but right now mostly backgrounds

Teen Titan characters in DC Superhero Girls so far. There’s a lot of Teen Titans in DC Superhero Girls . I made this to show them off but I waited until more characters showed up like Raven to post it. We got Supergirl who was a Teen Titan for a tiny bit. She’s a main character in DC Superhero Girls. We got Bumblebee who is a Teen Titan .She is a main Character in DC Superhero Girls. We have Beast Boy. He’s a supporting character on the shows/books .He might be in the second wave maybe for the toys. We have Starfire. She is a supporting character. She is going to get a doll in the second wave. Jinx is mostly a background character right now in the show. She was in the new graphic novel Hits and Myths with Gizmo. It was cool seeing Jinx in the book even though she doesn’t do much in it. The Ravager Rose Wilson was mostly a background character in the show until Hits and Myths .She was awesome in it. I hope we see her again. Mammoth was also in Hits Myths .

Blue Beetle and Bunker have been mostly background characters so far. I hope they do some thing with them in the show. I’m glad Bunker is in this even though he’s a backbround .Cyborg was a background character at first but now he’s not. He has the same voice actor from the cartoons. Beast Boy and Starfire also have the same voice actors in the show. Miss Martian is a Teen Titan. I feel like people forget she’s a Teen Titan. Miss Martian had a big role in Hits and Myths. She was a main character in it. Now the character we’ve been waiting for …Raven. Raven was in the new graphic novel Hits and Myths. She was only in a couple of pages though .It made since for her to be in it cause her dad was the villain in it and was on the cover. She’s only in it for a little bit but it was great seeing her. I wish she had a big role though since her dad is the villain . I hope they put Raven in the show. Beast Boy might like her from seeing his face in the book. Put Raven in the cartoon and give her a doll Mattel . I hope they put more Teen Titans in DC Super Hero Girls. There’s a lot of people in The Teen Titans so they can’t put ever Teen Titan in it. Now that Raven is finally in it, I want to see Wonder Girl in it. Any of the Wonder Girls. Donna Troy or Cassie .