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since i just reached 700+ followers, i decided to compile this little list of people who made my tumblr experience so far worthwhile and i really really enjoy following them.

i’d like to preface this with a little speech. when i made this tumblr, i was really happy that i found orphan black, a show that spoke to me and resonated within me on a deep personal level, and i was equally happy to find a fandom full of people who felt the same. and while after the last season, this might no longer be especially applicable, i decided to stay within the bounds of this fandom and all the related fandoms (because let’s be honest, most people i follow are all one huge fandom that watches anything that has two canon queer ladies kissing) and will always follow people who are/were in it.

and while i might not have even talked to some (okay, most ….) of you (2shy4tumblr), i really deeply enjoy your presence on my dash

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i follow many more amazing people but yeah, if i had to list them all, we’d be here for an eternity. i’m also sure i overlooked many people i wanted to list and … ugh. let me just say i appreciate each and every one person that i follow and that follows me, we’re all rock stars in this little corner of tumblr

The amount of white and non-black women who bombard Blac Chyna’s page with shady comments. They enjoy knowing Kylie Jenner supposedly took Tyga from her/ White girls love bragging about black men and men of color putting them on a pedestal over black women or women of color. And they love to remind her how fake she is, as if the Kardashian clan are not? I guess they enjoy making the black girl look and appear inferior. 

They should be defending Kylie against a predatory adult man with a child manipulating her as a minor, and her family not doing anything about it.


Ramon Angelo M. Mendoza
Pasig, Philippines
Canon EOS 60D

What do you feel is the most challenging thing about the photography you create?

Since I treat my photography as an extension of myself, I aspire for it to go beyond mere aesthetics, and act as a representation of how I interpret the world in my eyes in hopes of making it a relatable medium. Considering there is a ton of amazing and inspiring photographers out there, it is a challenge for me to constantly stay faithful to my artistic self and the intention I wish my photos to get across. It’s a struggle I acknowledge, yet know I can overcome whenever it hits.

How would you describe your style?

Coming from my previous answer, I’d describe it as engaging, heartfelt, cinematic, and bold. I enjoy utilizing available colors to make the most out of a scene while putting significance on the effect of light within my photographs. 

Tumblr: angelomendo
Instagram: angelomendo
500px: angelomndza


050715 G-Dragon PHOLAR Update

Fan: I’ve been unable to escape for 9 years now. You deem responsible!! Seriously where do your charms end? I really want to know ㅠ There are alot of fans that cheer you on behind the scenes so please continue to make the music you want to make and be happy. Thank you so much for making music. I enjoyed the gallery very much. ps. I lo.. no I really like you ♡♡
GD: #My team name isn’t Big Bang for no reason #Infinite amplification #Chairman Yang’s smart nicknaming 

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Hi, I saw that zodiac thing you did for anakin and I was wonering if you have thoughts about his braintype? typing fictional characters is hard, I know, sorry if I'm bothering you..

hellooo :)

sooo after studying every braintype/personality type, i found that anakin is a mixture of two types (he doesn’t completely fit in just one category): 
feal/esfj and bcal/infj

alright so why do i think that these two types fit? in the following paragraphs i will display why i think each braintype fits anakin (i will only show those parts of the types that fit him because the post will already be long and showing what doesn’t fit will just make it unbearably long.
furthermore this analysis will be almost without exception be referring to the definitions and explanations i found on the 16personalities site.
please notice that this is in no way official and that it is just my opinion which i, in no way, claim to be a given fact!

okay, so let’s start our journey.

