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[Podcast Ep 2.2: Q/A]

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[Stephanie:] “Aaaand we’re back! Hello!”

[Dick:] “How was your break?” [chuckles]

[Stephanie:] “Very much so needed.” [clears throat] “So what’d we have to do again?”

[Dick:] “We’ve got a couple questions submitted that we need to answer.”

[Stephanie:] “Aahh, right. Let’s see…” [shuffling papers] “Here we are. Question one, ‘Hi, I’m new to the school, just barely enrolled in last month and I was wondering what the ‘Infamous Chandelier Incident’ was? Curious, everyone seems to know about it. Sincerely, Ellie C.’”

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Just need you to know I read the entirety of paper skin yesterday night. It took me around 6 hours. It was the first time I stayed up till 4 am for non-academic reasons I hope you feel proud because I did not notice the time passing at all Waiting more or less patiently for the next chapter I love this fic

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Ahhh!! I am so, so flattered that you liked it!! Thank you so much! I literally just messaged my betas last night that the rough of Chapter 14 is done, so I’m hoping I can post it tomorrow! Hopefully that’s quick enough, lol. (Nice timing!)

fuck it until you make it

gather round, folks, that i may pass down the tale of Fuck-It Jonn, because that dude is just the GREATEST FUCKING CONMAN in the WORLD, and he WASN’T EVEN TRYING. he absolutely fucking STUMBLED ON ACCIDENT into THE SCAM THAT WOULD DEFINE HIS ENTIRE LIFE. the lie that transformed his ENTIRE EXISTENCE out of SHEER RANDOM BULLSHIT.

and his sole motivation was to EAT FINGER FOOD.


in the Wayback Days™ before i was born, the people who would later become my parents had this friend named… yeah, let’s say jonn. i’d rather not say his real name. bitches not snitches, and all that.

so. france in the late 80s. jonn and my parents had just finished school and all found jobs in computer engineering. (not that they STUDIED computer engineering, mind you. no, they were all studying how to become fish farmers or some shit. but those were simpler times, when knowing how to turn the fucking screen on got you a comfortable salary at the ripe old age of 24 years old.)

except that jonn, who was a chill hippie kind of dude, was bored to death by his desk job. so bored that he decided to just up and quit. “fuck it”, was basically jonn’s motto. fuck it, he’d find something better! fuck it, and things would work out! EXCEPT (as you may have guessed) THEY DIDN’T. for months and months he didn’t find another job. and so he ended up depressed, struggling, and eating dinner at my future-parents’ tiny apartment, three times a week, so he wouldn’t literally starve.

time went by. jonn was still unemployed. so before his resources hit rock bottom, jonn did the only logical, reasonable thing. what’s that, you ask? begged for his old job back? went back to school? crawled home to his parents? ha ha! obviously you do not share jonn’s ADVENTUROUS AND ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. and also you lack his BIZARRE LOGIC AND PLAIN WEIRD APPROACH TO LIFE.

what jonn did was: say “fuck it” (again) and leave for thailand.

because you see, thailand was cheap by french standards. so cheap that even a penniless dude on unemployment could live there for weeks on end, spending much less than he would have in france, as long as he didn’t mind roughing it. and jonn didn’t mind! “fuck it”, he’d said. and by god, he would stand by his words!

so jonn gamely scrounged up the money for the plane ticket and then… yeah. basically bummed it out in thailand. for two months. seeing the sights. sleeping on the street. making new friends.

and one of these news friends turned out to be very adept at FORGING PAPERS.

huh, jonn said to himself (probably high at the time) this sounds not at all shifty and more like a ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY; what could POSSIBLY GO WRONG. my new thai best friend is even offering me a FAMILY DISCOUNT. for fake papers. fuck it! let’s have some!

as far as i can tell, jonn… didn’t even need fake papers?? like, he was literally just trying not to pass up on an opportunity here. so he smoked some more weed (i can only assume) and got A BRILLIANT IDEA. fake ID card? LAME. fake driver’s licence? HACKNEYED. fake medical degree? PEDESTRIAN. no! jonn got himself a fake press card.

but why??

well, OBVIOUSLY, just so he could get into cultural events for free - conferences, art premieres, etc - and eat all the finger food. that was his grand plan. stroll into press-only events, wave his poorly-made card around, and gorge himself on canapés. no more going hungry! ever! jonn would live off tiny slices of toasted foie gras and flutes of cheap champagne for the rest of his life!

so now jonn, Very Obviously Fake Journalist™, is back in france and he’s DOING THE THING. and guess what? this was before google. before facebook. before linkedin. impersonating a journalist was very easy. if people asked where you worked you just said you were freelance, then steered the conversation to current politics and stealthily devoured the entire buffet while everybody was busy debating.

and so. this is what jonn is doing. his monumentally stupid plan is actually working. this is how he eats. with thai-made fake papers and sheer fucking confidence. and of course people start noticing him eventually! jonn is always fucking there! at all and any events in paris! because, again, THIS IS HOW HE EATS! but it’s always the same people running around in these circles, anyway. so nobody’s surprised to see the same dudes popping up over and over again. jonn blends in! and jonn is very good at making friends. and changing the subject. and eating canapés.

and then ONE DAY

one of jonn’s newfangled journalist friends (a REAL journalist, mind you, who has NO IDEA that jonn isn’t What He Seems) basically goes: “dude i’m so swamped rn. everyone wants everything all at once. fuck. shit. are you swamped too?”

