but unlike Sanji

I really hate the translation of Zoro’s words here. In the original Japanese version, Zoro said “おれは…2千人力だがな (I’m… worth a two thousand men)”. So Zoro never stuttered while trying to get reassurance (which is SO OOC btw) but bluntly made the point that no matter how much Luffy compliments Sanji, HE’S STILL STRONGER THAN THE SHITTY COOK! D:

As hilarious as the good old Zoro vs. Sanji rivalry is, an interesting fact to take note is that Zoro is the one who started all this.In the right panel, there is nothing whatsoever about Sanji’s request that suggests he’s seeking a fight with Zoro - and yet Zoro responds with a clear intent to proke him. At this point of the story they hadn’t known each other for too long, but even this early on Zoro had figured Sanji out enough to know that he’s a warrior just like himself who would never back away from a challenge. 

And you know what’s so amazing about all this? Zoro has a LOT of pride. Hell, he’s a guy who’s aiming for the top - world’s no.1 swordsman or bust. For the sake of his pride he doesn’t challenge anyone out of his own will; I doubt he’d deign to accept challenge from anyone who doesn’t meet his expectations. And yet Zoro challenges Sanji first, when he’s not even a swordsman like himself or aiming to be the best fighter. In my view that is the highest respect someone like Zoro can show a person as a fighter.

Even here, Zoro just has to one up Sanji XD “I’m just stronger than you in everything” - meaning their rivalry extends beyond combat skills to petty competitions like rock paper scissors. I really really love how Zoro reserves his cute childish competitiveness only for Sanji. The shitty cook is the only person Zoro can acknowledge as a qualified rival and also can have fun with. The same can be said for Sanji of course, but my headcanon is that their rivalry holds a bit more special meaning to Zoro because he’s the one who started it, and because unlike Sanji he’s aspiring to be the best. 

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how owuld it be like if the s.o of ace sabo snooj and law ended up pregnant but was clearly fearful that in such state raising a kid would be dangerous as they are pirates and she would think of herself as a burden so when she told them about it she proposed leaving them as to not make them shoulder such a burden?

I hope you enjoy these. Note: the guys and their s/o are married in this and the s/o is female.

Warning! Slight Angst!


  • Ace notices how strange you’ve been acting, pregnancy aside, and asks what’s up.
  • You tell him you’ve been thinking and how you decided it would be best for you to leave. He protests at first so you point out how dangerous it is to be a pirate and how reckless it would be to raise a child in that kind of world.
  • Ace remains silent for a few moments before quietly asking if there’s more. You hesitate, but admit you didn’t want to be a burden.
  • Ace immediately hugs and reassures you that you would never be a burden to him.
  • Though reluctant, he lets you go. He doesn’t want the Marines to found out about you or the baby and hunt you down and kill the baby just for being his child as well as the grandchild of Gold Roger. However, he promises to find you someday and live as a family with you two. So, you and the child wait for him, unaware of how far off that day is.


  • Ditches work so the two of you can talk about the baby.
  • You quietly suggest leaving the Revolutionary Army and explain how it would be dangerous for the baby to be raised up being wanted by the World Government. You also want your child to choose to become a Revolutionary Army like the two of you had.
  • It takes a few moments for Sabo to admit you’re right. However, he asks if there’s another reason, sensing that you’re leaving something out.
  • With tears in your eyes, you confess you didn’t want to be a burden to him or anyone, but only felt as such. Sabo hugs you gently and assures you that you’re anything but a burden.
  • So you leave the army until your and Sabo’s child is old enough to learn how to fight. In the meantime, Sabo tries to visit as often as he can.


