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Michael: Jealous

Are you still taking request? If so could you do a Michael one based on jealous by nick jonas? Thanks!

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Michael always took you out places, and tonight it was going to be to a little party outside of town. You always wore nice things out to parties; the outfit you had picked out tonight was a little black dress with black ankle boots and Michael’s leather jacket. Once your outfit was fully put together, you walked into the room Michael was in and done a little cat walk, “Do I look nice?”
Michael wrinkled his nose slightly, “A little too nice.” You threw your head back a bit, “What’s that supposed to mean?” you questioned. “Nothing. You look hot and I just don’t want anyone to try anything on you.” You smirked and walked over to the dark headed man-baby and gave him a kiss, “Michael, you know I love you. I’m not going to let any douche bags touch me.”

When you showed up to the party, it really didn’t take long before Michael left you behind to go get drunk at the bar. You didn’t want to waste the whole party babysitting him, so you told him where you were going, which was across the hall. You ended up finding one of your old male coworkers there and decided to do some catching up.
Tired of being alone, Michael went to find you. When he found you giggling with another guy, it made him a bit angry, so he decided to do something about it.

It wasn’t the most respectful way to handle the situation, but Mikey didn’t care. He hurried over to you, wedging his way between you and your coworker, “Y/N, come on.” You cut your eyes at Michael but you didn’t fight him. As Michael pulled you outside, you waved goodbye and mouthed ‘Sorry’ to the friend.

“Michael, what the fuck was that?” You argued, breaking your wrist from Michael’s grip. “’What the fuck was that?’ What the fuck was THAT?” He snapped, throwing his arm up and gesturing back to the house. You crossed your arms and smirked, “You’re jumping to conclusions again Mikey. You’re obsessive and you need to relax.” “Oh come on Y/N, like he wasn’t trying to get in your pants.” “No, he wasn’t, Michael. He’s an old coworker of mine, you asshole. We were talking about our new jobs. You really need to cut this jealously bullshit out because it makes me feel incredibly fucking terrible that my fucking boyfriend can’t trust me. If anyone should be jealous in this relationship, it’s definitely me. You have thousands of girls trying to get a piece of you everyday, so don’t even try me Clifford.” Michael took a minute to take in everything you said, and you were right. “It’s not your fault. I’m sorry,” Michael exhaled, “It’s just that I love you, and I just want to protect you. That’s my job and I don’t want you to find someone else to do the job instead.”
You could tell that he was genuinely sorry, which calmed you down. “Mikey, you’re my best friend, my lover, and you do a damn good job at it. Don’t worry about it, I’m not leaving you. I love you too damn much.”

After the two of you chilled out completely, you took a cab back home. Getting back home, the two of you immediately took to the bed to catch some sleep. Michael was already in bed and you took a minute to change into some sleepwear. “So do you forgive me for acting like a tool?” Michael muttered, his face half buried into the pillow. “Yeah.” “But you understand why I get jealous sometimes though?” “Yeah. Because I’m hot as fuck,” you replied jokingly, walking past the mirror and admiring yourself playfully before crawling into bed with Michael. “You’re a bitch and I love you so much.” Michael said, throwing his arm around you and pulling you into him.