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So, speaking of Hartmon headcanons (I'm not the anon), I'm SUPER behind on the show but I wanna know what you think would happen if Earth 1 Hartley met Earth 2 Cisco?

Besides being really turned on (because come on, we all were) I think Hartley would be uneasy with it. That’s not the Cisco he knows and the Cisco he knows would never be that way because he’s such a good person and always wants to protect, help and do things the correct way. Cisco from E1 is such a cinnamon roll and E2 Cisco is… very different. 

Hartley would just be uneasy about it, but he would test his limits with that guy and of course part of him would be low-key hot and bothered about snarky, bad guy Cisco. 

But mainly, Hartley would be judging the hair. 

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Not that guy, but I think I may be misunderstanding something. It's alright to use your art for icons and themes and stuff if we ask you one on one, correct? Was the response mainly because that guy was an anon ?

I do want folks to ask me one on one for permission yes.

I want to know where my art is going as much as possible because:

1) It’ll help with my anxiety of “oh no where is it what’s happening”

2) I feed off of the various comments my stuff gets

That response was because people are ALREADY cropping my stuff without permission and I’m tired and am just putting down a blanket of “don’t crop my stuff” all over the place and i’m going to nap on it today.

Mirrors (Jungkook Smut)

“Y/N!” You got nearly trampled by 7 boys, one of them being your boyfriend.

“She’s mine!” He said childishly, hugging you the longest and kissing your head.

“I brought some snacks and energy drinks for you guys since you work so hard.”

They cheered you, mainly for the food and Jungkook stayed close by you. They let you stay for the practice, knowing that you yourself were familiar with dance.

Namjoon and Jin were struggling a little with a part and you tried helping them to Jungkook’s dismay.

“Y/N should just make our choreography, she teaches it so well.” Jin said, singing your praises. You shook your head, embarrassed by the compliment.

“No, it just takes time and practice. You guys are great.”

They kept practicing until it was just you and Jungkook left.

“Baby, let’s go home. You’ve been practicing for hours.”

You stood in front of him, trying to convince to stop and take a break. He’s been practicing for 5 hours straight since his last break.

“I’m not done.”

“You’re an amazing dancer, and I know that need for perfection but you can’t work yourself to exhaustion. Now let’s go home.”

“I have a better idea..” He backed you up against the mirrors. He made you arch your back, sticking out your ass to him.

“How could you dance so sexily in front of the other boys?” He spanked your left cheek.

“I didn’t mean to-”

“Watching you dance like that, you made daddy very angry.”

“I’m sorry, daddy.”

“If you’re really sorry, show Daddy how much of a good girl you are.”

You stripped your clothes, leaving them in a pile and stood up straight.

“My naughty little girl, your nipples are already hard.” He pinched them hard and you bit your lip. He grabbed your jaw and made you look him in the eyes.

“I want to hear you moan, understand?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Bend over for me.” You complied, and he got on his knees. He breathed against your clit and you moaned at that simple act.

“So pretty and pink. Your pussy is glistening, you’re so wet for Daddy.”

“Mhm.” He inserted a finger without warning and began to eat you out. You could feel yourself getting wetter and your body getting closer to your high.

He kept adding more fingers, going up to 4 before he stopped.

“Turn around.”

You did so.

“Take off my clothes.”

You remembered how he likes it, shirt first, pants and on your knees, his boxers.

“Beg for me.”

“Daddy, please let me suck your big fat cock. I want nothing more than please daddy. Please let me wrap my mouth around your big cock, daddy.”

“Go ahead.”

You touched the shaft, and teased him accordingly. You were dripping just touching him like this.


Your hand let go of him and he pulled you onto the couch. He laid down and you got on top in the sixty-nine position.

“Suck me off, sweetheart.”

You start again, this time he was working on eating you out again. You licked his tip, earning you a string of curses along with your name.

“Don’t you dare fucking cum, baby.” He smacked your ass, and you began to take him in your mouth.

You kept blowing him, letting out of a few moans because of how he was fingering you.

“D-Daddy, I’m close.”

“You’ve been a good girl. Tell how you want daddy’s cock, baby.”

“Against the mirrors”

He slammed into you, your breath fogging up the mirror.

“Look at you watching yourself being fucked.”

“Ah-ahh” He went harder, and your hands pressed against the mirrors so hard.

