but jongdae you are so thirsty and clingy i love it

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Omg I love your squad !! Can we get a short bio with each member ?🤔🤔

Okay this took me a little while, so sorry for the wait. Here is my personal bios for our lovely squad!

@shimmie-shimmie-kokobop Kaz: Resident cutie. Multifandom af. Too pure for us all, the only innocent one out of the 12 of us. Scolds us when inappropriate terms are used. Secretly hates all our hoe asses. Kim Jongdae enthusiast.

@joshuaslilprincess Eire: Resident carat. Not really familiar with exo, but is in training. Queen of birds. Makes everyone laugh with her bluntness. Has sinful thoughts about Saint Jisoo.

@yeoleow Lunar: Resident Leo. The one everybody fights over and is in love with. Our amazing leader who is secretly Kim Junmyeon but refuses to admit it. Has 5 different biases because her heart is so big. Scared of butterflies.

@soo-now-what KP: Resident intellectual. Smartest by far in our squad. Star gazer and number 1 thicc ksoo stan. Pretty but doesn’t see it, although the whole squad see it. Fangirls over ksoo’s armpit hair.

@baozibunns Katie: Resident Minseok stan. 100% part of our squad, but states that she just fangirls over us and isn’t really part of the squad (when she is). Tied with Tommo and Danielle for filthiest squad member.

@bbtoben Chel: Resident smooth talker. Flirts with everyone. Can’t stay loyal to one person because she has too much love to give. Brighter than the sun itself, and funnier than any comedian.

@ratbyun Tommo: Resident snake queen. Probably the reason why we have an nsfw chat because she likes to send interesting gifs. Likes snakes more than people. Far too thirsty for Byun Baekhyun. Needs to get laid.

@rolie-polie-yeolie Danielle: Resident ghost. Not always present in the chat, buts adds in important comments now and again. Ships xiuhan far too much, and wants to see Sehun naked on a daily basis. Give her what she wants.

@donotrustducks Ginte: Resident sweetheart. God this squad is full of nice people. She is definitely one of them. Makes our chat a nicer place to be. Complete softie.

@kyungsooshighnotes Jackie: Resident beauty. Similar to Danielle, not always present, but when she is sends in pictures of her amazing doggos or her pretty self. Irl friends with Tommo. Actual stunner.

@eol-eum-gong-ju Savannah: Resident Korea expert. Number 1 Sehun stan. Probably detests salad after working at a salad restaurant. Has a fever that is clingy and refuses to leave.

So that is my lovely squad. I love them all for being themselves and I’m so glad I’ve ever had the opportunity to speak to all of them. I love you guys 💖

EXO’s Reaction to His Girlfriend Being on Her Period *As Requested*

Junmyeon // Suho

Junmyeon would try to do everything in his power to make you feel at ease, being on your period and all. He would think that it hurt much worse than what it actually did, trying to spoil you in more ways than one. He would buy you anything that you even said looked cute, he would make you breakfast, lunch and dinner, and he would pamper you by giving you massages and so forth. He would literally do everything he could possibly think of to make you feel better quicker. “Jagi, I bought some more pain meds for you~” He’d say, before hurrying to let you take it. The sooner you felt better, the sooner he would too.

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Kyungsoo // D.O

Kyungsoo would know a little bit about periods, but only things that he had learned from school or on the internet or from friends, considering he only has a brother and doesn’t have any sisters to teach him otherwise. He would be one of the most considerate out of the other boys, letting you rest as much as you needed while he did chores around the house, cook, and clean and other things  of that nature. He would make sure you were taken care of, and once his small chores were finished up, he would most definitely want to cuddle with you all night long. “Jagiya, are you feeling any better? I made you chocolate cake for dessert~” He’d state, really hoping that you were up for eating, because he loved to see you eat his food. 

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Baekhyun would definitely, being the little shit that he is, joke around about it at first but then seeing that you were in pain and probably a little bit moody, he’d try to change his attitude a bit. “I’m sorry you’re hurting jagiya, and I’m sorry for mocking you.” He’d apologize, pouting like a little puppy. “Maybe instead of going to the park today for a walk, we can just stay in and cuddle? I have a few movies picked out for us to watch!” He’d say, rushing like a little kid to get the movies and just cuddle with you all day long - just like he suggested. 

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Jongdae // Chen

Jongdae would definitely mock you, mocking your whiny tone and mimicking you all day long until you’d either snap at him or start crying/pouting about it. “Aish, I’m sorry jagi, I’ll stop teasing you and start being supportive and caring…” He’d apologize, seeing that you were obviously fed up with his teasing and just wanted some love from him. He wouldn’t hesitate at all to give it to you either. He’d just lie down with you on the couch and cuddle with you, kissing you all over. “Next time, tell me when I take things too far okay?” He’d whisper in your ear, pulling your body closer to his. 

