but look at his hand


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Neurologist Oliver Sacks, who died Sunday, once described himself as an “old Jewish atheist,” but during the decades he spent studying the human brain, he sometimes found himself recording experiences that he likened to a godly cosmic force.

Such was the case once when Sacks tried marijuana in the 1960s: He was looking at his hand, and it appeared to be retreating from him, yet getting larger and larger.

“I was fascinated that one could have such perceptual changes, and also that they went with a certain feeling of significance, an almost numinous feeling,” Sacks told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross in 2012. “I’m strongly atheist by disposition, but nonetheless when this happened, I couldn’t help thinking, ‘That must be what the hand of God is like.’”

Our Oliver Sacks coverage (and the rest of that Fresh Air interview) is here. And now I’m gonna go home and re-read The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat and sniffle a little.

– Petra 

SSS: The Boyfriend, Chapter 4

Thank you to louezem and a patient anon who gently prodded me into this.  :)

That Monday night, the night before the Undersee meeting at work, Katniss comes home to what almost sounds like a fight.

“Of course I want to live in New York, why would I interview somewhere I didn’t want to work?”

Madge turns at the sound of the apartment door opening, looking surprised by Katniss’s appearance in the doorway, but she covers with a big smile.  “Good!  Someone who will actually be happy for me!”

“I didn’t say that!” Peeta huffs,  clearly exasperated.  He shakes his head at Madge from his position next to her in the tiny kitchen, putting a hand instinctively to his temple.  Then he looks to Katniss, giving her a helpless shrug.  “Hi, Katniss.”

“What’s going on?” Katniss asks warily.  She slips off her coat, hanging it up in the small closet by the front door, and then takes off her boots, focusing on placing them carefully on the shoe mat by the door, not wanting to look at either of them.  Clearly, she’s interrupted something.

“I got the job!” Madge exclaims, and Katniss looks up in time to see Madge approaching her excitedly.

“The one in New York?”  She hugs her friend, bewildered by what she’s just walked into.  Then, over Madge’s shoulder, Katniss’s eyes betray her will and land on Peeta.

They’re moving to New York, aren’t they?

do you think ronan lynch stays awake at night thinking about every shape of adam’s body not sexually but with reverence, trying to imagine the way his hands look and how maybe they’d look grasping his and then he has to think about anything else anything because he wouldn’t want to accidentally imagine adam, and even the adam in his dreams feels so unreachable it’d just be another layer of pain in his life

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"Did you just cough- blood?" Cassarric :D

It takes him four years to come back.

“Most Holy, there is a man – a dwarf, asking for you -”

Divine Victoria smiles thinly. “Oh?”

“He asked me to tell you that… that the Knight-Captain’s final chapter is ready.”

She laughs, a rich noise. “Please, send him in. I will attend to his prayers.”

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i. Hephaestus gathers scrap metal for an invention,
And the blisters on his neck boil in the hard light.
Aphrodite seats against the hood of a car to watch,
Smiles with red-tainted lips at the man she loves,
And flips off the pretty boy that whistles at her.
She chooses their forever.

ii. Amphitrite wiggles her toes in the sand
To create deep marks with each step she makes.
Poseidon loves her today. He loves her intensity
Like he loved Medusa’s boldness a day before.
His wife ignores the bruise on his neck.
He loves her today.

iii. Hades takes her home when they are too drunk
To remember things like names and status and virtue,
But she had looked older under the moonlight,
And when Persephone takes his hand under the sheets,
He feels guilt bubble up at how much he wants her.
She tastes like an addiction.

iv. Hera rests her fingers against the glowing screen
And takes a moment to imagine a life without him,
Without his arrogance and his ego and his touch.
Something angry grows inside her, Zeus should know,
Because she was never supposed to be this sad.
He doesn’t know, so he lies again.

—  The divine have always been too human; LM
#4- He Talks About You to the Boys


“I don’t know guys. I can’t get y/n out of my mind.” Harry sighed as he ran his hand through his hair. “And I know that we have only been talking for a little bit, but it seems like I’ve known her a lifetime. And I know that it sounds weird, and that I shouldn’t even be saying this, but I think I want to spend the rest of my life with her.” Harry says looking down at his hands, waiting for the disapproval of his bandmates.

There was a long silence, at first no one really knew what to say. Then Niall finally spoke up, “Well that’s great man, I am glad you found someone that makes you feel that way. “He said patting Harry on the back.

“Really?” Harry looked so confused at Niall’s reaction.

“Yeah man, I mean I hope that if I was feeling this for any girl or woman as you are, that you guys would approve as well.” Niall said as he patter Harry’s back.

“Thank you man, that means a lot, you have no idea.” Harry said as he gave Niall one of the cheekiest smiles.