“oh, for sure,” jonn says through a mouthful of his twenty-ninth serving of canapés that night. “not a second to myself”

“god. fuck. tell me about it. shit. i’m just so damn swamped.” Real Journalist shakes his head. “if i could only find someone to cover for me on this one article.”

now, i know i said before that jonn was smoking weed. but i must confess now i said it for humorous effect. i have no idea if jonn’s ever been within five hundred yards of a blunt his whole life. but what you must understand is that jonn is Chill™ on like. a soul-deep level. his whole mind is one long exhale of smoke followed by the words “fuck it”. this is a man who left his job for no reason, lived in thailand on a tourist’s visa for two months, got fake papers there for the lol of it all, and is now living off press-only events in paris. jonn was BORN HIGH.

SO. when RJ asks him: “dude. jonn. you said you were working freelance. i know you’re busy but don’t you think you could maybe cover for me? just this once?”

jonn NATURALLY answers: “fuck it. sure”

then goes to an unemployment center and applies for one of their free one-week classes. on journalism. jonn spends ALL OF ONE WEEK learning How To Write An Article Like A Real Journalist With A Real Press Card. then writes the article. basically bullshitting his way through that thing. half-assing the life out of it. faking his heart out. because why not? FUCK IT.

i have NO IDEA if he actually did a good job or not. but it was in fact good enough for RJ who really must have been truly swamped, and was so truly grateful that he told all of their mutual journalists friends. who were ALL SWAMPED. i’m given to understand it’s the natural state of the journalist in the wild.


not making much money i assume. but still, not bad for a dude who studied journalism for five whole days.

and well, it’s kinda fun! better than moping around at home waiting for the next free canapé press-only premiere. so jonn keeps at it. and eventually it occurs to him that hey! he spent two months in thailand. why not make an article out of that? so he writes himself a lil paper, retelling his Bumtastic Adventures in the Land of Thai People, Cheap Living and Forged Papers (That Last One Having Nothing to Do With Him Personally of Course). and he’s kinda proud of it. so much that he gives it to his journalist friends. can they maybe pass it around? see if anybody would be interested in publishing it? for a modest fee and some more canapés?

and yeah. someone was in fact interested in publishing it. and that someone was:




(french edition.)

so jonn got a REAL press card. got a FULL-TIME JOB at the national geographic. and spent the REST OF HIS WORK LIFE traveling abroad for six months, then going back to paris the rest of the year to write about his wacky journeys. he’s retired now, having published several books full of his articles and photographs. he’s bought a b&b in the french countryside with all his money. and continues to say “fuck it” to any problem that comes his way like the absolute fucking legend he is.

as far as i know, none of his journalist buddies nor his boss ever found out about any of this.

How to get rid of an home owners association (HOA)

A good friend of mine has about 4 years ago inherited the house of his grandparents. He decided to live there for the time being till he has decided what to do with the house. He grew up in it, so he did not really want to sell it.

Not even a week after he moved in, he got a visit from a neighborhood committee. They said they are the 3 board members of the HOA , and are here so he can sign his membership papers. They where extremely nosy and rude, for example one tried to get into the garage without so much as asking. When he stopped him and asked him where he wanted to go, he had the audacity to say:“I need to check your garage, if everything there is in order. I have a right to do this biweekly, and denying me access is a an offense that will cost a fine.”

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Preparing for the new school year step by step guide

Summer vacation is almost over, school is starting again, maybe already started for some, so we better try to make the transition as easy as we possibly can.

  • STEP 1 : Reflect on the previous year;

Think about what you did well, what you could do better this year, what exactly are your strengths, your weaknesses, your study methodes, everything. Find what you want to keep, change or improve and go from there.

  • STEP 2 : Resources and inspiration;

Now is the time to browse your favorite tags in all your favorite places: tumblr, pinterest, etc. Find anything that would be helpful: tips, printables, DIYs, etc, and take notes.

  • STEP 3 : Make a goal list; 

Grab a piece of paper, or whatever pleases you to jot down your goals for year to come, keep them SMART, and organized by importance.

  • STEP 4 : Clean and declutter;

EVERYWHERE. Start from your room, your wardrobe, your laptop, email account, etc. Make it clean, comfy and organized, redecorate it even if you so please.

  • STEP 5: Get a planner and actually USE it;

Start now, fill in the details you know of currently, the more you do now the easier it will be later. You can use a digital one also if it fits your need better, I personally prefer the ol’ pen and paper.

  • STEP 6 : Establish routines;

Morning, night, study routines, I even have a weekend routine. Also choose your fav study methods, note taking ways, … 

  • STEP 7 : Fix your sleep schedule;

It’s time to start sleeping at a reasonable time, and for a healthy amount of time.

