but the script was so good i had to


well say that he had witnessed or see deadpool this is a brief review or review good start this fabulous film scripts excellent effects equal say to my was very good but tube a microscopic details an example someone waiting more action but put the history if but little was a pleasant experience and also made mockery towards other characters from marvel as x-men wolverine among others I liked much so if I recommend it go to see the film this movie broke the fourth wall, which is the fourth wall is live with the public sip did do very well sip sangrones jokes there are violent regresado but that whether you’ll see deadpool I really liked the violent scenes that were humor was one of the best films I’ve seen superhero that just with the credits you’re laughing and know what’s going to happen I will I put a 8/10 by qun 8/10 in my opinion if you want than the film itself was long also would be better but that matter as I leo the comics you know its origins and others but a person that don’t read the comics if I enjoy it the more but was as epic as we saw a hero that most people don’t know is liking from appropriations that that happened to me ami already I liked seeing them credits if I recommend it a lot go to see the film and if a friend would be better

story time: I am scared of phone convos like I’m really good at them but I get really stressed by the ringing and starting the convo part? idk it’s very scary for me idk idk

anyway yesterday I had to set a professional goal with the principal and we decided that I’d have to make one positive phone call home a week for the rest of the term which was fine because I’d have 8 days to write a script and pick a kid for next week so yay nice

BUT!!! but then I told my head of department about my goal and he’s all “ok so who are you calling this afternoon?” like!!!! no!!!!! goal is for next week! not this week!!!!! it’s a Friday and I need to not do things like this for reasons!!!!! and then he sat in my staff room to do work so! so I had to make the call!!! or I would have looked silly!!!!!!!!!!!!

so I picked my best kid and wrote a script and then I sat down and made the call and was all “hi x’s mum, ur daughter is gr9 and doing super well in maths also she’s really nice”

so!!! It went well! I mean I fucked it up a little bit but! awesome!

still gonna pay someone to make all my calls for me or something lmao


Another week is almost in the books. I was surprised by my wakefulness this morning, but I had a hard time keeping on track as I was getting ready to leave. I’m not sure if my brain hadn’t kicked in yet or if party of me was trying to go off script and it messed with my rhythm.

Half day at work today followed by two doctor’s appointments. My wife reminded me that I need a haircut also.

It’s February 12 and I have no ideas for Valentine’s Day. Is that bad?

First doctor appointment done. There were no screams, fainting, or unexpected occurrences, so that’s good. It will be read and I will head from them about this and my last test.

Now for a haircut.

Second doctor appointment rescheduled.

Rest of the day so far is relaxed.  

Stayed relaxed.  Time for bed.  Good night all.

After a week full of possible pet death and stress and a downward slump of mental health I’m staring at my script and the blank pages that should contain the thumbnails… and remembering I was possibly supposed to introduce the other antagonist and… Sorry Zach

I know I’m getting behind on this comic. This week had curveballs. But I think if I can pull myself together I can get a good amount of thumbnails and get the script to a good finished state over the weekend, email that stuff to him, and maybe get started on the actual pages this week. So then I won’t be as behind. Plus this week is the start of new projects in classes so there isn’t as much to do. it’ll be a good week to catch up.

and I’ve got… 10 weeks till this thing has to be finished? my goal was to finish 2 pages per week but I bet if I block out distractions I could get 3 pages done a week. 3 pages would give me a better schedule possibly.. finishing the comic in 5 weeks…. plus some weeks for tweaking and a small buffer if I can only do 2 a week sometimes.

adding in the stuff like Bios and maybe turnarounds if he wants me to do those for midterm review….

it’s a good thing I got a notebook for scheduling.


oHYMGOD this game is way too good for a Roblox game tbh it’s so well made and scripted compared to like 97% of most games on there today. Oh my god even the character are amazing I had to draw some fan art of these babs!! || even though the first and second are basically the same I just thought the second one looked pretty neat but it was for the most part experimental so I just thought it would be nice to show it? ||

I do not own any of them !! All props goes to @cutout-kid !!

