but look at his hand

I love how literally nothing amuses jungkook more than pissing jimin off…… true friendship right there

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Jikook looked domestic af I'm a sobbing mess T__T the size difference OMG Everytime I see the gif where JM is leaning on JK to whisper to him I can't help but imagine how they are used to this kind of contacts and when they're alone they're probably more freely touchy, I love boyfriends. Those little tiny hands on JK huge and solid pecs.... help....

Domestic Jikook is what I live for!!! They were so giggly and cute and sharing food. And the best part of it all: it all seemed so natural. I can’t imagine how touchy they are when they are alone. AND I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THE PECS THING A LOT RECENTLY. With the way JK was sitting, his chest was all pushed out making it look big and then Jimin put his tiny (and beautiful) hand on his pecs and just– ;_______; Imagine him putting his hands on Jungkook’s chest, getting up on his tip toes and kissing him sadjf;sd

(yes I giffed this up close and slowed it down just for this ask ♡)

>You see an ad.

>Seems like the Northern Cassowary is looking for some extra helping hands in her bakery.

hahaha hi everyone, I’m looking to cameo 1 or 2 Sirens in the canon comic background when we show Hazel’s workplace/home a little further down the chapters. (I’ve already decided that Charisa is one of them but I figured, why not 1 or 2 more haha- I’d really prefer that over drawing random background people all the time, it takes too much thought)

Keep in mind that they’ll only be appearing as background/extra characters once or twice, or few times. They won’t be speaking or anything and will likely be seen as normal people instead of Sirens, helping out in the shop. They won’t be influencing/interacting in the story in any way.

But a cameo is still a cameo. :D

To join, just:

-Send an actual resume submission to this blog, in-character as your Siren. xD Tell Hazel why she should hire them, mention if they have experience with baking, selling etc.

Have fun!

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To make something positive about Ch. 127... When Agni is pushing Soma away and holds his hand, do you think he could have given him something like the torn picture? (Idr if we saw him holding it before the attack) It could just be a sweet, supportive gesture, but, y'know, plot progression? And another amazing act from Agni~

Hi there!<3<3

And yes, it indeed looks like Agni gave Soma ‘something’ in his hand in this scene

and that ‘something’ is most probably the burnt family photo he found in the last chapter.

If 2CT is true and the visitor who shot Soma is real!Ciel, then I guess Agni tried to inform Soma about the possibility that the gunman might not be “Ciel”, his friend, but his twin. There was no time for him to tell Soma in detail what he knows (or rather what he has just discovered about the Phantomhive family), so he probably handed the family photo (which probably shows the twins) over to him in the hope that Soma will find out the truth on his own.

That was my 2CT-biased interpretation of that scene, but whatever it was that Agni gave to Soma, I’m sure it will play a major role in the next chapters, so let’s wait and see~! :D  

A/N: Hello!~ You absolutely can, doll! Here’s your request! Sorry it took us a minute! Hope you like it though!! :D 

G Dragon: 

The two of you would be watching a movie on the couch late at night and you had fallen asleep on him half way through. Your arms would wrap around his chest while you two laid there and you’d practically cling onto him. The moment he felt your arms tightening around him like a koala bear he’d look down at you and smile that adorable gummy grin of his. His hand would automatically find it’s way to your head, running his fingers through your hair as he could feel his chest warm up. It’d end in a mix of fondness and anguish though the more he thought about why you were suddenly clinging onto him. Was it because you missed him that much? Was it because he wasn’t around enough? The smile would fade but his fingers would slowly run through your hair, his other arm wrapping around you and holding you closely to him.


Top would find the fact that you were clinging onto him absolutely adorable and wouldn’t be able to help the small coos that came out of his mouth next. He’d instantly wrap his arms around you and pull you closer to him, trying hard not to wake you up from your deep slumber. If his phone was in arm’s reach he’d smile and snap a picture or two of the both of you which would end up as his screensaver or lock screen. It’d be really adorbs. Top would hug you tightly to him for the rest of the night, falling asleep after a while with you in his arms. He loved nights like this, where his entire world was wrapped in his arms.


