They go out drinking and Jack finds out Davey is a light weight. The hard way.

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40 and ereri? :3 that one just screams it :D

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

Eren had been trying, he really has, for god knows how long to catch that elusive quirk of lips that disappears so fast that Eren is left underwhelmed and frustrated.

They’ve known each other for 3 months now and have been dating for 2 weeks and he has yet to witness it so naturally being the determined little shit that he is, he made it his life’s mission to get more than the slight raised brow. 

He had no idea it would be this challenging though.

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Stiles Stilinski Drabble/one shot - jersey

(Requested by anonymous, warnings: some smut.
Summery: Stiles loses a lacrosse game and you try to cheer him up)

“Stiles! It’s okay!” You chase after Stiles as he storms into his room, you watch as he throws his jersey to the ground and shuts himself in the bathroom.
You press yourself up against the door holding onto the locked doorknob, you can hear stiles slam his hands down on the side.
“Go home, (Y/N)!” Stiles yells through the door, you sigh miserably and turn to face his room.
“I’m not leaving you, Stiles. Not when you’re like this, it’s a lacrosse game for god sake! Who cares if you lost!” You move forward scooping stiles’ jersey off the floor, you smirk as an idea spring into your head.
“It’s not just a lacrosse game! It was the last game of the season, we didn’t just lose! Our asses were chewed up and spit out…” Stiles’s words drifted when he opened the door, his jaw drops when he spots you standing by his bed wearing nothing but his jersey.
“It wasn’t that bad.” You slowly walk up to stiles wrapping your hands up around the back of his neck, his eyes roll down your body then back up to your mischievous lips.
“Um…uh….erm…wow…” Stiles clears his throat as he struggles for words.
You push up capturing his lips in yours, Stiles instantly leans in, his hands finding their rightful place on your body.
You pull away for a moment, Stiles opens his eyes following you to his bed.
You fall backwards his jersey ridding up your thighs revealing your panties, Stiles climbs over you his hand pushing it’s way up to your chest underneath his jersey. You continue to hurriedly make out with stiles whilst you peel away at his clothes.
Stiles is quick to remove the last piece of clothing that separates you, wrapping your legs around stiles waist your left hand grasps onto Stiles’s hair as the other digs your fingers in between his shoulder blades.
Stiles groans quietly, his hips pumping rhythmically, you pant biting onto your lower lip.
“Stiles.” You barely breath his name past your lips, both of you coming close to climax.
Stiles buries his face in your shoulder as he finishes, you throw your head back against his pillow.
Stiles smiles laughing slightly, you crawl out from underneath him pulling off his jersey and throwing it at him.
“Is this what I get every time I lose?” Stiles asks sitting up pulling his own clothes back on, you shake your head laughing along with him.
“No, you get it every time you win. Consider this inspiration.” You peck stiles’s lips and cuddle into him, Stiles cocks his eyebrows.
“Got it.”


Katie’s Birthday Countdown

Day 4 - Misaki Shouta and Arikawa Youichi ➙ First Catchphrase (See “Read More”)

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Bard/his wife and #24 - The protection of laughter

Thank you very much, nonnie, both for the prompt and for being so lovely <3 *blushes hard*

Once again, the prompt is taken from this list. There’s something weird about this ficlet (there’s something weird about everything I write these days, to be honest), but I still hope I didn’t make too much of a mess. XD

Her laughter is the first music in his world.
It’s what Bard imagines a fiddle would sound like, silvery and light, yet full and enchanting - heavy in the way embraces are heavy, in the way arms close around you and chins weigh on your shoulders; a comfort as tangible as a chest breathing and rising against yours and falling back into your grasp before soaring again.

She breathes life into his days, a flesh-and-bone blessing curled up by his side every night.

She’s light.

She holds him and he holds her, heart tight with emotion - arms loose around her, swaying with her - catching the sound of her laughter with his lips.

Bard, stop, I feel dizzy-!

He wishes he could trap it in their fluttering curtains, one drop of sound in every little stain, in every tear and crease, like splashing carps bouncing in his net. But such a gift is not meant to be kept.

She’s light. She needs to reach the whole world and make it warmer, brighter.

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Eh? I thought I already fuckin’ did this? I ain’t yer follower, Greaves, but I know I’m yer favourite, ya don’t need ‘ta tell me that. I ain’t gonna do this shit again, so fuck off.Only because he can’t come up with more things about himself that he likes.


Alright, my artblock has been killing me lately, but I’ve made a little progress today I think ;u; The two last sketches are a couple of days old, but the others were made today. Very quickly. So sorry for stealing Kai again, aeolian-mode ~ And hope it goes well with moving your things to the new house!

aus, aus everywhere

[[Welcome back / Closed]]


He’s been fine. He’s told himself that he’s fine. On the drive there he’d handled the minor delays with, what he thought, was extreme patience. Nothing more than the tap of fingers on the steering wheel and, perhaps, a few narrow eyed, low-throated sounds of annoyance. He’d driven right past the cell-phone lot however and into the paid parking lot without batting an eye. He wasn’t going to dicker over paying an hour’s stay for fifteen minutes if it meant his car was right there.

