but i want them to be of the same colour scheme

Bookmarks: DIY

A simple tutorial on how to make your very own bookmarks.


  • Photoshop
  • Laser Printer Paper (preferably 28lb, but 24lb is also fine)
  • Pretty Poster Board or Scrapbooking Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors & Paper Trimmer
  • Laminator (if you don’t have one, you can buy one at WalMart for $20. They’re SUPER useful to have, especially if you make artsy stuff a lot.)
  • Bookmark Tassels (Optional)
  • 1/8 Inch Hole Punch (Optional)

Step One

First, determine the size of bookmarks you want to make. (Mine are typically 2″ x 6.5″.) When you’ve decided on a size that you like, create a new canvas in Photoshop with those dimensions, and make sure it is set to AT LEAST 300 DPI.

Step Two

Draw your bookmark design! Make sure all of your important stuff doesn’t get too close to your edges because you want to leave a tiiiiiny bit of room for error just in case you mess up when you cut them out.

Step Three

After your bookmark design(s) is done, create another new Photoshop canvas that is 8.5″ x 11″ and set to the same DPI as your bookmarks.

Drag and drop as many of your book mark designs as you can onto your new 8.5 x 11 canvas. Don’t put them very close together, though, as you want to leave enough room to comfortably cut them out later.

Step Four

Assuming you don’t have a laser printer, we’re gonna take a little trip to Staples/Office Depot/Office Max!

Save that canvas with all your bookmarks on it as a JPEG and put it on a flash drive. Grab a small stack of your own paper and put it in a folder (make sure you have a way to show the printer what type of paper it is. You may just wanna bring the whole pack with you, because I know some stores want to make sure you’re giving them laser printer paper to print on, as other paper types will mess up their machines)

Note: I’m not sure about Office Depot/Office Max, but I KNOW Staples will only charge around $0.50 per page to print your image out if you bring your own paper! ♥

Take the flash drive and your paper with you to your nearest office supply store.

Ask the printer there to print out however many copies you want. If you’re very particular about the size of the bookmarks, make sure to tell them to not have it set to “Fit to Size” and instead let it print at 100%.

Step Five

Once your bookmark copies are printed, it’s time to cut them out!

The best way to do this is to use a paper trimmer. You can get a cheap one from WalMart or Michaels for about $5. They’re SUPER useful to have and make cutting straight edges a million times easier.

The reason you want to cut them out before you glue them your poster board/decorative paper is because you want to be able to fit as many bookmarks as you can onto the posters so that you don’t waste any.

Step Six

Time to glue them to your poster(s)/scrap book paper!

I try to buy really unique posterboard that catches the eye and matches the colour schemes of my bookmarks. I usually end up getting metallic colours or holographic poster/paper because that’s what I personally like. I would advise staying away from anything that has textures, though, since you’re going to laminate these later.

Make sure you’re gluing your bookmarks to the BACK of the poster board.

Also, make sure you coat all edges and corners, as you don’t want anything to curl up. A good tip I find is lining any of your bookmark edges up to the edges of the poster board. That way it’s just one or two less edge(s) you have to cut off.

Step Seven

Time to cut out the bookmarks again!

Get as close to the bookmark’s edge as you can so you don’t leave any white poster board backing hanging off the edge. If you have to, it’s totally fine to cut off a millimeter of your bookmark design just to make sure you have a clean trim.

Step Eight

Laminate! Since I already have some Mettaton bookmarks laminated, I’ll use them for this example.

Make sure that when you slip your bookmarks into the lamination sheet, they have a decent amount of space between them. If they get too close, the lamination might not seal all of the way around each bookmark.

Step Nine

Once you get all of your bookmarks laminated, we once again have to cut them out.

It’s very important to leave about a third of a centimeter of lamination on the edge of your bookmarks. If you cut right along the edge of the bookmark, the lamination will eventually peal off, and we don’t want that. We want to keep it nice and sealed.

Be sure to trim the corners a little bit, since they can be kinda sharp and poke you pretty bad.

Step Ten

This part is completely optional, but I love to take an 1/8 inch hole punch and punch a little hole in the top of the bookmark and add a little tassel decoration.

You can find these tassels online from China on Ebay or Aliexpress for pretty cheap. The prices are all about the same no matter who you buy from, so I can’t really give a specific vendor who has the best prices. (Note: pretty obvious, but if you buy them within the US, you’re gonna pay a lot more.)

Bonus Info:

If none of my instructions have made any sense, this video does a wonderful job of explaining the process of bookmark making for artist alleys and whatnot.

Hi! Hello! It’s me, Vanessa. So, I thought I would make a post about how I go about making my spreads (inspired to make one after seeing kuroristudie’s post), since people have asked me every now and then. I know my spreads are more on the artsy side and different each and every week and have no set layout, but these following steps are pretty much the same for each weekly spread I make. 

Before we start: By no means do you have to set out your spreads the same as I do. Do what works for you! I just find that I actually use my bullet journal more when it’s nicely decorated. And many of the things I put into my spreads are optional, so you can add or take as much as you want!

Supplies used: Black lined A5 book from Muji, 0.5 Black Gel Pen from Muji, Milan Conic Tip Markers (), Glue Stick

Step 1: Inspiration/Themes

  • Every time before I begin a spread I’m always scrolling through tumblr, instagram or youtube looking for inspiration. For this week’s spread I took inspiration from the following posts:
  • Once I’ve found my inspiration then I choose a colour scheme and look for my main image, which the whole spread will be inspired by. For my ‘central image’ this week you could say it’s the image of Junhui and Jeonghan from Seventeen. What I like to do next is find a colour scheme similar to this image and for that I chose neutral colours. 
  • After I’ve made these decisions I then look for images which follow this colour scheme or compliment the ‘central’ image I chose. I collate all my images and put it onto a word document and print it off at school.
  • As soon as I’ve printed my images out I choose the stationery that I will use to create that spread for that week. More often than not, the supplies I choose to use follow the same colour scheme. And sometimes I don’t use all the images I chose for the spread. 

Step 2: Layout

  • Before I even write the month onto the page, I like to arrange the images onto the page and create different layouts. I’ll do this until I’m generally happy with the arrangement. Then I glue them down.
  • After this I write the title and draw in a column table, a box or a bunch of lines, where I’ll write down important dates (from my monthly calendar) for that week. I also like to add a mini calendar in there, so I actually know what day it is (and so I can see if there’s any upcoming events). If I feel like being extra for that week I like to write the title using watercolur. 
  • Once that’s all done I then go in with all the extra stuff that you don’t need to do, such as: washi tape, stickers, etc. 

Step 3: Using it throughout the week

  • This part may vary for different people as some may like to write in all their tasks for that week right away. Since I’m still in high school I prefer to write in any tasks at the end of each lesson or day. 
  • When I go about writing my tasks I write the day of the week and the date. Then I write the homework or tasks I need to complete that day or that week underneath. You may write this part however you want!! 

Step 4: Decorating

  • At the end of every week I like to go back and decorate the spread if there’s any empty space. I usually do this by adding doodles in here and there, writing lyrics/quotes, adding washi tape/stickers or placing a picture there.  

Yay! It’s done!!

