but it's so intriguing to me


You sinners, drop everything
Let that harmony ring
Up to Heaven and sing
Sing, you sinners

so this game is pretty neat

(that’s an understatement)

(this game is really really neat)

After watching FMA: Brotherhood with @mouiface, we decided to rewatch FMA 03 as well. I haven’t seen this show since way back in 2005-ish.
It was an interesting watching experience. I never found myself emotionally invested into the characters or intrigued by the story.

The revisit revealed 03 to be an incredibly flawed series, riddled with character inconsistencies, plot conveniences and a general lack of direction. Despite all of that, I still found an appreciation for this series. The execution was not great by modern standards, but the concepts and thematic backings were fascinating.

FMA03, in comparison to its counterpart, has an arguably more intriguing theme of equivalent exchange in relation to entropy and the ideal state vs the imperfect reality. This leaves the series with a much more tragic ending, which in turn leaves the world full of gaps for the viewer to fill with their own imagination. So while feeling incomplete, it also feels more interactive.

Furthermore, a retrospective look at this series makes it clear, to me anyways, that this series was a corner stone for better storytelling to come in the anime medium. I also believe that because of the flaws and missteps this series took, it made Arakawa write her manga better, which in turn made FMA:B better than it potentially could have been.

While this series sits at a 6/10 for me, oddly enough, the flaws and open ended nature make this a must-watch, to me.

caleb’s voice is so gentle and quiet that the rare times it switches to something loud and rough is genuinely spooky


skam month, week 1, day 3
favorite clip from season 3

mekke øl, 14.10.16 kl 16.40

because im totally in love with @thenumber54‘s HP AU (u//v//u)

I’m a huge fan of podcasts so, here’s a few for those boring bus rides to school.

Docudramas - these are podcasts that are meant to seem like real life with a twist. while not for the faint of hear, gullible, or paranoid utterly enjoyable.

- the black tapes: a podcast by Pacific Northwest Stories which follows Alex Reagan exploring interesting people, most notably Dr. Richard Strand in the world of paranormal investigation.

- tanis: another podcast by Pacific Northwest Stories. this one follows Nic Silver as he looks for perhaps the last genuine mystery in the Information Age.

- rabbits: Pacific Northwest Stories strikes again, but this time in a little bit of a shorter (for now) story line. When Carly Parker’s friend Yupik goes missing, she delves into the world of an ancient game called rabbits which has worldly and otherworldly implications.

- limetown: a podcast by Two-Up which follows the mysterious disappearance of the residence of limetown, a city of scientists, after an emergency that not one seems to understand.

- the message/lifeafter: (it’s called life/after right now but the episodes of the message are near the beginning) podcasts by Panoply. the message is about a team of linguists figuring out an extraterrestrial message that has been sent to earth. life/after looks at what if an app could connect you to a dead loved one, and what would you do to keep that connection.

The Radio Show - these are styles like a talk show but are often bizarre and have twists and quirks

- welcome to night vale: a podcast by night vale presents. this podcast is fairly well known now, and for good reason. This mysterious town of night vale and its wonderful host Cecil Gershwin Palmer announces the news of the day and have done so for ~5 years now. with drama and a really nice voice as well as some wonderful cooing over carlos’s perfect hair, it’s what got me into podcasts.

- king falls am: a podcast by king falls am. a weird town, aliens, creepy towns folk, some real shade towards the US presidency, king falls am shows an early morning am talk show often overshadowed by their more popular and successful counter parts. Funny and intriguing.

- kakos industries: a very, very explicit podcast by kakos industries. (if you’re not good with a lot of frank talk about sex, then this is not for you) corin deeth the third is the CEO of kakos industries whose main aim is to do evil better. a company about the evil in the world, its comedic and comes in the form of an update for those with shares in the company.

Science Fiction - My favourite genre and often with comedy, these podcasts are hopeful and yet to “down to earth (haha)”

- eos 10, a scifi radio play: a podcast by Justin McLachlan. doctors on a space station called eos 10 deal with so much hilarity and difficulty. Dr. Ryan Dalius is transferred as head surgeon to help Dr. Arviddien deal with alcoholism which has stunted his practise.

- ars paradoxica: a podcast by ars PARADOXICA. Time travel and the effects of it is the story line of this podcast, amazingly made and shows Dr. Sally Grissom after being transported back to the 40’s in war time USA.

- marscorp: a podcast by Definitely Human. When EL Hob is woken she expects the mars colony to be started, but among many other mistakes and hilarity, there is laziness at work.

- the strange case of the starship iris: a podcast by Procyon Podcasts. When Violet Liu narrowly escapes the destruction of her starship, she is rescues by some travellers, but they are not what they seem, and soon the misfit crew will uncover a huge conspiracy.

- wolf 359: a crew aboard a ship has so much misfortune, I’m so sorry Douglas:(, but this crew manages to keep a ship falling apart in the middle of space, with some difficulty.


