but look at his hand


The last trace of steam evaporated in the autumn air. The train rounded a corner. Harry’s hand was still raised in farewell. “He’ll be all right,” murmured Ginny. As Harry looked at her, he lowered his hand absentmindedly and touched the lightning scar on his forehead. “I know he will.” The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well.

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“Did you just hiss at me?” Derek to Stiles honestly, maybe trying to take away his coffee or something....... and stiles wouldn't even be fazed probs just be like "oh and you've never growled?"

This… is something. Hope ya like it boo!

“Did… did you just hiss at me?” Derek asks, his eyes almost comically wide as he looks at Stiles, who’s sitting at the kitchen table, his empty mug clutched to his chest. 

Stiles’ was glaring at the now empty pot of coffee in Derek’s hand, “You growled at me when I ate the last slice of pizza last night, I think I’m allowed to hiss when you finish the coffee when I have to work a double.”

“I’m going to make another pot,” Derek says slowly, looking from Stiles’ venous face to the pot in his own hand, clearly empty. 

“You better,” Stiles said, then he hissed again and let his head thunk down onto the table with a dull thud. 

Derek quickly set about making a fresh pot of coffee and when it started brewing he pulled out eggs and a pan to make Stiles breakfast. He had forgotten that Stiles was on a double shift today after a long night of researching the newest monster that had taken up terrorizing Beacon Hills. 

“Hey,” Derek says, tapping Stiles on the shoulder when he finishes the eggs and sets them in front of him. 

“I’m still mad at you,” Stiles mutters, looking up at Derek through sleepy eyes, “Even if you made me eggs and kissed me after you gave them to me.”

“Oh did I?” Derek asks, a small smile spreading across his face, Stiles wasn’t that mad if he wanted him to kiss him. 

“Mmhmm,” Stiles says, turning to face him. Derek leans forward and kisses him lightly on the lips right as the coffee pot beeps signaling that the pot is ready. “Coffeeeee.”

“Yes dear,” Derek says, huffing out a laugh before grabbing the pot and pouring some into Stiles’ mug. 

Thirty minutes later the pot of coffee was gone and so was Stiles, but he had kissed Derek before he left and whispered, “I stand by the hiss, don’t drink my coffee before a double wolfman.”

Okay so I am legit thinking Sherlock will have to choose between John and Mycroft. The “I love you” adressed to both because he actually loves both and this is his last opportunity to tell one of them (probably Mycroft because let’s be real, John won’t die) also Mycroft’s “Is this supposed to be a game?” That would be earlier in the scene because Mycroft’s probably not understanding what this is about or doesn’t want to understand. And then there’s the shot with Mycroft weirdly dead-looking in the background while Sherlock cries with the gun in his hand. And then there’s the scene where John takes the gun from Sherlock but there’s also another unknown guy in the room, but Mycroft’s gone? Guys I’m legit scared, I don’t want Mycroft to die


What’s Christmas With No Snow?

for @gameofshipschallenges ‘Until Hell Freezes Over’
Author: @blackholeofprocrastination
Ship(s): Jon/Sansa, Aegon/Arya
Trigger Warning(s) if applicable: N/A
Brief Summary: Aegon derails Jon’s plans to return to New York when he tries to play matchmaker. White Christmas AU (dialogue loosely taken from the film)

Aegon grins as he watches Jon help Miss Stark down from the bunk of her drawing room.

Gone is the Jon from last night who had groused endlessly about sleeping upright in the train’s club car, shooting Aegon dirty looks for giving the Stark sisters their tickets. Gone is the Jon who’d seemed practically murderous when they’d stayed on at New York to continue to Vermont. In his place is a man who looks…well…downright jolly.

Jon is smiling. His hands linger at Miss Stark’s waist before he realizes and snatches them back to his side, his cheeks flushed. Miss Stark is smiling shyly back.

Yes! Aegon thinks gleefully, watching his brother fumble his way through making small talk. This could work!

“You’re a little obvious.”

The younger Miss Stark is at Aegon’s elbow, luggage already in hand. She too is watching the little scene playing out in front of Drawing Room A, though what she makes of it, Aegon is not entirely sure.

“Do you mind?”

So far things have been going to plan, but Aegon’s got a feeling that if Arya Stark doesn’t want her sister tangled up with his brother there will be no getting around it.  

“No,” Arya says with a shrug. “But I should warn you. She’s a real slow mover.”

“Well, I’ve got a secret for you,” he says, nodding to where Jon and Sansa are still standing much closer than necessary. “She’s out there with the champ.”

“It looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you then,” Arya teases, her cheeks dimpling from her grin. “You know, I’m used to working in a double act, if you want some help…”

Aegon laughs and holds out his hand to shake, the deal struck.

“With those two, I’ll need all the help I can get.”


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Request:If you have time, please post a oneshot for all BTS boys about robbers breaking into your home.

Author’s Note: FINALLY. Thanks anon for the request, although I’m sorry it took me so long to finish them all. I hope you all like this!

