t that long, I know, sorry. I am going to be working on another one after this! Wow! actually making up for not posting the last couple days? I’m just as shocked as you guys lol. Be sure to let me know what you guys think!

LeafyIsHere Fanfiction - Your Period Visits (Blurb)

General thoughts:

  • Eating food.
  • Craving a particular thing but not wanting to go out.
  • Begging Calvin to just order food in.
  • Him, knowing the circumstance, getting you whatever.
  • Laying on the couch, feeling like the world is going to end.
  • Feeling both annoyed and exhausted all at once. 
  • Not being able to move or walk around much because of the pain you’re in from cramps. 
  • Eventually just laying on the ground because it feels better. 
  • Calvin walking over and laughing at you on the floor.
  • “What are you doing down there? You’re blocking my way to the couch.”
  • “I’m dying down here, let me be” you say, clutching your stomach.
  • Him leaving your side and coming back with a cold water bottle and like 4 advil, setting them next to you on the ground before chuckling and sitting on the couch. 
  • You glance at him like he is an angel sent from above and gladly accept the meds. 
  • After taking them, you sit on the couch next to him and grab a controller to the gaming system he was playing. 
  • Leaning on his shoulder, you join him in the game until you eventually give up and lay your head on his lap, watching him play the game. 
  • Eventually your cramps subside enough for you to fall asleep. 
  • Waking up when he tries to get up and complaining, “can you just stay for like ten more minutes?”
  • Hearing his laughter and moving you to lay against him on the couch, “Okay, 5 minutes.” 
  • “No, 8 minutes.” you say, trying to get him to stay for fear of your cramps returning.
  • “7 minutes, I reallllly have to edit this video.”
  • Groaning, you accept the compromise, “Okay, fine.” 
  • Waking up and realize you have work/class the following day. 
  • Trying to get some work accomplished so you don’t have as much to do the following day. 
  • Getting distracted by Calvin’s laughter in the office next to your room. 
  • Taking a break from your work and walking in to see what the laughter was about.
  • Him showing you a few videos he was considering roasting the following couple of days. 
  • His facial expressions and laughter making you completely forget the pain you’re in. his smile could probably cure drama alert cancer

Sorry for this short amount of garbage! I hope you guys were able to laugh a little and not take this too seriously, be sure to let me know what you think. I hope you have a great evening/night! I will hopefully have another posted tonight! 100 Notes and I’ll fight Mother Nature ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

anonymous asked:

Forgive me, I feel really dumb asking this but can you explain what the fuss is about? I don't understand Gillian's last tweet. And I don't understand why someone got upset about it. I really don't mean any offense to anyone, I love your blog and I love this fandom! I'm just so confused! Last I checked, we were all happy about her tbt w/David 😯

Don’t be sorry anon! I’ll sum it up.
This year, Beyoncé made a new album called Lemonade. All the songs are about her reaction when she learnt JayZ had cheated on her. In one song, she called the girl he’d fucked “Becky with the good hair” which is a way black peoples call white peoples sometimes because it seems like whites have better hair than blacks. (As a black girl, I can tell you that this is true). Beyoncé didn’t want to tell the name of the girl, so she found this trick to talk about her without doing it. The rumor says the girl is actually Rachel Roy, if you wanted to know.
Some people got upset because it could be taken the wrong way, in some kind of racist way, that I personally don’t see at all.
It also can imply she had an affair with David, because “Becky with the good hair” is the girl you cheat with.

Finally, I saw people talking about transphobia because of the comment on David’s hair looking feminine. This is so silly I’m not even going to talk about this.

To sum it up, Gillian found David’s hair funny on the pic. She’d heard everyone talking about “Becky with the good hair” for a time, but she didn’t know why. Maybe it was even by David. I remember that he taped Rachel Ray’s show when everyone mistook her with Rachel Roy and thought she’d banged JayZ.

It made Gillian laugh. It was harmless. We all should chill, appreciate the Queen of troll, and laugh with her. Let’s move on.

anonymous asked:

Hi I love your blog ^.^. Can you please comment on why you think KS often fixes JI's clothes or his microphone or sorts his hair? I've never noticed him do it with other members and only JI. It reminds me of something a wife would do for her husband, not saying that KS is the woman in the relationship just that he shows a lot of care for JI's appearance. I really love when he does it and I think it is one of the ways it makes their relationship special.