Thank you for making such a great game!!

//AHHH this probably seems so self-inserted of me but I would love to meet you if you have the time or maybe chat it up on Roblox? If you ever have the time to my user is Lacivi !! x-x//

Firewatch (Alternative Review) By @cameronmaslen


Console Played On: PS4

Playtime: Around 4 Hours 


These days I tend to enjoy games that are similar to a good book: a solitary, escapist experience I can get completely lost in without any interruptions from the outside world. 

Firewatch, then – on the strength of its gripping story, brilliant branching script, wholly convincing voice-acting performances, and stunning art direction - is easily one of my favourite and most memorable game experiences on the PS4 so far.

Firewatch quickly lets you know that it’s not going to pull any emotional punches over its four to five–hour runtime, opening with a series of text-based choices that begin to set the story, 

Without spoiling anything I had to make some hard choices. One thing that I will say is that it masterfully bounces between being funny and heart-wrenching as Henry develops his relationship with his only contact and his boss Delilah.

Once you arrive at your destination, Firewatch’s powerful ambiance takes hold. The story takes place over the course of an entire summer, with different “days” – which are treated as chapters of the story. 

Playing out at different hours of the day and night that allows bold reds, yellows, and oranges to color this fictional Wyoming forest’s beautifully painted scenery.

As you start to uncover the games story you’ll want to solve the mystery right till the end. Many people will say that the ending is a total let down but I believe that the journey is far better than the destination.

Firewatch is amazing for many reasons, but above all because it’s an adult game that deals with serious issues, with realistic adult dialogue to match. And it deals with those issues just like actual adults would: sometimes with humour, sometimes with anger, and sometimes with sadness. 

It is among the very best of the first-person narrative genre, and it reminds us what video game storytelling is capable of in the right hands. It’s a game I can see coming back to every year or two just to revisit its beautiful sights and memorable characters – just like a good book.

 My verdict is if you have 4-5 hours spare and love beautiful setting and a good narrative then this game is a must buy. 



but man just as a leeeeeeyle drunken post script I had so much good sex as a 23 year old I mean I just stepped up my game man. like it was just quality over quantity dude!!’ im so proud. im gonna go over my personal tag again because that shit was just wild. I mean compared to my late teens?? oh sweet lord jesus have mercy

I just can’t with some Dean fans.

When the fuck has Dean ever gotten the short end of the storyline or pushed into the background like Sam?


That excuse is never going to be a good reason for how Jared and Sam are often treated by the writers.

It’s outrageous how he often seems like an afterthought. It’s like the writers write the script and then realize oh shit, we left out that other brother. What’s his name again?

It’s been Dean Dean Dean for so long I wonder what kool-aid is Jared drinking when he gushes each season. Remember the talk about how Sam being Lucifer’s vessel and perhaps he still had some grace might play into the story? Or what about the hint Jared seemed to give about Sam still having demon blood? Yeah. I’m not seeing anything exciting for Sam this season. I thought we had something good when he got trapped with Lucifer but then they ripped that away and gave it to Cas.


Which is what Janet did in her testimony before the House this morning.  Of course she had very little to say so she stuck to the script outlined here yesterday which seemed to please no one and frustrate a few.  Having seen how poorly this went, she may revise her approach tomorrow before the Senate who will probably be out for bear in some cases which is really too bad inasmuch the current situation is certainly not all her fault.  So I’m going to reserve overall comment until she finishes up tomorrow except for one point which took up a good deal of time in her testimony.

She received a number of questions as to whether the Fed would consider negative interest rate if the economic picture did not improve and as to whether the Fed had the legal authority to institute the same.  She didn’t say yes but she didn’t say no either which is indicative as to how bad things really are when a really bright lady like her could consider something so stupid.  She also stated she wasn’t sure that there was legal authority for such a move but that it had been explored and continues to be explored.  That is a really bad sign because when anyone in D.C. starts looking for legal cover it means things are getting serious.  If this begins to sink in, we could be in for a really bad time given the manner in which I am sure the markets will react.

