but look at his hand

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(Touches Ice Bear's rear end)SORRY DON'T KILL ME

Ice Bear stares at the anon with a surprised look on his face before slowly moving the anon’s hand away from his rear end 
“Ice Bear’s booty is for Ice Bear only, please respect Ice Bear’s wishes.”

@backinaflcsh // oh christmas tree ( con’t )

judith gratefully took the star and placed one hand over barry’s, a small squeak escaping her as she was lifted off the ground. reaching out, she carefully put the star on the top of the tree, looking down at barry, her hand resting on his shoulder. ❝ okay so m’pretty sure that ain’t crooked ❞ she looked at the star, tipping her head to the side. ❝ i can’t really tell, after spendin’ all day decoratin’ the place, i can’t tell. ❞ she’d gone a little too far overboard with the decorations, but no one ( and by no one she meant barry ) had stopped her so she just kept going.

it’s so funn/y how my da/d just started to hate me after he found out i was *****. he would talk to all of my siblings except for me, and he would hide the telephone so servic/es wouldn’t know what was happening. before he found out what happened, he treated me like his best friend other than when he would blow up at me. i guess he thought i was ruined, so why not **** me since everyone else helped the other ppl not get in trouble. then he started to hurt me more and tell me how much he really hates me. now he’s finally went along with me ignoring him, yet it hurts even more now. i remember when he taught me how to read and took me to camp and bought me a drawing tablet and art supplies and was so supportive and kind. i miss looking at and touching his hands because they were rough and old and big. and helping him dye his hair and beard and i remember when he would try brushing my teeth with a miswak and laugh when i got splinters in my teeth and watch him attempt to do my hair but only make it more frizzy and tangled. i miss when he would tell me i was his favourite and he was so proud of me and talk about all the things he thought i could do. only for him to tell me i was his worst child, the most troubling and he wish he never had me. only for him to **** me. only for him to mock all of the things about me he used to support. ik my parents think i’m gay because i used to go to an art school and they think its because of what happened before and they get really guilty on and off. and i’ve been giving my mom hints that i’m trans but it only gets her mad. one time she was laughing on the phone with her friend because a mu/slim tran/s woman was murdered and they were talking about how they think trans women are just ashamed gay men and that she deserved it and isn’t a real muslim and is going to hell and that was the most terrifying thing i had to spend the whole time waiting for a doctor to explain to her that that is haram and evil to think and not islamic at all and she apologized and said she was only agreeing with her friend anyways i hope i die soon

Static Kisses

It had been a month since Zenyatta and Genji had made their relationship official.
One month, two weeks, forty-five days…

And Genji still hasn’t made a move.

Zenyatta didn’t mind, he didn’t mind at all. It was Genji who minded. He wanted to show Zenyatta affection, like most couples do, but everytime he attempted to do so, he would get nervous, and decided against it.

“Maybe he isn’t ready…”, Genji had thought as he paced around outside the entrance of Zenyatta’s quarters. He sighed, and held his hand to his forehead. He looked down and flipped his faceplate over in his hand. He jolted, and looked back up at the sound of Zenyatta’s door opening.

“Oh, Genji, hello! What a coincidence. I was about to take a walk. Would you like to join me?”, Zenyatta asked.

“Y-Yes, that sounds nice. I’d love to.”, Genji replied with a smile. The cyborg turned, and began to walk alongside the omnic. Zenyatta looked around, enjoying the bright blue sky and colour changing leaves, then turned back to Genji, curious about Genji’s silence.

“Is something troubling you, Genji?”, the benevolent omnic asked. Genji’s lips formed a thin line, unsure how to answer Zenyatta’s question.

“Um…”, he started. Zenyatta awaited his response with patience.

“Well, um, I… could we… hold hands?”, Genji asked. He mentally slapped himself.

“What the hell…!! That sounded so stupid…”, the thought to himself.
Zenyatta chuckled, and reached over to entwine his fingers with Genji’s. A soft pink dusted over his scarred cheekbones.

“Genji, you do not have to ask if you wish to seek affection from me, but I am glad you asked.”

A small smile adorned the cyborg’s face.

“Right… I just wanted to make sure that it was comfortable with you”, Genji replied. Zenyatta hummed, and floated closer to his lover to lightly press his face plate to Genji’s cheek. His version of a “kiss”.


