but when this moment happened on-screen i full on cackled like....

You’re No Father

“I requested Anti and Dark putting their differences aside to punish Reader’s father for the emotional abuse he put her through. Thanks in advance!”

Warnings: mentions of torture, blood, and family abuse.

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There was no excuse for what he had done. 
There was no excuse that you could muster up, or wanted to say that would stop them from interfering. 
Already the lights were flickering. The temperature in the room plummeting. 
Your father, oblivious to what was happening, continued to rant. His words were like knives. Digging into your armor that you so perfectly created for times like these. Molded over years from the same treatment that crumpled your confidence and twisted your reflection when you gazed into the mirror. 
You cowered under his gaze. Tears misting the edges of your eyes as his voice sharpened angrily. 
You tried to move away, tear yourself from his rage but your father stepped in front of you. Blocking your exit. 
The light above the two of you popped when your father stabbed a finger against your chest, his words raising in volume. 
The two of you were thrown into darkness for a moment.
But then the TV from the other room started to illuminate a soft green glow.  
You said nothing as your father moved around you towards the light. Pressure was building against your body and you wiped away your tears as a hand gently touched your back. 
“Go to your room,” A deep voice said in your ear. “I’ll come and get you when we’re finished.
You nodded, shaking all over as you fled to your room. 

Your father stepped into the lounge-room. Glaring at the TV as the screen fizzled and buzzed with glitched images. 
The closer he got, the more clearer the pictures became. 
A static screen of you when you were younger. Playing around in the backyard with a sprinkler and a dog, but then it changed. The image darkened as your father appeared on screen. His expression frozen in a shout of rage and you on your knees crying. 
It flickered to another image of you sitting at a desk and doing homework. You were crying, tears ran down your face as you labored over school-work. 
Behind you, your father was again bellowing. His fists clenched and his anger clear in his eyes. 
“No father would treat they’re young so disrespectfully.” A cold voice growled behind your father. 
He spun, his confusion turning to anger as he stared at Dark. “Who are you? What are you doing in my house?” 
Dark loosened his tie a little, smoothing down his coat as he glared. “My name is irrelevant. And my purpose here is to teach you a lesson.”
Your father went to speak but a hand wrapped our his throat, cutting off his air supply as another figure appeared behind him.
A maniacal cackle burst from Anti’s lips as he pressed a blade against your father’s throat.
“Oh yes, we’re here to show you what happens when you mess with our girl/boy.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Your father spat, “Let go of me! I’ll call the police!”
Dark chuckled, a humorless sound that chilled your father’s heart. “You won’t do anything of the sort. Because we won’t let you go until you’re begging for mercy from (Y/N). And even then we’ll keep going, because you didn’t stop tormenting them when they asked.”
Anti giggled, his head wildly flipping out. “Where should we start? The tongue was the worse offender. Maaaybe we should cut it out. Sow it somewhere else.”
Dark hummed, edging closer. “All those years of pain you put (Y/N) through will be carved into your skin. Do you understand?”
Your father went to retort but Dark’s fist slammed into his nose. Anti cackled and threw him down. 
The two lunged on him like predators on down prey.

In your room, you had the stereo playing loud. Burying yourself in whatever distracted you.
But even with the music blasting, you could still hear your fathers cries. Barely audible through the walls.
To say you felt bad would be a lie.
A few hours later, your door opened and you shut off the music as Dark dragged a limp, but groaning body into your room.
The two were speckled with blood. Your father however, was bleeding, his limbs torn and some of his fingers were broken. 
Nasty bruises covered him, his face already swelling from the assault it went through.
Anti kicked your father, a wide grin on his face. “Well, spit it out.”
Your father, not having the strength to even lift his head, tried to form words through his bloodied lips. But only a small whine left his throat.
Dark growled impatiently, reaching down and picking the man up by the remnants of his shirt.
“Speak, filth. Or we’ll begin again until you do.” Dark hissed angrily.
“I-I’m sorry,” Your father managed to say. “I wasn’t the best father. I should have been better. I should have treated you like a daughter, not a stranger. Please, I’m sorry.”
You glared at him, crossing your arms. “I don’t want apologies. All I ever wanted was a father who treated me as they were meant too. You put me through hell, treated me like shit. I couldn’t care less for your ‘sorry’s’. I just wanted to be treated like a daughter/son.”
Your father whimpered as Dark dumped him on the floor. “Come, kitten, we’re taking you somewhere else.”
Dark gestured for you to follow and Anti led the way out of the room. Leaving your father bleeding and broken on your bedroom floor.  

Work It Out

In which Eric Bittle officially comes out to his Mama. 

Read on Ao3

It was only hours into Christmas vacation and the Bittle Family’s quaint, sunshine yellow kitchen was already overflowing with every kind of pie-like confection imaginable. Apple. Cherry. Rhubarb. You name it, and it was probably perched on one of the many crowded windowsills.

This increased state of pie productivity was due in part to the fact that the elder Bittle had missed her son/best friend/partner in sugary crime something fierce while he was away at college, but it was mostly just because Eric himself was more nervous than he’d ever been in his whole life.

Today was the day. Today was the day he would tell her about Jack.

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Three’s Company - Jungkook

[Image is not mine]

Oneshot for this prompt sent by anon:

Request : Erm, ok, here’s a one shot idea. Fluff, slight jealousy, pool date. I’ll leave the people up to you unless you want specifics. <3

Pairing : Jungkook x Reader

Genre : Fluff, slight jealousy, spoilt jungkook

a/n : I am breaking a vow here writing this jungkook fic

The sun felt amazing against your skin, like the angels themselves were giving you a massage, they must’ve looked down from heaven and realized your boyfriend was too preoccupied with his suntan lotion to give you one himself. You’d been watching him, smiling, from the moment you had lied down on the pool chair.

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99 Problems

Things had been decidedly less exciting around Storybrooke since the final battle. Emma felt as if she was taking the world’s longest exhale. No curses. No monsters. No dwarves screaming of impending doom. There was something profoundly wonderful about the luxury of being bored. With all the madness aside, sheriffing had become a normal job. A few drunks getting too rowdy for the Rabbit Hole and every now and then she had to bust teenagers for vandalism. She even wrote a parking ticket yesterday.

As she strolled into the office that morning, she practically beamed. Bringing her to go cup from Granny’s to her lips, she savored the earthy dark roast. Taking a deep breath with a satisfied exhale as she settled at her desk, delighted by the monotony of paperwork.

“Hello wife” Killian greeted her from his desk with a soft smile. They usually tried to drive together, but as it was the first day of high school she couldn’t resist driving Henry to school…much to his disdain. Suddenly it wasn’t cool to hang out with mom in public. Teenagers…

“Hello, husband” she replied congenially as she watched the color rush into his cheeks and the tips of his ears. Something was still so, so sweet about those words. Even two months later.

