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Sabriel AU

or why i should go the fuck to sleep

Anyways, if you’re in for this ride, buckle up and just let me get started.

After I made the beautiful discovery that there is an AU with Demon!Gabriel my mind just went “wait a sec” and this is how this was born.

Imagine Fallen!Gabriel failing to be a human, since he was so used to just snapping his fingers and getting whatever he wants. Imagine him being so desperate that he wills do anything to have the least of his power back. You know how desperate am I talking? ‘Cause if you don’t, then I’m saying that Gabe did whatever it took and became a fucking demon.

Let’s say that in this AU Sam and Gabriel are in an established relationship. Imagine them making out in a random motel room and Sam wanting to look Gabe in the face and admire him and all that but instead of pretty golden eyes, Sam is greeted by black pupils and a smirk. Now, imagine Sam being so shocked and scared that he pushes Gabe with such a force that he somehow ends up on the floor, then Sam trying to run the fuck away because “nope, this is not real” but Gabe stopping him and then just… explaining everything and eventually his voice cracking up and he starts crying so of course, Sam has to comfort him.

Everything okay? Yeah, yeah? No.

Imagine Dean finding out and having an argument with Sam about this. Imagine Sam being so angry that he just storms into his room, where a very confused Gabriel was sitting, packing his things then grabbing Gabe and running the fuck away. Eventually they just move and stay hidden from the world. Now, my head processed three ending.

1. Sam decides to go on a hunt for the sake of old times, leaving Gabriel alone so when he comes back, he founds his lover’s dead body in the middle of the house, or wherever they live.

2. Gabriel lied about loving Sam in the first place and it all transforms in a really messy fight and a “I told you so” face from Dean when in the middle of the night, Sam comes to him.

3. They actually live a happy life away from the world, without death and all that

This was my idea I mean… I should sleep now so yeah

You Get What You Give (Capri and the Sun)

Requested: Yes

Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 881

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Insomnia, Cursing

A/N: This is just one of the many deleted scenes that I’ve had in my drafts for awhile and I thought that I would just share it. This scene happens between Communication & Long Distance! Hope you like it :) 

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Imagine this with me for a sec...

Lena bringing Supergirl (“hiding” behind Lena as if surprising the kids, “Hey everyone!” Bright smile and all. Lena is laughing how silly Supergirl is and it reminds her of Kara that’s why she truly finds it funny) on her visit to Children’s Hospital/s she is funding.

Excited kids be like “Ms. Lena! Supergirl!”

[Lena is the softest of the soft around children (and Kara). She won’t let the kids call her Ms. Luthor. And the people there won’t just call her Lena cos they feel that is disrespectful even if she insisted. So they decided on Ms. Lena.]

Supergirl to Lena, with the bright smile she always has: “I know Kara Danvers would also like to join us but sadly, she can’t.” (We all know Supergirl is Kara’s wingman.)

And Lena understands cos she is that understanding when it comes to Kara, her family, her best friend who she loves, her hero, as she smiles back to Supergirl. “There is always another time.”

The staff, nurses, doctors, parents, children all notice the way Supergirl and Lena interacts and how Lena’s expression turned really happy when Kara is the topic of conversation. They be thinking “Oh, Ms. Lena and Kara must be really close. Kara Danvers, is that the same reporter from CatCo that had written all the articles about Ms. Lena and L-Corp?”

And the next time, she visited, Kara joined her.

And children, staff, parents, everyone tease them.. “Finally we have met your friend, Kara Danvers.” (calling her Ms. Kara later on.) The children adorably mimicked the way Supergirl said Kara Danvers.

And the two just laugh on how the children are so friendly immediately to Kara as if they have known her as long as they have known Lena.