  • STEP 8 : Get in shape;

Get exercising if you stopped during summer, do some face masks, whiten your teeth, get you hair done, … Just take care of yourself.

  • STEP 9 : Get familiar with your classes;

Make some tables of all the lessons in each class. Watch some crash course videos in the topics you’ll see the next year Review last year’s notes if you need to.

So this is it, I hope you have a wonderful year, and achieve everything you want. You got this. ;)

i mean, things could be worse

there was a paper some time ago that suggested that basically every icy satellite-or-large-rock from jupiter’s orbit outwards to pluto all the way to the rest of the oort cloud has a chance of having a subsurface ocean that is (or was) kept warm enough to stay liquid just via their core being hot

but the thing is that all those rocks have been slowly cooling off since their formation, so more of them had warmer oceans in the past. 

also, given that in order to form, life needs a sufficiently large amount of energy-per-square-foot to sustain itself (but not too much energy) then in fact, the solar system had way more places where life could have emerged than you’d have expected looking just at the surfaces of our rocks.

thus, well, most of the life in the solar system evolved to survive in the dark of a subsurface ocean somewhere where our entire ecosystem was doomed to freeze and die millions of years ago without ever getting to even see the rest of the universe. probably.

you get to see the universe before the sun runs out, and it’s been a more reliable source of power for you than what would have been available if you’d evolved on a place like most of the rest of the life out there has, yknow? i mean i know you believe you’ve had it hard; you’ve evolved for these conditions and therefore your notion of hardness is adapted to your environment so of course. that’s the same for everybody. all forms of life i mean.

but things could be worse

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Hi vetyr, you're such a wonderful artist and I look up to you and your progress so much. I've been seriously trying to improve, but I struggle to correctly put things down on paper and have to redraw something several times. It's like I don't know how to put the lines and only see them once on paper which is when I can modify them. I feel like I don't know how to draw anything, especially for details, so every painting and lineart is very rough. Any tips for overcoming this? Thanks so much

Thank you!  And what you’re describing is completely normal, especially if you’re a beginner or intermediate artist.  What you probably need to do is study more (yay!); you may be trying to pull too much from your imagination at the moment when there isn’t a lot of material there.  You need to build up a visual library first (described in depth in this video by Feng Zhou), which is essentially your mental storage of pictures.  

To train your mind to fully grasp and remember shapes and forms, start filling up sketchbooks with a combination of studies and imagination drawings.  Use a few pages for studies, whether it’s people, animals, clothing, landscapes, etc.–and then use another one or two pages to test yourself and to redraw what you just studied.  Developing your mind’s eye is like learning any other skill; you need to put the time in to see results.  

Over months and years, making certain marks on the page will become intuitive to you because you’ve done them thousands of times, and the 3D forms of things will start to snap together.  It really does take a while, but the method of studying combined with imagination tests will alleviate most of your issues.  Highly accurate visual representation of the process:

PS: You also might want to study the subjects that you want to draw before you start a piece–I have a much easier time drawing ravens, for instance, if I’ve sketched them out a dozen or so times on a separate canvas.  The studies don’t have to be fully fleshed out, they’re just useful for prepping your hand to move in certain directions (kind of like an actor rehearsing a few important lines to himself before a play).

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do you have any tips for someone just starting to draw? like how to start learning to draw in general and develop an art style?

For someone just starting to draw… let’s see

• don’t be afraid to start, there is probably no such thing as “preparing to start”. People always ask me how should they start out, but there’s really no one right way. Or one that is easier. It’s just it, one day you start;

• try to not get upset if you aren’t great at the beginning, and most likely you won’t be. No one is. Your hand might not listen to you the way you want it to and the pictures you see in your head and on the paper or monitor are going to be different. Remind yourself it’s okay and you’ll get better at it;

• don’t give up straight away. If you really want to draw - go for it, whether you’re bad at it or a bit better than average, keep going or you will just stay as it is. It’s fine if you’re content with current skill, but if you wanna go greater and bigger - you’ll need to work;

• try to not compare yourself to other artists, people who draw better than you, and most certainly, people your age who draw better than you or people who are younger but better. It’s your journey, and the person you admire might have worked so so much for where they are now. It’s okay if you’re a bit behind, you’ll get a hand for it;

• don’t push youself into something like “I need to develop my own artstyle! I need to do it asap so people know it’s from me!”. Developing an artstyle, and developing a skill in general takes a whole journey, and it never really ends. Once you start out it’s not much you know about art and styles and young artists often get so confused and jealous at such a thing as style. But creating a unique artstyle is an experience, and it takes your own experiences and translates them into paper, tablet, wherever. The more you draw, the more you notice about anatomy or nature or shadows, all those little details that go through you and your own understanding of them, and then get translated into the paper. At the beginning people often start out by copying someone’s style, but I’d suggest to at least try to not get inspired by only one artist. Most of us don’t really want to be a second someone and once you get used to draw a certain (other artist’s) way it’s very hard and nerve wrenching to branch off. 
Take something you like from one artist, translate into your version of it, then take something you love from another, add to it and so so so on. Eventually it will transform into something quite unique, and the more you draw the more of your experiences and little notes get added to it. Once again, it’s neverending;

• it will not hurt to look up other artists’ tutorials just to get on the basics. It’s very hard at the beginning if you just try to draw, you know? Starting drawing, for example, a face just as it is with no real udnerstanding of how things work is very hard, but once you know a face - is just a combination of lines and circles and (it’s hard to get right at first) a proportion, it’s much easier. Because most of us can draw some kind of circle and then add a line or two on it. Even if you aren’t great at drawing features yet, it’s going to be looking similar to a human, even if stylized. Same with anatomy really. Look up the basics!