“Well of course we are happy for you man. We just didn’t expect this. I wish nothing but the best for you. And if this girl is the girl of your dreams, then I wish you nothing but the best lad.” Louis said from across the table.

“Thanks man, we just haven’t gone public yet, since we have no idea how the fans are going to react, or management. You know?” Harry said looking concerned. “But also at this point, I don’t even care, I just want to shout from the roof top to the world that she’s mine.” Harry added.

“Then that’s what you should do, who cares what the fans say, or management. As long as you’re happy that’s all that matters mate.” Liam said looking at Harry.


“So Niall, any lucky lady in your life right now?” The interviewer asked.

“There is one at the moment that I’ve been talking to.” Niall says to the lady, but says nothing more, no matter how much she is pestering him for information. And so the interview continues.

When the interview is done the boys head back to the dressing room the boys are all looking at Niall, waiting for him to speak. “Well…” Harry finally speaks up. “Are you ever going to tell us about this lucky lady you’ve been talking to?” Harry asks as the other boys were also wondering the same thing.

“I was waiting for the right moment to tell you guys, but there wasn’t one, so I thought now is better than none.” Niall says as he sits down and takes a sip of his water. “We have been talking since the last part of American tour. We met when I was the only one that wanted Chipotle, we were both in line, and we just started talking.” Niall adds. “I don’t know mates, I really like her. She doesn’t just like me because I am part of the biggest boy band in the world, she actually likes me. Plain old Niall from Mullingar. She is like a breath of fresh air.” He says as the boys just look at him, all with a smile on their face.

“That is great man, I am so glad you finally found someone like that. Everyone deserves that in their life.” Louis says.

“Thanks mate” Niall says and by the tone of his voice, he is so happy and excited the he is finally getting the boys blessing. “I just need to find a creative way to ask her to be my girlfriend now.” He laughs and the other boys join him.


As all they boys were sitting on the tour bus, they were just talking like all guys do. And it finally came around to Liam’s turn and Harry asked “So Liam, how’s y/n?”

Liam could tell that all the boys were paying half attention since they were mostly on their phones, and so was he. He was actually surprised that he heard Harry’s question.

“Well guys, she’s amazing. She is everything that I have been looking for. y/n is like no one I’ve ever met before” And by this point all the boys had put their phones down and had started listening to Liam talk about y/n. “I can come to her about anything and everything and she knows how to respond, how to calm me down, or how to even cheer me up after I’ve had a bad night.” Liam looked up to the boys and smiled, and they were all smiling back, as he took a deep breathe, he started talking again.
“I just want to be with her all the time, I know the tour makes it hard, but whenever we get to see each other it is all worth it. Doesn’t matter how long we were apart from one another, it’s just like we were never apart.”

“Mate, that’s fantastic, I’m so happy for you.” Niall said with a smile on his face, and a smile was on all the boys’ faces.

And as promptly as they all looked up, they all went back to scrolling on their phones until someone thought of something or someone else to bring up.


Louis would never shut up about you. If he had free time, and is someone else didn’t bring up something first, the first that would be out of Louis’ mouth would be your name. The boys did not really mind since they knew that you really did make Louis happy.

“Today y/n sent me the cutest picture of her getting ready. You know I realized mates, that she does not need any makeup to be beautiful. She is beautiful regardless. She makes my heart skip a beat just by seeing her face. No matter what is on it.” They boys laughed as he passed around his phone showing them the picture he was talking about.

“So we can assume that she makes you happy Lou?” Liam said half laughing, and the other boys laughing as well.

“Happy is an understatement Liam my boy. She makes my heart race, she gives me butterflies, and she makes me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. But at the same time she makes me more nervous than when we are performing at the largest arenas of the world.” Louis said. “I do believe that she is the best thing that has and ever will happen to me.”

And just like that, like somehow you knew that he was talking about your, name popped up on his phone screen, with a picture of your beautiful face. And just like that Louis excused himself from the boys and picked up the phone.


I have decided to keep Zayn off… Kinda just made sense since he has not been part of One Direction for a while now. Anyways, hope you enjoy.

And I know that I have not posted in a while, i’ve been super busy with my job, and school just started. So I will try to keep you posted with new preferences as soon as I can.


“Uh..Kim Namjoon?” You stand next to the receptionists desk and call for your next patient, reading from your clipboard. You look around the waiting room, nobody moves. You repeat the name but again, no one responds. “Okay.. Um-”

“I’m here!” You jump out of your skin when a young boy is suddenly right in your face.

“Who are you?” You ask, looking him over. He had dark ripped jeans on, a tank top, and blonde hair.

“I’m Kim Namjoon. Well actually just Namjoon but,” he shrugs, reaching his hand out. You stare at it, before looking back at him. You turn on your heel and start walking down the hall.

“Follow me,” you say.

