but the script was so good i had to

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Do you think people would view Frozen differently if Elsa was the villain?

Hmmm…that’s a good question. I personally would’ve liked the movie better if Elsa had been a villain, bc they sloppily changed the script so she would look like a troubled angel instead. If they had kept her a villain, a lot of her actions would’ve made more sense. Any one else wanna put their two cents in?

Tonight in my acting class our teacher had written us specific scripts that he thought really went with what he thinks we’re best at, and mine was emotional/me telling someone what’s what, lots of being upset/anger/confrontation, which I’ve done a few other times in the class in various scripts but like, it’s honestly so ironic that I’m apparently good at that in my acting because I literally cannot confront anyone or anything irl

in other news i have actually started scripting for my new comic which is like, such a huge and exciting step! seeds of eden will still be in development, but this is an idea i’ve had for years and never put to paper because i thought i wasn’t good enough, but u know at some point you gotta realize you’ll just never be good enough and you gotta just do the thing

scripting is a weird thing to get the hang of doing, it’s hells of different from writing prose but i feel like it suits me since i’m such a visual person anyway. I actually took a class on the subject when I was at SCAD and it was one of my favorite classes so i’m glad to be putting that high-dollar education to use at least

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You who is able to be objective, do you think any member of Exo is actually good at acting ? OR i there one that at least surprised you ? The drama in itself is SO BAD, but Ksoo can act (we knew it already), and I'm actually surprised in a good way by Baekhyun and Kai (idk, he's... expressive?)

Well Kyungsoo is a really good actor, we all saw it in it’s okay it’s love, I mean his character was so complex but he managed to portrait so well and I was really surprised by this, but in end even his acting is kind if bad cause of the script, not cause of him. As for the ones that surprised me in a good way with their acting apart from soo was chanyeol cause he had a different personality than his own and he was quite good (I’m not saying this cause he is my bias), as for the rest I can’t really say cause the roles weren’t that challenging and I can’t say if they are really good actors cause basically what they did in end was acting like their real self apart from pcy. 

movie project

I have movie project in the first time that it is so wonderful and difficult.

Which are what we going to do and performance is how should it be too were anxious to.

And them I’m gonna – Teams,Our team just five people in team was taken shape, It was so nice.

Because personnel also had a lot, because it was all live in one.

So my spare time I can see straight away, so good to hear each other when they did.

Advantage unlike the other groups think that good.

And plot when was over did it come together at easily.

That he didn’t actively go out and get to each other and is due to, because I don’t want to actively take part together even a station.

This is also postpone other friends because it was too good to write him a script, too comfortable.

Of course there is some opinion a row, spending, either.

Opinion or props, scenes directed by observation, I have no conflicts because of act to get each other in their opinions couldn’t.

But I want you all to respect the opinions and understand well by giving these things spooling off.

Get some translated for the project team enters a school and unskilled so there is a lot, but mutual support, all the time, helps friends so we are so nice.

I think at this moment and some footage, swarm, but when I see again, good, I think this was a big experience.

Also I have big character in the movie although it was not, Thanks a lot to be sensitive to my friends.

Then he stands another friend who is wet rainy days starring role and prolific that the door really thankful about.

And do you see each other much time together while filming the movie didn’t know each other, which part have also learned and good that it’s come to take up a lot.

In the early and movie projects, but it’s hard as you get to be a big recollection to each other.

Of course, our movie is a cautionary tale is impressive, not?, but interesting movie, what the problem together, not less than an hour seems important that she really good.

So next year, three years from now wish to recommend a project, continue and for younger players in a project

Think this came out pretty good considering the bottle I used before broke so I had to improvise on making a henna cone 😂😂😂
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more please! that Aladdin au is awesome!

Thank you so much for reading! This one is long again and I hope not too boring.

I’m sorry for any mistakes made!

Part one here.

Jack climbed to the top of the ladder. He was surprised they had managed to escape the market place together. Aster also kept some of his stolen goods though he lost most of it in the run. “We’re almost there,” he called over his shoulder to Hiccup who followed him. He made it to the roof and Hiccup jumped up after him, tripping and stumbling into his arms.

“I want to thank you for stopping that man,” he said.