And this is the end product:

bts as types of fan accounts

namjoon: finds out things about the members that even the members didn’t know about themselves. comes up with insane theories that nobody can understand but everybody believes anyways. always making people question if he’s actually a fan or if he really works at the company. proper grammar everywhere.

seokjin: has the same colour scheme for his mobile and desktop theme. makes soft edits and posts simple things like “i miss ______” that get 1000+ notes because same. always ready to defend the group and has receipts on every good thing they’ve ever done. usually tries not to get on the wrong side of drama.

yoongi: runs an extremely successful fansite with the most stunning pictures. always the first to know any sort of news related to the group. “tag me in things if anything happens im taking a nap”. dedicates a lot of his free time to deciphering the next comeback. misses older era’s and brings them up the most. any opinion he has becomes the opinion everyONE has.

hoseok: the one who’s always screaming in the tags and no one knows if it’s bc his caps lock is broken or he just likes to overreact. never keeps a theme/icon for more than a week. constantly insecure about everything he posts or any new theme he makes. mutual appreciation posts every other day bc he loves them so much. never got around to choosing a bias because he gets bias wrecked so much, probably has made a mistreatment of post before.

taehyung: aesthetics. everything is an aesthetic. is the most positive force and has 7000 mutuals, 6999 are his friends that he talks to on a daily basis. gets the most asks whenever something even minor happens because everyone wants his opinion on it. tags are either straight up the names and event or complete chaos. there’s no in between. a big name blog that everyone loves but all he does is reblog.

jimin: creator of most of the drama. watches silently as choas overcomes the entire site. very sweet and posts about cute little things like “_____’s little habit of _______ is adorable ksljddflk” but when you get to know him it’s Sin City. that one fan that isn’t afraid to speak up when the group’s done something wrong. makes yt compilations and crack videos at 1am. constantly craving attention and more followers.

jungkook: the big blog that everyone knows for it’s content and not the person. very involved in every aspect, fanart, gfx, videos, gifs, memes, you name it, he does it. very rarely actually speaks about himself, tags are where he gets the most expressive. has a bunch of followers and mutuals but only about 3 people he talks to daily because he’s too shy. hugely admired and loved in the fandom. no about, no navigation, organized chaos.


  • magical boys
  • magical boys in giant robots
  • the protag’s title is literally The Galactic Pretty Boy
  • the Galactic Pretty Boy’s giant robot has high heels and looks fabulous
  • male protag’s casual outfit is jeans and a crop top 
  • the hip pop in the transformation sequence
  • there are literally way more female characters than male characters
  • said female characters are total badasses
  • main boy is a total ridiculous dorky virgin loser who let him out of the house
  • he’s literally called the Galactic Pretty Boy so obvs girls try to flirt with him all the time and he has LITERALLY NO IDEA WHAT TO DO he just squeaks mostly
  • the majority of the ‘bad guys’ are not actually assholes and they come around like decent people
  • bad guys all have sweet masquerade themed outfits
  • THE ANIMATION IS SO NICE even the giant robot fights are all hand-drawn not cop-out cgi like a lot of other mecha animes
  • there’s a canon evil lesbian duo who are the scariest characters in the series tbh and they have the same colour scheme as the lesbians from sailor moon
  • they’re galactic pretty boys too even though they’re girls because rules don’t apply to lesbians
  • there’s this one chick who’s literally goals like she’s married to this rich dude from france who she hardly ever sees but she just uses all his money anyways and lives on a yacht the size of a cruise ship and has a pet alligator in her deck pool and does whatever the heck she wants like a boss
  • asshole dad gets punched in the face twice and is left to rot without a redemption arc
  • main trio of characters is set up like a love triangle except the boys are super respectful of the girl’s choices and there is zero rivalry between them
  • both boys at different times: “hey uh, if you marry him, could I still come hang out with you guys please?”
  • “I went on a date with her in the afternoon so you should go on a date with her in the evening”
  • if you’re still unconvinced pls watch this gorgeous amv

In conclusion: please watch star driver I need more people to join me on my canon poly ship

Tips: Character Design

Designing a character can be a difficult process. There are many factors to take into account: colour scheme, whether they fit in well with the designs of your other characters, and whether the design fits the character themself are just a few.

However, taking a few tips into account might help to make character design a bit easier.

1. Keep it simple and coordinated.

Details can really add to a character design, but there’s such a thing as too much. For example, this character (from Final Fantasy):

This design has way too many details. First, the designer made the easy mistake of including too many colours, making the colour scheme over-complicated and unpleasant to look at. It’s usually not a good idea to use more than two to five colours for a character design.

Aside from the colours, this character just has too many unnecessary things added to the outfit. Why are two belts needed? What purpose does that badge serve? Did the designer have some grudge against the game artists who have to draw this character repeatedly? 

Due to all the details, the eye is drawn every which way, distracting from the important elements of the character. Usually, the eyes should be drawn to the character’s face. However, if the details fit well together, contribute to the overall design, and are at least somewhat colour-coordinated, they can be used. (Just maybe not this many. Please.)

2. “Sexiness” is not a measure of good character design.

This is a misconception I see a lot. Just because a character is ugly doesn’t mean they’re poorly-designed - and in the same way, a character being attractive doesn’t mean they’re well-designed! (However, it is true that conventionally unattractive main characters usually won’t sell well (with a few exceptions) - so watch out for that.)

Below is an example of a character who is attractive, but poorly-designed (Irene Belserion from Fairy Tail):

Listen, I support everyone’s right to wear what they want, but maybe if you’re a character who is actually going to be fighting, leaving all your vital organs exposed is not such a great idea. Not only that, but how does her outfit stay on? Unless she cast some anti-gravity magic on her chest, it would probably be falling out of her shirt. And why do her gloves have nails? What is the point of those clamps? What even is her hat?

On the other hand, characters the majority might think are ugly aren’t automatically “badly-designed”. Think of monsters, elderly characters, or ones who are just strange-looking. Countless examples exist of characters you may not want to bang, but the designs themselves can still be great. Also: adding in a portion of characters who aren’t conventionally attractive allows for much more variety in designs!

3. Functionality is important!

This is kind of an obvious one, but it seems like a lot of creators - especially in the manga and video game industries - still don’t get it. If someone is going into battle, they’re not going to be leaving all their vital organs exposed. (The only exception is Kill la Kill.) A similar principle applies when your characters are in a cold place: unless you want your characters getting frostbite, give them clothes appropriate for the weather!

The same applies for the opposite situation: characters in hot places won’t be wearing winter coats, unless they’re trying to commit suicide by heatstroke. There are exceptions, though - for example, characters may dress differently for cultural purposes. Additionally, covering the entire body slows the rate of sweat leaving the body and protects the skin from sunburn, which is why those living or travelling in the desert tend to cover up more.

4. The character’s design says something about them.

Usually, a character’s physical appearance can be used to portray some aspects of their personality. For example, a character who likes to fight will likely have red or orange hair. Colour schemes are the most common method of this.

Here’s a helpful chart for the symbolism of some colours:

Colours aren’t the only method of symbolism in designs, though. The size and shape of the eyes, the posture, hairstyles, and fashion choices are all different ways to communicate a character’s personality through design. Using the example given above, the red-haired character who likes to fight may have sharp/upturned eyes to symbolize aggression. They might also be frequently seen in a fighting stance, and probably wearing clothing suited for combat.

5. Most people have more than one outfit.

It’s easier to design just one outfit than many different ones. And for short stories that take place over the course of only a day (or less), this may be all that is necessary.

However, if you’re writing a longer story (or a short one that spans over more than a day), it’s necessary to design more than one outfit for your character. The only exception would be armour - but your character still needs something to wear underneath!

(Of course, this is assuming your character doesn’t have some sort of magic that keeps their clothes clean.)

