but the script was so good i had to

July 01, 2015

I can certainly say that it has really been a stressful day, a stressful start for this month. The moment I heard my alarm, which means it’s July 1 and it’s Wednesday, I almost regretted that I woke up and knew that I’m still alive.  (loljk)

I never wanted this to happen because I have loads of stuff to finish in school. By 9:40am I was already at school. Thank God it was too early so I stayed in the library and slept for like 20 minutes while waiting for my friend.  (also thank God I didn’t snore. hahah!)

The first class was good. We presented our script writing properly. Oh well, I’m so proud of myself that I was able to present our work and initiate for the group. But we were so preoccupied with other things in our ‘to-do list’ that we cannot focus anymore properly to the requirements being discussed by the prof. 

After the first class, we immediately had our lunch at McDo for an hour and headed back to school for the event required for us to attend. The event was about The Lasallian Spirituality In the Workplace Talk by Mr. Gonzales. We were the first 10 students to enter the theater and were seated in the first freaking row. Thank God I didn’t fell asleep and seriously payed attention to  what the speaker is discussing. 

After the event, we immediately started doing what needs to be done for a very short 2-4 hours of break. 

  • Reaction paper of not less than 600 words about the seminar.
  • Accomplish the midterm output which is about a resume and job ad output. 
  • Finalize our power point presentation for the report and answer the 6 questions in the Adidas Case Study
  • Do the ‘homework’ in our bussfin class. 

We helped each other cram the hell out of our requirements and THANK GOD, really, we were still able to submit all the requirements despite of the time pressure we had. We submitted our reaction papers an hour later than the deadline but it was still accepted by the prof. 

6pm class, our report went well. No questions were asked by our prof. We all hope it’s because our report was better than the other group not just to get rid of our wrong answers…

Second subject, ‘twas good also tho it’s still stressing my brain because of the formulas and processes on how to finish the worksheets. It was not easy but it was not too hard for me.

After the very long stressful day of July,1, God gave me an immediate reward. Thanks to my dearest  friend, Paul, for the very advance birthday gift!! Tho it was already planned that I will receive it today, you still managed to give a surprise. :) Thanks again! (separate post, later nalang)

Thank God for this long stressful day. It is so fulfilling that I was able to survive this days’s pressure. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of accomplish things you never knew you can. (tama ba grammar ko? hahah!)

Good night! :)

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Hi Brontë! Saw a link to your play manuscript on my dash & had a read whilst having a cup of coffee - very interesting stuff! I liked the way you linked the acts and eras together - I was half expecting a reference to Harold Wilson's 'never had it so good' speech! How long have you been working on/waiting to share this script?

Hi! Thank you so much! I was tempted to reference that, actually!! I started thinking about the play at the beginning of the year and did a bit of early research and planning then, but I didn’t start writing it until April and I finished it in a month (it was a university assignment so unfortunately there was a tight time constraint). Then I had to wait until the work had been marked before I could upload it, and that happened on June 10th, so there was about 40 days between finishing the play and uploading it.

Rock Werchter 2015 - Sunday 28h of June

Alright, I’m just going to put some pictures here and explain a bit because I feel like it.
Last Sunday I went to my first festival ever, Rock Werchter, in my homecountry Belgium for you who don’t know.

This was the entrance to the festival, everything may look small on the pictures, but believe me, it was all MASSIVE, and so was the main stage

At first, only me, my boyfriend Corrin and my friend Anne were there.

Later, some others that me and Anne knew joined in. Corrin is from the UK, he had never seen or met my friends before, neither has he ever been to Belgium before. This was all very new for him :)

I saw great performances from several bands, but The Script in the afternoon and Muse at night were the best concerts. 

Unfortunally we stood more to the back during Muse because of some reasons, but it was still so good, I am so happy that I saw them live. The concert was amazing and the songs they played were beyond perfect. 
I have so many great memories and I intend to cherish them all. 