One of the kids told her when Lena is busy catching up with the parents, “See Ms. Kara, Ms. Lena is so happy, you are here. Even happier than when she visited with Supergirl.”

friCK!!!!! y’all, i just had a Thought and if someone else has already done this, pls point me in their direction, cause i suddenly have a very serious need for a sheith avatar au. and yes, i do mean the blue people avatar (i actually liked that movie ok let me live). just, like, roll with me for a sec ok:

  • Shiro as the injured vet getting a second chance when his twin brother (rip ryou, i know nothing about you, but unfortunately you have to die for this au to work) dies and he has to take his place on the mission to Pandora (or whatever the Galra home planet would be called….)
  • Just imagine for a second with me. Galra Shiro. Huge, purple, furry Galra Shiro. Blessed.
  • Keith would obviously be the prince of the local tribe in this au.
  • I’d cast Kolivan as Keith’s dad, personally, simply because he’s the leader of the BoM and very chief-like, though I guess you could make it Thace
  • Since we haven’t met Keith’s mom yet, she’d be an OC, mostly based off of Neytiri’s mom in the movie
  • NOW LISTEN Allura would make a KICKASS Dr. Grace Augustine. No nonsense, so excited over discovering new science stuff, just wants to learn from the Galra and their way of life, but only what the Galra are willing to give, ok Allura would ROCK this role
  • Lance as Norm is the BEST. Like, all I can think of is that part during the big battle where Norm’s avatar dies and he gets out there and starts fighting as a tiny lil human against these giant fucking robots, tell me that’s not a total Lance tm move
  • Hunk as Dr. Patel. Close friends with Lance and Allura, and right in the thick of the rebellion (not a lot of info on Dr. Patel, but you could fill in with Hunk’s character and give him a bigger role)
  • For the sake of the au, I’m making Haggar and Zarkon human. Zarkon would probably be Parker Selfridge, willing to kill the Galra, but really his main focus is profit and public image. Haggar, though, would be Colonel Quaritch, the main baddie who ends up co-opting all the power from Zarkon and taking things over, escalating the war
  • Replace the pterodactyl-type guys with flying cat creatures. SHIRO IS CHOSEN BY THE BIGGEST AND BADDEST OF THEM ALL
  • Keith actually having that connection with his past and his people that he wants in the show, but instead of him never having had it, in this au he LOSES that connection (or part of it, when the trees that hold his people’s memories are destroyed) ;A;
  • also, just like, if anyone made art for this, ALL THE GLOWING FLORA AND FAUNA. BIO LUMINESCENCE FOR THE FUCKING WIN
  • bonus: galra wear practically no clothing 👀👀👀
Give me attention (M)

Words: 1336

Jungkook X Member

Warning: Rough sex, teasing, dirty talk.

Requested: here

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“His hands squeeze my boobs as his lips work on my neck, licking and kissing every part of my bare skin and my body shivers under his touch. He is pushing his dick inside me roughly, claiming me as his and only his…”

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Dating Jinjin/ Jinwoo

Jinjin as your boyfriend:

  • you’d kind of be dating but it was never official so you ask him one day “are we dating?” and then he’d reply yeah but he’d feel bad for never formally asking you out so he’d bring you a bouquet of roses and get down on one knee and ask you to be his girlfriend 
  • hugs all the time 
  • stealing kisses all the time
  • you’d be walking down the street holding hands and he’ll randomly kiss your cheek every few minutes (more like every few seconds
  • pda
  • matching hats
  • he’d make up dumb raps using your name and things he likes about you and you’d tell him to stop but it makes you laugh and it’s actually the most adorable thing in the world 
  • he’d buy you spontaneous presents all the time
  • you’d have to be careful telling him about things that you like because he’ll go out and secretly buy them for you even if you tell him not to, like “jinwoo you need to stop buying me things, i don’t need all these things”
  • “no but you’re my girlfriend and you deserve to have everything in the world
  • cuddling face to face in bed because he could spend all day looking at you (and he makes sure to tell you that all the time)
  • secretly taking pictures of you when you’re sleeping or in the middle of eating and using them as his phone wallpapers because he thinks that you’re the absolute cutest thing in the world
  • yelling at him because he’ll try to sneak glances at you or hold your hand while he’s driving “KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD JINWOO”
  • him annoying you with greasy facial expressions like winks and lip bites and eyebrow raising
  • playing with his hair while he sleeps
  • him using aegyo on you when you’re mad and tickling you to make you smile again
  • his arm around your waist pulling you close at night when you’re sleeping
  • listening quietly and patiently when you’re pissed, giving you mature advice after you finish ranting
  • sneaking outside to make out but ending up throwing leaves at sanha when he sees the two of you and starts screaming
  • bear hugs and tackle hugs and super tight hugs, “jinwoo I can’t breathe omg” 
  • “shhh just let me hold you for a sec I missed you too much” (even though you saw him last night)

dating astro master list

Off Limits (Skam - Chris x OC) Part 18

Pairing: Chris x OC

Synopsis: Mara Magnusson has always had everything she ever wanted in her life, except for one thing. The boyish charm of her brother’s childhood friend had wrecked her poor heart and ruined her for any other guy – you can trust her, she has tried. She could see the way he looked at her, though she knew there were rules about not hitting on your best friend’s little sister. Luckily for her, there were no restrictions when it was the other way around.