Jack moved away quickly, grabbing a pole. “Uh, forget it. So, uh, this is your first time in the marketplace, huh?” Anyone could tell Hiccup was new to the area and he felt a little stupid for bringing it up. He hurried to vault over to the next building.

Hiccup just laughed and winced. “is it that obvious?”

“Well, you kind of stand out.” He stared, those green eyes twinkling in the fading light. Hiccup smiled, freckled cheeks warming at the look. The darker haired male shook his head and snapped out of his thoughts. “I mean, uh, you don’t seem to know how dangerous Berk can be,” He grabbed a discarded plank to use as a walkway for Hiccup. As he leaned down, there was a shadow passing overhead and he looked up to see Hiccup already vaulting across and landing perfectly. 

The smaller male tossed him the pole with a smirk. “I’m a fast learner.”

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MY Movie Project

First, we finished our movie project!!!!!!!! OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO~~ I really happy to finish.:pThen I write about my feel.

I think ‘teamwork= harmony’. If we can make time, we make it! This is teamwork that my thought.

But….. We didn’t do pair effort.

I think our team’s starting was very late. So, Me& Ibe & Henry wrote the script at school even our bus was stop. It was very difficult that time but it was good experience to us. It help to grow up our teamwork. Sometimes we have some problems. We didn’t meet regulary and have not fixed scheduel. When we begin , we fight each other about this problem. But, later…we make some good harmony. I really like it.

Other classmates had same feel about me, but all of them is good time.

we took a movie together and spent lot of time on movie.

This time is my frist time that make movie.

I really thank to god to meet all of you

Ibe Henry Daniel Amy all of you my best team player!!!

If We have vext time, we make better movie i promise


M.P  mark

-Movie Project-  Mark

Movie project is first team project in shamyook university.

first we lottery team I want a dormitory friend.

but didn’t my want our team member is me,Chury,Blair,Anna

we decide our schedule before take a movie.

but our group was very hard to decide our schedule.

beacause we have a lot of each schedule.

and our group members is exter nexcept me.

and we thought more important our personal promise better than movie.

so we put off take a movie,and movie day coming approach.

eventually we decide Children’s day take a movie.

first our group is very irritationed memorized a script,hot weather,and critical children’s day is holiday.

but we felt take a movie is very funny with our group..

and I felt fill one’s heart with pride and happy.

finally we take a wedding scene and finished take a movie.

so we have to do edit movie ,edit movie is chury part.

 but chury was not good at edit.so our movie had lot of problem

so we together debate bgm, subtitle, edit.

and our Cinderella was upload at youtube.

movie day we watcher our Cinderella. we felt very strange but

fill one’s heart with pride.

i’m thank you for nice time to take a movie project.

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I think they may have another season of teen mom og, from the get go they knew of the chances it would have of not having as great of ratings as in the past and they knew what would happen if maci took bentley off and I think they're just going to work with what they have. They brought it back after 2-3 years, I just have this feeling it's not going to get cancelled. That snooki and j wow show had like 3-4 seasons? I was so sure after the 2nd or 3rd season that it would get cancelled lol.

That’s a good point. The hate for Farrah being on and the hate for Maci taking Bentley off is pretty intense. I guess we will see what happens. I don’t think I’ll watch another season of them. It’s boring and I hate that we see the producers just telling the moms what to say. I hate seeing it being scripted right in front of me.

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every ask on that list ending in 7 c:< have at it kiddo

7. You’re drunk and lost walking down he road; who is with you?
My babe Axel

17. Do you hate the person you fell hardest for?
Nah not at all.

27. Do people ever call you by your last name?
It’s happened like once and it was so weird.

37. Do you have any good friends of another gender?
A few boys and some non binary peeps.

47. Honestly what’s on your mind right now?
Script work and lines tbh.

57. What gender are most of your friends?
I’m friends with more girls than any other gender.

67. Do you curse around your parents?
I try not to, but yeah I curse around my parents. I curse around everyone except young kids.

77. Had sex with anyone you knew less than an hour?

87. What is your astrological sign?

97. Are you a tease?
Yeah I’m probs the biggest tease ever ngl.

107. Your last kiss?
Does kissing my cat goodnight count?

Thank you so much babe omg, ILY!

