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Moo Free Choccy Drops

Moo Free Choccy Drops

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Quite some time ago, earlier this year I wrote a blog for Moo Free Chocolate, I expressed my love for their wonderful range of chocolates, their cute characters & the yumminess in every bite. Now the Moo Free Team plus Hammy of course are back, with something rather new & exciting. Like I have said before, unless you’re one of those Vegans that live under a rock you’ll know about Moo Free…

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August 24th, 2016 // Day 236 of 366

Subject: Miguel Manzano

Age: 25 Years Old

Born: Manila Philippines

Currently Resides: Chico Ca

Occupation: Freshly Unemployed

“I choose to have these hobbies, not for any of those reasons, but really to have an outlet. I think all of us have creativity inside of us and we need a form to express that in one way. Like I said, I did guitar and illustration before, but I think anyone at this point can say that as you grow older you find that you have less and less time to yourself. I picked up photography, initially I picked it up because I needed something still and I saw that photography was something that you can pick it up and go; take a couple of photos, even in the middle of the day, and find release that way. But the more I’ve done photography I’ve realized that it does meet that need, but it’s also the best medium for me to express what it is that I want to express in art. There are famous photographers out there that have said there’s a clear distinction of taking a photo and making a photo, and I want to get more on that latter end on creating something rather then taking a snapshot or something.”

“It kind of became apparent to me, whenever I would talk to my friends born here in the states, about how they view elders; it’s very different. In Asian cultures, it’s a very collectivist perspective in their cultures in the sense that family is very important, and you kind of respect your familiar bonds. The example I often use is that it blew my mind when I find out that people left their parents in homes, when they were still in a healthy state of mind, that they would just leave their parents there rather then in their household. I grew up mostly here in the states but for me being in the Philippines younger, I got to experience what it’s like to have your neighbors as your cousins, or you sleep in the same room as your grandmother; and so you’re constantly surrounded by your familial members. So it just seemed odd to me that as we get older we just lose touch with that and just focus on ourselves. And that’s the thing that I view differently about the world being in western culture.”

“I’ll always view Chico as my home because I’ve spend more of my life here then anywhere else; I’ve gotten to know the community, (and) I’ve gotten to experience what Chico has to offer. But unfortunately for some of us, like when you’re younger you have this craving to explore, and a lot of people do leave Chico. And if you talk a lot of the students here, a lot of them will say, ‘I can see settling down in Chico but I don’t want to spend my career time here.’ And I kind of view it in the same way in the sense that I can definitely see myself raising a family here in Chico, but spending my entire time I wouldn’t be here in Chico all the time, especially now; when my body is able to travel compared to later on.”

“I have a hard time connecting with people in general because I spend a lot of time looking inward. And I think connection is very important between people but I think it all starts with yourself. One of the biggest things I believe in is honesty but it’s honestly to yourself, to understand who you are as a person, to understand what your values are, and to even embrace your faults; a lot of people don’t do that. I spend a lot of time and energy trying to be as introspective as I can, and in turn it makes me more patient but it also makes me impatient when I see people are dishonest with themselves; that they have these issues that I find to be petty only because the root issue is that they’re having a hard time but I think that’s the surface of it all. But people don’t spend the time to look inward in the sense of like, ‘Why is this problem happening?’ and when I notice people don’t do that I become impatient. But if it’s someone that I find involved in my life, and that I find to be important, I’ll take the time to tell them that like, ‘You have to dig a little deeper for these kinds of things.’ It actually puts me in situations where it can break a friends cause people don’t want to hear the ugly side of the truth.”

“So when I look at people my age, I notice that we’re caught up in this time where there these high expectations of us where we’re surrounded by a culture where we’re supposed to be one hundred percent, we have to be the one in a million all the time. And it’s kind of catalyst for misery, it makes people unhappy because the people they look up to they view as flawless, and they feel like, ’I can’t do that. I have to continue trying.’ And you end up with a culture of people my age who are getting out of college, pouring sixty to eighty hours a week in their jobs, generally making themselves fatigued and kind of unhappy because they never have the time to stop and look at what is that makes them THEM, and what is it that they will find as happiness. It may not necessarily be, ’I have to be the best musician’, or, ‘I have to make a multi-million dollar company.’ It can be something like, ‘I want to be connected to nature most of the time.’ So I find myself isolated most of the times. Really, when you put things into perspective and when you’re honest with yourself, things are not as big as they should be.”

“Thanks for meeting with me, it’s been a pretty cool experience to be apart of something like this. I was looking at your project, I was looking at what people had to share, and I was pretty taken aback that when you give people the opportunity to be themselves and speaking honestly, they often take that. If it’s for the sake of creating something beautiful or whatever, cause I think that most people view this project as pretty beautiful, and touches on the human nature and condition. And I think that most people want to be apart and it’s pretty cool to see the results, the things that people share.”