Word count: 2.7k


Part 17 <<< >>> Part 19

The most striking thing Mara noticed when she woke up was that it was dark outside, which immediately led her wonder how long she has been out. She tried moving her head, but a throbbing pain dissuaded her from doing so.

“Argh,” she groaned, and tried to move her hand to her head, but she realized she couldn’t move it.

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Bad Dates 1/?

A/N: Just something that I came up with. My first drabble series. All stories are true. Most are from personal experience, however I have a plethora of single friends.

Tagging: @bovaria @beccaanne814-blog @avengerofyourheart (If you don’t want to be tagged, please let me know, I don’t want to be a pain)

Warnings: Swearing (Which is usual from me)

Feedback is welcome!


Part 2

“I’m done.  I’m through. Dating is for the birds!” I blurt as I burst through the doors into the common room.  "No offense Sam" I mumbled as I looked at who was present.  

“Come on Y/n!” He grumbled

That brought you out of your irritation and you chuckled and pressed a kiss to the top of his head, “you know I love you.”  

“But for the rest of the world.  They can suck it.” I continue on my rampage. “Here I stand, essentially homeless because I couldn’t stay another minutes in that apartment with Him.”

At this Sam scoffs, “You know you have a fully furnished room here with us.”

I ignore him and collapse into the overstuffed chair with a dramatic sigh “I am a strong woman, a career woman, I’m a nurse, hell, I work with the Avengers for God sakes. I am a goddamn catch!  

Nat glances up from the magazine she is engrossed in, and raises a perfect eyebrow.  "Bad day?”

I shoot her a glare and see her lips start to turn up into her signature smirk. My eyes roll “you have no idea.  He’s weird, and it’s all falling into perspective. I can’t believe that I stayed with him as long as I did!

She closed the magazine, never breaking eye contact. Her green eyes boring into me, "do tell. Y/n”

“He never took his shirt off.” I blurt out.

That caught everyone’s attention. “Never?”  "What do you mean…“ ”…like. Never?“ "I mean even when you?..

Flopping back with an exasperated sigh. "Never, and he always took so long to get ready.”

“You aren’t exactly Usain Bolt when it comes to getting ready, either.” Bucky snorts out.

“Exactly, so if I’m saying he took forever, that should tell you something.  He locks himself in the bathroom and won’t unlock it for anything. Props on the reference tho Buck!” I notice his lips turn up slightly at my compliment and I feel a blush rising to my cheeks.

“So then if he was so weird, what was the breaking point today?” Steve questioned.

As I start talking, I think back:

Come on Mark!  We are just going to the Grocery! I groan in frustration, leaning against the wall opposite the bathroom door. “I’ll be ready when I’m ready, Y/n” he snaps. “Fine!” I retort.

I had already done the dishes and put a load of laundry in.  I peruse my to-do list, deciding on vacuuming.  After vacuuming the carpet and sweeping the hardwood, I hazard a glance at the clock. Forty-five minutes since Mark entered the bathroom and locked the door. At this point I could have been to the grocery and back.  

Banging on the door “I’m just going to head out, I’ll be back soon.”

I hear a muffled “I’ll be done soon”

Grumbling a “yea right” I head to the door.  And then it hits me.  I really should use the bathroom before heading out, since I have been waiting upwards of 45 minutes to even be ready to head out the door.

Heaving a sigh, I head back down the hallway. “Can I just use the bathroom for a sec, and then I’ll leave and you can have it back?”

“God damn it Y/n I’m not done yet!” He yells through the door

“Well then what am I supposed to do? I have to pee!” I plead.

And nothing in my wildest imagination could have prepared me for his response: “Then just go in the sink.”

“Oh my God!” “He actually said that?!” Sam and Steve exclaim at the same time, as they struggle to contain their mirth at the situation.

Bucky managed to hold out a hair longer before he let a laugh escape.

Nat was strangely quiet, which made me nervous.