She took in the stacks of paperwork: incident reports for car accidents, tickets, budget information, and of course, complaints. She took note that her sweet husband was kind enough to separate Leroy’s complaint letters out from the others. Chuckling to herself, she grabbed the impressive stack and headed toward the filing cabinet. She passed by his desk with an extra bounce to her step as she deposited the letters in the file marked “Leroy…again”. They didn’t really even read them anymore. A barking dog was not an emergency.

As she turned back, she caught him with his eyes fixed to her body, a slight blush creeping up on her cheeks. His tongue pressed between his teeth as if he hadn’t already had her once before work.

“Down boy.” She said with a musical laugh as she stopped to kiss him quickly on the cheek.

“Can you blame a man, Swan? You look positively radiant today” He waggled his eyebrows and scratched behind his ear as he grinned at her.

“Well, you know, I’ve got 99 problems but a curse ain’t one” She threw over her shoulder as she walked back toward her desk.

“99 problems? Is there something you’re not telling me, love?” His face scrunched into one of concern.

“Oh, um, no. It’s Jay Z.”

“Jay who?” He cocked his head in confusion. She scrambled to think of how to explain modern music to him. He still sings sea shanties.

“He’s a rapper”

“Oh. What does he wrap?” It was all she could do to contain her laughter. He was so innocent sometimes and so not innocent other times…she snapped her thoughts back to the present.

With a smile twitching on her lips, “Not wrapping like presents…rap as in music. He’s kind of a musician. It’s like a poem set to music” And there’s a lot of bitches and hoes, but she didn’t tell him that part.

“Oh, well I gather that would be quite pleasant” He said, no doubt thinking of those Walt Whitman poems he had found set to some charming and wistful violin.

“I’ll show you some time.” She said with a smirk.

A few days later, she sat at the kitchen table wrestling with her broken coffee maker. “Stupid motherfucking thing, just fucking-” She cursed as she jammed the screwdriver in with more force. It was still early and he was still asleep. He’d been up late last night making her toes curl and her voice hoarse. She had a hard time getting comfortable all night and after waking up three times, she decided to just get up for the day. It didn’t mean she couldn’t grumble about it.

“Oi! Love, what did that poor contraption do to you?” Killian asked sleepily as he entered the room, taking in the hilarious sight in front of him. He’d awakened suddenly, feeling bereft without her by his side. He ambled after her guided by the loud and quite angry sounding music and a few colorful words from his wife. She jammed the flathead into the toaster again and with more force. She didn’t appear to know what she was doing at all, unless she was trying to destroy it.

“It deprived me of coffee and for that it must be punished” She seethed. She jabbed the machine’s guts again, hoping that maybe hitting it would somehow cause it to freaking cooperate. Hechuckled and made his way to her, carefully taking the screw driver from her hand and safely depositing it back on the kitchen counter.

“Easy, love. Surely we can remedy this affliction with some Granny’s?” He affectionately rubbed her back with his hand.

“I’d have to put on real clothes and drive there though” He sighed. Taking in her indecently short pajama shorts and her tank top pressed tightly to her chest so as to hint that she was not wearing a bra, he decided he didn’t want her to change clothes. He liked her just fine like this.

“You’re fortunate that you’re actually quite adorable when you’re acting like a petulant child. Not to worry, your dashing husband will fetch it for you.” She smiled up at him. Yep, he was a keeper.

“Aw, thank you Killian” she said coming up to meet his lips.

“No offense, wife, but do you mind if I turn this music off? It’s putting a bit of a damper on what is to be a very romantic kiss.” She laughed and pressed the pause button on her music. “Ah, thank you. What is that stuff?”

“It’s rap. Remember I told you about it?” She said, grateful for the silence. While “I Don’t Fuck With You” is exactly the sentiment she had meant for her worthless coffee maker, it wasn’t great for when she was very tempted to take her husband on the kitchen table. Because let’s face it, she does fuck with him. She does it a lot, in fact.

“It’s…it’s a tad louder than I expected” Well. It certainly wasn’t Walt Whitman with a violin, she bemused.

“Not all of it is that way. I listen to it when I’m working out some times”

“Or when you’re destroying our appliances” Killian added unhelpfully, if she was being honest.

“Hey! That thing started it” She pouted despite the obvious smirk tugging at the corners of her lips. He gave her a kiss and headed to the diner for her precious coffee.

He was cleaning the kitchen when she first heard it. Killian rapping. It wasn’t great technically speaking, but at the same time she was convinced it was the best thing that had ever happened in the history of time. She hid behind the corner of the wall and watched.

“Sit down! Be humble!” He said along with the music as he swept the floor. He was just a bit behind the beat and a little too eager to get the words out. She didn’t take him for a Kendrick Lamar fan, much less a rap guy at all. He was full of surprises. She wasn’t even aware he’d been listening to it since she said it in passing. But then again, Killian has always tried to learn as much as he could about new things. He’d almost gone a month with his iphone before he’d cracked the screen.

“Captain Hook has bars…who knew?” She cackled, revealing herself. His face flushed enormously and he scrambled for composure.

“I’d hardly say that, but I am enjoying the rap music”

The rap music? How old are you, 75?” She couldn’t contain her giggles, reminded of the grandfather types she had seen on television. He certainly didn’t sound like her thirty-something looking pirate.

“Much older, so you’d do well to listen to me, lass” he joked back, though his crisp tone as he said ‘lass’ definitely was giving her some ideas. He ran his hand through his dark hair, laughing freely as he took in the interest in her eyes. It had all been much less intense as they settled into a normal life. There was more freedom to make fun of each other and less pressure on keeping things romantic all the time.

“Oh okay, I’ll make a note of that, sir” She winked. She thought maybe she saw a tinge of lust color his eyes, but she ignored it. It wasn’t every day that you could make fun of a pirate for rapping.

“Seriously though, what’s your next single? Walk the Plank feat Smee?”

“Very funny, Emma. If you must know, it’s got a nice beat and I happen to have a lot in common with some of these rap artists.”

“Oh, really? What’s a centuries old pirate have in common with a rapper?” She asked incredulously. His eyes lit up mischieviously and she realized far too late that she’d set him up for the punch line.

“They both love booty” She laughed despite herself.

“You’re ridiculous.” She rolled her eyes and snatched the broom from him. “You know, I pictured you as more of a Foreigner or Journey kind of guy.”

“Are those musicians?”

“They’re bands. Rock. You’ll like them” He smiled and wrote himself a note on the notepad on the counter.

“Any other suggestions?” he quirked his eyebrow.

“Boston.” Seeing his confusion. “It’s a band, not the city… Def Leppard…”

“A hearing impaired jungle cat?” His eyes widened comically, but the glint of humor showed her he was kidding.

“You did that one on purpose” He chuckled and nodded his head.

“That one came up on the radio a few days ago. Something about sugar.” He admitted. He stepped closer into her space as he smiled at her.

“Pour Some Sugar on Me.” she answered.

“If the lady insists…” He licked his lips, moving closer but she stopped him right before with a finger to his lips.

