but the bottom right right though

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I stayed up three nights in a row to cleaning my already clean room and moving the furniture silently 'till it felt right along with organizing/reorganizing everything I own. I have a problem with holding knives around anyone even if I'm just doing dishes and I count strangely for everything or else I feel as though it was done wrong. The only place I feel truly safe is alone in my tidy bedroom (not to mention I have a strange urge to touch the bottom right corner of things Is it O.C.D?

i can’t diagnose you or anything, but it sounds like ocd is a possibility for you and you should look into it


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Burn ft. Philip

I watched an animatic of Burn and it showed Philip standing outside the room crying, so I wrote this.

Philip stayed close to the door. The door had been closed fast, but it didn’t keep any words from his ears. His mother spoke to his father in a tone he hadn’t heard before. His mother was upset, more so than he had ever seen her before.

“You’ve forfeit all right to my love!” Her voice carried through the rooms. The voice that had sung him and his siblings to sleep, the one that had counted with him so many times was shouting at his father. “You’ve forfeit every right in this house and you can sleep in your office!”


He turned to see his little brother standing just beside him. His hands were clasped nervously in front of him, his bottom lip tucked under his teeth. He hadn’t heard him approach at all, though, his mind had other things to focus on before. “Yes, James?”

“Is Daddy in trouble?” His voice was a meek whisper, the description only exaggerated by the voice that they all heard from within the closed room.

Philip bit back the words that would have immediately flown off his lips otherwise. Not trusting himself to say the right things, he simply nodded his head.

“Did he do something to Mommy?”

His mother’s voice died down. The two looked to the door, silence seemingly the only thing now emanating from the room before the door opened. His mother walked out. Philip couldn’t tell if it was anger that surrounded her or if it was sadness. She passed by both of them as if they weren’t there.

Philip called out to her. He wanted to call his voice back when his mother turned around. “Mom?”

Her hair was kept neat, but her was was a mess of emotion. Her eyebrows were tense with agitation while her eyes seemed different. “Yes, Philip? What is it?”

Philip regretted bothering his mother. He wanted to tell her to just ignore him and continue on to wherever she had been going before. James saved him from his embarrassment.“Are you all right, Mommy?"His mother’s brows slacked. Her lips turned up in a faded smile. "Everything will be all right, James.” She held her hand out and James quickly ran to her to grasp her hand in his. They walked away and Philip wasn’t sure what to do.

Philip hesitated beside the door. He slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out the folded paper. He held it in front of him, the paper crinkling as he unfolded it. His eyes glanced over it, glazing over and not taking in any of the words. The Reynolds Pamphlet, that’s what it was entitled.His father had told everyone how he had been with another woman. To save his reputation, he had destroyed everything else dear to him. Had it really been worth it? His mother was heart-broken and he wasn’t sure what to do.He pushed the paper back into his pocket and closed his eyes. He felt tears  under his eyes that he desperately tried to disband.

Don’t cry. Make Dad proud.

But he’s the one who made Mom so upset.

He felt so conflicted. A battle waged in his heart and he didn’t know who he wanted to win.

Philip took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. He opened his eyes and walked into the room. His father stood by the bed, a bag sitting on the mattress while his father packed his things into it.

Philip didn’t know what to say. The battle waged in his heart as he felt such irritation for the man he loves and looks up to. “Pops?” His voice was hardly over a mutter, but his father heard it.

He looked up to Philip without a smile. He didn’t greet him or ask him about any of his poetry as he ordinarily would. He simply looked back down, his head hanging by his neck. “I’m sorry, Philip.”

He thought that should have helped his father’s case in his heart, but it did the exact opposite. He had broken his mother’s heart, and neither Philip or any of his siblings knew what to do with the whole affair. And all he said was sorry. His hand curled into a tight fist at his side.

“There’s no excuse for my actions, Philip. Please, just remember that I do love your mother and you and your brothers and sisters. Nothing could ever change that.”

His father looked up and Philip saw his eyes. There was no pride in his expression. The strength that he usually held had entirely dissipated from him. When he finally spoke, his voice was meek and small.

“Then why?” His voice came out choked. He didn’t want to look weak, but that’s how he felt. He was helpless to do anything to help his mother, helpless to understand his father, and his voice gave it all away. “You could have just kept it all to yourself!” he snapped. “You didn’t have to brake Mom’s heart! You didn’t have to tell the entire world that your family wasn’t good enough for you!” His tears leaked from his eyes and it infuriated him. He didn’t wipe them away, he just let them flow down his cheeks. “Why weren’t we good enough?”

“You’re not the ones who weren’t good enough, I am. I was never good enough for your mother or any of you, and now that’s finally crystal clear.”

Philip felt his tears run to his chin. “But you were! We’re a family!” he shouted. He was sure that all his siblings and his mother heard his words, but he wasn’t thinking of that much. His voice dropped considerably. “You just couldn’t say no.”

