but look at his hand


“If it weren’t for the crisis topside, you wouldn’t be getting one now.” 

I just needed to express how much this little scene broke my heart. The way Lucifer’s humor just fades away for that one moment… the way he sort of loses his energy and looks, for one instant, almost fragile… he just has the appearance and the tone of someone who is a breath away from abandoning all hope. He hadn’t been certain that Sam would come, and, even when he did, Lucifer knew he had to tread lightly to convince him to stay - to convince him to free the archangel. He wants him to make this easy, because he doesn’t want to cross a line. (”Don’t make me do this…”) It’s the slightest glimpse behind that self-assured mask he wore in S11, and that 5 seconds just does something to my heart, every time. 

- I don’t know what to do with you - You too

Honestly, I was surprised by tons of criticisms towards Wang So after 9 episode. And I want to talk about Wang So’s personality.

First of all, we all know that he was wrong, but you know what is really important? He realized that he was wrong immediately after the kiss. You can say that just by look on his face when he saw Hae Soo and her trembling hands, he felt guilty. In his conversation with Baek Ah he mentions that he almost made a mistake. And that what I also like in this character - he learns. He can’t relate and communicate with people, he understands that and he’s willing to change it. 

Lonely and abandoned boy, he was treated like he is a garbage all his life, was continuously abused, starved to death and thrown to the mountain filled with wolves. He survived and he was strong enough not to become a complete psychopath who hates everyone. You know, guys, what is absolutely astonishing? Boy that was left by everyone and has been through many hardships, has grown into a real man and I’m not talking about his fighting skills and strength, I’m talking about his character. He’s a real man and he proved that many times

He takes poison and doesn’t even hesitate, half dead while poison is taking over him, he uses his last strength just to tell Hae Soo that she should leave him.

 As soon as he could stand on his feet he goes to visit her because she’s alone and he knows how it feels being alone without any hope. 

He tries to talk to the King, he is ready to fight royal guards, because rules go to hell when it comes to protecting Hae Soo. 

He shields her with his body and gives her a moment with Lady Oh and they didn’t even discuss it, everything comes on some intuitional and natural level, they feel each other, they don’t need words, though these two are great in communicating.

 He shows her love with his actions when Wook just pours lots of sweet nothings in Hae So’s ears. Wang So is always ready to die for her, fight for her, give up on his position that was so hard to reach. He does exactly everything what Lady Oh said in her conversation with Wook. Wang So doesn’t need any instructions and advice, it comes naturally for him.

And this last scene, when Wook turns his back on Hae Soo and Wang So covers her with his cape. That’s all, this scene tells us who is who. Wang So’s gesture just says: “I’m here, I’m with you, I’ll always have your back, I’m always here for you, even if you don’t love me, I’m here and I’ll take care of you”. And I really liked how slowly Soo moves under So’s cape, it’s what’s happening now, she’s slowly falling in love with him. 

Wang So is a man of honor, a man of action, he can be wrong but all of us can be. He’s straightforward, strong, confident, caring and kind. Hae Soo can rely on him because he’s devoted and opened with her, he has nothing to hide. He’s a real human being, messed up and with flaws, but with a big kind heart and all these warmth and love that he ready to give to Hae Soo. And yes, the way Wang So loves Hae So is killing me, you can literally feel like every single cell of his body is filled with affection, tenderness, caring and love towards Hae Soo and he’s not afraid to show that.

That’s the man that Hae Soo needs and deserves in her life because this poor baby girl suffered enough and she needs some peace and love in her life.

I hope that the won’t make Wang So evil king in the end because I love this character with all my heart and he deserves more love and understanding.

I wanted to write something deep, but I failed because emotions are still too raw and I still can’t put my thoughts together even in my native language

P.S Sorry for all my mistakes. Feel free to correct me bc I want to practice my writing

Luke: come onnnnn

Michael: alright Calum 

Luke: -sits down on calums dick-


Michael: alright put that pussy shit down, here ya go

Luke: -starts slapping both of calums cheek-

Calum: ow ow ow ow

Michael: come on

Ashton: -sits and stares like a proud dad- 


Calum: -sits on Michaels dick-

Calum: -puts his arms behind his back so Michael can put his hands through-  but it actually looks like that Michael handcuffed his hands ;)

Michael: -humps Calum-

Calum: -makes orgasm faces-

Am I shooked or am I blessed? 