“You’re annoying” she said, but her smile stretched wide and her tone was affectionate. She trailed her finger down his lips over his chin then stepped another step closer, pressing her body to his. “But you’re cute.”

“My special super power. Everyone has one, Swan.” He teased. Bringing his lips down to hers, he kissed her. She pulled his shoulders closer and deepened the kiss. Staying there for a moment, tangling their tongues and nipping at his lip. He gently pulled away and rested his forehead on hers.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, boo.” He said sweetly, but he couldn’t keep from teasing her just a little more.

Oh my god, stop!” She pushed back and started to walk away.

He laughed and caught her arm. “What? I’m just trying to holler at you!”

Welcome to another profile on Behind the Screens, giving you personal insight on who your favorite creators are and what they do when they aren’t wowing you with their creative ability.

On this profile, we’ll learn more about Tagan, also known in our pack as ThiamFresh or CaptainMintyFresh. The author of Airplanes, Sweet Talking, and a plethora of other Thiam prompts and stories, Tagan shares bits about her life, her writing process, her ideal road trip buddy, and her tips for creating tension-filled relationships.

Hi, Tagan! Let’s start off simple. Using a sentence, where the word count is either equal to or less than the number of letters in your two favorite Teen Wolf characters’ name, tell us about yourself. 

Theo Raeken + Derek Hale = 19: I’m Tagan. Love to write and act. I have a terrible sense of humour. Generally an accident prone mess. 

Talking about Teen Wolf characters, which five characters would be on your Ultimate Paintball/Laser Tag team and why? 

Theo, Malia, Allison, Liam, Stiles. Right, so I want Theo because like boy’s a master tactician/manipulator and he’s ruthless. Boy would 100% shoot 10 year olds to win and that’s the kind of person I want on my paintball team. Malia, again, she would have no qualms about just decimating the other team. Allison because she is an amazing shot; her role would be stealthing her way through the field to take people out/sniping everyone else while the ‘ground team’ does the closer stuff. Liam because he’s athletic and competitive. Stiles because he’s good at coming up with plans, plus…you know..he’d be really good bait for the other team.

Omg he would be! Now, before those characters blessed us with their existence, we found love and OTPs in other ones. What would you say were your first ships, way back in the day?

I’m not sure if this counts but Ant and Dec? I thought they were married but if not, then Monica and Chandler or Spike and Buffy. The first fanfiction I read was for Dramione.

And, how did you land in the Thiam Family? What about Theo x Liam drew you in?

I really liked their scenes in 6A (And some of the scenes in 5 but honestly, I hated five as a whole and watched it out of duty more than anything so I just didn’t have the enthusiasm to get into a ship.) Theo was the first bit of 6A that i actually really liked and a lot of that was just down to his sass and a lot of it was directed at Liam. And then the car key scene had me cackling with laughter. There scenes were just..fun in a way the rest of the season lacked, at least to me. So I was pretty invested in their whole dynamic and then there was ‘Being the bait’ and ‘do you know how to ride a horse’ and I was pretty sold. I went to search for Thiam content then but didn’t find any so just went back to writing the fics for other fandoms I was doing then and didn’t really mind.

But then 6B came out and the second I saw Theo on screen I was thinking “wow i can’t wait for him to see Liam and realised I was a bit more sold on them than I had planned to be and so I searched the tag again and went onto AO3 and read the few fics there but there really weren’t many. 

I’d gotten stuck on all the fics I was doing for other fandoms and so put up a request for prompts and Thiamkey gave me a bunch of headcanons and prompts and then people seemed to like them and started sending them in and then I just…talked to people and they were all lovely and we had all this amazing content coming out every week from the show and more people climbed aboard the ship. More fics being written, more prompts being sent.

Honestly, i just wanted to dip my toe in the water, write a fic or two while I waited for other people to write their own but then i suddenly found myself up to my neck in Thiam and not regretting a second of it.

Let’s jump into writing. Before we dive into the Thiam pool, if your writing process was a person, describe him or her. What does he or she do? Wear? Listen to?

My writing process as a person would probably be a toddler in a room full of toys but instead of playing with them, she just hiding under furniture and has five different conversations with five different imaginary friends at one time. She’s messy, with chocolate ice cream smeared over her face and her hair tangled into nots. She has no real idea about what’s happening but is excited none-the-less. Will have constant tantrums and cry then be excitedly squealing in the next second. ACDC would be playing in the background.

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The colours you brought me (Niall Horan)

Hello everyone! So, today I bring you a request @therosequeen52 made me:

Plot: “Hi, could you write me one with Niall? The plot would be where you see black and white and when you meet your soulmate you see colors”

Before getting into the story, I gotta let you know REQUESTS ARE CLOSED TEMPORALLY. As you all know winter break is almost done :( and that means I’m not going to have time to write for a bit. However I’ve got some stories prepeared to upload soon :)

@therosequeen52 hope you like it!

For the rest, ENJOY!!!

It was a cold winter afternoon when Stephanie and her mother walked back home after another day at school.

The six year old girl held her mother’s hand tightly, not wanting to let go of her warm soft grip.

For quite a long time Stephanie had been wondering why she couldn’t see the world in colours, just as her parents did. She had a great desire to see her surroundings on their original state as well as how the seasons made a makeover on the city every three months; but none of that happened and her bewilderment only grew worse.

“Mommy, why can’t I see colours?” her question caught the woman by surprise, who looked down to her and met her naive eyes ”Well sweetheart, that’s because you haven’t met your soulmate yet” to Stephanie the question wasn’t answered, she didn’t know what a soulmate was and her mother realised It “Look… a soulmate is someone who, since the very first look, will connect with you like no one else will ever do. He will share and understand every single thought that runs through your mind, and truly love and support you no matter what” Stephanie listened carefully to her explanation, liking more its concept by the time she finished “And how does it feel?” “Meeting your soulmate?” the little girl shook her head in swift movements, something Harper found funny. Obviously for such a small human being love didn’t mind “Nooo, how does seeing in colour feel?” “Oh… it really feels good, it’s the best feeling ever…”

Stephanie walked through the black and white gardens of the park. Since she had a sense of memory being in contact with nature was one of the things she loved the most. Everything there worked as a great source of happiness: the fresh cool breezes of air hitting her frame, the sweet perfume roses oozed, the feeling of softness whenever her fingertips brushed these, and the improvised symphonies birds made with their loud chants were some examples. Nevertheless, it also brought a hint of sadness to her system: she still couldn’t see any of those magnificences in colour.

It was midday, usually, at that time of the day everyone was having lunch, therefore, the park was almost desert, just leaving Stephanie, nature and a random guy sitting on a bench alone.

The nineteen year old girl walked to her favourite spot on the huge garden: a quite ancient willow. She took her drawing pad and set of pencils and began marking the paper with delicate traces, little by little uniting and acquiring the form of an impressive tree.

As she brushed the charcoal she wondered how its beauty would multiply the day it had colour, something she thought about every time she drew.