Taeyang would wake up to the feeling of your arms tightly wrapping themselves around him and he’d turn to face you, a bit of worry in his expression and voice. 

“Hey babe, are you okay? Did you have a nightmare?” His deep, half asleep voice would ask but once he realized he wasn’t getting an answer he’d slowly turn in your arms to face you. His smile would grow by the second as soon as he saw that you were still fast asleep, your grip on him tightening again once he was settled. He’d chuckle and lean down to kiss your forehead, the sensation of his lips on your forehead making you stir a bit in your sleep. Taeyang would place his head on top of yours and wrap his arms around you, almost completely engulfing you. He’d whisper a small “I love you” before closing his eyes and going back to sleep.


Daesung’s normally big smile would get even bigger when he looks down during the credits to see that you had fallen asleep some time during the movie. His arm would be around your shoulder, your arms tucked around his waist, and your head on his chest. Daesung would slowly and carefully grab his phone off the side table to snap a few pictures before pulling the blanket off the back of the couch to tuck it around you. He’d then turn the volume down on the TV and flip through the channels until either you woke up or he fell asleep himself.


Seungri would be a little surprised when he’d feel your grip tighten on him but once he’d look down at you and realize you were fast asleep he’d start smirking. Deep down he’d find it super adorable that you were clinging onto him while you were asleep. They way your arms naturally just clung onto him would make him feel warm and happy. For now, though, expect a lot of pictures to be taken. Like, A LOT. He’d chuckle at your sleeping figure clinging to him and would freeze every time you moved, wide eyed and afraid that this time he’d actually woke you up. He’d definitely tease you about it in the morning too and show you the pictures he’d taken of you that night. No matter how much you asked him to delete them though, he would always refuse. Little did you know that he’d actually use them as backgrounds for the chat room you two were in. Not in plain sight were you could see them but still somewhere he could easily access. They’d end up being his favorite background pictures.

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This is one way I imagined the show announcing Rick and Michonne being engaged. So Michonne is having a dream and it's just her, Rick and Judith. And she is snuggling her, then Rick looks at them and smiles and then he stops them and says to Michonne, " I need to ask you something." But she wakes up next to him, while they are holding hands and his hand moves slightly, so she looks down at her hand and sees a ring. ( it would be a little more detailed but yeah)

Brendan Gallagher - It hurts.

Hi! Can you please write a Brendan Gallagher imagine?

You grabbed your mail that happened to be seating in front of your apartment door.

“Why, can’t the mail guy just stuck it in the mail slot.” You mumbled to yourself as you managed to open your apartment door. You place your coffee cup down by the door and slid your bag off your shoulders as you looked through your mail.

Just as you were about to walk into your room you heard a soft knock on your door.

“Weird, is someone suppose to come over today?” You asked yourself as you walked your way to the door to show your ex Brendan Gallagher. Sadness washed over you, but then it was soon overcome with anger.

“What, do you what Brendan?”

“Y/N…Please come to the game tonight.” He said handing you a ticket.

You looked at his hand, than at your door knob. How it would be so easy to just shut the door and ignore him. Part of you wanted so much to just grab Brendan right now and kiss. But the other part of you still hurt.


“Why not?”

“Because I’m doing everything I can to forget you, Brendan.”


“No! It hurts! It hurts to see you! It hurts to not be able to feel you, to hold you, to call you mine anymore. So, to see you on the ice it kills me, because all I want to do is-”

Brendan cut you off by grabbing your face and kissing you deeply.

“I miss you. I fucked up big time when I let you go and I don’t blame you if you say no but-”

You pressed your lips to Brendan’s.

“Yes…but if you hurt me again, I will let Chucky punch you.”

“Deal. I love you.”

“I love you too.”


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A/N: Look what I had saved in my drafts for you guys :3 Thanks @crowswillfly for this one! I can’t believe I forgot about this OVA, I love it so much<33 

“You still haven’t beaten that enemy?” Kuroo observed how Kenma’s gaming character fell to its death, again and again.

“Uhuh. Its attacks are so strong I get taken down in an instant..” Kenma mumbled, not looking up from the device in his hands. 