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not to be rude but that one photo of harry got me feelin some type of way like the one where he's wearing nothin but the collar and his hair in his hands...eyes closed yeah it basically leaves nothing to imagination with his lowerhalf cut off so it fuckin looks like he was jackin off and he just came bc you can't see his other hand and he looks so blissful with his eyes closed kldfjakdfuck can u imagine write something about it pls

Maybe he wakes up early one morning suuuuper horny. Just so FUCKING horny but you’re there beside him, fast asleep and so so soft and adorable that he doesn’t want to wake you. And he tries to fight it, he really does– but there’s no going back to sleep for him. So he gets up and hops in the shower, hoping not to wake you.

You do wake up shortly after however noticing the severe lack of cuddles and warmth. You hear the shower going and know he’s awake. You want to join him because you’re freezing now that his body isn’t there to keep you warm. So with a sleepy nod you roll out of his bed and pad softly into his bathroom.

What you see though, is completely unexpected.

Through the clear glass of his fancy, expensive shower you see him. One hand running through his hair, down his neck, teasing lightly at the sensitive spots he likes you to kiss while his other hand is tugging gently at himself. His eyes are closed in bliss and instead of his usual, guttural moans, he’s letting out soft little hums of “mmm” and “oh fuck.”

It’s breathtaking. Truly, it is. You find yourself frozen, watching him tease the hell out of himself for the next few minutes. You’re completely zoned out, in awe of how big and how beautiful he is, and loving the way he’s teasing himself– bringing himself there and back again.

So you’re startled when you hear him say, “Are you gonna join me? Or are you going to just keep watching?”

You don’t need to be told twice as you slip out of the t-shirt and shorts you’d been sleeping in. You climb in in front of him and goosebumps rise on your skin at the immediate temperature change. Everything– literally everything about this is perfection.

The hand tugging on himself halts as he watches you climb into the shower. “G'morning,” he says through a dimpled smirk.

Your eyes travel down to his dick and he lets you stare. You blink a few times, trying to process how sexy this is in your still half asleep state.

Finally, you manage to stutter “Keep…. going.”
He sighs instantly at your words, resuming his teasing and tugging.

His grunts and moans are gradually working their way up to their normal volume but it’s still quite early and he’s still so sleepy so it’s not all there. “Talk… t'me….. please,” he manages through shaky breaths. “Anything…. just …. fuck”. His wrist is working faster now and you’re practically drooling at the sight of the precum dripping out and onto his belly.

Good morning indeed.

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The morning of a new day shined inside the room where Joe and Pari stayed in to sleep. In the waking moments of the morning, Joe opened his eyes slowly, blinking a couple of times, adjusting to the sudden light. His eyes turned to his left to look over to Pari. A smile formed and gently placed his hand on her shoulder.

Pari on the other hand was almost completely out cold, but on feeling the hand touch her shoulder, she let out a rather loud gasp and clamped her hand down on his, almost as if on auto pilot. 

An old habit she’d never seemed to let go of..

“Sorry.. sorry.”

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Hihi! Andreil + Epithelial by Crywolf?

anonymous asked: Update i didn’t see the post, nevermind!! 😓😓💕

Lol love, no problem 😘

Neil holds his hand out, palm open. He doesn’t look expectant. As if he were waiting for Andrew to take his hand. 

He waits patiently, after a minute let his arm fall to his side, his palm still open. 

He stands like that for a few minutes, just staring out at the sky from where he stood on the rooftop. 

He feels more than hears Andrew shifting closer from behind him. Tentative fingers touch his palm, and then Andrew’s fingers slip through Neil’s. 

Fitting like a key.

Neil’s hands glide down Andrew’s sides. 

Andrew gasps, his head thrown back. 

His back arches off the bed as Neil continues to kiss down his torso, across his hips, down the inside of his thigh…

Andrew wakes with tears already streaming down his face, No, no, no, please, God, no. 

He chokes on the sobs he’s trying to hide. Please…

Neil wakes quietly, rolls out of bed and turns the lights on. He lets Andrew cry, he doesn’t say anything.

He climbs back into bed as soon as he knows Andrew’s back. The bed dips and Andrew flinches infinitesimally, more out of habit than out of fear. 

Neil sits against the headboard, still not saying anything. Patient. 

Andrew scoots back, he clutches Neil’s arm. He runs his hands over his skin, feeling his muscles, memorizing the feel, grounding himself. 

He takes a hiccupping, gasping breath, and lets his head fall onto Neil’s shoulder. 

