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Ok I get that ppl like shipping bagginshield and stuff like that but why do some of those fans feel the need to turn everything into homosexual relationships? Like bard/thranduil and sigrid/tauriel? It honestly kind of ruins the fandom for me

I would usually ignore messages like this cause they do feel a bit rude but perhaps you are genuinely confused and this obviously needs explaining to you. 

To be honest the fact I even have to defend the fact that people ship characters of the same sex a little ridiculous.

If we had all decided to ship a bunch of characters in heterosexual relationships would you still come to me asking: Why do some of those fans feel the need to turn everything into heterosexual relationships? It honestly kind of ruins the fandom for me.’

If this doesn’t answer your question for you, I’ll still walk you through this very easy answer to your (once again) frankly ridiculous question.

Firstly, please list all of the actually canon homosexual couples or generally non-heterosexual couples you see in any popular media. 

Made you stop and think, huh? 

If you can name any at all, you probably could count them on one hand. 

If I asked you to actually list all the canon heterosexual couples you see in any popular media, you probably have a list a mile long already prepared, right?

Now think about how many people you follow on this website and think about how many of them are not straight. Now, also please consider everyone who consumes popular media and how many of them are not straight. 

Representation in mass popular media is extremely important. I know nothing about you but if you are in an under-represented group of people it is extremely frustrating when your under-represented group is hardly represented. I am not homosexual myself, but I am asexual and I also face this frustration with lack of asexual characters in mass media so I headcanon a lot of my favorite characters in my fandoms as asexual. Is this also ruining the fandom for you? Anyway, I digress. 

When you are not represented in popular media it’s easy to interpret characters in a way your under-represented group feels represented. You want to feel a connection to the media you consume. If you are homosexual (or any other sexuality other than heterosexual) it’s hard to connect to a cast or a fandom with 100% heterosexual couples. Your solution?: ship things that are not heterosexual. Your life and involvement in fandom improves infinitely. Your faves are now a little more relatable. 

Now I’m not saying you have to be homosexual to ship homosexual ships. Like I’ve said, I am not homosexual but I have plenty of same-sex ships. As well as heterosexual ships. (I ship lots of things. I am largely a multishipper, trust me.) But I enjoy these ships too because frankly the possibility of every single character ever would be 100% straight is fucking impossible. Same-sex couples give a little more variety to your ships and make things a little more realistic. Once again, not everyone you meet is straight. More people than you realize are probably not heterosexual. So why have 98% of all mass media portraying it that way? Why not interpret characters as something not heterosexual.

I mean another answer to your question ‘why is everything gay?’…well, consider this: 95% of the characters of the Hobbit movies are in fact male. Shipping is going to happen in fandom. Do you know what happens when 95% of your cast of characters are male? You’re gonna get homosexual ships. That’s just how the cookie crumbles. 

I understand where you’re coming from. When I first started out in fandom and saw the intense popularity for slash ships I felt like a little bit of fandom ‘had been ruined’ for me too. It disgusted me. I just figured it was because everyone was fetishizing it all. As a sex-repulsed asexual (even though I didn’t know I was asexual at the time) I did not understand the appeal. From what I knew, homosexual relationships were unnatural and gross from the many times my parents quickly turned the channel any time same-sex couples were mentioned on TV and everything to do with same-sex couples seemed very taboo to me. So as a result of that, I used to only ship strictly canon heterosexual ships and everything noncanon and slash disgusted me because I didn’t realize what I explained to you above. 

I hope this cleared things up for you a little bit and hopefully same-sex ships will not ‘ruin the fandom’ for you any longer and you can grow to appreciate the many interpretations people have for their favorite characters.