Her daydreaming was interrupted by a loud stumble. Stephanie lifted her head abruptly and saw the unknown guy sprawled on the floor with the guitar he carried on top of him. Quickly she packed her stuff and approached to help him.

The boy muttered ‘oh no Niall’ as he rubbed his sore elbow. In the moment he tried to prop himself up he found an unknown beautiful girl squatted in front of him, who softly asked “Hey are you okay?” he was about to tell her it only had been a clumsy trip when suddenly found himself out of words. The only thing he could focus on was the foreign colour that lived in the girl’s sparkly eyes.

The same happened to Steph, what she had been dreaming for so long was happening right in front of her eyes, and couldn’t be more mesmerizing. A great range of colours expanded beginning on the boy’s ocean eyes, gradually revealing his pale skin and dyed blond hair.

Regarding the landscape around, trees now looked cheerier and more alive than ever, the sun in the blue sky above them gave off a dazzling brightness which highlighted the diversity of flowers around them, and the no longer black and white birds flying around finally established a wonderful image which could be relatable to the feeling of the moment: happiness.

Now Steph didn’t feel incomplete at all.

“Do you see…” “Colours? Yeah, and they’re so freaking beautiful… just as you” his sudden comment made her blush noticeably, a wide grin spread over the boy’s face as he detected her rosy cheeks.

“By the way, I’m Niall” his deep yet soft voice revealed an irish accent which Steph immediately was fond of “I’m Steph… well, Stephanie but everyone calls me Steph” she facepalmed herself at that unnecessary clarification ‘good way to start Steph’ she thought, but Niall chuckled due to her embarrassment. His cackles were unique, but in a good way, contagious and at the same time awkwardly cute. In a matter of seconds, she found herself laughing along with him.

After staring at each other for a few minutes, lost in the beauty of their orbs, Niall hesitantly asked “Would you like to go for a walk?” for an unknown reason Steph was glad he asked “Yeah, I’d love to” She stood up and held his guitar while he got rid of the dust his clothes were full of. As he did so she asked “What were you doing here?” “Just writing some songs” “Really? I’ve always admired songwriters, you are able to capture lots of feelings and experiences in the shape of wonderful rhymes” His eyes suddenly acquired a special brightness “That’s the magic of songs and what encourages me to try to build a name on the music industry, I want to reach people’s hearts with my lyrics” after his statement he finished cleaning himself. Offering his arm to the young girl he said “C’mon, let’s explore this new view of the world… together”

*Few years later*

It had been a long time since their first encounter, still they remembered It as if It had happened the day before: They headed on a long walk where they got to know each other in depth. Steph found out he was taking his career seriously and that, after years of trying hard, he was discussing a music deal with a record label that was interested on him.

By his part, Niall discovered she loved art and photography and that she moved from Massachusetts to Ireland to study thanks to a scholarship she got.

In a matter of hours they were treating each other as longtime friends, something which shocked Steph as she had never experienced that level of instant chemistry with anyone.

“A soulmate is someone who, since the very first look, will connect with you like no one else will ever do”

On that walk their conversation took a deep way. Niall opened himself up and confessed until he found colour in her eyes he didn’t feel completely happy. He told her his world felt boring and plain without them. Steph related to every single word that splited out of his mouth and shared her feelings with him as well.

“He will share and understand every single thought that runs through your mind”

Since that day their friendship grew stronger. They texted nonstop and met almost every afternoon. Little by little chemistry was palpable among them.

One day, Niall made the first move when he offered her some of his food. Yes, at first sight it didn’t seem to be something out of the blue nor romantic, but Steph knew the meaning of that gesture; Niall was a really kind guy but when it came to food he didn’t like to share it with anyone. The fact that he did that meant she was beyond important to him.

Now, two years later, Steph stood beside her boyfriend whispering encouraging words to his ear. There were five minutes left for his first concert ever and he was beyond nervous.

“Relax love, you’re going to shine on that stage, I know” she cupped his cheeks and kissed him in the sweetest way, trying to let him know she trusted on him “Now go there and prove everyone you’re worth it” Niall looked at her bright eyes, he reached for her hands and grabbed them on a soft grip “Steph, before going out there, I want to thank you for always supporting me. This means the world to me” he wrapped his arms around her figure and nuzzled his head on the crook of her neck “I love you so much”

“And truly love and support you no matter what”


The concert was on its half and everything seemed to go smoothly. The crowd was amazing and didn’t stop cheering him.

One of the best and most magic moments so far was when he sang ‘This town’  Steph could see his little star in the verge of tears when he looked at the buch of people in front of him swaying their screen phones and singing along creating a fascinating choir.

Finally he could see the results for all his efforts.

Stephanie walked to her mother, who came to support him as well “Mum, see? Ni finally made it… I’m so proud of him” a tear of happiness slided down her cheek. Harper smiled and brought her daughter on a tight embrace “Honey, there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you for a long time” “Yeah?” “How does it feel?… Meeting your soulmate” Steph looked again at the most important colour in her life “Mum, It really feels good… it’s the best feeling ever”


EXO reaction to their girlfriend being in Jay Park’s MV MOMMAE 몸매.


He bites his lip, not even trying to hide the smirk that slowly spread across his face, letting his eyes drop from your digital self on his laptop screen, slowly back up to your body next to him. Shuffling in your seat on the couch, you lean over his lap and tap pause, warily watching his expression;

“Well… what do you think?”

He grins mischievously, slipping the laptop off his lap so fast that you don’t remember how he ended up straddling your hips, pressing your hands to your sides.

“I think those rabbit ears are going to come in handy.”


He’s staring wide-eyed at the tablet you’ve put in front of him, his gripping the edges of it so tightly that his knuckles are turning white. You rest a hand on his shoulder gently.

“O-Oppa? Are you okay?”

He whips his head around to look at you, jealousy burning in his eyes.


You cringe and play with the hair at the nape of his neck, trying to calm him down.



He’s had the video in his mind since last night. He was so jealous of how you wrapped yourself around Jay Park on the bed. You had consoled him, of course; telling him not to worry, you were just acting. After a few kisses and cuddling, you’d finally soothed him by telling him that you were planning something more intimate and real for tonight. He groaned, watching the clock as his members were rounding up their practice and finalising a few moves. His phone beeps and he jumps a mile. He looks down and opens the message.

Y/N: Your surprise is ready… come home.

He scrolls down to see a selfie you’ve taken in the bathroom mirror, bunny outfit on full display, a box of condoms at your feet. He texts you back and runs out of the room.

Kris: I’ll be home in 5, brace yourself, you won’t be walking for a few days.


“Jagiya, we need to talk.”

He beckons you over to his bed with a wave of his hand. You sit on the edge of the bed, trying to read his expression. No use, he’s got his poker face on. You were in trouble.

“What’s wrong? You cock your head to the side, waiting for his answer.

He shoves the phone screen in your face and watches you expectantly.

