but this guy mainly

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Brasen, I need some advice. There's this guy at my work (I am also a guy) , and I think I'm sexualy attracted to him. Mainly cause I yelled his name while masterbating. How do I tell him about my feelings for him? And how do I know if he likes me.

“First off don’t tell him about the masterbating thing…second, uh…yeah I dunno just ask em.”

Time to introduce some villains from Caged Animals. These guys here are the three in charge of another gang called the Blue Jackets. They’re all brothers, as you can see, with the leader being the oldest brother, Malcolm. Macon is 2nd in charge and Mitchell is 3rd, but he’s also just starting out as a higher up.
These guys are some pretty nasty, dirty dogs. They make their revenue mainly off prostitution and strip clubs, and took over another gang to control the drug trade through the city. Volpe has many horrible run-ins with these guys, and they have it out for her.

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I hope crackle doesn't get too tweets @ them just about Martin's hotness. :p I hope there's just as much about his acting once it airs.

I guess we’ll see anon what kind of reception StartUp gets from pple when it comes out. As an appreciator of both Martin’s looks and acting (despite my blog seemingly skewing one way lol), I’d hope it’s relatively balanced. Although their account has described his character as ‘scary and sexy’, so I think they’re anticipating a certain reaction that way, and it’s not meant to be a negative or seen as detracting from his performance.

More than anything else, I’m just hoping that in portraying this ‘crooked’ cop, which is a role Martin hasn’t really played before, he continues on his way (like in wtf) in surprising pple who have him pegged down as an actor who mainly does comedic or affable, nice guy types. If that also means being so sexy and charming that pple who don’t otherwise see him that way begin to see the appeal then I’m all for that, as that’s also demonstrating great acting on his part :)

FRIENDLY ANNOUNCEMENT! I am in need of voice actors for both Elena and David for my demo reel (preferably ones who know Spanish; especially David since he has a bit of Spanish in his dialog). If you’re interested, please contact me and we can arrange something. I mainly need a guy to voice David because if I can’t find a voice for Elena, I can just voice her myself. I have the script and everything if you wish to view it, in which case you would have to shoot me an email for me to provide it.

Thank you for your time because that the only thing I can repay you with since I am a broke college student. 😅

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Isnt pidge afab? why do u headcanon pidge as a transwoman? Wouldnt transman be more accurate?

i got the impression pidge was amab. mainly, pidge saying ‘im not a guy, im a girl’ goes pretty hard against being a trans guy. let her be. 

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10, 18, 32!

(Well hello there!)

10. What were you doing at midnight last night?

Trying to fall asleep

18. Who would you really like to just punch in the face?

Ahaha a lot of people tbh probs mainly the guy that was hitting on me last night.

32. (The question is really long & I’m on mobile so paraphrase) you get kicked out of the country for various reasons and you can move anywhere else in the world (I guess this is asking where I would move?)

I’d probs move to Canada. Or NZ. I dunno really.

Thankee for asking!! 💚💛

50 Posts For The Monkees’ 50th Anniversary

Post Forty-Two: Early Morning Blues and Greens

For a band that was written as a singing foursome, The Monkees didn’t seem to explore the musical possibilities that created very deeply.

The recording sessions for Headquarters (and many years later for Justus) were pretty much the only times that the guys acted like an actual cohesive band, playing and singing together, outside of concert settings. Both before and after those sessions, the guys mainly worked on their own while in the studio.

Overall, this was not a bad thing. Part of the brilliance of The Monkees’ music catalog is the fact that the guys had a lot of freedom to pursue their own creative ideas with the result being a wide range of musical genres being represented. However, this fractured approach also meant that they did not collaborate as musicians on a lot of their songs. One aspect in particular that suffered was a lack of the guys singing together and singing in different combinations.

That is not to say that they never sang together at all. On the contrary, there are plenty of songs that feature more than one Monkee when combining lead, backing, and harmony vocals. The problem is that many of the backing vocals are so far down in the mix; it’s difficult to hear any of the unique traits to their voices. Also, while there are several high-quality duets with Mike and Micky, (and Micky with the rest of them), there aren’t many other permutations that got very many chances to shine.

One combination in particular that wasn’t seen often was that of Peter and Davy. There were reasons for this. For one, Davy and Peter had very different music approaches. Davy preferred lighter ballads and Broadway pop. Peter was more into R&B or more psychedelic experiments. Also both of them had very distinct vocal styles that had their own limited ranges. The resulting contrasts probably made finding a song that would allow their talents to complement each other and not clash a difficult task.

However, with the Headquarters sessions prompting the guys to find new ways to work together musically, a song finally did come up that could pair Peter and Davy together in a fruitful way. That song being Early Morning Blues and Greens by Jack Keller and Dianne Hildebrand.  

Interestingly enough, the song apparently didn’t start out being the opportunity the guys were looking for. They had heard it and liked it…but also wanted to make changes to it. This led to a call from Lester Sill to composer Jack Keller to ask if they could re-structure the song. As Keller notes:

“I got a call from Lester Sill, a panicked call. ‘They’re in the studio and they’re cutting the song, but they want to make a change in the music’. So I said, ‘It’s ok. Go ahead.’ And they did. It’s different then [sic] the original….I like it to this day, that version. It’s pretty weird. They did a whole different feel on it, totally different than the original feel of the song.”—From the Headquarters Deluxe Edition booklet, written by Andrew Sandoval

It’s understandable that Sill wanted to check with Keller given the changes that The Monkees wanted to do to this song. As a point of reference, here is Diane Hildebrand performing the song in a way that is closer to what was originally intended.

Nevertheless, with Keller’s blessing, the guys set out to put their own spin on this song. The results were remarkable. Producer Chip Douglas provided a melodic bass line that contrasted nicely with Nez’s electric guitar flourishes. Peter showed off his skills with keyboards yet again with both an electric piano rhythm line and with organ accents.

