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"This will be the last time you lie to me." Scrooge and Donald.


“Uncle Scrooge. Where is Della?”



“T-The r-rocket was supposed to be a gift for after the eggs hatched I swear!”


Donald punched the wall in frustration and anger and hurt leaving a hole.


Scrooge sat there and cried quietly knowing his nephew was speaking the truth.


No. Don’t talk to me. All the words that come out of your mouth are nothing but lies.”

Donald grabbed the baby crib with Della’s three eggs and walked out with them.

“Where are ye going?” Scroogie asked with hurtful eyes.

Anywhere away from you! You’re just a lier! I don’t want to see you near me and the eggs again!This will be the last time you lie to me…”

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“I’m afraid I can’t give you a triple espresso” “It might have some unpleasant effects on your health” has the same energy as "Hello, Potion Seller, I am going into battle and I want your strongest potions.""My potions are too strong for you, traveler.""Potion Seller, I tell you I am going into battle, and I want only your strongest potions.""You can't handle my potions. They're too strong for you.""Potion Seller, listen to me; I want only your strongest potions.""My potions would kill-

i watched the whole video and it was def a weird experience i dont know how to feel now,,,, but shit if it has the same energy
RK900 would be a fucking perfect potion seller that makes potions so strong he can’t sell them

i use my phone to do everything. except make phone calls because phone calls are awful

i was watching a video of cyntoia brown talking to a man investigating her case or whatever, and she’s telling him about how Cutthroat, her pimp, forced her to do drugs, raped her several times, choked her until she passed out and then he asks her ‘how come you didnt leave?’ and she’s like 'you’re not listening to what im telling you! he even knows where my mom lives.’

i just hate the constant victim blaming women go through. no one ever asks why that men was raping her and forcing her to sell her body. no one ever asks why a forty-something man purchased it. it’s always our fault for “staying”.

anyway, i hope she finds peace someday.


yesss more fic fanart this time from this fic by @chonideno , its a hp au!! so beautiful written and pleaaaaase just go enjoy, its full of the sweet mutual pining here if you are into that.

Edit ahh almost forgot to mention its also inspired on @psych0-olll3city hp au

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SPEAKING of Dad Might and Toshinko fluff, here’s some absolutely excellent headcanoning on the topic courtesy of @homebeccer and @ghostfiish

After Izuku moves into the dorms, All Might makes a point of coming to visit Inko with updates on her son. He knows how worried she is and how lonely she must be without Izuku so he tries his best to be good company and put her mind at ease.

For the most part this happens while Izuku is physically at UA, so he witnesses none of it. One weekend when Izuku goes home he invites Ochako over for dinner. Meanwhile Inko has done the same with All Might, who’s now entirely comfortable and casual in the Midoriya household, helping cook and chatting with Inko. Ochako watches this unfold like, “Uh Deku…Is All Might like…your dad now?” And Izuku is completely shocked like “Haha what no?? He’s just my mentor.”

Meanwhole All Might an Inko are clearly flirting.

Then Ochako leaves for the night and Izuku lapses into existential crisis mode because “…..shit……she totally has a point….he’s so casual here what is he now?” And Izuku picks up on all these small changes in the house just “Why is there an extra futon here? Whose toothbrush is this? Where did all these large shirts come from? There’s so much All Might merch around and it’s not my All Might merch who bought these?” And All Might pops his head in like, “Oh yeah, I get my own All Might merch for free.” And Izuku’s just….screaming inside.

Break rolls around and Izuku packs a suitcase to head home for two weeks. Walks in the front door and All Might is standing in the kitchen with a chef’s hat on baking. Izuku wanders in in a complete daze, All Might acting like this is totally normal as he pulls out bowls and spatulas while Izuku starts muttering, “Why are you…. here all the time…??? how do you remember where all the kitchen tools are when I don’t…???” and he glances at the partially-frosted cake on the counter, “Why are you making a cake that says ‘Welcome home son’????” And All Might starts blushing furiously like, “Well I was finishing this for your MOTHER.”