She stood up and stormed out of the common room before we managed to catch up with her, muttering to herself in Russian, at the elevators.

“Nat what’s going on?” I ask.

She spins on me so fast i take a step back in surprise. “Did he really say that?” She practically growls.

I sigh, “He did. But it’s done.”

“Well what did you do?” Sam questioned.

“I went to the Mercado on the first floor and asked to use their bathroom.” I stated.

Nat narrowed her eyes “And that was it?”

“I mean no, he said that bathrooms were for paying customers only, which really cemented my decision. So now I have $20 worth of break up food.”   As the elevators dinged open, I glided in “And on that note, Netflix is calling my name.”

The doors started sliding shut, “thanks for listening to my rant, you guys.”

At this, my eyes meet those of a certain super soldier, and I feel a blush rise to my cheeks.

Calum letting you shave his head

“Babe, it’s the easiest thing to do. You literally can’t fuck up.” He assures you in his iconic chuckled voice and wide smile.
“You laugh Hood, but I’m not joking.” You reply behind a nervous grin and folded arms.
He walks over to you, still softly laughing, and begins opening your arms to wrap around his waist. “Oh come on, it’ll be fine. If anything happens, then it’ll be because I jinxed it.”
You give in. “Fine. This is a dumb idea though.” It’s that time of year again where Calum wants to have his head shaved but can’t be bothered to go anywhere for it to be done professionally. So he asked you, someone who has never cut hair before, to take a mechanical razor to his head. Even though the concept is simple, the fear of cutting him somehow or his hair looking patchy in the end bothered you.
He sits down in the little chair he had taken from the kitchen table and hands you the razor with a crinkly grin. “I trust you. Well, I trust you enough to not send me to the hospital from a haircut.”
“Yeah, yeah.” The buzzing sound shakes from the tool in your hand as you press the button. You contemplate for a moment to think about your approach. Maybe do little sections? Back to front? Get around the ears first? You decide to easily go in from behind at the back of his neck.
“AHH!!” Calum shouts a moment after the blades touch his head causing you to jump back with a shreik.
“AH! FUCKING HELL, DICK.” You shout reflexively as he laughs hard enough to run out of breath, gasping for more air to allow more giggles to fly pass his lips. You shove him forward with a bit of force out of irritability.
Once he returns straight up to the back of the chair, you mumble “fuck it” and push the razor from the bottom of his neck, straight down the middle to the top of his head.
You both gasp but when you brush off the bit you shaved to reveal the stripe of missing hair from Calums scalp, you bust into a fit of giggles.
“Did you really just-??” He reaches to touch the back of his head and feels the newly buzzed patch of hair. Tears brim your eyes from how hard you laugh.
Turning off the razor, you bring a hand to clutch your stomach. “Oh god, I can’t breathe- it looks so dumb.”
Calum says nothing but incoherent mumbles as he continues to feel his head. Your continuation of giggling causes him to spin around in the chair, “Finish this.” He warns with wide eyes and a finger pointing to his head. “O- okay, just… Just give me a sec.” You breathlessly reply between giggles and gasps for air. After you calm down, you finish shaving his head and ask him if he thinks it’s alright. He responds with “If you let me shave your head we could match, how cute would that be?” A mischievous smirk takes over his face as he grabs the razor and turns it on. “Shit. Calum stop. Calum, cALUM-” You grab your head and quickly run out of the room to lock yourself in another. Maybe one day, but not today.

Imagine Deadpool bringing you, his best friend, along with him on a mission.

“HEY! (Y/N) I could use your help ove-”

“One sec.”

“REALLY?! You’re tweeting? Right now? In the middle of this?" 

"Hang on Wade. Let me just finish up thi-”

“Oh no it’s okay. Finish tweeting. Take your time.”