Still, the star here has to be Davy’s lead vocals with Peter’s harmonizing further into the song. Quieter and less demonstrative than usual, Davy’s singing taps into the moody, introspective mood of a person trying to get through their day without thinking too much about the loneliness in their lives. Peter does a wonderful job supporting him with his harmonies by giving a surprisingly higher, lighter accompanying vocal that gives some additional emotional weight to the lyrics.

Particularly effective is a moment toward the end where Peter and Davy sing ‘And I will drink my coffee slow/And I will watch my shadow grow.’ The singing is tender and thoughtful which sets up the thematic sucker punch of this song perfectly.

The result is a great song in the catalog that showcases Davy and Peter’s singing in new, intriguing ways. It also stands as a lovely reminder of what could have been and of how versatile both of them could be given the right material.

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Have been watching some old Nitro's recently & noticed alot of the new guys (mainly Cruiserweights) would lose their early matches in the company. It worked in the sense that WCW was the big leagues & these guys were making the step up. Could WWE do the same thing without fans complaining about burials etc?

No. WWE fans couldn’t even handle AJ Syles, Karl Anderson, or Doc fuck Gallows so much as being punched by Roman Reigns.

This post was needed

My apologies for not keeping up. I’ve been dealing with a lot as of late. Most recently,my left eye got damaged. Seeing out of it has become a challenge and I am having depth perception issues. The fact that I’m typing this with minimal errors is a miracle. But in the world of my soul problems have arisen as well. My shinigami duties bother my human ideals and the clash is more than bothersome. I have taken solace in music. Indie electronic mainly. Recently found this guy called Chipmunk. Think he just goes by chip now. But he had an interview with that Chattanooga chick on apple music’s beats 1 station about his musical passion. And then played his newest track. Something in me was struck and my soup lit up in some amazing color. Its hard to describe. So I shan’t.


I’ve been thinking now, and I’m pretty sure you SJWs aren’t doing a whole lot of good here. You guys basically pick on lolicons mainly because of what they like then straight out call them pedophiles. I mean come on now, if you ask a lolicon to pick a picture between a loli and a real life little girl, most of us would just pick the loli. Lolis aren’t even real in the first place, and we have no interest in RL little girls, so what makes you think we would want to sexually harass an underage girl or to even have a sexual relationship with one. It’s really not nice to be called a pedophile, a sex offender or human garbage for no good reason, we just want to like what we love. If you don’t like lolis, then simply avoid it. Don’t condemn someone for liking something you don’t. Nobody of the right mind would condemn someone for liking something harmless, so what makes the difference for lolicons? And if you really insist that lolicons can’t choose what they love, then you sir are a vagina.

So like, does anyone else have this Thingwith social media, where you get really annoyed with people who comment extremely unnecessary stuff? Like, I posted an Overwatch emote I got today because I was real excited. I took a photo instead of screenshotting because I was on my BF’s computer and didn’t want to log out of his facebook. A friend posted a wikihow to ‘remind’ me how to take a screenshot, and when I’m like, ‘nah man, on Matt’s comp, don’t wanna log off’, he posted a wikihow about private browsing. Like, that wasn’t necessary? Either congratulate me on my emote, or don’t comment, like how was this relevant? What did you get out of it? What did I get out of it? The answer is nothing. 

A guy from my high school does this a lot, mainly about anything movie or show related. Everythings gotta have some in depth critque with him. I posted I was watching Star Trek TOS and he’s like, ‘yeah but its really not that gr8, only sets up the rest of them tbh’. Bitch did I ask? It costs zero energy to stay in your own lane, and let others do their own thing. Live and let live please. 

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geez, so i filled out this thing of who i found attracted too and it was a line for cis males as in like members of 1D and stuff and a bunch of agender people and barely cis girls but i LOVE girls and that chart makes me lack my wlw pride and whether i am full sapphic, although i feel full sapphic. eep. help 😞

you are completely sapphic!!!! sapphic does not mean lesbian, it’s just wlw (women loving women), this includes lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, etc!) even if you mainly like guys you can still be sapphic! if you like girls (even just a little bit) you’re sapphic!

Alright here’s the plan guys:

I’m going to animate a very short music video, mainly to test out how the puppets work and experiment with shading, camera movements, lip syncing, etc. From start to finish, this shouldn’t take any longer than three weeks.

After that, I will begin storyboarding the first episode of Into The Wild, and I’ll start posting gifs of the puppets and such again.

I’ll also show you guys the music video when it’s done, so you can get an idea of what Into the Wild will look like!

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Do you guys have your own accounts? I mainly just follow you guys because I love your personalities and your kindness. I just feel like this account is too negative for me, you know? So yeah :)

Awe well i don’t want it to be a negetive account 😔 i want everyone to feel comfortable here. We have our own but we wanna stay anonymous at least for now -N

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How would the strawhats feel about their s/o just randomly sleeping with everyone on the crew? Not in a sexual way just that they like to cuddle and might switch up who they go and sleep next to. Like one night they might go curl up with chopper and the next robin or if they see zoro on the deck will go and nap with him

For the most part, I really don’t see them having an issue with it. xD

Well, except maybe Zoro and Sanji, because of their constant bickering. LOLOLOLOLOL.
Sanji may get a little pouty if it’s the other guys, but mainly Zoro, and sometimes the other guys.

Zoro may become quite the grump about it when his s/o does that, though. *laughing*

Seriously though, none of them would actually get upset about it. For the most part, they’d find it pretty cute/endearing. Hell, Franky himself is a pretty affectionate guy as it is. Same with Luffy, and even Chopper. If anything, would see it as completely normal.