6. Nothing is original, but you should still try!

With all the different books, movies, TV shows, and cartoons that are out there, nearly all elements of a character’s design have probably been done at least once before. That said, it’s completely fine to take some inspiration from another character whose design you happen to like.

Still, you shouldn’t completely rip off someone else’s design. If your character looks too similar to theirs, you’ll probably be facing copyright lawsuits.

If you want to take inspiration from someone else’s character, it’s best to only take one or two features that you like. Although the “expy” trope is a thing, not all authors are happy with that, so it might be best to stay on the safe side.

And of course, sometimes trying to come up with a design element nobody’s used yet results in things like Yu-Gi-Oh hair.


7. Your characters should look different!

“Sameface syndrome” is a huge problem in a lot of media - and it’s not just the facial features. Reusing the same body type over and over is also a huge issue. Of course, even in real life there will be people who look similar - and depending on how exaggerated your art style is, there may only be a limited range of available body types.

To avoid sameface, try giving your characters a wide range of different:

  • Noses: Small, large, round, with a bump on the bridge, flat, long, pointed. There are tons of different ways to design noses. You really don’t need to give every single character the same small, “cute” nose.
  • Eye shape and size: This is a great one for differentiating between characters since it’s usually where the audience will look first on a character design. Try sharper eyes, different kinds of pupils, larger eyes, rounded ones, etc.
  • Body type: Don’t be afraid to draw different body types! This includes height - and depending on how “cartoony” your art style is, you can give your characters wildly different heights and bodies. Your characters should be easily distinguishable from a silhouette.
  • Facial shape: Try round faces, square faces, sharp faces, and more. In fact, experimenting with different geometrical shapes can spawn a huge range of different faces.

However, while your characters should look different, remember to keep their designs faithful to whatever location or time period your story is set in.

Not all of these tips apply in every single situation - in fact, it largely depends on your art style and what kind of story you’re trying to write. If you’re writing a story about a bunch of clones or something, disregard number 7!

Also keep in mind that, like everything else, designing your own characters from scratch takes a lot of practice. It might take months to design a character who looks right. Just keep sketching, re-designing, and practicing!

a couple of people have been asking how i make my colourful gifs, and i have posted a tutorial before (here), but a couple more people requested that i show them how i made this gif specifically from this gifset, so i thought i’d do that !! the process is still very much the same, but hey, why not make a more updated version.

so i’m going to be showing you how to go from this

to this:

you will need:
a basic understanding of how to make gifs and how to create a base colouring
photoshop (i use cc)

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Red or Black

Request: “Can you do a kylo x reader emperor au where after they do the deed the reader gets up to gets ready for her empress duties and kylo just watches her put on her makeup and get her dress on and putting her jewlery on and crown (if you want) and she outs her leg on the bed to out on her stockings and kylo is all like oh nooo bbygurl don’t playyy and hes thinking in his head how did I get such a baddie and you can take it from there.”

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1.9k


An eclipse of darkness and light prospered in your large bedroom. His milky skin on black sheets, twisting and turning under your body, with a crooked smile that teetered with lovely moans, and eyes that lit up in an adoring brilliance. Red marks ran stark along his white flesh, indentations left in the heat of passion, with pressed kisses murmuring half-hearted apologies to the sore lines.

He had promised to only take up a fraction of your time, but you knew he couldn’t keep up such a lie. Kylo Ren never did anything in part, he always finished what was started. So the pecks that he had sworn would only last a second diverged into passionate love making, and on that matter he never rushed. Ten minutes turned into an hour, and as you lay panting beside him, you accepted that this hour would stretch a bit longer when he started staring at you with those big, brown eyes.

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How to: Approach Poetry Analysis in an Exam

An in-depth guide to write super-awesome commentaries. So my IB paper 1 unseen text exam is tomorrow, so thought I might condense all that I’ve learnt on poetry analysis over my high school life here. 

Reading the poem/those first 5 minutes:

The first time you do so, don’t worry about finding literary devices etc. Just read it. Feel the mood, feel the poem. Often in exams, you are given 5 minutes of reading time when you’re not suppose to write anyway, so really make use of that time. Remember your initial impression of the poem. 

  1. Ask yourself the following questions: WHAT is going on here? (What is the “dramatic situation”? WHO is speaking? (Known as the voice or persona. What kind of a person, what is their attitude to the situation? Who are they speaking to? How consistent is the speaker with the situation? 
  2. Ask yourself how the poem achieves the effect you noted above. Look for:  PATTERNS: The effect of the structure, the construction of the stanzas, lines. Repetition? Look for use of rhyme, metre, rythm, and sound patterns. IMAGES: What appeals to the senses? Look for taste, touch, sight, sound, smell, movement. What about literal images? Or are they figurative? Why? WORDS (Use of diction): Why the choice and position of words? What extra implications, connotations, dimensions, allusions? Ask yourself how these contribute to what the poem is doing.


Now use lots of pretty highlighters to annotate the poem. It helps to use a colour scheme! For example, use orange for literary devices, green for specific use of diction etc… It makes it easier to identify and go back to what you’ve found while writing the essay.

  1. Literary devices: So, so important. Focus on how language shapes meaning. I have created a page with all useful devices you could use HERE. 
  2. Structure: Look at the number of lines per stanza (Is it a tercet? A Quatrain? - Find the names of your poem structure on the same post as the literary devices) Look at rhythm (pentameter) and rhyming scheme. (ABAB or ABBA…) OR is it free verse? Drop all of this down somewhere on the page. 

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An Intern’s Guide To: Interning

Yesterday I turned 19. Meaning today it has officially been one year since I claimed the title of intern. That’s one year of intern knowledge, and then some, that I would like to share with you. 

Let’s begin with a bit of background. I lost my intern virginity last summer. I started applying in spring and, to my surprise, heard back from all the magazines I applied to - bar one. But their Twitter pic hasn’t changed in a year so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there. I ended up becoming an editorial intern at two magazines. Both of different genres - I figured it’d be beneficial to  get a diversity of experience. The first was a fashion magazine and I absolutely loved it. It was the first magazine I set eyes on and I even modelled my entire CV around one of its covers (more on that later.) I enjoyed it so much that I re-arranged the dates of my next internship just so I could stay longer. I woke up every morning last summer looking forward to what my day had to offer. Even though I struggled to afford travelling into London everyday, and got achey eyes from hours in front of a laptop screen, I began each day with a flurry of butterflies in my stomach because I loved writing for them so much. It felt like the right fit from day one. Despite arriving 2 hours late on day one that is.

I was given so much freedom to write exactly how I wanted to — much different to my next internship, where despite the fact it was a much younger magazine, had a more traditional approach with its interns. Everything would get sent back with highlighted notes and once it was finally published, lost all remnants of its initial vitality, but in turn gained the slick and polished voice of an edited feature.  I did learn a lot from all that editing. Things they’d usually teach you in journalism school like “numbers under ten are expressed in words.” Not only did I learn a lot but met some really wonderful people.

Despite each internship’s differences, both editors seemed happy with my work and expressed they wished I could stay longer! I now write for the first magazine, which is beyond what I could’ve imagined when I began applying last year (have a read of my elated response to first-time publication here.) I’d like to stress that I had no contacts nor family members who have a clue about this industry. If I can do it, you most definitely can too! So from me to you, here’s how to become an intern.  

Find Your Own Experience.