Even when Kuroo reacted that having difficulties playing a game should increase the fun instead of finishing it all at once, Kenma didn’t look up, but basically complained that not beating the game was boring too. Heh, to Kenma everything’s boring hm?

The way the blond helplessly threw his head back after another defeat was anything but boring though, and Kuroo smirked. 

“Isn’t it best to attack that thing before being attacked?” he asked, knowing enough about this game just by observing Kenma playing for a little while.

“They do say offense is the best defense right? Just now. before the enemy attacked, its tail lit up.” Kenma gaped at him. 

“Really? No way.” Kuroo was beaming with pride now. How he had noticed instead of his game-addicted buddy was unbelievable. Kenma went for another attempt, and Kuroo grinned in a wicked way.

“Tell me, what did I just teach you?” Kuroo asked. Not looking up again from his game, Kenma murmured:

“Offense’s best defense.” Without Kenma noticing, Kuroo inched closer to him and hovered his hand above his unprotected tummy.

“And?” he asked teasingly.

“Attack before being a-HAha no whahaha Kuroo!” Kenma suddenly yelped through his sudden giggle fit. Kuroo laughed in an evil way and wiggled his fingers against Kenma’s tummy, knowing all about his weak spots.

“Sorry Kenma, you failed.” Kenma clenched the PSP tightly and bent foreward, shaking with uncontrollable giggles dissolving into loud and bright fits of laughter. Yup, this was all Kenma’s own fault for being an adorable little shit.

“Stahaha- that’s unfahhahair Kurohoho!” Kenma giggled in a hilariously adorable way, and Kuroo grinned and slid one arm behind him so he could attack both sides of his torso. Kenma jumped and laughed loudly, blushing because of the embarrassment of being treated this way in the middle of the train.

“Sorry. Hands slipped,” Kuroo finally chimed after a long and deadly tickle attack, and Kenma panted and wheezed loudly. Kuroo raised his eyebrows when Kenma’s shivering hand shoved the PSP in his pocket, and watched how the blond raised his head to look at him with eyes that had a mysterious spark in them.

“How about… Attack after being attacked?” It made no sense at all, still, that didn’t change that Kuroo was suddenly lying flat on his back with a surprisingly determined Kenma on top of him. Kenma’s hands found his sensitive ribs and tickled him until he was nearly as loud as Kenma was.

“Faahhaha– alright ahahalright!” Taken aback by Kenma’s sudden counter attack, Kuroo learned that a fired up Kenma should not be messed with. Kenma showed him that really really well, by tickling him into hysterics until they both missed their stops. 

Chapter 1

Masterpost and series summary here.

Summary: Sam goes through the daily duties of the King, but trouble is brewing, and he is becoming increasingly worried about his ability to stop it.

Characters/Relationships: Sam x Ruby, Crowley, Alistair

Word Count: 2.9k

Warnings: themes of rape, themes of torture, physical intimacy

A/N: IT’S FINALLY HERE. Well, the first chapter at least. That’s something, right? I want to thank @impala-dreamer and @moonlitskinwalker for their invaluable help on this entire story. Seriously. Give them a cookie. They deserve it. And I hope you all think it’s as awesome as they do!! 

Sam was perched atop the purple velvet cushion of his throne, a slight lean in his back, elbows on the armrests, hands clasped, looking every bit the image of a renaissance painting. He observed how his demons busied themselves throughout the throne room, walking in and out, across and around, babbling about hunters, carrying dusty scrolls and magic books. Their footwear tapped and scraped along the stone floors, mixing with the homogenous murmur of their voices. The great hall was almost always busy and never quiet. Even in silence, the lofty arched ceilings magnified even the softest of sounds, causing them to echo in the cool, damp air. Every action belonging to this room was exposed and enlarged by the acoustics, matching the weight of each decision Sam made. He carefully calculated each one, permitting nothing to be insignificant.

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Crackovia- La Familia de Arbitrajes de Florentino Perez 

[Translated for anon]

Florentino Perez: FL
Martinez Verdejo: MV

FL: Hello, I’m Florentino Perez, Presdent of the Real Madrid Industries. For years now, we have been working with quality products to bring the best Champions Leagues to our members. 