Namjoon looks around, pulling his hand back to his body and smoothing both of them out on his jeans awkwardly. You were kinda mean, but still pretty. He was expecting a male doctor or at least an older lady, but he considered himself lucky to get stuck with the pretty young one. Maybe he’d get your number at the end and you could have drinks together. Did doctors even do drinks?

Namjoon smiles brightly regardless of his rejected handshake offer and follows you down the hall. You stop at a door and gesture him in first, going in after and shutting the door behind you.

“Hop up on here will you?” You pat the examination table as you pass it, going to the counter to set your clipboard down. “You’re just here for a check up is that correct?”

When you turn around, you see Namjoon sat up on the examination table, his hands folded in his lap and his feet swinging adorably. He was looking around the room in curiosity.

“Mr. Kim?” You gain his attention and he snaps his head to you.

“Just Namjoon,” he shoots you a cute smile and you nod.

“Alright. Namjoon. What are you here for?” You repeat your question, turning around to get a pair of gloves pulled snuggly over your hands.

“Just a check up before tour,” Namjoon sings.

“Oh before tour huh? Are you a singer?” You grab your clipboard and a pen, walking over to take a seat on your stool in front of Namjoon.

“Yeah! I’m in a boyband,” Namjoon smiles.

“That’s pretty cool,” you look over the boy’s paperwork. “I have to ask you a few questions so try and answer them for me okay? Some are personal so if you can’t answer, that’s perfectly okay, we’ll just skip the question.”

“Can I ask you a question for every one you ask me?”

“Um what?” You look up, Namjoon staring at you with his head tilted. “I’m supposed to ask you the questions.”

“I know. But I’ll feel more.. comfortable if I get to ask you questions too,” the boy tries to persuade you.

“Okay.. Whatever you need to feel relaxed,” you say, looking down. “First, do you smoke?”

“No,” he answers without a beat.

“Okay. Good. Second-”

“No. I get to ask you one now,” Namjoon stops you.

“Right right. Go ahead,” you nod at him.

“Uh… Oo! What’s your name?” He asks.

“My name?” he nods, “My name is (Y/N).”

“Wow,” he breathes out.

“Yep. Second question, do you use alcohol at all?”


You look up, “You do? But you’re only twenty.”

“I’m allowed to drink in Korea,” he says.

“Is that where you’re from?” You get a hum in response. “You don’t drink like, excessively or anything right?”

“No. My manager says only one cup.”

“Alright. Go ahead and ask your question.”

“How old are you?” Namjoon chooses his question easily.

“That doesn’t matter,” You say.

“You look so young.”


“How’d you become a doctor?” Namjoon asks.

“I’m pretty sure it’s my turn for a question,” you say. “How’s your diet and excersize? You look pretty fit, and considering you’re in a boyband I hope you guys wouldn’t be too irresponsible with what you eat right?”

“We’re okay. Our managers have us on a diet, and we excersize everyday because we have rehearsal.”


“How’d you become a doctor so young?” Namjoon asks.

“I graduated high school early, and went to college to get my degree at a very young age.”

“Wow,” Namjoon nods. “Impressive.”

“Thanks. Now what about your sexual health? Are you sexually active?” You look up to see his cheeks red.

“What?” He squeaks out.

“Do you have sex regularly? Do you masterbate?” you ask and he only gets more embarrassed. “There’s no need to be embarrassed. I’m your doctor, you can tell me everything. Masterbation is common and perfectly normal-”

“Oh god,” Namjoon whines, hiding his face in his hands. They’re very large, you notice. “It’s not that. I’m a virgin okay? I don’t have sex regularly, and I definitely do not masterbate. God.”

You stare at him for a few seconds, before writing down his answer. “Alright. If you say so.”

You stand up and set your pen and board on your seat, standing next to the examination table. You grab Namjoon’s wrist and he jumps in shock.

“I need your arm to check your blood pressure,” you explain, pulling the gage off of the wall behind him.

“Oh,” he says, holding his arm out for you.

You wrap the blood pressure cuff around his bicep, velcro-ing it tightly. You rapidly inflate the cuff, checking the reading on the small meter. You lets the air out slowly, before inflating it again. Namjoon just stares at you.

“You’re really pretty,” he says without thinking. Your eyes move to look at him and he looks away quickly, biting his lip. You go back to recording. You pull the cuff from his arm and hang it back up on the wall.

“120 over 80, it’s perfect,” you say, jotting it down in your note. Next you moves to stand in front of Namjoon. “Spread your legs for me.”

“What?” He looks at you with wide eyes. He was thinking the same thing, but he thought you would be a little more lady-like about it.

You roll your eyes and grabs his knees, pushing his legs apart so can stand between them. You pull your stethoscope from around your neck and plug it into your ears.