Genre: Suspense & Angst (Warning⇒ slight Violence & blood)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 3.9k

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I wanted to write a sequel to this theory… and Japanese fandom are also actively discussing this topic so and its funny

Let’s look at this scene again

I have a question. Let us assume that Yuuri bought two rings. Did Yuuri give Victor ring beforehand and then put the another? Is not it strange? «Here! It’s my ring! You have to put it on my finger after I’ll put on yours»??? Something like that??? I cannot imagine it, knowing his character…  more likely that Victor was his ring.

And look at Yuuri, his hand flinched, and he was surprised. But if he gave the ring to Victor beforehand, he had to assume that Victor will put the ring on his finger… ?????????? If you can explain this point to me I’ll be happy.

I think many have already seen that the translation of this scene is not correct and don’t have nothing sense.

Yuuri: おまじないを (omajinai o) - It’s charm/good luck charm, for good luck (something believed to bring good luck, the word has a more powerful sense, but I cannot explain it in English)

Victor: いいよ、何も考えなくていいおまじない (ii yo nani mo kangaenakute ii omajinai) - Okay, don’t think about anything, it’s a good luck charm.

On third screencap is okay

Let’s look at this moment

Victor: おそろいだよー♡ (osoroi da yo) - same; matching; going together

This can be translated as “It’s a pair”, but not necessarily.

edit: Also… if the rings were purchased at different times or in different locations… cannot they be a pair??? For me, this is stupid. 

Also, Japanese twitter noticed it! [x]

Perhaps is it more difficult than we think???

You can read the posts: [x] [x]

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Standing nearby was the necromancer, Arvus, with his blade in hand. Looking at the petite girl, he asked, in as scary a tone of voice as he could muster, "So, ready to die and come back as an undead soldier of mine? You and the little one too."


In a flash, hundreds of heavily armed soldiers were between him and June.

Standing in the corner of the room, Luca looked around, a drink in his hand as he tried not to feel awkward.  Some people seemed to be giving him a wide berth, while others had waved or even smiled at him.  Maybe he’d been wrong about the entire town being convinced of his guilt, but that didn’t stop him from feeling uncomfortable.  Then someone actually started walking toward him, Luca offering the person a tentative smile.

Newt Scamander Drabble (1)

The way he smiles as he tickles his niffler makes you sad. Ever since your last year together at Hogwarts, you have been in love with the one and only Newt Scamander.

He looks over at you briefly before turning back to the creature in his hands, giving it a good shake. You don’t notice the love he has in his heart for you. How he wishes to be able to hold your hand and call you his.

You are two friends, in love with each other but both two afraid to say anything. One day, with some luck maybe one day you can confess your feelings and be together like you are destined to be

Hardest Breaths | Ashton

Alex felt like nothing; he felt like he was just the biggest mistake to happen to someone’s life. Why did he think this would work? Why did he think that he could work out something with someone who was straight or this hard to sway. Alex felt like a piece of garbage, he felt like he was nothing anymore. He needed Ashton, and he knew Ashton would be there as quickly as Alex would need him. Alex was on the couch, TV on to drown out the sounds of his harsh sobs. He was a mess, but that didn’t matter did it? What mattered was that Nathan was the in need of a vacation. Not the male who went through a rough divorce and now, this. Alex made sure the door was unlocked for Ashton since he didn’t feel like moving from his spot. Alex wiped his swollen eyes, looking at his hands that were shaking harshly. Stupid, stupid, stupid, he thought to himself.

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"... but it's christmas!" - hobi

“I’m not wearing that.“ 

As soon as you said it, Hoseok’s face dropped – actually plummeted, his lips contorting in a disappointed pout. With a frown on his face, he pulled the two sweaters into his chest, large hands fisted into the fabric of each. He seemed to consider them for a moment, before his eyes found yours again; and as soon as they did, your started to open your mouth to find yet another argument, though he intervened. “But it’s Christmas!”   

“So?” you deadpanned, arms crossing over your chest as your eyes squinted at the ugly sweaters still in his hands. They were more than ridiculous, and it’d literally be a crime against the Nation to even think about wearing them. “Plus, green doesn’t look good on me.”

“Nonsense,” Hoseok immediately said, waving vaguely his hand as he shook his head, not buying any of your arguments. It was almost a lost battle, once Hoseok wanted something – something this ridiculous, he almost always got it. You mentally punched yourself for being so weak. He crossed the room, dropping on his knees as he circled both his arms around your waist, the harsh fabric of the sweaters, still in his hands, non-gently brushing on your skin. “You look pretty in every color. Your skin is lovely.” The last words were mumbled against your stomach, his eyelashes brushing into your bare skin while he peppered kisses around your belly button, murmuring a breathy ‘please, please, please, pretty please’ every time you breathed.

Nonetheless, you smiled and tugged on a strand of his hair, to which he whined at. He rested his cheek against your abdomen and lazily scratched his three-day stubble against your stomach, hoping it would sting, at least bite.

Please,” he added softly, “It’s not even going to be an ugly sweater on you – it’ll be, like, a pretty sweater, which is unfair, because green totally isn’t my color either,” – a brief pause so he could turn his cheek and peck your stomach again, before – “Please, wear a matching sweater with me, baby.“ 

You hummed in the back of your throat. Watched in admiration when his Adam’s apple bobbed and his eyelids fluttered in response to you grabbing a handful of his hair. Sighed when his fingers dipped to caress your thigh. "Alright,” you finally said, quietly, trying not to smile (and failing) when he looked up at you with bright eyes. “But you’re an absolute nuisance." 