These are the bracelets that we got when we entered the festival grounds, very very nice and flashy. I won’t take mine off for a long time :P

I had an amazing time despites everything that happened afterwards. As soon as I got home (also the whole week before, and even still now) I got several lectures and I got called many many bad words. 
I’d like to only remember the good bits though.
My boyfriend by my side, my friends next to me, and great music to listen to.

Canvassing jerb

On Tuesdy Will got handed a flyer for an LGBT canvassing job paying 12-16 dollars an hour, called the number and got invited for an interview, which I said I’d accompany him to so he didn’t get lost. 

I went along and they were like “you can interview too if you like~”

I got along really well with them, they were working for Planned Parenthood, Lamba Legal, and Doctors without Borders. I had a really good chat with the person interviewing me and didn’t really know what the job entailed, it just called itself a grassroots program. I was sort of hoping for internet stuff.

They invited me and Will both to work there, but asked for Social Security numbers so Will bailed. 

I went back the next day for training which was learning off a script for stopping people in the street trying to get them to donate. Everyone was so CHIRPY and AWESOME and having the BEST DAY. It was pretty full on

We did our second batch of script learning with a nice guy called Jacob. I was with a guy called Gabriel and a guy called Israel who unfortunately didn’t speak English as his first language so was having a bunch of trouble trying to remember the script perfectly. I know how he was feeling too because I remember trying to learn scripts in Chinese. You gotta make the conscious decision to either remember the meaning and try recreate that with your own grammar knowledge, or just remember the sounds without digesting the meaning because there simply isn’t time to do that on the fly. My heart was breaking for him.

I was paired with Gabriel for our first day out on the street, with a girl whose second day it was, and a the team leader who interviewed me the previous day

After some AWESOME group cheering we went out to the street 

I don’t really know what I thought the job was going to be when I interviewed, but I didn’t expect it to be hardcore asking people for money to support planned parenthood. It was a really aggressive canvassing job. Like, if you don’t raise over 140 dollars in your day, you only get paid 8.75 an hour. If you hit your goal, you earn 13.50 an hour and then 20% of whatever you earn above that goal. 

I’m not good at asking people for money.

And standing in the sun all day in a fleece was not my idea of a good time. People seem to think because you’re trying to talk to people on the street that gives them a licence to touch you? Also that pro-lifers would come over and try convince me (which honestly baffles me)

A republican man threatened to spit on me.

It was wild.

Anyway I only earned like 40 dollars so I got the base pay. 

I went back the following morning because Gabriel and I decided we’d give it one more day, but the extended script we were learning was so pushy and manipulative and persuasive and it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

I probably would have gone out but when we were all gearing up to cheer and leave, I got a text from CIEE saying they didn’t have approved work papers for me and I was in trouble. So I had to make some calls, and top up my phone, and T-Mobile were being difficult and CIEE are always sort of awful. 

But yeah I bailed on canvassing, I said I’d call them but I had some pretty serious visa things to sort out.

Haven’t been back. Could probably still go back. Kinda really don’t want to. But am v broke and other job has STILL NOT STARTED

HMDS:SI Script Dump

I managed to parse and dump every single line of dialog (and then some) from HMDS:SI into a nifty little spreadsheet.  Not only does this will make finding text I need to change super easy, I can actually convert the spreadsheet directly back into the game’s format.  On top of that, I’m completely not restricted to the character limits I normally had.  Basically, I can replace anything I want with whatever I want! Huzzah!

But I need help.

