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Uzumaki Naruto || Over The Years 
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I Don’t Need Your Assistance

Pairing/Characters: Celebrity!Bucky Barnes x Assistant!Reader
Smut, unprotected sex, oral sex (FR), swearing, angst if u squint
Having an internationally known actor as your boss wasn’t really bad. Not until after a one night stand do you realise that you’re in love with him and there’s something else too, that something else leads you to quit your job.
Word Count:
This is for Tay’s AU Writing Challenge @tatortot2701! I chose the prompt “Frankly, my dear, I do give a damn”! Bucky is pretty much just Sebastian in this AU! Enjoyyyy!

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water park - sincerely three x reader smut (and like 1,000 words of fluff)

request: okay but like sincerely three and reader having a waterpark day and she does something like pull connor into and he just gets pissed™ and pushes them against one of the jets and keeps teases them and keeps saying “you’re in for it when we get home” and jared and evan help and then they keep teasing her on the slides and in the water play thing and when home kinky shit ensures plz plz write this i’ll give u houseplants and cuddles

OH BOY OH BOY THIS IS FUN IG oh,, tags @spicy-nug-boi

Word count; 3455

TW; fem reader (IM SORRY I ALWAYS FEEL AWFUL), daddy kink lowkey, teasing!! in public!!, car rides, begging, lowkey orgasm delay/denial, idek?, poly relationship,its longer than i intended, SEX AND SMUT OBVS, PORN WITH MILD PLOT,  jared kleinmeme is an actual meme, evan is 11/10, bad comedy

When Jared Kleinman had suggested that you, Connor and Evan go to the waterpark to relax and make the best out of the final days of Summer, you had immediately thought it was a great idea. Spending a day with your boyfriends, just escaping all the stress and other shit that was cluttering your mind was exactly what you needed, and while it took a bit of… convincing to get Connor on board with the idea, he was prompted to say yes when you and the two other boys promised him to make it worth-while for him. It didn’t hurt your case when you reminded him of the prospect of seeing you running around in a bikini.

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a concept

  • virgil takes up knitting
  • it’s kind of an accident, really, they’re all hanging out in logan’s room and everybody’s sort of doing their own thing. and he’s browsing logan’s massive collection of books when he stumbles upon a couple patterns - they’re super fuzzy, probably because thomas only ever gave them a cursory glance, but it sparks his interest.
  • “hands have a great amount of nerve endings,” logan always says. “it’s why fidget toys, putty, and ice are as effective as they are.”
  • he talks to thomas without looking at him cause god this is kind of embarrassing - but it’s fine, actually, thomas promises to watch some tutorials on knitting and the next time virgil checks logan’s room, it’s all there.
  • he starts out small, and it’s hard because his hands won’t stop shaking, but eventually he’s got a really small, kind of terrible square in the shade of indigo that he likes. he keeps it in the pocket of his hoodie to tug at.
  • and he keeps getting better! and learning new stitches, and it’s really nice because fidget toys and putty are good to calm him down but so is the monotony of knitting and he actually has something to show for it after (even if roman could probably just summon any kind of knitted clothing - that’s not really the point)
  • he doesn’t really plan on ever telling the other sides, because even though he really has zero reputation to uphold or whatever, he’s still anxious. but patton finds out anyways because of course he does (he almost drops the plate of pancakes he was bringing into virgil’s room, eyes wide, half in shock and half in something incredibly warm)
  • it’s not half as big a deal as he imagined it to be, in his one hundred and fifty imaginary scenarios. logan makes him a binder with a bunch of different patterns, organized by difficulty level. roman teases him about it sometimes but always with a gooey look on his face, always followed by a kiss pressed to virgil’s palms. patton wears every knitted hat and scarf and eventually sweater gifted to him (all at once, one time. it was a memorable occasion.)
  • he likes to knit squares, mostly, with all different kinds of yarn. after awhile he presents the others with a giant patchwork blanket, every square he’s ever knitted all sewed together. patton grins, holding an edge to his chest. roman calls it pretty indie of you, virge, to which virgil scoffs and drags them all to the couch
  • they don’t need to put on a movie, or anything. it’s nice how it is, the four of them all cuddled up together under virgil’s blanket, hands finding each other and squeezing tight. virgil rubs the edge of the blanket between two of his fingers. it’s indigo, and kind of messy, but still good. still good.

mira submitted: hello Bonney! i was wondering if u could write a short story about juvia feeling insecure about gray’s love for her and gray quickly try to assure her that he’s just as in love with her as she is with him! thank u! i really admire u btwhello Bonney! i was wondering if u could write a short story about juvia feeling insecure about gray’s love for her and gray quickly try to assure her that he’s just as in love with her as she is with him! thank u! i really admire u btw

It wasn’t often Juvia was the one in the doghouse; usually Gray was the one to screw up or say something hurtful, but that afternoon, she had been an idiot.

She used the keys of his apartment he had gave her months before and she made a lot of noise so to not surprise him too much.

The living room was empty and Juvia took her coat and boots off, hoping she wouldn’t need to put them on to return to her room at Fairy Hills that night.

Taking a deep breath, she walked towards his bedroom and opened the door slowly and saw her boyfriend lying on his bed, reading a book and he didn’t even look up to her. She hesitated, but hey, at least he wasn’t screaming or glaring at her. Progress.

She stood at the doorway for a few seconds, unsure of what to do, but decided groveling was the way to go – it was what he always did when he upset her and she always forgave him. She would throw in a healthy dose of puppy eyes too, just in case.

Seeing he wasn’t going to acknowledge her first, she sighed and got into bed next to him and even then, he kept reading – she suspected he was just staring at the paper, his eyes weren’t moving at all.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered, lying on her side. “Juvia… was very stupid earlier.”

The Water Mage thought he wasn’t going to answer her at all, Gray lowered the book to his bare stomach and finally looked at her and she could see he was still angry at her so she braced herself for it.

“You think I don’t love you as much as you love me.”

Juvia winced at his harsh tone and steely eyes. That afternoon, while everyone was discussing an article on a magazine about feelings in relationships, Juvia had mentioned how she knew she loved Gray more than he loved her and Gray, who had been silently hearing their friends talk, had stormed out.

She followed him, of course, and he told her she didn’t know him as well as she thought and how wrong she was. The blunette was in such shock with his words that she just stood outside of Fairy Tail, confused and sad she hurt her Gray-sama.

“Juvia is sorry.” She said it again. “Juvia knows you care, she knows we are together because you love her as well.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Then why would you be so certain I don’t love you as much as you do me? I don’t say it much, but you know how important you are to me.”

The blunette hesitated for a moment but decided she couldn’t lie to him, not ever. “Juvia… loves you so much she can’t even believe it herself. It’s something so… deep and- and- and- earth shattering she can’t picture anyone feeling this way about me.” She didn’t like to acknowledge that part of her, she hated how insecure she was of herself and how she didn’t think she was worthy of him. “This feeling is too much to have it in someone else, especially about me. Juvia is just… she’s just Juvia.

Gray’s eyes finally softened with her words and Juvia looked away from him. Juvia didn’t hesitate to put herself at risk to protect her loved ones, she always had a word or two of wisdom to share, she was always there to help her Gray-sama to deal with some darkness from his past and she rarely had the time to work on her own insecurities.

“Juvia.” Gray sighed and put the book on his nightstand. He lied on his side to face her and he put a hand on her hip, making her feel much better. “Do you think I believed at first you were in love with me?” He asked and Juvia was surprised. “I am a complete mess. Well, not so much anymore because you fixed me a little, but I couldn’t believe someone would fall in love with me.”

“I did.” She mumbled and Gray snorted.

“I know – doesn’t mean I thought I was worthy of it, though.” He gave a one shoulder shrug.

“But you are!” Juvia put a hand on his jaw. “You have such a big heart, Gray-sama, you are brave, kind. You can be very sweet too, you are always concerned about your friends and Juvia can’t count the times you helped her feel better when she was down, you are such an amazing person, Gray-sama, Juvia can’t believe you chose her to be with.”

“I can say the exact same things about you and more.” He told her with a pointed look. “If you can love me as much as you do, why can’t I feel the same for you? Why is it so hard to believe I feel for you just as intensely?”

Juvia was taken aback with his words. It didn’t make sense for him to love her as much as she loved him. Her Gray-sama was so great, amazing and she was just Juvia.

“I… I don’t…” She tried but he didn’t let her.

“You belittle yourself too much and I hate when you do that. You always complain when I’m the one doing that so you can’t do it either.” The Ice Mage told her.

“Juvia is just expecting the moment you will realize she’s not for you, and then leave her.”

“I am not leaving, Juvia!” Gray was clearly exasperated. “Somehow, we need to accept just how much we like each other, even if we think the other person is crazy because of it.”

She chuckled softly. “We certainly are not very good examples of mental stability.”