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"The Normal Heart" was originally a play and was recently made into a movie about the aids epidemic in the 80's. i thought it was very good, but i was wondering what your thoughts on it was?

i loved the play.  it was the ting that first got me aware of aids.  the reason i didn’t suggest it in my post was because unfortunately the script is out of print :,(

i know larry kramer is a controversial flgure and i’m not up on all of his politics so i can’t come down one way or another, but the normal heart was fantastic and he had a really important role in act up, etc.

i’m not a huge fan of the movie??  i found it very watered down and overdramatic?  i wouldn’t suggest it as a way to educate yourself on the subject, but if you want to watch it for fun or whatever i’m not stopping you.

Movie Project!!!Good memory

1. How did you contribute to your group’s movie project?

I’m group 1 member. I contribute to translate Korean script to English. I’m not good at English so i had difficulty when i translated it. I don’t know what can i change the words. And the most difficult thing is this. i can’t express impression of Korean to English. First i translated the script but it had unnatural parts a lot, so i asked my friend who majors in English to help. She fix my translated script so it is little better. Thanks to my friend!!:)

Another my contribution is actor. Our movie meeds many roles but member’s number is short so we played various roles in the movie. I’m sorry to group member that i made much NG…ㅠㅠ

2.What did you learn from this experience?

I learn spirit of cooperation and consideration from the movie project. Movie project is team project, not a individual project so it isn’t vert well me alone or another team member alone. Everyone should understand each other, cooperate and work hard. But it is difficult to understand each other. It is difficult to adjust everyone’s schedule and have a conference about movie after class. But every members perform one’s function and we consider each other very well so we have nice outcome.

3. What did you like the most aboout the movie project?

The best part of movie project is our group’s movie contents and outcome. I watched movie ‘Kingsman’ veryvery fun. And our group’s movie contents is parody of Kingsman so i was really excited and made a movie really fun. It is the nice part that i sympathized with our group member that Kingsman is a very good movie. Frankly speaking, i didn’t expect that our group’s movie was very godd. But group members did really well so our movie outcome is very nice!!!!!!!!If me alone, i couldn’t do well. I like to close with group members through the movie project. We were very hard but made very nice memory for one month.

4. What was the most challenging part of the project?

First i listened about movie project, i was worried. Because i never have edited video. I wanted to help to editing video but time to edit video is too short and i can’t do it so i wasn’t give help about it. So i am sorry and thanks to group member.

I was worried about movie, but we make very very very great outcome and i satisfy our movie♥

My Movie Project Interview

It was too easy for our group to decide the goal and main topic. We did at the first time. Our goal is the educational and funny movie. It was also creative to use ‘zombie’ character. Planning the plot by using zombie was easier than I thought. We was thinking problems of our lives for being educational when we came up with smart phone. We imagined the storyline easily and were confident in our ideas.

We met and wrote the story line on March 23. After finishing english class, we ate lunch together and went to a coffee shop. When we started writing the storyline, we thought we might write the script fast. But we had a difficulty with solving something which makes people become zombies. We didn’t have good ideas about this problem. So we promised to meet again and complete this plan.

Other members of my group might meet on Thursday. I couldn’t be with them because I had another class as soon as I finished our class. So they said that they would write all the story line on Thursday and we promised to complete the script on Friday.

On Friday, I asked them about our schedule after we finished the class. They said we didn’t have to meet because the storyline was completed. They also said that the finalized plot would be given by SNS and we had to interpret it in English. Lucy sent the storyline which they planned. I got organized the script and sent to them again on Sunday. Ally wrote it on script paper. We delivered each parts and interpreted them.

Other members talked about taking first scene on chatting. They would go Rachel’s home to take a picture before the midterm exam. I didn’t only ask them but they also didn’t ask me. The first time when I participated in taking video was on April 30. We had about 60 minutes because I had a class in the afternoon. We got milks and went to the playground in school. Ally, Rachel and I were Sahmyook heroes. We took a film that Sahmyook heroes came on the scene and worried about people who became zombies.