• it’s okay to use references, since they develop your eye more. I don’t speak of tracing now, but to re-draw things is fine and can be very helpful. Especially if you take them for a study, like first drawing something using a reference, and the next step is drawing the same thing but with no reference,

• don’t view other artists who draw better as any kind of…enemies? Try seeing them being better as a healthy rivalry. Strive to be like them, but don’t try to be THEM. You are you and you are going to be amazing if you push through all the struggles. Amazing artists can be amazing motivators without even knowing they are running and you’re running behind trying so much to catch up,

• sometimes you’ll feel sad and unsatisfied and it’s okay. It’s hard, but it’s okay. whenever an artblock and a drawing sadness happens, remind yourself it’s going to pass. Usually any kind of an artblock is a way for your hand to catch up to your vision, and afterwards you’re going to improve. Don’t give up before improving, and push through it over and over again, after all the artblocks, imagine how great you’re gonna be:”D

• most importantly, draw what your heart desires. Don’t draw solely for likes, or reblogs, of people who want a thing from you. If you don’t want to draw it - then don’t. Art with all the struggles and artblocks and all that is supposed to be fun, and to bring joy to you. If people share this joy with you - it’s amazing, it feels motivating and moves you to be better; but if you try bringing joy for people without feeling it - it’s going to be noticed, and it’s not good for anyone. draw for your joy;)

• take a sketchbook with you and draw people around you! Like try to get their poses or features with as little lines as possible. The more you do of these the more flow of body and anatomy you’ll understand, the more of anatomy details you’ll notice. They don’t have to be humans, if you want to draw nature - go for it, animals - go for those. Do quick doodles and sketches of things you like around you;

• try looking at artists you admire critically. I know some of them seem like gods, but they are people like you and they can make mistakes in anatomy, or anything really.  Don’t glorify anyone especially if with that comes bringing yourself down;

• no success of any artist deminishes your effort and worth. If someone is great - it doesn’t mean you aren’t and that you aren’t worthy. Take your time.

It’s probably an obvious mess, but I tried. Start out, you’ll figure it out along the way<33


💎💰💍 my players won’t see this for months, but I wanted to show someone—some of the treasures I’ll give out for D&D, including magic rings and jewels and coins worth various amounts. I’ll be giving my players little sewn treasure bags. We are all grown adults.

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Aaa what about Virgil with some kind of big dog like a husky that he has to kind of help his anxiety or that makes him happy? My dog is a huge help in making me a happier person so I feel like a dog would help Virgil a lot.

Virgil and a dog is definitely something we need more of in this fandom

a few tips for surviving exam periods when you have shite mental health

sorry for the delay on getting this out, hopefully its not too late for you guys (i’m not sure when exam season ends). whilst i obviously believe that everybody, irregardless of whether you have a mental illness or not, should be proactive during stressful life events such as exams to protect your mental health, there are certain aspects which can make life tricky and hard going when you have ongoing mental health problems and are having to navigate exams.

so a bit of context - i’m 24, i’ve had issues with my mental health since i was 14/15 (depression, anxiety, trichotillomania, an eating disorder, and a couple other bits that i’m not 100% comfortable discussing right now), and i’ve sat my GCSEs, A Levels, and 5 years of med school exams whilst balancing my grades against my mental health, to varying degrees of success. over the years i’ve developed a couple of habits i rely on when doing/preparing for exams that i thought could maybe help somebody else in a similar position. note: these tips might not help you, i just wanted to share them in the off chance that they might, and they also are not a substitute for seeking help and support elsewhere.

a lot of these are to do with managing either depression/ED behaviours during the revision period, or panic/anxiety during an exam as those are the two major problems i personally face.

1. stock up on daily life necessities, if you need to - when i’m stressed or very depressed i can get quite self-neglectful and that becomes even more likely if i have to get out of the house to buy new stuff. so take a look at whether you’ll need more toothpaste/shampoo/shower gel/toilet paper in the coming weeks, and if so (and if you can), buy replacements in advance and keep them stored away so that if you run out, you don’t even have to think about replacing them.

