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big dog, little dog


Jack suddenly stands up and rushes out of the room during a recording. He kicks the chair so hard that it bangs against the desk. The camera twists and falls, and now its facing the door. We can see Jack walking down the hallway. Not walking. Running. The camera cuts out, but not before faint whispers.

Now we are somewhere else in the house. Watching. Observing. We see Jack going from room to room. Clearing them. He looks scared. The camera starts to have little blips and static on the sides of the frame, before its completely taken over by it. Consumed. It’s useless now.

Another camera, different angle. Soon enough this one is taken too. And it keeps happening. We see Jack get more and more panicked as he goes on. His chest is heavy, body shaking.

We have a brief pause. Jack sits down on the floor of a hallway, head in his hands. Sobbing. His hands pass through his hair, tugging and pulling. Then…he looks off to the side and freezes. After a second he scrambles up and bolts in the opposite direction. This camera doesnt cut. Not yet. Blips and glitches again corrupt the cameras view. But a person walking can be made out. They are entirely dark. Save for one bright green glowing eye.

We once again see the camera from the recording room. Jack’s running toward it this time. A brief glance at the camera with red puffy fear filled eyes as he slams the door shut and locks it. He backs into the corner, out of view of the camera. You can hear him. Both of them. One of them is whispering for help desperately. The other is whispering soft threats and promises.

More glitches. The door swings open. A pair of legs are there. You know who’s.

5 solid seconds of black.

Then Jack is being dragged out of the door by his legs, screaming, crying, fighting. He looks at you. You could have helped. Why didn’t you help? You could have stopped this.

His hands are wrenched away by a strength more powerful than his own. He’s dragged out of sight. Screaming echoes down the hallway. It goes on for what feels like forever. And then silence.

Slowly but surely, we hear a new sound. Footsteps. Slow. Loud. Steps. Coming closer.

Then we see the source. Hes standing there now. Looking at you lying on the floor. Like a limp puppet who’s strings have been left behind.

We finally hear his voice. And it’s also the last thing we hear.



Voltron? I think you mean off-brand animorphs.

I just finished season 6 and thanks! Iโ€™m going to need a few weeks for that one. So hereโ€™s my coping method of choice - combining my favorite stories about traumatized children in an alien war!

Itโ€™s Lotor as an andalite! The armor was annoying to draw but I think it came out alright in the end.

In general, combining animorphs and Voltron is probably a bad idea - the sheer amount of trauma alone would be overwhelming.

No matter what, it wonโ€™t end well.

in exchange for that amazing drawing of Dennis, I present to you @fernandesart ’s half-dragon OC Charlotte who is adorable and I love her

don’t want to sound like a brag here, but i’ve done three things lately that have made me feel a lot better about STUFF:

  • the first is severely limiting my phone use in the evenings. bit of a scrolling ban after teatime. i have read THREE BOOKS because of this. i think i am sleeping better too!

  • the second is leaving all my groupchats! i don’t really think it is good for anyone to be involved in convos/interaction 24/7 (this is why it is also fine to mute ppl at will on social media imo). irl a chat would come to an end, and notification stress is a real problem. so bye!

  • the third is yoga every day! i have been a bit of a yoga bore for a while now but i’ve been doing a 14 day regime and it has markedly improved my body (in terms of tension and posture) and my mood. the downward dog remains elusive but me and my cast iron hamstrings will get there.

basically, i just wanted to say that it is entirely fine to carve out some time that’s all about you. i think that a lot of us feel that we have to be constantly online and available, or share every little thing with the internet. well, you don’t. you can take a step back, and the world isn’t gonna end. being a little bit selfish and putting your needs first is okay! in fact i highly recommend it.

when are we going to address the fact that Valtteri’s been underperforming in the past 7-odd races

Guys I legit don’t know what to do with this blog, I don’t wanna lose it cause I don’t wanna lose you guys but all of you follow me cause of wizardess heart so I was thinking of turning this into a personal blog, or creating another personal sideblog  and leave this one for wizardess heart only


drarry social media au (that no one asked for) part 12/ next

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theyre rivals

i desperately want clint barton to be portrayed in the mcu like he is in the comics. i wouldn’t even care if marvel completely disregarded continuity. comic book clint is the clint we deserve 


oh my gooodddd THE GAYS WIN AGAIN!!! honestly bubbeline was like.. my first really big wlw ship so just. im so so happy they actually did it ;;; ♡♡♡