but the moment a girl does something wrong

  • A male character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: UwU our son isn't perfect but it's okay! He has time to learn and improve himself!
  • A female character: "has a character flaw/does a mistake"
  • The fandom: ugh... when will she stop being so stupid and irritating? can she just disappear?!
Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, in other words
  • Aria: Prince Adam's Orgy
  • Belle: Nerd Girl Is Bullied by Entire Town
  • How Does a Moment Last Forever: An Artist's Cry for Help
  • Belle reprise: Fucking Tired of This Sexual Harassment
  • Gaston: Ode to a Narcissist
  • Be Our Guest: Just Because She's a Peasant Doesn't Mean She Doesn't Know What Meals Fucking Are, Lumiere! No One Asked for Your Mansplanation, You Horny Candlestick!
  • Days in the Sun: Whoops, There Go My Feels
  • Something There: Sexual Awakenings
  • Beauty and the Beast: Mrs Potts Ships It So Hard
  • Mob Song: I Fear the Wrong Monster's Released (A Little Louder, Lefou, for the People In the Back!)
  • Beauty and the Beast finale: Belle Confirms She Is One Kinky MF and Adam Is SO INTO IT

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Hi. I am someone you like to call an 'anti'. I don't want trouble. Can you show me why I shouldn't believe that Louis is straight?

Let’s forget twitter. Let’s forget Larry. Let’s forget the “girlfriends”. Just focus on HIM and his actions, ok?

(no source for the vast majority of the gif’s, please let me know if you own one, ok?. Oh and LONG POST AHEAD.)

This is my attempt at explaining you or more like showing you with gifs how IN FACT TOTALLY NOT STRAIGHT Louis Tomlinson is.

Tell me this boy is straight…

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harry doesn't smile

he grins, maniacally, the way his father does when the booze is just too good to not finish. he smirks the way cj does, when she’s caught somebody in her web of convuluted lies. he laughs, loudly, and with vigor, the way harriet does when she runs someone through her rusty sword.

but he doesn’t smile. 

at least, not in public. 

he does in front of a mirror, late at night when he’s sure nobody’s watching. fingers poke and prod at lips that stretch gently across a gentle face, and palms rub across the chiseled cut of his jaw, as if trying to mold it into the right shape. knead it into something terrifying, intimidating. but no matter how hard he tries, he smiles and it’s nothing like how his father grins, how his sisters smirk and laugh. it’s soft. as soft as his blue eyes. as soft as his mousey brown hair. as soft as the memory of hiding behind his mothers skirts when the thunder got to loud. 

(sometimes, he finds he can’t remember the sound of her voice. but he remembers her face, the feel of her fingers threading through his hair. her eyes as blue as the sky and her hair as brown as chestnut. she never smiled. 

she was soft. so very soft.) 

(sometimes harry resents her for it. 

other times, he just misses her.) 

no, harry doesn’t smile. he’s too pretty when he smiles, fragile and breakable, delicate in ways that the isle would never accept or allow. so he saunters about, swinging his hook, cj’s swagger in his step, his father’s maniacal grin spread across his face. on days his cheeks hurt, he scowls as fiercely as he can manage, stomping across the docks with all the rage he’s seen harriet carry within her. yet no matter what he does, he can never get it right, can never get the crowds to part the way his family makes them, and on days he can’t be bothered he wonders if it’s because of something he’s doing wrong, wrong, wrong– 

the turquoise haired girl in front of him scoffs. “you’re such a liar." 

he falters. uma doesn’t turn to look at him, she keeps her eyes on the setting sun sinking below the horizon. he watches her for a moment longer, watches the power and the magic simmer deep within her inherited blood, held back by that blasted barrier. against his better judgement, he feels his bravado deflate in giddy awe. 

when the sun disappears and the stars come out, she turns to him. 

"you don’t need to lie to me,” she says, shaking her head. “you don’t need to impress me. you’ve done it already.”

it sounds too good to be true. “then what do you want me to do?" 

"i won’t ask for loyalty. that isn’t something you can find around here.” she shrugs, and harry follows the movement with his eyes, enamoured. “but i’ll offer you a deal– you have my back, through thick and through thin, and i won’t tell anyone about your little mask." 

he blinks. "what mask?" 

uma says nothing, smirk appearing as swiftly as her hand reaches out and lightly flicks a finger across his cheek. the gesture is sharp, the pain it causes immediate and short, but there’s something gentle about it, understanding, playful. harry breathes a sharp intake of breath. 

and smiles.

"aye-aye, captain." 