"You should know how I’d react to this. If you wanna make it up to me, I think we should reenact this.”


You were hoping that showing Lay your part in this MV would elicit a slightly different reaction out him. You were sure that texting him the link during his practice would hint towards what your were planning for tonight, maybe he’d drive straight home or send naughty messages to you- when he sends a video back, you lick your lips in anticipation. You read the message and feel your expression fall.

“No Jagi! You’re doing it wrong, you’ve gotta dance with like this!”


You woke up to the sound of giggling. It happened in a few second bursts; silence, giggle, silence, giggle. What the hell was going on? You pushed back the covers and rolled out of bed, following the childish tones of your boyfriends laugh. You stood in the doorway and sighed from embarrassment, covering your face in your palm. Baekhyun turns around and points at you, cackling.

“Haha, Jagi! You’re half naked dressed on telly! Your family has seen you dressed like a bunny! What’s your grandma gonna say? Haha!”

Child. You turn around, giving him the finger.


He’s on the outskirts on the set, watching you as the MV is being filmed. There are so many people dancing and wandering around, it was difficult for you to keep track of where the cameras were, even more so of where everyone was. You thrust and sway in time with the music, making sure to keep your expression sultry and not laugh at how ridiculous you felt. You didn’t mean to make eye contact, you really didn’t. You looked over and stopped dead. Chen had a lust filled look in his eyes that caught you like a deer in headlights. He was licking his lips and all you could think about was the way his lips felt on yours. You were snapped from your reverie by the director shouting ‘CUT’. You shook your head and looked up, vaguely hearing her shout something about the backup dancers swooning in their on time. You murmured a 'sorry’ and heard Chen giggle. Arsehole.


You sit him down in your room, telling him that you have something to show him. He gets excited and sits on the end of your bed expectantly, rubbing his hands together.

“What have you got to show me, Jagi?”

He looks slightly confused when you turn to him from your desk, and plonk a laptop into his hands.

“I thought you might like to see this.”

He watches intently, smirking as he see’s your scantily dressed, enjoying the view. You stand in front of him, watching his reaction carefully. He starts to look irritated and you tilt your head to the side.

“What’s wrong? You looked like you liked it a moment ago?”

He frowns and closes the laptop lid, setting it aside and looking up at you.

“Not really, no.”

You stare at him, gobsmacked. You felt heat rush to your face as you bolt towards the door. He’s quicker than you and blocks your escape route with his arm. You look up at him, shocked. He sighs down at you and holds the side of your face in his hand.

“I loved your performance, you’re gorgeous, talented and were clearly the best girl in it. There are only a couple things I’d change.”

Putting your hand over his, you prepare yourself for criticism.


He smirks and rubs his thumb on the side of your face.

“I’d be lying there instead on him, and you’d be the only other one there. I don’t like to share.”

D.O. -

He’s taking a break from practice, catching his breath, and having a moment to himself. He hears his members chuckling and whistling, all crowded around Baekhyun. Curiosity gets the better of him, he leisurely walks across the room gulping down his drink. His eyes widen and he chokes for air as the bass of Mommae hits his ears.


He yells, throwing the water bottle at Baekhyun’s head, snatching his phone back.


Ever since Zitao had watched the MV that morning, he’d been distant, grouchy and dare you to think it, jealous? When you questioned him about it, he shrugged it off and laughed. You’d roll your eyes and carry on with your day. Later that night, he’d come home and you didn’t expect much- when he got into one of his sulks, he’d stay that way until the next day, so you carried on preparing dinner and let him get on with it. But when you felt hands on your waist turn you around and push you against the counter, you stared startled at him. His face was inches away from yours, you could feel his breath hit your lips as he spoke in a quiet yet deadly still tone.

“I want a private show. Now.”


Poor little Nini doesn’t quite know what to do with himself, he’s sitting on the fence between jealousy and pure amazement. He’s watching the MV sneakily on his laptop with his headphones in. You’re in the kitchen preparing dinner and swaying your hips to a song on the radio, oblivious to the wondering eyes, roaming your hips and thighs admiringly. He grins like a kid in a candy shop, muttering under his breath.

“All mine.”

You look over your shoulder at him, smiling.

“What was that, baby?

"Oh, nothing.” He says, smiling innocently.


He scoffs when you show him your part in the MV, wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you close. You frown up at him questioningly, to which he brushes the stray hairs out of your eyes and tucks them behind your ear.

“Filthy peasants, think they’re getting the best view, but they don’t get to see the best one of all.” He murmurs into your ear, licking down your neck, tracing his fingers across your stomach.

This took so long! I went a little bit too far into this :’) But yes, I hope you guys like it! Feel free to request more!

(I don’t own any of these gifs)

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Liam: Private Party

This is my first post on this blog, my first posted fic and whatnot. 

A weird fluff about Liam?

You were warm all over. It was like there was a heater underneath you, with big hot wheat bags across your back. You growled a happy sound, and the wheat bags got heavier. Almost like they were arms. Arms that were tightening and snuggling you into a chest. Which explained the gentle rising and falling of your head and the light thumping.

Slowly, you opened your eyes, blinking and hoping you were cuddled up with Malia, but knowing you weren’t if the lack of breasts and too much muscle was anything to go by.

The blur was slow to dissipate, eventually forming into fluffy dirty blonde hair and parted full lips. No one else in the pack had blonde hair. And the only other guy you could’ve ended up snuggled with would’ve been Isaac, cuddler extraordinaire, but he had declined to come last night.

You squirmed slightly, both trying to free yourself and remember last night. You felt his arms tighten again and heard him inhale deeply. A definite sign of waking up. Closing your eyes, you went soft, focusing instead on relaxing and playing asleep.

“Whargh…” He groaned, his arms solidifying into wakefulness around you. You could tell the moment he realised who he was cuddled with, his body tensing before forcing himself to relax and sliding out from under you.

Trying not to take offense, you rolled away from him, fake sleep-whining and curling back up without him.

You heard him sigh softly before padding away. Once you were sure he was gone, you sat up, searching out your phone on its wall charger and texting Isaac. Only after you had composed the correct message and pressed send did you check your gallery. It wasn’t pretty. And it definitely brought back what had happened.

“Sleep over at my place, you’re all coming!” Lydia announced firmly, before giving you a glance and less firmly saying “And Isaac isn’t coming?”

You nodded an agreement and she perked back up. Isaac was the one thing you were a proper expert on. Everything else you had mediocre skill or knowledge about.

“And, we of not wasteful alcohol consumption, will be drinking and brightening the lives of those who cannot.” Stiles said and you cringed slightly. It was fine when you assumed everyone around you was drunk but to know that the others would literally remember everything of the night before, even if you didn’t, was a little nerve wracking.

You were a bouncy drunk, to say the least.

Your phone blipped a message from Isaac and the group chat on messenger. Clicking Isaacs first, you gnawed on your lip until the screen came up.

Woof Wolf: You little minx, I knew I shouldn’t have left you alone with him. It was obviously all him and you were just too drunk to say no.