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im watching hollow crown pt 1 and it is gr8.

whishaw is a really interesting richard, like compared to tennant, he’s way less theatrical, and dryer than a sheet of hydrophobic sandpaper. Like, with tennant, at times it sort of felt as if, for various reasons, he wasn’t taking the job seriously, and with whishaw it’s like richard really, minutely understands the immense amount of power that he has and as a result he is 100% stressed all the time but has got really good at hiding it and appearing calm. like how he goes from being completely calm to yelling the place down in that scene where he finds out about bushy and green ‘making peace’…

my mum is finding it a bit heavy so we’ve had to stop for a while but im enjoying it immensely, doin what i normally do where i make notes on what they’re doing with the script in my copy of the text like a tiny lil nerd

End thoughts: It’s pretty bad.
And by that I mean the voices don’t match the japanese equivalent or their characters at all. Rei sounded okay, but then as it went on he was pretty damn high pitched. I feel like a less royal Kyoya would’ve sounded better but eh. Gou was good, and out of all the voices I’m liking Sousuke’s the most so far, and that’s considering how little dialogue he had. The little nuances to the script made it sound more relatable but most of the time more stupid. I’m looking forward to more Sousuke and the introduction of Momo as we go on. Oh, and Kisumi too.

So yeah, it’s not great. They tried, I guess. I still can’t get over the SamAYYzuka and REEN though


So I’m participating in the A Game By Its Cover game jam, and this is my first ever proper sprite sheet and face set for RPG Maker VX Ace!~ First the sprite in 400% and 100% (well, if you full size the image, that is), and then the face set for the main character, Victoria.

I got the wrong size information for the face set first so I had to crop the image for it all to line up properly in RPGM, but I’m probably going to redraw the faces anyway if I find a good, free-to-use script to give me more space for character avatars because I’m not super fond of how this pixel style came out. Definitely have to do something about the black outlines, might skip pixel art style on them entirely, we’ll see. The way the cat sprite moves is A-DOR-A-BLE though, so while I might touch it up a bit to make it less flat, the general shape of it is definitely staying!

Now I’ve got to learn how to do tilesets, or parallaxes, so I can get out of the default art stage.

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Top five disney channel shows!!

Originally posted by spectrallz

What a good question to wake up to!

Now, do you mean currently running DC shows, any DC show, DC show from my childhood? These are the questions. Let’s find out!

  1. Kim Possible – some of the best animation on the network as a whole! Some of the best voice acting! Some of the funniest dialogue!
  2. Phineas and Ferb – I haven’t seen every episode, but the script is so witty, and the songs are awesome, and the references to shows, etc. outside of itself are really cool. :D
  3. Ocean Girl– This wasn’t a Disney original, but a very old show bought from Australia that was shown on Disney in the early to mid 90s. It was a futuristic world that had a research center/living city inside the barrier reef. Definitely cheesy, but I rewatched it recently and it was almost as good as I remembered as a kid! :D
  4. Girl Meets World– I am a bit behind on this show atm, but as a fan of BMW, I am so excited to see some of my childhood favorites back and it feels like a fanfiction come to life.
  5. That’s So Raven– This show was funny, inventive, and not afraid to touch serious subjects.


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Who has questions?

which batman actor is the best heads up if you say that you see ben affleck as a possible good choice i will unfollow

Well obviously the current answer is Bale…but you should unfollow me because if you think the actor of The Town, Argo, Gone Girl, Hollywoodland, and State of Play won’t be good in a role that is well written then I can’t say much for your sense of taste. Granted Affleck had that period where he did anything that would give him a paycheck (including Paycheck) but even a good actor can only do so much with a poor script and bad director…but those days ended almost a decade ago and he since proved to be superb actor, writer and director (in fact he’s one of the best directors in Hollywood).  But please tell me which well written script with a quality director did Affleck’s bad acting ruin?

A week ago or so I stuck this lady for her labs. This lady was a special kind of lady that really touched my heart. She came from a nursing home because she had a deep stroke. I met her and her daughter and while I was sticking her she just kept repeating “scripts”. That’s all she could say and you knew she was trying to say something else. I held her hand and talked to her daughter about her for a good 5-7 minutes. Then I apologized for her condition from the bottom of my heart. It took a lot for me not to burst into tears.

