I love you, i have to admit that it’s a strange feeling but i really enjoy loving you. You make me laugh like no one else, and yes it looks like i stole you a kiss but we both know that it’s not true, hahah.

Hey guys! Recently I have reached a milestone on this blog and I would like to thank you all so soo much. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Though this is still a semi-new blog, I have already met so many amazing people and creators in this very short time! While I have been on Tumblr since 2010, creating this blog was one of the best decisions of my life and I’m grateful and appreciative of everyone who follows me. I want to also thank everyone mutual or not, who tags me in posts, I’m always happy to be mentioned! 

I lastly want to thank my g Alicia for making me create this blog in the first place. She is my rock and the tae to my chim HAHA. ♡

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Progress - The Joker X Reader imagine

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A/N: So i tried a different kind of writing, just to try it out. Thanks for reading!

Word count: 576

Warning: Just slightly sexual


” So, did you do as we discussed last time? Finding the one thing that makes you happy, even when you have dark times in your life?” You asked your patient.

“I sure did doc” the patient said back.

“Good, and what is it then?” you asked your patient once again.

“Pain” the patient said.

“Pain? But how can pain make you happy?” you asked your patient, really confused about the answer.

“Yes, pain. I enjoy making other people feel pain” the patient said smirking at you.

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Work from my time as an editorial illustrator for my university’s newspaper. Our team was comprised of varying religions, POC, LGBTQ identities, and so on. I felt extremely welcome as a member of the LGBTQ community myself, and felt humbled to learn so much from my POC and Muslim coworkers. They were so patient with me and I became more aware of my white privilege than ever as a result of their guidance. I was and continue to be honored that they collaborated with me and gave me the opportunity to illustrate for their columns.

This is about you.

Make purposeful effort toward all your goals and strive to be representative of your true self.
It’s important to put yourself first, this is your life. Plan time for yourself: exercise, pampering, alone time, etc. The better you feel about who you are and how to handle yourself, the better you are about handling everything else in your life.
I’ve found that scheduling myself to maximize my time especially now that I’m not in school is very self-endorsing. I’m making it happen. I’m enjoying the process.

Love yourself. No matter what, you’ll always have your own back.

Welp. The day has come. I’m so proud to give you my newest set of jams recorded to tape, all packaged up in a skull-christened Album cover. “Stay Gold” is here. Can honestly say that I’m gonna listen to this one a few times more before I’m tired of it, myself. Hope you will enjoy it as much as as I did making it. 

This is an album for the misfits that got made fun of in school for being a little different. For the ones that couldn’t wait to get out of their small towns, and the ones who happily settled down in them after the wonder years. It’s about love. Hate. Death. Birth. Boredom. Goals. All of that shit

Again, thanks for your support for independent music and live shows. I wouldn’t be able to do this if you didn’t still care. 

Stay Gold,

Download + stream the album on all your favorite services. 


Love and Space Dust.

5 Star Rated Poetry.

“After spending over ten years in a literature club and hearing/reading more poems than I could count, I thought I had seen it all. I have never been so wrong. Love and Space Dust contains so many beautifully written poems that brought tears to my eyes that I didn’t put my Kindle down until I had read every single one of them at least twice.” Amazon.de Customer Review.

“Lovely book.” Amazon.com Customer Review.

“I really enjoy all of the poems. They make you feel like never before. By far some of my favorite poems.” Amazon.com Customer Review.

“LOVED LOVED LOVED THIS!!” Goodreads Review.

“These poems are so full of Pain and Darkness, but so full of Hope and Light.” Amazon.de Customer Review.

“This book is absolutely amazing and i hope there will be more to come!” Amazon.com Customer Review.

“Love this book so much!” Goodreads Review.

“Made me smile and moved me to tears.” Amazon.co.uk Customer Review.

Poems from my anthology, Love and Space Dust. The full book is out now and available as:

** Amazon.com Paperback - Amazon.com Kindle - Lulu Publishers Paperback - Amazon.co.uk Kindle - Amazon.co.uk Paperback - Barnes and Noble - Amazon.de Paperback - Amazon.de Kindle - Signed Direct from Author - Full List of Availability **


Self-Rec List

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I need to recommend my two favorite stories. 