High-key every intern’s #goals

Before writing your CV you need relevant things to fill it with. Instead of waiting for opportunity to knock on your door, why not make your own? With the Internet at your fingertips there is no excuse. Gaining experience and building a portfolio is as simple as e-mailing your favourite blog and asking to contribute an article. Starting your own blog and making sure it’s in tip-top shape when future employers decide to Google you, and sincerely reaching out to growing online platforms asking to write for them. In the beginning I built my portfolio through Twitter search. I would search key phrases like “bloggers wanted” or “writers wanted” and volunteer my services (@UKFashionIntern is fab for this). You’d be surprised how far a well-composed e-mail can get you! Experience wise, you really don’t need anything fancy, you just need to show employers that you’re competent in the basics. So e-mail the editor of your local paper and ask to shadow someone for a week, or get down to your local radio and volunteer your time for a few days. If you’re at school or university make use of all the opportunities to write for the magazine or paper. This is all classed as experience, will build your portfolio and get you suited for an internship.

Stand Out.


I think this is most important. Especially if you’re lacking in the experience department. It’s imperative to set yourself apart from all the other candidates who have the same or more experience than you. Two ways to get your application an eyebrow raise are your e-mail subject line and the aesthetic of your CV. Editors’ inboxes are filled with hundreds of e-mails a day so use your subject line to stand out from all the other intern e-mails. Make it short, concise but interesting so they have to read it. I’m not sure where I came up with mine, but I definitely did a ton of research, looked at lots of examples and steered away from the conventional. Think of it like a headline, but always ensure it’s appropriate. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your CV. Fashion and media are industries where creativity is celebrated after all, so you can afford to push boundaries with your application (although as was suggested to me by Heat’s Senior Editor, simplicity is often better). It’ll make you memorable and give you a chance to show your personality and how badly you want that internship. Think of the dozens of black and white word documents an editor receives then *boom* in comes your creative piece of curriculum vitae. At one of my internships, the editor showed my CV to the entire office and asked how I created it. I used photoshop (good way to showcase photoshop skills) in order to create an infographic CV. Infographics are a succinct means of getting your experience across, way more visual and fun to look at, and a great way to play on human psychology (psych student coming thru). Who wants to read through dozens of identical applications when you could present the same information through image, colour and an attractive aesthetic. Chances are they won’t be glossing over your CV. It’s different to the usual application so they’ll take note. If you dont know how to use photoshop - like me pre-CV - just google everything. Google is your friend.

Be as modest or as extra as you please

For infographic inspo I did a Google and Pinterest search for creative CVs. I saved my favourites and used them for inspiration on how to design my own. As mentioned in the intro, I based the colour scheme of my CV on the cover of the first magazine I applied to. Partly because the colours were soo beautiful, and because I wanted to impress them. I literally used a colour code finder to find the exact colours. If that doesn’t show how bad you want that internship I don’t know what could! A strong subject line and a pretty CV are bound to give you a good footing in the application process.

Here’s a buzzfeed link to CV ideas you could use for any job, not just creative ones

Use your Initiative/Be a Ninja.

Once you’ve got through the prelims and finally land that internship, it’s time to be on your A-game and stay on that A-game. Bring a notebook so you can take note of instructions, feedback and stay on track. It also makes you look like an eager beaver who’s ready to work. It’s important not just to do what you’re told, but to go beyond that. Do things that your editor didnt even ask or expect you to do. Make everyone’s life as easy as possible by doing more than you have to. So if you’re asked to write an article for online, write the tags and social media posts for it too. If you’re asked to research an interviewee organise your research in an easy-to-read format and suggest interview questions - even if you weren’t asked to. You must always be one step ahead. It’s important to be quick but not to sacrifice quality. So edit, edit, edit. You better be the most helpful and competent ninja that office has ever seen.

Be Present.

Carrie started as an intern. Who wouldn’t want to be Carrie?

Don’t be scared to contribute to discussions. An intern is still a part of the team so offer your ideas and when asked - dont be a neutral party - give your opinion. Be sure to make the most of your time at a publication and get to know people. A good conversation starter is to ask them questions about themselves. Like how they came to work there or any advice they could give you. Dont be a silent voice in the background, you’ve got to be a helping hand and a smiling face. Remember, these are the people giving you references and everyone seems to know each other in fashion, so they could recommend you to someone or even offer you a job based on how lovely you were during your stay.

Be a Nice Human.

UAL produced McQueen and Phoebe Philo. Their word is golden. 

This is integral in any field. Be nice and respectful to any and everyone you meet. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met and googled when I got home only to realise how major they were. These are the people you could be working with one day or the key to your next opportunity. You need to be remembered as a pleasant and competent person because in order to advance, it really can be about who you know. So greet and say hello to everyone. Even if you’re shy and really awkward, you have to do it! Try to get as many contacts as you can and keep in touch. Whether that be e-mailing them for advice once, thanking them for your experience or offering your time to help them (I recently did this and ended up working at Topshop’s flagship for a few days - score!) This includes fellow interns. A lot of people in the industry started as interns - look at where they are now? Who’s to say that intern on the Mac next you won’t go on to work at a PR firm that might just be hiring, or recommend you when a last minute stylist assistant is needed? Just leave a good impression on everyone you meet, k?

In summary, get off your bottom and seek experience whether that be online or in your local area, get creative with your e-mail, cover letter and CV, always be one step ahead of your editor’s needs and treat everyone with upmost respect. Fashion and the media aren’t as mean as TV and film make them out to be. People tend to be very helpful. The opportunity is there you just have to be willing to go for it!

Now you’re equipped, go get that internship!

Yours truly,


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anonymous asked:

What inspired the design for Patience? I mean, how did you go about figuring out the design for them? I've always been nearly at a loss when trying to figure out, for instance, what color scheme they'd have. I mean, it's not like Frisk or Chara wear Red, so I can't just default to Light Blue for Patience...

patience – or “ribbon kid” as we fondly call them – was originally drawn quite a while ago. i love designing characters so this was pretty fun! here was my first pass at them:

(heart eyes are totally canon.)

i did the character design this time. minty came up with the clothes and i came up with ribbon kid’s general colour scheme. the outfit and colours have significance. 

i always wanted this child to have light blue hair! minty wanted the child to have a more natural hair colour, but i persevered until minty fell in love with them. it just took a little patience.

apparently the last time i touched this file was shortly after caretaker began! that was probably the same day i came up with their design.

Going in depth with “The Depths”

Title is exactly what I’m going to be talking about, “The Depths” from season 2, episode 2.

For anybody who supports the theory that Lance is Bisexual, or if you want some enlightenment as to why people think that, this could potentially help… If not, and if you don’t ship Klance/Laith, then I recommend not reading this as you’ll just get annoyed at me, probably…

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anonymous asked:

i think shiro's narrative arc has been leading to him returning to the garrison to be of a higher rank. i've seen your opinions abt black paladin shiro but since s2 we've seen him wanting to pass the baton to keith and keith is inspired by his leadership. the "real shiro" has always been there and now he's captain of the atlas--that scene was so powerful and gave him recognition and reverence that we haven't seen in a while/he deserves. just arguing a counterpoint, not looking for a spat


shiro was only in the atlas because allura gave him altean crystals, and he was able to use her abilities, not his own. shiro automatically being deferred to as captain showed that he is a born leader that men follow without question – the exact definition of the type of person who should pilot the black lion. shiro never wanted keith to pilot the black lion, but only knew it was a war and thought he wouldn’t make it out alive (and shiro did die, and kuron did too, so he was right, twice over). and keith was never inspired by shiro’s leadership for his own. keith said “no,” every step of the way to being black paladin.

shiro knew going into space would likely kill him and always wanted to be an explorer of the stars. his character design and colour scheme aligned him with black, the guardian of the sky.