  • He’ll be giddy with excitement about becoming a dad until you’re forced to bring him back down to earth.
  • You point out the many risks of raising a kid at sea and tell him it would be best for you to leave.
  • Unlike Sabo, Sanji protest very loudly, absolutely refusing to even consider it. You counter by saying how the Straw Hats are drawn to dangerous adventures and how the Thousand Sunny isn’t quite a kid-friendly environment. (A/N: I’m sorry, but I can’t imagine the Thousand Sunny or the Straw Hat Pirates being the best place to raise a child. However, I will give that they would be a whole lot better than the Kidd Pirates, Donquixote ‘Family,’ or Big Mom Pirates).
  • As you’re explaining this, you accidently let it slip out that you felt like you’d only be a burden and didn’t want to feel as such. You don’t get another word in as Sanji hugs you tightly and tells you to never say or think that again.
  • It takes several months, but Sanji finally allows and helps you settle into a small apartment and promises to visit whenever the Sunny is passing by.


  • Takes you aside and discusses plans about the baby.
  • You propose leaving for a time and Law reluctantly sees your logic. Though he’s a bit adamant about having you stay
  • Quietly, you state your other reason why you should go. He remains silent as you explain how you felt like a burden and you didn’t want to be one to him.
  • Law wraps an arm around you as you finish and tells you he is responsible for every life on the submarine, including yours and the baby’s, and not a single one was a burden to him.
  • You end up staying after Law explains one of his reasons for wanting you to remain with him: there was a chance the child could develop White Lead Disease and pretty early on too. He wants to be able to stop it before it’s too late.

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Can i get some general hc for sanji, law and shanks w/ a sunburnt s/o?

sure thing anonny!!

Sunburnt s/o:


  • This man is at your beck and call no matter what already, but when you’ve been hurt??? O v e r d r i v e
  • He brings you straight to Chopper as soon as you mention any pain from your exposed skin.
  • Doctor’s orders are followed to the T and then some. This man is applying the aloe for you and practically has you on bedrest as he waits on you hand and foot.
  • Until your skin is completely better he speaks to you in an even more sweet and concerned voice than he usually does.


  • He’s the doctor on his ship and you can bet your rear end he’s scolding you for forgetting to put on some sunscreen.
  • Law makes sure you get the proper care you need for your skin to heal.
  • But unlike Sanji, he won’t apply anything for you unless it’s on a part of your back you can’t reach.
  • Sometimes you can catch him staring at your sunburn with a slight frown, and when he knows he’s been caught, you can catch a faint blush on his cheeks too.


  • He’s absolutely going to tease you about this for weeks.
  • In spite of the teasing he’ll still coo over you if you whine about the discomfort and take you to the ship’s doctor to get your sunburn checked on.
  • Shanks is actually rather attentive, reminding you to treat your sunburn in case you forget.
  • After all that teasing, karma gets him good in the form of an even bigger sunburn than yours. oh how the turntables

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Quick question; How do you think Zoro would be in a romantic relationship? Because, I can't see him even remotely dealing with anybody romantically until he achieves his dream (he's like me so that's probably why he appeals to me the most). Even after he does, do you think he would allow himself to be in one? Unlike Sanji, he doesn't willingly go out and search for anything romantic. Not even anything sexual. I don't know, this was just a random thought I felt like I needed a second opinion on.

I think if Zoro ended up in a relationship pre-dream-achieved, it;’d be pretty laid back. He’d like it if there was someone there watching him train, someone to discuss how he’s advancing, but that wouldn’t be a very fair relationship. 

So I agree it’d probably be post-world’s-greatest-swordsman. I think he’d be a pretty laid back partner, though loyal to a fault. He’d be napping and they’d walk by and his eyes would slide open and he’d snatch up their hand as they go, reel them in and just keep them on his lap until they agree to just nap with him. And he’d be doing push-ups and want them on his back because even though he still trains like hell he wants them close. I think a relationship with Zoro would be pretty relaxed, though it’d have it’s moments of intensity, just like Zoro himself. 

I think he’d allow himself to be in one, but it’d have to be with someone that works with him, that understands ‘World’s Greatest Swordsman’ isn’t just a title, it is what he is, a part of who he is, and they’d need to accept that before he’d even entertain the idea of a relationship. 

Or, that’s my thoughts anyway. 