- the penumbra podcast: a podcast by Sophie Kaner and Kevin Vibert. the penumbra pod follows a few stories, but most notably the story of Juno Steel, a detective in Hyperion City on mars. He solves crimes, all while being a bitter lady, with the help of his assistant Rita.

- alice isn’t dead: a podcast by night vale presents. When a truckers wife, called Alice goes missing and is presumed dead, Alice’s wife (the trucker) goes on an adventure to look for her, but someone or something doesn’t want her to.

- the bright sessions: dr. Bright is a therapist for people with super powers, need I say more?

- return home: when a demonic voice summons Jonathon Parker to his hometown, curious things begin to happen and he is left the task of sorting them out.

- within the wire: meditation tapes with a twist

Right In Front Of Me // Stiles Stilinski

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x reader
Word count: 2,919
Warnings: pretty fluffy, indecisive stiles, adorable little puppy scott mccall, like one swear word
Request: Nope

A/N: Wow hey! Much like the beloved characters of Teen Wolf and Supernatural, I have resurrected from the dead once again. How are you guys? I’ve been trying to focus on school and extra-curriculars, not to mention some god-awful writer’s block! Thankfully, my good pal @inkstiles decided to create her very own writing challenge that I just couldn’t pass up! I cannot thank you enough, hun! Alright, hope you all enjoy! 

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Love potion
  • Hermione: Apparently Malfoy's trying to smuggle you a love potion.
  • Harry: *intrigued* Really?
  • Hermione: *snaps her fingers in front of his face* Hey! He's only interested in you because he thinks you’re gay.
  • Harry: But I am gay.
  • Hermione: *about to smack Harry* Wait, you are?
  • Harry: Wtf, Hermione. It's so bloody obvious!
  • Dean: It really is.
  • Seamus: Definitely.
  • Neville: Known it the whole time.
  • Ron: Really? I didn't.
  • Ginny: Come on, Ron!
  • Slughorn: Called it! Minerva, you owe me five galleons!
  • McGonagall: What? I was the one who told you Potter was gay!
  • Dumbledore: And I was the one who told you, Draco has the hots for him! To be fair, Severus was the one who discovered it.
  • Snape: Why, in Salazar's name, had I to be the one to walk in on Draco, trying to bewitch that disturbing voodoo doll of Potter?!

It’s three A.M. and I’m screaming so loudly my neighbors are likely to wonder what in the world just happened. But holy shit, @meganwhalenturner has written the sixth book already! And it’s just slowly circulating through fandom: hasn’t quite gotten a ton of publishing buzz yet, is just this quiet, profoundly wonderful gift we’re able to spread to one another. Just joyous little whispers: it’s coming, it’s coming. And somehow, I think our thief would enjoy the hell out of that. I’m God. so excited and so oddly nervous. If I’m remembering the author, there’s only one more book to go after this next one; seven in total? And this series has been such a pivotal part of my life since I was twelve (for context, I’m about to turn twenty-seven). The themes: of redemption and loving not only despite folks’ flaws but because of them deeply shaped the person I want to be. Irene, slowly coming back from the abyss she’d made herself, learning to love, is one of the characters I look to as I’m repairing life mistakes that can seem insurmountable. And as a disabled person, watching Gen lose his hand and continue to change the world in such marvelous ways, to become the ruler of a kingdom! and the devoted partner to an incredible woman, while still realistically struggling with his limitations and the way society punishes him for them has been such a compass for me as I become a little prouder. a little more comfortable in my own skin.

  • <p> <b>Me, turning on every light in my room:</b> Ah yes I love scary stories<p/><b>Me, closing every blind and curtain so nothing can see in:</b> Horror is one of my favorite genres<p/><b>Me, pouring a ring of salt around myself:</b> It's just so psychologically intriguing to see what scares people!!<p/><b>Me, dabbing holy water behind my ears:</b> Haha no I don't get scared it's fiction lol<p/></p>

I understand and empathize, genuinely.

I don’t love him. If I could replace him or tweak his design in a multitude of ways, I would in a heartbeat. Even keeping the “must be a cute animal” baseline as a constraint, I’d still make him a monkey just for consistency and sense.

Wrecking Ball…as a concept got more…tolerable to me once I listened the devs refer to him as being “Pikachu sized” and as the “cute animal character”. It became immediately apparent that Wrecking Ball was designed to:

1) specifically be a cute, joke animal

2) help sell merchandise

3) act as “cute shock value”

That doesn’t make him more acceptable, imo, but it did make me take a step back and go, “This was almost certainly a corporate merchandising decision that we’re being told is a gameplay design decision”. If you listen to the dev talks, you’ll find that half of the team already thought he was a bad idea.

It…feels pretty evident to me that they wanted Wrecking Ball’s release to hyper-contrast Doomfist’s and Ana’s (the two other “Summer Heroes”). Doomfist was the most hyped post-launch hero so far, and while his actual gameplay has been tricky to balance, his lore and story reveal are surreal in a great way. He IS the embodiment of power and strength. I still get chills watching his Origins animation and his gameplay reveal trailer. “Masquerade” is the comic that reshaped this blog, my writing, and my ideas completely.