School resumes and all the Class 1-A kids are walking to class. They pass by the school grounds entrance and suddenly Inko is there running toward the main building. Bakugou notices first like, “Hey Deku, isn’t that your fucking mom over there?” Izuku turns, startled, and intercepts her thinking it’s got to have something to do with him. She just kinda blinks at him when he asks what’s wrong and says, “Uh actually… Toshinori forgot his lesson plans at home… Could you give this to him?“ Ochako, Iida, and Bakugou who are all listening internally go “Who tf is Toshinori…?” Until they all walk into class and Izuku sheepishly hands the papers off to All Might and the rest of the kids just “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

During class break Iida and Ochako look at each other like "ALL MIGHT WAS IZUKU’S DAD” They turn to izuku with gaping mouths like ‘ALL ALONG???’
Izuku flails a bit. 'I DIDNT - HES NOT - THIS!…”
Izuku, still sputtering, “THEY AREN’T??? DATING????”
Iida nods like he understands and says “Well of course not Izuku. Why would they go on dates when they’re already married?’
Ochako answers “Not true my parents still go out sometimes.”

They just keep having a conversation without Izuku. Izuku instead passes out against the wall muttering. Iida and Ochako finally notice. “Should we call his parent?” “Which one?”

They’ve got a class trip coming up and after lunch Aizawa hands out permission slips. Izuku’s is already signed with an enormous ALL MIGHT signature.

Since everyone seems to know now, it’s go big or go home.


i don’t watch a lot of adventure time but i was watching this scene the other day and it got me

I’m sorry but,,
Nicky Hemmick found out that his aunt had died and that his cousins (one of which he barely knew) would be staying with his parents and just decided “nope that’s not a good idea, that’s not gonna go well” and then just?? Up and decided to leave his happy life and his loving boyfriend and return to a place that only had bad memories for him, and take care of these two grumpy ungrateful boys who aren’t much younger than himself?? Like he wasn’t even there just to be there either, he was there HELPING them and CARING for them?? Told them to take German because it would be easier for them to learn since he spoke it?? got them jobs?? Probably made them nice family dinners when he wasn’t working (and brought them take-out or pizza on evenings when he worked late) and asked them about their day and rented movies and bought them nice things even though he knew that 99% of the time they were just gonna be like “fuck off”????? He literally took these two kids that nobody wanted and said “no, listen, I want you, we’re gonna be a family now”?? And then just??? Got to work?? Loving them???
I love????
Nicky Hemmick????????

Paper Stars

Summary: Dan starts to get love notes in his locker in the form of origami stars, so he gets the help of his best friend, Phil, to figure out who it is.
Word Count: 2,398
Warnings: cussing
A/N: Thanks to @insanityplaysfics as always for giving me ideas. I’m a fucking sap recently because my boyfriend proposed to me and I just wanna write a crapton of fluff and puke rainbows everywhere. This is short and sweet, which is very rare for me! I hope you like it anyways!
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The day Dan opened his locker to a strange slip of paper folded into an origami star was one of the strangest moments of his life.

“What,” Dan said simply, giving the offending paper a strange look. He bent down and retrieved it, staring at it long and hard. It was thin, made with a flowery paper, and he could just make out words written in very small print on it. “What,” Dan said again.

With a small amount of struggle, Dan managed to unwrap the star, revealing the writing inside. The script was sloppy to the point where Dan thinks it was written with the wrong hand. Dan said “what” again and the word didn’t even sound like it was real anymore. It took him a few minutes to read what it said due to the scribble, but he eventually managed.

‘i used to stare out the window because i thought the scenery was beautiful. Then i saw you and suddenly the world didnt seem nearly as captivating as before.

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JK : *listening to we don’t talk anymore*

YG: i think you have to make it up for the kid

JM: hyung i swear i tried but he doesn’t answer me

TH: bcuz our kookie is emotional and you didnt take care of him *going to cuddle with kook*

JM: but i only talked to taemin and jst for a short time

TH: you even left us to go talking backstage , jungkookie says

JM: baby he texted me and i couldn’t say no he’s my friend and my hyung

TH: well you don’t listen to me when i say these things about yugyeom , jungkookie says

JM: baby! That guy keeps on holding you! Hugging you on stage !

TH: well you smacked his ass infront of me! Maybe his ass is prettier! … Of course jungkookie says

JM: I’m so sorry i was just joking i didn’t mean it in other way i was stupid

TH: sorry won’t slove anything actions speak louder than words , as namjoon says , jungkookie says

NJ: *reading a book* i raised him up so well

JM: babyyyy….