Hi anon! Thanks for saying you love my blog :)

I also very much love when Kyungsoo fixes Jongin’s clothes, it’s very domestic like. It could honestly be because it’s a natural instinct for him. Unless you’re someone who hates creases or things being out of place, you yourself will not fix someone else’s clothes. It feels like you’re kind of invading their personal bubble. Most people would simply say “hey your collar is messed up” or “You have something on your shirt.” Kyungsoo on the other hand doesn’t say anything and simply walks up to Jongin and fixes whatever it is that’s in need of fixing. This shows that Kyungsoo is very comfortable and used to doing this to him and very used to being up and personal with Jongin. People also do it (as seen many times on tv) to show that they want to be physically closer to someone they like. It’s a very subtle way to get closer to them and be in their personal bubble to show that you want something from them or really want to be with them. But like I said, it’s probably a natural instinct for Kyungsoo or he just wants an excuse to be close to Jongin.


requested by fandom-imaginesfromalmostanyshow

Title: Soldier’s pants on fire.

Request: I got you, can you do a request where the reader was in hydra and they gave her the ability to control fire, but she set Bucky’s pants on fire on accident. It gets really awkward😂😂😂 I love your blog❤️

A/n: Omg this request is so hilarious, I love it so much! Thank u! x And just a reminder that my english isn’t very good. There can be some grammar or other mistakes. Hope you won’t judge, I tried my best x

You were laying in bed. You felt a little weak after the operation. But now you had powers. They gave you an ability to control fire. You played with a little fireball in your hand in plaster. Suddenly you heard someone’s footsteps and a man with metal arm and concerned face expression walked in. You and Bucky became friends quite quickly, because it’s hard to find friendly people in Hydra. You helped him to remember some things, and he always helped you when you needed a friend, someone to talk to. The Winter Soldier walked towards your bed with worry in his eyes. He sat on the corner of your white bed. 

“How are you feeling? I heard them saying the operation was successful.” Your friend looked deeply into your eyes. “Something has changed” Bucky thought. And he was right. Your eyes were darker, and you could see little sparks in it.

Fine, a little weak, but still fine” you smiled weakly. “Thank you for coming” you added.

“Of course, (Y/n), I’m glad you’re fine” he smiled a little. “Can I see it?” Bucky asked with curiosity playing in his light green eyes.

“Sure” you answered quickly and closed your eyes. You felt strange energy in your body. You tried to do a fireball but it turned out into a huge flame. You heard Bucky yelling and you immediately opened your eyes. You saw Winter Soldier’s pants on fire. Literally. Both of you started to freak out, you grabbed your bed sheets and started to extinguish the fire in Bucky’s pants. Finally, the fire was gone. When you realised what happened your face turned into cherry red. Two of you were still sitting on the ground with burned bed sheets and pants. It was so awkward, even Bucky blushed. After a moment you finally spoke:

“Bucky…I’m so sorry, are you alright?” you tried to hide your blush in your cheeks.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’m alright” he smiled shyly, stood up and helped you to get back to your bed.. “It’s time for me to go, I need to…change?” Bucky laughed a bit. “And also I have a mission today. I will tell them to bring you some new sheets” he kissed your hand and walked out of the room, leaving you with rosy cheeks and awkwardness. 

mymiss2001  asked:

Oh my flipping GAWD . I'm soooooo excited for Sucide Squad I pre ordered the book, printed pictures of the Joker, and bought Harley and Joker keychains. I just. I'm so HAPPY. Love your blog by the way, got any more head canons?💋💋💋💋

Awesome! I’m glad you’re excited and thank you for liking my blog ^.^ 

Hmm, I might have some more headcanons somewhere lol :)

- Harley tends to be really hungry when she wakes up so she’ll often go make giant bowls of cereal and then wonders why she ends up with crumbs all over the bed

- They stay inside when it’s raining (which is pretty often in Gotham) because Joker doesn’t want to mess up his hair 

- When Harley paints her nails she frequently paints Joker’s as well if he’s not paying attention or is too tired to stop her 

- Joker doesn’t have the best memory so Harley is constantly having to remind him what he told her they were supposed to do that day

- Shopping trips are dreaded by Gotham’s mall because it takes them days to clean up all of the messes that Joker and Harley have left behind (including shattered storefront glass, clothes everywhere, and probably a few dead security guards)

anonymous asked:

hi, i'm just a shy witch without her own blog who wanted to share à little thing. I don't have money for crystals but i've got ton and ton of marbles so i use them in place of crystals. i can't really use them like crystals by choosing them by their materials or qualities but marbles got so many colours and opacity you can play with it ! sorry for my english (,,꒪꒫꒪,,)

Don’t be sorry! This is actually a super cute idea, I love it, thanks for sharing! ^^