2. make sure you have enough medication, if you take them. i like to have enough daily meds to last me at least till the end of exams, and enough PRN for if i entered a very difficult time. my doctor knows that occasionally i’ll request a longer script and as long as i’m stable and i have good reason for it, he generally writes it for me, so maybe think about talking to your doc about it. note - there are people for whom it is not safe to have longer scripts and larger quantities of medication, please please if this applies to you, do not consider this an option (i used to be in that position of having to have weekly scripts and it is frustrating but so necessary)

3. start revision early and then try not to get swept up into the panic of studying all day every day during revision period. i find its a lot gentler on my mental health to study for double the number of days but half the number of hours each day. plus spaced recall is one of the best ways of learning material and by stretching out your revision time you can really maximise this.

4. i split my day into three sessions: morning, afternoon and evening, and in general i aim to only stay ‘productive’ for two sessions each day, taking one session off for down time, whether that be watching tv or going for a walk. this down time does not include ‘life admin’, this is reserved for destressing/decompressing - i don’t grocery shop/pay bills/other necessary life things during this time. this is ‘me time’.

5. special exam arrangements aren’t just for physical disabilities or learning difficulties. i was first allowed special exam arrangements in my fourth year of uni and honestly they’ve made a world of difference, i used to panic upon entering large exam halls with hundreds of people, i’d feel nauseous for the first 30 minutes of every exam, i’ve had to leave countless exams for 5-10 minutes to calm down (which undoubtedly had an impact upon my grades), i’ve also not been refused permission to leave whilst panicking and have had to calm myself down in the middle of an exam hall. now, i sit exams in a small room with 5-10 other people, at a regular table, not an exam desk, the invigilators have been instructed to let me leave if i’m panicking, and if i do leave, the clock is stopped so i don’t lose that time. and the impact? i haven’t actually had to leave a single exam i’ve taken, and if thats not an excellent result, i don’t know what is. ahead of the exam period, contact your exams team or the disabled students services to see what they can do for you (you will most likely need medical evidence such as a letter from your doctor)

6. if you can’t get special exam arrangements, visit your exam venue beforehand, if you can. before fourth year i would visit the exam hall and make sure i was familiar with it so that when i came for the exam i could just walk in and sit down. i was lucky in that we didn’t have assigned seating, so i’d also look and make a mental note of where i wanted to sit (at the back, near the doors).

7. meal plans - at my point in my ED recovery i haven’t had to follow a meal plan for years, but during exam periods i do tend to meal plan just as a fail safe option, to keep me on track

8. make sure theres at least one person out there who is familiar with your situation and perhaps that the exam period might make things worse, who you can check in with every so often. i know lots of people tend to go underground during exam season and this then becomes difficult when you need somebody to talk to or if you need another mind to bounce ideas off. for me, thats a couple of good friends, but it could be family members or a tutor or a counsellor.

9. have a serious think about whether you should request mitigating circumstances. it’s not a shameful thing at all, and you deserve to have every factor considered if there are reasons why you may not get the grade you deserve. remember that most places require you to do this before the exams begin and will require medical evidence.

10. exams make me panicky, and this expands to discussion of exams (even at one point my parents wishing me good luck before i went to take an exam would make me panicky) - if this is you, consider floating the idea of banning exam discussion at home/at the dinner table. when i was doing my A levels i banned my parents from asking when/where my exams were, whether i was prepared, how i felt etc etc and it made home a little ‘safe haven’ from the panic. they may not completely comply but that will also make it known to people the impact that their discussions have on you.

11. if food is an issue for you, stock up on things that take low to no energy to prepare and eat - ignore people who say how unhealthy it is because you know whats more unhealthy? not eating at all. things like pre-prepared fruit and veg, tubs of hummus, ready meals (yes!), tins of soup/stew, frozen pizzas, jars of pasta sauce, cereal bars, precooked rice sachets. ideally, cook up a bunch of meals ahead of time and stick em in the freezer in individual portions to defrost when you need them, but i know not everybody has the energy or ability to do this. this way you look at your meal plan, see you’re scheduled to have a snack, go downstairs, grab your snack and eat it, rather than having to decide what to eat and then have to make it yourself.

12. get a cup with a straw. simple, but i never drink as much water and am never as hydrated as i am when i have a cup with a straw.

13. ear plugs - i don’t actually keep them in during the exam as i worry about missing announcements, but i like them for the pre-exam period waiting around the exam site as they block out everything else and stop me having to listen to people worrying around me (thats the worst). if they’re obvious, they also stop worrying friends coming over and spreading their worry to you.

14. foamy pencil grips - i stick them around my pens to make the barrels wider, easier to grip and less likely to slip out of sweaty hands - my hands can get very shaky and sweaty and if i can’t grip my pen it makes me even more panicky so they help soooooo much

15. extra strong mints - i take these into the exam with me so that if i have an anxious moment during the exam, i have a sip of water, a mint and a deep breath and centre myself again, something about the extra strong sensory stimulation is really helpful to me

16. i don’t wear conventional bras to exams. when i’m having a full on panic attack the bra strap feels like its constricting me and i feel like i can’t breathe - when i sit exams i either go bra-less or wear very soft bralettes. sports bras might work for others but i find them also very constrictive as they’re designed to be so supportive.