Gray snorted. “Isn’t that the truth.” She laughed with his words and Gray finally leaned her way and kissed her for a few moments, making her sight in contentment. “Promise you won’t think that again.”

The Water Mage pondered his words for a moment, since she wouldn’t like to make a promise she wouldn’t be able to uphold, especially a promise made to Gray. “I promise I won’t think it as much.”

After two seconds, Gray nodded, compromising. “It’s enough for now. I will try to remind you how I feel from time to time”

“Thank you, Gray-sama.” She said and kissed his lips. “Is Juvia out of the doghouse yet or she needs to get dressed and go to Fairy Hills?”

Without giving her a second to get an answer, Gray flipped her to her back and got on top of her, trailing his lips from her own lips and jaw.

“Not when the best part is about to start.” He told her. Juvia laughed and pulled him down to kiss her.

Making up was the best part of getting into a fight.

Maybe the doghouse wasn’t that bad after all.

AN: My baby can be so insecure, the poor thing! T-T Thankfully Gray is having none of it. Haha

Obsessions (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word count: 1544

Pairing: peter parker x reader 

AN: You can read part two and three here

 Letting out a sigh as the cool night air nipped at your skin, causing you to pull the jacket you were wearing tighter around your body. Looking over at your sister who was looking down at her phone and where she was walking simultaneously, checking for updates on the sightings of Spider-man.

Your sister is obsessed with Spider-man and trying to meet him and when you say obsessed you don’t mean it lightly. She goes on these “hunts” I guess you could call them for Spider-man and you just happen to get dragged along with her. It’s not like you hate the guy, you’d just rather be doing literally anything else than following your sister around the streets just so she can catch a glimpse of the masked vigilante. And he was all she talked about. Instead of obsessing over bands or a famous actor like most teens, your sister took the more dangerous option of a hobby and decided to walk around the city in hopes of stumbling across the spider guy, which means she was basically looking for trouble. You knew you could be home right now but you didn’t like knowing that your sister was walking the streets at night alone, so you dragged yourself along on her little expeditions.

“Hey sis, maybe we should head back home now…I mean it’s getting pretty late.” There was this uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach that you couldn’t shake, like something terrible was about to happen. 

Your sister stopped walking, turning to look at you with an annoyed expression. “Ugh why are you worrying all the time. I don’t even ask you to come with me on these things you just do anyways. Go home if it’s bothering you that much." 

Taking a deep breath, trying to control your anger you spoke calmly towards her even though you wanted to scream at her after the attitude she just gave you, you knew she wouldn’t agree if you took that option. "I’m just protecting you okay, it’s not safe for us to be out this late, especially alone. Please can we go back now, I promise we can do this again tomorrow…" 

Giving in she sulked but nodded her head nonetheless. "Fine. But we’re doing this again tomorrow." Leading the way as she turned around with her arms crossed, changing her direction to back home. Rolling your eyes at her bratty behaviour you followed along, sometimes you just couldn’t believe that she was older than you. That she was the nineteen year old and you were the one who was seventeen. 

You eventually made it outside your apartment complex, relief washing over you as you felt the safety of being home. Your sister wasted no time in entering the complex, but you were distracted by a sound coming from the alley behind you. 

Gulping visibly you turned around, almost letting out a scream at what you saw but it was muffled by two large grubby hands that had now grabbed you and pulled you into the alley. You were alone and there was no way your sister would have noticed your absence already, her head was always stuck in the clouds. 

 Hot tears ran down your face as you were roughly slammed into a brick wall, trying to free yourself from the strangers grip as you thrashed your legs around like a madman. But it was no use, you couldn’t escape his strong grip. But that didn’t make you give up hope as you continued to try and escape the mans grasp, attempting to scream out for help. 

 "Shut the fuck up before I blow a bullet into your brains.” The man snarled as he pulled out a gun from his jacket and pressed it against your temple. Whimpers left your mouth at the feeling, this was it, you were going to die. You let out a shaky breath as you waited for the man to speak again…but he never did. 

 Instead you felt his body being ripped off of your own and thrown into a wall. Your eyes widened at the sight before you as you tried to get your breathing back to a steady pace. Looking around for the person who saved you, your eyes connected with the masked ones of spider-man. Yup…Spider-Man. 

Letting out a sigh of relief you straightened up, coming off from against the wall. The masked hero moved towards you slowly as if he was worried that he’d scare you away. “Are you alright miss?” Concern was laced in his voice which sounded younger than you expected. He sounded around your age, like a teenager. 

“U-uh yes, thank you. For saving me and all." You didn’t know how to react, no one ever tells you how to have a conversation with a superhero. Your vision travelled down to the concreted ground as you avoided the mans gaze.

"It’s what I do. Ya know, friendly neighbourhood Spider-man and all that." He chuckled nervously, reaching his arm up behind his head. Wondering why he seemed so nervous you looked up at him once again, raising an eyebrow at his strange behaviour. "You’re a lot different than I expected." 

"W-what do you mean?” He stuttered his words out and you couldn’t help yourself from finding it really cute. Yes, you found the mighty superhero that you’d been complaining about all day cute. What the hell was going on. "It’s just that, you sound so young. Like a teenager.“ 

Letting out a chuckle at your words the boy leaned against the wall, crossing his arms. "Well you’re not exactly old yourself." 

You couldn’t help but laugh at his words, maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. "Touche." 

He was closer to you now so that you could get a better look at him and all the details on his suit. "What’s your name?" 

"I’m Y/N. I would ask for yours but I know you have a secret identity and all that." 

"Do you need help getting home Y/N?”

“I actually live right here, just in that window up there. Just have back luck I guess." You exclaimed as you pointed up at your window.

"I’ll give you a ride." Looking over your shoulder at the boy, you looked at him in confusion. You gave him a puzzled look, what on earth did he mean? "What are you talking ab-" 

Before you could finish your sentence Spider-man had grabbed you by the waist and shot his web shooter at your window, swinging you both up onto the fire escape outside of it. Your body was frozen as he put you down, still shaken up from the unexpected "ride”. 

He opened the window for you as he helped you get inside, you seemed to come back to reality as your feet touched the carpeted floors. “What the fuck was that?!" 

The boy slid through the window after you, chuckling at your words and stunned expression. "Relax, I just was helping you out." 

"Don’t ever do that again, or at least give a girl some warning next time. You can’t just fling people up to their windows unexpectedly.”

“Sorry about that. So what were you doing out this late at night anyway?" He asked as he looked around your room, walking up to take a closer look at the posters that hung on your wall. Without thinking much of your words, you answered honestly. "Looking for you." 

Looking back at you abruptly you could imagine the confusion displayed on his face. "What?" Your eyes widened realising what you said as you rushed out an explanation, stumbling over your words. "Well not me really. My older sister has a huge crush on you-no it’s more of an obsession really. And she always wants to go out and find you which I know is dangerous anyway but she even goes at night which is so unsafe. So I follow along so she doesn’t get herself killed. But it’s looks like I’m the one who should be looking out." 

He leaned back against the wall, the tone of his voice telling you he was currently wearing a cocky grin. "I didn’t realise I had fans that dedicated." Rolling your eyes at his ego as you sat on the edge of your bed. "Her obsession is scary really. If she knew you were in my bedroom right now…” You chuckled to yourself as you thought of the expression that would be on her face if she found out you had Spider-man in your room and not her.

“You’re not gonna say anything…are you?" The superhero questioned worriedly as he moved to stand in front of you. Smirking at his question you sighed as you leaned back on your sheets, staring up at the ceiling as you responded. "Nah that’s not my style." 

Nodding his head Spider-man glanced at the clock that sat on your bedside table, showing that it was in fact really late and he should probably be heading home now. "I-I gotta go, but maybe I’ll see you around?" He asked hopefully as he made his way over to the window. Turning your head and smiling at the boy, you couldn’t help but find yourself wanting to see him again too. "Maybe. See ya Spider-guy.”

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Hi! Could u do a Loki one with prompts 14 and 18? Settled in Infinity War (rip loving the angst) with reader saving Loki and being beaten up after but still focused on saving him? Thank you very much

Aye, aye, my captain!

After that thing I wrote yesterday, I need some Loki love.

Name: You will not be dying today.
Prompts: 14.  “I got you. Do you hear it? I won’t leave you.” 18.  “You were always worth saving.”

You hate war. You have always hated war - and especially after Thor stated that there is a battle coming that some of you will not live through. You did. By some miracle, after being stabbed to (almost) death, you managed to hide under a dead body of your old friend and act dead, not moving and almost not breathing. Thanks to the pressure on the wound and your high recovery rate, you do not lose much blood like that, and the wound even starts to heal a little.

Nothing could make you move. First of all, you were in horrible pain (healing or not, there was a huge hole in your back). Secondly, you saw your survival as more important than standing up to some weird Thanos-sent aliens.