(later that night, he looks again in the mirror. his hair is unruly because of the sea breeze and his eyes are shining too baby blue in excitement and when he runs a hand down his face, the newly acquired bruise on his jaw is tender. 

but when he smiles, he smiles without abandon. and for once in his reflection, his mother doesn’t gaze back at him.) 

(uma’s right, loyalty may not be something that is found on the isle, yet when he follows behind her, watches the whirlwind of fiery anger and power and strength shine out of her dark eyes, that command in her every step, the sharp edges that fit so well into his soft corners, he thinks he’ll follow her to the very edge of the world if he has to. 

he is her first mate. 

and he is hers.) 


disclaimer: i haven’t read any of the books, so there might be a ton of inaccuracies

Now or Never

Anonymous asked: omg you’re doing song requests?!?! omg can you please write one for tom holland, with halsey’s now or never??? i leave it all up to you, i love him and that song so much

Summary: Golden boy has met his match; but will she be his?

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Language; I’ve never done this before, so prepare - pure angst

Word Count: 498

A/N: y’all might hate me for this and that’s all i’m gonna say, so enjoy? Maybe? This is also like short AF, and I apologize, but it’s all that came to me for this :/ Also, written in Tom’s POV.

I don’t wanna fight right now

Know you always right, now

Know I need you ‘round with me

But nobody waitin’ 'round with me

Been through the ups

Yeah the ups and the downs with me

Got a whole lot of love

But you don’t wanna spread it 'round with me, yeah

Again. Always the same thing. Again, and again. Y/N was the girl of his dreams, but he couldn’t have her.

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Aperture - an Everlark Ficlet for Burkygirl

It’s Burky’s birthday! 

My dear, sweet friend, beta extraordinaire, #tumblrqueen and fellow smutkateer @burkygirl is celebrating a birthday today! This is for you, T! Thanks for making this place so very much better!


rated T

I shift my bag further up on my shoulder as I fish around in my pocket, finally extracting a deckle-edged piece of notebook paper and squinting at the messy scrawl on it.

Panem Arms, 12E.

This is a swankier hotel than I’ve ever been in before, the carpeting under my feet plush and  pristine, high quality reproductions in expensive frames lining the corridor.

The room I’m looking for is in the corner, the door propped partially open, revealing an opulent space with a full wall of windows. My bag thumps against the heavy wood as I shove it open a little wider, and a voice floats towards me from somewhere deeper in the suite. “Peeta? Is that you?”

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Lecture Hall AU - Bechloe

The first time Chloe sat next to Beca in the lecture hall, was the first day of College and she was running late. She had slept through both alarms, and her back up, causing a 10 minute rush where she threw on the nearest clothes she could find, and sprinted to her class. It was lucky for her that her professor had barely begun talking, so she smiled a sheepish apology, and took the closest vacant seat. Right next to Beca.

When Beca had realised that the chair beside her was remaining empty, she thanked god that she didn’t have to have two desk mates, enjoying the space she was given. But at the last minute a bubbly redhead had come bounding through the double doors, almost skipping her way up the rows and placing herself on the empty seat next to Beca. She would’ve glared, warned the girl off to go sit somewhere else, but Beca found herself entranced by the happiness that was radiating off her. Her anger dissipated, though she didn’t utter a word to her all lecture.


It was about two weeks into the semester when Beca finally learned Chloe’s name. She always seemed to be running late, so they didn’t have the opportunity to exchange pleasantries by the time Chloe rocked up.

Though one particular empty day, where Beca and Chloe were the only two sat on the back row, the next student situated a few rows forward, they had the chance to talk.

“So, how come you’re taking comparative literature? You don’t seem to like it very much.” Chloe whispered under her breath, head still facing forward towards the professor.

“I don’t. My dad teaches it and he’s making me take it, something about following in his footsteps. How did you know I don’t like it?” Beca raised her eyebrow, turning towards the girl who had stopped taking notes for a moment.

“You never write anything down, and I’m pretty sure you’ve fallen asleep a few times.”

Beca looked down at her notebook, and sure enough it was blank. “Check you out Sherlock. That doesn’t make me Watson does it?”

Chloe held in a giggle at the girl’s worried expression. “What’s wrong with Watson? But no, it doesn’t. You can be anything you want to be…” She realised it would be at that moment she would add in their name, but Chloe didn’t know it. “Hey, I don’t think we’ve actually exchanged names yet. I’m Chloe Beale.”

“I’m Beca.

“Just Beca?” Beca shrugged. “Alright, nice to meet you just Beca.”