17. if you have PRN for panic/anxiety, bring it into the exam even if you don’t feel like you’ll need it and don’t leave it in your bag, if you need it lots of invigilators won’t let you go digging through your bag even if it is for meds. personally i’ve never actually taken my PRN during an exam as it’s an extremely sedating medication so it would effectively ruin the rest of the exam (although there have been a couple of instances where i probably should have), but just having it out there on the desk with me is a reassurance.

18. bring a snack for afterwards. just taking an exam is in itself exhausting (especially at uni where exams can be 3+ hours) let alone managing anxiety symptoms for hours, plus your adrenaline will be pumping enough that you probably won’t realise you’re hungry so i always bring a piece of fruit and a cereal bar to eat whilst decompressing after each exam.

19. if an exam went badly and you feel it is due to problems during the exam that you feel should be acknowledged (for example, you had a panic attack during the exam) speak to somebody about it as soon as possible after the exam ends. i mean literally go directly and tell somebody as soon as you leave the venue. don’t email it or wait till another day, that will be too late. it’s difficult because most places require mitigating circumstances to be submitted in advance of the exam, and many unis have a ‘fit to sit’ policy (whereby if you show up you are effectively making a statement saying that you are well enough to sit the exam) but for things that have happened during the actual exam, nothing can be done unless you report it, either to your tutor or your school exams office

20. don’t feel pressured to discuss the exam with your friends afterward. its so so common for people to sit around analysing the questions in depth and it can be so damaging. you aren’t a party pooper or spoiling anything if you ask people not to discuss the exam when you are around. they’re free to do whatever they want when they’re not around you but you have a right to request that they refrain when you’re around. there are plenty of other, more interesting things to do.

these tips are nothing new or novel and i’m sure most of you will have heard them all before but these are a few things that make the exam period better for me and so i hope they help some of you guys too :) xxx

I have too many stupid childhood injuries to put on paper or to frankly remember but some Top 20 Hits are:

My toddler brother peed on the floor and I wanted to be helpful so I snuck away to get carpet cleaner, found lime-away instead, sprayed it the wrong direction directly into my eye, and without intervention almost lost my eyesight permanently.

Ate a buckeye. No need for more explanation. Just because it’s Good for Squirrels doesn’t mean it’s not Deadly For Kids.

Lied down on a lightbulb and it hit a space in my back so perfectly I didn’t feel it until my sheets were so wet with blood I woke back up. The scar looks like a centipede.

Honorable mention is the time I was playing capture the flag at camp and the kid I was chasing slipped it wanged his head off a brick wall. He was bleeding a LOT but head wounds tend to do that so I told him “it doesn’t look to bad. Let’s go get a counselor” and I managed to keep him calm. And then another kid found us and yelled “IVE NEVER SEEN THAT MCH BLOOD IN MY LIFE” and kid 1 yelled “YOU SAID IT DIDNT LOOK BAD” and the situation pretty much deteriorated from there and a rumor spread that I’d pushed him into the wall.

A year ago, I drafted a novel which I thought would make a good first publication. I revised it and then did what I always do after I write a thing - I put it in a drawer. The longer the writing, the longer it hangs out in the drawer and this was one of the longest things I’d written all at once.

Fast forward 7 months. I pulled it out of hiding, thinking I had an easy edit and quick ebook to publish.

Boy, was I wrong.

When I reread that draft, I realized I had more than just proofreading to do. I hadn’t counted on learning so much about writing during these last several months. I didn’t realize how much more depth my characters would need, how many ways I could layer my story, add more meaningful conflicts, build in more than token diversity, and generally write a much better story than I’d intended when I first started out. That drawer kept me from putting out something I thought was good but would have been, at best, amateurish and, at worst, mediocre. More importantly, and unbeknownst to me, my story was churning in my subconscious, so when I put pen to paper again, I found had so much more to say.

So I guess the takeaway would be to give your drafts time to breathe. I put that novel in the drawer because I knew I was instinctively too passionate to look at it at the moment. I had to back away and cool off so I could be an objective reader. And I’m glad I did. I know now, when I send it to my beta readers and to my editor (yes, I’m going to pay for a professional edit, Lord help me), I’m going to end up with a product I can be proud of.

Like we do with friends and lovers, give your draft some space, a chance to breathe and to become. Let it sit in your drawer and in your mind without fear. Release it so it can come back to you as hopefully something more wonderful than before.


Frame/Gender: No restriction, but under female
Ages: Teen - Elder
Found under: Everyday & Cold Weather
Requires: Get to Work

Swatches: to many! 22 swatches - a mix of random patterns, patterns from @hamburgercakes‘ “Rifle Paper Co.” and solids from @plumbobteasociety‘s Cottage Garden palette.

disallowed for random

Hello guys (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I NEVER used that jacket tbh. But since we have weather now I think it’s perfect and well used by me! So - of course - I needed some recolours because the original swatches did not please me at all. I was inspired by my own jacket which has this kind of … cotton/jeans texture. So I added it to make the jacket more textured and not just bland. I first wasn’t sure because of maxis match but I think I made it work! Some swatches have the same jacket but different hoodies. Enjoy!