Even if she had said she’d call him so he could simply pull around and pick her up once she’d gotten done with customs.

But he was fine. He knew he was fine. And the way his throat tightened and his heart picked up a little, waiting in the crowd outside customs - well, he could pretend it had nothing to do with the fact she’d been gone a month or the surprisingly strong impact of finally having her just a few minutes away.

His heart still tripped hard enough he had to admit - he hadn’t been fine. Not exactly. Not until he saw the familiar auburn hair swishing its way out of the arches, luggage in tow, possible annoyance because he wasn’t picking up the cell phone she was calling that was ringing in his jacket pocket. Because that was fine too. Because he could finally step into her line of sight and open his arms for her and pull her close into him, lowering his face to rest cheek against cheek with hers and thrum out a low, content sound that had been trapped and waiting for her for an entire aching long month. Nose full of her familiar scent, feeling the soft warmth and strength of her against him, starting to smile like an idiot - he could finally admit -

“welcome back.”

now he was fine.

Coffee, musk, sandalwood and even a hint of citrusy…vanilla? The composition of his smell was one of a kind and overwhelming in a positive sense. It had the potency to stop time and drag her into a pool of memories and nostalgic feelings.

Do you know this sensation? she asked in her mind as if trying to communicate with him by utilizing some kind of thelepathic connection - this feeling that you get when you anticipate someone’s warmth and presence for far too long. For so long, that once you have that person in your arms, it feels as though you’re in a glass full of water…a miniature aquarium. You start to hear nothing but your own heartbeat until the other’s beat joins in to create this overwhelmingly emotional symphony.

Exhaling deeply, she’d lean her head back to have a proper look at his face without breaking free from the hug. He must’ve been slacking. The usually pale complexion seemed to be even more translucent than before. Eyes were laced with a hint of weariness and his smile revealed the lack of sleep and constant overexposure to stress -he looked fatigued but deeply content.

In a matter of seconds, both hands moved towards each side of his face to pull him a little closer until she could feel his breath running down her lips, which ultimately caused her fingers to tense up. Brushing her lips only faintly against the corner of his mouth, she’d instead lean closer towards the side of his face, whispering with an involuntary shaky voice
Yeah…I am finally home.


To Anon: can I publish your asks? Because they seem to be very personal and you talk a lot about your feelings and even on Anon I don’t know if you want everybody to read this…

In response, I… I really don’t know what to say to be completely honest o///o M-maybe you.. Is there a way I can talk to you privately about this? >~>

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Send me a ship and I’ll tell you:

who holds the umbrella when it rains
who is the grumpiest in the morning
-I can and can’t see this being Sasuke so I’d have to say Juugo? In the way of being slightly less tolerant to Karin and Suigetsu’s antics
who worries more when the other is sick/hurt
who plays pranks on the other
-Neither, that’s more of a Karin and Suigetsu thing
who is always the first to suggest cuddling on the sofa
-I don’t think either. If at all it’ll just happen
who insists on creating nicknames for the other
-Again I don’t see either using nicknames Juugo tends to be to formal for it too
who drools on the other when they’re asleep
-Neither are really droolers
who says ‘I love you’ first
-Very awkwardly from Juugo, Sasuke would probably humor him for a long while before returning the feelings after the war

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hahaha omg. I love your latest post. MakoRin gives me life. XD But imagine if that same scenario happened when they were in a cozier situation, like making out or something, and Mako goes through that same thing again. XD Oh gosh. I can't. lol.

Confusing your BF’s name with your siblings names while making out?? 
👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit  

Will Rin have ANY chance in hell to repair the damage, tho? 

So many MakoRin-shippers out there!! ♥ Though they have such few (such few?..) stage-times together in the Anime. Who would’ve thought??~ 
They’re one of my not so secret passions, too! :DD

Thank you! ♥ ♥ ♥ That made my morning!  

pffft, Cat!Ice suddenly reminded me of my own cat Kuzya

(well my brother’s but whatever)

my parents told me that when they brought him to a vet for the first time in his life, he was so restless and scared he ended up escaping from the vet when he was trying to take his temperature and then running around the hospital from my dad and nurses

he probably was also thinking “FREEDOM!”

with a thermometer sticking out of his butt, foam on his mouth, crazy look and hysterical meowing

Send me ‘Sorry’ and my muse will fill out a formal apology form for yours

…Calling you a little bitch in front of your little team of goody-goodies and then slapping your bum
…Announce publicly what is already known?
…Snap you out of it and cop a feel
I don’t know how this could be confusing, honestly.
…Say it in ancient Greek next time
…Stop being a little skýla
…Secret fetish, Eris
…Your tushie IS quite firm