Thanks to Miguel for meeting up with me today. It was nice to share some time with someone who believes you don’t have to make a buck at every turn of your creativity. That when you are a musician, a photographer, or an illustrator, you just do things. And sometimes, a lot of the times, you do things cause you need to do them. To get better, to keep going, to do. It’s nice to find other people out there who believe in what you do and they live in your town. Pretty Special. 


Regal E Juice Review

Originally posted by luxkkid

I know it’s been a while but school and work and kids oh my! Lol! I’m going to do a review on Regal by Knights Creed. Omg! It’s so delicious. It’s strawberries and cream. It really tastes more like strawberry milk. My only thing is I don’t think I could vape it all the time, even though it’s good. It’s just not an every day vape flavor for me. I still love my Sweet Mint by Bilo (I bought some more by the way). 

For my vape experiment. All I’ve managed to do so far is get some research done. I think I’ve said that before. Like I said life is getting in the way. Anyway I’m going to go through it once more and post my results soon. I just need to look for negative side effects right now. Then I’ll be ready to start experimenting. I can’t wait to share it with everyone and see their thoughts!

Book updates are on the other blog (negloverauthor.wordpress.com). Hopefully I’ll have a cover for you soon!

I’ve been one grinding sistah for decades. 😏 I created moments that were life-affirming and life-changing for me and others. Now, from my current pinnacle, I confess that so much is now a blur. Lawd knows He had me in the room and on the stage with world-renowned luminaries; so often in a whirlwind. 😋 Wow, what a life I’ve lived and yet it feels like I’ve only scratched the surface. I’ve said it before and will say it again, I have nothing else to prove yet so much more I want to accomplish and explore.😌 My desires have certainly changed though. I am no longer interested in the race, rather in relishing each sweet moment. I want to ravish each second like an exotic fruit with juice running down my chin while the sun kisses my skin. Yea, that’s what I’m on, that’s I’m craving and I am making my intentions clear. 😗 #LivingLIFE #livethedream #lifeofadventure #lifegoals #lifelessons #love #loveallowed #lovedeeply #lovefreesthesoul #poeticallyspeaking #poet ##poetry #poem #poetryisthelanguageofthesoul #poetrycommunity #poetryisnotdead #poetryofinstagram #poetryofig

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anonymous asked:

Zech's design has changed for the soft reboot! (I have to wonder if losing money on Patreon spurred her to reboot.) His original one is still my favorite, but I like the new one. Cameron looks more terrified about meeting Jackie which might mean Viv is going to play with Cam's Zoophobia more. And it sounds like JayJay might be in a spinoff instead?

 Oh I would very much bet that it did. She’s finally seeing that Zoophobia is the main reason people know her, and that’s rekindled her drive for it. I do like the direction that it’s heading, but as I’ve said before, I’m still skeptical of how long this will last and of how many issues are really being addressed. 

 I hope that JayJay is a spinoff instead, ZP needs more clarity and focus and JayJay seemed like a major distraction. 

 - Jen 

puzzliism  asked:

*kicks my URL in there*

My Opinion on;

Character in general: O KAY BUT I’M PRETTY SURE WE’D ALL TAKE A BULLET FOR HERSHEL LAYTON AFTER EVERYTHING THIS MAN HAS BEEN THROUGH. PLEASE….LVL 5….LET THIS PUZZLE MAN REST…..he is such a good,,,such a pure pure man with a hecked up past.

How they play them: Y ells bc it’s been hard to find hashtag cool kids since my return && since the fandom’s seemed to simmer down since around 2014, but when I found your Layton I knew following was suuuuccchh a good choice because the way you write him is simply perfect. Not to mention all the ideas and what not that we seem to bounce off of eachother always end up sounding so good, be them creating good or bad pain.

The Mun: Aaaaaaa from us talking for the past few weeks I’ve been back around here I love talking to you !!! Like I said before we both seem to be good in the idea department when it comes to suffering or not. You’re an A+ rp partner <3

Do I:

RP with them:  Holds ur hands
Want to RP with them:  y ells softly yes.

What is my;

Overall Opinion: MMmmmmmmmmm g oood shit right t here fine I do say so myself (I say so that’s what I’m talking about) right there riiiighhttt there

whatthe4355  asked:

turn a gundam, gaogaigar, the legend of starfee

turn a gundam

never watched | want to watch | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite

Like I’ve said before, I’ve watched very little Gundam in actuality,  but someday I will watch this really pretty show about, apparently, the most brokenly powered Gundam ever made.


never watched | want to watch | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite

Another on the watch list, mostly sitting here because me being in a mecha mood is a really situational type thing. I’m gonna be watching this ASAP but when THAT actually is is beyond me.

the legend of starfee

never watched | want to watch | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite | ????????

That had an anime???