Download: Simfileshare (No Adfly)

If you have any issues or requests please let me know!

Credits: Sims 4 Studio, @hamburgercakes, @plumbobteasociety
Poses: EA (none)
Sim: Mine 

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Steps for Letting go of Painful Memories

Experiences can leave us with some painful memories. They tie us to the past and prevent us moving on. And the only way to freedom is to work on letting go – so these memories don’t haunt us or keep us trapped in pain. Below are some guidelines to help you work on this.

1. Before you can let go, you must face whatever happened and accept that it is part of your past experiences. Suppression doesn’t work as a long-term solution. It can only be a band-aid that brings temporary relief. Talk to someone you trust, or write about it in your journal. You need to share what happened, in order to move on.

2. Identify the lessons you have learned from what has happened. There’s always a lesson – so look for what you’ve learned. It doesn’t make it better – but it does lessen its power.

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Marry Me

Some pure angst

“So catering wise, I believe you told me over the phone that a lot of your guests were either vegan or vegetarian. I think it would be smart to have a variety of options for everyone, so we should definitely cater from a place that’s diverse in option. There’s an amazing mediterranean place on 4th Oak that I think we could try…”

The wedding planner continues rambling on about the specifics of my wedding, and although it’s supposed to be a special and joyous day, my mood remains sour due to my tired state. We had been constantly planning the wedding for several days now, I hadn’t gotten any time for myself.

In addition to this, Harry had been working excessively in the studio. He had come home past midnight every day this week, and by the time I would wake up to a bright ray of sunlight slapping me in the face, his side of the bed would be neatly left behind.

With all of the wedding planning happening, and with the wedding being so soon, I expected Harry to be around more often. I thought he would at least give some cake flavors a taste, help design the background and accessory to the wedding, or come with me to look at flowers or possible bouquets. Instead, he had practically locked himself inside of his studio with Jeff, constantly stressing for an album that wasn’t even due until 3 months after the wedding.

“Y/N?” the wedding planner, Mariah, waved her fake nail encrusted hands in front of my face, snapping me out of my thoughts entirely.

“Sorry Mariah, what were you saying?” You politely but tiredly respond. She reopens the thick binder bulging with pictures and colorful papers, pointing to two designs for the walls of the wedding.

“Since you hadn’t chosen your dress yet, I figured the designs for the elegance of the background could match with your dress. However, if you decide to go with a dress that uses a lot of tulle, a more festive backdrop would look better. Now i’m not telling you to be stressed, but I talked to the people who design the festive backdrops, and they need a call confirming the order right away so that we can be prepared for the wedding.”

Mariah tells you, trying her best to reassure you. You had wanted to go dress shopping for weeks. Buying the beautiful white gown you would walk down the aisle in had always been a dream of yours. However, every time you had asked Harry, he had procrastinated and pushed the scheduled day back over and over again.

You didn’t mind Harry missing things like the bouquet, or even the cake, but you did want his opinion on which dress to wear. Although it may have been considered bad luck to see the bride in the dress before the wedding, the purchasing of a gorgeous dress was something you’d always discussed with him.

“I’ll talk to Harry today. Do you have the pictures of the dress styles I picked out?” You ask her. She nods, flipping through her binder once more before taking a few photos out of a slot and handing them to you. You thank her, standing up and saying your farewells before walking out of the condo door.

The entire car ride to the studio downtown, the same thought seemed to cross your mind.

Did Harry not want to marry you?

The prospect of marriage had always been a discussion between the two of you. In late night car rides and midnight waffle house trips, one thing you had always discussed was the details of your dream wedding, occasionally joking about how wild it would be.

But now that the time to plan had come, the wedding being only a few weeks away, Harry had almost completely isolated himself from your planning. Whenever he came home late in the evening, you would ask him about small details like the flavors of the cake, to which he would respond, “I’m tired, baby. Can we discuss this tomorrow?”

But after nearly 2 weeks, “tomorrow” had never arrived. Which was precisely the reason why you were rushing over to his studio downtown in an Uber with a purse full of dress pictures, because you were on your last nerve.

Pulling up to the parking lot of the studio, you notice that it’s nearly empty aside from his white vintage Mercedes, which you park beside, and a truck you recognize as Jeff’s. You open the glass door to the establishment, pulling the bundle of pictures out of your purse and getting ready to show them to him.

Even though he had neglected his other wedding responsibilities, you at least expected Harry to be excited about your dress. Even when you put on dresses for things like graduations or parties, he had complimented you with a sweet, “You look so beautiful, darling. How did I get lucky enough to have you?”

The dresses were something especially important to you, so you walked into the studio pushing all of the negative thoughts about his opinions on the wedding out of your mind, and focused on the positive reassurance that he would be as excited about dresses as you were.

When you walk into the recording room, Jeff is sitting at the control board, headphones tightly wrapped around his ears as he edits what you assume is a newly recorded demo. Harry sits with Mitch, discussing what you think is an idea for a new song on the album, or specifically what it will be about. You assume Mitch rode with Jeff to the studio because you didn’t see her car in the parking lot.