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Dating Jackson or Boyfriend!Jackson

  • 67% of the time he would remind you how lucky you are to have SUCH handsome boyfriend 
  • Baby, you are sooo lucky to have me, like look at me ….. im so hot man” “LMAOOO  ok jackson”
  • this boy will NOT hold back maN IM SO DONE W HIM 
  • like he would be so into PDA because you’re his girl and he loves to show you off
  • hand holding
  • waist holding 
  • thigh holding 
  • calling you princess because he thinks its hella cute 
  • late night walks around Han River 
  • organic everything 
  • datesssssssssssssssssssssssss 
  • this boy will love to take you out 
  • whether it be to the park, the liver ;) or freaking walmart he would love to take you out
  • not to mention hi$$$ daddy vibe  
  • he would spoil you so much 
  • like whether it be with organic toothpaste or random chinese food being delivered to your apartment he would ALWAYS make sure you had everything you needed even if you didn’t need it 
  • over 400 key chains because he saw one this time in japan that reminded him of you so now every time he sees something that reminds him of you he buys it 
  • cuddles <3 
  • he would love to be the little spoon half of the time because he loves the way he feels in between your thighs and loves the way you caress his face and hair
  • most of the time falling asleep with his arms tightly wrapped around your waist and thighs with soft snore calmly leaving his mouth 
  • waking up to messy bed hair jackson 
  • soft little pecks all over your face and lips
  • alot of kisses 
  • corny ass jokes 
  • hey babe why dont they play poker in the jungle” “ugh jack-” “BECAUSE THERE ARE TO MANY CHEETAHS” 
  • obnoxiously laughs way to hard at his joke 
  • but lets get serious for a sec 
  • sex with jackson wang 
  • oh my goodness this boy would work you up so good!!!
  • kissing you in the right places 
  • marking you up so good that not even kat von d’s lock it foundation could cover you up 
  • trails of back scratches leading down his back 
  • small whimpers leaving you mouth as he rocks you back and forth 
  • ride me baby 
  • just imagine yourself grinding back and forth as he kisses your neck hitting your sweet spot every time 
  • this boy would make your time worth wild 
  • but of course on special nights he would passionately make sweet love to you savoring each and every feature of you’re body  
  • but of course your efforts would not go unnoticed 
  • there would be those nights where you pleased jackson 
  • taking him whole in your mouth  
  • trailing kisses up his body reaching his collar bone and sucking heavily on them 
  • round 2 in the shower 
  • cuddles until early hours 
  • getting up just to see the sunrise in just one of his shirts 
  • its so beautiful” 
  • “not as beautiful as you” 
  • teasing 
  • play fighting 
  • markson like 24/7
  • “i love you jackson” 
  • “i love you too mark” 
  • jackson being more in love w mark rather than w you
  • daddy af 


Hey guys so this is my send got7 bf blurb type of thing since you guys gave me over 130+ on the mark one but yeah let me know if you like it ~ OH AND GOT7S COMEBACK GOT ME FUCCCCCCD UP MAN HELLPPPPP

         ~ ERICAAAAAAA <3


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Sweet~~ Finally it's open. So can i request a scenarios where Kasamatsu, Akashi and Nijimura having nightmare about their s/o who died after giving birth and how they would react when s/o awaken them from their dream. Sorry for the bad languages, and thank you. I really love your stories :)

scenario: “I’m sorry Mr. we lost _______.” For him it was like the time had stopped. “You may see her” the doctor said and opened the door. He walked over to your bed and took your hand in his, lifted it up and pressed your hand against his cheek. “_____”.

Kasamatsu: “Yukio! Yukio! Wake up please. It’s just a nightmare!” a slap in the face finally made him look up and his eyes widened.

You sat astride over  him, shaking his shoulders. Tears fell down and landed on his face.
“______!? Is it really you. Are you for real?”

His eyes widened even more.
In a sec he had pinned you down in the matrass.  Now it was his turn to shake your shoulders.

“You are alive!” he said and tugged you close to him. He buried his face against your neck.

“Don’t ever leave me ______”.

Akashi: He fumbled blindly in the dark. Suddenly someone grabbed his hand.

“Seij! It’s me! Please snap out of it.”

He could hear you but it was useless. It was just his imagination. You where dead. He couldn’t let him believe. His heart was broken and he couldn’t let him get fooled. The pain, the hole that you left in his heart, he didn’t think that he could bear it anymore.

“Seijuro please, babe wake up!”  

It was something in your voice that made him open his eyes. Your voice were so irresistible.

You sat in the bed with your boyfriend lying next to you. His crimson hair pressed against his face and he sweated. He had screamed out your name in the middle of the night. You woke up and tried to wake him up.

You rested your hands on his chest; your tears fell down on his cheeks.

“Seijuro, it was just a nightmare.” “______, I’m sorry, let’s go back to sleep” he mumbled and laid his arms around you, pressing your body against his.