It made her smile, Chloe made her smile. Which caused Chloe’s own smile to reappear, or widen given the fact that Beca wasn’t entirely sure if it had disappeared in the first place.

“We shouldn’t be talking you know, if my dad finds out I wasn’t paying attention in comparative literature…I’m in trouble.” Beca smirked, and Chloe could tell she was joking.

“I’m sorry I’m such a bad influence. I just couldn’t help it, you’re too cute not to talk to.”

She winked at Beca, causing the other girl’s cheeks to flush red and she ducked her head back down towards her notebook. Chloe almost giggled at the sight, but remembered where they were.

The lecture seemed to pass rather quickly after that, their conversation ebbing and flowing in the remaining hour. Their professor dismissed them, and both girls sighed in relief.

“I guess I’ll see you next lecture then.” Beca felt awkward, it was the first time they had exchanged goodbyes, and she didn’t know how to execute it.

“Or you could see me sooner.” She grabbed a pen from the pencil case still on her desk and reached over to Beca’s empty notebook.

When Chloe pulled away, there was a number written in the middle of the page. “There, now there’s actually something useful in your notebook.” Chloe put the rest of her things in her bag. “See you soon Becs.”

She left Beca’s mind whirring as she stared at the digits in front of her. Beca couldn’t help but grin, a warm feeling settling in her stomach as she watched Chloe walk out, throwing her a glance before she did.

They were definitely going to see each other soon, if Beca had anything to do with it.

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YAAASSSS okay. headcanons for how joe acts when he likes someone and how he would ask them out? i’m so curious to know what kind of boyfriend he’d be tbh.


this accidentally got really long (oops) so it’s all under the cut :) 

Originally posted by maxmayfield

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One bad day [part two]Jerome/Jeremiah x reader


Originally posted by valeskajeremiah


Well, Liliah looks different to how I imagined.

A ginger haired boy, probably a few years older than me poked his head out of the trailer, looking intrigued as he scanned his eyes over us. He fixed his eyes on me as my dad began to speak.

“GCPD, We need to speak to Liliah?” My dad asked.

He walked out of the trailer “She’s not here,” he said as he pulled out his coat and put it on, shutting the trailer door firmly behind him “Why? What’s happened?”

“Where is she?” I said curiously, he turned to me, scanning me for a second time.

“Uh, I don’t know,” he said adjusting his coat “She was supposed to be home ages ago.”

There was something about his voice, he seemed kind, scared, shakey. Odd.

“Are you a relative?” My dad asked, giving me a half annoyed half proud look with the corner of his eye.

“I’m her son,” his eyes turned to look at me again “Jerome.”

I forced back a smirk, what was with this guy? one second he was acting like a concerned son, the next he was using every opportunity to stare at me.

“Jerome… when did you last see her?” My dad asked.

He thought for a moment “This morning, she was here when I left for the library,” He said, nodding slightly at his own words.

“Relax, Jerome, this gentleman is only here because Owen and Al had a disagreement,” the ringmaster said, Jerome frowned “your mother’s fine, gone a spree no doubt… you know how she is.”

“Spree?” Jerome challenged “without her hat? Coat? Her purse?” He said in an almost mocking tone, he turned to the snake “look at sheba, she’s distraught. She knows somethings wrong.”

“The snake does seem to be agitated.” I commented.

The ringmaster coughed “Eh…sir. she’s what you call a party girl, back in the morning with her knickers in a handbag, sure as eggs.”

I kept my eyes locked on Jerome, he seemed uncomfortable at the ringmasters words. I hated seeing him like that.

I narrowed my eyes “But she didn’t bring her handbag, did she?” I looked at Jerome muttering quietly “asshole,”

I walked towards the snake “How fast does an animal like that move?”

Jerome smiled at my question “Uh, fast walking pace,” he walked towards the snake too “they rely on surprise mainly.” He said, he was standing next to me now so I could see the smile on his face clearer then ever.

“Let her out.” I said.

“Excuse me?” He chuckled, the surprise on his face was probably the best thing I’d seen all night.

“Let her out.” I repeated, my dad let our a sigh, as if understanding what I was getting at.

“Ah, yes. Let her out please Jerome.” My dad said.

I watched as Jerome opened the cage, I put my hand out, stroking the snake softly.

“She likes you.” Jerome said softly, our eyes met as I stroked it again.

“Really?” I asked excitedly.

He nodded, a more obvious smile forming on his face as he placed the snake on the ground.

The snake quickly moved forwards, obviously knowing where it was going.