“You like that?” You watched yourself, seeing how sex driven you looked. Jungkook, once again slapped your ass.

“Answer me.”

“Y-yes daddy.”

Your body felt hot, you have droplets of sweat already forming and Jungkook’s pounding in you hard still.


“Cum for me.” He played with you until you felt yourself cum on him. He came inside you, breathless.

The room was filled with heavy breathing and you slid to the floor.

“Y/N, are you alright?” Jungkook, immediately doing an 180 into the caring boyfriend he is.

“I’m going to be sore tomorrow, thanks.” You slipped on your clothes, feeling dirty and in need of a shower

“Anytime.” You hit his arm and he laughed, putting his arm around you as you two went home.

27-Day Pokemon Challenge #6: Legendary day! What are your top 3 Legendary Pokémon designs and concepts? And ultimately, which one is your favorite legendary? Why?

I don’t much care for legendary Pokemon. I ended up choosing these guys based mainly on, “Which ones am I most likely to buy merchandise of?”

My favorite legendary Pokemon is probably Lugia. It’s kinda cool-looking while being nice and simple, and I appreciate that it’s slightly weird with its hand wings lsowithout being TOO weird. I a have fond memories about chatting with my best friend from middle school about the new Pokemon that just came out in Japan!!! (in the year 1999) (Turns out I actually don’t like that movie much)

In second place there’s Latias, who I think is really cute. Also, she reminds me of Lugia. Her movie is also one of the better ones, with a good soundtrack, too!

In third place, uh… Victini, maybe? I think it’s the cutest of all the “Mew-alike” legendaries by far, and I also think it’s amazing that its design is based on a method for cutting apples.

Runners-up: Articuno and Mewtwo. For some reason Latios just doesn’t make the cut in my top favorites. I think it has something to do with his face.

i’ve been steadily losing followers since i started opening up about some of my issues and im just like??? sorry for posting about myself on my personal blog???

i already tag most of my personal posts “shut up emily” so that you can blacklist it and save yourself the annoyance

a plot about charming, fun-loving, attractive muse a, who is pretty sure muse b hates him (or at least, aggressively dislikes); and cynical, no-nonsense, tough-as-nails muse b, who is mainly just irritated that she fell for the popular guy like everyone else.

Ok, so I know this was meant for my Q&A video but I didn’t want to wait that long to answer this.

It is OK to be gay. But the rest of your question is the real root of the problem.

1) Yes, saying stuff like you are mainly attracted to white guys makes you racist. No it’s not the “oh, I hate every single non-white person” kinda of racism, but it is still in fact, racism. Saying, in your mind, whites are more attractive than all other races, is putting them on a pedestal that no other race can reach, makes you a white supremacist. See what I’m getting at? It can seem as innocent as saying, “I only really am attracted white guys” but it runs deeper than that. 

2) Most of the time, this is learned behavior. From your family, from media, from others probably around you in the real world. Yes, you can fix it. Yes, you should. Yes, It’ll take a long time. No, it wont be easy. Learned behavior is so hard to change especially late in life because, quite likely, you’ve been thinking and doing it your whole life. Sometimes it’s not your fault you think this way, but it is your fault if you don’t actively try to change it. 

I hope this helps clear things up, and I hope you choose to listen to me and try to fix your way of thinking about this. It may not seem like a big deal because to you, it never will be. But for the MILLIONS of other people who you toss aside in your mind, because of their race, for something they have zero control over, it’s such an insult.

I know for a fact that the movie “Ex Machina” was inspired by the music video for “turn me on”. I want to thank queen nicki Minaj and that other guy on the song (but mainly nicki Minaj) for helping expand the movie industry

Breathe ~ Randy Orton Imagine

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imagine for @yukanda-tsuyoi

Imagine : Hey can i have a randy orton imagine(or 1shot) when you r struggling with anxiety & depression but no one knows and then ur having a panic attack and Randy finds out Surprise me at the end thx love ya ☺😊😀😃😄

No one knows what’s really going on with you. Always putting up an act in front of your friends. Mainly around the guy you liked since you made your debut. Who was he? The Viper, Randy Orton.

At first, Randy didn’t take notice of how you were struggling around the divas and around people in general. He didn’t notice your worry face, he thought you were happy with were you are. He didn’t know the truth.