There was an attached image of you and Liam, you with your arms spread wide and a sun bright grin on your face while his hands were stuffed in his pockets, his face embarrassed and awkwardly pleased looking.

You tapped out a reply before opening the chat to view the images Scott had sent ten minutes ago. Assuming it was meant to be a kind gesture, to share the memories he had collected last night, it didn’t feel that way. You scrolled through the images, seeing the one Isaac had sent, followed by another of you mid terrible dance move, Stiles beside you looking equally dumb. And another with you taking a leap into the pool, Malia, sober, and trying to stop you in the background, your face relaxed and sure that you’d be fine. The next one was Malia and you dripping wet beside the pool, her face grumpy and yours amazed at something off camera.

It went on, photos of you and the others in various ridiculous states. Until you came to a set of three, the first Liam sitting in an arm chair, with you slightly off to the side. Followed by you climbing into his lap, his face blushing and tight lipped. And the third, and last one, of you snuggled against his chest with his arms wrapped around you. Your eyes closed and face content while his flamed red with a nervous grin.

“Lets do some shots! Scott, pour this I can’t tell which cup is which!” Stiles shouted at his best friend, who was already right beside him. Scott smiled awkwardly and you raised your phone, trying not to wobble and wondering why the image wouldn’t focus right.

“Whatever.” You said softly, pressing the button three times instead of once. “Whatever.” You repeated.

“Y/N! Come over here!” Lydia called and you giggled, wobbling slightly on your first step before getting your sea legs and making your way over.

“Yes, Codename Duchess?” You whispered conspiratorially and she laughed. You took a selfie as she laughed, liking that her face was so happy.

“Just telling you,” She whispered loudly, “That your outfit is so cute, because I dressed you, and because you helped. You’re so good at things and stuff.” She sighed and Stiles waltzed over, taking her hand and pulling her in tight.

“That’s my girlfriend, Y/N! Get your own!” He laughed, giving Lydia a gentle squeeze and she rested her head on his shoulder, eyes closing.

“I have my own!” You replied, taking Malia’s hand from where she had suddenly appeared. “This is my girlfriend! Li-li!”

Malia rolled her eyes and you leant against her, giving her a dopey grin.

“You may have dated her, but she’s with me now!” You yelped as she gave you a gentle shove to the couch, “And she is frisky too!” You cackled, swiping a shot from the bench and downing it.

“Oh dear.” You mumbled, putting the glass down and opening your mouth wide. “Shraaaaaaaah” You breathed, imagining fire blasting from your mouth.

You turned to Liam and Malia, opening your arms wide, smiling toothily. “It is clear that I am in fact a supernatal, I am a dragon and you’ll kneel on your feet before my mighty might!”

Your phone beeped again. It was Isaac.

Woof Wolf: I’ll be there in about an hour to come and get you. I’d like to hear all the sordid details of your supernatal adventures

You blushed, “Couldn’t even get out natural, could you.”

A few more touches and you saw that they were already talking about the super accident that was your pronunciation.

(via Pack Chat) Lydia: Breakfast for whoever’s up, kitchen

You groaned, your head still feeling a little fuzzy as you rose and headed for the kitchen. Juice is what you really needed.

You padded down the hallway, passing the bathroom and dining room before entering the sun filled kitchen.

At the doorway you hissed, tripping backwards and covering your eyes. You heard laughter but couldn’t place its owner.

“Maliaaaa.” You called whinily and she laughed again.

“In here, girlfriend.” You slowly uncovered your eyes, bit by bit adjusting to the sunlight.

Scott, Kira, Malia and Liam were all at the table, looking pep filled, while Mason and Stiles had their faces on the table, nibbling tiny bites. Lydia was situated on top of a counter, looking regally hung over.

You stumbled forward and sat on the cool tile floor next to Malias chair.

“Why is it so hot?” You whispered forlornly and Malia petted your hair gently. Reaching your hand up you made a grabbing motion and she put a grape in your fingers.

You felt like you were three. But, in all honesty, it was less embarrassing than trying to navigate eating on your own.

Nibbling away, Scott watched you, a look spreading across his face before he opened his mouth.

“Oh mighty dragon, how do I kneel on my feet?” He chuckled and you blushed a deep red, making everyone laugh.

“Yeah laugh it up, this is the last laugh you’ll have. Next time, I’ll crispify you.” You grouched and the laughed harder.

You felt your phone vibrate and pulled it out.

Woof Wolf: Is the door unlocked?

“Lydia, is the front door locked?” You asked, mid rise. Either way you’d be getting up to give him a hug and beg him to take you away from these demons.

“Yeah, its good. Come in Isaac!” She called and you heard the front door open and close. Once he came into view you rushed him, leaping into his arms and clinging close.

With a laugh, he wrapped his arms around you tightly and gave you a sniff.

“Gross, Y/N, you’re all stinky.” He laughed, jokingly pushing you away.

You shoved him, before giving him puppy eyes.

“Isaac, they’re making fun of my prowess, take me away from them!” You yelped, and he chuckled, giving them all stern looks while you smugly watched on.

“You guys shouldn’t doubt, Mushu here, she’s clearly dangerous.”

Your jaw flopped open with the betrayal and you thumped him hard in the right shoulder. Glancing around the room everyone looked jovial except Liam, whose eyes were softly glowing.

“Dishonour on you, dishonour on you, dishonour on your cows, dishonour on you all!” You growled before beaming at Isaac.

“Time to make our exit?” Isaac grinned down at you and you nodded.

“Skedaddle time.”

“Look, I know that you know what I’m talking about. And I know that you will break eventually. So why don’t you just cut our time in half and tell me.” You coaxed. “Just confess.”

Isaac shrugged, leant against the lockers casually. “I don’t know the answer to question three, Y/N, why don’t you ask someone actually in your class? Or your grade?” He snarked and you hissed a breath.

“You just want me to fail. You want me to fail this homework, then fail the class, then flunk out of high school and be dependent on you for the rest of my life to get by because I can’t get a job with my sophomore level education and then you’ll meet someone younger and she’ll get jealous of our amazing friendship and you’ll have to Hansel and Gretel me and I’ll be stuck in the woods where I’ll end up living in Malias old den, alone and cold before you realise the error of your ways and come looking for me but it’s too late, I’m gone. And then nine years later, we meet again. I met Brett in the woods, he protected me, took me in and we fell in love. We had our first child, Emily, and she has his eyes and my wrists. We are still so in love, so many years later. I’m pregnant again. It’s a boy this time, I am going to name him Carl. You want me back with you, you wish we were still best friends, so close, but I’ve moved on. And I tell you it’s time for you to as well, because you waited for me all these years. You agree reluctantly, but it’s a lie. In the end, you could never move on from me, instead you while away your years, mastering the painting skill and painting hundreds of portraits of me, back when we used to be friends. You turn to alcohol but it doesn’t get you drunk, it just tastes bad and you use the taste to punish yourself for the mistakes you made all those years ago, eventually turning to an early grave.”