We followed it as it lead us to a small heap of hay, my smile faded as I realised what was happening.

The snake went under the sheet that covered half of the hay pile…

That covered the body.

As my dad pulled it back, revealing the body of who I assumed was Liliah valeska.

“Oh god.” Lee said, looking away.

Jerome fell to the ground, tears in his eyes as he stared at the bloody corpse that was his mother. I rushed over to him, wrapping my arms around him and holding him close, I stroked his back as he cried into my shoulder.

“It’s going to be okay,” I whispered into his ear “I know how much this hurts, but it’s going to be okay.”

He hugged me back, tighter than I expected… a lot tighter.

Mine. (Tyler Joseph x Reader)

Summary: Typical jealousy cliche. You wear a sexy dress to a party and your boyfriend, Tyler, doesn’t like it. Especially when some guy hits on you.

Warnings: N/A

Female Reader 

Words: 442

“Ty? Can you come zip this up for me?” You called down the stairs to your boyfriend. Tonight you were going to your band’s album release party, it was your third album and you were excited. 

A few moments later your could hear Tyler running up the stairs. He entered the room and whispered, “Woah.”

“Like what you see, love?” You asked, turning to face him. He nodded, looking at the dress. Then he made a face. “Something wrong? Is it ugly? Am I ugly?”

He shook his head quickly. “No, the dress isn’t ugly and you certainly aren’t ugly. It’s just the dress is a little too sexy.”

“What does that mean? Too sexy?”

He turned you around and zipped the dress. “You look great, it’s just all those guys there are going to be staring at my girl.” 

You sighed, turned around to face him, then pecked his lips. “Exactly, Ty, your girl. I’m yours. Only yours.” 

“Don’t forget that.”

“Y/N!” Brad, a friend of a friend called you over. 

You glanced at Tyler as if asking for permission to leave his side. “Go on, just remember who’s you are,” he whispered in your ear. You nodded, and then made your way over to Brad and his friends.

“Hey, Brad! How are you?” You asked.

He smiled, “Good, good. This is Cam, a friend of mine.” He pulled a man forward. Cam was handsome sure, but not like Tyler. Yeah, Cam has bigger muscles, but he seemed already seemed like a douche. 

“Well hello, sexy,” Cam said, obviously tipsy.

You took a small step back, “Um, thanks? But I kind of have a boyfriend.”

“Well, I don’t see him around here…why don’t we get out of here?” He smirked. 

That’s when you felt a strong grip on your waist. Tyler. “Who do you think you are? Hitting on my girl? Stay away from her. She’s taken. She’s mine.” Tyler then whisked you away, towards the door. He grabbed the bassist of your band’s arm and said, “We are leaving a little early, Y/N isn’t feeling well.” With that, he pulled you out the door, into the car. 

“Tyler it was nothing-” 

He scoffed, “It was something. It was another man trying to take what’s mine. Who’s are you Y/N?”

“Yours, Tyler, yours.” 

He slammed the door behind you, pushing you up against the wall. “Mine.” He growled in your ear, before attaching his lips to your neck. You were in for a long night.

Songfic idea I’m too lazy to write rn

Prinxiety, Lips of an Angel 

-Virgil the psychology major and Roman the theatre major meet in college

-They run into each other one day

-Like, literally run into each other. Virgil had his head down and Roman just wasn’t paying attention

-After sorting themselves out they get to talking and soon realise, “shoot, he’s really attractive”

-They’re both gay, but don’t know that about each other yet. Virgil comes from a small town, and his parents weren’t… homophobic, per se, but it definitely wasn’t encouraged or fully accepted. He’s only out to a few close friends

-Roman is more open about his sexuality, having grown up in New York City with his understanding and supportive mother. It still took him time to accept himself despite knowing he’d be okay. Sometimes he still struggles with it

-It takes a few months, but Roman finally works up the nerve to ask Virgil on a date, and Virgil hesitantly agrees

-They talk about a lot on that first date, including their homes and families. Virgil explains about his past (”Look, Roman, I don’t… know how to do this. I grew up in middle-of-nowhere Ohio in a town where everyone knows everyone. I don’t know how this whole dating thing works. I’ve never even kissed someone before. I don’t know how to be… out.”) and Roman does the same. They decide to try and make it work, because they really do like each other.

-Everything is great, at first. Of course they have minor disagreements sometimes, every couple does. But soon enough it’s not so minor.