One of my favorite Straw Hat trios: the Brook&Sanji&Zoro trio

You might not notice the thread that connects these three characters immediately. We all get what’s so special about our antagonistic duo, but what’s with the skeleton between them? If you take a closer look, the swordsman & the cook & the musician share a deeper bond than you think.

1. The Cook and the Musician

This is the moment where the Straw Hats put aside their fears for the walking talking skeleton and begins to sympathize with him. Everyone’s so solemn as they listen to Brook’s tragic past, but something about Sanji’s expression is different from others. Did you notice? Chopper, Usopp and Nami are all sweating (Chopper’s even gaping) as if they can’t even imagine the kind of loneliness Brook must have endured for five decades, but Sanji’s without any sweatdrop and his face is more of a ‘I get you’ kind of face. He can’t completely understand the excruciating ordeal Brook has gone through of course, but he’s the only person in the crew who understands how cruel the sea can be, how terribly lonely one can get when surrounded by nothing but endless waters for god knows how long, the dread that follows as your last glimmer of hope slowly dies away. 

Of course, unlike Brook Sanji had Zeff to keep him company, but they weren’t exactly best pals; in fact Sanji broke the eternal silence between them by pointing a knife at his savior. In any case, I believe the loneliness of having no one to talk to for 70 days was as painful to him as starving and slowly dying. To Sanji, Brook’s story is like an eternally extended version of his own painful past, which is why he feels for the skeleton deeply from the heart; his sympathy is different from that of others in that it’s based on solid experience (Chopper Usopp and Nami also know very well what loneliness is like, but their experience is clearly different from that of Sanji’s and Brook’s in that they were still on land surrounded by other beings, not totally isolated out on the sea). 

If Brook ever gets to know Sanji’s past, he’d become the best person aside from Zeff who could offer him genuine comfort. I mean both must be still traumatized to some extent so I have this headcanon where the cook and the musician have quality bonding moments to relieve each other’s trauma and that gives me warm and fuzzy feelings y’know? :3

2. The Swordsman and the Musician 

After hearing about Brook’s promise with Laboon, Zoro was the first to jump off the Sunny to help retrieve Brook’s shadow. Although his stoic attitude conceals it, I bet Brook’s story moved Zoro deeply, since he understands better than anyone just how much gravity a promise can hold. Brook’s promise to Laboon wasn’t just between him and the whale; the entire Rumbar Pirates that passed away before him depended on the skeleton musician to fine their whale friend for them. Just like Zoro’s pledge to become the world’s best swordsman is to carry on Kuina’s dream, Brook’s determination to reunite with Laboon is because he carries his late crew’s last wish on his shoulders. 

Zoro once said no one can take his life before he becomes the world’s no.1 swordsman. And here’s Brook, who has never given up hope of keeping his promise with his nakama even after death and 50 years of isolation. So it’s no wonder Zoro was so eager to help out the skeleton, when he is usually disinterested in the plight of those other than his crew. Both of them fully understand that when it comes to the sincerest promises between true friends, even death cannot undo them. I doubt Zoro would ever confide to Brook (or anyone) about his promise with Kuina, but him understanding Brook’s cause would be more than enough to help the musician relax around the swordsman. 

In short, if Sanji understands the suffering Brook went through, Zoro understands the motive behind enduring such suffering. 

3. The Cook, the Swordsman and the Musician

We don’t know if Brook knows about Sanji’s experience on the rock or Zoro’s promise with Kuina, but we do know that he’s the only one among the crew who witnessed Zoro and Sanji offering their lives to Kuma for Luffy (Robin also knows about it of course, but she didn’t exactly ‘witness’ the whole thing like Brook did). 