Isaacs face is placid while the rest of the pack, who’d wandered over are wide eyed and confused.

“That’s exactly what I want, Y/N.” He purrs and you clench your fist.

“Damn you, Lahey, don’t you dare fall in love with me.” You twist away and come face to face with Liam.

“Hey!” You start, a chipper tone invading your voice.

“Question three is Tybalt. I got it from Mase.” He grins and you leap at him, crushing him into a hug.

“I guess I won’t have to go through all that torture before I marry Brett, thank goodness.” You mutter over your shoulder before spinning Liam around and pressing the page to his back.

“Marry Brett?” He asks as you write and you chuckle.

“Who else am I going to marry? He’s all muscly and I bet he can dance. And he is really tall too. He’d make a great father to my children, whose names are yet unchosen.” You explain and Liam shakes his head.

“He’s too into sports, and he might end up marrying Mason, why should you get him?” He countered. You lifted the paper from his back, finished and he turned back to face you.

“But Mason is so hot already, he could find a husband in a heartbeat. Can’t I have Brett?” You whined and Liam smiled, opening his mouth to answer, before closing it as Isaac grabbed your hand.

“Time for class, lovebird, and we’re going this way.”

You muttered a goodbye to Liam, squinting at his frown before turning away and following Isaac.

“He is going to murder me soon, so you better be into him.” Isaac sighed, adjusting his dark blue scarf.

You ran your fingers over it, soft. “No way! He’s just mad he couldn’t trash talk Brett some more.” You shrugged and peeled away, entering your classroom.

“What is up with yours and Isaacs relationship?” Liam snapped, looking ridiculously grumpy.

You sighed dramatically, fluttering your hand to your heart and giving him a doe eyed look. “We are so close I sometimes forget where one of us ends and the other begins!” You ramped up the southern belle accent and gave your eyelashes a flutter.

“You’re not using that as a sex reference are you?” He growled, his eyes glowing golden instead of their usually summer blue.

“Ew no! He’s practically my brother, you sex demon.” You yelped, taking a step back from him. “We are strictly platonic. Not that it’s any of your business, sex demon!”

Liam blushed furiously before seeming to gather himself. “I want to make it my business.”

You snapped out a retort, not listening to what he said. “You’ll have to fill out a form and then we might get back to you in three to seven business days.”

Liam blinked at you, and you blinked at him, realising what he said.

“Y-y-your request has been filed and accepted, if you’ll give us a date for your appointment I’m sure we can work something out…” You stuttered, blushing right along with him.

“God you’re a dork, Y/N!” Isaac called from across the hallway before humming the tune, Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid and walking away.

You turned back to Liam, who was grinning ear to ear and you beamed at him.


Gift Type: Fan Fiction
Title: Undefined
Author: @winters-blue-children
Recipient: @martianspyder
Rating: Teen+
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2630
Summary: Set during early S1. Oliver brings Connor to a work party and his co-workers make a shitty joke at Oliver’s expense.
Author’s Note: Happy holidays! Hope you enjoy!


They had been seeing each other casually for four weeks. Four weeks of late night dinners, early morning kisses–a bit of illegal computer work sprinkled here and there–and of course, the best sex of Oliver’s life.

Four weeks.

Four weeks full of dirty texts, unannounced visits, shower sex, and take out Thai food. Safe to say, Oliver had never met anyone that got his heart racing the way Connor Walsh does. Every crooked grin Connor throws his way, every devious sparkle in his eyes, the way he moves his hips and struts with confidence–Oliver can’t decide whether to blush and move out of his way or jump on him. Sometimes he does both.

The question is: is four weeks too soon for a date?

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So yesterday was @iliveilaughiloveiread​‘s birthday. I was hoping to get this drabble finished yesterday, but as usual I am late. Anyway, she is an absolutely lovely person who it has been a real pleasure to get to know. If you ever need a story recommendation she is the one to go to! So happy birthday sweetie, I hope you enjoy this story. 

Luck would Have It

“Dude you need to switch with me.”

“I am not switching seats with you,” Peeta harshly whispered to his friend Finnick.

He didn’t even need to ask why, because he was looking at the same thing that Finnick’s gaze was fixed on. Squeezing down the narrow, crowded aisle of the packed stadium were three very beautiful women who nobody seemed to mind moving their knees for. There were only three seats available in the their row, and they happened to be right next to Peeta, making both men feel like they were winners before the game even started.

Peeta was usually the wingman, letting his charming friend do all the work, but not this time, he would not budge. There was one girl in particular he couldn’t take his eyes off as she shimmied past blocking knees, her long braid swinging like a pendulum behind her slim back.

“Which girl are you looking at? The busty blonde, or the wild chick in the tiny clothes?” His friend nudged him, almost knocking over his beer.

“Neither of them, just keep it in your pants okay Finnick, we are here for the hockey game, not to pick up girls.” So maybe he wasn’t telling his friend the total truth.

“You can’t be talking about the little angry one with the braid?” His friend practically snorted. “Sure she’s hot, but that scowl on her face says you ain’t getting anywhere.” Finnick was so amused at his own humor he forgot to even argue about switching with Peeta, snorting as he took a sip of his beer.

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Summary: Jude and Connor are friends over the internet, and they’re both starting college. But surprisingly, it turns out that they’re roommates! As great as it sounds, both Jude and Connor are wrestling with developing feelings for each other, and close proximity may be the last thing they need. Will they fall in love? Or simply fall apart?

Read all previous chapters here!

Chapter 13

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Klamille in “Tangled Up In Blue” (The Originals 1x03)

“…it’s the first time he’s seeing her as a person, outside of his human spy.” - geektastic08 (who made me do this meta 😊)

*Inspired by my love for this episode, the Klaus & Camille interactions and development in this episode, and a reblogged gif set from it that spiraled into a full-blown Klamille conversation, mainly about this episode*

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My thoughts on Civil War

Spoiler city ahead!!! Seriously folks, I’m on mobile else I would put in a cut. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want to be spoiled don’t read my rambling!!!

I would like to preface this ungodly list of thoughts with the fact that I did honest to god like the movie and I need to see it five or six more times. That being said it wasn’t my favorite, it ranks low and mostly because they really don’t focus on the characters I really wanted them to focus on. I had to remind myself it was a Captain America movie and not an Iron Man or a Black Widow or a Black Panther movie (also a depressing lack of Bruce Banner, but no shit).

Ok last chance to scroll past, i ain’t kidding!