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Chanyeol would know all about periods from his older sister, telling him how they worked and why they happened and the symptoms - everything he needed to know, not that he’d ever need to know it other than to help his girlfriend out with it. He would have a heating pad ready for you, some chocolates, and movies for the two of you to watch with some pain medication if you needed it. “Okay jagi, I’ve already got a lazy day planned out for us - we can order take-out today too, since I’m too lazy and you’re hurting~” He’d say, before placing a sweet kiss on your temple and sitting down beside of you, rubbing your stomach or anywhere else you might have been cramping. 

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Yixing // Lay

Yixing wouldn’t know much about periods, but he’d get the gist of it all. He’d know that you were in pain and it wasn’t a pleasant experience emotionally nor physically. He’d ask you where you were hurting and he wouldn’t hesitate to either massage or rub you there - wanting to make you feel better sooner. “Jagi, how about we just take a nap together? I’m tired.” He’d suggested, gently playing with your hair and awaiting your response before just carrying you to bed where you’d both take your nap if you had agreed to it. 

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Jongin // Kai

Since Jongin has more than one sister, he would have a pretty good idea about what having a period meant. He would definitely do everything he could to make you feel better. He’d even cancel any plans that you two might have made to go out someplace and just stay home and have a lazy day with you - since you were in pain and he wouldn’t want you out and about while hurting like that too. “We’ll just stay here and have fun enjoying one another’s company, jagi~” He’d say before softly kissing your cheek and cuddling you.

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Sehun wouldn’t know as much as he should about periods, but he definitely wouldn’t be clueless either. “Jagi, how much are you bleeding? Are you okay right now? Are you hungry? Thirsty? I can get you something to eat or something to drink if you need me to.” He’d suggest, wanting to pamper you but in a more naive and innocent way. He’d really be caring and considerate of you being in pain or moody and would try not to be as sassy as usual, understanding that you might be having a bad day or might just be in a mad mood due to your hormones. 

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Minseok // Xiumin

Minseok would be really cute and clingy the whole time, even if you got aggravated with him, he’s still be right there by your side like a little lost puppy. “Jagi, I’m really sorry that you don’t feel good. I just wanna be here and make you feel better.” He’d whine, kissing all over your face as he cuddled with you. He would cook for you if you needed him to, or even run out to get pads/tampons unlike most guys. He’d be really considerate, and he’d definitely keep you in his thoughts even if he had to go to work while you were like this. Texting you every five seconds just to make sure that you were okay or feeling better.

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Luhan would be a wreck dealing with your hormones, that would be his only pet peeve. Other than that, he wouldn’t mind you being on your period. He’d cuddle you and get you what you needed/wanted, even though he might huff and puff about it at first. He’d definitely cater to you just like you needed him to during this time because he knows that you’d do the same thing for him if he were hurt or sick. 

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Yifan // Kris

Yifan would be another one who would occasionally mock and tease you, but not as much as the beagle line would. He would definitely know his boundaries there, not wanting to make you too angry or upset with him over something like that. He’d also be the type to cuddle you when you were cramping and massage you if you were sore or hurting somewhere like your back, or shoulders, stomach, any places like that. He’d want to cater to you much like the others would as well. 

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Zitao // Tao

Zitao would definitely be another one to make fun of you/mimic you while you were complaining about your period. “Oh, it hurts so bad baby!” He’d whine, copy catting almost everything you said. “But it does!” He’d continue, just teasing you while laughing a bit before letting you know that he was only joking around and picking fun at you in a good way. He’d kiss your lips and hold you close, rubbing your stomach and telling you to feel better soon because he didn’t like to see you hurting like that. 

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Can you give share some suspicious things about baekyeol that made you think they're real and internally said "that's it, you two" Because I do and I'd love to see yours! :D

Hello there darling~ <3 I’ve already answered a question that is very similar to yours, but I’ll still answer you bc THAT ANSWER OF MINE DIDN’T GET THE RECOGNITION I THINK IT DESERVES. Haha, so let’s get started already shall we? ^^

Well, err….this is Bh showing us how horny and thirsty he is for Cy being all clingy and doing footsies and wow is that not intimate af? Which part of this ain’t suspicious mygosh. Control yourself Bh.

Y is Bh staring at Cy so much, the other members were just nodding along and Suho just spared a sec to glance quickly at Cy. But look at Bh dayum.

Ye coz that’s totally normal.

Legend: green- Jongdae // orange- Cy // violet or gray or both(idk bruh)- Bh

Excuse me Cy, but Bh was the one who’s being asked, not you.