“I know I’ve made mistakes.”


“You don’t have to forgive me.” His father seemed dead. There wasn’t any light left in his eyes. “Just don’t make the same mistakes I did, Philip.”

Philip held his lips together for several moments, the silence defining. “I love you, Pops, just like Mom, Angie, James and everyone else, and nothing’s ever going to change that.”

His father turned away for a moment and placed a few things into his bag before closing it.

“Please don’t leave forever,” Philip asked.

He picked up his bag and hung it on his shoulder. He walked around the bed and stopped in front of Philip. His lips formed a weary smile. Philip didn’t stop him when he wiped some of his years from his cheeks. “Stay strong,” he said quietly. “You all know where to find me. You’re the man of the house now.”

Philips lips parted. That’s not what he’s wanted to hear, far from it. He straightened his posture and looked up to his father. “I’ll make you proud,” he said. Despite everything, he still wanted to make his father proud. He was going to be the man his father couldn’t, and he would take care of the ones he loved.

His father’s smile reached his eyes for a moment before he left. Philip spun on his feet and watched his father leave, his tailcoat floating behind him. The door closed and Philip stood fixed in the same spot. Only his little sister broke his trance.

“Philip?” Eliza asked.

He looked down to his little sister standing at the doorway. Her eyes were red, she’s been crying.

“What going to happen now?” she asked, her voice timid.

Philip knelt down in front of him and managed a meek smile. “I’m going to take care of everyone,” he said with confidence he hadn’t known he was capable of. “That’s my job now.”

His sister came to him and wrapped her arms around him. Philip held his sister and didn’t let go. He wasn’t going to let anything else hurt them.

Happy December, everyone! Are we really here already? I feel like I’ve slept through most of 2016. Anyway, I sewed you this pine tree as a symbol of not having to be alone for the Holidays. I’m right here with you. :) I did run out of yarn at the end of this design though. As you can see at the last point on the bottom right corner. I PUT LOVE INTO THIS, OKAY?! [[ Hugs all. ]] Loooove yooouuu!!

Cape Feare [S5 E2] (dir. Rich Moore)

I’m a big Bob episode fan I must admit and this is was a treat to do although I’m not convinced I nailed to left side completely (the tree is a little off, the background moved between frames), however it’s not too bad. Like the previous we can get a lot from a little, the exaggerated running style born of panic, the shadow on the side and we have a great grasp of the situation immediately. The question is though, the layout of the boat itself, where exactly are the family placed and where has Bob gone? Well seemingly the family are placed at the bottom of some stairs on the right of this shot, in a kitchen area and Bob emerges from behind Bart as he look over the rail, so has presumably walked back across the boat to emerge from the right. Having studied the boat I gotta assume there’s a door on the other side because there simply isn’t one at the front, back of left side.



I think the trouble I had choosing a color for Virgo speaks about this sign in and of itself. Virgo is a very complex sign. It’s a sign that cares about the details, the little things. Eventually, I chose a dark purple, a regal but defined color. It’s purple, yes, so still technically part of something bigger, but it has it’s own distinction.

The top left picture is more of a metaphor than anything else. It represents the wall that Virgos themselves put up before them by criticizing others first. They can’t handle being told that they’re not perfect, but still do it to others. Mercilessly, in fact. Being happy with who you are will seem as far away as the moon if you can’t let others tell you how to improve.

The recurring theme in this photoset (top right, middle left, and bottom right) is the idea of lightning. There are many reasons why lightning reminds me of Virgos. Even though lightning looks destructive, and it technically is, it only ever strikes one specific place. An exact area. Something that Virgos have a knack for; exactitude and keeping an eye out for details. They also make incredible stories. Just pictures of lightning tell a million different stories and situations. There is no better storyteller than storms, and Virgos, of course. 

The middle right picture is what an ideal Virgo’s bedroom would look like. Their creative side would use their talented imagery to come up with the lights and appreciate the nice touch added with the room’s fluorescent tone being another color. At the same time, while there are many things inside this room, it is fairly organized. A virgo would not be able to stand living in a mess, which is why this image reflects them so well.

The bottom left image is something I’d imagine Virgo saying. Their critical, logical side, while helpful in other aspects, makes them almost clueless to reading other peoples’ emotions. It’s not that they don’t feel them, because they’re not robots. It’s simply that they have a hard time figuring out how people think and feel without being explicitly told. This is why I imagine they appreciate honesty and straightforward people, especially in a partner.

You know what though?