The second time when I participated in it was on May 8. The scene was that Soybean became a zombie and heroes were surprised at her behavior. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel good since children’s day. I had to take medicines during 2 weeks. I was sorry to shoot the scene that I was on the film and go home early. We promised to meet at 9 o'clock on the next day. I arrived late so we shot the scene in the afternoon that heroes and the main character were playing together when they were younger. However, we couldn’t complete the movie because I was still headache and wanted to take a break earlier. Finally, we finished to shoot the rest of the scenes after movie checking. We took pictures of zombies, heroes and an announcer.

Actually, It is true that I didn’t make enough efforts. My health condition felt so bad in most of the scenes of the video. My participation was low so I didn’t understand which scenes we had to shoot and edit and sometimes why we were taking some scenes. I think our first goal might be creative. The story and the purpose were the best but nobody knew how to write the script concretely and acting was difficult. The completed movie was good because editing was important. However, The movie project wasn’t fine to me. I had hard time until finishing this project.

My Movie Project

Hello! I’m Vivian. I’d want to tell about our group Movie Project. At first, I was really embarrassed when I heard that we have to make a movie for assignment. Because I don’t have any shooting video skills and also I don’t have self-confidence to make a good movie. Actually, I don’t like to do some active things. But I decided to change my thought. So I tried to think Movie Project is opportunity to experience new activity and make a good memory. I had a throb and wondered that which movie would be made.

Making scripts!

Our group members are Jenny, Julie, Jessi, Andrew and me. I was relieved to work with them. We talked about the import of a story at first conference. We thought about how we can make interesting and good movie. We determined that movie genre of horror. It’s about disappearance at the dormitory. We chose background of dormitory because Julie, Jenny and me live in dormitory and we thought it is novel. Also there are lot of students at school who live in dormitory so we arouse sympathy in them. We selected a title and finished contents and scripts of story. We had a restless heart that make a interesting movie.

Shooting Video!

It was first time when we took video. Jenny and my scene was first so I was really strained and worried. But our members helped us and inspired me to further efforts. Everyone made a mistake and forgot their lines at first. But as time goes by, we did better acting and shooting speed was faster gradually. We generally met when we don’t have classes and at the evening after all classes. It is hard to gathered in one but everyone cooperated and considered. So we could finish shooting video successively. Andrew especially edited movie alone. He didn’t grumble about editing alone and did his best. I really appreciate his passion.

Upset things!

It was sad when we shot dormitory scenes. Dormitory is the place where many students live together not only us so we shot when students are none and asked to be excused to room members. And we started shooting video little late than other group so we have to shoot quickly. I think we could make a better movie, if we had a more time.

My feelings!

It was started for assignment but it was meaningful to have a new experience that making a movie in English with my friends. It is not simple and incapable of doing alone as group assignment so we need to be cooperative and should have a understanding mind to each other.

Thank you for our group members : Jenny, Julie, Jessi and Andrew and I really happy to have good memory with them!♡

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone including my fellow mods for being so wonderfully supportive of me and my rambling bullshit over the past couple of days. I guess we all want to distance ourselves from the SJ scene now and then and I probably shouldn’t have been feeling as shitty about it as I was. I fell off the horse when I had to disappear for a month or so while I moved house and it’s probably high time I got back on. I’ve had a script written up for a podcast for a good few weeks now and I think I might just set about making it. Thanks again guys. You rock.

Love and kisses,


[/with the help from his manager, she managed to send in a bouquet of cake pops and a box of macaroons with a good luck card]

/whisper/ SHINEE’S BACK!!


You’ll kill the stage like you always did. I’ll be waiting for my signed copy ;) and I promise to tweet about it. Good luck Kibum. 


Receiving gifts — material or not—  was always something that warmed his heart right to the core. He was a firm believer in the ‘it’s the thought that counts’ theory, so while it wasn’t essential, the gesture always brought a smile to his face because the person thought about him.
When his manager returns to the now vacant dressing room ( Kibum had previously been alternating between practicing his high notes and rereading his script and a bunch of other oddities before the intrusion ) with a bag of goodies in hand, his expression lit up. And instead of reaching for something to satisfy his sweet tooth, he goes for the card first, recognizing her handwriting instantaneously. 
Dimples spring to the surface while he reads the entirety of her little message.