Speaking of reaction, after floating round for a bit, equities sold off hard at the end of the session.  Of greater interest was the fact that there was a $23 billion auction of a new ten year note that went off easily at a yield of 1.73% which must have seen like a gift to the entire world, hence bids from non-U.S. sources were heavily in the majority or so I am told.  So there we are 1.73% on-the-run at issue and by the end of the day the damn thing was yielding 1.67%!  I think it sunk in:  if she thinks the kind of conversations had up on the hill today are going steepen this curve she had best think again.  People are not interested in yield; they are interested in preservation and that ain’t good.  Let’s see how she does tomorrow.

On the analysis

Idk I am considering just keeping it on here for now… Although it may be nice to eventually redo with visual and post to YouTube, I just don’t have the time and energy for it, presently.

That was literally my fourth recording. Total recording time was probably a half hour at most. Between actual analysis and writing a script I’d say another half hour. Tops. Probably closer to 20 mins for both. What really got me was figuring out how to post bc you can’t post that sort of thing from the app. I used the mobile site but also had problems with audio formatting and uploading so had to play with that for a good 20 minutes as well.

Now that I have that all down and considering I won’t be doing as much on the recording (like mentioning back here) the process can be way quicker. Just to throw out some estimates, 20-30 minutes for analysis and scripting, less than 5 for actual recording and another 5-10 to upload. So worst case this would take me, in theory 45 minutes. Less than an hour basically.

Unfortunately I don’t always have decent recording conditions but I may just end up doing these on the fly or on a whim. Who knows. I can’t really promise proper casts.

Also what I am thinking of doing is pushing these onto a different blog that podcasts for all my stuff. I do have some kingdom hearts stuff I’d want to record and a few other miscellaneous things. Hence why I would feel the need to put it under an old screen name, DarkHeartQueen. But that’s all kinda in the air atm.

Eventually I’d like to be able to go in and set title, artist, album stuff. But that was really just a test run. Hopefully I will be able to go back and clean that up soon.

Day ???

Hey y’all, it’s Miss Flower. Again.

Seeing as both I and Mr. Sun have seriously fallen off the wagon (writing-wise, I mean, and with the abstinence and resumption bits reversed, and this is really not a good metaphor, is it), I figured that it shouldn’t matter anymore whose turn it is to post, so here I am! Also, I no longer know how to correctly number post titles. Oh well.

(Can you tell I’m bored at work? Fun fact of the day: in order to stay healthy, script monkeys require distraction in their day-to-day lives.)

This morning I had a nightmare about a child wearing one of those heavy-looking carved wooden masks. I think it was painted in a black and white colour scheme. My first thought upon waking up was “Wow, this would be a really good scary story!”, and then I promptly fell back asleep. That was in the wee hours of the morning. It’s now 6:30 PM and I’ve forgotten everything up until the very end of the nightmare, so today’s post is my attempt at filling in the blanks! 


jk I don’t want to write any more scary stories for a while. That’s not going to become my trademark default thing.

Instead, imagine that you’re sitting in a busy coffee shop in the middle of winter. Everyone is bundled up in their thick winter coats, scarves, and hats, and gloves are discarded in favour of steaming cups of hot and warm. You can’t help but overhear some snippets of conversation floating through the air:

“ – and so I said, ‘Woman, you may have mistaken me for a hetero, but don’t mistake me for a fool!’, and Sylvia absolutely lost it – ”

“ – somehow, she has the nerve to show up at the office and talk about money in that tone of hers! I’ll teach her a lesson about messing with my penguins – ”

“ – my dad’s in a right state about it, you know - there’s only so much asparagus a man can eat before he goes insane – ”

“ – she says she’s seen one! Can you believe it, a micropig! What do they make with those, mini-bacon sandwiches? Oh…I’m sorry, was that inappropriate – ”

“ – we started a betting pool at work, of course. I put down ten dollars for John Cena and a potato – ”

These stolen moments of other peoples’ lives make little to no sense when they’re lacking context…so for the next while, I’ll be trying to write short pieces that include these snippets! I’ve already gotten started on the first one ^_^

I think I’ll call them the coffee shop series. As you may have noticed, I do quite like the idea of coffee shops, even though I almost never drink coffee because the taste is bleueuuuurgh puke puke puke

Miss Flower OUT

(ps. I didn’t realize it before but my alias reminds me of the miss flower & mr honey series T_T serious AB addict here)

plugging away...