• Ok Steve over-THE FUCK-reacted, half of this shit could have been avoided if he had just talked to Tony when Tony gave him the chance.
• I’m still 100% in favor of the Avengers having someone keep them in check, even if I am not now 100% Iron Man
• I don’t 100% hate Bucky, it’s gone down to 95.5%
• Clint was the BIGGEST asshole, he goes against the law (knows full we be is doing it) then gets pissy that they throw him into the Raft. Mother fucker, what did you think was going to happen! Then he has the gall to bitch at Tony, who CANT DO JACK SHIT, because his hands are tied.
• Tony has grown to be big enough to know when he has made a mistake, and he tries like hell to fix that.
• The Avengers are Tony and Natasha’s only ‘real’ family, and they FIGHT LIKE HELL to keep it together.
• Steve didn’t give two shits that he threw everyone under the bus.
• T’CHALLA WAS PERFECT!!!!!!! He was a better Batman than Batman could ever hope to be.
• Steve well and truly pissed me off.
• The nods to Natasha’s relationship with Bruce were wonderful.
• I kinda feel a little unfulfilled after I slept on it, and I think it is because Natasha really didn’t get any development. I’ve heard people lauding the Russo’s for making her ‘good again’. What’s good again? Twelve lines, no character development, and she disappears just before the end. Like seriously, we don’t know what happened to her. Did she get arrested, did she go back to the Facility, or did she peace the fuck out and go back to the Barton farm because Clint didn’t think his actions through?
• God Bless my Rhodey.
• Tony Stank
• This movie did NOTHING for Wanda, she is an ungrateful child who has this great and terrible ability she really hasn’t any idea how to control yet, but instead of staying somewhere safe, she goes galavanting off the first chance she gets.
• Tony had Vision try and keep her there for her protection and the people’s. The facility was the best place to keep her out of the publics eye. He knew people would be on a witch hunt. True it was underhanded not telling her, but goddamn it, Tony is trying like hell to keep his family together, while his ‘family’ is doing their best to rip it apart.
• Awkward Dad Tony is the best thing to come out of this movie, seriously I hope Tony is this weird Uncle/Dad/Mentor figure for Peter Parker in the new spider-man.
• Spider-Man was a doll baby, bless him, I love him so!
• I cackled like a hag every FUCKING time T’Challa handed Bucky his ass.
• Seriously the Blank Panther movie needs to come out yesterday.
• I liked the Iron Widow friendship, I just need more of it.
• Like they could have taken Steve and Bucky out entirely and just had 100% Tony and Nat looking for those two idiots and I would have been happy as a clam.
• While I like Steve/Sharon, I felt it was unnecessary. If it was just cute flirting that would have been good, but the kiss didn’t feel right at all.
• I really wish Sharon was in it more. She really just beat the fuck out of Bucky and ollied out.
• Have I talked about T’Challa? How he is perhaps the single most pig headed/reasonable character? Like the exact moment he found out Bucky was being framed he dropped it like it was hot and went after Zemo, and instead of killing him or letting him commit suicide, he stops him so he can rot forever while unnecessary Martin Freeman watches him.
• Seriously why the FUCK was Martin Freeman in this movie?
• It seriously feels to me that the major Villian in this movie is Steve’s bullheadedness/inability to trust Tony (seriously people need to do that more, or at least tell him he is being an ass and give him x y and z reasons why he shouldn’t, not just “it isn’t right” and running off)/his RAGING boner for Bucky.
• Seriously I thought he was going to bend Bucky over in that elevator and take him to pound town.
• There needed to be more Rhodey/Cheadle, like almost every time he made it on screen he was a masked War Machine, the fuck was up with that.
• Scott Lang was unnecessary, but I loved him.
• I seriously don’t get what the FUCK Scott and Clint were thinking. Seriously you fuckers have kids, Steve Roger’s Bucky boner can’t POSSIBLY be more important.
• Scott your movie was ALL ABOUT YOU TRYING TO GET YOURSELF IN A GOOD PLACE TO BE IN YOUR DAUGHTERS LIFE!!! And know you’re a wanted man, how the fuck does that work out??
• Luis should have been in this movie, his stories would have been a better distraction than Giant Man.
• I have mentioned I am disappointed over the lack of Natasha? She really didn’t get enough screen time, and made no character progression at all.
• The Tony Pepper going on a “break” was THE most useless plot device I have ever seen! It was lazy, it was stupid, it made no sense to the characters AT ALL. Pepper has been with Tony through much worse, she knows he would never fully drop Iron Man, made amends with that and stayed with him any way. And we are supposed to believe they “went on a break”. I can buy Pepper being pregnant and distancing herself in fear, but all that shit deserves Pepper being there.
• The Vision is precious and pure, and needs to add sour cream or heavy cream to his Paprikash, it was too red.
• Sam is perfect, you keep doing what your doing! 👍 Steve doesn’t deserve you.
• I REALLY want this Iron Widow friendship to be explored, it’s this wonderful mix of frenemy/sibling-esque/taking the piss out of the other/not being afraid to give the other a dressing down when they deserve it (and they don’t seem to really mind, it’s like they understand that’s how they show they care). Iron Widow stole it for me, even though it was just a glimpse.
• Here is my list of characters that are selfish and can go fuck themselves, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff. Bucky doesn’t make the list, because even though I don’t like him he isn’t selfish and all he wanted to do was to get away. He understood he was a danger and he was trying like hell to remove himself.
• I still think one of the best things for Bucky was the Sakovian Accords, they would have mentally evaluated him and got him treatment he so desperately needs. That being said, I’m glad he’s back on ice.
• The fact that Steve knew Bucky killed Tony’s parents and didn’t share it with him is perhaps the douchiest of douche moves. Steve preaches about having all the information, not hiding anything, yadda yadda. Yet when it comes to Steve and his secretes it’s ok. I don’t blame Tony for going ape shit, it was a long time coming. He spent what twenty five years mourning his parents, he never got to say good bye to them, his Father has always been looking over him in both the father and disproving way. His mother loved him so damn much, and she died because she just happened to be there. Oh god when Tony cries “He killed my mom!” I was done. Tony loved his mother, she was the only one to show him any sort of love, just goddamn. I don’t care what anyone says, this was a Tony Stark movie. I can’t help but think Tony’s murder spree was also helped along with the fact that Steve knew, and didn’t think it important enough to tell him. The whole “he’s my friend/so was I” lines take on a whole new meaning. Tony thought he was friends with Steve, thought Steve would have told him of something of that magnitude. Tony probably would have been less incised to kill if Steve had been forthright, instead that tid-bit of information broke the camels back.
• I REALLY hope Wheadon and favreau have a greater hand in helping the Russo’s, because honestly this didn’t feel to marvely to me. I know they were going dark, but there was something missing to it that Wheadon and Favreau were able to capture better with their movies

I know everyone is so relieved that this was ‘better’ than age of Ultron, aaaaaand I have to disagree. I like AOU far better than Civil War and really it comes down to the characters they put the most focus on, i.e. Steve and Bucky and they don’t really interest me that much. RDJ stole this show, he was the saving grace for me, if this had more Nat/Bruce/T'Challa I think I would have liked it better.

But I’m still going to see it 5,000 more times for the express purpose of Tony Stark, Nat’s little smile when Bruce is mentioned, and T'Challa’s ass. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