Nijimura: You woke up from hearing your boyfriend calling out your name. You looked up and tried to turn around. Then you discovered that Nijimura held you so tight against him so you couldn’t move.

“Shuuzo wake up, it’s just a nightmare! Shuuzo I can’t breathe, Shuuzo!”

Nijimura opened his eyes. At first he didn’t understand what he saw.

“______?” “Shuuzo, let me go I can’t breathe!” Nijimura immediately let go of you.
“_______, are you okay? You are not hurt or anything?” Nijimura took your head between his hands. Leaning his forehead against yours.
“Just a nightmare.”

sometimes, when it’s 3 am and dan and phil are in bed, phil will be asleep but dan will still be rapidly typing on his laptop. phil will open one eye, and whisper, “bear, isn’t it about time you go to sleep?” dan looks down at him briefly, then averts his gaze back to his screen, replying, “yeah just give me a sec.” phil sighs, and before making sure that dan has saved everything, closes his laptop and lets him lay down. he wraps his arm around his boyfriend and kisses his cheek. “g'night,” “night phil,” dan murmurs before dozing off.

“Imagine going through nine months of pregnancy, the pain of childbirth, only for your child to ship Reylo.” 

Okay, hang on a sec.


“Hey, Mom. Just wanted to tell you that I ship the villain and heroine from the new Star Wars movie.” 


“The new one, that just came out? I like the villain guy and the heroine together.” 

“…is this a Tumblr thing?”

“Kind of, yeah. I just wanted to let you know because you’re supposed to be extremely disappointed in me. Or possibly disown me. You know.” 

“What? Honey, I love you, but for a smart person you say some really stupid shit sometimes.” 


“And call your grandmother, I think she’s making deviled eggs for tomorrow.”

“Will do.” 


Heyyyy! sorry I haven’t posted much, school and sports make it kinda hectic, but now I’m on spring break so I’ll have way more time! Hope you enjoy this one!

c/f = crush’s friend
c/n/n = crush’s nickname

I go to pick up my phone that’s ringing to see its c/f.
“hey c/f.” I say, picking it up.
“hey y/n, uhh, you should come pick up c/n/n. he’s really fucking drunk.” he says.
“your house?” I ask.
“yeah…” he says. “thanks y/n, you’re the best.” he laughs.
“go to bed! you’re probably really fucking drunk, too!” I laugh, “byeee see ya soon.”
I get in the car and drive over to c/f’s house. I walk up to the door and hear the music, then open the door, knowing they won’t hear the doorbell. I walk downstairs and immediately smell the alcohol and weed. c/f sees me and bounces over.
“hey! want anything?”
“no!” I say, laughing. “I’m picking up that little chotch you told me to. what’s he doing?”
“let’s just say he doesn’t know what he’s doing.” he winks and I feel arms wrap around my waist.
“heyyyy y/n.” c/n says, elongating my name.
“hiiiiii! how’s it going?” I ask, turning around in his arms.
“you ssshould stayyyy!” he slurs.
“I wish I could but why don’t we go home.” I say, smiling and playing with his hair.
“why? it just started! who called you?”
“no one, it’s like 3:30.” I laugh.
“what? wait no, stay!” he giggles.
“no we’re gonna go now…” I say, starting to crack up.
“okayyyyyyy.” he says, and I look over to c/f who mouths a “thank you!” I smile and we walk upstairs, then go to my car. I open the door for him and sit him down in the passenger seat, then run around to the driver’s side and get in. I turn the car on and feel c/n getting closer, then put his hand on my thigh. his face gets close to my neck and he says,
“I love you, y/n.”
“I love you too, c/n.” I say, backing out of the driveway. he attaches his lips to my neck and his hands go to my boobs.
“daddy’s gonna-” he starts, but I cut him off by cracking up.
“first, you never say daddy, second you don’t refer to yourself as daddy, third, you don’t refer to yourself in third person, and lastly, I will never call you daddy. and I’m driving. and you’re drunk.”
“but y/nnnnnnn!” he whines, “it’s just you and me!”
“yeah, I’m bringing you back to my house so your family doesn’t see you like this!” I say, still laughing.
“so at your house I can go full out-”
“no,” I interrupt, “you’ll go to sleep because you need it.”
“do I get to sleep with you?” he asks.
God, he’s so perfect.
“…fiiiiiine.” I say, giving in. we get to my house and I lead him upstairs, then close the door. as I undo the blankets, I say,
“here sit down I’ll help you with your clothes.” he follows what I tell him to do and then I help him into bed, tucking him in and kissing his forehead.
“I won’t sleep til you get in here.” he smiles.
“let me just brush my teeth. one sec.” I say, and in a few minutes I’m back.
“i thought you’d be asleep!” I say.
“nope, I waited for you.” I climb into bed and he wraps his arms around my waist.
“good night, c/n. see ya in the morning.” I say, but he’s already asleep.

