but she's just uneducated

i think a huge point that a lot of people are missing in this complete shit show is how tana has acted with a great deal of privilege herself.

she said in her response video to the incident that she felt “scared for her life” and she had never understood how people feel in life threatening situations. in other words, she is making ian’s quip out to be a hate crime.

she talks of ian’s white privilege but she forgets how full of it she is. this event was no where near comparable to events like war or, in reference to the slur itself, race related violence where people’s lives are actively put in danger and they are victimised for arbitrary reasons.

if she had simply said that ian had made her feel uncomfortable, she would have had a valid point, but acting like the slur impacts her on the same level that it would an actual black person, in my opinion, just goes to show how uneducated she is in regards to oppression and discrimination.

  • Shailene Woodley: No because I love men, and I think the idea of ‘raise women to power, take the men away from the power’ is never going to work out because you need balance.
  • tumblr: oh my god! how dare she say that! now i hate her. wOW
  • Jennifer Lawrence: I'll be the only actress that doesn't have anorexia rumors.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: If anybody even tries to whisper the word 'diet,' I'm like, 'You can go fuck yourself'.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: He's fluent in French, very impressive. And he's hilarious. It's too bad he's so ugly.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: I finally get to make out with Christian Bale and he's a really fat guy. ... He's Fatman, not Batman.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: I’ve never met a cat where you assume first that it’s a boy. Because normally dogs are boys and cats are girls. But she has such a masculine energy that everybody always says ‘he’ and for the first week I thought it was a boy. I named her Oliver, she had a collar with Oliver. And like 'boy, boy, boy.' And everyone’s like, 'what’s his name?' And that’s just weird for a cat. So we call her Chaz Bono.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: I just wrote an e-mail to my managers that said ‘no more white trash with too much responsibility’ roles for awhile.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Before I get the script I ask, 'Does she like the forest? Does she have younger siblings? White trash?'
  • Jennifer Lawrence: Oh, I can’t stand shy people. Like, make it up already.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: She kind of grows into it. And she’s strong, like a male hero with a vagina.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: I was so dykey.
  • Jennifer Lawrence: By the way, you are the most interesting person. I was in the dressing room going ‘I want weird quirks!’ …That’s so cool! He can’t step on the floor! [Directly to Jesse Eisenberg about his OCD]
  • tumblr: no, she didn't mean it that way! she was just joking! jennifer is hilarious and perfect!

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My girlfriend just told me that if I end up trans ( which I don't know maybe I am? It's something I'm exploring) that she wouldn't be with me because she's not interested i trans guys at all , we've been together nearly 2 years so I'm really confused as to what to do... help please

Devon says:

I suggest taking the time to talk it over with her. Find out why she wouldn’t want to date a trans man. Communication is always the best thing in relationships.

If your girlfriend is attracted to men but says she’s not interested in trans men, then that is really transphobic. You could talk to her about her sexual/romantic orientation, and ask why she isn’t attracted to trans men. She might be able to do some introspection and acknowledge/work on her own transphobia. She might just be uneducated as to what it means to be transgender.

If your girlfriend is only attracted to women, then there’s nothing you can do to change that. But, some people have more fluid sexualities, and sexuality in general is really complicated. It’s possible that she will still love you if/when you come out as trans, and she will stay with you and like change the label that she uses for her sexual/romantic orientation.

Another reason that she might not want to date a trans man is that she might be afraid of the changes that would come with your transition. You could explain to her what your transition will be like, and that she has nothing to be afraid of. Transition is generally really gradual. Choosing a new name and pronouns, changing your presentation, starting HRT, getting surgery, or whatever other things you might do to transition are not things that happen overnight. (And you don’t have to do any/all of those things to be valid as a trans person, of course.)

You should not stay closeted or hold back on transitioning in order to stay in a relationship with her. You will most likely end up resenting her for your dysphoria (if you experience gender dysphoria), and also be generally unhappy. No matter how much you love her, your mental health is more important than the relationship.

It is also possible that your girlfriend is manipulating you by telling you she’ll leave you if you come out as trans. Here is a resource about unhealthy/abusive relationships. There is also a link within that page specific to LGBT+ relationships that you might find helpful.

Again, communication is most important! Best of luck, and stay true to yourself.

My sister and I started getting closer this year, and I was pretty at peace with it. Enough that I gradually did something I told myself I should never do: I came out to her. And at first it was okay. I felt like I had an ally in her, that she accepted me. But it turned out I was right before.

When I brought it up in a joke about two or three days after, she hit me with “Well, you just haven’t found the right person yet” and “You don’t have any experience” and “Maybe your sexuality is just coming in late/you’re not old enough- some people don’t even feel it until they’re, like, 25!” The last one, of course, makes no sense, considering we hit puberty at the same age and I’ve come across her with plenty of men since she was just 14.

The problem is, we were on a roll. We had already started getting closer, and she kept going, and I didn’t feel like I had a choice to back off. After all, she was the closest to ‘accepting’ my family got. She was open-minded, she could learn, eventually.

Wrong again. We go to a gas station, my sister goes inside to pay for gas and pumps it, and I wait in the car, happy to be alone. When she gets back in, she tells me she had an awesome experience. I egg her on to tell me about it, and she says, “I always knew there was something, like, off about the one girl who works there, ya know? Like, you can tell from looking at her that she’s a lesbian.” I start getting a little strained in the face because she just described being a lesbian as being “off,” but she continues, “And I overheard her having a conversation with someone about the fact that she’s finally transitioning, so I gave her my support!” Here I’m left confused. She just said the thing that was “off” about this person is that they’re a lesbian, but she’s also saying she just got confirmation of that from a convo about transitioning that this person?