-They fight about more serious things as time passes. Roman wants to go out on a date, Virgil says no because what if someone sees them? (”Yes, Virgil, that’s how things work. There are other people around in public. It’s not a big deal.” “Not a big deal? Do you know what people are capable of? No. No way. It’s not worth the risk.”) Similarly, Roman wants them to do things with friends as a couple, but Virgil says no to that, too. (”I don’t want people getting the wrong idea, Roman!” “And what exactly does that mean?!”) 

-They care about each other, really, but they’re from completely different backgrounds and have completely different reference points. They’re young, a bit naive, and both struggling with a fair amount of internalised homophobia. 

-One day Virgil decides enough is enough. There’s no point dragging this out any longer. May as well just end it. (”Roman… This isn’t working.” “What isn’t?” “This. Us. We can’t keep doing this.” “What are you saying?” “I’m saying it’s over.” “But… Virge…” “It’s done. I can’t do it anymore. I’m sorry, Roman.”) 

-After the breakup they’re both a mess

-Roman eventually gets a new boyfriend, who’s fine and all, but still isn’t Virgil.

-Virgil, after a night of no sleep and a minor breakdown, asks a girl out in a moment of desperation. He wants it to work so badly, needs it to, but it all just feels wrong

-Then comes a night almost a year later that Roman calls Virgil, crying, because of something his boyfriend did. Maybe it wasn’t even something big, but it was enough, and Roman realises that Virgil never would have done it and Virgil would understand and fuck, he’s still in love with him.

-Virgil does his best to calm Roman down, but is freaking out a bit himself, because suddenly he’s forced to face everything that he’s been ignoring about himself and his life. He is gay, and that won’t change, and maybe he never really moved on either.

-They decide to meet up for coffee sometime. Just as friends, just to catch up. And if there’s still something more there, well… They’ll figure it out as they go.

…That got really long. I have no explanation for this other than that it’s very late and I am deliriously tired. This wasn’t obvious, but Roman’s boyfriend (the one who wasn’t Virgil) is Deceit. I’m too tired to go into more detail with this… Maybe later. Somebody yell at me to get off tumblr and go to sleep. 

Jungkook Scenario: How She Loves.

Request: Can you do a request where you son likes his dad,jungkook, more than you so you get sad and jungkook notices that and says something like you know that he still loves and so? Thank you ^^ (sorry for my bad english..)

Genre: Fluff / Family.

-Junho, come here please?- you called your son from the kitchen where you were making a pumpkin pie for the three of you. -Junho!-

You could see your son from where you were standing, gazing over the counter and looking at the living room you could see him sitting on the floor, too busy playing video games to even look at you. Five years old and he knew how to play every possible game, but then Jungkook and you were a bit at fault since you bought every single game the little boy asked for. You tried not to spoil Junho too much but sometimes it was impossible not to.

-Junho!- you called once again and this time he did turn to you.

-Mom I am playing!-

-I’m asking you to come here honey-

-Five minutes- he said resuming his game.

You frowned and sighed, you didn’t want to get upset since this was just a childish behavior, but then you should be correcting it.

-Jeon Junho, stop the game and come over here-

The little boy looked frustrated for ending his game but did as told walking towards his mother slowly, his shoulders pushed down and his feet dragging slightly. You squinted your eyes, pulling yourself together to not be caught in your son’s spoiled antics. 

-Yes mom- he said when standing next to you, now the whole thing seemed pointless. You wanted him to take a taste of the mix to see of he liked it but now as he wasn’t coming “willingly” your good gesture felt a bit forced.

-Try this- you said offering him a spoon with a tiny bit of the mix. Junho liked it, he gave you the thumbs up and gave you the spoon back. -How was it?-

-Good, I like it-

You smiled, happy to receive a positive response from him, your son smiled a little in return. -Give mommy a hug- you extended your arms to him.

Junho pursed his lips and whined. -Aish mom!-

You hugged him ignoring his little complains, you pulled him close to you as you felt him squirm under your touch, he didn’t want the hug. You raised your arms, letting him free. -Alright then, go-

He didn’t waste a second, running back to the living room to play video games again. Sighing you turned back to the counter, looking at the clock to see if the base for the pie was near ready or not.