You were diagnosed with depression, no one knew about it. You were good at hiding your unhappiness. You didn’t know why, you had friends that cared about you. You had the job that you wanted since you were a little girl. What was the problem? Was it your love life? You didn’t know the reason.

It scared you.

You were hanging out with the guys, Randy , Cena, Rollins, Ambrose, Reigns , Ziggler and Breeze. You had that smile on your face that you put on every time. You had make up on as well covering up your baggy eyes.  Your depression had kept you up.

“ Y/N?” Someone called you, “ hmm?” Your attention was brought by Rollins whom called you. “ What’s up Seth?”

“ You okay? You kinda zoned out” They were all looking at you, your anxiety rising up. Why did they look at you like that? It looked like they were concerned. Why did they care? Sure they were your friends but they didn’t have to look at you like that.

“ Oh sorry..” You mumbled looking down at your hands, fiddling with your fingers. A hand was placed on your leg, your eyes looked over up to the tattoos, Randy’s arm. “ You sure? You looked like your having a mini battle in there” he poked your head,

Chuckling, he seemed like the only guy that could bring butterflies, make all the sadness, calming you. The only one.

“ That’s for me to know and for you to never” You smirked, “ Ohhh she is having some sex fantasy about one of the guys probably” Dean spoke up. You shot him a glare, “ Kidding” He winked at you.

From besides you Randy sat, he glared at Dean when he said that. Randy took a liking towards you. He had feelings for you. Though when he looked down at you, he could see your sadness behind your eyes.

What was going on? He asked himself. He didn’t know the truth about his friend. He didn’t know she was lying to them about being happy. He didn’t know how broken she really is. How much she felt lost, how much she worries over the little things around.

“ Your going be okay..” You repeated to yourself, you were pacing the hall in your ring gear. You were about to have your first title match. “ You’ll do fine” You felt your heartbeat rising, you were shaking, losing your breath.

Oh no, you thought. You were going to have a panic attack. Looking around, things began to look fuzzy. Gripping the crate besides you, you slide down on it bringing your knees to your chest.

Randy just came around the corner to tell you good luck but stopped seeing the state you were in. He rushed to you , kneel on his knees in front of you.

“ Y/N?” He called out to you. Your eyes made their way to him, your were gasping for air. “ Come here” He reached over to you knowing what was happening.

“ Just listen to my heartbeat” He put your head on his chest. Raking his fingers through your hair as he rocked you back and forth. He knew you were having a panic attack .

“ Shhh”He said in your ear. You were calming down, listening to his heart. You were breathing normal. Pulling away from him, you looked up.

“ Thank you” You smiled at him. He looked down at you, sitting in his lap. “ No problem Y/N” You stood up extending your hand to him, “ I don’t think you’ll lift me up”

Rolling your eyes, you grabbed his arm pulling him up, you did pull him up but he stumbled a bit pinning you to the wall. He gazed down at you, your eyes first then your lips.

He leaned down brushing his nose against your, your heart beat sped up at the closeness, breathing rapidly. What was he doing? Your hands wounded up on his chest before making their way around his neck.

“ I want to kiss you” He mumbled. Nodding your head, he leaned in brushing his lips on yours. You pushed your lips on his, kissing him softly , he kissed you back , his arms going around your waist pulling you to him.

Pulling away from you, “ Good Luck Tonight, I’ll be watching” He stepped back winking at you as he turned around walking away.

“ What was that about?” You asked him, he turned his head to look you over his shoulder, “ Good luck kiss, there may be more. I know you’ll do great out there. Go kick some ass and come back to me”

“ You got it Viper” He blew you a kiss before you heard your entrance music.