a character wanting another character to take their place if they die is not the same as a character wanting another character to take their place because they no longer want it. furthermore, a character doing all the work and another character reaping all the benefits for it is bad writing. because shiro was the one who freed black from zarkon, who black saved from zarkon, who was black’s first choice of the paladins. shiro was the one who unlocked her wings, and her bayard, by himself.

and then keith gets a black bayard and zarkon-free lion handed to him on a silver platter and didn’t earn any of it. he unlocks black wings in s6 but only with shiro’s help.

and then s7 completely glosses over how and why shiro’s bond with black was supposedly removed, and why keith, who constantly pushed for shiro to be black paaldin seasons one through six, was suddenly okay with piloting black now that shiro was back.

and that’s just looking at the bare bones of the narrative, never mind the personal arcs of the characters. because shiro not being in the black lion is mind blowingly ableist: more on that here, and here.

and just a reminder, because personal representation matters: voltron has had five disabled characters (narti, shiro, kuron, and ezor and zethrid as of s7). all five of them died, and shiro was brought back bc the execs stepped in and said the EPs couldn’t kill him off for good. 

voltron has four lgbtq+, or queer coded characters (adam and shiro are lgbtq+, and ezor and zethrid were romantically queer coded with each other in s7). all those characters are dead. adam died after maybe a minute and a half of screentime, and shiro got 10 seconds to mourn him. shiro is shown to have no other family on earth. compare that to pidge, who got multiple scenes dedicated to her mourning or missing her family, even though she gets them all back safe and sound in the end. 

ezor and zethrid are disabled and queer coded, re-introduced in one episode, but acxa, the non-disabled general who’s being teased with keith (ie. is straight), is the only one to not be evil and enjoy torturing children. ezor and zethrid also die 10 minutes later. acxa gets saved by her love interest.

and one last link about why keith’s leadership arc was incoherent and badly written. 

please read all these links, and actually really consider what i’m saying, not what will allow you to still enjoy the show, before getting back to me, if you choose to do so. this is more than a story “not going my way”. this is a story entrenched in ableism and to the queer community has also said every step of the way of s7: “you’re dead or you’re evil or you’re sidelined and you’re supposed to be happy about it. why are you getting mad at us?”

it’s not just bad storytelling. it’s harmful storytelling, too.

How I passed A-Level Biology

This is for the anon who was feeling a bit let-down by their AS level biology mark, and asked how I revised.  Prepare for an essay…

First off, a D isn’t far off a C, especially considering the harsh marking this year and the fact that you may have just had an off-day.  There is plenty of scope to make up marks next year in your A2, and in your re-sit.  Ask your teachers to help you do some UMS calculations to see how far you are off each grade.  I had similar results in my AS year and easily made it up with practicals and whatnot.  It sounds like you worked really hard, and the first thing you need to do is recognise that; I’m certainly proud of you!

However, if you want my advice (as you probably do because you, erm, asked for it), this is what I would recommend you do from here on in.  This is because I learn by writing; actually producing words in my own format, repetitively, then reading my own materials. It’s a lot of work, and I have no idea if it’ll work for you, but it was worth it for me.  I got a high A in the end.

~ go through the specification for your exam board.  Write it out in your own words.  Know what you need to know, inside out.

~ divide the spec into understandable chunks - your textbook will help with this e.g. “genetics”.  For each section, RE-CREATE all the following materials, (using your pre-existing notes and extra textbooks if you need them):

~ baseline, detailed notes.  Typed or handwritten, whatever you prefer.  Think of it as writing a textbook, for you.  Explain everything to a depth that someone at GCSE could understand it.  Add photos, diagrams, highlighted words - anything that helps. Spend time on these, as everything else kinda depends on them.

~ quiz.  Every fact you have written in your baselines notes, write a question for.  On a separate sheet, write the answers out in full (these are great for bus journeys).  For example, your notes might say “human somatic cells have 46 chromosomes, organised into 23 pairs.” Your quiz would ask, “How many chromosomes does a human somatic cell have, and how are they organised?”  Your answer sheet would read the same as your notes, “human somatic cells have 46 chromosomes, organised into 23 pairs.”  (See what I mean about repetition now?!)

~ put your specification notes and baselines notes side-by-side.  Create revision cards by withdrawing the knowledge that the spec asks for, from your baselines notes.  Don’t bother writing full sentences or even words; abbreviation like “ind.” for “individual” are handy.  Your brain still reads individual, which is the main thing; but it also sees a much smaller section of writing and thinks “woohoo! Achievable.”  Use different colour pens, different colour cards for each spec section; again, whatever helps you.  (Wilkos is a great place to shop for revision cards, and here in Exeter they do 10% student discount!)

~ do all of the above for every section.  That will cement FACTS into your mind.  Facts are important, but unfortunately at A Level it’s all about the application.  Play the game.  Learn how to pass an exam, by doing the following:

~ try to find past exam questions organised into topics. Depending on your exam board (and how helpful your school is), topic question packs may be very easy or very hard to find.  If so, do the steps below using those question packs.  If not, just do what I’ve written below.

~ print off three copies of each past paper you can find (if your exam board is really new, go back to the old spec and use their papers; just be aware of spec differences), and one copy of each mark scheme.

~ firstly, use the mark scheme to answer each question to your fullest capability.  Write more than you need to.  You literally have all the answers in front of you.  Think WHY the answer is the answer; DON’T just copy the mark-scheme. If you don’t understand anything, consult all your materials (including quizzes), and then ask your teacher for some help in a break time or at the end of class.  

~ do the SAME exam paper, using just your notes and revision cards but no mark scheme.  Mark it using your paper copy and the mark scheme if you still need it. Write out model answers if your actual answer was anything but.  

~ thirdly, do your last copy of the same paper, using just your memory.  Mark it and write out the model answers.  If you don’t feel like you know the paper inside out, repeat whichever step you like.

~ if you did the above using topic question packs, repeat it using the actual mixed up exam papers.

I’m not gonna lie, that is a huge amount of work. The most important final step is: DON’T follow my advice unless you think it would be helpful!!  I have friends who only learn things through reading it out loud, recording themselves saying it and listening back – writing does nothing for them, and the above would be a waste of time.  Only you know how you learn best, and if you’re not sure there are plenty of time-wasting quizzes on the internet to find out.

(Also, environmentalist caveat, please don’t use more paper than you need.  Try printing two pages to a sheet, or double-sided, and recycling anything you don’t need!)

If there’s anything you don’t understand, or if I haven’t explained anything quite right, please get back to me.  As I said, I’m not good with this account but I’ll try to get back to you.  If anyone has any other tips, feel free to send them in!

I wish you – and everyone who reads this – all the best in your studies :)

Love, Becca


Helloooooo my darlings! 💖  Summer is officially here, which means I have a long three months’ break to start earning as much as I can before I start my second year of uni. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to my very first batch of commissions - super excited yet super nervous haha bear with me!

As you can see my offers extend a range of art styles to your liking. For now, however, I can only open 10 slots at a time. You know how it goes: baby steps first!

If you are interested in further details or are just a curious little thing, please read under the cut. ;)

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Room Analysis: Rose Quartz

Anonymous said:
What is the point of Rose Quartz’s room? Not as a narrative device, which it functions wonderfully as a reflective and therefore revealing mirror, but in universe, what was its purpose? Why would Rose Quartz have her room be able to form simulations?