You wouldn’t move until the very end, but having a heart really ruined your plans. Seeing Loki, your long-time love and one of the only friends, stand up in front of Thanos and try and stab him (stab? You seriously expected something more elaborate than a knife) gave you hope that he could get better at some point… maybe even datable. Unfortunately, seeing him being murdered a second later and sent into a fall to the floor like a bag of flour really destroyed your dreams. You want to scream, but luckily (or not), your body is too weak to make any sound. But you do feel the tears slowly raise in your eyes, clouding your vision (or is it rage?). You blink the tears away.

Loki falls on the floor and stays motionless, his pale face turned to you, the eyes slowly developing the red glow of ice giants. You want to cry for help now, but all you can do is open your mouth and breathe heavily.

He blinks. Quickly, so that no one would see that, but he does - closes his eyelids and opens them again. His chest moves lightly. You know he must be hurting a lot, internally bleeding and wanting to scream from the pain that is breaking his body into pieces. But he stays quiet, as blood starts dripping out of his mouth, foreshadowing the unfortunate ending of your not started love story.

Thanos disappears, and you hear Thor scream something off the top of his lungs, starting to crawl towards his brother, as the fire starts all around you. You do not think twice - you will be of more help to Loki than his warrior brother will be right now - you push a body off yourself and rush to Loki’s side. You are closer than Thor, so you get to him much faster, but you notice that Thor does not even notice your presence, and only Loki’s quickly moving fingers point at the fact that he is creating a delusion to pretend to be dead. You will leave the question why for a better time.

“How are you alive?” you kneel next to him, and Loki laughs, coughing up blood. In the fire, it reflects the light and looks divine, glittering on the floor. “Don’t even answer.”

“Just leave me. There is an escape pod behind me,” Loki points at something dark and rectangular in the darkness, remotely reminding a door behind the flames.

“Sure, buddy,” you grin with as much confidence as you have and grab his hands. “Stand up, idiot. We are getting out of here.”


“ I got you… Do you hear it? I won’t leave you,” you promise him, helping Loki stand up and lean against you. That is a poor decision - with Loki being much taller and heavier than you, you risk him toppling over you and smashing you against the floor. You feel the deep wound in your back open up, but that does not matter now. Loki seems to get your determination, as he stops fighting you and does his best to walk towards the door. You want to turn around and scream for Thor to come with you, but Loki pushes you forward, crossing the flames in one leap of faith and (possibly) stupid bravery.

“There is a spell on him, nothing will… happ… happen,” his breath is not longer steady, and you realize he has maybe two minutes before he will collapse on the floor and die. Death of a hero, but you do not want that.

And why is there no spell on you, you idiot?” you want to ask, but if you do, you will die of suffocation from the smoke, so you just keep walking, pushing the door and collapsing in the escape pod. Activated by your presence, it lights up and, after Loki hits a button on the panel, separates from the ship and drifts into the darkness. You hear the explosion behind you, but, before you turn around and start mourning your people, unconsciousness saves your mind, and you doze off into unmerciful seep. You should patch up your own wound and Loki’s, but it is too late. You may be off the ship, but you cannot save him.

You wake up much later, with an enormous headache and constant pain in your back. You find yourself on the floor, with a big blanket somehow pushed under your body, and white bandage wrapped around your torso. Loki is sitting next to you, leaning against the wall and playing with the console information on where you are. He looks tired, but pretty healthy and living. There is a couple of bruises on his neck, but no sign of death.

“We are not dead,” you state the fact, and, before you even move to stand up, Loki pushes you back with one hand and rests it on your shoulder. It is bruised up, as if he was hitting a wall, but still strong enough to hold you down. “Where are we?”

“In the middle of nowhere. It would take us an eternity to get anywhere, so we are just… chilling,” Loki chuckles. “We are drifting towards my brother’s beloved Earth. To get to that dumpster, we just have to sit tight for a week or so.”

“I have been in Midgard,” you smile. “It is no dumpster.”

“Yeah? Say that after you try to rule them, and get almost everyone to want to kill you,” Loki answers under his breath and looks at you with real concern. “How is your back? I patched it as well as I can, but I am no healer.”

“I am sure it is fine,” he groans something and makes you turn to one side, opening your back to his eyes. The rapid movement caused another wave of headache. “For god’s sake, my head!”

“Shh,” Loki quickly pulls down the bandage with his cold fingers and pulls it back up within seconds. “That is okay, you’ll be fine.”

“So convincing,” you chuckle. “Am I dying?”

“No,” Loki smiles softly and strokes your hair. “You are fine. Why did you do that?”

“Do what? Get impaled?” you try to joke. “I don’t know, I was in the mood for it. Why did you get your neck almost broken?”

“Save me. I am your common enemy, why would you do any of that?” he looks away and frowns, fighting to understand your logic. “I am not worth that. You should have saved yourself. Why did you even risk it, knowing my reputation and the chances of that being just a scheme…”

“You were always worth saving,” you answer simply. “And surviving alone is not worth it.”

“So you chose me to save? Not my noble brother or any other warrior?”

“What can I do if I like sarcastic assholes for staying alive company?” you sit up next to him and rest your head on the wall, breathing slowly. “What are we going to do?”

“After I figure out why you chose me,” he smiles, as he certainly knows why and is just mocking you, trying to get you to admit it out loud. “We just sit here and wait until we get to Midgard. Then we hide somewhere and wait until my undying brother fixes everything.”

“We? You are not going to be running around and killing people?”

“How would I leave the one Asguardian that almost died to save me?” Loki rests his hand on your shoulder. “I’m staying with you.”

“Oh boy,” yes, you may have a crush on this god of jokes, but you know damn well that you will pay a high price of having this stubborn prince next to you for the next week (or month). That is not going to be easy.

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sorry if u've done this already but can u do an RFA react to finding out MC is suicidal/mentally ill and self harms? or at least one with saeyoung specifically! u don't have to do it if ur uncomfortable tho!!

Okay real talk time: self-harm is never the answer. I know from personal experience that purposely harming yourself doesn’t help you out in the long run. People always say that things get better and they honestly do, even if it takes some time things do get better. I’m not proud of my own self-harm scars but when I look at them, they always remind me that life truly got better. I sincerely hope that you’re doing okay anonny and if you aren’t, please don’t turn to self-harm. Even if it seems like no one in the world cares about you, remember that my and all of the Mystic Messenger characters love you and want to see you happy! Alright enough of my rambling, thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung watched as you sighed sadly yet again from your spot on the couch
  • It seemed to him that you were upset, more than usual lately and it concerned him since you were usually such a cheerful person
  • He tried his absolute best to get an answer out of you but you always dismissed his questions, blaming your mood on random things
  • When he asked you yet again what was wrong, you felt frustrated at yourself and got up to go to your bedroom
  • Yoosung felt defeated, you always seemed to never want to talk to him or go out with him anymore and it hurt that you never turned to him for help
  • As you were leaving the room, Yoosung grabbed onto your wrist accidentally pushing up your long sleeve
  • His eyes went wide in horror as he saw he multiple self-harm scars that littered your skin, some old and some new
  • At that moment, Yoosung hated himself for not noticing sooner so instead of words, he pulled you in for the tightest hug of your life
  • Yoosung didn’t let go for a long time, but when he did, he used a shaky hand to wipe away your tears as he gave you a sweet kiss and even sweeter words of support
  • “I’m so sorry that I didn’t notice your scares sooner MC. I love you so much, I don’t want you to ever feel like you’re alone okay? I’ll do absolutely anything to help you, just say the word and Superman Yoosung will be there for you!”


  • Zen had assumed that your real life self would be like your chatroom self, bright and bubbly but he was mistaken
  • You seemed to wear a fake smile, like a mask that only Zen could see and it truly broke his heart
  • He would try to do anything to see a real smile from you from shameless using cheesy pick-up lines to buying you your favorite flowers
  • But nothing seemed to work as you continued to put on a fake mask every single day, and Zen wanted a it to stop
  • One day when you were doing some minor cleaning, Zen tried to ask if you needed help, that his services weren’t limited to cleaning
  • Yet again you wore that fake smile that Zen hated, he was about to turn leave the room until he saw you push up you sleeves slightly to reveal scars
  • Zen had once played the role of a depressed man and knew exactly how you got those scars, they were self-inflicted
  • Before you knew it, Zen picked you up bridal style and carried you to the bedroom then gently removed your shirt
  • Without a word, Zen placed feather-light kisses to every single scar you had, murmuring words like ‘beautiful,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘wonderful,’ and ‘perfection’
  • His words and act of love brought tears to your eyes as he laid down next to you, making you cuddle into his chest as you listened to his loving words
  • “Please don’t feel like you’re less than perfect MC, you are literal perfection. I love you with every ounce of my being so please, no more hurting yourself. I promise to always be here to love and support you my princess.”