“Pull your shirt up,” you instruct, watching in confusion as Namjoon pulls his tank top off completely and throws it across the room. “Okay..”

When you lean forward, Namjoon does too and pushes his lips to yours. You widen your eyes and push him away.

“Namjoon!” You exclaim.

“What?” He asks, confused. “I thought this was what we were doing!”

“No!” You shake your head. “I was going to check your lungs!”

“Oh,” he frowns. “But my lungs are fine. So we can kiss again.”

He reaches up to grab your face and pull it down to his, once again crashing your lips together. He kisses you needily, making a mental note on how good you fucking kiss, even if you weren’t moving.

“Namjoon,” you mumble against his lips, trying to push him away but he holds you in place. He waits patiently for you to kiss him back, and he gets excited when you finally do, your lips slowly starting to move. “We can’t do this..”

“No one’ll know,” he whispers, gently pushing you back a little so he could slide from the bed.

You don’t pull away from your messy kiss as Namjoon turns you around, lifting you up by your waist and placing you on the examination mattress instead, pushing your legs apart so he could get as close to you as possible. Your arms wrap around his neck and his stay gripping your waist, holding your body to the front of his.

“Taste so sweet,” Namjoon mumbles, forcing his tongue into your mouth. He laps up the inside. “So good.”

Despite his liking of your sweet lips, Namjoon pulls away to kiss at your jaw and neck. He sucks bruises into your skin, his hands playing with the bottom of your scrubs top. He pulls away, and pulls your shirt up and off your body, throwing it to the side and diving back in.

“Mmm,” you grab hold of his hair and hums as he kisses all over your chest.

He tugs your bra straps down your arms and unclips the clasp in the back with one swipe of his fingers, causing you to gasp. He wastes no time in leaving wet kisses over your pert nipples, flicking the tip of his tongue over the buds and making you shiver.

“Fuck,” you grip his hair harder, your other hand palming him through his tight jeans.

He pulls back, his shaking hands going down to work on his pants while you pull your hands back so you could work on your own. Namjoon kicks his jeans away, standing in his tight boxers and impatiently helping you get yours off. He rips your panties down and spreads your legs so he could take a look.

“Fuck. You’re dripping baby,” he comments in a deep voice, that definitely wasn’t the one he’s been using the entire time. This one was sexy, more husky and hot.

You lay back on the bed as Namjoon crawls up onto it with you, between your legs. He does a weird move to shimmy his boxers off and on the floor, pumping his thick cock in his hands.

“Fuck,” he moans at the feeling of his own hand. You reach up to wrap your hand on the back of his neck, pulling him down to lay on top of you and kiss him feverishly. “You don’t need prep right?”

“Just go,” you beg, whining when he slows the kiss down.

He grabs both of your wrists in one of his hands and pins them above your head, knowing what was about to happen. He lines his cock up with your entrance and slowly guides himself in, you instantly screaming out.

“Shh shh shh,” Namjoom says into your mouth, shoving his tongue inside to keep you quiet. “Gotta be quiet baby..”

He continues to slide inside, inch by inch, kissing you reassuringly and reminding you that it would feel better in a second. Once he’s fully inside, he has to bite his lip at the tight, warm heat enveloping him. He gives you time to adjust, pulling back to see your face. He moves his hand from your wrists to thumb away a tear on your cheek.

“You okay?” He asks in concern. “Do you want to stop?”


He starts out slowly, dragging his hips back and gently pushing back in. The pleasure was exploding inside of him and he wanted so bad to just fuck you senseless but he wanted you to be comfortable first. It’s a few more times of dragging out and gently pushing back in until you whine for more. Namjoon grabs a wrist in each of his hands and pins them down by your head, dipping down to kiss your neck.

“Ready?” He whispers, his voice laced with lust.

You don’t even have time to nod, before Namjoon’s hips are snapping into you at a fast pace. You scream out and Namjoon was already ready for it, covering your noises with his kisses. He pants and grunts into your mouth, driving his cock in and out of you, shoving in deeper with each thrust. You bite his lip, and he groans loudly, his grip tightening around your wrists.

“Fuck baby. Tight pussy, so perfect,” he moans into your mouth, thrusting into you quickly. He moves his hands to your hips so he could hold you still, and yours shoot right to his back.

He slows down and grinds into you, his pelvic bone rubbing against your clit and sending sensations through your body. You moan loudly and he pulls his cock all the way out, before shoving back into you roughly. He goes back to fucking you hard and fast, your hands dragging down his back and encouraging him further. Namjoon bites his lip as he watches his cock disappear into your pussy over and over, loving the way you were clenching around him.

“I’m gonna..” You don’t finish your sentence, gasping for air.

“Come on my cock baby. Lemme feel you,” he groans to you and you moan loudly as your thighs tense up and pleasure bursts in the pit of your stomach.

