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Inspired by Time Gone By by hitorimaron

Stiles was doing quite alright lately, thank you very much. His magical tattoo was finally finished, he had a loving husband and a strong pack. He really didn’t need some weirdo dementor-like skeleton attacking his pack and messing up his ritual. Not to mention, being accidentally sent back in time. The day couldn’t get any better now, could it?

lol if you wanna copy and paste to repost because I’ve suddenly become a nasty, please do better than me and take out my error of typing ‘government-mandated’ twice and maybe also copy and paste the info of his co-writers? 

idk at least be accurate about the whole process, you know.

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The only major conflict between Kyl*x and Reylo is the gender dynamic, because Kylo acts even more maliciously "abusive" towards H*x than he does Rey (I'm not saying Kylo acts in an abusive way towards Rey, but I am saying that if you classify his behavior towards Rey as abuse, you would also have to classify his behavior towards H*x as abuse). Like an anti who ships Kyl*x has no moral ground to stand on, and the fact that a lot of antis act that way has really turned me off that ship.

That’s just it though. Antis tend to be raging SJW misandrists who don’t believe that men can be abused or that men deserve to be abused, so it’s perfectly okay to get off to violent BDSM torture porn of them but god forbid Kylo so much as looks at Rey because that’s setting a bad example for impressionable girls who will think that maybe not every man wants to beat and rape them!

i need to rant bc this has been bothering me for a very long time and i need some opinions if that’s okay. this sounds v dumb but a year and a half ago i met this guy at my friends birthday party, and the second i saw him i thought he was really cute. i talked to him for maybe about 5 minutes max that night and that was it. a bunch of us were in a group chat together regarding details abt the party before hand, so we all dropped our ig’s and then we followed each other and that was it. since that day i haven’t spoken to him, and take in i barely know him, yet i think of him frequently and i don’t know why!! i saw him a few weeks ago when i went to this event in my city and he was working there and the second i saw him my heart dropped. i don’t even know the guy and i have these weird feelings for him and i know it’s stupid but they won’t go away and i don’t know what this means and this post is just a long, unnecessary rant but i just want to stop thinking of this boy

hey quick question why do i project onto/relate more to gay male relationships in media than gay female relationships????

why is it that a friend can be like “oh there are awesome lesbians in this anime and it’s a hallmark of my childhood/positive lesbian representation/a groundbreaking masterpiece!” and i’ll be like. oh. neat. maybe eventually i’ll check it out

but then like four clips of an anime about potentially-but-probably-not-explicitly gay dudes comes across my dash that literally no one has actually recommended to me and i’m like OH THAT LOOKS GOOD I WANNA WATCH THAT

ragnarok is a cycle.  asgard’s rebirth is inevitable. when the sword of surtr cleaves the realm in two, it sinks back into the sea of space – into ginnungagap. long story short, all begins again…from ginnungagap. that being said, asgard has been physically there for a long time post-ragnarok. janie restored it before she got pregnant  ( before infinity war ). ever since, she’s been hiding it from thanos until the time was right to gift it to thor and loki. granted it was a shell, and it was almost a good thing that she destroyed her sentience so ebony maw couldn’t find it. 

recently, she revealed to eitri that the realm indeed exists and is green and untamed…save for two: líf and lífþrasir. in myth they’re humans. in earth-199999, i’m not so sure. janie hasn’t revealed much, but from legend eitri knew their names. he witnessed the recreation of the realm eternal, the revival of the thousands who were brutally slaughtered by janie on the statesman, the revival of his kinsmen. why eitri ??  in their next thread i’ll go into this in depth, but he will be the mastermind behind thor and loki’s new palace: gimlé. he will also serve as chief architect for the new capital. he has thousands of strong æsir and 299 dwarves to work with…including his brother. 

what is asgard missing ?? sunlight. 

it wont touch the realm until thor and loki return home. 

thanos had no knowledge of this nor could he ever attack it again because loki’s right. he isn’t god. she is. 

how do you get rid of the part of yourself that wants to passively fish for sympathy/praise?

“Oh no, don’t worry, it’s not a dinner party or anything, we’ll just have a few snacks.”

Southern Europe:

Northern Europe:

i know slytherin!oikawa/seijoh is kinda fandom default, but potter wikipedia says hufflepuffs value hard work, dedication and loyalty over particular aptitude & are associated w/ herbology+plants so i’m officially converted 


its weird to think about how many places I’ve forced myself to study while traveling; not even a quick, impromptu road trip can stop me! as much as I preach the importance of taking breaks (because you need them), sometimes you just can’t afford to stop the hustle. obviously I can’t speak for everyone, but I think that if you really need to get shit done, you’ll make time for it; no excuses!

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