  • Jaehee had an uneasy feeling in her stomach when you refused yet again to leave the bed
  • You seemed to never want to leave, only for the occasional bathroom breaks and even rarer food runs
  • At first, Jaehee just assumed that you had a rough day and needed some rest except your routine of staying in bed all day has lasted over a week
  • Jaehee knew something serious must be wrong, she’d sometimes walk by and hear you softly crying
  • She really had no idea what to do anymore so she decided to just go for it and ask you directly what was going on
  • When she opened the door, Jaehee slowly sat next to your sleeping form on the bed, she was at least happy that you were sleeping instead of crying
  • But Jaehee noticed that you sleep shirt’s sleeve had been slightly pulled up and revealed your self-harm cuts
  • Jaehee let out a gasp and felt the tears forming, her bodies startled you awake
  • She wrapped you up in a loving hug as she continued to cry into your shoulder, saying how sorry she was and repeated how much she loved you over and over again
  • Jaehee let out a shaky breath as she gave you a long and loving kiss, she wanted her feelings of support and love to be shown through the kiss along with her words of support
  • “I should have been more here for you MC, I’m so sorry that I wasn’t. But I want you to know that you can use me as a shoulder to lean on whenever you need to. You do not have to go through this alone, please remember that I will always be here for you.”


  • Jumin knew that he and the other members were excessive when it came to asking if you ate your proper meals on the messenger, but now he’s glad that they all did
  • You would never eat around Jumin or even when he was at work and his staff watched you push your plate away from you
  • Not only would you refuse to eat, Jumin noticed how sad you were through your eyes, they seemed lifeless and hollow
  • Jumin tried bluntly asking you about what was going on and if you needed to see a doctor or therapist but you would only shake your head and never leave the penthouse
  • It truly hurt Jumin’s heart to see you in such a state of despair and sorrow, he truly wanted to help you be he had no idea how
  • One day Jumin received a call while at work from one of his staff members that informed him you almost passed out from lack of energy and locked yourself in your bedroom
  • Never in his life has Jumin made Driver Kim drive, knowing that you were in pain all alone made Jumin’s heart race with regret for leaving
  • Jumin burst through the locked bedroom door with his desire to help you plus the door was surprisingly thin
  • He found you curled up in a ball and staring at some weird marks on your arm
  • You didn’t even bother making eye contact with Jumin as you let some tears slip past your eyes
  • Jumin was quickly at your side, kissing your tears away but stopped once he noticed what exactly was on your arm
  • Your self-harm scars were all Jumin needed to have the pieces click together for him and before either one of you knew it, Jumin started crying
  • Jumin took you in his arms, cradling you in his lap and he gently rocked you back and forth as he placed small kisses on your forehead, whispering his words of apologies and love
  • “I’m such a fool for not realizing it sooner MC and for that I apologize. You’re the strongest, funniest, most amazing person that I know that doesn’t deserve this pain. I will get you any and all the help that you need but until then, know that I will always be here for you my dear.”


  • Seven knew it
  • He was sure that you were in pain, that you felt all alone, that you thought no one was there for you
  • Seven understood because he felt the same whenever he left his brother and fell into his own depression
  • So he dawned the 707 mask and tried to do anything to help you from telling corny jokes to attacking you with tickle fights
  • But it seemed like nothing would improve, you would fake laugh, a sound that Seven despised more than anything, and thank Seven for his efforts
  • The pain of seeing you so depressed made Seven’s heart ache so he decided to put an end to your internal suffering
  • He came home one day, cheerily calling your name as he held some bright flowers in one hand and a new fluffy blanket for cuddles in the other
  • When he didn’t get a response, Seven quickly started panicking and searched the house for you, terrified as to where you were
  • Seven turned to the bathroom door and noticed the light was on, praying to every God known to man that you were alright in there as he busted through the door
  • But what he saw ripped his heart out, you were sitting on the floor with a bloody blade to your wrist
  • He immediately knocked the blade from your hand and crushed you with a hug, he should have known sooner about your self-harm but he didn’t and now he was paying the price
  • Seven didn’t saw a word as he helped clean you up and carried you to the bedroom
  • He made you lay down so that your ear was next to his heartbeat as he ran his slender fingers through your hair
  • Seven cupped your cheeks and wiped your newly formed tears away as he professed his his love and support to you
  • “If you ever feel sad or alone, remember that my heart, the one you’re listening to know, beats because you’re with me. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy and healthy MC. I know that life can be tough but remember that I love you more than words can describe so live on MC.”

Series: Moving on (part 5)
Members: Jeonghan and Jun 
Genre: Touches of fluff and touches of not quite angst 
Word Count: 1821 (aka shorter than usual sorry)
A/N: The next couple parts will be mostly based on the boys POVs for plot reasons

Find the tag for this series here: x 

“It’s too damn cold outside,” you grumbled as you and Jun sat down in the small cafe that was a hotspot for idols thanks to the owners. They never breathed a word of idols that came through it, and the cafe was secluded enough that few fans visited it, making it the perfect place for guys and girls like Jun to hang out with their non-idol and idol friends alike. Jun chuckled at your muttering, ordering for the both of you when the waiter walked over before turning to you again.

“It’s late autumn, what do you expect?” he teased, and despite your inner delight at the fact that he knew all your favorite drinks by now, you rolled your eyes at him from across the table.

“Shut up,” was the only response you could come up with, and he laughed a bit, tugging his facemask down as his eyes twinkled at you.

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anonymous asked:

For your 'a softer world' ask meme, could I request either 6 or 40 for Vaxleth?

I laugh along but inside I know that it’s true: Being in love is totally punk rock. (quiet kisses are so hardcore)

vaxleth. 2.1K. modern au. fluff n shit.

“He’s in a what?” asks Percy as Keyleth brushes her hair out of her face and frowns at the paperwork on the counter.

“A band.” She’s pretty sure she’s missing a zero somewhere in there.

“A band,” Percy echoes.

Keyleth hums an affirmative. Yes, she definitely messed up the math. Subtract by ten and carry the… No, hang on, that’s not right.

“I don’t believe it.”

“Plenty of people are in bands, Percy,” Keyleth says patiently, because he’s funny about things like that sometimes.

“No, not–– I know that, Keyleth.”

“Well then what’s so surprising?” Oh, yes, there, she forgot to multiply. Easy mistake to make, just fix that and––

“I can’t believe you’re going on a date with someone you just met.”

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girlfriendmutual  asked:

Maybe Sakura gets sick and misses a few days of school and Nozaki gets worried and goes over to visit her! (If you want to that is!)

aww this is actlly rlly cute cus can u imagine how lost nozaki would feel? he and sakura hang out so much theyre like attached at the hip, he’d be so confused when one day shes just absent from class.


Nozaki gets so used to seeing Sakura that when she isn’t at school for a few days, it sticks out like a sore thumb in his mind.

He remembered standing blankly at the school gates in the morning, waiting for Sakura’s cheerful face to bound towards him and bubbling with some sort of gossip or news that she’d always be eager to share, because honestly the cute girl can never keep her mouth shut. They’d meet at the front gates on the campus and wander through the halls together, stopping at each other’s lockers and chatting up until class began. 

And as he realised, when the morning bell rang and he still hadn’t seen the redhead at all in the courtyard, that Sakura wasn’t there, he oddly felt like some sort of lost puppy.

If any of their friends noticed the way Nozaki quietly poked each of them to ask, “do you know where Sakura is?” with concern lacing his usually monotonous voice, they didn’t say anything.

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The Final Crescendo [3]

Originally posted by jonginssoo

“Baekhyun-ah” You whispered as the tears rolled down your pale cheek.

Swallowing the lump in your throat, you managed to say “ I love you”.

Part 1 || Part2 || Part 3 || Final

(A/N) : This is Baekhyun x reader. Enjoy !

:. I don’t own any of the characters nor companies mentioned and it is purely fictional and should not be taken seriously. I only own the plot.

1 year ago

You turned to face him, your hands trailed along the side of his face, brushing away the stray hairs on his forehead.  A tear ran down your cheek, as you shakily whispered:

“I love you enough to know that I can stay in your heart, but not your life.”

You suppressed the sniffles of your sobbing and dressed yourself, leaving a note on the bedside table before letting yourself out of the apartment.

11 months ago

‘54 missed calls and 89 messages unread’ as you stared down at the notification, it was all from him and you knew it, however you could never bring yourself to open or return any of it.

You opened the windows of your small apartment, and took a deep breath of the cleaner air, trying to desperately convince yourself that moving to the suburbs was the best to make him forget you. Except, you packed up and left Seoul before he even had a chance to wake up next to you, which would probably make him resent you instead, but either way you still felt it had to be done.

Your favourite food truck pulled up in front of your apartment complex, bringing your stomach mind  back to reality, you stuck your head out the window, ready to shout your order to the ajusshi down there, but the whiff of food sent you lunging for the toilet bowl instead of the truck downstairs.