“Shit,” you moan, leaning up to bite his shoulder as you come down. After a minute or two, you become over sensitive with Namjoon still pounding into your wrecked pussy.

“Gonna come baby,” he grunts out finally and you start kissing and sucking on his neck, trying to drive him further.

He moans before shooting his load inside you, his entire body shuddering above yours. He slows his cock as he comes down, softly pushing in and out to milk the rest of his orgasm. “Fuck.”

You collapse on top of each other on the bed, both breathing heavily. Namjoon rolls off of you and lays next to you, pulling you into a cuddle.

“You’re definitely not a fucking virgin,” you comment, laying your head on his sweaty chest.

“Eh. I lied. So what?” He asks, talking into your hair.

“Lying isn’t nice.”

“Do you regret it?” Namjoon asks, lifting his head up to look at you.

“Hell fucking no.”

Theo- It Wasn’t Supposed To Be Like This

Request- Hi I was wondering if you could do a Theo imagines based on ‘Medicine’ by Daughter? It’s okay if you can’t 💕

A/N- I most certainly can! Sorry if this isn’t want you wanted but I tried. Next up is a Liam imagine.

“You don’t have to do this,” you whispered to Theo as you tugged at your restraints. “Theo, please. I know the real you is in there somewhere.”
Theo stared at the floor, his green eyes stormy as he tried not to look at you. He rubbed the back of his hand nervously, squirming under your gaze.
“You don’t get it, Y/n,” he told you. “This is the real me. I’ve been working with them. I’m one of them.”
Your mind flickered back to the night before, when you and Theo had gone on a midnight walk into the preserve. You had stopped at lookout point, sitting down on the ground with your head on Theo’s shoulder as you looked at the sparkling lights of Beacon Hills.
“I think I’m falling for you,” Theo had whispered suddenly.
You had picked up your head in surprise, looking at him with wide eyes. “Really?”
He nodded sadly, and you remembered that you couldn’t understand why he looked so unhappy. “And I’m sorry,” he continued.
“What?” you asked with a laugh. “What are you sorry for?”
Theo swallowed, looking down at the ground for a second before looking back to you. “For this,” he told you, pulling you closer.
He tilted his head to the side, gently pressing his lips onto yours. You leaned forward, surprised to feel hot tears slipping down his cheeks. Your brow furrowed, and you were about to pull away and ask him what was wrong when you felt a sharp prick in your neck.
You gasped, pulling away from Theo and pressing a hand to your neck. “W-what the hell was that?” you asked.
You looked up at Theo, your hands on his shoulders, but he ignored your question. Your eyes flicked downward, and you saw that he was holding an empty syringe in his hand. You met his eyes, not yet realizing what he had done.
He was trying so hard not to look at you, because he couldn’t stand the trusting way you were looking at him. He hated himself in that moment, knowing it was his fault you had trusted him in the first place.
“Theo?” you whispered, starting to feel lightheaded. “What did you do?”
He risked a glance at your confused face, wincing as your eyes slid shut and you fell forward. He caught you, holding you against his chest as your head rested on his shoulder, trying to ignore the sick guilty feeling twisting his stomach into knots.

“You said you were falling for me,” you told him. “And you apologized. That was you, Theo. Not them.”
“You don’t get it,” he told you, pacing in front of the table you were strapped down to. “You don’t know me at all. Everything I said, everything I did-it was all a lie.”
“You could let me go,” you suggested. “You can let me go, and-and we can run away.  They won’t be able to hurt you anymore. You can still be a good guy.”
“I want to be that guy for you, Y/n,” he whispered. “But I can’t.”
“Yes you can,” you told him. “You can turn your back on them, and it can be the way the it was when we first met, remember?”
Theo shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut. “It wasn’t supposed to be this way,” he said, more to himself than to you. “I wasn’t supposed to fall for you.”
“That’s because you’re different,” you insisted, staring at him with those hopeful eyes he had once loved so much. “You’re not like them. You’re human Theo. You’ve got a warm heart, and-and you’re just different, okay?”
“I used to be,” he told you. “Not anymore. All of that is gone now.”
“That’s not true!” you cried. “Theo, I saw it when we were together. There’s still some of you in there, I know it.”
“You don’t know anything,” he whispered, turning his back on you.
You heard heavy boots thumping on the floor of the lab, and you looked up to see the doctors standing in the doorway. You tugged a little more desperately on the restraints, your terrified eyes flicking to Theo.
“Please,” you begged. “Please don’t let them do this.”
“I’m sorry,” he told you, looking over his shoulder. “I don’t have a choice.”
“Theo, please. Theo, don’t do this!”
Theo gritted his teeth, brushing past the doctors and ignoring your pleas as he exited the room. He felt awful about what he had done, and he knew it was his own fault that he had gotten so attached to you.
He may have been a good person at one point, but the dread doctors had burned that out of him a long time ago. He hadn’t thought he could love anyone anymore, let alone have someone love him. Especially someone like you.
He stopped at the end of the hallway, sliding down the wall and pressing his hands over his ears. He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to block out your screams, but it was impossible.
Now he had no choice but to face the fact that everything that was happening to you was because of him. Everything was his fault.