So why did Oda choose Brook out of all people to witness Zoro and Sanji’s competition for self-sacrifice? The Kuma incident was before Brook was officially accepted as one of the crew, which means that although he had affection for the Straw Hats, he was in no position to offer his life (though he’s already dead, mind you) for Luffy. So all he could do was to just watch as a bystander, and by doing so he could objectively gauge the sheer amount of loyalty the Straw Hats had for their captain. Maybe he was reminded of his former captain and crew, of how much they used to love each other just like the Straw Hats. I believe Brook didn’t hesitate to become Luffy’s nakama because he had witnessed Zoro and Sanji’s moment with Kuma. So it’s not just Zoro and Sanji who understand Brook; I think Brook understands better than anyone else just how much trust and respect there is between the two of them, beneath all the name-calling and rivalry. 

…so what I ultimately have to say? It’s no wonder that Brook ships zosan so hard

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Hey mun I'm super curious to know these answers to the following question-if you will answer:) How do you feel about the following characters (specifically your thoughts on them personally): -sanji -Nami -zoro -law -Robin -usopp

Hey, thanks for asking :) here a few things of what I thought about them. I just write down what I can think about at the moment xD

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Vinsmoke Niji's Blindness

The Vinsmoke children are four years old and the Germa scientists have come up with an exciting new modification. Something that would give the patient super vision. And Judge needs a test subject. He doesn’t want to waste it on Sanji. The kid is already useless. And Yonji is promising but possibly not strong enough. Reiju is too special to be the first for this test.

So, he’s left with Ichiji and Niji. They’re equal in strength and skill. If it works, the patient would be unparalleled in battle. Unmatchable. But if it fails….no, he can’t risk Ichiji. His precious first born son. Niji is the logical choice.

He takes him away. Promises him god-like strength. And then the surgery fails. Niji is blinded and horribly scarred. Judge flies into a rage. He has the doctors that botched the surgery executed. Keelhauls them and hangs their wrecked bodies from the castle walls. He smashes all the furniture in Niji’s room, yelling and screaming and cursing every god he can think of. All the while, Niji lies perfectly still in bed, his eyes swathed in bandages. He can’t shiver or shake or even move a muscle. Nothing to show how terrifying his enraged father is.

Once Niji has healed, Judge is still ashamed of his son’s weakness. Makes him hide his injury under bulky goggles. Niji must not tell anyone. And he must still keep up. Must still make his father proud.

Niji may not feel empathy, but he can feel rage and jealousy. He knows when he’s been shortchanged. It isn’t fair. Why him? Why is he being punished? Why was his sight taken away? He was just as strong as Ichiji but now Yonji passes him in every test. The only one he can still finish ahead of is Sanji. And even as Niji learns to live with his blindness, to hone his other senses, the unjustness of it all wears away at him. Niji grows to be petty and petulant. He’s prone to tantrums and will beat any weaker individual that gets in his way senseless. His favorite target is Sanji. Unlike the servants, Sanji fights back, futile though it is. It gives Niji some smug satisfaction, knowing that he’s still better than at least one of his brothers. When he gets Sanji cornered, he doesn’t stop until someone bigger steps in and pulls his tiny flailing body away. Over the years, he breaks Sanji’s collarbone and a few ribs; sprains his wrist; leaves him with countless bruises, bloodied lips, and black eyes.

When Sanji finally escapes, being on Niji’s personal staff becomes akin to a death sentence. Despite aging and supposedly maturing, despite the new “eared” headphones that allow him to use echo location, Niji is still prone to violent outbursts. He wakes every morning to darkness that shouldn’t be, knowing full well that his brothers can see. He presses his fingers into his useless eyes, zapping them with small jolts of electricity as if it will restart them, and asking over and over why he was deemed least important. Why was he worth sacrificing? His shoulders begin to shake and he punches yet another hole in his wall before getting dressed and heading to the dining hall for breakfast. Servants and guards scatter as he approaches, rightfully fearing for their lives.

His brothers don’t know. Judge has been careful in his denial. But there are days that Niji suspects that Reiju knows. That she’s always known. Somehow, she sees everything. Niji frowns at the thought and adjusts his goggles.

It isn’t fair.