Neil carefully brings his arm up to wrap around Andrew. 

Neil stares at Andrew, not asking anything.

Andrew blinks slowly, waiting. 

Neil shifts closer, going slow, giving Andrew time to stop him. 

Andrew’s eyes are half-lidded, he doesn’t stop Neil. 

Neil’s lips part the slightest bit, he comes closer, the gap between their lips getting smaller. 

Neil stops an inch from Andrew’s mouth, Andrew’s lips have parted at this point.

Neil looks up at Andrew, giving him another chance to stop him. Andrew raises a brow, patiently waiting. 

Neil places his lips against Andrew’s. 

Andrew doesn’t know why, but as soon as he does, the hair at the back of his neck stands on end. 

His eyes flutter shut. 

His chest feels tight. 

They’d kissed countless times before. 

Why did this feel different?

Was it different? 

Andrew wasn’t sure he wanted to know the answer. 

Want one? 

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When CS were handing out the blankets and Killian looked at emma his mouth legit opened and he was like mesmerized by her. I hope you know what I'm talking about.

killian is me 

A Rant on Ravi

Do I really need to talk about this? I mean just look at him and his band mates. Look how he hugs them and constantly has his hands on them and just everything. I feel like he is the type of person who needs that kind of stuff. He works his ass off and appears tough because that all sorta comes with the Rapper responsibility but the way he cares for people like his sister and other members shows a bit into his actual personality. He is extremely sympathetic and honestly a giant sweetheart we have seen clips of him with kids, we have seen him cuddling…everyone, We know how much he loves his sister, and people have fan accounts of were they cried and he held their hands and just arggg. HOW CAN YOU GET BETTER THAT HIM! Seriously look at his lyrics and the way he talks about girls. I will also state that it was said that he liked pretty girls with nice bodies and is probably into porn but who isn’t? This boy is just arggggggg! Can we also talk about how many times we have seen him cry over things like wins and commemorative performances. He is such a soft little fluff and I think that is amazing. I find him caring and charming and just someone you want to be around and protect and love. I can’t even explain how much I want this boy to be successful in all he does because he deserves it. I also want him to rest and eat more and get a date and live happily doing what he loves. This boy isn’t even my bias but at this point that really doesn’t matter.

Mermaid AU 15

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8/ Part 9/ Part 10/ Part 11  /Part 12/Part 13/ Part 14       

“You really expect me to believe that all of you weren’t up to something?” Fury stared down his nose at the mer-teens, his frown hard as stone.

Bucky glanced shyly at Tony, who held his hands behind his back. He had his head raised high and his expression blank as he listened to Fury lecture Steve, Sam, Natasha, Bucky, and himself. He’d almost pull off looking brave if his hands didn’t tremble every time Fury looked at him too long.

“You didn’t even catch us doing something wrong!” Sam protested. He gestured to Natasha and himself. “We were just messing with Steve.”

Maria–an elder of the pod, who had been with Fury when he found the teens–snorted in disbelief. “From what I saw before Fury interrupted, it was more than just messing around.”

Sam flushed, looking worriedly at Steve.

Steve shrugged. “So we got a little rough.”

“A little?” Maria deadpanned.

Steve’s cheeks mirrored Sam’s with a pink flush.

Natasha huffed and looked away, her expression one of annoyance and exasperation.

“And let’s not forget you two,” Fury’s attention landed on Bucky and Tony.

Tony stiffened, but kept up his calm facade.

“What have we told all of you about disturbing Loki?”

“Thor does it all the time,” Bucky argued.

“Thor is his brother.”

“Yeah, and the one who annoys him the most.”

Fury eyeballed Bucky and Bucky smirked, not caring if he drew Fury’s ire.

“And you,” Fury turned on Tony. “Where do you come?” The question was laced with accusation.

Tony’s calm mask faltered for two seconds, and in that time Bucky was tempted to jump in front of Tony to steal back Fury’s attention, but he forced himself still.

“Around,” Tony answered.

“His pod sends him out on his own to educate himself,” Natasha reported.

“Really?” Fury reexamined Tony. His dubious tone spoke to what he thought about Natasha’s information.

Tony nodded. “My pod is small and not like most pods.”

“The females wear bras!” Sam supplied with a lot more enthusiasm than when he’d first learned what a bra was.

Steve nodded in agreement. “Completely different from us. Tony couldn’t even tell that Bucky was courting him.”