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dear person I like

dear person i like,

      feelings like this scare me - because it inevitably means letting people in again. but when i’m with you it suddenly seems worth the risk. it’s strange, we’ve known eachh other our whole lives - we’ve had quite the history and yet i find myself having these old feelings again. or rather, i don’t know that old describes it well, because these feelings are very new and almost pure in a way. it’s like being able to be around you can open my eyes once more, and i love it.

      i can’t speak for how you feel - hell, if you only see me as a friend, i wouldn’t be surprised. like i said before, we’ve had quite the checkered past. but, i like to think that right now, we’re bringing out the best in each other - those emotions that we haven’t allowed ourselves to express in such a long time.

       to put it simply, you make me happy ; and i hope i make you happy too, wherever that leaves us. i worry so much about you, and just knowing i can make you smile means the world.

           - wendy

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You're missing out on a great person you know.

I have no doubt in my mind that paige is a wonderful person. But like I have said before, I’ve been in relationships since my junior year in high school. It’s time for me to focus on myself and learn to love me instead of looking for other people to love me. I’m only 19 years old, there is absolutely no reason I should have to be in a relationship, so I’m not going to be. I’m going to enjoy my year at school and keep my grades up and make great memories with my best friends, and honestly nothing sounds more appealing to me than that

this just keeps happening, send help plz, fate of SDM hangs in balance

Yeah, I hear that strangely often… or, perhaps Patrick Stump looks like me

Maybe whenever he tours in NC, everyone tells him “Hey, you look a ton like Colin, just with fewer cameras!”

Um… maybe?

Really? lemme google him…

Ah! Yeah, I see some resemblance… plus, he has an adorable dog, and a gal with cool hair, so I’m totally down with being compared to him.

Yup, like I’ve said before, I guess I do. Dunno about the sexy part, but, y’know….


Sorry, can’t… it’s in my contract.

Awwww yeeeaaah. You heard it here first, ladies and gents – the best way to get romantic attention is Scooby-Doo-based humor.

Oh, hey, and butts like me, too! Cool!

Genetics? Witchcraft, maybe?

D’waa, thanks… really, though, I can’t help it–

I don’t know! It just happens, I–

Thanks, but I can’t sustain this much positive attention, I–

*mind melts from overdose of positive attention*


So fun story of how I almost embarrassed myself in front of my groups Rho Gammas and the other girls in the same group I’m in.

I have bad social anxiety and I have a lot of trouble talking to people I don’t know or initiating conversations (this is one of the reasons I’m joining a sorority, to help wit that) with them. All the other girls are talking about various things and I have NO IDEA what to talk about, and I don’t want to get cut out again when another conversation starts. So I’m thinking, ‘what would be a good conversation starter??’

Then it’s like a lightbulb goes off in my head and I get ready to ask “do any of you guys watch Voltron?”. But I stopped myself before I said anything because like. None of these girls look like they’d watch Voltron, I mean they might, who knows, but like. I have a strong feeling that they all would of just stared at me. This group eight girls, just giving me blank stares. And in retrospect I’m very glad that I didn’t ask.

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When do you think you're gonna post part two of Kitten Play? This story has me so curious!

I just wanted to mention that Kitten Play is really just a random 2jae series where it’s just smuts here and there, so I’ll be posting it once in a while. BUT part 2 should be posted sometime next week?? Hopefully? Like I said in the ask before this, if it’s not here before next Thursday, send me angry inbox messages lmao 

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would you guys ever consider adding more characters?

like ava and i have said before, this could be a possibility. we aren’t ruling anything out but we wouldn’t rush into anything unless we had really dedicated players for the characters we already have out. there’s 22 different skeletons so i’m sure as time goes on, there are always gonna be some that are available. sorry i don’t have more a concrete answer for you but hopefully this gives you an idea, at least !

Said this before, but I like how the main theme they play in the end credits for DotD combines the electronic music of the Classic versions and the orchestration of the New Who versions. 

anonymous asked:

okay, so, are you guys cool if someone else made another crystal gem au with Youtubers? Like, they did different stuff in their au but it was gems.

Yeah, go ahead! Like I said before, we aren’t the only blog focused on a SU/YouTuber crossover. Feel free to make your own AU!

So uh…To the duplicated anon messages in my inbox: I got all your messages. They are all there, nothing has been deleted or lost or whatever. Like I said before, I answer very slowly. Plus Tumblr doesn’t have the best respond system, which really doesn’t help. But I will try my damn best to answer all of you. Just gimme some time, because life happens ; -;. 

I FUCKING LOVE IT WHEN YOU GUYS SEND ME ASKS, OKAY?? MOST OF YOU REALLY FUCKING MAKE MY DAY AND I’M FUCKING FLATTERED THAT YOU GUYS LOVE MY WORKS SO MUCH!!! And I WILL try my hardest to reply to you all. Some will just take a lil bit longer, that’s all ;v;

That is to say, there are prompts that I will not fill out. I will answer them all with my opinion, but I won’t be able fill ALL of them out (seriously if I have a quid for every prompt I got, my pockets would have been torn apart by now :(((((( ). So please just be patient, okay? Gimme some time ; ; Don’t send the Nei duplicated prompts. That would be unfair for the other people in the inbox too ;~;