1. feal/esfj personality type
what suggests that this pt is the right one for anakin?
first of all, what i already approached in my recent analysis of anakin, like esfjs are, he is also concerned with his social status. having been a slave for most of his childhood x it is no surprise that he never wants to go back there and also strives for recognition. sadly this quickly develops finto a certain lust for power x x x which eventually contributes to his downfall x.
besides he also is altruistic and takes his responsibility to help and to do the right thing very seriously. from a very young age, all he wanted to do was help people x and not wanting anything in return x. “mom, you said the biggest problem in this universe is nobody helps each other” x
as we all know, anakin want to be valued and appreciated and it saddens him when that’s not the case. this though relates to the fact that he was a slave for such a long time and now has an even stronger need for validation because unlike others he never experienced this during his childhood and therefore a time that strongly defines your personality.

so, now let’s have a quick look at the strenghts and weaknesses that anakin shares with esfj personalities:

strong practical skills: okay we all know that anakin is very good in executing practical matters, may it be building a droid or a podracer, winning the podrace or executing strategies during war.

strong sense of duty: anakin always tries to do his duty. not necessarily what the jedi council tells him to but he does everything for the people he cares most about, the people toowards whom he feels a strong sense of obligation like his mother, obi-wan, padme and palpatine x.

very loyal: like mentioned above, anakin would do anything for the ones he cared about, no matter what it takes and he would always stand by their side no matter how bad it gets.

sensitive and warm: like esfj personalities, anakin seeks harmony and cares deeply about other people’s feelings x. also he is a strong team player as we can see in how he interacts with the clones in tcw.

– weaknesses:
vulnerable to criticism: alright ok, we all know this is very true. anakin needs to feel appreciated and if he feels like he is not it affects him deeply x. like esfj personalities, he can become very defensive and hurt if someone, especially a person close to them, criticizes him or doesn’t agree with him on matters that are very important to him x.

often too needy: like i said before, anakin needs to hear and see a great deal of appreciation but he will rarely mention it in front of the person of whom he wants it because he knows that it won’t have a positive effect.

moving on, what makes anakin an esfj relationship-wise?
like anakin, esfjs need to know that their partners will always be by their sides offering unwavering support, and marriage and family are the ultimate goal x x x.
therefore he takes each stage, from dating to everything thereafter, very seriously. if he feels like he is not being supported in his decisions or actions, such as when padme delivers criticism, he can feel extremely hurt x. like it is the case with anakin, nothing is more hurtful or depressing to esfjs than to realize that their partners don’t respect their dreams or opinions.

now that we’ve cleared up the (romantic) relationships aspect, let’s move on to friendships.
like esfjs, anakin will always stand by his friends no matter what x x x. yet again there’s nothing quite as hurtful to him as finding out that a trusted friend is critical of his actions and beliefs.

as for the feal/esfj personality type, we have come to an end of this part of the analysis so now we will proceed with the analysis of the second braintype/personality type:

2. bcal/infj
what suggests that this pt is the right one for anakin?
just like infjs anakin sees helping others as his purpose in life but his main goal is to get to the heart of the issue so that people need not be rescued at all.
also anakin has very strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for an idea that he believes in, even if it’s not the right thing to fight for but as long as he thinks it’s the right thing to do, he will fight for it x.
moreover he takes great care of other’s feelings, but he also expects the favor to be returned and if it isn’t he can get deeply hurt.

so, now let’s have a quick look at the strenghts and weaknesses that anakin shares with infj personalities:

insightful – as it is important for a jedi, anakin can feel when something is out of place x x, he can also see how people and events are connected which is very useful during war.

determined and passionate: when anakin believes that something is important, he will do everything in his power to make sure he achieves his goal. this trait also leads him towards the path of the dark side because he thinks that it will help him achieve what he wants most in the universe.

altruistic: i have already talked about altruism during the first paragraph of my esfj analysis so i won’t repeat myself here.

– weaknesses:
sensitive: as i have talked about this multiple times before, anakin is highly sensitive and gets his feelings hurt a lot. like other people with the infj personality type he is highly vulnerable to criticism and conflict, and questioning his motives is the quickest way to his bad side.