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Xiumin Father Headcanons
  1. A bear hug and forehead kiss every night
  2. Being the prince every little girl needs
  3. Hero of every little boy
  4. The sweetest day of them all
  5. Probably would be the one giving advice to his kids, like a very understanding father
  6. Little presents every now and then
  7. “Today we are learning how to drink coffee”
  8. “You prefer chocolate? Okay, I’ll teach you how to prepare it too”
  9. Tons of pictures of his kids everywhere: cellphone, the walls, the car, his laptop, in his wallet…
  10. Will only let Suho, Lay and Kyungsoo to take care of them
  11. Nah he would let all of them do it, as long as those three are near xD
  12. “Do you think our little girl is in love? What if he doesn’t treat her right?”
  13. The dad that always helps his kids with homework
  14. Kinda like a mom too
  15. Everything he does, he does it for his family
  16. Would know right away when something is wrong with their kids, like a heart broken
  17. All the teachers love him and all the moms at the Kindergarten do too xD
  18. Would be there, at every important event, every important moment of his kids’ lives
  19. Cry at their graduation, at their birthdays, at their wedding…
  20. “You know right? I’ll always be your best friend”

Xo, Ara~

Spoilers for Harlots Ep 6

My stray thoughts on this episode:

  • We see Lucy continuing to grapple with all of her deeply negative and traumatic experiences with sex this episode (she’s had only one positive experience with it and seems to have had a number of the worst sort of experiences early on - would she think she was “no good at this” if her entry into this world hadn’t been so rough? probably not, but she thinks her reaction is unnatural and her fault) - it makes her supremely uncomfortable to even hear all the groans and grunts of pleasure in the house of Wells. this of course all comes to a head when she stabs the horrid sir george in self-defense, and it’s far from an act of vengeance or something meant to signify her “descent into darkness” (she even goes back to apologize to him!) or whatever people are saying about the direction of her storyline. it’s a thing that happens that Margaret takes upon herself so that sweet Lucy won’t be damned, in one of the most powerful moments of the episode. more than ever, this episode shows us how even when Margaret does the wrong thing, it’s always out of love. that’s something of a theme in the parent/child relationships this episode including the abusive relationship of lydia/margaret (which I’ll discuss later) as Florence points out, and Florence’s own relationship with her daughter Amelia - and Fanny’s relationship with her unborn child is also explored as another example of the exigencies exacted by motherhood. Despite the hand her mother has had in her situation, Lucy continues to be loyal to her and lashes out at the other girls when she suspects them of speaking ill about her. All the scenes of her and Margaret holding each other - in the wake of Lucy finding out what her mother did for her - caught at my heart and made me cry.
  • Scenes like the one we got between Will and Harriet are so important. Seeing Harriet happy that she finally has some power over her life and the future of her children is a beautiful thing, and seeing Will reach out to her with kindness and empathy from a place of shared understanding was cathartic for her to be sure - and I’ve little doubt he has now somehow gone after her children and will bring them back to her. Then we see Will crack under Benjamin Lennox’s constant racist attacks on him, and Margaret’s interesting response - she is proud of Will for defending himself but as he says, still upset about the practical side of things. Margaret has a clear moral compass but business pretty much always comes first in matters of pride.
  • The irony of Emily’s situation and of Margaret saying to Nancy that “that girl’s not worthy of your care” is that she is a lot like Margaret was once in terms of her circumstances (and I suspect, her personality), as Nancy pointed out last episode and yet Margaret turned her away. She did not “sustain and defend” as Nancy said she ought. This is an indictment of Margaret’s occasional ruthless pragmatism (possibly even an unconscious occasional emulation of Lydia as I’ll discuss later) - it is not a reason to blame Emily for her own situation (and it’s not something the other girls have seen Margaret do before as they’re shocked and it leads Fanny to keep her pregnancy secret). She felt under-appreciated so she left for work elsewhere. She in no way brought her horrible situation upon herself. 
  • oh my god the scene between Florence and Amelia had me in tears. And it really seems to have enabled Florence to look on others in similar situations who haven’t given up the trade more charitably. Amelia is the only source of good in her life, but her goodness is so pervasive and determined and comforting that her mother cannot help but be swayed by it and decides to extend that understanding to others. she sees the hand of God in her child’s understanding, and takes it as a sign that her perspective is the right one. can Amelia just become a midwife or something to help out the other girls? that would be ideal. she’s been a nurse for her mother for years now!
  • Haxby is absolutely DESPERATE to get his job back (and looks like he’s been crying?), as it’s always been obvious it’s his whole life, and clearly believes his own delusions about the sway Charlotte had over him (notwithstanding his parting shot later about how she gave him pleasure - that was clearly a bit of unwitting jealousy) - that the fault lies with her. I’ve seen the next episode and he’s not in it much either and all I can say without spoilers is that I don’t like the direction it takes - it’s not so much character assassination as character oversimplification. It’s possible that more will be done with it in ep 8, but I’m pessimistic about it being resolved to my liking. This is one of only two things about this show that bother me - they just stick out a lot bc everything else is so well done (and I’m talking about episode 7 specifically and not what happens in this episode). Cmon guys you hired Ed Hogg - give him good material like you did in the first half of the season!
  • oh betsey having trouble with drink and Prince trying to help her :( he wants to be friends with the girls but his own survival instincts make it hard for them to trust him.
  • It was great to see more of Kitty this episode - she’s a good leader able to hold down the fort when Margaret’s needed elsewhere, and to manage conflicts and issues among the girls.
  • Nancy served SO MANY LOOKS this episode; I was LIVING. also Lydia’s black lace hat thing was my favorite thing ever - need one of those for myself
  • “How can it be hate that drives you? It is love.” And we see that love, such as it is, come into play in the final devastating scene of this episode. When Lydia comes to the door once more as Nancy is trying to transport Howard from the premisses, Margaret looks absolutely spent. Out of a combination of desperation to distract Lydia, emotional exhaustion, and through the learned behavior of an abused child, she tells Lydia where Emily is. “That’s my good girl,” Lydia says to her, and touches her chin in a way eerily reminiscent of how we’ve sometimes seen Margaret touch Lucy’s. That wraps up an episode on the perils of motherhood for both parties involved, and the lengths to which mothers will go when it’s not hate that drives them, but love.
Free Parking (Michael Clifford) - Part 2