There was a short pause, before his lips parted in a bright, blinding smile, eyes squinting ever so lightly that you almost couldn’t see them anymore. His grip tightened around your waist, your hands still brushing his hair. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  You sighed exuberantly, still a soft chuckle escaped your lips.

God, you were just so weak.

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Biased? Me? Nooooooooo, neveeeeeeeeer! 


- Nageoire 

Arthur stepped back and planted his hands on his hips, looking satisfied, and then glanced at Collette.

“I don’t think anything short of a dozen knights with halberds has ever gotten Merlin into the bath before,” he remarked.

This was clearly untrue; Gaius’s eyebrow had done it a hundred times.

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Can we quickly appreciate Jojis hands? like they look so soft but i'm 99.9% sure they'd be a little rough cause ya know playing stringed instruments does that, and his fingernails are so long and beautiful and it adds this fucking majestic look when he uses his hands to talk and i lowkey want him to rub my arm while we watch netflix on the couch and just feel his fingernails lightly graze my arm... ya feel me? (or he could dig his nails into my sides while he pounds it from behind.. his choice.)

Imagine him digging his nails into your hips as he takes you from behind and he uses one hand to slide his nails up your spine

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Tom has managed to walk to Matt's room, shakily knocking on the door, "w-w-where's my h-handsome man...?" He calls.

Matt hardly looks up from his spot in the corner. He flinches a little at the sound of Tom’s voice, but otherwise his face remains emotionless. He looks down at the blood on his hands with little interest. “Come in.” He says in a monotone voice.

Day Ten

Summary~ Dan just wanted to go Christmas shopping with his boyfriend and hold hands and look at all the lights, was that too much to ask?

Genre~ Fluffy angst

Warnings~ None

Words~ 1014

Author’s Note: This is another one I had up my sleeve for a busy day, and as I’ve been tree shopping with the family all day, I’m gonna use it. This one is from the Phandom Advent Calendar, which I participated in last year, but I never posted it here. I hope. Ooops. (Also, you should go check them out there’s always a bunch of really talented authors who participate and it’s cute Christmas drabbles)

“I don’t get why you want to walk. We’re going to catch hypothermia and die.”

“Oh, don’t be such a wet blanket. It’s not that far, we need the exercise and London is beautiful this time of year.”

Despite what many people think, Phil isn’t always the chipper, happy-go-lucky one between the two of them. In fact, when being forced to do something he doesn’t want to do he can be a downright miserable, cantankerous sour puss, and if there was one thing Phil hated it was shopping. Not even a quick trip down to Tesco’s to get milk was tolerable in his book, and yet here he was, wandering around London in the middle of December trying to not freeze to death while following his boyfriend who looked like he was having the time of his life.

Christmas shopping.

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“Midnight” (Donghyuk x Reader)

“can i request a Ikon Donghyuk scenario when he asks you to stay over at the dorm for the first time? make it cute and fluffy please! Thank you! ^^”

Name: “Midnight”

Character: Kim Donghyuk (iKON)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 905

Originally posted by justmevip

(gif credits to the original owner)

The gentle rhythm of Donghyuk’s breathing soothed you. His chest rose gracefully up and down as your head rested in his lap. His hands idly twirled your hair, both pairs of eyes bolted at the flickering screen in front of you. However, neither were truly taking in any plot point within the film. You shuffled up the sofa so you were nestled further into his side. The heat radiating of his smile reached you without even looking. His hand trailed down to your thigh and held it attentively. Like all idols, Donghyuk rarely has time off. You were very fortunate if you even managed to see him face to face amidst his schedule. At present, on the other hand, his schedule was not so full. His new schedule consisted of going out with friends and, more importantly, you. As his thumb drew small circles on your jeans, you began to dip in and out of consciousness. Your eyes were glueing themselves shut without even realising. Sleep was mere inches away from clutching you in its grasp until you realised you had no idea what the time was. Well, you had gathered some idea by the fact all the other members had retired for the evening. Suddenly, you sprung up. Your own actions surprised yourself as much as him. You cussed under your breath when you read that it was almost midnight. “(Y/N)?”

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Hoooooo and sometimes tina has to take him to work when he's sick and he nestles in her arms and sleeps or does some colouring and is mostly quiet and sometimes she just ... stops and looks at him. She just stops and admires her wonderful little boy who has grown so much in their care and has gone from a frightened little rabbit to so trusting and loving

what if credence’s childhood imaginary friends are the creatures from the book and so when he isn’t coloring he’s looking out the window and daydreaming about going on adventures with his creatures (basically doing things like newt) and he has a small smile on his face with his head resting on his hand and he looks so happy and content and it adds to the special moment that tina stops and admires him

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“nope” Mei said and pulled the blanket over her head to avoid looking at the bottle of medicine in his hand. From under the blanket a cough was heard. “I’m not that sick, I don’t need that.”