Well today I walked passed her room (not knowing she was still here). She was alone so I waved knowing she wouldn’t be able to say hi back and she waved excitedly and said “Hi!” I about dropped to my knees and cried. I walked in and she has gained all of her vocabulary back and she was laughing and talking. It warmed my heart so much. I wished her well and then continued on to work.

Later I ran into her daughter who was so excited to tell me what had happened and I said “I already know and I am so happy for her.” I told her how much of a miracle it was and how it touched my heart and she then thanked me for being apart of it. She asked if she could hug me and she started to cry.

Today reminded me why I wanted this job and why I wanted to continue in health care.

I was just chatting with someone about The Hurricane Kid, and I found a link to this on Jon Lee Brody’s Twitter:

The Story of Hurricane Kid Part VII: The Waiting


Written by John Edward Betancourt

It was definitely a time for celebration when it came to Hurricane Kid. Jon and I had put together an outstanding script, one that we couldn’t hide our excitement for simply because of how proud we were of it. This was a good one and the time had come at last for Jon to do his thing, get the script into the hands of investors and other producers and get a green light so we could make the movie at last. 

I instantly believed that this was a film that would be fast tracked somewhere, and well, at the time it was something I needed to believe in. Considering how much work went into this and how far we had come to get the story where it was at that moment, it felt right to dream of signing that contract and finally be able to kick back and relax over a job well done. But I was in for another harsh lesson in this business, one that taught me patience for certain because those wonderful thoughts arrived in my mind…two years ago.

Yes, two years have passed since Jon began the process of getting the script out and about in Los Angeles, and guess what? That’s a short wait. There are many films out there, that have been waiting longer in fact, in some cases just to have a producer consider their project. Hell, the average time it takes a film to go from script to screen can be anywhere from five to seven years. In fact Christopher Nolan’s Inception took ten so as the days dragged on, patience truly became a virtue. 

Now, I’ve had friends ask me how on earth I can be that patient. I’ve had others tell me how they would have quit a year in not seeing a contract because ladies and gentlemen, the waiting became difficult. Sometimes you get good news and you think it will instantly lead to more good news and you find yourself staring at your phone, waiting for it to light up with the big call, the one that lets you know your movie is getting made. 

But alas, no check was cut despite the interest the film was receiving and that’s okay. You see, it took a little time for me to understand the risk that one is essentially asking of an investor, producer or studio. Think about it this way. Have you ever walked into a bank and asked for a million dollars to do something artistic and let the bank know there is no guarantee you will pay back the loan? Because that’s essentially filmmaking in a nutshell. There’s no guarantee it will be a hit, no guarantee it will fail for that matter either, regardless the whole concept is an intangible and that’s why it takes so long for a film to be green lit. Everything has to be perfect, and then the check gets cut.

What matters most however, is that this whole process teaches you exactly what you are made of. As I mentioned before, there were friends who thought I was downright crazy just sitting back and letting it go down this way. But alas, there is no other way to do it and I stick with it for one particular reason. I love writing that much. I love every single bit of the process, even the wait one must go through because the endgame is always in the back of my mind. Filmmaking is a labor of love, and Hurricane Kid has such a special meaning to me that well…to abandon it or walk away from it would be silly. Yes, the wait is awful sometimes. Yes, you will doubt yourself while you sit by the phone and stare. Yes, you will think of giving up, but the process as a whole makes you stronger and quite frankly it’s worth it because all of this “turmoil” will make the moment the film goes to production all the more special.

Besides, some times little treats come along that validate your work, remind you why you fight the good fight and that’s where we will pick up next time, when something special came our way, until then. 

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ahh hii, tae!! and thank you <3 your name is really beautiful as well ~~ and yeahh it was nice :) i learned some basic scripts and how to input scanners. i still have a lot to improve though haha. but i had fun ^^ also i'm really glad that you had a good day :)) and i'm from the u.s.!! c: you're from sweden, right? ~~

(( slow answer i’m so sorry ;; )) ahh hii <3 and thank u ;; ohh that seem so fun !! and i’m glad you had fun ;v; ! ohh u.s i really want to visit it uvu ahh yes i’m from the small country sweden haha uvu you’re bias is baek right ;v;??

