but look at his hand

When it’s 7am but lightning apparently strikes, making you suddenly much better at drawing people than usual and you sit there are draw your Call of Cthulhu character?????

Eun Ha-Jun 

age: 98
race: god (really just a godling) 
personality: he’s a giant child who really just wants his own worshipers, even though he was made from the wish of a depraved serial killer. he does his best to bring joy to the people around him, even if it means going without himself. he also doesn’t quite understand how the heavens work and has never been in the presence of other gods long enough to know what to do as one. 

for now he simply makes it his mission to bring a smile to everyone’s faces. (he wants to be a god of good fortune or happiness, despite his true area of expertise which is blood shed or ‘misery’ as his ‘father’ told him)

tbh it doesnt look like dabi’s ‘fire’ comes from his hands but more from his arms. yeah he might use the palms of his hands to manipulate it but it seems it just ignites right from his arms, specifically where he has burn marks/his scars. 


i have seen this scene a thousand times and still

Keresce, biomancer/wizard. He belongs to Ragnarok, who I’m regularly doing art-for-story trades with (also because he asks nicely). A military style camouflaged wizard is not something I would have come up with on my own, but that is one of the reasons I like these trades - they make me do stuff I otherwise never would have thought of!

Katsuro’s quirk - crème de la crème of what could possibly come of his parents quirks combined. However, the true extent of his abilities is anything but clear to the public eye as he prefers to keep most of it under the wraps. Sports festival? Far too noisy and pretentious; nah. Training? Practical shit? Just as little much as he needs to do in order to pass.

But.. how comes he’s so tired most of the time..??
Eh. Who cares.
Meanwhile - let’s see what this bitch is all about, huh?


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