*takes a whiff of the whistles*

FL: aaahh.. they smell like offside goals..  

FL: But all of this would have been impossible without the help of great professionals.

FL: Hey, Martinez Verdejo, how is your mother doing?

MV: She’s doing well, thank you very much.

*looks at the name on his hand*

FL: Luis Soriano, how’s that new car? Good yeah?

FL: People with experience. Ones who know that sending off Vidal and not Casemiro, can change the tie’s result.

FL: Go on, say it..

MV: We, the Referee Committee, would like to state that Mr. Florentino Perez has always treated us with care, understanding and respect.

Voiceover: Real Madrid, Fabricating ‘power’ since 1902

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Taking care of Harry's when he's sick tho 🙊 He'd want to be babied and stuff and he'd say he's dying cause u know how men are when they're sick

Him being overly dramatic because he needs your attention, frowning when you walk away.

“Harry I’m going to get water,” you’d giggle, his tummy on the mattress, head turned to look at you, his hand in yours.

“Donnnnnttt” he groans and wriggles like a toddler.

“I’ll bring you some juice,” you squeeze his hand and he smiles, dropping his hand from yours dramatically.

“S'nice” he yawns in a drugged up daze, “I like juice.“


Everyone in the discord was drawing scrapper/thinner mickey so naturally I had to do the same LOL. I added the line and lineless version cuz I thought they both looked cool 

It wouldv’e been cool if they kept him in the game but I think I heard somewhere it was scrapped because they didn’t wanna make mickey look “bad”. Reasonable I guess, but I MEAN HE LOOKS SO COOL

(btw his arm and hand is on the other side of him and behind his shoe, I know it might be hard to see)

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Captain Canary <3; Longing; Central City; Ring??

On AO3 if you prefer.

Leonard looks down at the little box in his hand.

They’d been separated again, as if it weren’t enough that Sara was left behind for two years, that he was dead for… Well, trying to figure out how long he was gone got tricky.

The point is, they’d been separated enough, and they finally got their shit together and got themselves together, and things have been good, and then right after he buys this damned ring, they have to split up for separate missions in completely different cities.

He needs this mission to be over so she can be in his arms again, so he can be in hers. He needs to ask that very specific question that makes him nervous and content in equal measures.

He just needs her.

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62. “It’s okay to cry…” with Malcolm Reed?

“Malcolm, it’s okay to cry…”

“I don’t need to cry.” The Lieutenant shot back, pointedly looking away with his hands in fists.

You frowned a little at Malcolm. Well, he needed something. Some outburst of emotion that didn’t involve potentially throwing something or punching a wall and hurting himself. Taking a step forward, you were careful to keep your distance. “Then what do you need to do?”

Malcolm took a few deep breaths to try and steady his emotions. But it was difficult; you could see that. “I don’t…I don’t know.” He finally mumbled out before lifting his eyes to yours. “But I’d prefer if you didn’t leave me.”

Drabbles are closed

The Light We Cast - Chapter One
  • Rating: E
  • Relationships: Dorian x M!Lavellan
  • Chapter: One - The Gate of Heaven
  • AO3 Link: Click Here

There are some things which you cannot do alone. A study of Lavellan and Dorian.

The ground has swallowed him whole. He falls upwards into the sky, his fingertips scraping the earth and leaving still. Colors rushing by as he falls past bird and cloud, spirit and demon, green and black, unable to grab hold. It is something else which slows his ascent. She reaches out, takes him by the hand, and drags him back to earth. He lands in darkness, and he lands in chains. Shackles bound around his wrist, manacles of metal, keeping him rooted to the floor. He thinks there’s something like blood upon his hand, but when he turns it to look, he finds it is not so.

There’s a yearning in the scar which slashes his palm. Foaming, drooling, snarling, full of a sick desperation to consume and devour. It hisses and oozes with pain, and Mahanon clenches his hand into a fist. He can still see that sickly glow seeping through his fingers, still feel the hunger which gnaws upon his bones, the voracity which needles at his skin. He cannot stop his hand from shaking. He cannot stop the tightness which wraps around his chest, the vise which chokes the air from his lungs.

