but ill try to post here more often!!

ive been getting back into ajin: demi-human, and this is the result!
hugely inspired by this gifset and the music video it is originally from!!

also a fun parallel to my first proper ajin fanart which i made 2 years ago! (warning for some gore if you wanna click through to that one)


[”Look, I can take it,” Marley insists, watching Nurse Penny move about in the small examination space. She’s trying to read the woman’s body language to determine the severity of her condition. She’s also trying very hard not to cough in her face when she passes by. “I’ve dealt with itchy root before, and gotten knocked out more times than I can count. Not to mention pollution poisoning…”

‘You don’t have to remind me just how often you’ve been in here,’ Penny muses, grabbing small jars off a shelf and examining their contents.

“I’m just saying that if I’ve been poisoned by, say, spores of some kind, then you can just tell me. It’s not gonna scare me and it might surprise you to know that I’m not surprised in the least-”

‘Poisoned? That’s the conclusion you’re jumping to?’ Penny raises a brow, pausing in mixing some ingredients together in a small bowl.

“I’m telling you, I’ve been dodging some rather unhappy plants lately!” Marley argues. “One of them blew a ton of pollen and gunk in my face. So who knows what kind of dangerous toxins I’ve breathed in along with the usual cocktail of air pollutants.”

‘Okay, drama queen, settle down,’ Penny shakes her head, finally approaching her with the bowl. ‘Drink this-’

FINALLY. A cure for her potentially fatal poisoning. Marley makes a face as she gulps the bitter tasting substance down.

‘Now take this,’ Penny instructs, swapping out the bowl for a different object made of plastic and metal. ‘Use it twice daily until the wheezing and coughing subsides.’

“What is it?”

‘An inhaler,’ Penny snorts, patting her arm. ‘You have Common bronchitis.’

“… oh.”

Talk about anti-climactic.]

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I read your noses post and I was wondering: do you have some faces references for each Saint to share with us poor followers? Cause I remember a post talking about some actors where you take inspiration from. I've got an obsession with facial features and I tend to shape a rigid idea for each character. For example: in some bad animation frames Camus looks like a fish to me, so I've always pictured him with an heart shaped face, and a lot of space between his eyes.Just like Kate Moss!

it took forever but this was very interesting, and quite a challenge (also you’ll probably see that some of the characters were kinda rushed because i was starting to lose faith a bit)

and to be quite honest, the face shapes are something I’m still struggling with, they still look a bit too similar to me and I often end up making the characters long faced even when i don’t mean to. and i also often tend to go like “ill do their face like this” without thinking about it so in the end its just???

but I’ll try to give an answer of more or less what i want for each character, here we go! (be prepared for quality comments to go with the pictures)

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So, its been awhile! im sorry for not posting so much. My camera broke for my phone. Im using my sister’s phone. and im trying to use scanners more often lol(but rarely). Recently I’ve finished my sketchbook! (front to back) and its a great feeling ^u^. As i decide to look for a new sketchbook in the mean time ill be getting onto doing lore more. School is almost here and im not ready TvT

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Part seven: he puts a finger inside me along side his dick. Stretching me. I try to push his hand back so he put another finger in. The more I fought the more he tortured me. He had his dick and as many fingers as he could get inside my vagina then he worked his other hand and started one finger at a time into my ass. The whole night he fucked me hard and good and gave me a beating of a lifetime. I was in heaven. We did this more often.

I dont talk about myself on here often. But i just wanted to let yall know that I’m trying to get my life on track and its working. After getting put on antidepressants last week, i can see slight changes in my happiness. Thats the reason behind me not being active. Ive been struggling with recovery and being happy again and now that I’m inching that way, ill start posting more and more. Much love.