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  • Sonny, after 96,000: That's it! I'm gonna do everything I can to make the barrio and the world a better place! Then we'll see who's cute! *sneezes*
  • Pete: Awww! You sneeze like a kitten!

Being a GX fan is weird because I acknowledge how much the narrative was all over the place and how much they dropped the ball on making the plot coherent and consistent but I still love it to death and I can’t even fully explain why beyond devolving into rambles about certain characters and season 3 and the mini batman and the mental breakdown of a cinnamon roll into a genocidal maniac.

Day 5

A modern AU written for day 5 of @reyloveweek

Rey had popped into his cubicle four times now and she still hadn’t told him what she actually needed. Admittedly, he was enjoying watching her freak out, but she was trying his patience at this point.

The first time she had come in, found him looking at her over the rim of his glasses, she squeaked out a ‘good-morning’ before turning to leave. Presumably back to her own cube, based on the exaggerated typing that was happening. The second time she had a folder with her, told him she had something she needed him to look at when he had a minute, and when he answered in the affirmative, she said ‘okay thanks!’ and turned to leave, taking the folder with her. The third time she rolled in on her chair from around the corner, opened her mouth to say something but what she ended up saying was: ‘think about it. Office chair jousting with that foam from shipping.’ and then she wheeled herself away. The fourth time, happening just ten minutes ago resulted in her waltzing in, picking up his stapler and then leaving as he called ‘I need that!’ at her back.

Now he was sitting facing the opening to his cubicle, glasses pushed up on his head and arms crossed in front of his chest, just waiting. She didn’t disappoint.

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“With shortness of breath, I’ll explain the infinite. How truly beautiful it is, that we exist.”

This started off as a vent piece but then I started listening to Saturn and it just, gives a lot of post-season 2 Blinky vibes so heres some multiple amulet AU

So this a sort of Prequel to THIS


It starts like this:

A kiss across his collarbones and Even shuts his eyes. Isak’s lips are warm. They’re always warm, always heated by clever smirks and gentle grins and bitten cupid’s bows. They’re warm and they are soft and whenever they ghost across his skin– it’s like coming home. It’s like peace and security and a strength that Even still isn’t convinced he has in the world outside of their little home.

 It starts as a whispered, “I miss them.”

Isak’s lips pause and a bright green eye peers up at him. A bright green eye that has just lost the rings of black and purple and green that had haunted Even’s dreams for days. A bright green eye that doesn’t narrow or fill with betrayed tears or judgement; just watches him patiently as Even tries to calm the swirls of emotion and pain in his mind and corral them into speakable statements.

“They were my best friends, Isak.” Even counts the stains in their ceiling and thinks he might be squeezing Isak’s side a little too hard, “My best friends. I hadn’t spoken to them in almost a year. I just miss them.”

“Tell me about them,” His voice was just as low as Evens’. “I know Mikael… And I guess the one who punched me was Sana’s brother. But I don’t even know his name.”

“Elias,” he responds, “Elias. And then there was Adam and Mutta. And… I saw Yousef inside, but you didn’t meet him.”

“Tell me about them.” Isak repeats.

So Even does.

Reconciliation is a weird concept. Isak suggests he and Even just take the plunge and go to Sanas’ on a day when all of the boys will be there. But that just seems incredibly daunting to Even. It’s like drowning and then a week later being asked to jump off a cliff. He can’t do it.

So Isak suggests meeting them one at a time.

He gets up and kisses Even’s forehead before leaving to make breakfast. But before he goes, he unhooks Even’s phone from the charger and places it on Even’s chest, “First step, baby, is reaching out. Whenever you’re ready.”

So Thor can speak groot. Therefore, Thor knows what Groot is saying. However, Thor introduces him as Tree, not Groot. I am groot is not a single phrase but an entire language. 

Two possible conclusions: teen Groot prefers to go by Tree like some kind of emo name or the guardians never gave their baby a name because they forgot groot is a language so buddy has just been growing up with people calling him the equivalent of “English” or “Spanish”

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Before Chapter 105: “Eren and Levi have such a good relationship together! You can easily tell Levi sees Eren as a friend rather than a monster.”

After Chapter 105: “Levi thinks Eren is his weapon. He didn't care about Eren at all. He’s just disappointed his tool is acting on his own.”