“I lack lips, but I was attempting to kiss your cheek.”, Zenyatta explained. The blush adorning Genji’s face grew darker, and his smile grew wider. He leaned over and pressed a kiss to Zenyatta’s face plate, but flinched as he felt a small zap against his lips.

“Ah-! Genji, I apologize. Did I hurt you?”, the omnic asked with a worried tone. Genji merely let out a laugh.

“No, I’m just fine, Zenyatta…”

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The anon appears if just by magic. A ring wraps his arm as he hands Falkner a plush of a certain blond Ghost type gym leader from the town over. The ring them moves off his arm and he steps into is disappearing along with the ring.

“Ah…” Well, stranger things had happened. He looked now at the doll in his hands. “…What am I supposed to do with this?”

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“Are you wearing my shirt?”

affection starters ; accepting

makkachin jumped almost a foot in the air when he heard viktor’s voice in the quiet room. he looked at him, his hand over his racing heart. for someone with such a sharp sense of hearing and smell, he sure failed in noticing viktor’s presence.

“don’t do that,” he protested weakly, tugging down the sleeves of viktor’s warm jumper. he looked down at his lap again and nodded, bringing his legs up to his chest.

“there was a thunderstorm, and you weren’t around, so…” he shrugged, his words trailing off as if they were explanation enough. after a couple of seconds, he proceeded. “i needed to feel you close somehow. and it smells like you. i’m sorry. i didn’t damage it, i promise.”


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Spencer Reid and Cookies <3

Spencer’s expression contorted in disgust as he took the bite of the freshly made sugar cookie. You couldn’t hold back the barking laugh at his expression.

“Something isn’t right.” He frowned, looking down at the cookie in his hand.

You were smiling, laughing, “Well, well, well, it looks like we finally found something that Spencer Reid, genius-profiler-extraordinaire can not do!”

“But what did I do wrong?! I followed the directions exactly right! You were here the whole time, so tell me. What in the world could I have done to mess up these Christmas cookies!!!”

Babe,” You laughed, “About halfway through, I’m pretty sure you used salt instead of sugar… and then used twice as much as you were supposed to.”

Spencer was silent for a moment, “Okay, well maybe you should stick to the baking for now on…”

You pressed a toothy kiss to his lips, a laugh hanging loosely in your throat, “For somebody with such an intimidating IQ and so many phDs, I would never expected Christmas cookies to cause your downfall…”

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so after catching up on most of your writing (you can write so much in a day, my god you're amazing Aja) I was wondering if you could continue with the daisuke and itsumi abortion with daisuke finding out and maybe getting mad but not at the fact she had it, but because she didn't tell him about it? if you can't or don't want to that's fine as well c: thank you so much 💕 have a nice night!

@thebonerfoy:  how would daisuke react to finding out about itsumis abortions and how would he find out

I feel like y’all planned this because I got these messages like five minutes apart… Okay so pretty much Daisuke and Itsumi get married right out of college so they’re twenty-two here. This comes after the second abortion

“Hey babe?” Daisuke walked into the kitchen scratching his stomach and looking down at the bill in his hand. Itsumi looked over at him.

“What’s up?” Itsumi asked.

Daisuke’s eyebrows were pinched and he handed her the bill, “How come we were charged for something at the hospital? Neither of us went to the hospital…”

Itsumi froze and immediately went to busy herself with the sink, “That’s strange.”

Daisuke looked at her, “It’s under your name.”

Itsumi closed her eyes and kept washing the dishes, “I… Yes.”

“Why’d you go to the hospital and not tell me?” Daisuke frowned, “Is everything okay? You don’t have cancer or anything right?”

“I don’t. I’m fine.” Itsumi mumbled and turned the water off. She was feeling sick. She didn’t even want to look at him.

“Then why were you at the hospital?” Daisuke pushed.

Itsumi sighed, “Does it matter?” 

Daisuke stared at her, “I mean yeah. It must have been something if it costs this much.” 

“I got an abortion, okay? Happy?” Itsumi snapped.

Daisuke actually took a step back as if slapped, “An… abortion?”

“Yes. I was pregnant and I got an abortion.” Itsumi said, daring to glance at him. Daisuke looked distraught.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Daisuke asked quietly.

“Because it’s my decision and I know you would have tried to convince me otherwise.” Itsumi said, “I don’t want kids. I didn’t want to have to carry a child around that I don’t want for nine months. The thought of it repulses me.”