He was – he was to go to the Conclave. He was to watch, to listen, and to learn. He knew how to stay quiet, how to blend in with the rest. He hid himself in the herd of elves, drew no notice to himself. He hated how suffocating the temple felt. He could see the remains of elven architecture which were hidden behind the repairs the humans had made. Walls of stone meant to make them feel safe, made him feel only uneasy. There was only meaningless talk the first few days. So many people, of all races, all walks.

Mahanon found it better in the camps. The small places where people gathered amongst themselves, sharing stories of home and family. He’d found warmth from more than just their fires there. There was tension, yes, the fighting and the arguing. All yelling, a few fists. Hanging over that tension was the thin strand of hope. Peace was always wanted among the lesser folk once it was lost. But for those who fought, they brought such meaning to every fight and every struggle. There was a purpose in their swords, righteousness in their staffs.

The Divine’s arrival to the temple had brought an uneasy quiet to those stone halls. She had walked a path lined with snow, lined with people. She gave a kind smile and word for all those she met, all those who stopped her. He had wondered if others had seen how her shoulders sagged with the weight of more than just simple age. She was to dispense a hard justice, broker peace between two factions that had seen such failure. Their squabbles had even brought discord to the Dalish. Too often had they heard the fighting too close to the aravels, enemies clashing in the forests they called home.

He was to return to the clan, once this Conclave had finished. Returning with news of peace, or continued war. He finds nothing where he knows days should have been. His memory stops mid-step. What had happened? He was – he was… He was to go home. He tugs at the chains, finds them unwilling to relinquish their hold on him. The metal tears into his wrists, leaves red mark after mark upon his skin. He was to go home. This dungeon is dark, dank, smelling of iron and far fouler things. It suffocates him as much as the temple did. Firelight flickers, wavers upon the walls.

He can’t help the gasp of pain that escapes him as the mark upon his hand forces him to open his fist. There is a void, a well of color, lightning that screams over his skin. His hand shakes as he stares at it, this nothingness filled with green, a glow that fights the firelight. For a moment he thinks he can peer through it. What he sees on the other side is not the floor of the dungeon, but a fog of horror. Shapes that move through it, eyes that gleam with red. His gaze is wrenched away from it as the door to the dungeon slams open.

The swords that guarded each corner were sheathed, and these men quickly left just as two women entered. One stands before him, a shield at her back and her hand upon the hilt of her sword. She looks at him with a face full of anger, lined with something close to fear. He closes his hand once again, as the other woman circles him. She studies him curiously, her hands clasped behind her back. Eventually she joins the other, and together they stand shoulder to shoulder, look down at him.

She grips the hilt of her sword even harder as she bends down, her face close to his. “Tell me why we shouldn’t kill you now,” she says. If the anger wasn’t already evident in her face, it becomes even clearer in her words. So this was to be an interrogation. He clenches his jaw, swallows uneasily. If only he knew what he was being interrogated for. He gives her no answer and her lip curls in disgust.  “The Conclave is destroyed. Everyone who attended is dead. Except for you.”

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Hello! Can I please get some kasamatsu and takao fluff? Any scenario, it's up to you.

Hi there! Here you go! ♡(ŐωŐ人)

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“Kasamatsu, don’t be a killjoy now.” Moriyama rolled his eyes as he sat on one of the benches, teasingly nudging the captain.

“If you don’t want to, I can ask her out for you!” Kise offered, putting on a seductive face and winking at him, earning a bonk on the head from Kobori.

“Look, it’s not that.” Kasamatsu placed both of his hands on his knees, still trying to catch his breath from practice. “The thing is, she hates guys.”

“But why would she?” Kise frowned, glancing at the bleachers to glance at his senpai, (Name), reading a book. She was always in the gym after class. It must’ve been a special place for her.

Kasamatsu shrugged. “I don’t know. Do I look like I know? Anyways.. I really want to change that. But I don’t know how to without making her feel offended.”

“You wanna know what you should do?” Moriyama hummed, swallowing his water. “Just kiss her.”

Kasamatsu blushed furiously and slapped his friend upside the head. “Are you okay?”

“Hey!” he frowned, rubbing his head. “I was being serious about that suggestion.”

