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I’m simple: I don’t need expensive bags and I don’t need to be fetched around and I don’t need to be brought to hotels every day. I don’t need all that, I’m simple. I like busrides with you, I like enjoying each other’s company in silence and yet feeling utterly comfortable, I like walks home, I like cooking dinner together, I like hugs, I like it when you wipe away my tears when I cry. I like the simple things. I don’t need the riches to be happy. I just want the simplicities, the things that really matter. I just need someone to understand, someone not to yell at me when I accidentally give the wrong directions in the car, someone who won’t shout at me or say nasty things to me. That’s what I really need.
‘There is one thing…’ I looked from the Doctor to Elvis and back again. ‘We could…’ I held the Doctor’s gaze. ‘Couldn’t we?’ He didn’t have to ask what I was trying to say. ‘I… could. If it means that much to you.’ Elvis doesn’t share our gift of matrimonial telepathy, though. And he did have a plastic brain. He still looked clueless.

River and the Doctor share a moment of ‘matrimonial telepathy’ 

(from The Legends of River Song: Suspicious Minds by Jacqueline Rayner)posted 2 minutes ago

My dad doesn’t really understand Instagram, but it’s not really his time. Then again, a lot of people who didn’t grow up with it are into it now, but it’s just not really in his personality. He’s not really into it. I mean, he’s supportive, but it’s something that I do that he wouldn’t be interested in doing.
—  Lily-Rose Depp about her dad [x]
I feel that other books really nourish me, and I often find my way to ideas when I’m reading another writer and see ways that he could have taken the story or novel but didn’t. That ends up being very provocative, the moment of seeing where you might have written a story differently and then setting out to write a story that has elements of that.
—  Brian Evenson (Tin House, 2016)

Sasuke: The thing I really like about you is… 
[the desert suddenly becomes a tomato garden]
Sakura: Oh! 
Sasuke: Wow, this is incredible! 
Sakura: Um, uh, what was that you were saying
Sasuke: I said “This is incredible." 
Sakura: No, before that. 
Sasuke: I said…"Wow." 
[Sakura groans in frustration]

i think reading this quote is the first time i’ve really registered the fact that the characters in hamilton aren’t based on their historical counterpoints as people, they’re based on the words they left behind

jefferson is obviously the best example of this because his musical character so clearly doesn’t match up to contemporary descriptions of him as shy, awkward, etc, but equally as clearly DOES match up to the character you would create of him if you only had his words–smooth, cocky, showy.

this is also super important for understanding musical burr, i think: i’ve seen people talk about how hard it is to match historical burr (lights himself on fire, constantly broke, clearly a fucking mess) with musical burr, who’s smooth-talking and put-together and in every way a counterpoint to hamilton’s messy brashness. but lmm literally explains their characters in terms of their writing: “hamilton left behind 27 volumes of written work, burr left behind less that two. and i think that sort of tells you everything you need to know.” (x) that’s fundamentally what their characters are based on.

for this show that’s so fundamentally about the ways we tell stories and the way we all are remembered–and just as fundamentally about words and the power of language–i just think it’s a really fascinating choice to create characters out of words, not just on the craft level but on a greater meta level wrt what we leave behind

I think she is a really fascinating person. She is an amazing actress. She can just turn it on, she is so emotionally accessible and she can, what I love is that she can do like hardcore drama like in Black Mass recently and Fifty Shades of Grey which is just like, I was gonna say hardcore porn but it’s not hardcore, it’s like soft core. And then she can do a comedy like How To Be Single and she’s so funny and adorable in the film. I just think she is an amazing actress.
—  Rebel Wilson (How To Be Single Press Junket)