but look at his hand

Types of Thoughts - 707XReader


He looked at the girl sitting next to him on the couch with a book in her hands. He had his own work that he should probably be working on, but he couldn’t focus. He pushed up his glasses and turned to look back at the lines of code on the screen. He poised his hands over the keyboard but something flashed, catching his eye. The wedding ring on his finger caught the light. He found himself starting to play with it as thoughts started swirling in his head.

She doesn’t love you like you love her. It’s pity. She only pities you.

She’s not like that. She wouldn’t marry me out of pity. She’s not that kind of girl.

Trust me. She doesn’t.

He looked at her, her soft hair and her eyes scanning the words. He opened his mouth to say something, but the words got stuck in his throat.

She wouldn’t understand how you feel.

He was just about to turn his head and try to focus on work again when she looked up at him, this time.

“Saeyoung?” She said.


“S’everything okay?”

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cant-change-my-heart  asked:

Casually slides over to Mariku's side. Even more casually grabs his hand and threads their fingers together, blushing like a dork as he looks away. "Your hand looks heavy. Lemme hold it for you."

He looked over at his lovely thief as he took his hand. If he could die from cute he was sure to have just now. A small smirk painted his lips as he pulled Bakura closer. “You are the worst at hiding when you’re embarrassed. It’s adorable really.” He chuckled softly. “Did you only come over here because you wanted to hold my hand? Are you sure you don’t want something?”


tiny-ink-dancer  asked:


22: Thigh

He placed his lips upon the sweet Ink Dancer’s thigh. Caressing her inner thigh with the pallm of his hand looking sweetly as ever. He forgot how soft human flesh was, he was used to brittle and rotting skin that he barely recognized it within his fingertips.


You are not against the idea of Yoongi bringing home his work, because you know it’s better for him and also for you because you can be with him even if he is working.

It’s already past midnight and Yoongi haven’t leave his seat for like 10 hours already (aside for when restroom breaks). You peek at him, he’s still sitting in the sofa in the living room looking all stressed up. You decided to go to him, you stand at the back of the sofa and it look like didn’t notice you. You put your hand on his shoulders and massage him, “Yoongi-yah, why won’t you take a break? You’ve been working all day” you said nagging. He stop for a while and you put your chin on the top of his head, he grab your hands and squish it slightly, “Go to the bedroom first and rest, I will finish it soon. I will just folkow you” he said while kissing your hands. “I don’t want too” you said whining like a little kid, you move next to him and sit next to him. You lean in his shoulder watching him work.

Minutes have past and he still didn’t stop on doing stuff in his laptop. Soon enough you started to drift of to dreamland.

Yoongi did not notice until your head fall from his shoulder but he is past from preventing it. He close his laptop and carry you, chuckling at how cute you look while sleeping. He lay you on the bed and tuck under the sheets, he was about to go out again when you grab his hand. “Oppa stay here, please” you said in a cute voice knowing that when you call him Oppa, he will never say no to it. He shake his head because he know he can’t resist your cuteness. He lay down next to you and you move your body next to him and hug him like a giant stuff toy, he kiss the top of your head and say, “Good night my princess”

No Air: Nouis


He had been trying so hard to keep his nerves in check lately, being on the road again and touring was always a bit rougher on Niall than the other lads, his anxiety was always troublesome and big crowds didn’t always help that. The show was nearly over with maybe a song or two left but while Liam and Harold were riling the crowd up, Niall looked over at Louis, there was a distinct look in the Irish Boy’s eyes and his hands pushed his guitar from his front to hang at his side, he couldn’t continue and that was his signal, he hoped Louis had noticed his signal because Harry and Liam were too distracted to notice and Niall was standing there at this point, motioning with one hand for someone to cut the sound on his mic.

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You photoshopped Hizaki's hand onto one of your posters...? I want to see it

No I forgot to make his hand look smooth!
You know.. he got those…pretty manly hands and I always make it look more feminine…

So on one poster there’s Hizaki with this super manly hand haha
I forgot which one it was though. One of our earlier ones.

Bound By Chains

Pairing: Eric/OC
Fandom: Divergent
Rating: M

She’s bound to a monster. And he has personality issues.

A/N: Okay, so this was a long time coming. My work is on other sites and I think it’s about time I shared in the world of Tumblr. 
This is my first ever post, so it’s incredibly exciting to say the least. 
I think we needed a little reminder of how and who Eric really is. ;) Eric is not nice.

Read on with caution.

Snippet: Sarah hears him before she sees him. The clomping boots and multiple voices, but his being the loudest. The door is most likely kicked open and she stands hurriedly, almost knocking the chair over and smoothing her skirt.

He stands heads taller than her, his shoulders filling the frame with a thick wodge of A4 paper notes in his hand. When he looks up his eyes are cold, disinterested and he gives her a tilted look. “Who are you?” His voice is deep, hinting on amusement that some imbecile has dared creep into his room.

“Sarah Bennett.”