Part 1

requested by @amethystpanda6 and @coffeeashawn


Three weeks later

​It had been almost a month since Michael had given you any more trouble – and you weren’t going to play dumb as to why. You knew it was because you almost had a breakdown in front of him – you could see it in his face every time he’d glance in your direction when you passed him as he was leaving the building and you were going in – but he never said anything. Not until now, that is.

Michael’s POV

Michael was walking up the sidewalk that led to the building when he suddenly heard your voice. The sound made him look over to the tree you were sitting under, only a few feet away from the front door.

“Calum’s not home,” you informed him softly.

“Oh…” he said, “Well… Do you know when he’ll be back?”

You shook your head, and that was when he realized you hadn’t looked up at him. He walked over to you, sitting on the bench a about a foot away, wondering why you weren’t there in the first place.

“You okay?” Michael asked you.

“Yeah,” you whispered again. You could tell – even though you weren’t looking at him – that he was about to call you out, so you spoke again, “Thanks for the flowers the other day.”

“You’re welcome,” he replied just as quietly, “I would have gotten you real ones, but Cal said you can’t keep them alive so I thought you’d appreciate fake ones more.” You couldn’t help but laugh under your breath as you nodded, but you didn’t say anything else. So Michael continued. “Seriously, Y/N, are you okay?” he asked carefully, not sure exactly how to approach the subject.

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My LI Journey in The Freshman

As we embark on the final book of The Freshman series, I couldn’t help but think about all the LIs I’ve had my MC date and why I’ve chosen one suitor for her who I intend to stick with from here on out. It was kind of challenging to do this because I was forced to realize that not all my decisions were well thought out or made for good reasons. I guess that’s okay, since it’s just a game, right? But now I feel much more confident in what I consider to be my final LI decision!

First, let me start off by saying that I’ve had my MC date both Chris and James in previous play-throughs for the first two books. And when book 3 was released, I chose to not import my book 2 data and instead chose to be single. Why? Because I realized I had no strong attachment to either character as an LI for my MC. I adore them as characters and friends, but that’s as far as it went for me. Sadly, I had my MC date them just so she wouldn’t be single and, to me, that was a crappy reason for her to be dating anyone. So, to resolve my own conflict, I made her single which is what I should’ve done in the first place.

I’m also one who prefers to stick with one MC and ideally one LI throughout. I know it’s limiting, but it’s my preference. I just don’t get the same enjoyment playing as multiple people through multiple play-throughs. I’m not sure why, but I have to accept this about myself. This is the first time I chose three different LIs for a game and though it was interesting, it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Okay time to break down the 3 LIs my MC has dated. I’ll present the same set of topics for each and at the end, I’ll explain why I chose to not stay or stay with each one. Also, they’re presented in order of appearance (and also in the order my MC dated them).

Off we go!

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How They Joined Marching Band: Roman

Author’s Note: Soooo I decided to try and make this a thing. Marching Band needs love too! I will be doing this one by one and requests are fully accepted. Let me know if you want to be tagged  :)

Trigger Warnings: Perceived sexism, perceived homophobia

Roman’s eyes glittered brightly as he watched the scene before him. He had seen performances before, but none quite like this. The way the vibrant colored flags soared through the sky in an elegant display, how the people’s bodies moved in a way that could only be described as graceful. They were also fierce, shown by the power in the way they tossed rifles, catching them with a solid slap. He hadn’t known what to expect when his older brother dragged him to a high school football game, but it wasn’t this.