You’re doing something right. Because while time passes, and you feel so powerless, you’re growing. The people that made you feel burning right down to the bottom of your heart, turn into dull aches, and eventually bittersweet memories. The times of betrayal that make you feel like you run on spite recede, and you’re able to act with love and softness again. The “important” things suddenly become trivial, like making people like you or worrying about whether or not people can see you struggling. You go from falling apart irrevocably every time, to being able to let yourself fall like porcelain onto hardwood and shatter into dozens of pieces – now you are able to count the pieces, and fill in the gaps with glitter glue instead of letting it all make a mess. 

The storms you thought would devastate you passed in the seasons and you can still see their brothers and sisters in the horizon in front of you, but you’re somehow less worried than before – and the difference is now you know you can build your own solid rooftops and fortify your own walls. No one is going to knock down your sacred houses forever. One day, you will outlive it. 

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"Y'know how you get a bit crazy on Christmas Eve? Yeah, don't do that this year."

“Y'know how you get a bit crazy on Christmas Eve? Yeah, don’t do that this year.”

Ha. Reese smirked, letting out a bitter bark of laughter as the other spoke. It was too fucking late for that, wasn’t it? She had a glass of red in her hand (hey at least she’d swapped out her usual jack for something a little classier, that was a start right?), and an empty bottle on the coffee table in front of her. The second already opened. 

She hated fucking Christmas anyway. It was all a crock of shit. At least it was an excuse to be drunk, right? Eh. Whatever. She didn’t give a fuck. 

Instead of actually acknowledging what they’d said though, Reese held up her glass like a little shit. “Bottoms the fuck up.” She said drily, before taking a long drink. 


-Nial Mcdiarmid-

Nial Mchiarmid choses a particular location and then waits for the right person to arrive before making his image. I have been considering doing this as well, though have not yet looked at locations. From these images I can see that he either matches or contrasts the colours of the persons clothing and the background. This is particularly obvious in the bottom two images. On the left, the young woman is wearing a bright pink coat which juxtaposes the heavy blue background. In comparison the man on the right is wearing a green jumper and dark green trousers which fit well with the strong green backdrop. When I shoot I need to consider which colours fit well and which contrast in an aesthetically pleasing manner. I feel that it is important not to overthink this process as when I am there when the right person comes I will immediately notice. 

UPDATE: holy shit am i doing this right
(it looks right though)

I have no idea which process to do first, so I hope I didn’t make it hard for myself in the end. :((
Also: there is a possibility that I mixed up the top and bottom shelf, since there is one board that has different screw hole patterns from the others. Not sure if it goes on the top or on the bottom. My bet is that it goes on top. WE’LL SEE HAHAHHAHA

i wanted to do a little sketch…with different purple people….my god,its too much purple!

William and Danny (two in the bottom right, acting like Rose and Jack from Titanic) belong to : @blasticheart 

Richard (in the top center) belongs to: @inverted-mind-inc

Pirantree (in the very far bottom right) belongs to my friend, though he’s actually free use she said

Cally (the only female on here!) and Nicky (one bothering Richard) belongs to me

Which HPA Student Council member is which

A ton of appreciation goes to the combined efforts of @jinjojess, @gs-goldstarz and @taichinchin for providing us the translations for the HPA Student Council members in this post.

Now, I’m really curious as to which person is which. Thus after rewatching the first killing game for more despair, I noticed that the way the ‘motivation’ files are arranged here (from left to right)

is somewhat similar to how they are arranged here (or more specifically, how it goes from right to left, bottom to top)

I’m saying somewhat similar because from jinjojess’ post, and from the 2 canonically named characters (Murasame and Kisaragi), we got the positions correct? Murasame is also the last from the gif, and that Kisaragi is 4th from the last as well.

So, from my guess, I would say they are arranged in the exact same way? Just my opinion though, since we really don’t have anything set in stone besides Murasame’s and Kisaragi’s.

So if that were the case, it would be like this then:

(Idk I just put Isshiki there because extra space and he IS the bodyguard of the SC, plus wHERE THE HELL IS HE AND MATSUDA TOO)

And from there as well, I would assume that the way they are arranged is also related to their position in the student council.

Meaning, Kashiki would be in the lowest position while Murasame would obviously be the highest.

Though there isn’t really any set rules as to what positions you can have in a student council (besides the important ones, like Pres, VP, Secretary, Auditor, Treasurer, etc)

But more of my other wild guesses are that both Someya and Ikuta are Vice Presidents (Internal and External), since we already have Kisaragi as the Secretary and Murasame as the President, and I don’t think there’s any other position in between those besides VPs. And maybe, Ichino and Kamiginu are the Escort and Muse (idk do you have those in Student Councils? Lol I honestly don’t know and I think I remember my HS had them?). Also, I think the lowest position in the SC would be the representatives per year (or per class) but I don’t think they (Kashiki, Nishizawa, and Kubou) are?