JK: *gets up with tae to enter his room* spend this week sleeping at your taemin hyung *locks the door*

NJ: he means “you need to beg me for a week and i dare you to even msg or call that friend of yours ”. Jst saying.

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With the amount of people being falsely accused of being a Nazi, how do see it as morally ok to promote the violence inducing phrase "punch a nazi"? I think it is really important to understand that right leaning =/= nazi. Unless someone is actively putting hands on you in a violent way, why would you hit them?Punching someone you think is a Nazi, because you think they're a Nazi, is WRONG. The National Socialist party stopped taking members after WWII and free speech is a thing.

The only people who believe the lie that “right leaning = nazi” are people who are trying to confuse others and give rhetorical cover to actual Nazis. You have to be very stupid, blinded by your own privilege, acting in bad faith, or some combination of the above, to believe that lie. 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that you’re a young white person who has never been singled out by a mob or an authority figure because of your race or gender. I’m going to guess that you’ve never been in fear for your life and safety, purely because of your race or gender.

And your history lesson lecture is just adorable and so precious! I’m sure that when you explain to the people who were terrorized in Charlottesville that, you see, actual Nazis don’t exist any more because WWII is over, and free speech is more important than their safety(and what is it with you guys conflating free speech with consequence-free speech? Do you really not get that? Or are you just trying to confuse people with some lazy whataboutism? Either way, you may like to know that you’re embarrassing yourself and that good people can see right through you.)

I sincerely hope that you’re just ignorant, and haven’t actually examined the reality of people like you accepting and protecting people who hold the same values and beliefs as David Duke and Richard spencer. I sincerely hope that you do some homework, talk to some people of color who have been terrorized by Nazis (regardless of what those Nazis choose to call themselves), and grow the fuck up.

OH WAIT you’re a flat-earther. And a look at your Tumblr reveals that you never met a conspiracy theory you didn’t love. Okay. Now your embrace and support of Nazis and people who share their beliefs makes more sense.I wish I’d seen that before I began writing this, because it would have saved me a lot of time. But I’m going to go ahead and answer this, though, because I still sincerely hope you aren’t beyond saving.

Stop listening to your conspiracy theory echo chamber. Stop listening to talk radio personalities who prey upon your insecurities so they can get rich. Stop living in an echo chamber of right wing talking points and neo-Nazi lies. You’re young and you have your whole life ahead of you. Wasting it being angry and manipulated by people who just want to get rich off of you is no way to live it.

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First off, I want to start off by saying that your reactions are aMAZING. I read your entire masterlist in one day, even though I only listen to BTS. I just love your writing style so much. If your ask box isn't already full of requests, could you please write a reaction to BTS seeing you with your naturally curly hair (that you always straighten) for the first time? Thanks ^-^

Baby your so sweet! Thank you so much:*

Here you go:)

*none of these gifs are mine, credit to their owners.*


One of his favorite things to do while cuddling would be to play softly with you hair. It was always so soft and though you swore to the products you used he didnt care. The first time he saw your hair curly he wouldn’t believe it was natural. He’d think you were joking and you just did a really good job at curling it. When you finally convinced him it was natural he’d beg you to wear it natural more often.


He’d do a double take the first time he saw you with your natural hair, but he wouldn’t say anything about it. Instead he’d just smile a little bit more, natural beauty would be his favorite thing and the fact that you were now comfortable enough that you didnt feel like you had to do your hair every time you saw him made him feel so good about himself. He’d hold you a little more that day just because of that and would even surprise you with soft ‘you look so pretty today’s’


It would shock him to see your natural hair, greeting you with an excited ‘Woah!’ as you opened your front door. He’d ask you why you didnt wear it more often and would bush aside all of your excuses. Later in your relationship he’d request you to wear you hair natural, especially for events the two of you would be attending together.


He wouldn’t say to much about it but his fingers would always find themselves intertwined with your curls as the two of you laid against each other to watch movies. It would become his favorite way to find you, old t-shirt, comfy shorts and your curly hair falling messily around your shoulders. 