“Steve!” Bucky and Tony cried in unison.

“Courting?” Maria and Fury chimed together.

“Why would you court Tony when you have Steve?” Maria asked.

“How long have you been courting?” Fury demanded to know.

“Uh…” Bucky and Tony turned to each other.

Bucky didn’t know whether to curse Steve or not. At least Fury and Maria had stopped asking about Tony’s origins, but things were going to get more awkward.

“Bucky and I aren’t interested in each other!” Steve swished his tail in anger. His shoulders bunched up near his ears. “And you people call me stubborn.”

“Well, obviously you two aren’t interested in each other,” Fury said.

Everyone looked surprised at Fury’s statement. Fury sent everyone annoyed yet curious glances. “What? They are old enough now that if they were interested in each other they would have shown much more aggressive courting by now.”

“Thank you!” Steve sighed in relief.

Fury folded his arms across his chest. “I’m still waiting for an answer to my question.”

“It’s…” Bucky flicked his gaze to Tony. “… been a while.”


“Maybe… two months?”

Fury’s was not amused. “And this is our first time meeting… Tony, was it?”

Tony nodded.

“He’s shy,” Bucky said.

“Not shy,” Tony grumbled.

Fury raised an eyebrow at Tony’s claim.

Tony looked away. “I can be charismatic when I want to, I just don’t want to right now.”

“Uh-huh.” Fury nodded. “I’m sure.” Fury rubbed his head as if he had a headache then turned to Maria. “What do you want to do about them?”

Maria’s gaze was sharp as took in the five mer-teens. She pointed at Steve, Sam, and Natasha. “You three get a warning. Watch it with the rough play. We don’t want anyone ending up with a broken arm or fin.” She turned her focus on Bucky and Tony. “As for you two… I think it’s best if you stay close to the pod for the next few days.”

Bucky groaned. “You mean stay where the rest of the elders can see so we don’t go swimming off to Loki’s again.”

Tony frowned. His tail swished as he bit down on the inside of his cheek. “That’s nice, but you aren’t my pod.”

Maria and Fury straightened.

“You can’t tell me what to do,” Tony tacked on.

Crap, Bucky thought.

Fury loomed over Tony. “Is your pod nearby?” Fury demanded to know.

Tony blinked. “No.” He swam back a pace.

Fury followed. “Do you have any adult supervision of any kind at all?”

“I think I just answered that?” Tony kept swimming backward and Fury kept right on him.

“Do you intend to become Bucky’s mate?”

Tony stopped swimming away. Tony’s face turned as red as his tail. His eyes slid to Bucky. “If he wants me to be…”

“Then that means you will become a part of our pod, so you will listen to us until either your pod comes to get you or you leave to return to your pod. Do I make myself clear?”

“Are you always this intimidating or am I just lucky?” Tony asked.

Fury huffed. He turned and swam away to give Tony some space. “Follow us back to the pod or not, but I’ll be taking these four.” Fury gestured at the others.

Fury shot up through the water, pausing at a height quite a distance far the group. “Now all of you get moving before I decided you all need stronger punishments.”

Sam, Steve, and Natasha grumbled, but swam toward Fury. Maria cast a glance at Bucky and Tony then followed the three teens.

Tony hugged himself and scowled at nothing in particular.

Bucky didn’t like that look on Tony’s face, so when he swam up to human-turned-merman, Bucky cupped Tony’s cheek and used his thumb to massage the angry expression away.

The scowled morphed into a pout. Tony’s tail brushed shyly against Bucky’s, and against his better judgement, Bucky wrapped his tail around Tony’s.

Bucky rested his forehead against Tony’s and breath deep. “We’ll figure this out.”

Tony nodded. He sank lower in the water so their foreheads no longer touched and slipped his tail out from Bucky’s.

Tony followed the group, leaving Bucky behind.

The water felt a little colder just then.

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holy shizza I just thought of something what do you think would happen if lydia didn’t get hurt by theo, what do you think her reaction would be to find about stiles dad? like how would she be their for him? do you have any headcannons of when stiles dad was hurt and stiles was so destroght and if lydia didn’t get hurt how would she bet their for him?

Oh shit. That would have been really great. 

I feel like Lydia would have hung back at first, because she wasn’t sure if Stiles wanted her near him. But then maybe she leaves to find out some information from the doctors because Stiles can’t handle hearing it himself, and she comes back to find him crying in that chair. And she just sits stiffly next to him while he tries to stifle the tears, and carefully wraps his hand in hers, not looking at him. 