You paced in front of the aisle at the pharmacy, reaching your hand out, but quickly retracting it afterwards, this continued until the pharmacist had stood beside you. “Was it planned?” She asked softly, looking at you with empathy filled eyes and all you could say was a soft “No.”, to which she reached for a pregnancy test and handed it to you “ The toilet is behind the door to the right.” she gestured to you “I know you’re scared, I was too at that age, but in all honesty, my child was the best thing that happened to me.” She gave you a soft pat on the back and returned to the counter to tend to another customer.

You sat there in the toilet, waiting for the longest and most nerve wreaking 5 minutes of your existence.

“It’s alright honey, you can get through this, I’ll be here for you.” the pharmacist brought you into a hug, somehow you managed to find comfort with a stranger, who made you felt you still had someone on your side.

9 months ago

‘60 missed calls and 92 unread messages’

His debut posters were all over the street, advertisements on every channel, interviews with every broadcasting company. He was already a star before he even shinned, yet seeing his success pained me, it hurt not to be with him, it hurt I can’t tell him about the pea growing within me, but it hurts the most to be able to see past his facade and see his tired eyes, skinner frame, basically his overworked self.

“Hey sweet pea, mommy will take care of you, I promise.” You placed your hand over your slightly bloated looking stomach and rubbed circles with your palm while the tears streamed down your face.


“Come have some porridge, (y/n) !” The pharmacist- Irene called, “You have to eat something, you’ve been throwing up all morning.” You felt so sick that day, leaving you no choice but to call Irene for something to sooth your stomach, whom instead of just dropping the goods and leaving, had decided to instead nurse you back to health, which you were eternally grateful of.

While you were taking small sips of hot liquid, Irene popped the question “Are you planning to tell the father?” her eyes still fixed on her meal. You choked on what you just managed to swallow, but recovered by gulping some water, “No, he doesn’t need more things to worry about now, it’ll only ruin his image.” you whispered the last part, “ You make him sound like a big shot idol.” Irene chuckled.All that met the joke was silence. Irene’s jaw dropped, the lack of witty response and the eye twitch you do when you’re trying to keep a secret proved her joke hit the bullseye.

The silence that filled the room made you crack, hormones taking over your body, you became a disaster on legs, crying, hitting your chest, screaming, laughing at yourself all at the same time, if Irene didn’t know any better, she would think you’re mental. After a few tries, she was able to get the gist of your whole situation from the word salad coming from your mouth, “Oh honey, that must have been hard keeping it all to yourself, there there let it all out.” she held you in an embrace, her hand running soothly up and down your back until you stopped crying.

8 months ago

You were curled up on the couch that day, watching his first live music show in the comfort of your out of town apartment where he didn’t know you resided. The moment his voice reached your ears, you were teleported back to first time you heard him sing, the same voice that brought you to reach for that door, it drew you to him and the rest was history, but here you were, alone.  

Suddenly, his voice stopped abruptly and was replaced by screams, your eyes trying to focus on him, but all you saw were crew members huddled around where he was supposed to be, two men rushed in with a stretcher, it all happened so quickly, you knew it was him on that stretcher, so many things ran through your mind, you felt so helpless.

Your knuckles turned white as you gripped the remote, you turned off the tv and went straight to your bed. The covers pulled over your head as you cried his name “Baek…please be okay.”, you felt pathetic, you wanted to rush to his side, to stop avoiding him, to tell him he has a child on the way and that you love him, but that would be too selfish of you, asking him to risk everything for you. You blacked out after all those hours of crying, to be woken up by sound of your phone vibrating against the bedside table, it was already the next morning.

‘87 missed calls and 113 unread messages’

It was an unknown number, and on a normal day you would have ignored it, but something compelled you to answer it this time. You brought the device to your ear, letting out a breath before saying,


There was no answer.

“Hello, anyone there?”

You sighed into the device, ready to put it down.

“(y/n), it’s me” It was soft, so soft it should be not audible, yet you knew your name only rolled off his tongue that way. Your breathing hitched, your brain telling you to hang up this instant, however you couldn’t bring yourself to do it, you’ve avoided all those calls so you wouldn’t have to go through this.

“Don’t hang up please.” his voice sounded like he was begging, his plea tugged at your heart as well as your tear glands, it was another mental breakdown waiting to happen.

“I miss you.” he confessed and there went all your efforts of not breaking down on the phone, “I m-miss” your reply was broken with sobs “you-u too” .

“I have something to tell you, (y/n).” His voice now weaker. “Meet me at the roof top at 9 tonight, I won’t leave until you come.” There was barely enough time for you to register what he said, next thing you know the call was dropped.

7:30 pm

You stared at yourself in the mirror, hidden beneath the oversized sweater was a baby bump, “Sweet pea, we’re going to meet daddy now, mommy is a little scared but whatever happens I still love you.” placing your hands on the bump.

You opted to hail a taxi to avoid the afterwork crowd in the subway, the ride was long but the scenery outside the window calmed you, from lone street lights to endless rows of bright signs and flashy billboards, you know you were already in the city by the sight of things.

The roof top was a place you always seek refuge at, because Baekhyun was always there, it was his secret spot that he shared with you. You arrived at the run down building, then proceeded to climb the back stairs until the highest floor, which was much harder being 4 months pregnant.

Looking down at your phone, you were a half hour early, but as you took your last step, you saw him sitting there on the bench both of you used to lay on, his frame looking so much smaller than it did a few months ago.

He must have heard your foot steps, and immediately got up and turned to you, he closed the distance, leaving a foot’s distance between you two, he stared into your eyes. You knew those eyes were asking you to answer all the question marks you left, but you were prepared to not give in to emotions for his sake or maybe it was for yours.

“What did you want to tell me?” you said emotionlessly, hoping that he would get the hint.

“Let’s run away together.”

To be continued.

anonymous asked:

Your blog looks promising- how did u come up with the blog name? Id like to request an nsfw scenario with Todoroki where he has gone a little bit rougher than usual bc he pissed for some reason. The aftercare and an apology at the end added if possible !

AH! THANK YOU! I WILL TRY MY BEST TO SATISFY EVERYONE’S NEEDS AND HOPEFULLY MAKE THIS A SECOND HOME TO EVERYONE WHERE WE’RE ALL A FAMILY SUPPORTING ONE ANOTHER! Also, -coughs- um, well you see… when I first started the blog I had no fucking idea what to name it so I decided to use my nickname with ‘little’ in front of it but now that I know how to change the damn thing it’s kinda just a place holder at the moment… (I couldn’t come up with an idea for the reason why he would be pissed so I decided it was because he was jealous? I’m also assuming that the reader is female…. Please don’t hate me;-;)


He wasn’t the type of person to openly lash out his emotions, so when he saw you giving Midoriya a hug and smiling up at him he simply decided to look the other way before he could do something he would regret. He knew you were only friends with the boy but he couldn’t quite push down this growing feeling in his gut. That whole day he seem to be in a piss poor mood and would avoid you at all costs. He even went as far as partnering up with Iida for a project that he knew you wanted to work on with him. By now you could obviously tell that something was wrong with him but you couldn’t get near him with out him running away. You couldn’t figure out what you did wrong so you decided to ask Midoriya for any advice which only added fuel to the fire.

You went straight to your dorm room after school ended, only wanting to lay down when Uraraka stopped you before you could close your door. You peeked your head out looking at the bubbly girl.

“Are you still coming with the class to the movies?” You didn’t really feel like doing anything anymore so you gave her an apologetic smile. “Sorry Ochako, I don’t really have the energy to go anywhere… Maybe next time?” She nodded her head before turning to leave. “Definitely! I hope you feel better soon!” You waved at her retreating figure and closed your door. You placed your school bag on your desk and flopped down onto your bed. You let out a groan of annoyance as your thoughts were once again flooded with the white and red haired boy. You jumped when you heard someone enter your room.

You sat up to see Todoroki walking over to you, closing the space between you two rapidly. “Huh? I thought you went with everyone to the mo- ” You were caught off guard when he suddenly crashed his lips to yours. You were shocked for the most part but soon found your self melting into the kiss, you weren’t exactly used to being ignored for a day so this was quite the surprise.

You felt him lick your bottom lip asking for entrance which you gladly gave him. You felt his pink muscle explore every inch of your mouth while climbing on top of you and bringing your hips towards his. He pulled away because of this weird concept called ‘breathing’ but his lips were soon back on you leaving a trail of wet kisses from your jaw to your neck. You could feel the heat rising between the two of you making your school uniform feel uncomfortable on your skin. He lightly trailed his teeth against your throat before sucking and nipping at it harshly. You winced a bit at the small pain but only began to tangle your fingers in his soft locks. He started rubbing his hands up and down your sides relishing in the way you feel underneath his touch. His. Not Izuku’s. He couldn’t help but think back to earlier on in the day, to you and him hugging and talking. He gripped your waist a little too roughly earning a small whimper from you. He knew he was being a bit insensitive but he just couldn’t get passed the fact that you would openly throw yourself at someone else, in his face.