Kasamatsu puffed out his cheeks and turned to the side, getting a bit frustrated on his situation.

Kobori sighed and placed a hand on Kise’s shoulder. “Say, Kise..” he started. “How would you ask out a girl?”

The blonde turned his head and ran his fingers through his hair. “To be honest, I’d just day whatever comes to my mind. I wouldn’t want to get nervous.”

“You? Nervous? Ha!” Moriyama laughed.

“KISE! NERVOUS! NO!” Hayakawa added.

“See?” Kobori glanced at Kasamatsu, who was taking sneaky glances at (Name), his crush. “Just act like yourself and don’t plan things out too much. Let the situation flow on it’s own.”

Kasamatsu sighed but nodded, a bit astonished at the moment on how beautiful she looked as she flipped through the pages of her book.

“You better hurry..” Moriyama laughs softly as (Name) closed her book, pushing it inside her bag. Hayakawa and Kobori gave him a small push.

“We’re going to be watching from here, Kasamatsu-senpai!” Kise informed, sittting cross-legged on the bench and watching as the captain made his way to the bleachers.

He hoped he wasn’t blushing too hard. He wasn’t the type to not plan things out. What if she rejected him? What if she gets mad?

Once he was on the bleachers, she had her back turned to him as she shouldered her bag.

He pursed his lips and cleared his throat. “(N-Name)..” he stuttered, mentally cursing at himself for it.

She stopped for a moment, then sighed and turned to him, not smiling but keeping a straight face. “Do you need anything?”

Kasamatsu could feel his team watching as they talked. Luckily, they were too far to hear their conversation.

“U-Uh.. are you alone?” he asked.

Her eyes widen a bit and looked around, before glancing at him again. “Do I look like I’m with someone?”

He honestly didn’t expect her to be so cold. Was it because she hated guys that much? Or was he being irritating?

She sighed and tapped her foot. “Don’t worry. It’s okay.” she smiled reassuringly. “What do you have to say?”

He smiled back and looked around to try and get an idea of how to ask her out. Should he just be straightforward about it and blurt it out?

“Look..” he started, pausing for a while to try and calm himself down. “(Name).. you’re.. you’re really pretty..”

A light blush powdered her cheeks, her grip tightening around her bag and her posture stiffening. “M-Me? .. Pretty?”

Kasamatsu gulped and nodded, darting his gaze away from her. “Y-Yeah..”

She blinked a few times and directed her gaze from anything but Kasamatsu. She hoped she wasn’t blushing too hard, or else that would be embarrassing.

“You know..” she started, putting a strand of hair behind her ear. She glanced sneakily at him. “.. You’re kinda cute..”

This time, it was Kasamatsu’t turn to be the blushing mess. He swallowed all his fear and gathered his courage.

“I.. please go out with me.” he blurted out, lowering his head as he did so, not wanting to see his reaction.

She smiled softly and inched closer, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Kasamatsu swore he heard cheers from below.

“Kasamatsu-kun..” she trailed off. “This is considered a confession.. right?”

“O-Of course it is..” he looked up.

“My compliment was a confession too.” she grinned, Kasamatsu’s eyes widening at her words. “I like you too.”

Kasamatsu immediately straightened his posture and glanced uneasily to the side, gulping, before locking eyes with her again.

“So.. how about I walk you home?” he offered, lending out a hand to take her bag.

She smiled and handed him her bag with a grateful look. “Thank you, Kasamatsu-kun.”

He shouldered her bag. “No. Just Yukio, please.”

She blushed, but nodded anyways. “Alright. Come on.” she giggled, turning her head.

“So.. is this the part where we hold hands?”

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Today I cleaned up Harry Potter’s clothes and he looks a lot less dishevelled than when I first got him. I also sanded a toothpick to look a bit more wand like and painted it so his hand is less odd looking.

I also made Tom of Finland a shirt after this doll ruined my first two attempts. The first attempt’s sleeves ripped right off after I struggled getting them to pull up his rubbery arms, while the second attempt the sides ripped when I tried to check how the front closes.

This shirt BARELY fits but honestly I don’t care anymore I’m tired of making shirts so his tits can hang out for all I care…