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Using only song names from 1 artist cleverly answer these questions; pass it on to 15 people

Band: one for
What is your gender: girl almighty
Describe yourself: can’t let her go
How do you feel: alive
Describe where you currently live: why don’t we go there
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: another world
Favourite mode of transportation: ready to run
Your best friends are: better than words
Favourite time of day: night changes
If your life was a TV show it would be called: act my age
What is life to you: more than this
Relationship status: na na na
Your fears: no control

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Altair from Assassin’s Creed!

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Petnames can also be use as a condensing way to talk to someone. I know that one of my college teacher used "Darling" or "Sweetie" with someone, it meant "you're an idiot, I don't know what we're going to do with you and I'm using the last shred of my patience to explain this to you".

I hate when people do that. I just come from a place where petnames are very common. Saying “excuse me love”/”Thanks chuck” is viewed as normal and polite. Almost everyone says them and it is just the way of this area. I was struck by how it wasn’t when I was over in the US (the places I went didn’t seem to be big on them, I’m not speaking for the whole country), or when I go down to London or over to mainland Europe. Sometimes it can be about how normalised it is where you were brought up.
–The Welsh One

thecaptain6614 replied to your post “What is your favorite song(s) off of each Breaking Benjamin album?”

You literally responded exactly, almost word for word, as I would have. Have you ever heard the acoustic version of Give me a Sign? In my opinion, Ben’s vocal work is unparalleled in that version and I love it more than the album version.

Yes!! I love acoustics of Give Me A Sign. My favorite has to be this video. This is one of, if not my top favorite, live video.

So much in the tag about white therians being racist, lmao. Oh no, some kid believes they were reincarnated from an actual living animal as compared to a dragon…the cultural appropriation kills.

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Zinnia and/or Elder, from that flower prompt list!

zinnia: I mourn your absence. Cousland/Teagan.

She leaves Redcliffe, purged of the dead but still grappling to stay on shaking legs, and he thinks she’ll never look back. She has a purpose that is beyond him, for all the young years that still live in her heart. But she’s a far cry from the girl he remembers, the Teyrn of Highever’s beloved pup, meant for a happier fate than the one she carries now, heavy as the shield on her back.

He kisses her hand before she leaves, and watches something alight in her eyes – a youthful excitement that makes him smile, and when she draws her hand back it’s with a hesitant grace better suited the soft glow of a bedecked ballroom. And he thinks, there is hope yet. And when she turns to leave with her company she spares him a last glance over her shoulder, one that leaves him longing for better days, and a courtship that does not need Death’s blessing.

And in the long months that follow, Teagan waits, for news from Denerim (news of her); news about the Archdemon (does it lie defeated; does she?). But news travels slowly across a blighted land, and though it’s not his battle to fight he leaves to join her, at the heart of his late sister’s city. He’s not welcomed with open arms, but then there’s few of those to be found these dark days, and though he’d seek her out if he could, he doesn’t. Instead he waits, as is his lot, until the word he’s both dreaded and anticipated reach him, finally, in the dead of night and with the castle’s servants in uproar.

The Archdemon is defeated. The Blight is over.

The Hero of Ferelden lives.

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What dc movie would you recommend to someone who has never seen one?

Hmmm that might depend on the person’s prior knowledge.

My personal favorite is Under the Red Hood (that’s usually how I start people off with written comics too), but the problem with that is it’s very, very violent, and it would require a fair amount of backstory… which could be easily explained before the movie, I suppose. That’s what I would do.

As far as live action goes, I don’t have anything against Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. They’re several miles away from canon, but they’re an interesting watch. It’s a good conversation starter as a compare/contrast between film Batman and comic canon. TDKR was the first DC movie I saw, and it, along with Young Justice, propelled me into this fandom. 

Can we like donate some money and buy some law books for SM?
They sent six(?) lawyers to the first negotiation, but none of them has enough knowledge to inform the company that the contract became null the moment they were was sued.

They are only trying to intimidated and get the lawsuit postponed, because that is the only way they can avoid having to pay for their stupidity and cruelty. Threatening and suing companies and people in China won’t get them anywhere, but when you’re desperate, you’re desperate (and stupid)

You’ll think I am a horrible person and not thinking about the others, but they’ve done way too much damage, so I’ll go and get some popcorn and get ready to admire the way SM will crash and burn. You’re welcomed to join!

A few days ago I was shopping, and in one of those stores, where moslty what-is-wrong-with-spray-tan-what-do-you-mean-I’m-orange-I’m-16-I-am-an-adult-ok-?! kind of people shop, there was a shirt with the confederate flag on it, and knowing that here in europe, some dude runs around with that t-shirt, with no idea what that flag means, makes me really uncomfortable.

mira-eyeteeth replied to your postThe problem is that, from a purely objective…

? But I’ve seen selfies of you, you look great and happy. And if you don’t believe that, at least know that you are a wonderfully talented lump. I mean, you’ve got arms and legs and everything! Can’t say that about a lot of lumps.

Your kind words make me smile

But I’m talking about objective evaluation here