“But you could’ve told me so I could’ve supported you.” Daisuke argued.

Itsumi shook her head, “You wouldn’t have supported me. You would’ve told me to keep it. It would’ve been a whole big fight.”

“Itsumi, I’m not going to force you to do something you don’t want to do. Who do you think I am?!”

“I know you want kids! But I can’t have a child. I couldn’t do it at eighteen and I can’t do it now. I don’t want one.” She was adamant.

“What do you mean you couldn’t do it at eighteen?” Daisuke asked and then he straightened, “This wasn’t your first abortion, was it?”

Itsumi bit her lip, “I’m sorry.”

“You’re not!” Daisuke exclaimed, “You had two abortions without my knowledge and didn’t think to tell me? Sure, I’m sad we’re probably never going to have children but I want you to be happy. But you didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me. You went and did it all on your own without just telling me. You didn’t even have to ask me.” His face explained how he was feeling: hurt.


“Do not even try to play the victim here. Don’t.” Daisuke just put the paper down and shook his head, walking out of the kitchen. Itsumi didn’t even bother to go after him, just listened to the door to the apartment open and closed.

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❝ why are you so angry? ❞

“All of the things I can’t say or do have to go somewhere…” 

The answer was blase at best. Charles had dropped his chin into his hand, looking lazily up at Erik over the chess board and a game which he was losing. The Telepath’s mind had been elsewhere, and increasingly sardonic remarks to attempts at idle banter had made it clear his mood was as stormy as the weather outside. Pitching over the table, he sharply flicked the queen over, sending it skittering across the board.

I forfeit.” He grumbled, rubbing over his face and across his freshly bald head in agitation.


(Continued from Part 1)
“Hi, a business associate. James.”
I took another attempt to swallow whatever saliva I had in my mouth to clear my dry throat after all that have happened previously. In a raspy and slight stutter, I replied, “Hi, K… Kester.” Spontaneously I offered my hand to shake. He looked at it and brought his lips as close as it can get to my ear and whispered, “Can you try to calm down and play along, Kester?” I got the idea and placed my hand that got stuck in mid-air on my armrest. His hand next to mine. We were strapped in our seats in the dimly lit cabin with absolutely no movement. Even the cabin crew had to strap themselves in because the turbulence was pretty bad.

I could feel my heart calming down and my face less warm after James whispered those words into my ear. A moment later he whispered, “So, Kester, heading home for summer?” His American accent seriously charmed the hell of me and caused my heart to race again.

“Yeah. And you?”

“I’m American, but my family lives in Singapore. I’m heading there to pay them a visit. Singapore is like my second home.” He replied. As he spoke, my eyes were locked onto his, entranced by the almond-shaped, single eyelids and slightly brown eyes.

“Cool! I’m sorry if you caught me checking you out at the airport.” I didn’t know what possessed me to utter those words but it just flowed out.

“I noticed you back in the queue. So it’s alright. We’re on par.” He responded charmingly as our forearm grazed. Slowly, his fingers began to crawl over my hands and in an instant, our hands interlocked.

I looked at him and said, “I’m not adventurous enough to do this in public.”
“Do what? I’m just holding your hand.”

His head leant over to my seat, past the gap between the two seats and pecked me on the cheek. “You’re cute,” he whispered those sweet words into my ears gently. I turned my head and our noses were touching. That’s how close we were and again, I don’t know what possessed me to do this, but I kissed him on the lips.

At that moment, in the slightly dim cabin, with everyone else either asleep or minding their own business, James and I were making out, with our tongues interlocking one another ever so passionately.

Our hands that were tightly held broke loose as he moved his hand gently towards my face. Then it hit me. In my mind, I was like, “I can’t believe this. We are making out in public. Sort of!” I pulled my tongue back in my mouth and leant my forehead towards his.

“I’m so sorry. I can’t do this here.”