He Still Had You (Bucky Barnes x Reader) {Part 2}

AN: You wanted a part 2, so here’s a part 2. Sorry it took so long, but I wanted it to be perfect :) xx

Words: 1489

Author: Cat

Warning(s): None

Part 1

Bucky was sitting on the floor in the corner of a cell, where he was being held. He looking down at his metal hand with a frown permanently etched onto his face as he looked at where his wedding ring should’ve been. But he wasn’t worried, as he knew that you had it on a chain that was wrapped around your neck.

When you were both still with Hydra, you used to lash out when anyone tried to take it from you until they finally learned to just try not to take it from you.

Bucky was knocked out of his thoughts as he heard the sound of metal moving from the other side of the door.

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Inspired by this by the lovely dellconagher-doe, enjoy a three-minute Feral Trucks n Vans story.

What woke him was the sound of gentle whimpering, like a hurt puppy. Engineer sat up in the nest, rubbing his head, and immediately smelled something burning. “Hon?” He rushed into the kitchen, feeling blessed he’d slept in his clothes, and saw-

A surprisingly intact scene. There were two plates of some sort of cooked meat, and two steaming mugs of coffee sitting on the table. Standing by the stove was Feral, the source of the whimpering, rubbing his hands and looking in pain at the Engineer. His hands were red and painful to look at. Engineer sighed, reaching up into the cabinets for the first aid kit. He gently took the teary-eyed Sniper’s hands, cleaning and wrapping the burns. “Ya gotta be more careful round th’stove, hon,” he chided him, before lifting each hand to his mouth and gently kissing it. “Daddy always tol’ me that kissin’ the injuries makes the pain go away, and them heal faster.”

With a happy grunt, Feral threw his arms around the shorter man, nuzzling him roughly and repeating, “Wife, Wife, Wife,” into his ear. Chuckling, Engie patted him on the back. “Thanks fer th’meal an’ coffee, by the way,” he said happily. “Jus’ be careful in preparin’ them next time, pardner.”

Feral just responded by hugging him tighter and licking his face.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request some fluffy nic, worick, theo and delico with their pregnant s/o? Wish you a good luck

He looked shocked. Never would he have thought that this would make him feel all flustered and confused but when his s/o suddenly took his hand and put it on their stomach he didn’t know what they were doing. He just let it happen and didn’t resist the touch of his partner. Only when he felt something at the palm of his hand did he realize what was going on and his eyes widened. His first reaction was to pull back afraid that he had hurt the baby and then he signed some words while almost panicking. [Are you okay? Is the baby okay? Did it hurt?] His movements were so fast that they had to concentrate to be able to understand what he was signing. When they started to laugh his hands dropped and he just looked at them quietly. “I’m fine, Nicolas,” they laughed, “It was just a kick. I thought you might want to feel it.” They still had to kiss him on the cheek to get rid of his doubtful expression.

Worick was quite dotting and would always try to do everything for them. “Just stay here. I’ll get it for you,” he told them but their hand on his shoulder stopped him from standing up. “I’m only pregnant. I’m still able to get a glass of water, Worick,” they sternly told him and did just as they said. Although the blond man stayed seated on the sofa they could feel his gaze on their back watching their every move. Sighing they walked over to the sofa again and sat down on his lap leaning their back against his chest. “You’re too worried,” they murmured and he gave them a chaste kiss on the temple. “I just want you to be safe,” he told them and wrapped his arms loosely around them as if not to hurt them. They only rolled their eyes but deep down they were just happy that Worick would always watch over them.

Doctor Theo:
They let out a long sigh when they lay alone in the big bed. Theo had confined them to bed since they weren’t in prime condition and although they weren’t happy and normally wouldn’t listen to him they actually did; but only this time. They thought it wouldn’t be fair to the baby when they jeopardized their baby’s health just because of their stupid pride. But still they felt lonely and were extremely bored. So when the door opened they had to hold back not to just jump up and run to Theo who entered. He silently closed the door again and put a hand on their forehead before nodding and lying down beside them. Instantly they slid closer and only moments later they felt his arms around him. “How are you?” he asked and they pouted. “I was so bored.” It was quiet for some time. “Theo?” – “Yes?” They smiled at him. “I’m glad your back.”