He’d be so impressed that you’ve hidden the true style of your hair from him that he really wouldn’t know what to do with himself for the first few minutes of seeing you. After the initial shock wore off though it would be like nothing was different, although he’d find himself looking at you more often to take in what your hair looked alike naturally. 


He would be the only one to really make a big deal about it. Constantly touching it, asking you about it, telling others that straight isn’t your natural hair in a boasting way. He wouldn’t care if you continued to straighten you hair when the two of you were around others, there was something about being the only one who truly knew your true state that made him feel special inside. 


He’d try too hard not to stare at you, but by doing that it made it even more obvious. He would directly tell you he liked your natural hair at first but as you started to wear it more he’d let a few compliments slip. He’d also think it was so amazing how different you looked when your hair was natural, it would almost be more beautiful to him. 

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Why do you think Louis chose not to do promo with steve?

y’know, historically speaking this would be one of those moments when certain people would preemptively jump out of the shadows to scream “DON’T MAKE EVERYTHING ABOUT LARRY” as loud as their little lungs could muster.

but man.. i honestly can’t make myself pretend it’s about anything else akjdfhskfjgfg like


okay so like i think that touya and rei todoroki “left” the household at around the same time because of how childhood memories work, or at least because of how natsuo phrased himself.

[this is a super long post bc i did it on my phone]

if something truamatizing happened to you as a child you REMEMBER THAT SHIT your brain etches it into you and you dont forget it regardless of how many years its been. trauma affects the brain differently than normal incidents.

we all know that shouto very clearly remembers the boiling water incident despite it being almost a decade ago. this is because the memory was traumatic for him. he was scarred for life by someone he trusted and didnt see them for years.

other, regular memories from childhood arent like that. theyre hazy, vague feelings at most. you may remember some of it, but for the most part the early years of childhood is mostly forgotten. especially memories that barely involved you.

shouto was kept away from his siblings touya, fuyumi, and natsuo. he vaguely recalls them playing outside with the nanny but because of endeavor’s interference its entirely possible that he never had a meal with them until his teen years (natsuo told endeavor that he didnt even know that shoutos favorite food was cold soba, implying that shouto didnt eat with them)

therefore, it stands to reason that shouto is completely unaware of the actions of his siblings, aside from fuyumi, the only one we know to be still living in the todoroki house. (presumably to look after shouto, but their interactions arent how close siblings act so that might be a recent development that happened a bit before the manga started)

fuyumi is clearly the only one that shouto is even vaguely familiar with given their interactions after endeavore unofficially became the no.1 “hero”

as for his brothers he didnt interact with natsuo until very recently in a manga thats been serialized for around 4 years.

weve gotten several arcs with todoroki as one of the focus characters and we, the audience, just barely found out the names of his brothers. (compared to fuyumi, who weve known the name of for quite some time) this gives us the feeling that natsuo is not only new to the audience, but to shouto as well.

since shouto is so sheltered from his siblings its very likely he has no idea of the touya incident. if he did, wouldnt he have used it in his explanation to midoriya in the sports festival arc? he gave midoriya his entire back story: dad wanted to be no.1, quirk marriage, several children deemed failures, my quirk revealed, training began, mom scarred my face = i wont use his quirk

if he knew that endeavor burned touya or touya, the only one with just endeavors quirk, went out of control bc of endeavor, or WHATEVER happened he would have mentioned it in why he hates endeavor.

but he didnt because he doesnt know. he was kept away from his siblings and only has vague childhood memories of them.

but natsuo does know because he wasnt kept away from his siblings and it was traumatic for him.

like i said earlier, traumatic memories dont go away.

natsuo tells endeavor these things in this order:

1. you completely neglected us

2. and left us to listen to mom screaming

3. and shouto crying

4. not to mention what happened to big bro touya

we all know that 2&3 happened on the same night. and we know that the first three things occured/started in that order

we now also know that everyone in the house heard it, we know this because natsuo said “us to listen to mom screaming”

at the time that word applies to all of the todoroki children. if touya is dabi, which we have no reason to believe he isnt, then we already know how dabi responds to threatening situations: with his quirk. we also know that when he is mad he becomes really violent.

if his little brother who he wasnt allowed to see because of his quirk was suddenly crying while he heard his mother screaming his reaction would likely be to seek out the source and get rid of it. dabi is meticulous and smart. if he sees something as a threat he tries to remove it

the source to rei’s screaming and shouto’s crying was, of course, endeavor.

