First off I want to just say, this video gave me a lot of grief!! Mainly YouTube and the music producer (s). Every time I tried uploading it with minor adjustments and tweaks, YouTube would continue to mute the sound to it. So being me, of course I took this as a challenge and figured out a way to make it work. 24 hours later… and here you have it.

I wasn’t about to start all over with a new song, because each frame for this video is specific only to this song. So Thanks to YouTube I now know how to use Garage Band to edit music. This isn’t the best version of the song, because the one I wanted to use was copyrighted, as are most songs. I did have to go and adjust the timing for each frame to make it flow more smoothly with the new song version which is better than having to start from scratch.

I personally love discovering new music. YouTube for me has been a great source… mainly from watching fan videos. I understand issues with copyrighted materials, but my thoughts on this is that music discovered on YouTube is no different than music discovered through radio or television. The fan videos  will NOT necessarily have the best song quality. So if I like something I hear, I definitely go and purchase the music, because who wants to listen to the crappy version?!?!? The goal I would think for the artist is to have their music discovered and more known to people. 

With that said, here’s another My Mad Fat Diary Fan Video featuring Chloe Finn & Rae. This song is one of the saddest songs I’ve ever heard. So, of course being a HUGE MMFD fan, the first thing to pop into my head was Chloe and her ‘love’ for Finn. But he only has eyes for Rae. So here’s the video. As always, please let me know what you think… Thanks for taking a look. Oh and the song used is ‘Not in that way’ by Sam Smith. Cheers!

stephsadickhead I know this is past submission deadline, but this is what I would have turned in if I hadn’t encountered my uploading issue. Your contest was a great idea for the MMFD fandom.