They only closed their eyes when they tasted the food Delico had cooked for them. It tasted like heaven! “Do you need anything else?” he asked and the shook their head before taking his hand and pulling them closer to the sofa. He sat down next to them. When they offered him a spoon full of their food at first it looked like he would decline but when he looked at their beaming face he reluctantly ate it. As soon as he was able to taste it he looked disgusted and his s/o started to laugh. They had established a weird taste during the pregnancy and he had already looked skeptical when they had told him what they wanted but he had done exactly as they wished. He gulped down but he didn’t seem angry. His face was soft when he saw them laugh so happily and he leaned over to give them a quick peck that made them look surprised and then smile at him.

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According to yslboner, Louis was hesitant at first and then he made the fond face when Harry grabbed his hand. Also that Harry looked at the handler first. If they were uncomfortable, they'd hold hands like niam lol

That hurts my heart so badly. Because after so long shoved into the closet, Louis is still hesitant and checking himself. The fact that Harry was the one to grab his hand when he was second-guessing himself just solidifies the idea that Harry really is Louis’ safe place. He weighs him down and keeps him anchored when he’s unsure of himself and helps clear his mind during the bad times.

Excuse me while I go cry :^((((


Peregrine previews…. can you tell I like the new gene on my male imps HOLY COW I MEAN LOOK AT AILEN! LOOK AT PROWL!!!! *shrieks* I love iiiiit!!!

I’m really tempted to get peregrine for my 3 water guardians and Prowl…. I love how it kind of looks wave-y and that’s so fitting for my water dragonssss… also Cake………….. ALSO Keldan….  also maybe kerberou, I like how it kiiinda looks like scars or like his wings are ragged.

Okay! *slams hands down* I’m getting Peregrine for at least Frost and Prowl!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *pleased noises* this gene is so pretty!

      he’d been trying to keep himself emotionless. the expression on his face protruding something another human being wouldn’t be able to read. it was blank, while his mind was running at a mile a minute — his gaze fixated on nothing in particular. just as long as it wasn’t the girl in his general vicinity. ❛ i don’t know what you expected to happen here, we can’t keep this going. ❜ pausing, only to shift his weight; leaning back on one of his hands to RELUCTANTLY look back at her. ❛ s'best if we end it here. ❜ the hardest words to ever spill from ronnie’s brims, emerald hues practically boring into her angelic features & he wants to take them back, wants to tell her it’s bullshit. that he’ll protect her from whatever comes their way, but it would only be a blatant LIE. & though the enigmatic boy was greedy in every other aspect of sharing the company with a woman — he would never be so selfish as to purposely put her in harms way.

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BTS Reaction To Waiting Outside Of Your(GF) Class (College)

Hey! You’re english is great btw. I hope you like it. Request are open here.

Rap Monster: “I hope I’m not late,”he mumbles to himself as he sees the swarm of students walking to the parking lot. He looks around all the 100 of faces that pass him by but none of them are you. “Looking for me?”you asked tapping your boyfriend shoulders. “Jagiya,”he says smiling turning to you hugging you. You laughed as you hugged him tightly,”You don’t have anything schedule for today?” “Later at 4 I do,”he says looking at his phone. “Two hours to spare,”you said holding his hand. “Two hours,”he says rubbing his thumb against your knuckles smiling. 

V: “They should be getting out in 2 minutes,”he thought as he waited outside your classroom. He was holding a rose on his hand right as he walked back and forward waiting for those dreadful two minutes. You were finishing your exams that you’ve been studying nonstop ever since a week ago. He knew how stressed you were and he wanted to surprise with a dinner that Jin helped prepare. The door opened and he looked up hoping you were the first one out. It wasn’t you and he frowned as he looked around for you. You were talking to your friends and you were frowning causing him to frown but he quickly smiled as you looked at him. “You’re boyfriend is here (Y/N) I guess well see you later on tonight,”your friend said hugging you. “Jagiya how’d it go?”he asked holding the rose to his face winking at you. You laughed,”It was harder than I thought but I think I did just fine.” He gave you the rose,”Well I have your favorite food waiting for you at the dorms. That’ll for sure make you happy.” He pulled you into a side hug bending down to kiss your cheek causing you to smile and forgetting about the exam all together. 

J-Hope: He was waiting for you to come out of class he was working on a new song for the album. He was thinking about all the fun times you and him shared the past 8 months of your relationship.Your relationship still wasn’t public yet. No one knew about you and you were happy that it was like that since you knew how crazy some fans can be. “You’re my light. The only that could ever make me feel this way. Stay with me forever please. Don’t let me go..” He’s alarm went off as he pressed snooze and got out the car. He smiled as he saw your small figure in the crowd as he walked up to you. “I’m looking for this really beautiful girl. Her names (Y/N) I don’t know if you’ve heard of her?“he asked you in a deep voice. "Ah no I haven’t heard of her. Hopefully you find her,"you said smiling brightly trying not to laugh. "It’s to bad I’m writing a song about her and I wanted her to listen to it,"he said frowning. Your smile got bigger,”Really?” He nodded thinking to himself,”How is she this cute? Why am I so lucky to have her?”