perfectionistic: unlike the other traits, his perfectionism is more of a subconscious characteristic. anakin doesn’t notice that what he is striving for is eventually perfection. because his life as a slave was the complete opposite, he now subconsciously tries to give his life a 180-turn no matter what. he wants to have power, love, family, friendship, freedom, respect, support. all the things he never had. and he never will. sadly he does not realize that until shortly before he dies. when his mother dies in aotc his plans of a perfect and fulfilled life are starting to get defeated because now, he won’t have his mother anymore. the defeating of his plans only continues when he is repeatedly being treated in a disrespectful way by the council, showing him that he will never be respected like everyone else is. also he loses the support of everyone he loves when he turns to the dark side to achieve power and to save the love of his life. thinking that padme and his friend obi-wan have turned against him, his friend turns into an enemy and in his anger he deeply hurts padme, resulting in her death (and from what he knows also his child) only hours later. by now he has lost his family, respect, support, the love of his live and his brother and best friend. all he has left are power and freedom (at least he thinks so). sadly after a while he realizes that the “power” he thinks he has does not really exist because he is nothing more than a puppet of the emperor and therefore is still a slave to his master, meaning in his whole life he was never free. he was never able to escape slavery and on his unsuccessful journey to break the chains he lost everything that was dear to him. in the end he had less than he had as an official slave. he has failed. 

okay now that got really depressing really fast… let’s move on to relationships:
relationship-wise, infjs and esfjs are pretty similar. they take the process of finding a partner seriously and look for depth and meaning in their relationships. 
furthermore, like all infjs, anakin isn’t afraid to show his love (and he also would in public if the jedi council wasn’t so medieval) and he feels it unconditionally. 

okay, so now what infj friendship qualities does anakin possess?
from all the friendships that anakin has been in (obi-wan and ahsoka especially) we could see that he makes a loyal, caring and supportive friend. also the more his friendships and their trust grow, the more he will share his feelings. if he feels like he can really trust someone and they shar the same beliefs, morals and ideas, anakin is going to make sure that this friendship will transcend time and distance and last a lifetime.

sources: x x

okay so that is it. i hope you liked it and that i could clear up a few things :)
if you want anything else analysed, explained or just want to share your thoughts, just ask me and i’ll be happy to answer your message.

Just in case if anyone is interested what I’ve done the last three days

claude frollo is his name, sinning is his game.

22. victory kiss (harurin, pg)

day 3 for me since i skipped yesterday ;_; but i also moved to a different state so i don’t feel too bad about it and this one is, somehow, 1000 words instead of the previous 500 and it does, technically, contain two kisses. for hinalilly’s 30 sharkbaits kisses challenge.

notes: the entire reason i get into sports anime and/or sports fandoms is so i can enjoy awkwardly public declarations of love and/or make-outs in front of cameras at international sporting events. so this is that! at rio 2016. 

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Could you do another SITS continuation of that bet story where the MC actually gets pregnant due to that hookup, but hides it from the guys until later. And then they find out about it and tries to confront her about it, but the MC is still very sore about the whole bet thing, so she brushes them off- believing that they are lying to her again- and just propose to raise the child on her own and walks off before they could protest anymore.

Anon, you really enjoy making them so miserable. I think I going to just wind it up as last episode as any more further dragging of the story, it is going to be very dry. There is another anon request a happy ending. So I am going to combine together and make a final conclusion.

Link to part 3 is as below.

To the rest of the requesters, I am sorry but I need to jump this queue. I just want to wind out the story and make a final conclusion especially after I wrote the part 3. It just feel so bitter inside me.

Kyohei Rikudoh
You can’t believe when you find out you are pregnant with Kyohei’s child after that intimate sex in the changing room. Part of your ego, you refuse to let him know about it and another part is you are not sure how he feel about you. Anyway today is the last show and you will not be seeing him anymore. So you decide to keep quiet about the pregnancy.

However, your morning sickness give your secret away. One of the lady crew asks you if you are pregnant and you can’t deny it but admit the true to her. It just happen Kyohei passersby and heard about it. He immediately grab you to one side and confront you.

“So what if it yes? We are not related in anyway.” You rebuked

“Let me take the responsibility.” Kyohei replied softly as he try to hold you, but you push him away.

“I don’t need your pity. You have no feeling for me at all. Just like the bet few years back. I can raise the child myself.” You rebuked and walk off. Kyohei was upset but he decided to do something about it.

You have pack your bag and decide to leave Japan. However, you find a lot of reporters were crowded at your house. Suddenly, Kyohei appears among the crowd and walk toward you.