…figuring things out.

I think I have a good chance of getting a freelancing gig. I am damn talented & need one. I also think that I will get a hit on a query letter VERY soon! I hope both happen very quickly.

So, my day:

I went to the pharmacy & dropped off a script & then I went back inside to get a giant Monster energy drink & when I was in check-out, I saw that they had Butterfinger bars for $0.30! Damn! They were full sized too. I got one of those bad boys & now I am sitting here & smoking & blogging & plugging away (or networking) on Twitter. 

The snow has melted but the ground is dry & it is still chilly cold & beautiful outside. I did not get any mail (which is weird) but who knows, maybe I’ll get some cool shit tomorrow. I dunno. I may put on music later. :)

anonymous asked:

do you prefer making gifs with width 245 or 268? one looks good on dash but the other looks good on the blog. idk what to do. )':

i prefer 245 just because fuck tumblr yknow?? i have an extension that makes it look good on the dash too (you need stylish but it’s here). and, now that i think about it, i believe there’s even a setting on new xkit that allows you to use the old dimensions. i installed stylish before i had the new xkit so woops.

edit: don’t try to use the stylish script and the old dimension xkit tweak at the same time. it messes things up. i just tried it lmao. i use stylish because i also have a script that converts to tumblr’s oldish~ design. i’m sure new xkit has a thing for that too tbh but there are so many setttings i just get confused half the time.

i’ve had such a good 24 hours like basement / tigers jaw were so sick and seeing oli was really great then today i got up at six and went running, started doing yoga, got a shit load of uni work done and we did a casting call for our film and all the actors kept saying how much they loved the script which i wrote so yh good day

Justin Theroux on Jennifer Aniston: 'We Have a Similar Funny Bone'

Not only is Justin Theroux reprising his hilarious role as Evil DJ in Zoolander 2, but he wrote the script, too. So when The Insider With Yahoo caught up with the 44-year-old, we just had to find out who’s funnier, Justin or his wife, Jennifer Aniston.

“It depends,” Theroux said. “We have a similar funny bone but a different sense of humor on a bunch of stuff. But she kills me sometimes, and hopefully I get to crack her up sometimes too.”

While Aniston may have a good sense of humor, the actor revealed that when it came to crafting the screenplay for the Zoolander sequel, he didn’t get much help from her. “She did not read it for the longest time,” he said with a laugh. “I was like, ‘I’m starting to get my feelings a little hurt. I would like it if you read.’ And she said, 'I would just wanna see the movie!’ And I actually kind of agree with her.”

Check out the video to find out if Theroux will be showing off his break dancing skills in the new flick, and tune in to The Insider With Yahoo on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

Filmfare were shit the worst award show of the season in terms of acts and let’s not talk about the pathetic script. At one point alia says to srk pant utaro😲like really who the fuck thinks its funny or entertaining all their pant and double meaning jokes were in poor taste and just so nasty to watch esp with family. The only good thing was salman and ranveer act and deepveer ’s acceptance speeches. It’s kinda shame caz a lot of my favs were there but just there and whatever was given to them was so so so bad. E.g the alia thing I mentioned above.vd had nothing to do.arjub Pari even came on stage together but again had nothing ughhh filmfare why would u do that.

Cheki practice again


Practice today too !

Yesterday, it was 4 hours before I realized I had been reading the script for so long, there was some lack of sleep lol

But up to that point, it sunk in well !