Jin: “I have the daisies. I have the picnic basket. I know I’m missing something,”he pounders tapping his index finger on the steering wheel. “Why can’t I remember?”he thinks frustrated. Jungkook knocked on the window holding the small case,”Hyung you forgot this.” He quickly rolled down the window,”Thank you. I knew I was forgetting something.” “Good luck Jin!”Jungkook said giving him a thumbs up. Jin smiled nervously at him as he drove to your college. You were waiting for him under the cherry blossom tree. “Can she get anymore breath taking?”he thought as he heart skipped a beat at the sight of you. You smiled as you saw his car. “Do you need a ride lovely lady?”he asked smiling at you. “Yes I do,”you said giggling. “Hop on in then,”he said getting out of the car and opening your door. “Thank you,”you said kissing his cheek causing him to smile shyly. “She is the one,”he thinks as he got in the car driving to were you first met.

Jungkook: “Can this class get any slower?”he thinks as he taps his pencil on his notebook. The teacher was talking about the history of jazz and Jungkook could care less he just wanted to see you. He started thinking about how just two months ago he was so nervous to go up and talk to you. “So what’s the answer Jungkook?”the professor asked. “Um,”he says looking for the answer on the text book but just then the bell rings. “You got lucky Jungkook. Class is dismissed,”the professor said turning back to the board. He quickly got up and ran out of the classroom. “Please don’t be out yet please,”he thinks to himself as he runs to your hall. He gets to your classroom just when you come out,”Hey (Y/N)!” You look at him smiling,”Hey want to get coffee?” 

Suga: “Does she like hot chocolate? I mean who doesn’t like hot chocolate,”he thinks as he waits in the car. “I wonder if she’s hungry maybe I should’ve brought her food instead of something to drink,”he thinks tapping his finger on the cup. He looks at the dashboard it’s almost time for you to get out of your class. He gets out the car shivering as the September breeze hits him. He grabs your and his drink as he walks to your class. “27B. 27B,”he repeats to himself as he looks for your class. Thankfully there’s a bench next to your class as he sits down and takes out his phone to text you he’s waiting outside for you. “I’ll be out right now,”you text back as you asked the professor if you could be excuse early. You were one of the top students in class plus the professor was friends with your mom so you had your advantages. “Sure you can go. Have a nice weekend (Y/N),”she said smiling at you. You got out of class and went over to your boyfriend,”Hey let’s hurry it’s so cold.” You hugged your books shivering,”Here I brought you hot chocolate,”he said handing you the drink. “Thank you,”you said taking a sip. He smiled at you biting his lip trying not laugh as you got whip cream on your nose. “What?”you asked confused. His smile got wider as he took his phone out taking a picture of you. “Yoongi-ah!”you said trying to take his phone. “Jagiya you have a little something here,”he said taking the cream off your nose. “Delete the picture,”you said. “But you look cute,”he said smiling down at his phone. “You better not send it to no one,”you warned. “Already did,”he said smiling widely. You gasped chasing after him,”Yoongi!”

Jimin: “What class are you in again?”he texted you as he wonders around your school. “H78,”you texted him. “I’m lost I’m by H22,”he texted you as he went to the next hall but it was E43. “You’re all the way on the other side haha,”you texting him laughing. “What are you serious?”he asked looking around for someone to help him. “Just go back to the parking lot. I’ll meet you there,”you said smiling. “Who are you texting?”your friend asked. “My boyfriend he’s lost trying to find my class,”you said laughing. “Shh (Y/N),”your professor said. “Sorry,”you said blushing. “How can he get lost? The class is by the west parking lot,”your friend said laughing quietly. “He even parked there he’s so clueless sometimes,”you said smiling. “Ok class is dismissed I have to pick up my daughter from pre-school,”the professor said. Meanwhile Jimin was heading back to his car just when you and your friend were walking out of class. “Was her class literally that close?”he mentally slaps himself,”but who is he? Why are they laughing?” You smiled waving at him to come over,”Now’s your chance to met him.” “Hey babe,”Jimin says wrapping his arms protectively around you taking you by surprise. Your friend laughed,”You really couldn’t find the classroom?” “You told him?”he asked looking at you. “It slipped,”you said smiling. “I’ll see you tomorrow (Y/N),”your friend said waving goodbye to both of you. “Who is he?”Jimin asked raising an eyebrow. “My friend,”you said smiling,”Are you perhaps jealous?” “Of course not,”he lied rolling his eyes.