Sometimes I wonder what if I could love myself even though I don’t fit the high standard’s of beauty transguys are placed under. I can barely workout so I literally can’t fit those standards. What if I overcome stupid bulimic thoughts when I look at my body and love my body. Overcome all mean things people have said about my body mainly cisgender gay guys. You can be not attracted to me but saying you’ll never look like a man you’ll always look like some butch lesbian give up the act isn’t needed. Just say not interested but yup one example of the many. Now I will type some positive things down I may not fully believe in them but typing them a bunch might help me into believing these things. My bigger thighs are beautiful and strong! I am a man that deserves love and kindness. Being a little chubby is okay and I am handsome! You don’t have to fit into the cisgender cookie cutter beauty standards to be beautiful you already are! People who have said hurtful words were suffering inside taking it out all on you and all their words were lies. Look at you now you look and are one amazing guy! Being short doesn’t make you less of a man again cisgender beauty standards which are dumb : D Your love handles, smaller arms, butt and even your stomach are all beautiful! You deserve food and you don’t have to justify eating anymore let that go you are enough<3 Such a great guy who is super sexy too regardless of what’s in my pants! I will never feel ugly because of that I’m done with that : ) I feel better and stronger after typing this<3 Wish everyone has a grand night and never ever give up the fight it’ll be alright<3 #bulimiarecovery #edrecovery #transman #gayman #transgender #gay #lgbt #bodypositive #iamstrong #iamalive #handsome #beautiful #proud #strength #strong ps- 36 days without relapsing I will make it to 365 days and finally after 7 years make it one year without relapsing. I can do it and will do it !

               today, karamatsu matsuno broke my heart
                                (again. as per usual.) (⌯˃̶᷄ ﹏ ˂̶᷄⌯)      
                        so how about a little love for karamatsu tonight?

the real question is would you ship clexa if lexa was a guy? or would you think of it as abusive and unhealthy? of lexa as a lying, cruel, manipulative, abusive bastard? you would.

This is preposterous. Please, anti-Clexa people, don’t pretend that if Lexa was a guy the ship’s fandom wouldn’t be a thousand times bigger. It would.

We live in the times when ships like R/eylo and Skyeward are incredibly popular and those two are about a million times more abusive and inherently problematic than Clexa. 

If Lexa was a guy most people who are ranting against Clexa would be shipping it instead, because they have shipped similar (and much worse) ships in the past. You guys are so hypocritical.

I don’t like Clexa (mainly for issues of racism and also because I don’t like the characters enough to ship them with anyone) but this “if Lexa was a guy!” argument is fallacious and straight up misogynistic. Pick something else, because fandom history is full of proof that if Lexa was a guy even more people would ship it and a hoard of stans would come to defend every one of Lexa’s actions.

Gender and orientation headcanons wo

SPN- Probably a boy but also one of those people that doesn’t rly like thinking about their gender or orientation too hard. I’m leaning more towards him being a trans man lately tho. He/him
Probably just IDs as gay? He’s asexual and tends 2 be attracted to and date guys more often than anything else

DW- Genderfluid and goes mainly from being a girl or a boy on any specific day. Uses she/her and he/him 2gether at all times. She’s bisexual and really loves it when people use both his pronoun sets in the same sentence, like I just did.

SH- BLESS sherlock’s heart he probably went in thinking he was cis and straight. I’m kind of partial to sh figuring out she’s a trans girl and starting 2 use she/her pronouns? Like maybe not exclusively but 2 experiment a little and see if they fit
Atm he is mostly just questioning and has long since figured out he isn’t straight

HS- genderless! He doesn’t have any pronoun preference and he/him just became his most commonly used ones bc he literally does not care and most people assume he’s a dude.
In the human au he uses they/them exclusively and IDs as agender. He’s pansexual and polyamourous (I hc a lot of them as poly but homestuck is the most open abt it)

Do you any of you guys got a snapchat? I have one that I haven’t used in months but I am just trying to think of ways we can all talk, I kinda wanna be friends with you all on EVERY social media possible, is that weird? (except Facebook unless you guys are into that? Although it’s mainly me ranting over Civil War and sending funny meme’s to my real friends lol)

Anyway if any of you do have a snapchat mine is; tiffduff144 (I had to pick something I used my two other names, long story aha) 
I am unsure if Angie has a twitter or a snapchat! 

I’m a freak but I am really into all my social-media’s again, I neglected my insta and snapchat for like a month, couple weeks, so if you wanna see what I am up to or talk via them then just add me :) 
- Rosalee (or send me your snapchat user name and I’ll add you, currently have a spare hour to kill :P)

Apparently i missed witchsona week by a little bit… BUT I’M STILL GONNA DO IT! In other words, temporary self-insert you guys can interact with.

He’s a wizard that mainly ruins that are tattooed on his arms and torso. They are normally hidden cause he refuses to wear anything other then hoodies. And his familiar is what he assumes is a cat. It’s kinda hard to tell what it actually it. Whatever it is, its named Bean.