In the midst of their lighthearted but professional conversation, Mitch notices you, waving at you with a smile.

“Y/N! Hey!” You walk towards her, adjusting your bag to one side of your body before meeting her warm embrace. While hugging Mitch, you visibly notice Harry rolling his eyes and going back to typing on his Macbook at the table next to you.

“What are you doing here?” Mitch asks happily. He then notices the small stack of dress photos in your right hand, smiling widely in response.

“I was going to ask Harry about the wedding. You’ll be coming, right?” You ask her. Mitch nods, gesturing with her hands and shaking them as if He was saying “obviously”. He accompanies the gesture with an, “Of course! I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

You smile widely before stepping past Mitch to finally approach Harry.

“Hey” You tell him. He notices you, but continues to click and type at his laptop, his eys never leaving the screen.

“Hi.” He bluntly replies, still not looking at you.

“So I was talking to Mariah about the backdrop of the altar, she told me it all varies depending on which dress I choose. You always seem to cancel the dress shopping so-” He cuts you off, finally looking at you but holding a defensive position. He crosses his arms over his chest, “Well I have work to do.” He states.

“Yeah, yeah, I wasn’t trying to make it seem like you purposely did it.” You immediately counter, trying to get rid of any hostility that seems to arise in conversation.

“But I know you can’t make it to coming with me, so I brought the designs here. Since we have to make the decision really soon.” You lay down the stack of wedding dress photos on the table he’s working at, dodging some of the papers messily scattered around the desk. You lay out a few dress designs, admiring all the pretty looks. When you look back up at Harry, you realize he isn’t even looking at you, and instead is typing away at his computer once again.

“Harry!” You snap him out of his work, waving your hands in front of his face like Mariah had done to you earlier.

“What? I’m busy. Couldn’t this have waited until tonight?” He annoyingly snaps at you. He seems irritated by your presence, and although that hurts you, you’re more mad than sad.

“You always say you’re tired when I ask you about it at night!” You defend yourself. He shakes his head and ignores you purposely, typing at his computer once more.

“Harry Edward Styles, don’t you dare ignore me while I speak to you.” You raise your voice slightly. From the back of the room, you hear the clacking of a soundboard halt, and you know you’ve startled Jeff.

“Y/N i’m doing important shit right now, I really don’t have time for this.” He snaps. You take the lid of his laptop and slam it down so that he’ll stop deterring his attention to the screen. Startled and surprised, he stands up from his chair, his significantly taller frame suddenly overshadowing you.

“What the fuck is your problem?” His voice raises. It scares you, but it hurts you more than anything else that he couldn’t just take a few minutes out of his work to look through your photos and help you choose.

“You haven’t contributed a single thing to planning this wedding, I just wanted you to be there for this one thing!” You snap back. He places his hand on his forehead and the other on his hip, annoyed and fed up.

“It’s a fucking dress, Y/N! It doesn’t even matter, i’ll buy you whatever you choose. Why does it even matter what you wear when I marry you?” His statement hits you suddenly, you feel hurt and betrayed by his sudden carelessness and blunt nature. This wasn’t the Harry you had 12:00 AM discussions with while eating waffles in your sweatpants, this Harry was different.This Harry was rude and intrusive, careless and selfish.

“Harry, at this point I don’t even know if you want to marry me!” You tell him, tears welling up in your eyes. You clear your throat to preserve your voice, expecting him to show at least some sympathy towards you. Instead, he just seems even more annoyed as he forms a quick rebuttal.

“Don’t be fucking ridiculous, Y/N.” He lifts up the lid of his macbook, waiting for it to turn on again as he types in his password. You feel a hot tear roll down the side of your face but wipe it away, sniffling. He doesn’t notice you crying.

“I just wanted to do this with you, you’re not even home anymore.” You tell him, running your forearms across your eyes roughly.

“It’s annoying that you think you can just bust in here when i’m working to help you choose what to wear. It’s not worth my album prep time to help you decide which ugly dress I like slightly more.”

You start crying even more and he’s back to typing away on his computer. Swallowing the enormous lump in your throat, you try to form any sentence to hurt him as much as he’s hurt you. You can feel Mitch and Jeff’s eyes burning holes in the back of your head, intrigued and surprised by the drama that’s unfolding.

“If you’re going to treat me like this when we’re not even married, why are we getting married Harry?” You ask him lightly. He looks up at you, shrugging.

“I don’t know.”

His response is nonchalant, as if he genuinely doesn’t care at all. You figure arguing with him is just a waste of time, regardless of how devastated you feel. You pick up some of the dress photos from his desk, preparing yourself to leave broken heartedly. He notices the small droplets of water dripping from your eyes onto the desk, and you can notice him starting to soften up. He grabs your wrist just as you finish collecting your design pictures, speaking softly


You cut him off.

“No. And Harry? You don’t ever have to worry about choosing between ugly dresses or being too busy for wedding planning ever again, because the wedding isn’t happening anymore. I wouldn’t want to marry someone who isn’t ever home anyways.”