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*The doorway bangs repeatedly, as if someone on the other side was trying to break in.* Look at you... such a pathetic specimen... *Dust continues to fall, like a cascade of morbid snow.* Can't even save his own blood, let alone his friends... Take solace in knowing that their deaths were SLOW and AGONIZING. I know it didn't seem like long... But time flies fast when you're having fun! I gave them so much tender love, and I received SO much LOVE... *The veil lifts. The room brightens. No Dust.*

Sans had reached the door by the time the light returned, and looked down at his jacket and hands. He didn’t see dust, but he was shaking so much. The skeleton shook his head, and opened the door to leave without a word.

sansybonesy  asked:

☂ - - Sansy ducks over, carrying an umbrella, and holds it out at arm's length. "careful," he grins. "i never know which of us get cold and which don't. you look chilly. don't catch anything, okay?" His free hand pushes his hood up-- that's enough of a rain block for his purposes.

little scenarios



   ———— Pulled from his small daze when the rain stopped pelleting against him, he looked over next to him to find his alternate next to him, holding an umbrella over him.

     “Oh, uh- I’m alright. He spoke up, his hand rushing against his damp skull. He had found it more pleasant when the rain was hitting against him, even though it caused him to be more prone to catching colds. But thanks.

peoplejuiice  asked:

"Shh, I'm going to keep you safe."

(NSFW) Soft Dominant Starters

He felt the other’s hands run down his sides and body push closer to his own. Louis had his own charm to him and for some reason or another kenma could never let him go, nor does he think he’d want to.
 This closeness made blood rush to his cheeks and his heart skip a beat.

I know you will …
Legs wrapped around the larger creature, hands cupped his cheeks as he looked into his eyes with a yearning he’s not felt before.
I know you will because you’d be damned if you let anyone or anything else hurt me other than you right? . .
Feeling WANTED and protected, too similar to him, kenma gave up. 

His plump lips touched the other’s thin ones, even letting them over lap in a small shallow passion. He could feel tears well up as they fell, but all he wanted to do was continue kissing this man and be ruined.
He sobbed and whined as he removed his tiers from the other to speak. 

You can’t LEAVE me, you understand? Y-you can’t . . I can’t be alone again.

@snvkeking this is crazy, i was actually talking about that one. did it take him down? i have to watch this, what’s the guys name? cause if it’s coyote, that’s the guy i’m watching. have you seen the one of him getting his finger clamped down by a crab? at one point it looks as if the crab is about to detach it from his hand.

“No, I’m not afraid. I’m just damn tired, I didn’t get much sleep last night.” James frowned, his head resting in his hand as he looked wearily down at his breakfast. He had been playing quidditch long enough to not be nervous before games anymore, but with his sister in the hospital wing and a load of last-year stresses, he wasn’t able to get as much sleep as he should have. “Oh well. You here to wish me luck?” 



Allen couldn’t look away, no matter how the sight of his friend turned his stomach. He’d known he was still alive, and he’d known that the Noah had him. He just didn’t expect to find him. 

“Lavi…” The white haired teen knelt down an arms length away from Lavi, his voice low. “I’m not playing any games… Didn’t I tell you that you were my friend? I’ve been looking for you…” He reached out, freezing just before he touched Lavi’s face. “You look horrible…” 

Allen let his hand drop to his side again, rising to his feet. He wanted to find the key to get Lavi out of those chains. Maybe he couldn’t get his friend out of the Ark, but at least he could make him more comfortable. 

ask-the-fiesta-time-crew  asked:

Finnegan in a three piece suit, standing in Winston's doorway leaning against it casually with hands in his pockets. He looks at his Master with a heated stare, and his pink tongue sticks out to lick his own lips before giving Winston a seductive smile, "Welcome home, Master~." He says in a lusty whisper, eyes locked intensely with the other male's. Damn, Finny's looking hot in that suit~.

Winston glances up from looking at his memo, stopping abruptly. For a moment, he just stared. He doesn’t move from his car and his hand is on the pale pink car door. Finnegan, standing at the doorway, fixing him with such a lusty stare. He hadn’t been having a good day today. Maybe this was just what he needed.

He imagines their tongues battling for dominance in each others’ mouthes. He imagines Finnegan laying with his legs around Winston’s hips, his eyes covered by the tie around his neck, his arms bound behind him by the jacket that he wore. He imagined slowly unbuttoning his dress shirt, rolling his hips against Finnegan’s, running his hands over the boy’s body, caressing it and enjoying every second of it–

He dashed up towards the door, dragging Finnegan down by his tie and forcing him into a deep kiss. Oh, Winston loses it when a man in a suit is involved. Call him stereotypical, but hot damn…

Feels Like Home: Johnlock fanfic.

“What were you doing with the ring Sherlock?”

John looked calculating and closed off and Sherlock couldn’t breath. He looked down at the ground, wiggling his sock clad feet, wringing his hands together. How would he explain himself out of this? He took a deep breath, straightening his shoulder, ready to tell a lie when.

“Don’t lie to me Sherlock. Not tonight. There’s been enough of that already.”

Sherlock felt the fight go out of him. The blow landed hard and cruel and Sherlock bit his lip. Tears were forming again and he blinked rapidly. John was not going to see him cry. Not now. Not ever.

“I. I shouldn’t have. I need to go John.”

Sherlock still looked at the floor, he felt hot and cold at the same time. The place where the ring had been burned like a wound and he tried to not rub at it. He felt his own heartbeat in his chest, too fast, too strong. John most hear it too. It’s deafening.

He heard John make a deep sigh, it was filled with frustration and something else, something subtle and powerful and Sherlock couldn’t figure it out. He looked up in shock when John took his hand,the hand, and brought it to his lips. Sherlock shivered as John’s warm breath caressed his hand.

“It would have looked better on you. I should have. I wasted.” John swallowed, kissing Sherlock’s hand softly, taking another step closer and now John’s head was near Sherlock’s shoulder and Sherlock could smell John.


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