I made an observation a while back about Nekomamushi and Zoro being fashion twinkies, but now that I think about it, Inuarashi is wearing pinstripes, which is an early Sanji trademark:

And as Wanda explains in chapter 809, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi seem to have a little bit of a volatile relationship, not unlike Sanji and Zoro:

I have no fully formed theories regarding this, really, but there does seem to be a recent influx (i.e. since Dressrosa) of duos whose dynamics are reminiscent of Zoro and Sanji.  They all seem to exhibit a rivalrous and/or combative temperament, but there is either a history or discovery of working well together.  And they all share, in some capacity, characteristics relatable to Sanji and Zoro in physical appearance:

What I hope it means, though, is that we’re going to see some next level development in Sanji and Zoro’s relationship.  Like, some Thriller Bark level type of stuff.

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HC about zoro sanji ace and law on their opinion about tattoos and marriage (seperately) 😁

Ohh ok let me se :)

About tattoos

  • Law and Ace have tattoos already, so they think they’re pretty cool
  • Law is happy with how he’s inked
  • Ace would prolly get even more if can think of nice motives
  • Sanji doesn’t mind them but would not be getting them himself, he doesn’t care about them too much
  • I can see Zoro getting one if he really likes the motive
  • Yeah I could def see Zoro getting a tattoo, he just hasn’t had the time yet

About marriage


  • I cannot see Zoro getting married
  • Zoro doesn’t think anything bad about marriage of course, hell he will be very happy for his friends getting married and thankfully accept being a groomsman
  • but oh well, I hc Zoro to be aroace, so no not really, personally I’d say he would not get married

Sanji and Ace

  • they would absolutely marry someone they love
  • this is beyond dispute, people who follow me know that I love to hc them as practically one and the same when it comes to love
  • but unlike Sanji, Ace would concerned for his s/o yunno because of his heritage and shit
  • The bad feelings aside, both of them would feel bliss, oh yes they would happily get married


  • difficult
  • normally I don’t think he would care for marriage and not get married but if he had an s/o whom he sincerly and deeply loves…then maybe?
  • it’s difficult, I don’t believe that it would be an impossible thing for Law to get married but on the other hand I absolutely cannot see him being full of glee and joy like Sanji and Ace

Ok, I know there has been some controversy over Zoro’s attitude toward Sanji here and I’d like to share my thoughts about it. I also think Zoro’s evaluation of Sanji’s decision was a bit too harsh and I didn’t know what to make of it at first. Now I’ve come to my own conclusion and it’s mainly twofold: 1. Zoro has once again shown how level-headed he can be when it comes to keeping the crew down to earth / 2. But when it comes to his opinion about Sanji, not so much.

As a zosan shipper I did want Zoro to show some concern over Sanji. But that doesn’t mean I disapproved of his point that they should focus solely on Kaidou. In fact that’s exactly why Sanji left by himself - so the crew wouldn’t be sandwiched by Kaidou and Big Mom any time soon (though he might be aware that Luffy would eventually come after him). By reminding the crew about the situation Zoro is respecting Sanji’s motive (not his actual decision though - this point is important) behind leaving alone and Sanji wouldn’t have expected any less from him.

However, understanding Sanji’s motive doesn’t stop Zoro from being pissed. Hell he’s pissed alright - look at the vein popping on his arm as he insults Sanji. He’s raising his voice too judging by the exclamation mark and you see, Zoro doesn’t usually yell when he’s cool-headed. But I don’t think he really thinks Sanji ‘stuck his nose in Big Mom’s business’ - that’s just Zoro being Zoro about Sanji and his way of showing that he’s annoyed but concerned about the cook.

And why is Zoro annoyed with Sanji? Note that Oda shows Zoro’s first reaction toward the story when Nami explains how Sanji left alone when he could’ve escaped with them. He doesn’t say anything but man, does he look dissatisfied. I believe that’s the main reason why Zoro’s so unhappy with Sanji - that he chose to leave his nakama when there could’ve been other options available (of course, Vito threatened Sanji with something but Zoro can’t approve of Sanji’s decision unless he knows exactly what that threat was).  

Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch to compare Sanji to Robin in Water Seven&Enies Lobby arc since unlike Robin back then, Sanji has absolute faith in Luffy and did promise that he’d come back. But I think he’s still basically pulling a Robin by leaving alone without telling the reason in order to protect the crew… and we all know how that went down with Robin.

And maybe that’s what’s bothering Zoro - the fact that Sanji made the same choice as Robin when he had experienced the consequences of her decision just as fully as the others. Just like what Usopp tells Robin in the panel above, maybe Zoro also thinks Sanji should’ve put aside protecting the crew for once and told them about his problem first. After all, Brook did suggest to Sanji to wait for Luffy&co to arrive before making his decision.

Of course, even if Sanji listened to Brook it might not have changed anything because you know what Luffy’s like. But I don’t think Zoro’s pissed because he thinks they would’ve been in less danger had Sanji made a different choice. Imagine Sanji decided to wait for Luffy&co and told them about his past. After hearing his story Luffy gets pissed and decides to fight Big Mom. Would Zoro have blamed Sanji for deciding to wait for them instead of leaving alone? I don’t think so.

Another possibility is that Zoro feels somewhat betrayed by Sanji. I don’t think Zoro believes Sanji should’ve told them about his family because you know the Strawhats don’t give a damn about your past. None of the Strawhats blamed Robin for not telling them she was being chased by the World Government and I think the same can be said for Sanji, especially when he never expected his past to come back and bite him like this.

So that aside, I believe Zoro might have felt betrayed because Sanji’s always had his back in critical times so he never imagined the cook out of all people would become the source of the crew’s anxiety, especially at this juncture. He’s concerned alright and doesn’t really believe it’s Sanji’s fault but all this unexpectedness coming from none other than the shitty cook who he trusted the most is making him react harsher than necessary. Of course the rest of the crew also didn’t expect this from Sanji but unlike Zoro they don’t have a seemingly hateful relationship with him so they don’t need to act tough.

Maybe I’m being a bit impatient by trying to read Zoro’s mind when there’re many more chapters to go before we figure out what’s really up with him, but for now I think he’s not that adamant about not helping Sanji, though he is pissed with him. Remember when he stopped Luffy and the others from welcoming Usopp in Water Seven? He was so determined to make his point that he even took out Wado to show how utterly serious he was and even Nami cringed a bit at that. When Zoro’s dead set on something, not even Luffy can make him budge.

Here the atmosphere’s slightly different. Again Zoro’s in disagreement with Nami but the way they argue is almost like their regular bantering, not to mention that he doesn’t take out one of his swords to stop them going after Sanji. He does oppose Luffy’s suggestion but his face as he yells at his captain is almost comical. Although Zoro did insist they should focus on Kaidou, at the end of the day I don’t think he’d actively restrain Luffy from following Sanji – not because he lacks the capacity to persuade luffy, but because despite all logic deep down he grudgingly admits that’s the right thing to do.  

One Piece 842 - Review/Thoughts

This chapter felt short, but we got to see quite a lot. It was a really good chapter, but it kinda feels like Oda is rushing through the story. Before anything though, I do love the cover page. Sanji in glasses is never a bad thing, and I think the catfish are really cute. Also, I know Sanji would be a beautician if he lived in the real world, but seeing him making braids just got me thinking of him braiding the hair of his (hopefully) future daughter. :3

Now let’s get into the chapter. SPOILERS for chapter 842 - The Power of a fullness, under the cut.

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((OOC: photos of our Thriller Bark costume efforts at Ganime 2016.  My sister, who finally got around to reprising (and thus finishing) her cosplay of Moria, is a more avid cosplayer than me.  She started this outfit almost 2 years ago, but it was designed as a clever maternity costume, so she had to wait til she and her hubs were working on their second child to go back to it.  She chose to compromise on his footwear, as, even when pregnant, her legs will never be as comically short as Moria’s.