He quickly undid your uniform jacket and shirt, no doubt ripping a few buttons off in the process and threw them in a random corner of the room along with the rest of your uniform. His clothes following seconds later. He towered over your naked body with mixed emotions in his eyes. No matter how angry he may be, you were still, undeniably gorgeous. He went back to devouring your soft lips and rubbing small circles into your inner thighs. He lightly pressed a finger into your moist entrance, loving the way you let out a small moan. He inserted another digit causing you to shiver while massaging your breast with his free hand. You held him by the shoulders, rocking your hips to his touch. You felt him curl his fingers inside you making you arch your back and moan his name at the pleasurable ministration. He removed his fingers from you when you were starting to enjoy yourself making you whimper from the lost of contact. He pulled away from you to lick his fingers clean while staring you right in the eyes. He liked the sight of you whimpering for his touch, your hair sprawled out around you, it was just something he would never get used.

He slid his hands up and down your thighs earning a hum of delight from you. He positioned himself at your entrance, he didn’t think twice before ramming himself into you and not even giving you time to adjust. You cried out gripping the sheets, with tears forming in your eyes.

“S-Shouto… it hurts…” He leaned down wiping away your tears with one hand as the other continues to grip your hip rather harshly. He ignored your comment and decided to attack your neck once more. Soon enough the pain faded away welcoming a new warm tingling sensation. He starts picking up the pace as you wrap your arm around his neck and occasionally clawing at his back. You adored the small grunts and groans he let out by your ear, with his warm breath fanning across your neck. You were panting from all the pleasure he was giving you and couldn’t help the the long throaty moan you let out. He pulled out of you abruptly but before you could protest he flips you around onto your stomach and quickly re-enters you. You moaned as you felt him go even deeper inside you with the new position. He used one hand to grip your hip and the other to tangle itself in your hair pulling at it roughly. You were screaming his name at this point and he absolutely loved it. He could listen to you shout his name all day long if you actually let him. He could tell you were starting to cry, whether it be from the rough sex or overwhelming arrival of your release, he couldn’t tell at this point and honestly didn’t care. He felt your tight walls squeeze his dick and pulled your hair a little bit more until he finally reached his release. You could feel his seed shoot into you as fresh warm tears started sliding down your face.

He removed himself from you and brought your shaking figure into his arms and pulled the covers over the two of you. He massaged your scalp to help get rid of (or soon to be) headache and rubbed soothing circles into your back. You didn’t know how to ask him why he was more rougher than usual without being a bit awkward, but it’s not like you didn’t particularly hated it, it was just different from your usual Shouto. You lifted your head up from nuzzling his neck and looked him in the eyes. Before you could even say anything Shouto broke the peaceful silence first. “I’m sorry. I know I was being really insensitive today and I… I was just mad.” You gave him a questionable look before drawing random patterns and shapes into his chest and shoulder. “Why were you mad?” He looked away before answering your question. “Because of the way you hugged Midoriya…” You stared at him for a few seconds before erupting in a fit of laughter. Now it was his turn to give you the questionable look. “Really? You’re jealous of Deku?” He had a small blush sweep across his face before looking away again. You cupped his cheeks into your hand and peppered his face in small kisses. “Shouto I love you with all my heart, for forever and a day. So you don’t have to worry about anyone.” He gives you a warm smile and kisses your forehead before whispering, “I love you too.” into your ear.

(Lets just pretend no one gets pregnant in this lol)

Alexander  pt.1[BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N) 

bts members 

Genre : angst/smut/fluff

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again … 

part 1 2 3 4 5


Originally posted by sugutie

you fidget and opened your eyes your hands were too heavy to reach out for your phone , it wasn’t there you moved closer to the night stand but checking it it seemed like it wasn’t your phone that kept bothering your sleeping 

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I’m back with Adrinette Month Day 12: Childhood Friends! I’ve been working on this AU for a little while, and plan on turning it into a multi-chapter fic when I have time. 

Also on Ao3
Inspired by Matt Nathanson’s song Faster
You can’t tell me Marinette wouldn’t have a fashion/aesthetic blog.

Six years ago.
“Don’t cry, Marinette,” Adrien said, brushing back her bangs to see her wiping away her tears. “I’ll be gone for a long time, but I promise I’ll keep in touch.”

“I know I shouldn’t be crying. I mean, with everything you’re going through, I should be the one comforting you, but I’m going to miss you so much!" Marinette threw her arms around Adrien and cried into his shoulder. She couldn’t seem to stop.

"I’ll come back for you,” Adrien said, rubbing her back. “And when I do, we can be together forever. We’ll even get married." 

Marinette giggled through her tears. "You’ve been watching too many movies, Adrien.”

“Adrien,” M. Agreste’s assistant called from the car, “It’s time to leave now. Your father is waiting.”

Marinette reluctantly let go of her best friend. “Email me when you get there.”
Adrien, feeling bold at the prospect of missing her, kissed her on the cheek before turning away. He glanced back over his shoulder and gave her a sad smile. “I’m going to keep my promise.”

Marinette grinned. “Take care of yourself.”

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The Joker x Dead Reader

You were gone in an instant and he never thought he would be so lost without you. Too bad the dead can never come back…

Read part 2 herehttp://diyunho.tumblr.com/post/153114111426/the-joker-x-dead-reader-part-2

Another sleepless night. He tosses and turns, adjusting his pillow, but his mind won’t shut down. He just can’t sleep without you. The Joker looks at your side of the bed. You’re not there…and you will never be again.

He sighs and takes a deep breath, hiding his face under the sheets, trying not to think of your smile. It’s useless. He grunts and uncovers himself, his eyes resting on your favorite loveseat by the window.

He can almost see you there, in the pale morning light, polishing your handgun, wearing that cute lacy nightgown he liked so much. It was your favorite firearm; he gave it to you on your birthday, customized with your name and his, and plated it with gold over the shiny red background color.

“Baby doll, I regret given that to you. Stop messing with it. Come back to bed, I wanna sleep in.”

“Why, can’t you sleep if I’m not there?”

“You know I can’t.”

“Jeez, baby, what would you do if I’d die? You’d never sleep again?” you used to ask, teasing him.

“No, I would just get another girlfriend.”


He remembers how you always frowned at his answer.

“I would come back and haunt you! NO GIRLFRIEND, do you hear me?”

“If you come back to haunt me, could you be naked please?”

“You want me to be naked?”

“Yes!” he would burst out laughing, his blue eyes glowing with content.

“OK, I’ll come back naked then,” you giggled, charging for the bed and landing on top of him with all your strength.

“Auch, Pumpkin, lose some weight.”

“You’re so mean J,” you complained, playfully punching his cheek.

“I know I am,” the Joker admitted, fully aware you put up with all his crap and you would fall asleep cuddling for a few more hours.


He gets up at the side of the bed, sniffling, then heads towards the bathroom, turns on the water and gets in the bathtub. He hopes it’s going to comfort him a little bit.


“Taaaaa-daaaaaaa!” your cell phone in his face when he was so busy with the paperwork, planning future heists.

He already knew what it was: you took care of another person (or multiple ones) on his black list. But he still looked at the pictures.

“See Puddin? Killed them all for you.”

“You’re such a good doll.” He wasn’t really paying attention anymore.

“I know,” you chuckled and leaned over for a kiss. All you got was a peck on the lips.

“This is no way to kiss your girl, Mister J.  I’ll tell you what: I’m going to take a bath and you’re going to join me in 5 minutes, ok?”

“I’m busy, Princess.”

“I’ll be extraaaaaa nice,” you whispered in his ear and walked away. Every single time he debated maybe about 10 seconds.

“God dammit!…I’ll be there in 5, doll!”

“ Kaaayyy, Puddin. “

He loved to lean against you in the bathtub so you can wash his hair and massage his shoulders.  You always hummed some silly song you would make up on the spot and he purred, half asleep.

“Look, J, it never fails: you give me goosebumps when you purr.”

“U-hummm, “ he muttered with his eyes closed.

“So crazy how you do that to me all the time,” you wondered, baffled at the mystery. He wanted to laugh but he pretended to be dosing off.

“Here, give me your forehead,” you often asked and he just tilted his head backwards even more so you can plant a trail of soft kisses along his “Damaged” tattoo. He secretly liked it, but never told you.

“J, say you love me,” you would ask, rinsing his hair.

“Hmmmm?” he pretended not to hear, still with his eyes closed.

“Say: I love Y/N.”


You tried another approach to get what you wanted.

“ I love you, Puddin.  More than anything.”

“More than diamonds?” he would snicker, adjusting his head on your breasts.