But Stiles is clutching onto her hand like it’s a lifeline, and Lydia realizes that maybe it is. So she softens her stance a little bit, her knees turning towards him slightly so that he knows she’s there. And, very carefully, in a measured voice, she says, “I talked to the doctors. Scientifically, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t make a full recovery.” He sniffles a little bit, the knot in his chest loosening, but he doesn’t say anything about that. Instead he says “Scientifically, but not supernaturally.” 

“Your dad is human,” Lydia points out. 


There’s a small, sarcastic note of humor in Lydia’s voice as she says, “So a human body is a human body and a human heart is a human heart. And I still believe in science. So he’s going to be fine Stiles.” 

“You always believe in science.” 

“Because science is always right,” Lydia says briskly. “It’s scientific.” 

The redundancy makes him smile, which was her goal. 

“I don’t think I can look at him in that hospital bed,” Stiles whispers, like it’s something horrible. “I fucking hate seeing him like that. Makes me think of–” 

“I know,” she cuts in, soft. He looks up at her, startled to realize that she does know. Lydia Martin knows. “But it’s not the same.” 

“What if–?”

“Don’t,” she warns. His hand squeezes hers harder. “Don’t let yourself.” 

Stiles licks his dry lips. Nods to himself, brushing a tear away with the heel of the hand that isn’t connected to hers. 

“Can’t help it.” 

“Think about something else instead.”

“Like what?”

“Like how you’re going to apologize to Scott,” she suggests frankly. “You shouldn’t have gone after him.” 

Stiles stares at her for a moment before he slides one shoulder up. 

“I know,” he admits. He pauses for a moment. “You’ll come with me? To meet see my dad?”

The intimacy of that idea almost makes Lydia waiver, but she ignores it in favor of being there for him 

“If you want me to.”

He swallows hard. 

“I do. I want you.”

Neither of them comments on the way it sounds. 

Neither of them comments on the fact that they’re still holding hands. 

Neither of them comments on the way that they will never talk about it. 

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Kiss meme Hartwin #6

Hey there! Hope you like this :)

6. Tipsy kiss

Champagne-flavored kisses

They’ve fallen onto the bed, completely knackered from their day. Still after such a happy day, namely Merlin and Roxy’s wedding, finally, they cannot fight off the smiles on their lips, no matter how tired they now are.

The alcohol they’ve more than indulged in is probably also helping, because their minds are simply too fuzzy for any of the usual worried to resurface.

“Makes you want to get married all over again,” Eggsy says, grabbing Harry’s left hand with his own to look at their matching wedding bands.

Harry chuckles fondly and rolls on his side to be closer, one of his legs sliding between Eggsy’s.

“To be honest, I’d do without the whole wedding,” his lips are brushing lightly against Eggsy’s ear, ticking, “but I wouldn’t say no to another honeymoon.”

Eggsy’s laugh is cut off by a sweet kiss.

“You sex maniac!” Harry smiles, but doesn’t deny the accusation, far more preferring to exchange more champagne-flavored kisses. “Won’t be happening tonight though, I’m beat.”

Harry doesn’t seem to mind at all, content enough with relearning his lover’s lips, something Eggsy is more than happy to indulge Harry with.

Art commissioned by @politelyintheknow​, and her commission info is here

Chapter 1- Gazing

The wind blew across the sleeping grounds of the farm, old turbines that needed greasing squeaked as the tall grass rustled, the echo of a distant howl from a dog rippled across the flat plains as the clouds that were lit by moonlight drifted apart like curtains to expose the starry sky.

The white twinkling against the dark blue sky was a sight John barely got in the city, pulling his coat closer as the biting wind assaulted him, tossing his hair wildly as he reached his now numb hands towards his telescope. Rare moments  was peace for him was when he was out among the distant stars by himself, and though he loved and cherished his family so dearly it ached his heart, he felt at home whenever he saw the lights above at night, beckoning him to join them in space as their own.

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I’m probably just imagining this, or maybe it was the blocking idk, but it looks like Richie grabs Amaru’s wrists and put her hands on his face. Maybe not. Maybe she just went for it and he grabbed her wrists to try and stop it, but still.

And she’s cupping his face so gently and studying him like I can feel you’re dangerous but just sacrificed yourself for two strangers. How interesting. and takes him with her.

Oh my god, I freaking can’t with these two. Next episode is going to be insane.