Do I even need to explain why I think this is suspicious? I mean, srsly Cy, can you please enlighten us as to why you think Bh’s pinky toe is better than the other members’ pinky toe? I DON’T EVEN GAF ABT BH’s PINKY TOE TBH BUT NOW I’M INTRIGUED BC NORMAL PPL DON’T JUST OBSERVE THEIR FRIEND’S’ PINKY TOE.

Bh, Cy was the one who’s supposed to be answering. And my fave 3rd wheeler is here. He’s just laughing at his own misery wow.

Even though Cy said he doesn’t have a fave line/verse in their album bc he likes them all, Bh insisted on it as if he knows it’s not possible that Cy doesn’t have one (and he obv knows Cy has a fave verse). And there goes Bh singing a part of Cy’s fave verse. And why in the world does Bh seem to know Cy better than himself? Is this not suspicious? argh

This almost went unnoticed, (except by BaekYeol shippers ofc) but did you notice that when Cy called Bh to drink the remaining bitter drinks (I think there were 9 glasses left)  with him during Happy Camp bc Bh was teasing Cy so Bh should suffer, Cy divided the drinks in a very unequal way.

And no, Cy didn’t divide the drinks to his advantage. Cy divided it in a way that Bh would drink lesser drinks compared to him. Cy only gave Bh 3 drinks, whereas Cy voluntarily got himself 6 drinks.

Weird bc Cy’s purpose for calling Bh to drink the bitter drinks with him was bc Bh was teasing him and he wanted to “pay back” Bh. But I guess Cy’s soft spot for Bh overpowered him so he ended up sacrificing his taste buds in the end for Bh’s comfort. Watch the vid (if you want) it happened at around 1:13:30

Here we can see Cy running towards Bh and Jongin who just finished doing the Ice bucket challenge (that’s why they’re wet) with towels in his hands. And in the following photos, you will see Cy distributing the towels.

Here comes Cy with his unequal ways yet again. But ofc his unequal ways will always be towards Bh’s advantage in some way. Maybe Cy got 5 towels by accident so he ended up having to divide the towels unequally, but still, he chose to give Bh the one extra towel.

Even though Cy claims that he is Jongin’s fan, and he even announces his love for Jongin…His soft spot for Bh acted up again, causing him to give more towels to Bh instead of Jongin. (be it consciously or unconsciously, either way it’s still ideal boyfriend AF)

Here we can see Cy opening the door of a car. This happened during the program “18 seconds” and Cy is supposed to make sandwiches for (80?) students and just read the subtitles ughh.

And here we have Bh saying that he wanted to open the door himself, but right after the car arrived, Cy immediately rushed to the passenger side and opened the door for Bh. That is absolutely gentleman and ideal bf af bruh.

Cy did it with no hesitation and it’s as if opening the door for Bh is already normal for him. Which has got me believing this one “fact” I read online that said “Cy always let Bh get in the car before him as a form of respect(Idk the exact words but it was like this).

It just means that Cy actually respects Bh a lot. Which is a very large contributor to love. Because you can NOT love a person that you do not respect.

Cy with his unequal ways yet again. Cy is carrying two plastic bags(which are heavy af). Whereas Bh is just holding one plastic bag and a bunch of onions on his other hand(which isn’t as heavy as one plastic bag filled with ingredients).

Bc Cy’s soft spot for Bh just couldn’t let Bh carry too much stuff ugh.

Like c’mon, would a normal dude be that considerate towards his platonic hommie? All the stuff I pointed out abt Cy being so considerate towards Bh is just plain suspicious. 


Why you ask? Bruhhhhh Bh said he smelled like powder milk a lot. But right after he said that, Cy looked at him disbelievingly. And after seeing this, Bh admitted that he does not smell like powder milk, but instead, smells like oil.

And dayum, Just why did Cy immediately look at Bh when he said he smelled like powder milk as if he knows that Bh does NOT smell like that? Cy’s face was saying: “wtf r u saying u don’t smell like that.”

And tbh the only thing that was running through my mind while I was watching that was: “DOES CY KNOW HOW BH SMELL BC IT LOOKS LIKE HE DOES.” I mean Cy won’t look at Bh that disbelievingly if he didn’t know what Bh actually smelled like now would he? Ok that was so delulu but meh it was suspicious for me haha

That’s it BaekYeol. I’m so done.

(majority of the content in this post came from my other rant but I still put it here bc like I said, that post is so underrated HAHA)

So yes, that’s it darling! I’m sorry if this was delayed TT___TT I’m reaaaaaally sorry pls forgive me >< You can read more in THIS POST and I’m pretty sure you’ll be quite satisfied. ^^ Thank you so much for dropping a message, and I hope you have a good day! <3