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"I'd rather shoot myself in the knee"

A littel context beforehand :

So I recently started to DM a smaller group , consisting of mostly guys I know from my class. One of those guys insited he played a female Wood Elven Ranger - I allowed it , in hopes of some funny RP situations.

 One of the other guys , who is playing a Drow Rogue , decided to make their charackter have a crush on our elven ranger - which led to the following situation :

Ranger , in the tree : Rolls a 1 twice in a row

DM(me) : Something went trough your mind , and your finger slipped. You shot yourself in the knee

Rogue : Oh my dear beloved elf , what happend ?

Ranger : Well , I thought about the both of us kissing

Rogue: And ?

Ranger : The thought was so disgusting that I had to shoot myself to snap out of it

DM : *absolutely loses his shit*

Rumors circulated for months on end about who might play the iconic reporter and the love of Barry Allen’s life, with names ranging from Imogen Poots to Rita Ora thrown around in various forums and social media platforms. During that time, fans organized #KeepIrisBlack and later #BlackIrisForDCEU trends to let the producers know they’d like to see more diversity on the big screen. Candice Patton’s casting on the CW version of The Flash in 2014 sent shockwaves throughout the DC universe. It coincided with the introduction of a black Wally West in the comics and later led to a black Wally in the television show. Though the racebending resulted in some angry fans claiming comic book purity, Candice has been well-received for the most part and viewers commend CW’s The Flash for their portrayal of a healthy interracial relationship and for spotlighting a close-knit black family.

Not everyone was in favor of a black Iris for the movie. The same types of fans who theatened to boycott Star Wars due to a black stormtrooper bemoaned the thought of giving up a white heroine. The possibility of it increased, however, once acclaimed director Rick Famuyiwa stepped in to take over from Seth Graham-Greene. He previously worked with Kiersey Clemons in the film Dope, and his movies often focused on racial dynamics and exploring what it means to be black. Because Cyborg – also known as Victor Stone and the only black member of the Justice League – is said to be appearing in Barry Allen’s solo film, it made sense to hire a director who is sensitive to issues at play. A film about superheroes does not need to tackle race head on in order for it to be an important factor.

Allowing another young black actress the opportunity to play Iris West seems like the right move for a few reasons. Marvel’s Black Panther and Spider-Man diversity announcements have received an overwhelmingly positive response, and DC should keep up. More importantly, fans of all races deserve to see themselves onscreen, and not just as superheroes but as people worthy of being loved by said superheroes too. The trailers for Wonder Woman and Justice League dropped this weekend, and DC fans are going wild over them. Let’s hope this latest casting decision is also met with enthusiasm.

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