It’s bad for your skin so it’s no good to stay up so late lol

Recently, I’ve been trying various approaches to my role ^ ^

How do I bring myself closer to the role ?

How do I bring the role closer to myself ?

I thought about things like that before but, now it’s like I’m affectionately embracing my role and trying new things !

It’s hard to search for and discover which approach is best for improving in my role !

If that doesn’t work, I’ll borrow strength from music !

Without conceit, I will expand the possibilities !

Kidocchi !  

I’m able to speak without hesitation ! It’s the best same-age ! !

Everyone at cheki practice for the 2/13 event.

Well, but, what kind of cheki practice is thiiiiis !

Everyone at cheki practice for the 2/13 event.

Well, but, what kind of cheki practice is thiiiiis !

It was good and I was in high spirits while doing it.

And then, once again, a Nico Nico Douga appearance !

* * * 

Nico Nico Douga Cast Size Channel

『Cast Size News #41』

2/10/2016 broadcasting from 21:00 ~ 22:00

Guests: Ino Hiroki, Akazawa Tomoru, Ooyama Masashi, and others

※For news about additional guests for the HP program, please UP at any time.

Cast Size Channel HP

* * * 

This time it’s an evening time slot, so everyone, watch with alcohol, ginger ale, or a snack in one hand ! !



Starchaser: The Legend of Orin · A United States / South Korea co-production

Released in 1985 · Second ever 3D feature-length animated film in history

Running Time: 107 Minutes · Directed By: Steven Hahn

Jeffrey Scott, Screenwriter: “I wrote it as a live-action script. My viewpoint on Starchaser was just to write a good sci-fi epic. I had no consideration that I was writing animation. Basically, I wanted real characters in a live-action story. I pushed the envelope from a kid’s standpoint with a little sexual innuendo, but I didn’t write it just for kids.”

Jeffrey Scott: “There’s a sword-in-the-stone element to it. But you know, these are the archetypical things that are just there so that people can better identify with them. When I was developing the plot, I wasn’t looking at any of those things individually and trying to work them in. My initial concept was, what would it be like to live under ground where the ceiling was so low that you could never stand up fully? That was my first idea. What kind of existence would that be? From there, I built all the rest. How would you find your way out? Well, you’d dig something up! My favorite line in the movie is: ‘Never dig up, because up is Hell!’ So I just reversed our own, standard religious viewpoint. I didn’t set out to add any specific Bible imagery. I was just trying to tell a story. And at the climax, when the glowing figures arrive, what I was really saying was that we’re all spiritual beings. The scene where Orin heals his brother’s blindness was a similar thing. It was a way to show that there’s something going on beyond the physical realm. I admit it was a stretch. If I was to write the script today, I don’t know if I’d make his blind brother see again.”

Steven Hahn, Director: “I thought that science-fiction worked best when everything seemed real to the audience. That’s the best way to evoke emotion. And the cartoony style of Saturday morning animation wouldn’t have done the job. So I wanted realism as much as possible. It’s much harder to draw realistic characters, but I thought it would render a more emotional experience. We didn’t use any rotoscoping. There’s no rotoscoping in Starchaser.” 

Jeffrey Scott: “That’s what made it so much more difficult to create. Steven’s animators were hand-drawing human characters and getting them to move realistically. It’s the most difficult thing there is because we’ve all seen humans move and know exactly what they’re supposed to look like. There was no margin for error.”

anonymous asked:

I really love what you do, you deserve so much praise for this wonderful script! Just a quick question : the show had its dark moments but also its silly ones, did you keep the funny tone of our beloved bbc merlin as well or did you feel like this season needed to get rid of them? I'm just curious! I'd give away a kidney for this to be real, you need to send it to actors to see what they think about it! It's so fantastic! <3

Very good questions! In answer to “did you keep the funny tone” of the previous seasons – just wait ‘til Episode 4. You’ll laugh. Trust us. We’ve kept a careful balance between serious themes and some comedy relief. Haha, thank you so much. It would be fantastic if the actors ever got to see our work.