but my mind stopped

You don’t have to go sharing your God given vision with everybody. Some people are just going to try to shoot you down. But even if people do try to shoot your vision down, remember that what God starts, no man can stop!!!!

I got this vision ingrained in my mind and my family doesn’t see it, friends don’t see it, but I see it and I’m going to hold on to it!!!! Because it will come to pass. Not in my timing, but in God’s timing. Not because of me, but because of God!

My mind can’t stop going back to the image of someone, anyone, being crucified or tied to a pole and their head is hung low and they’re bleeding and crying and then, suddenly, a glowing jughead crown manifests above them in the dark of the night, as a way of G-d declaring that person is now a protected saint and that they cannot be killed in a way that matters

Anyways second night in a row I’ve have vivid dreams about demons


Looks like another f a n t a s t i c day for Adrien Agreste. Thanks for the fun comic idea anon! It’s been a while since I did one of these.

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In the spirit of the holiday season, I want to share my favorite religious stories

1. That time when Jesus practiced for a job interview

2. When Jesus gave Buddha the best birthday present

3. When Jesus miraculously created a spring of grape-flavored fanta

4. That time when God visited Buddha.

5. The time when Jesus was forced to sing a karaoke song he didn’t know


6. When Jesus was stopped by the police and he didn’t have his ID

7. And they called to heaven to verify his identity

There will never be a day when I won’t think of you.

The deeper I got into astrology the more compatibility became less significant for me, like if I saw someone’s chart I had an interest it’s not like a “oh shit we’re not compatible boo.” It’s more like, “oh!” It’s like looking through a window through their perspective. So if we’re having trouble with communications I’ll just be like, “oh he has a Capricorn mercury, so he’s definitely a logical person with a dry sense of humor,” so then I’ll just use some of my sarcasm towards him. Like, because of that, whenever someone asks for the compatibility it’s literally like, “who the fuck cares, go for it.”

theyre rivals


gavin reed likes a boy. which boy ? who knows ? 

 connor doesn’t want to be that boy. (connor also types like a bottom.) 

 hank doesn’t want it to be his boys. 

 north always has something to say. 

 jeffrey fowler is a great commentator. 

 and markus is the personification of “turn on ur location bro i just wanna talk”. 

(part 5/? of android shenanigans)

Ok so…

I’ve seen a few people talking about how the amulet elf at the end could be a sun elf and I think that’s true- so I collected as much evidence as we can get ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here’s a comparison with an actual sun elf and it looks like they have very similar patterns surrounding them. Their clothes have that sun-looking symbol and her staff looks like the mark on his cheek and arm-


Runaan’s markings are more crescent shaped. Even the one on his chest that looks similar is actually separated into a crescent shape if you can see!

But yeah what I’m trying to put down here is that if this elf really is Runaan’s bf… they could be the sun and moon… the ying to the yang… the yee to the haw… and I think that’s beautiful ;;;;