And it hit me:

She doesn’t know the difference between gay and trans.

I assume she truly is just uneducated, so I try to correct her. I ask, “Wait, so were they transitioning ftm?” She confirmed it, so then I asked, “Wouldn’t they be a 'he’ then?” And of course my sister begins to catch on: “I did something nice and I wanted to tell you about it, and you’re criticizing me?” I try to counter it, but she parries again with: “Her biological gender is female.” That’s not all she said, but it gets the point across. I knew what was going on now.

Could it be that her ego is that much more important to her than that person’s existence as his identity? Could it be that she wants to be congratulated for being 'nice’ when she only scraped the bottom of basic decency for the guy who served her, if only to cash her out for gas? I’m just glad he had no idea. I assumed she only needed to be educated, but I realized she’s entirely self-centered. And I know other straight people who aren’t like that, some who truly did need to be educated. I just can’t believe I ever mistook my sister as one of them. I can’t even try to teach her when just her presence shuts me down.

Every day, I remember these things because I am around her every day, and I don’t know what I can do. She wants to move out of the house from my even worse conservative family (we’ve all been living together because of money issues) out to California, and I’d like to go to the place for myself, but how can I stand the person there? How can I stand staying?

Listen, I see a really fluffy stray cat outside, so I’m gonna try to feed it, which means I should probably end this here. I’ve just been feeling trapped for so long, I need to vent a little, and where else am I gonna find a place that’s truly safe to say this kind of thing?

Surprise! And Loki makes 3. I wasn’t intending on adopting another bun so soon but Loki was abandoned TWICE by uneducated humans and I just felt a connection. She’s not fixed, so I’m gonna wait until after Pepper’s surgery to introduce them. I tried today and pepper went haywire, attacking Gizmo and peeing everywhere. I think she felt her territory was threatened. Baby steps!

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is it totally irrational for me to feel unsafe around this girl who's a cishet ace in my school? im a lesbian and she claims that lesbians are making the "qu**r community" dangerous for her. i know she's just uneducated, but I just feel really uncomfortable around her even when she's not talking about that sort of thing. she reblogged that "qu**r alignment" chart a few months ago (that had lesbians as chaotic evil) and when I mentioned it to her, she was all "everyone's overreacting" (1/2🌸)

(2/2🌸) and also, one other thing: after trump won she made jokes about how I was going to get sent to conversion therapy with her (even tho she’s a cishet) and since then I seriously cannot deal with being around her. ive tried to distance myself from her, but I still feel like it’s a trivial thing to stop being friends with someone for. anyway, sorry for going into a rant here, I realize this is very long so you don’t have to answer it if you’re not up to it ahah             

ditch her tbh

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The warehouse winner using the N word is beyond me. That’s not okay at all. I can’t believe someone her age would do that.

It’s not just about age, it’s about being uneducated (which she clearly is)

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lol full offense but @hello-homophobes is actually really fucking annoying. she makes absolutely no noteworthy content, she has no revolutionary or interesting or original takes, she doesn’t even know a single thing about feminism, she seems stupid & uneducated af, and she literally just repeats herself like a broken record. “homosexuals are attracted to the same sex. you disagree w this bc you’re homophobic. heterosexuals only like the opposite sex.” EVERYONE KNOWS ALREADY. YOURE SO BORING

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I got this one friend who's like me a fan of bts, for like two years maybe? idk but after such a long time I might've thought she'd be a bit maturer in the way she expresses herself about them but nahhh she be like those koreaboos, too much into cringey stuff, who don't even know when they behave racist and superficial and it's sad bc I don't think she's inherently a bad person but just super uneducated on a lot of things like most fans in my country, I've kinda given it up with her lmao

2 years and she still hasn’t learned?????? oh honey,,,,,

my friend just complained to me that she doesn’t like that taylor endorsed a candidate because she thinks uneducated fans will just not do research and vote for the candidate because taylor is voting for him…but like…even if they don’t do research at least they’d be voting for someone who supports human rights?!? i’m pressed

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Mental health issues can be treated with yoga? Is she this idiot by herself or she has help? I’m sorry, but I’ve been diagnosed with GAD a few year ago and it wasn’t yoga that ‘cured’ me, it was months and months of therapy sessions (I haven’t taken any medicine to help). It’s a shame she is somehow a part of HeadsTogether. She is extremely inconsiderate and just proves how uneducated she is every single bloody time she opens her mouth. Sorry for my rant, but I can’t stand people like her.

No apologies necessary!  I understand and I’m with you….I agree!  This whole show is sickening!  Thank you.  And I am so happy you sought help! Good for you!😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Am I Wrong?

Alright, I need some clarity on something really quick y'all. So, I don’t really just put my sexuality on blast, but I will for the sake of this post. I am bisexual. Now, today, I was having a conversation with this girl I met a few weeks ago, and she was questioning why I, as a bisexual woman, wouldn’t marry a female.

Her personal opinion was that, my opposing to be in a same sex marriage made me a fake bisexual. She said that I was just bicurious and that she was tired of the bullshit and that I needed to stop claiming bisexuality and be straight. I cannot explain how offended I am by her statement.

I spent many years thinking about what kind of permanent relationship I’d want in the future, and I settled on a heterosexual one because, IN MY OPINION, I think it would be best for MY family if they had a mother AND a father present, because there are some things that children need to learn from their fathers that a mother can’t teach them.

I also would love for my children to live in a household where they were with both of their biological parents. I don’t see a problem with that AT ALL. But APPARENTLY, because I feel this way, I am not a true bisexual. Am I wrong? Is she right? I don’t think she is, but maybe I’m just uneducated in these matters.