Compare this with Wrecking Ball. Wrecking Ball was teased when HLC dropped in early 2017. And the devs knew. They knew we were excepting a gorilla, chimp, or another ape. And they WANTED that whiplash. That’s what they were aiming for.

But…that’s the ONLY thing they were aiming for.

Ana got two comics, an Origins video, and a gameplay trailer. Doomfist got a news teaser, an Origins video, a hyped trailer, and a comic.

Wrecking Ball got a series of deliberately confusing teasers on twitter and then…an Origins video. And true, he did eventually get a gameplay trailer but…

Really not much else.

They were banking on the hype factor and it…lasted for a day.

Because this is what happens:

When you write hyped characters FOR THEIR OWN STORIES like Ana and Doomfist, you get characters that feel lasting, feel focused, and feel strong (from a writing perspective). Gameplay can be adjusted via number changes all the time, but a character that lingers, truly, is one that feels impactful all around, one that is grounded in the world, in their own histories, have immediate connections to the other characters.

Wrecking Ball, on the other hand, is pretty clearly a cobbling together of ideas that feel only loosely established. A chimpanzee could still have a strong story - you only need to see the Planet of the Apes to recognize that. Even a monkey could still have that element.

Instead, Wrecking Ball’s “strongest” point is his “cute shock value”. He cannot talk without an A.I. speaking for him. His identity is too “out there” so he keeps it hidden, which distances him from other characters. His timeline is a mess of bad sci-fi ideas and giant plot loopholes. From a story perspective, he presents no mystery or intrigue like Ana and Doomfist did. In fact, to me, the most interesting part about Wrecking Ball isn’t even HIM: it’s the discussion about the hypothetical connections and ethical issues surrounding Lucheng Interstellar, Harold Winston, and Moira.

I don’t…see these as excuses for him and his role, but as explanations. It reminds me that there ARE decisions being made “above” the story - corporate decisions, marketing decisions, merchandising decisions, business decisions. And that is something that all fans have to realize at some point. Again, it is different than critical consumption of media and different still from critiquing it.

It is fine to admire Blizzard for Retribution, or for Shooting Star, or for Honor and Glory, and on and on. And it is also fine to still acknowledge that they will make corporate-minded and merchandise-focused decisions. And it is fine still to acknowledge that a lot of these interplay to either work together (e.g. Retribution as a story, an event, a plot point, and a lootbox seller), or sometimes struggle when they aren’t cohesive.

Sorry for the long post. I hope that all made sense.

The signs at art galleries

Aries: their hilarious commentary of the paintings is literally making everyone die of laughter and raising a few eyebrows.

Taurus: is here at the art gallery because a friend dragged them here. They either like the art or they hate it, there is no in between.

Gemini: is the one who knew about the artist and followed them on insta when they only had 1000 followers, *feels like a proud parent that the artist became big and is now in this famous gallery*

Cancer: turns the gallery into a their personal photoshoot space, takes so many pictures because they are excited. no one minds though, everyone thinks they are cute.

Leo: *is the only one who actually would pay 100k for a painting* “THIS IS PERFECTION, I WANT IT”

Virgo: the one who is dragging their friends to the gallery

Libra: gets inspired by the art they saw and channels the inspiration into creating a masterpiece, whether it be art, music, writing or cultivating new ideas.

Scorpio: goes home and researches the artist if they like them and within 10 hours they are an official expert on the artist and are planning their next trip to another exhibit by the aforesaid artist.

Sagittarius: “this is so different” (inner sagittarius- I don’t really get it but its cool still like I like that I dont get it you know, the painting intrigues me..anyway i’m posting to insta to show off my artsy side)

Capricorn: “oh my…” (inner capricorn- so the dude literally painted a red circle and its $100,000…… LMFAOO this is a joke right????)

Aquarius: watches the online video tour of the gallery because they can’t be bothered to wait for 2 hours in line to get in.

Pisces: Has visited the art gallery 3 times because they loved it and also the cafe in the gallery has amazing hot chocolate but thats not the point :p. The first time they went alone, the second with their friends and the third time they went was on a date. Is still fascinated each time.

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Every door has a story which unlocks so much more than just memories. 

This was the first place I specifically looked for after having been told an amazing story of the heritage, history and ancestry of the original owners and their meanderings. Actually this place is one half of a story, as the house in front of it is intimately tied to No. 7 and its previous owners. 

I carry this story with me, unsure of what I am to do or make of this privileged information, yet certain that I must ‘use’ it in some way. I fantasize of compiling a number of ‘door stories’ which provide snap shots into the lives lived behind doors. I am so intrigued and curious about the people inside, or those who have abandoned their homes, or even those who never even lived in them, that I feel compelled to gather them in some way. 

If you have a story to tell, I am an eager to listen…. and I promise to cherish your story and to turn it into something as memorable as the narrative I would have been told. 


Mellieha, Malta