I think this is a good question. When we look at the rooms of the gems, they are their rooms in every sense of the word. Not only do the Crystal Gems own these spaces, but as we’ve seen from Barn Mates, all gems want to feel as though they have a space of their own. 

What I think is that it isn’t necessarily having a physical space itself that really makes the room compelling. Rather, it’s the idea that in a world that is still foreign, sometimes hostile, and always uncontrollable, a room is a space in which freedom and control can be exercised at the same time.

This is more prominently observed in some Gems’ rooms over others. But it’s a recurring thing that is evident enough to warrant further analysis.

Because the space is so personal, we get to see something of the characters that at times, aren’t even revealed to the characters themselves. With that, let’s kick off this new series with Rose’s room.

1. The Imagery of Pink Clouds

When we look at Rose’s room in particular, it does indeed appear consistent with her character, by the sheer colour scheme alone already tells us how much of Rose’s the room is. 

And I think this contrasts with the way the other Gems’ rooms are presented. Characters who maintain a physical presence in the show, like the other Crystal Gems and the Homeworld “defectors” have a more subtle sign that a room is theirs. For instance, Pearl does have the whitish blues in her room, but it could also be mistaken for a room in the Sea Spire without proper context. Amethyst’s room in the temple has piles of purple but the dominant background colours also involve blue. And the Burning Room, which is Garnet’s space, is largely devoid of the colours in her aesthetic. The same can be said for the Barn, Peridot, and Lapis.

On the other hand, Rose doesn’t have her own presence in the show. Her influence in events and the way characters interact is in no part facilitated by present actions. Instead, reminders of her exert a strong influence on the cast. And it would then make sense that each reminder is very prominent and very apparent. 

Part of this presentation involves how the clouds are the same pink as her hair, and her gemstone. I would say that thematically, the overtness of colour indicates a reinforcement of Rose’s identity. While the other Gems are more comfortable with the subtlety of their identity being revealed in their space, Rose needed to be reminded of it every time she entered her comfort zone. 

Rose went through a lot of changes in her life. From leaving her rank on Homeworld, to initiating the Rebellion, to remaining on Earth, to meeting Greg, to deciding to have Steven, her roles continually changed.

That the other main motif is clouds reinforces this. Clouds are transient. They form through condensation and they dissipate. They are moved around by external forces such as the temperature and wind. 

In that, it would make sense that Rose had nothing in her room. It shows that her person was not beyond just letting things go, and letting the forces around her show her what her next step would be. 

We know that’s just the surface though. We know that Rose did struggle with the things she did, that she wanted to make things right but really didn’t know how. Rose wanted to be able to let go. And to some extent she was successful. She didn’t rock the boat she was on too much and was able to leave a lot of loose ends untouched. Chief among them was her own friend and comrade.

Nonetheless, she couldn’t completely shut off how she felt about the past. Her many attempts at healing the corrupted gems show that her past did weigh on her. Trying to heal them may have been a way to assuage herself of the guilt, dragging everyone into the war she started.

On their own, the absence of anything in the room may have served the purpose of centring  Rose. The quiet of her room may have helped her cope with the clutter in her mind. There were so many things that she didn’t say and didn’t try to say.

The room is a sharp break from who she was as a character: Complicated. Even when the weather in the room becomes tumultuous, there is still nothing there. Nothing to get whipped by the wind or tossed around by the draft. But it does show us who Rose wanted to be, or at least what she was trying to become.

2. Projections, Fabrications, and Simulations

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Starry Starry Night

Sam Holland x Reader

Words: 2,016

Requested by: anonymous

“Hello hello! Could I have a Sam Holland fic where they have been best friends all their life and they are stargazing outside on a blanket and they are talking about how pretty the sky is when Sam accidentally blurts out “not as pretty as you” and the reader is like “what did you say?” And he gets all adorable awkward and nervous? And the rest is just super fluffy!! And they kiss and he asks her to be his girlfriend? Thank you in advance! Xxoo”

I’m back from the dead! I really enjoyed writing this one so I hope you enjoy it as well. Also, I’m really sorry requests are taking so fucking long, college is kicking my ass rn :( As you guys can see, I’m putting together a permanent masterlist for everything I write so if you’d like to be included, please shoot me a message! REQUESTS ARE STILL CLOSED I’M VERY SORRY!

permanent taglist: @theholyholland, @optimisticbee, @johnsonxstilinski, @lyssamorgan, @osterfield-holland, @flowergirlbarneswriting


“I really don’t get the fascination, Y/N.” Sam told you, looking up at the glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to your ceiling. He was lying on your bed, taking up the majority of the space while you were left to sit on the floor with your back against the footboard.

It wasn’t very gentlemanly but Sam didn’t have to be gentlemanly around you, you’ve known each other forever.

“Sam, we’ve been over this.” you sighed

Over the course of the past few weeks, you’ve been taking him camping every other night in hopes that he’d finally learn to appreciate the night sky as you did. But… Well, let’s just say you had your work cut out for you.

The shaggy haired boy propped himself up on his elbows and peered down at you. “I don’t know what you mean.” he feigned innocence, widening his green eyes

“Mhm, maybe that’s because every time I try to explain things or even just get you to look, you fall asleep. Literally.”

That’s what happened the other day. Just as you were about to delve deeper into the history of the stars, you’d heard light snoring next to you. Sam had fallen asleep earlier while you were pointing out each constellation you knew (in your defense, you didn’t even know that many).

He chuckled and shook his head, a gorgeous smile gracing his face. “Now I definitely don’t know what you’re talking about, Starchild.”

Starchild, his old nickname for you. You hadn’t heard it in a while. Ever since you were a kid, you already had a love affair with the stars. Your parents would have to drag you back inside your house every night since you never wanted to leave your backyard once the sun set.

Perhaps it was the abstract quality of the sky that drew you to it, how it was nothing and everything at the same time, how when you looked up at it at night, you felt everything melt away. It made you feel small, like all your problems were insignificant in the larger scheme of things.

The feeling was holistic in a sense and you really, really wanted Sam to experience it with you.

A new wave of determination crashed over you. You stood up and placed your hands on your hips, your eyes staring into his intensely. Sam squirmed under your gaze.

“I don’t like this look, Y/N. What are you planning?”

“We’re going to sleep in the backyard.” you declared with finality

“Aw, but Y/N..” he began to whine. You shot him a death glare and he immediately pouted.

“Fine.” he grumbled, turning his back on you. Sam snuggled his face against your fresh sheets and closed his eyes.

You watched by your window in awe as the sky began to minutely change colours. Sunset was fast approaching and Sam was still snoring away on your bed. You walked over to your closet and brought out an old blanket.

Sam looked so peaceful as he slept, his soft hair draped across his forehead, and his eyelashes fanned delicately over his cheeks. He looked like a bona fide angel, too bad it was time to wake the angel up. Standing over him with your arms out in front of you, you dropped the rather thick blanket over his head.

He jerked awake, his long legs kicking at the air. You couldn’t help but snicker at him. Sam yanked the blanket off his face and glared at you, sleep still clouding in his eyes.

“What was that for?”

“It’s sunset, almost time to go outside. You’re lucky I even let you sleep.” you hip checked him playfully as you passed. He stood there, still half asleep, wondering why in the hell couldn’t you just let him go back to bed.

“Let’s go!” you dragged him out of your bedroom and out the backdoor

Any minute now, the sun would begin to set and the night sky would descend. You hastily told Sam to lay the blanket out.