“I said more than anything, you jerk!” This used to get you all worked up, but he’d let you win in the end, especially after you squeezed your legs around him as hard as you could.

You moved his jaw, trying to make him talk.

“Say: I LOVE…Y/N! Say it or I’ll crush you with my thunder thighs! Say you love me!”

“I love….” your green eyes would widen, waiting for the answer “…guns.” he grinned.

“Seriously?!” you pouted, splashing water all over.” “That’s it, I’m going to kill you!”

The bathroom looked like a battlefield after you were done chasing him all over the huge bathtub: water on the floor and bubbles almost reaching the living room.

“Truce! Truce!” you panted out of breath, retreating to one corner of the tub.

“You started, Kitten! Are you sure?” he would smirk, licking his lips, slowly approaching you.

“Yes, I give up, you win.”

“Good decision, doll.” The Joker pulled you on his legs, moving the wet hair off your face so he can see your red cheeks. You locked your arms around his neck and stared in his eyes.

“Say you love me, Puddin.” You never gave up.

“If you don’t say it, I’m not goin…”

He liked to interrupt your little speech:

Before you could make another sound his lips were crushing against yours and it always ended up being a wild night.


He feels the water got cold. He doesn’t know how long he’s been sitting in there, just staring at the faucet. There’s no more laughter, no more kisses, no more you.

Just him, alone with his demons and his sorrow.

He finally brings himself to get out of the tub and gets dressed. He opens the walk in closet and chooses something, he doesn’t even care what; then he sees your clothes. He tried to get rid of your things, but the pain of not having your stuff around was greater than giving them away, so he saved it all.

The Joker looks through your items, stopping from time to time to smell them. They still have your scent. Suddenly, his heart sinks even more: here are your maternity clothes that you kept for next time you might have been lucky enough to get pregnant .


You were so depressed when you lost the pregnancy. J didn’t really care about having a baby, but seeing you cry for days and being so upset, he started to be upset too. He even took a few weeks off and laid low at the penthouse with you. You were sobbing all night and he used to stay awake and talk to you, caress your hair and plan how to get rid of the Bats. It made you feel better and he knew it.

“Please stop crying, baby doll,” he used to beg and he is not the type that begged.” You are going to get sick and who’s going to help me with everything I have to do, hmmm?… Are you going to eat something in the morning?”

You just looked at him with teary, bloodshot eyes.

“Our baby is gone, J. Gone… There’s nothing here,” you said, taking his hand and place it on your tummy, crying harder when he kissed it.

“It’s ok, Princess, we’ll try for another one,” he finally told you one time, hoping it will calm you down.

“For reals?” you finally smiled after he thought you’ll never smile again.

“Yes, for reals.”

“You promise?” You immediately looked so full of hope.

“I promise. Now stop crying, you’re so ugly when you cry,” he joked, waiting for you to elbow him in protest.


But your dream never came true.

His thoughts are interrupted by a knock at the door. J already knows who it is.

“Come in, Frosty.”

He heads towards the living room so he can talk to his right hand.

“Hi, Boss. I know you’re… busy, but…about tonight…”

“Do whatever you need to do, Frosty, you’re in charge,” he mutters, cutting him off, visibly distressed, grabbing your cell phone he keeps on the table.

“OK, boss, I’ll take care of everything.” Frost knows to tread lightly so he won’t aggravate the Joker even more. He opens the door to leave, but he makes up his mind and turns around.



“Do you want something to eat?”

“I’m not hungry,” and by the tone of J’s voice, Frost knows to leave the matter alone. He’s just worried about his boss. He doesn’t eat, by the looks of it he doesn’t sleep, he’s on the edge and nothing good could come out of it. But maybe it won’t last forever…In the meantime, he will just do his job and make sure everybody else is doing theirs.

After Frost leaves, J goes out on the balcony. This was your favorite spot in the penthouse because you loved the view from the 30th floor.

He turns on his cell phone, pressing on the first contact on his list: “Princess.”

He watches your own phone turning on in his other hand, sadly smiling at your wallpaper: a picture of him sleeping, his green hair all over his face. He winces when he hears your voice:

“Helllloooo, this is Y/N. If you’re not my Puddin, I don’t care so don’t bother leaving a message. If you are my Puddin, you can leave a message after the beep. I’ll probably see you in a few minutes. (you giggle) I love you, muaaahhhhhh.”

He replays the message again. He misses your voice so much.

“…..muahhhhhhh.” Again…and again…


If he knew he’d lose you that day, he would have left you behind. But you always wanted to participate in everything. You were a good business partner and a good shooter, you always had his back. And never took no for an answer. Just as stubborn as he was.

You were sitting on his lap, tracing the visible tattoos on his chest from under his jacket, pretending to be bored at the meeting, but actually very alert and ready to act if needed. You loved to play the indifferent, clueless girlfriend with the new business partners; it gave you time to study them and observe if something was wrong.

That’s why you were the first to notice the gun pointed at J from behind the wall, already firing bullets in a split second. No time to do anything else but stand up and position yourself in front of him. Everything happened so fast.

J didn’t even realize you were hit until he saw blood soaking through your white shirt. Then another bang, and another one. You stood still, gasping for air, trying not to collapse, shielding him.

All hell broke loose: gunshots shrieking from one side to the other, a few more hit you in the crossfire before you fell, wheezing, squinting your eyes in pain.

The Joker caught you before you hit the floor, not even giving a damn about the carnage or the fact that he could get hit too.

Within seconds, Frost and your henchmen placed themselves in front of both of you, shutting at large, already knowing they messed up big time.

J was on his knees, shocked, not knowing what to do, holding you with one hand and pressing your wounds with the other, desperate to stop the bleeding. There was so much blood it dripped on the floor and soaked his clothes too. Your lips kept on slightly moving, repeating something that he couldn’t hear with all the noise around. He brought you closer to him, leaning your head on his shoulder and he finally heard your whisper:

“Say… you…love…me…say…you…love…me…”

He doesn’t remember ever feeling like he’s going to die from despair until that very moment when he knew he can’t do anything for you. Your breathing was getting shallow and your lips didn’t move anymore. You just looked at him, slowly blinking, your vision getting cloudy, holding on with all you had got, waiting for him to say the words.

“I love… you,” you heard him say, and you wanted to tell him not to ever cry because nobody can see the Joker cry. But you couldn’t say the words.

“I love… you.”

That’s all you heard before you closed your eyes.


It’s starting to get breezy on the balcony. He cracks his neck, placing your cell phone in his pocket, not sure what to do with his.

He finally decides and dials Frost’s number.

“Yes, sir?”

“Bring the car around and leave the engine on, I have to go somewhere. Alone. I’ll be back in a few days.”

“OK, boss.”

The Joker gets his purple coat and glances at your picture in the hallway before taking his leave.

“See you soon, baby doll,” he smiles, closing the door behind him.

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Zen x MC: Learn to Trust

This is a request from a cutie anon:
“ Hello, sweetie. Can’t you write a fanfic about Jumin/Zen have a big fight with MC?? I need more angst in my life omg ;;A;; because I live angst so so much and I love your fiction too omg they are so great that I wanna cry.. “

I chose Zen because I haven’t written anything for him yet~

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉

‘There she goes…again’. I mumbled in my mind when I saw MC picked up her phone again as if she was desperately waiting for someone’s call. She had been like this for a couple days now, which made me feel kind of worried. I loved her with all my heart and she had always been so supportive to me. However, that was also the reason why I was so scared. Scared of losing her. Scared of her falling out of love with me. I had never seen her on the phone as much before until a few days ago. I couldn’t help but let the seed of doubt inside me grow slowly. I couldn’t confront her… I didn’t know why but I just didn’t. The next day, and the next of next day, she still acted strangely. Always on the phone messaging someone, taking calls while I wasn’t presented, going out secretly. This couldn’t be it right? I mean…she would never cheat on me right?

That was…until one morning. I couldn’t take it anymore and my last straw broke. At first, we were only talking face to face, both were calm but at some point, MC’s stubbornness got the better of me and I raised my voice at her. I couldn’t even remember what was going on my mind. Words just kept spilling out of my mouth.

“If you’re not seeing someone behind my back, then why are you acting so strange and distant lately!? Huh? Because I was right!! And you know it!”
“Stop it Zen! I told you it was nothing like that! And I told you that you will understand everything tonight!”
“Are you gonna leave? Are you gonna introduce whoever it is to me?”
“Zen! You’re not even calm to listen to me. How am I gonna make you understand!!? More than that…how could you even doubt me?”

There was sadness in her eyes, but I was too blinded by anger to realize. Before I knew it, I was already at the peak of anger and I snapped.

“You don’t need to say anything more, MC.”