“I have gather all these reporters here as I have a declaration to be make. I, Kyohei love _____ since few years ago. I had hurt you before but it was stupid of me. My love for you have not change since then. I am still deeply in love with you and going to love you even more.” Kyohei said seriously and then he kneel down in front of you. “Will you marry me and let me take care of you for the rest of your life. I want to create a happy family with you.” Kyohei propose with a diamond ring.

All the camera flash is flashing all over. You are so touch that you do not know what to say. Seeing you have not responded, Kyohei get up and slip the ring into your ring finger. He then wraps you tightly around his arm. “Stay with me forever.” He whisper. You give a nod and hug him back. You can hear a cheer among the reporters and try to pull away out of embarrassment. However, Kyohei leans in and give you a passionate kiss.

Iori Enjo
You were speechless when you find out you are pregnant and wonder if it was just a joke. However, the test result has proven the true and there is no way you can deny further. What you have decided is to hide the fact from Iori. The filming will be ending soon and you won’t be seeing him anymore. There is no reason for him to know about it.

However, you start to look pale and feel tired very often. Eventually you fainted on the spot and the crews have to send you to the hospital. When you wake up, you find Iori sitting at your side.

“Why didn’t you tell me about your pregnancy” Iori asked softly.

“Is there a need? There is no love between us. That night was a mistake. I can raise the child myself. I want to rest now. Can you leave me alone.” You rebuked.

Not wanting to upset you further, Iori left the room. For the next remaining couple of weeks filming, he keeps a look up for you secretly. Finally, the filming came to an end and you decide to go back to LA. However, to your surprise; you find Iori on the plane as well.

“What are you doing here?” You asked.

“To propose to my future wife. Look the plane is about to take off in a couple of minutes. You can either agree to my proposal or jump off the plane with me later.” He smirks.

“You are an asshole.” You rebuked.

Instead of getting angry, Iori makes his way to the front and grab the microphone from the air crew.

“I, Iori would like all passengers on board to be my witness. I will love ____ for the rest of my life. I will do my best to make her happy and take care of her until the end of my life. I know I have upset her in the past, but my love for her is true and never had change. Today, I going to propose to her and hope she agree to be my wife and grow old together with me.” Iori said seriously.

Iori then walks toward you with a ring in his hand and hold the ring up to you. “All is now is waiting for your answer. Let me take care of you.” He said softly to you.

By now you face is full of tears and all you can do is give a nod. Iori smiles happily and slips the ring into your ring finger. He then pulls you for a passionate kiss and everyone cheer for both of you.

Kota Igarashi
You are shock to find out that you are pregnant and wonder how thing are going to end. Finally you decide that you will keep it from Kota and raise the child yourself in LA. As the filming goes on for 3 months, your tummy eventually start showing. There is no deny that you are pregnant and even Kota realize that.

Kota show up at your place one night and demand to know if he is the father of the child. You tried to deny it but Kota investigate and the timing seen right after your intercourse with him. He asks you to return to his side and you refuse.

“You don’t have to do this out of obligation since you have no feeling for me. I can take care of myself and the child.” You rebuked.

“I do love you.” Kota declared.

“But you bet on my feeling in the past. I need you to leave now.” You rebuked again and chase him out of the house.

Kota feel lost and not sure what he can do to convince you. He is moody for few days and seeing you ignore him, make it worst. One day he has an interview with a magazine about the movie. The reporter asks if Kota has someone he love. Kota then decided to declare his love to you openly in that interview to prove his love to you.

“Yes, I have but she hate me now because I hurt her few years back. It is my fault. Until now, my love for her has never change. In fact I realize I love her even more after I reunited with her in LA, but she still give me cold shoulder. _____, I want to let you know I will not give up on you. I will try until you forgive me and return to my side.” Kota said seriously during the interview.

After the interview was published, the crews at the filming were all talking about it. You can’t avoid been asks since you are the female lead. Just then Kota appear and kneel down in front of you and the crews with a ring in his hands.

“What I said during the interview is true. I can’t love another woman other that you. Please marry me. I promise I will be a good husband and a good father to our child.” Kota propose in front of everyone.