“Alright, alright. Calm down, Y/N. Seriously.” he muttered, smoothing the blanket out against the grass

“I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want you to miss it.” you said as you lay down

The ardent, sincere, and almost panicked tone in your voice made Sam shake his head with the tiniest of smiles on his face. You were really so eager to share this with him, maybe he should’ve been more enthusiastic about it.

“Sam! Come on and lie down! What are you staring at?”

Oh crap. Was he staring at you the whole time?

He tried to brush it off with a nervous chuckle as he lay down next to you. The sky was orange. Just as it always was at this time of day, Sam frowned at it, what was the big deal? He tried to be a little more supportive though.

“Wow. So… Nice.” Sam commented in a flat tone. You let out a laugh and smacked his chest, he caught your hand and held it there. You could feel the steady beating of his heart underneath your intertwined fingers.

“You haven’t seen anything yet, Sam.” you told him

Lucky for you, you didn’t have to do any more talking. Sunset was beginning.

The tangerine sky was streaked with scarlets, sparkling amethysts, and pomegranate pinks, all converging together seamlessly to create the stunning view. It was breathtaking and it was unlike all the other sunsets you’ve seen before, every sunset was different, you’ve noticed.

You turned your head to gauge Sam’s reaction. Much to your dissatisfaction, his eyebrows were furrowed together. You decided to keep quiet though, so the two of you watched in silence as the sunset darkened into an obsidian expanse.

“You didn’t like it?” the disappointment in your voice was evident, you weren’t trying to hide it. How on earth couldn’t he have enjoyed, or at least fucking appreciated that?

Sam looked at you, his eyebrows furrowing even deeper but he just squeezed your hand and turned his gaze back to the now star-speckled sky before him. With a huff, you did the same.


What an uncultured, unappreciative, ignorant little-

“That was brilliant.”

-What now?

“Y-Yeah? I mean, I thought you didn’t like it because you looked a little upset.”

“It was brilliant. I’m sorry I never caught on all the other times, Y/N.” Sam apologised, running his thumb along the back of your hand, the action made goosebumps break through your arms.

“Oh, uh, that’s okay. You’re here now. And uh, let’s just focus on the stars, can we?”

It was such a beautiful night, you weren’t sure if your eyes were playing tricks on you or if it was because Sam was finally awake to see them, but it seemed like the stars were shining brighter than you’d ever seen them before. They were twinkling and glistening like miniscule precious diamonds laid upon luxurious black velvet.

“God,” you sighed, letting the calm wash over you. “It’s so beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you.” Sam said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” you pulled your hand from his and immediately sat up, a puzzled smirk on your lips

Sam looked at you, confused. What were you going on about? He didn’t say anything… Oh. OH CRAP. He shot up as well, hands up defensively.

“Y/N, wait. I didn’t mean-”

“Not as beautiful as you, you said.” the smirk on your face stretched into a full blown grin

Oh fuck.

His hands were getting sweaty, really sweaty. The perplexed look you were giving wasn’t helping at all. Sweat was legitimately beginning to collect on his forehead, he wiped it off with the back of his hand.

“Did it just get hotter out here?” he chuckled like an absolute dork

“It didn’t.” you replied, raising an eyebrow at him

“Look, Y/N..” he began, hoping he would make it up as he went along. But how the hell was he supposed to? Was he just supposed to casually tell you that he’s been in love with you for the longest time? Or that being with you was the best part of his day?

“Y/N, look..” Sam was just.. spiralling downward. He totally fucked up but he had to own up to it, you heard what he said. There was no coming back.

“Y/N..” he attempted again, wringing his hands together. He was moving heaven, earth, and all the other fucking planets just to come up with the appropriate thing to say when he’s just made an ass of himself.

“Yes, Sam?” your tone was sickly sweet, clearly teasing him. It made him groan, but then he began to laugh, scrunching his eyes together as he shook his head, you laughed along with him.

“Damn it, Y/N.” Sam scratched the back of his neck. His nervousness definitely decreased but it was still there, since he was sure you wouldn’t let this one slide.

And sure enough, you were looking at him expectantly when he turned to face you. Sam dropped his gaze to the old blanket you two were sitting on, he ran a hand over the soft material and took in a lungful of the dewy night air.

“Well.. What can I say really, Y/N? I think you’re beautiful. Always have.” he mumbled, his entire face had gone beet red. It was adorable.

His admission left you pleasantly surprised, very pleasantly surprised. You felt like he had more to say but you didn’t want to jinx it, nor did you want to make assumptions, you could be wrong.

“Why, thank you, Sam. I think you’re beautiful too.” you replied with a cheeky grin

You leaned over to give him a kiss on his cheek, but he turned his head and cupped your cheeks in between his warm hands. Your faces were mere inches apart.

Oh, he was so beautiful. Sam’s eyes were gloriously green, you envied them and loved them at the same time, his jaw was strong and defined, his lips were perfectly shaped and you knew they would be soft. His cheeks were dusted with freckles, maybe that was one reason you loved Sam the way you did, he was star-kissed.

“You have galaxies on your cheeks.” you whispered to him affectionately

The tender sentiment mingled with your sweet breath and hit Sam’s senses, he pressed his lips to yours without any hesitation, all of his prior worry crumbled away to the addicting feeling of your soft lips against his.

And so you two kissed for the first time, underneath the majestic canopy of the starry night. The stars appeared to burn brighter all around you, their light intensifying in sync with your movements. Sam pulled away, pressing his forehead against yours as you two struggled to catch your breath.

“Will you be my shooting star?” he asked you, pressing a featherlight kiss on your cheek

“You want me to be a flaming meteoroid falling into the Earth’s atmosphere?”

“No. No. I meant that in the sense that you’re very rare and special.”

“But they aren’t rare nor are they special, Sam.”

“Oh, for the love of God, Y/N. Will you just be my girlfriend?” he threw his arms around you and lay you back down on the blanket

“Hmm, what do I get in return if I say yes?”

Sam gave you a look that was a mixture of surprise and offence, he tickled you and buried his face in your neck.

“Besides this fine gent?” his voice was muffled by your hair. He laid on his side and admired you under the pale glow of the moonlight

“I’m thinking we could watch the sunset and stargaze every night? I promise I won’t be falling asleep.” he smiled at you and it seemed to shine brighter than all the stars in the sky combined

Who were you to turn down an offer -and a smile- like that?

“I’m thinking, yes. I would be delighted to be your girlfriend.”

You don’t have to.

Authors Note: Hi! I am trying to do blurbs but I am all out of good ideas. Oh well. ‍‍♀️

You can find my Blurbs HERE

Your fingers tap against the steering wheel of the car, your eyes concentrated on the road that is leading you to your destination, Harry.
The two of you made the decision that he would make the long drive to his hometown on his own for his sister’s wedding dinner. You hadn’t been feeling the best recently and he had been a bit of a grouchy ass leading up to when he left two days ago. You’d think after three years of marriage that you’d be accustomed to his outbursts of hasty grouchiness, but since they’re so uncharacteristic, you never know how to deal with them.
While left on your own for two days, you felt guilty for opting to stay in London while his family gathered to celebrate his sisters soon to be wedding.
You arrive at his childhood home, numerous cars parked in the driveway and up the sidewalk already. You get out of the car and stretch your legs with a heavy breath, relieved to ultimately be out of the car and not staring at the road while endeavoring to keep yourself entertained with the radio stations playing the selfsame music. You adjust your sweater before opening the back seat and grabbing the heels you purposely packed for this very moment. You’re well aware that almost everyone in that house will be in a pair of heels and being kitted out in charming attire, and despite not relishing having to throw on a pair of heels, you do it anyway.
You wander along the frozen pavement towards the house, attempting your best to make it a brisk walk as the frigid air settles around you. You reach the front steps and press the doorbell, shivering as the wind picks up and fallen leaves whirl around your heels.  