Then I took my jacket and went to work, leaving MC behind with tears on the verge of falling. The door shut close with a loud bang. That whole day, my mind was else where and I couldn’t focus on acting at all. I was scolded by the director so many times and there was scenes that had to be retaken not just once. I felt so mad and helpless. However, as time pass, night came and stars appeared in the sky, I suddenly remember the sky I saw with MC for the first time ever when she came to visit me after I got injured. Then, one by one, memories started flooding back. It made me feel love swelling up in my chest all over again, just like when I started falling for MC and wanted to protect her like a hero in shining armors. Though the anger was still lingering, I went back home to smooth things out with MC. The moment I turned on the light in the living room, the first thing I saw was the colorful decorations everywhere. Then I saw food and drinks on the table, there was also a cake in the middle with chocolate writing: “Happy Birthday my Zen the Knight <3″. Instantly, a smile found its way on my lips. However, there was something missing. I looked around and saw all the RFA members around with a super concerned look on their faces.

“H-hey guys. What’s happened?”
“U-um… We planned this surprise birthday party for you with MC and we came early as promise, but it’s been a couple hours and she was nowhere. We tried calling and message her…”

MC planned this party with everyone as a surprise…for me? Was it why she had been acting strange and secretly? No. No no no! I shouldn’t have doubted her and snapped at her this morning. My face turned pale and I felt numb for a long moment. She was telling me the truth this whole time but I just chose to doubt her instead of listening patiently. What had I done!? I ran out of the house just as fast as how I left this morning why calling MC. I called so many times that I lost count and I started losing hope. But I decided to call one last time anyway. I stopped at an alley to catch my breath and calm myself down. I didn’t expect MC to pick up because she was rejecting every single phonecall from me. But…my heart almost stopped when I heard a beep, and her voice followed after.

“Z-Zen? *sobs*”

She was crying…because of my stupid jealousy.

“M-MC! Where are you right now? E-Everyone told me and I understand what you meant now. So please tell me where you are. I’m so sorry for getting mad at you. And I’m sorry for doubting you, even just one second…But I don’t want to lose you! Never! So ple-”
“I’m at the cafe where you took me to on our first date.”
“A-alright! Wait for me there, my love.”

I was already running when she told me the location. Now, I just hoped I could make this up to her. She was obviously crying and probably calmer than she was this morning. This whole mess happened because of me so I had to fix this. The cafe came into sight as I took a turn, that was also when MC exited the cafe and stood in front to wait for me. God, I really do love her so much. Just seeing her from afar was enough to get me crazy.


I yelled her name and pulled her into my strong embrace. I apologized again and again. I kissed her hair and her forehead again and again, not minding the people who were around.

“Z-Zen. That’s enough.”
“Are you getting shy? So adorable! I’ll keep doing it until you forgive me, my baby lamb.”

This time, I gave her a sudden kiss on the lips. Oh no, the beast…

“Geez~ Zen! Alright, I forgive you. But you still have to make it up to me. I’m still mad that you doubted me!”

Ohmygod that pout and puppy face! So cute!!

“I know I know. I will definitely make it up to you, okay? Now, let’s go home. Everyone is worried and probably starving by now.”

I took her small cute hand in mine and entwined our fingers. I gave it a tight squeeze as if I was scared if I let it go, she’d disappear. Today, I learned a lesson the hard way of how to trust your loved one. I should be straightforward and tell her whatever was bothering me so we could work things out instead of bottling it up and letting it spilled at one point. It would destroy our relationship if either of us wasn’t be honest. If one person loved another person, they would accept everything about them, no matter it’s theirs flaws or weakness. And I knew, that my only love was MC. I made a promise to myself that this big mistake would be the last one because I was going to trust her and love her even more strongly from now on. I gave her a gentle smile when I turned to look at her and she smiled cutely back at me and it was all it took to (almost) unleash the beast inside me.


“I can’t help it! You’re too cute!”

✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉

And there ya go~ I hope you enjoyed it. Though I think there wasn’t enough angst in this right?



facade (n): show, front, appearance, illusion, mask, veil, cloak, masquerade

“A relationship is built on the top of facade when two people step on a royal wedding which is full of conspiracy. When sacrifice is an illusion, trust is betrayed, love is just a game, and tears are shed; which side will win in the end? The actor behind his mask or the actress behind her veil?”

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This is a collaboration fanmix made by me and @douxpudding​. Tracks are arranged by chapter order from 845-864, better not to play in shuffle. Annotation/Lyrics snippet are under the cut.

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You made a small, unhappy noise as you looked at yourself in the mirror. You ran a hand through your hair and took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself before you cried…again. Amber would be here any minute to have your usual date night and you’d rather not be crying when she got here.

You walked away from your bathroom mirror above your sink, knowing that the more you look into the mirror, the more flaws you’ll see on your face. Once you left the bathroom you headed for your bedroom and changed into your pajamas which consisted of a sweater that Amber bought you for your birthday and a pair of random pajama pants you found in your dresser. Comfy.

Hearing a small ding you practically ran over to your phone, reading a text from Amber saying that she was picking up a few extra snacks and then she’d be over. You replied with a small “Okay! See you soon~” and then tossed your phone back onto your bed. Walking over to the opposite side of your room, you examined yourself in the full length body mirror leaned against the wall.

You lifted the sweater and looked at your tummy, you frowned and turned to the side to look at it from a different angle. You shook your head and pulled your sweater back down.

“Guess its time to start making my exercises more intense.” You muttered to yourself. Hesitantly, you lifted your sweater up again, this time pinching your stomach a little with one of your hands. You bit your lip, how did you gain weight in a short amount of time? It doesn’t make sense to you at all and that made you really upset. 

You sat in front of the mirror now and looked at your face again. Something in the back of your mind knew you should probably just get up and wait in the living room for Amber, but the rest of your brain was too busy picking at yourself to listen. You noticed all the blemishes on your face and the few scars that were there from things that happened as a child or from absentmindedly picking a pimple here and there. You noticed that one eyebrow was slightly higher up than the other and how your lips were a bit uneven too. This made you go into panic mode and you shut down, tears suddenly flowing down your cheeks. You were too busy crying and being curled up in a ball on the floor that you didn’t even notice Amber come walking into your room. 

Seeing your state she set the bags of snacks on your bed and slowly walked over to you, sitting down next to you. She pulled you into her lap and held you close, stroking your hair and kissing the top of your head. She whispered small things like “its okay, baby” to you. After a few minutes you managed to move yourself so you were facing Amber, still in her lap, and wrap your arms around her torso, burying your face into her neck. 

“What’s wrong, love?” She asked you, her arms snaking around you and her fingers tracing small patterns on your back.

“I-I don’t-” You sucked in a breath, “Amber.” You sobbed, squeezing her tight. 

“Hey, hey…shh…its okay. Calm down, you’re alright.” She kissed your shoulder. You took a few moments to try and control your breathing before you spoke again, now looking at her.

“Amber wh-whats wrong with me? Why can’t I lose weight? Why isn’t my face nice? Why can’t I look better? I-” She cut you off by putting a finger to your lips. She shook her head lightly.

“Hey, no. I don’t think so. You’re wonderful and beautiful. You don’t need to lose weight because your size is wonderful just how it is, but if you want to lose weight then I will help you, but only in a healthy way, okay? I’ll help you, I promise.” She gave you a small smile. “Also, you do realize you’re the most beautiful woman in the world, right? I mean look at you! You’ve been crying for almost ten minutes since I’ve been here and you still look so beautiful. Your makeup is smudged a little and your eyelashes are wet and you have some tear streaks on your face, but holy shit, you are beautiful.” She kissed the tip of your nose.

“But, my eyebrows are weird because one is higher than the other a-and my lips are uneven and I always have pimples and I-” You were cut off this time by Amber pressing her lips softly to yours. You pulled away slightly, but kept your face close to her’s. 

“You are beautiful, pimples or not, uneven lips or not, uneven eyebrows or not. I don’t care, you’re absolutely gorgeous and I love you just the way you are and you should too because you how you are is so great. I’m gonna help you love yourself, okay? Even if it takes a while and it only makes you love yourself a little bit. I promise.” She pecked your lips again. “Deal?”


“Good, now lets clean your tears up and watch some movies.” She pulled you up with her and lead you to your bathroom. She made you sit on the toilet and got one of your makeup wipes. She wiped away as much of the messed up makeup and tears as she could and then kissed your forehead. “There. Now you’re all cleaned up.” You let out a small giggle and stood up, wrapping your arms securely around Amber’s torso. 

“Thank you.”

“Always.” She kissed the top of your head and then turned in your arms so her back was towards you and made her way out of the bathroom, you still attached to her, laughing. “Now we get the party started, I’ll set up the movie and you get the drinks for us, okay?” You pressed a kiss to the nape of her neck and then detached yourself from her. 

After getting the drinks and shutting your bedroom light off, you crawled into your bed with Amber and cuddled up to her. The rest of your night was spent curled up to each other watching movies, eating food, and Amber reminding you how lovely you were after each movie.


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