WestAllen Ficlet:

Title: Choice and Destiny 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: WestAllen, Iris West, Barry Allen
Word Count: 1920

Summary: The final WestAllen break-up that leads to kissing because arguing is dumb and kissing is better.

Notes: I sent @boniferhasty an ask in response to this gifset, about how I kinda wanted another final WestAllen break up so they can, you know, kiss and stuff. Then she demanded I write it, and I did cause I’m super awesome, guys, okay?


You started this!” Iris points out, exasperation finally boiling into real anger, “you were the one who told me you were in love with me, you were the one who ran around in a mask flirting with me – making me feel like – do you think I don’t remember the way you used to talk to me before I knew it was you?”

Barry at least has the grace to look sheepish, abruptly, glancing down.

“And then – and then Linda, and then Patty,” Iris holds up two fingers, accusingly, “but always where I could see it, always like you were waiting for me to – to – say something! Like you were trying to prove a point! And there’s some future alternative timeline where we were married – and now some whole other world where we’re also married and – and you have to tell me about that because – why? What good does it do either of us?”

“Oh, so you think I somehow manufactured Zoom so I could – what – go to another dimension just to discover some married version of us?” Barry demands, galvanised, “You think I wanted that complication on top of literally everything else right now?! You think it was fun for me over there?!”

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I keep having this ridiculously fluffy image in my head and oh man just humour me for a sec. 

Imagine Eggsy is in a mission. Whole showdown happens in a big empty place where shit gets destroyed by the time he takes down the baddies. When Eggsy is about to leave and let the rest of the world to deal with his mess he hears small pathetic little squeaks and cries. 

He tracks down the sound and finds three kittens, all tiny and hopeless, curled around their mum but unfortunately the mother cat died in the fray. Eggsy is devastated to see these three babies huddled around their mum’s corpse for comfort and warmth. So he take them home. Because he’ll be damned if he lets more innocents suffer on his account. 

“Eggsy, you can’t be serious…” Harry can’t really say no to his other half with the heart of gold “they’ll die without their mother” It’s not that Harry doesn’t want to help, he just doesn’t know if they can. But they take them in anyway. Harry makes them a spot in the warmest place in the living room out of blankets and Mr Pickle’s old basket while Eggsy barely manages to feed them. They go to bed with an apprehensive heart.

The next morning they find that JB has curled himself around the kittens, keeping them warm and safe throughout the night. The babies instantly grow attached. 

Cue a few weeks down the line when they’re older and stronger and oh dear god so much livelier. They bounce off and around JB, follow him wherever he goes and snuggle up beside him when they sleep. JB has patiently taken to parenthood with the grace of a creature whose as loving as his owner. 

“The little Musketeers adore their dad.” Eggsy cant help but smile. Sure he was going to give them away but whose he to break up a family like that. 


Y/N stepped out on to the porch of their cabin and leaned against the railing. Their eyes scanned the open area in front of them until it hit the Hermes cabin. Or more accurately for Y/N; Luke’s cabin. Just as Y/N began to think about him, he came out the door, stretching. Y/N gave him a wave and he waved back. The butterflies in Y/N’s stomach fluttered at the wave and even harder when he jogged over to them.
“Morning Y/N,” he said as he jogged up the cabin’s steps to them.
“Hey Luke,” Y/N answered, hoping their voice wasn’t shaking. “What has you up so early?”
“I’m going to go for a jog around the lake. Do you wanna come with?” Time seemed to slow down as Y/N thought what this meant. Was this similar to a date? Or did he just wanna jog with a friend?
“Um, yeah,” Y/N replied. “Let me just, go um- change. Be back in a sec.” Y/N sent him a nervous smile as they went back in and mentally told themselves to calm down. Who, but the gods, would know what was coming next.
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