The crews seem to be giving him supports and keep shouting repeatedly to ask you to accept his proposal. You are touch by his act and you give a nod, with tears flowing down your cheek. Kota smiles and get up. He slips the ring into your ring finger and pull you in for a passionate kiss. Everyone cheers for both of you.

Nagito Aoshima
You can’t believe you got pregnant after intimate with Nagito. You are not even sure what you are going to do going forward. After much thinking, you decide to raise the child yourself and hide the fact from Nagito. You are not related to him and thus, there is no need to inform him.

However, your morning sickness was very bad and soon you can’t cover out the true. Everyone soon know about it and that include Nagito. One night you make your way out from the washroom, you saw Nagito standing outside waiting for you. He pulls you to one empty room and ask why did you hide from him.

“I am the father of the child. I have the right to know.” Nagito declared.

“But there is no love between us. So what the point of informing you. Anyway, I can raise the child myself. Anyway, we won’t be seeing each other after the press conference tomorrow.” You rebuke and walk off. Nagito was upset but he is determined not to end this way.

At the end of the press conference, Nagito suddenly announce he has something to say and ask everyone including the reporters and fans to stay behind.

“I once hurt a woman I love. I regret what I have done but my love for her is real. Even after now, my love to her remain strong. I need her in my life. _____, can you forgive me?” Nagito said seriously and then walk down from the stage toward you.

He presents a ring in front of you. “Will you marry me? I promise I will love you and our child unconditionally for the rest of my life.” He said sincerely.

You are touch by his action and tears start flowing down. He wipes away your tears with his finger, then slips the ring into your ring finger. You throw your arms around him and he hug you tightly in his chest. You can hear everyone cheering for both of you.

Takashi Ninagawa
You can’t believe the test result in front of you. You are pregnant with Takashi’s child. Finally accepting the fact, you also make a decision to take care the child yourself. The project you handle with Takashi is ending soon. He won’t know about it and that is best for everyone. You also start to make plan to leave the country to avoid him.

However, you are careless to leave the test result around and let Takashi pick it up. The moment he seen it, he got a shock. He hold you back one day and clarify the test result.

“Well it true. I bet you just wish this is false right. Don’t worry, I not expecting you to take responsibility. I can take care the child myself” You rebuked.

“That is not what I mean.” Takashi tried to explain but you walk off without listen further. Subsequently, you avoid him and there is no way he can approach you.

Finally the project end and you are on the way to the airport. During the journey, the cab driver turns on the radio and the DJ saying that Takashi is with him and he has a declaration to make to a girl he love.

“I really love her a lot. I am not good at words and I know I hurt her in the past. But my love to her has never change. Thus, the next song that is playing is delicate to you, _____. The music and the lyrics are done by me and it reflect how I feel toward you. I hope you get to hear it. I love you.” Takashi said.

His voice is replace by the song that he mentioned. Upon hearing that, you can’t help but let your tears flow down. To your surprise, you saw Takashi waiting for you at the airport when you arrive.

“How did you manage to get here so fast?” You asked in surprise.

“That was a pre record program. I have been waiting for you here all the time.” He said seriously. “_____, I mean everything I wrote in the song. Please forgive me. Will you also marry me? Let me take care of you forever.” He asked sincerely as he pull out a ring in front of you.

You smiles in tear and just give a nod to him. He slips the ring into your ring finger and wrap you tightly in his arms. All passerby passengers at the airport all stop and cheer for both of you.


two of my favorite facial expressions in this entire episode

The fourth of July would be great if I enjoyed seeing the American flag everywhere on Tumblr but it just makes me think of people posting it whilst thinking about how great American sniper is and how they wish they had a seventh gun in case a POC looked at them the wrong way

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I want the illiterate and easy times to go back. The times where you could do whatever you wanted to do with your muse without thinking or getting diehard judged. Right now everything has to go as fancy as possible, as detailed as possible and people have their eyes on everybody to see if they play their muses accurate enough or whatnot or they'll end up on this blog. If more people would want those old times to come back, I'd make a new blog in a heartbeat and enjoy roleplaying again.


Rufus the Red Panda

This Red Panda’s name is Rufus, he’s a playful little panda who enjoys rolling in fields and smelling flowers. He also loves to play dress-up and imagination games like “king of the tree” from his favorite, a blossoming apple tree. 