so my theory is while shouto was at the hospital and after rei was taken away, todoroki touya attacked endeavor with his fire quirk.

from what we know about him, touya is most likely the weakest todoroki kid. in the few pictures/scenes of him we have, he is portrayed as shorter than natsuo (despite being older) with hair cover his face, or has a ball hitting him in the face giving the impression that he is not athletic.

dabi would have used his quirk because he has canonly been acknowledged as a physically weak person. he himself makes a comment about being too weak in the training camp arc. without his quirk, he is incredibly weaker than average.

unfortunately for touya at the time, he was still a kid and his quirk had yet to fully develop AND he wasnt trained to use it since his father considered him to be defective. so he’d still be really weak especially compared to endeavor.

the only people home at this time would be touya, natsuo, fuyumi, and endeavor since shouto and rei would be in their respective hospitals after the boiling water incident.

when touya attacked endeavor, the object of his hatred, he would be extremely outmatched.

this fight likely didnt last long given endeavors temper and treatment of shouto during training.

touya would lose and get severe burns from either his flame or endeavors.

natsuo, who would have been home for this as a young child would become truamatized by another terrible incident to happen to a third family member in less than 24 hours would remember it and grow to resent endeavor for it.

the smell of burning flesh does not go away. once you smell it it haunts you. the thought of it can make people feel sick. if natsuo smelled his own brother who he played with every day for years burning alive he would become extremely truamatized by it.

and shouto would be in the hospital getting treated, unaware of what happened to his oldest brother.


“Steve!” you screamed into the house, hoping your brother was there. your parents were gone, again, but your brother, you hoped to god, he’d be there.

you dragged Billy behind you and he allowed you too even though at first he hadent liked the idea of going to your brother for help.

“Y/N whats wrong?” Steve said, opening the door of his room to look at you. his eyes went to Billy who stared back. Billy’s nose was bloody and a fresh bruise was beginning to form around his eye. 

“here, Billy stay with Steve while i grab the first aid kit.” you said. you went to take your hand away but he held on to it fiercely, “you can’t get blood on my parents carpet and i need to go over it to get the kit-”

Billy let go of your hand and as you moved away it looked like he would follow so Steve got in the way, holding Billy back, “she said stay.” he stated.

Billy looked at your brother and for the first time in Steve’s life he really saw the helplessness. you’d had Billy over before when he was beat up, but from the frequency Steve had begun to realize that the beatings weren’t from a random person, they were from a family member, likely his dad. 

you ran back into the room with the first aid kit as you made Billy sit and Steve began helping you with the stuff to bandage the wounds. “i’ll go grab some ice.” Steve suggested, going to the kitchen.

“listen i know you dont like it but Steve wont judge you.” Steve heard you whisper as he left.

long pause then… “i love you. you know that dont you?”

Steve paused, his hand on the bag of ice in the freezer. sure, he didnt like Billy. hell, he had argued with you for hours when you told him you were going on a date with Billy but… there was obviously a lot more going on than Steve knew. 

he turned to see you kneeling in front of Billy, hand on his cheek as you wiped the blood away. Billy stared into your eyes. Steve felt awkward in that moment, to have witnessed Billy’s confession but on the other hand…. maybe it was a good thing. he knew in that moment, Billy did love you, and it was obvious you loved him too. 

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↳ Hi
↳ who am I
↳ I won’t tell you
↳ 1. alpaca 2. horse 3. muscle pig 4. heodang (satoori; clumsy/silly/easily confused) 5. grandma 6. monkey 7. rice cake
↳ shall I give more hints
↳ listen well
↳ banggeulie (Jin’s nickname)
↳ Uh, my mistake
↳ again
↳ 1. aje 2. grandpa 3. muscle bunny 4. horse 5. kim army 6. cheeky monkey 7. It’s me
↳ sorry my typing is slow😭
↳ 😢
↳ I can send emoticons fast
↳ 😁
↳ 😘
↳ 🙂
↳ 😛
↳ 😂
↳ 😯
↳ 😢
↳ I can do it now
↳ heh
↳ I
↳ am going to practice now
↳ I’m going ok?
↳ Ah, and I’ll take food

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