The door opens and you’re welcomed by his sister, her smile wider than you’d expected, “you came!” She fervently lures you in for a hug and ushers you into the warmth of the house. “My brother said you were staying in London,” she closes the door before she’s facing you again.

You give her a delicate smile, “I was, but I felt better and just had to come, how does it feel to be getting married soon?” You challenge as you both transit down the hallway,

“Exciting! Now I understand why you were so enthused when you married my brother.”

You chuckle, “well, where is that brother of yours?” You call into question as you scour the room saturated of all her friends and family,

“Last I saw him he was with Mum in the kitchen.”

“How typical,” you chuckle as your eyes dance around the room. At first, you take note of the decorations and the colour scheme, a very laid back and neutral setup. Harry’s sister has never been one to be over the top or draw attention to herself, so you’re not surprised by the subtleness of everything. Your eyes promptly encounter Harry’s familiar broad shoulders clothed in the black sweater he always wears when visiting his Mum. He’s standing, talking to someone with a brunette on his arm, her hand’s pressed delicately to his arm in the same way you urge your hands to him.

You relentlessly stare as you take in the woman’s full-length legs and her flawlessly curled hair. Just from behind you can tell she’s the type of girl you’ve always been jealous of, if the untainted hair wasn’t enough, there’s no doubt in your mind her outfit and makeup is perhaps better than yours.

You hear his laugh as it lights up the room and he just happens to cock his head for his eyes to meet yours. Your heart races and he instantaneously begins to excuse himself from the small group he was around.

You sigh to yourself and roam away, your heels hammering against the flooring before his hand wraps around your wrist graciously. You pull it away and turn to face him, fury evident in your face.

“Hey, you’re here,” he smiles, leaning in to try to kiss your lips but you cock your head for him to catch your cheek.

“Yeah, I’m here, clearly it was a mistake,”

“Love, what do you mean?”

“How many times do we have to go through this?” You interrogate with irascibility to your voice, “Is this why you agreed for me to stay in London?” You gesture subtly towards the brunette that was on his arm and his eyes follow your motion.

“Let’s go somewhere more private,” he clears his throat, taking your hand and diplomatically drawing you down the hallway to his old childhood room.

The bedroom hasn’t changed since the last time you were here, his bed is in the same old place with the identical royal blue  comforter over it. He closes the door and you travel around his room, unsure of what you really want to say at this point.
“Y/N, she’s tipsy, what do you want me to do?” He questions as you do your best to avoid eye contact with him.

This isn’t the first time you’ve managed to encounter him with a woman on his arm, it seems like anytime you leave him alone there’s a woman close to him.

“You push her away, you walk away, you don’t let her hands stay all over you. Damn, Harry. Just—, is it so hard for you not to let women hang all over you?” You cross your arms, your eyes finally meeting his.

“Did you come up here just to argue? Every time you come up here you get jealous.”

“No. Every time I leave you alone up here it seems like it’s an open invitation for you to warrant women to put their hands on you. Like last time I found you and some girl dancing and singing karaoke like you’re seconds Away from shagging.”

“I was drunk, that wasn’t my fault.” He hastily defends, “You just walked in at the wrong time tonight, I promise nothing was happening or going to happen.”

“Whatever, you have fun and takes pleasure in the night, I’m going to drive back home, clearly I came up here for no damn reason.”

“You don’t have to leave,” he shakes his head, “Why’d you come up here?”

“I needed to speak to you and I felt bad for bailing on your sister.”

“You couldn’t have called?” He raises a brow and you shoot him a death stare, “I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.” He sighs as he runs his fingers through his hair.

You sit on the edge of his bed and sigh, “You know, it sucks sleeping without you,” Harry steps closer and leans on the Chester drawers in front of you, his lips curving into a small smile.

“You’re just trying to talk your way out of this,”

“Mhmmm, no. It’s true. It’s like being on tour, a big empty bed and the love of my life miles away.”

“Did long legs not want to get close to you in bed?” You mutter, referencing his squiffy friend.

“I just want you, you know that. You drove five hours just for me?” He sits down beside you and presses his hand to your knee, “I’m flattered you’d drive all that way just for me.”

“Cocky, I see.” You chuckle, leaning on his shoulder, “so, you and long legs are?”

“That’s my sisters best friend, she’s engaged, and me and her don’t get along when she’s sober. Want to tell me why you drove all this way? I know it wasn’t for my sister.”

“It may have been,”

“It wasn’t.” … “you said it yourself that you didn’t feel like coming up here.”

“That makes me sound like a total bitch for a sister in law.” You sigh, not liking the way he put it. It’s not like you just didn’t want to come, you honestly didn’t think a five hour drive was a good decision on your behalf.

“You weren’t feeling well when I left, you had a valid reason.”

“Mhm. Well, I got my blood test back.” You begin and he hums, not too concerned, you have them monthly and this is no new thing to him. “You know how we’ve been trying for a year and a half to make a family?”

“Yeah, I forgot to tell you, my sister told me some thing where if the bed is facing a certain way it helps with conceiving.” … “apparently she is getting impatient waiting,” Harry chuckles as his arm snakes itself around you.

“We won’t be needing to change the bed.”

“I didn’t plan on taking that advice.”

“No, Harry… we don’t need to do anything,”

“Well yeah, we agreed we’d just let it happen.” He responds, not taking the hint. He has never been good at taking hints.

“It happened.” You breathe out, the room growing serene as you bite your lip, his mind processing what you mean. “We don’t have to try anymore, that’s why I drove down here. I didn’t want to wait.”

“Are you serious?” He rests his eyes on you.

The two of you have been trying for a while and you essentially gave up when it didn’t happen, so you both agreed to take a breath and let it all happen on its own. When you found out this morning, you looked just like him, wide-eyed and bewildered.

“I’ll be skipping be champagne at your sister’s wedding next weekend. And we might want to change RSVP from the seafood to something more suitable.”

“Christ, you can have anything you want, you name it, it’s yours. I love you, holy—” he blissfully smiles before kissing you, unable to finish his sentence.

My thoughts on the new httyd poster

- Not feeling it currently, looks a bit unprofessional. The colour scheme is wack, the composition - boring, and poses -weird. Why is hiccup just standing awkwardly in the middle? The httyd1&2 posters were good what happened???

- The light fury is.. worrying. I like the idea that she may be an aquatic dragon. Which would explain the lack of nubs and the beluga-like shape. Not sure how she would swim with those massive wings, or even be the same species as toothless but, whatever, i guess i’m not supposed to think about that. People are saying this ‘hidden world’ is underwater and i’m inclined to agree.

- Yes i am worried about toothless and the light fury being too ‘hetero’. She is sparkly, smooth with no scars. She’s more rounded and curvy. She even has a softer expression?

- And when I say hetero, I don’t mean don’t mean make toothless gay. What i mean is: I don’t want them to conform to human gender stereotypes. Because they’re not human. And doing this would mean dean was so intent on being cliche that he ignored logic and contiguity. That’s bad writing. I already thought toothless was a bit too dog-like in httyd2 (an awful trope). I forgot it could get so, so much worse.

All in all though, i’m still optimistic. They marketing team and the writing team are very, very different. And hopefully the former doesn’t have too much influence on the latter. I’m gonna hold out hope for the trailer.