I made a few little changes to the design this time, putting the eyes closer together, smaller ears and adding embroidery for the first time. I’m really enjoying making these little ones, could you tell? x)


so im really enjoying youtube and making videos and i want to do it moooooore soooo i’m thinking next week i’m gonna film stuff! - stretching videos (because you guys request them hehe), what i eat i a day, vlogs (maybe), Q&A (maybe) idk anything and everything!

I know a lot of people are saying

That they are not gonna watch season 4 because of all the bullshit….. but honestly I’m gonna stick around regardless.

First of all, i didn’t start watching it because of anyone in particular. I’m into comics so i started watching the show. I enjoy seeing different adaptations to comic book heroes. Yeah i enjoy criticizing things that annoy me and that i hate… but to me it’s part of the fun.

Second of all, I’m not going to stop watching just because i don’t like the love pairing…. i know thats not all we hate about it. I know for me i don’t like that they are disrespecting Katie Cassidy. They are clearly shoving her aside to make a different actress shine. HOWEVER, I do enjoy the show and its characters. I mean aside from my QUEEN Laurel, there’s Thea who i’ve grown to adore, Diggle who i’ve always loved, Oliver…..yeah he’s a dick but i love him lol, and yeah, even Felicity; even though i do NOT agree with the direction of the show, I do like her. I hope they find a way to bring her original funny self back instead of the bizzarro version they have created. No i dont want her to die or leave the show, because like every other character, i feel like they are essential to the plots…even to the ones that i detest. In any case, I watch the show for many reasons.

Third, call me optimistic or unrealistic….but i still hold the hope that the show WILL in fact give at least a little justice to the comics regarding the Green Arrow/Black Canary endgame. Guys, there’s so much potential still. Its a tv show, storylines change, and there’s still a possibility for the show to honor the GA/BC legacy! My husband who loves comics and yet is an o/licity shipper says that although he enjoys their ‘love’, he “knows” that Ollie has to end up with Laurel at the end lol.

FINALLY, I will NOT stop watching the show….because i FUCKING LOVE LAUREL LANCE! I will keep supporting her character through thick and thin. I will keep blogging about her and ranting about injustices done to her, but mostly i will keep being part of her defense squad! I feel that its unfair for us to stop watching and neglect her character. I will not surrender to haters. I’m in this shit for the long run bitches! <3

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Your art is wonderful. Theres just something about it, a certain sense of life and love from the artist, I think. You seam to care about your art, which makes it easy to care about sorta thing. If that makes sense.

Aw wow thank you, this is so sweet! I LOVE drawing and I enjoy doing it immensely. It makes me feel nice that it seems to show!


hello internet! I’ve made some Dan and Phil page dolls! I was watching amazingphil‘s live show and decided “the internet needs these page dolls!” so I made them. Also, you can find my other page dolls on my devaintart! So far, I have MCR ones, Dan and Phil, and then there’s a couple that are made for myself/my friends. If you have a deviantART account, I can make you one for deviantART points :) Please enjoy them.

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"stupid" or over reacting? my mom tries to make me more social. I tell her i dont enjoy parties but she still says i need more friends&only have 3. it upsets me she doesnt understand=i get annoyed,i talk back later bad feeling bout my behaviour

I don’t believe what your mother is doing is “stupid” necessarily, as it’s just a misunderstanding, and, like you said, an over reaction on her part. Now, excuse my assumptions as I know nothing about your circumstances, but usually mothers want what they believe is the best for their children. However, just because she may have grown up being social and went to parties doesn’t mean it’s a lifestyle for everyone. Like you said, she just doesn’t understand.

You should try and sit her down and explain what an introvert is and that there are many people in this world who feel the same way. Maybe even look up articles or posts on Tumblr to prove your point to her. The sooner she realizes that being an introvert is a real type of social personality, the sooner she’ll greet your introverted traits with acceptance. It can be difficult to try and persuade your mother to think differently than how she already does, but just keep it real when you talk to her, and most importantly, tell her how you feel.

Hope this helps - good luck! :)