I opted to go with her as Absalom rather than Perona (though my fave of Moria’s sidekicks, Hogback was out of the question), for a number of reasons; even though the outfit required face paint, an appliance and a heavy headpiece, Absalom has no props, normal boots, and I really didn’t want to shell out for another damn wig.  Besides that, after cosplaying Flonne from the Disgaea series, I felt that my long Flemish nose and sleepy eyes don’t lend themselves to ‘kawaii’ characters.))

Thoughts about chapter 852

So, the newest chapter is out and as expected, there was no escape from the feels. This time it’s not about the bad things but because there is finally some hope for Sanji. This review is mainly focused on Sanji and Reiju but let’s start with Luffy and others.

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Do you think there’s any chance that Luffy and the others are actually going to buy Sanji’s nonsensical words? 

I mean even if this arc does look like Arlong Park 2.0 or Enies Lobby 2.0, Sanji’s case is clearly different from that of Nami or Robin. 

When Nami left the crew they had known each other for a very short time, not to mention that she had stressed their relationship was some kind of ‘temporary partnership’ and never admitted that she was one of them. Luffy ignored all that of course but Usopp and Zoro actually did question her allegiance for a brief moment (Zoro even went far as to trying to attack her).

In Robin’s case, she didn’t tell the crew that she was going to leave them sooner or later, but she never truly opened up to the crew. The Straw Hats trusted her despite her history of being their enemy, but when she left they had no choice but to doubt her. When Zoro suggested they should find out if she’s a friend or foe no one blamed him because his words made sense, though it was a hard pill to swallow for all of them. 

But what about Sanji? Unlike Nami or Robin he didn’t hide anything from his nakama (he told so to Brook Nami and Chopper and even begged them to trust him) and was fully open to them from the start. He never intended to leave them no matter what and even made a pledge that he’d come back for sure. Also, this arc is after their two years of separation unlike Arlong Park or Enies Lobby - the Straw Hats have gone through too much, just too much to doubt anyone of their nakama’s loyalty. 

So where does this leave Sanji? I’m sure he knows too well that Luffy wouldn’t give up on him no matter what. There’s no way Luffy and the others are going to buy all that crap he told them so he might be left with no choice but to resort to drastic (like really drastic) measures. I don’t think it’s likely but maybe he’ll kick Nami to show how serious he is? At this point it’s just way too obvious that Sanji’s lying, and if the crew don’t doubt his loyalty even in the slightest what’s the fun in that? We all know what a smart dude Sanji is so maybe he’ll find a way to convince his nakama that he left for real in the next chapter - though it seems impossible at this moment. 

yuushishio  asked:

oh sorry for this accidentally but I just surf through ZoSan tag and saw your answers about 'prettier' Sanji. And if this is not bother you, may you give out your opinion about - if the one was made prettier is Zoro, I mean people make him more girly than Sanji in the ship.

Ummm yes the oddly sensitive/girly Zoro, yeah I used to avoid looking for more SanZo oriented things because a lot of the yaoi shippers keep doing this to the stoic/dorky Zoro I grew up knowing.

I really didn’t know how this particular trend caught on? Because unlike Sanji, who does have traits that may lead to a lot of misconceptions of him being feminine, Zoro is pretty solid in being portrayed as a standard male.

Please believe me to trust that I have indeed tried time after time to find good reasoning behind such a drastic personality change. And every time I end up with the same few conclusions that doesn’t make me happy at all:

(warning this is a long read, please understand that these are all my personal opinions on facts I’m sorry if you find them offensive)

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One Piece 824 - Review/Thoughts

We get a nice color page though it’s nothing really special about it. We do get Sanji and Nami together though. Sanji’s also looking all happy and cute doing some BBQ.

Spoilers! Obviously! But let’s just say first of all I am happy and that I have waited for this day for a looooong time~ My general thought is that this was a really good chapter. Of course I feel more strongly about some parts than others, but over all it was a really funny chapter with many plots getting some screentime. Let’s jump right into it!

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