He smiled and threw himself back to his seat. His hands though were now on my lap, and his fingers playing and slowly grazing around my thighs. He was horny, obviously. His fingers eventually crawled to my naval area, unbuckled my waist belt and loosened the topmost button of my jeans and his professional and hardy hands navigated down my jeans. I was wet. He knew I was and his hands swiftly entered the opening of my boxers and pulled my semi-hard but very wet cock out of the opening. I released a quiet moan and looked at him again, shocked to see what my own hands have done. I’ve managed to expose his thick 6-inch tool out of his skinny and this guy was in commando (absence of undergarments) as if he pre-planned that he would be doing this with me. His cock was as wet as mine and I gently pulled his foreskin down to expose the pink head of his tool, drenched in precum. I scooped some of his precum with my fingers and then licked it off my fingers. My tool wasn’t as big as his, but he most certainly knew how to work it well. He guided my hand with his hand as a sign that he wanted me to beat it off for him. I did so without reluctance, and he whispered a quiet moan.

“Ding!” The chime for the seatbelt sign came off. Honestly, the both of us were startled by the chime and kinda stopped what we were doing momentarily. I was seated in the middle of the aisle seat and he was to my right. So he kinda had a clearer view of the forward galley to see if there were movements to indicate that passengers/crew were moving around.

The curtain moved a little indicating that someone is probably approaching. James gently released his grasp from my hard and wet cock, tucked his equally throbbing hard cock back into his jeans, curled himself into a fetal position with his back facing the starboard and wrapped himself in a blanket. I took the cue and also quickly hid my cock under the blanket. True enough there were stewardesses walking around the plane to check if the passengers were alright and to also answer several call lights.
End of Part 2 | Ozasiaboys’ Bedtime Stories

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❛❛ A-are you really setting traps for Santa — ? ❜❜

FOOL’S HOLIDAY / accepting 

                    ❛   eh  ?   ❞

his voice was dull and unimpressed. eyes focusing on the woman while he tilted his head. as if she had never seen a grown man setting traps to catch a fictitious being that somehow managed to make every kid in the world smile and sing and be so holly jolly. BUT he had that without anyone cramming the holidays down his throat. shifting his gaze back to his hands he continued to work on what looked to be a netting sort of trap. but his gaze went back to her as he let out an amused snort followed by these gruff sounding words.

                    ❛   asuka want’s t’ catch ‘im…i’ll get someone t’
                           dress up so they can see him  !!!   ❞

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'So, uh, the company Christmas do is tomorrow - but you know that already - and I was wondering if, uh...you could...go with...me?' She fidgeted with her hands while she was speaking, twisting her watch on her arm and not really looking at him, thoroughly expecting to be told 'no.'

He stuck his hands in his pockets. “Uh. Okay.”

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Saddles his lap and runs their hands through his hair. "Hey Daddy-o, looks like you've been having fun. You look like you fucked a lotta people with that wild hair of yours." Pouts a bit, "will Daddy have fun with little ol' me?~"

“You even gotta ask, princess?” A soft purr rumbles from the noble’s chest as he lazily lifts his hand & places it upon the female’s backside. That ass of hers could make an angel turn into a sinner, no joke. “But first…” He removes the joint from his lips and blows the smoke into the open air. “Get on this shit with me. It’ll mellow you the fuck out, darlin.”

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❛❛ Is this what you do every Christmas? ❜❜

‘tis the season.

                    ‘  precisely. after all, what is a holiday of merriment without a feast? so, i take it upon myself to provide that.  ’ CHRISTMAS IS A DAY OF lavishment, and with his own hands he will satiate that desire with a gift for the palate (  what greater honor could one receive than his work? only fools shall know naught of the art of a good dish, the ephermeality in the transience of every bite until the last is finished.  ) he sets the bowl of cookie batter down, turning back to look at grimsley as he dusts the confectionery sugar off his hands.  ‘  is this kind of thing unusual to you? do you celebrate christmas in a different way?  

So my dad had his visit with the state doctor today as part of his disability evaluation. My mom said the doctor was very nice and even let them in early because no other patients were there.

Of course since they had to drive almost 3 hours the visit itself was super short. I don’t really know what the visit consisted of because my dad didn’t say much and he only talked to my mom very briefly about my dad’s medical history. She did say he said my dad definitely has problems neurologically, which to me is like no shit he’s had 4 strokes! But he also said that some symptoms he has that we thought were just a side effect from his last stoke might actually be a sign of parkinson’s.

Which after doing some reading really makes a lot of sense, especially when you look at the way he walks now and how his hands shake all the time, we thought it was just residual muscle weakness but its gotten worse instead of better.

All that aside I just hope he gets a determination soon and of course that its a good one!