but when it does

Is it painfully obvious that I tend to favor Pegasi more? Well, if not then the cat’s out of the bag. I just dive for that Wing Aesthetic™ y’know?

Don’t believe me? then guess who my favorite Overwatch character is

Guys, I saw Beautiful Boy tonight and h o l y s h i t that was heavy!!!! The acting was absolutely amazing and it’s even more heart-breaking when you remember that it’s based on a real life family and their story. I’m really excited for award season and for this movie to spread that important message of drug addiction being a public health issue, NOT a crime issue!

i got tagged by @fendigloss to post some selfies or something

the gag is … i took these in august… this was the last time i took selfies cos a hoe uglie

idk who to tag bcos i dont interact very well on here but pls post ur beautiful faces n say i tagged u bcos i live for that

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tbh that' what i always figured. not angst teen riku, bc yea thats a given, but that riku is wearing wading pants for fishing and that sora is wearing a wetsuit. technically they were all working on making the world's okay-ist raft, but it would make sense that the boys generally just threw something else over their outfits. (woke hc, Sora's shoes were made to slip off fast and be water resistant) plus islanders n all, it wouldn't shock me if they both did some stuff for chores/family/work/w/e.

I can see Sora being in a family of artisans and he’d help run the stall at the local market (clean up/inventory/register/whatever is needed)

As I said with Riku - his family are fishers. His dad pulls him out of school and takes him out to sea to haul in fish bc it Builds Character.

Kairi doesn’t do anything bc she’s the mayors adopted daughter and she’s spoiled (in comparison to Riku and Sora who come from more working class families)

at least 40% of kairi’s rowdiness is her fighting against social and political obligations. the other 60% is just her naturally being a rowdy force of chaos.


I would sell my soul to Hades for Kassandra