Anyways, this is just my two cents on the topic and haha yes because I want to really know which is which so there is DISTINCTION between them

P.S. Kodaka pls tell us who they are. Youve given them character designs, dont let the character designers’ efforts go to waste


Reaper and his wraiths–at least, that’s what Talon calls them. It doesn’t help that McCree looks like he stepped straight from the past.


Drew up designs for Jesse and Genji for the “Gabe takes his boys to Talon with him” AU.

Jesse gets a snazzy little skull on his hat. He probably also has some rodent bones dangling from his Peacekeepers for aesthetic. I’m thinking of going with the top-right design for Genji, so he and Jesse share a little visual consistency with the muzzle/mask look. I also like that his muzzle faintly recalls Japanese demon masks.

As for the bottom right image… There’s a reason Genji wears a muzzle in battle. Talon tried mucking about with his head the first time they repaired his body, but thanks to Jesse and Gabe, Genji’s still mostly in control of himself. He does have a tendency to get a little off during battles, though…

Manwhore - Part 12

Thanks to all for the lovely reaction to the previous parts: Ramblings.  It’s been so great to hear all the opinions.

And thank to my lovely beta @redprairielily for adding her usual flair.

WARNING:  There’s some smutty times in here and mentions of self harm.

Manwhore - Part 12

Finn’s eyes lit up like the Harrods Christmas tree.  "You serious?  Are you sure you’re ok though?”

She nodded.  "Yep, I’m fine.  He weren’t dangerous; just not my thing.  I need you to show us exactly what you can do.“  She purred with a provocative smirk.

“Right well, you better get that sexy arse in there right now Miss Earl.”  He pointed to his room and slapped her lightly on the bottom as she turned.  "I’ll be through in a sec.“

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I’ve had a fair few questions regarding my drawings lately (both here and on IG),so i thought it might be easier to explain my-very straight forward-process this way,rather than via individual replies…
First off,my drawings are far from being perfectly symmetrical!
I’m not a big fan of using too many tools,as i personally always prefer a slightly ‘organic’ look…
I do draw everything in pencil first though,and i also use a template to help with circles (see top right).I usually draw a fine pencil line down the middle of the paper to assist in keeping things even for my larger drawings,and a cross for Mandalas.However,i stay away from complicating grids etc…that just confuses me more than anything else,to be honest:) When inking,i use the pencil drawing mostly as a guide-i tend to change things a bit as i go along.
(Bottom pics:initial pencil sketch on the left,finished drawing on the right)
And one more thing-i work very,very slowly;) …….
Any more questions,please just ask-i’m more than happy to share my 'secrets’:)
Thanks everyone💛

@bondsgotnothingonme - Continued from HERE.

James pressed against Harry in response, splaying against his side with a warm smile. “Well I’m armed actually, but it’s certainly not in my pocket, just like I’m guessing that’s not a gun on yours.”

A grin swept onto Harry’s face, before he slowly slipped his bottom lip under his top set of teeth. ❝Oh damn, you’re good.❞ He replied, his eyes quickly flicking up and down to examine the other. ❝You’re right. You’re very much right.❞

I was doing some research about Daisuke Ono when suddenly…

Top Left : Erwin Smith (Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan) Top Right : Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!) Bottom Left : Jôtarô Kujô (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) Bottom Right : Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler)

I might be the only one who didn’t know already, though, haha ! (However, I read that Daisuke Ono wasn’t the only voice actor for Jôtarô Kujô so… If someone could tell me more about that… !)

You guys, I may be gone from tumblr all this weekend, and I know it might be a very big weekend for Cockles, and just … everything that’s going on in the SPN family right now. But,  my friend that is in the hospital has gotten worse, and the doctors want to stop all the treatment that is keeping her alive,  saying that it’s no use anymore. I am heading there now to help her mother fight for her right to live.

As much as I would love to watch the wires for everything “Jensen and Misha”, I just can’t do it right now. It would be wonderful though,  if you all could tag me in the Cockles posts and fun times that are to being had this weekend. They will certainly be wonderful things to look at when I am hurting. 

Thank you all so much, and I love you guys from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for being here for me.

So I have noticed something after watching “The Answer”. Of course when we may have noticed many things.

One of the major things that I myself noticed was Sapphire’s dress.

Completely different than the one from “Jail Break”.

What’s the key difference though? The blue diamond insignia in “The Answer”. But who else do we know that has a blue diamond on their outfit?

That’s right, Lapis Lazuli. And on the bottom picture we supposedly get a glimpse of her in “The Answer”.

Why is this so important though? Well if you think about it, Sapphire says “My Blue Diamond.” And when you think about it, who else do we know that bare diamond insignias?

That’s right these two. But do you notice the different colors between Jasper and Peridot’s diamond and Lapis and Sapphire’s. The latter are blue and the others are yellow. And we know that Jasper and Peridot answer to Yellow diamond.

So whichever Diamond the gems follow, they will most likely have that Diamond’s insignia.