Okay, so…yeah. I’m not good at this sort of self-promotion thing. But, because i love @poetattemptsfiction and because I should probably just get over myself already, here it goes. 

I’ve written a lot of fanfic over the years starting wtih Spuffy (Spike/Buffy) back in like the beginning of 2000, maybe even before that. But, over the past few years I’ve written primarily Lokane (Loki/Jane) and Jonsa (Jon/Sansa). 

So I’ll pick a couple of my favorites from each. 


1.Madness: Although Jane was widely hated in this story to the point that I ended up rewriting it to make her more palatable, I enjoyed the hell out of writing the original version. I was drawn to the idea of someone being rather broken emotionally and unable to really emote and express oneself, maybe even someone a little mean, but still having that one person who loves them and tries really damn hard to crack their shell open. I suppose because I’ve known people like this, and unlike in stories and movies, there isn’t always character development. However, in a story you do have to have character development and by the time that came around for Jane, everyone loathed her to the point that I was getting scathing reviews on ff.net. So, I pulled it, and started to rewrite. It’s unfinished. 

2. Shiver, Shiver - it was my second (?) Lokane fic and so much fun to write. I like writing banter, and Loki and Jane were very fun to play with in that respect. 


This one is a little more difficult to think about. I have mixed feelings about all my Jonsa fics for one reason or another. 

1. Two Fool Things: It was my first Jonsa fic, and the most fun. I thought parts of it were funny, and I really love the whole best friends to something more trope. Plus, the title is taken from an Oscar Wilde quote, and Oscar is the man (but only after Lord Byron), so yeah, this one remains one of my favorites. 

2. It’s a toss-up between Lost & Found and Under the Table. Under the Table is now finished and I enjoyed writing it - Jon was a bit more aggressive than the typical Jons I see, and I like bringing that aspect out in him. I like a sweet Jon, but I also like a determined Jon with an edge. 

Lost & Found has been such an interesting and weird story for me. I have mixed emotions about it now. Some days I really like it, and other days I think I hate it. 

I’ll tag: @bluecichlid and @angelwings1980

Hey everyone! I just want to give an enormous shout out and thank you all!! Mod Gyro and I started this blog on a whim and we didn’t think we would get this many people supporting us!  It means so much to the both of us and we want to do something special to celebrate getting 100 followers.  We’re still discussing things and we’ll keep you updated!  Once again, thank you all for supporting us and getting involved!  Each like, reblog, ask, and follower means everything to us and I just want to let you guys know we sincerely appreciate it! I’m very timid and nervous about posting art online and seeing that you all enjoy it makes me so happy! I hope we can continue to entertain you and brighten up your days!

Weekend is family time so no doujin but next week I would post new mini doujin again…

That aside… for those anon antis who harrassed me. I WON’T reply you not because I cannot prove you wrong or I cannot state my opinion regarding topics you brought up.

I just think no matter how hard I try, you would not agree with me, or even try to understand my reason why I choose Ichihime. So why should we wasting time on each other?

If you think IR is the best and it supposed to be canon, it is your right to believe so. Go on. Have fun.

I will have fun too here. Rather than spending my time debating stuff like that, I prefer to write fanfics and make doujin for everyone to enjoy.

At least I am being productive.



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You're goals 😭💗


Guys, what’s up with y’all telling me all sorts of amazing things >.< I’m blushing now *cries* Thank you so much.You’re too sweet with me. I’m just your average awkward 19 y/o girl who stans a meme lord. Up to this day and idk why ppl think I’m goals tbh x)

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Should I remind you that I’m stanning a man who enjoys making weird mating noises while wearing a robe ?

Ding Dong~

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Hope you guys enjoy this compilation of funny moments/scenes of Supernatural!! :D

I made it myself, it took some time due to some problems, but the important thing is that I was able to make it.

If you enjoy it, I will do more videos with this compilation.