but just let me imagine for a sec

People just don’t understand that we are more than a bunch of obnoxious fangirls…there’s a reason we support someone. Yes, I can be obnoxious when it comes to me talking about taylorswift but that’s because she has hit me on such a personal level and I can’t imagine what I would even be doing rn if I didn’t have her in my life. I would probably be outside running around or maybe actually doing my schoolwork, but let’s be real for a sec…wouldn’t you much rather obsess over taylorswift ???

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Yes even if I wasn't there I believe he did great. He's been strong. I love and appreciate him for that. I remember your photo op story is so cute! IKR?!?! I bet he wouldn't mind talking rambling about Jared all day long.. it shows how much he cares and loves him. Me too! Couldn't help but imagine the moment he got to see Jared again he wouldn't let his eyes go away from him even just a sec and all touchy and YES for snuggling, hair stroking, and kissing.. just.. ghlkajklsda!!

ha, I knew it was you anyway! :D

pls, if there ever was a Just Jared Con Jensen would probably be the host. :D love how he also said in his panel that they could tell stories of him all day. :’)

godddd yes!! fluffy J2 with protective!Jensen is so !!!!! and Jensen would whisper into Jared’s ear how much he’s missed him and how much everybody’s missed him and how glad he is to finally be back home with him <33 and YES to Jared clinging to Jensen all day!!!

ok ok but imagine Jensen playing guitar and singing for Jared, maybe Sweet Home Alabama, until he falls asleep and then slipping under the blanket with him and cuddling him all night <3