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I'm from Europe, Croatia. Actually it was a recent discovery for me. I liked to read about body language and playing tricks on the mind (magic tricks, illusions) but those things never directed me towards the field. Being quite confused with what I want to study I took a professional orientation test. Psychologist and its respective sub-fields were at the top of the list. Over time it just made more and more sense. People told me I'm a good listener and willing to help whenever. So now I'm here.

That’s really cool, when I was little I loved card tricks and my grandma had this big illusion book that I’d always go through. I love watching movies and seeing how different people react to certain situations. I know it’s all scripted, but it’s still cool. I also love movies that portray certain mental illnesses so I can learn more about them and what it’s like for whoever has them.

Family problem!!

I finally got my monologue from Cat, and to be honest this would be the most challenging scene i face in my life as a performer. The script is true story of my life living here since my parents decided to go back home to hawaii.
The most affective part of it was when i had to say how ungreatful it was for them to leave me here and my brother who past away a year ago. I cannot just pack my bags and go without him. And that was the hardest decision i had to make. Go back home with them and start all over, or stay here for good and continue with school, visit my brothers grave, and never miss an opportunity in life again. Even so, it was a choice i had to make and i did.
The monologue truely challenged me not only emotionally but spiritually and physically. I wasn’t expecting that but its something i really have to say. Thank you so much Cat for believing in me and helping me get over my fear ✨


“The Magic Christian” - 1969 Photo Credit: Ron Gallela

RINGO: “When we finished touring, everyone sort of found something to do– like umm, Paul and George produced (albums for) people. John then got with Yoko, and produced himself and Yoko. And I was sort of at a loose end for a while, and I always enjoyed filming.”

Q: “More than the others do you think?”

RINGO: “Yes. And when Brian (Epstein) was alive I said, ‘Well, let’s make a film with something,’ you know, and he had a few scripts then. We decided that 'Candy’ was the best one. And 'Candy’ was good for me as a trial because it was only two-weeks work and I had a small part, so I didn’t have to sort of hold anything up, you know; it (the responsibility for carrying the movie) wasn’t on my head. And after 'Candy’ I thought it was so easy, then 'Magic Christian’ came in– it was also by the same writer, Terry Southern, who I think is a fantastic writer. 'Cuz I think the lines in a film a more important than the camera. You know, what you have to say. And so I decided to do 'The Magic Christian.' 

- Late Night Line-up  10 December 1969 BBC television

Someone remind me tomorrow to get this set up again. I had to move servers, and there was a little… corruption (a good thing, no?) with the movement. But it didn’t include the script. I do have a backup - but I’m too lazy to do it tonight.

Anyway - just someone remind me tomorrow to set up this blog again, so we aren’t down for another week :)

Can I write a cartoon?

I’ve never written a cartoon before. I thought it would be a neat thing to try. I want to have a variety of different writing samples in my portfolio so I took a stab at a children’s cartoon. “Good Cop, Rat Cop” is about an 8 year old girl and her pet rat who fight crime together. They’re vigilante cops who go wherever help is needed, sometimes different realms or planets, while trying to avoid conflict from the rat mafia! As a kid my sister and I had 2 pet rats, Gloria and Missy. They were out first pets and we loved them dearly. I wanted to create something unexpected and original with a strong female character. As an 8 year old girl, I would have LOVED a show like “Good Cop, Rat Cop”. Here is a snippet of a very rough first draft. Keep in mind, I have no idea what I’m doing.

PS: Take a look at these character sketches, drawn by the super talented Nik Milankov!

AND THAT’S IT FOR NOW! Is it complete crap? Who knows. I think it’s got legs and am very excited about the future of “Good Cop, Rat Cop”. Let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks for reading.