Yes, the music that the marching band was playing was spectacular, but the dancers that weaved through the musicians were what drew him into the performance. How they could be so in sync with each other and the music at the same time.

After the performance was over, he couldn’t speak. He was in absolute awe. He had never wanted it to end. The dancers could prance on his grave and he would praise it. When he finally regained his speech, his head snapped towards his brother, “How do I do that?”

“What, marching band?” His brother glanced at him. “Just choose an instrument.”

Roman shook his head, “No! The dancing!”

The boy next to him snorted, “You’re kidding right?”

He shook his head once more, confused on his brother’s reaction. He was usually so supportive of whatever he wanted to do. And why would he be so dismissive of something so majestic? After a moment, his brother busted out into laughter, gaining the attention of the people around them. “You want to be in the colorguard?” He managed through gasps, “You’ve had some crazy ideas, but this really takes the cake!”

Colorguard? That’s what it was called? “What so wrong with it?” He snapped, folding his arms over his chest.

“It’s a girl thing,” he insisted, his laughter died down. “And you’re a boy. You’ll be a laughingstock. Is that what you want?”

“That makes no sense!” Roman exclaimed, “Why does it have to be girly?”

His brother sighed, wrapping his arm around his shoulders, “The makeup, the costumes, the dancing, basically everything about it. Why don’t you play an instrument if you want to be a part of the band so badly? The drums are pretty cool.”

He shrugged out of his brother’s grasp, “But I don’t want to play an instrument. I want to dance and perform!”

“We’ll talk about this later,” he said quietly as people began to look in their direction again.

There was nothing to talk about in Roman’s mind. He would do as he pleased. Their parents never had an issue with him doing the extracurriculars he wanted, as long as it made him happy. And he knew this would make him happy. He could see it now. He would get a solo! Front and center, being the most graceful person, he could possibly be. He wouldn’t let his brother hold him back from what he wanted. He refused to let anything hold him back.

anonymous asked:

Hello nat! I love your writing so much it’s so inspiring. Could you write about yukako reaction to dating a girl who actually falls in love with her? Yukako can be abrasive but it’s only because she cares so much. It’s nice to think about her having a girlfriend who is just as in love with her as she is.

- Yukako falls easily and hard. She doesn’t like to think of it like that, but that’s how it is; she falls in love with the way someone talks, and what she sees in them, and can be a little single-minded when she charges in ready to try and convince them that they’d be good together. She’s hard-headed, batting away thoughts and doubts and trying to insist that they should try - and because of all of these things, she’s used to being rejected. After Koichi, she deals a little bit better with rejection, but it does still get to her - when she confesses to this s/o, she’s surprised that they don’t knee jerk and say no. 
- She tries to be more careful this time; tries not to say what she’s thinking, or let her emotions get the better of her and frighten this cute girl away. She can’t believe how lucky she feels when her s/o leans across the table and brushes fingertips against hers, or when she smiles and Yukako feels as though the sun has come out for the first time in months. She was already far gone; all this does is seal the deal. 
- Her new girlfriend notices, though, that Yukako is holding herself back, and is afraid that perhaps it means that there’s something wrong with her. When she brings it up, Yukako spends a moment staring, her usual poise and grace all gone at the very idea that Yukako might not adore them the way they deserve to be adored. Before she can think better of it, Yukako’s lips are spilling forth everything she finds beautiful and good about her s/o. 
- This has made other people shy away, horrified by how closely Yukako watches them and how clearly she’s fallen. Yukako can’t help but expect that when the truth comes out, her new girlfriend will abandon her in fear of the level of commitment. She’s surprised by the genuine pleasure in her s/o’s eyes, and even more surprised when her girlfriend embraces her and presses a kiss on Yukako’s cheek. 
- At first, Yukako doesn’t know what to do with the knowledge that someone loves her as much as she loves them. She’s used to being the one putting in the effort, not the one having the effort put in. But the hand holding and the sweet smiles and the casual ‘I love you’ is … nice. 
- It tempers her edges somewhat. Her abrasiveness lessons; she doesn’t need to convince her girlfriend of anything. Her girlfriend is already there. Sometimes they giggle and make fun of the others together, and Yukako’s heart feels warm, and she feels like she’s finally found the one for her.