but i love ti


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Losing myself in your eyes

For now and forever

Far away from here

To find all your love

You only gave me a look

Losing myself in your eyes

And now it is way too late

I’m in love and tied

We forget quickly all those

Who blame our embraces

Losing myself in your eyes

In dodges and in feints

And in my heart like a blade

You enter for the better

You are Anya you are my wife

Losing myself in your eyes



Today I get the keys to the brand new apartment I’m renting with my man and his ma.

This is a very positive step for me. We haven’t been dating a long time but it feels like I’ve known him forever. Even though we weren’t in each other’s lives for a number of years, we are good for each other now.

I mean, he’s already met my extended family on both sides. And he didn’t run away. Definitely showed me how much he cares for me. There are so many things I admire about him.

He’s an incredibly independent, kind-hearted man. I love that he has a strong work ethic, great family ties, pets. I literally forget what I’m thinking when I look in his bright eyes. He’s the most fun I’ve had in years.

I’m so glad we reconnected, I don’t know where I’d be without him. It’s much darker without him. He’s my someone.

It’s been 4 years why are you still in love with me why haven’t you left he left everyone left everyone up and left I CUT TIES WITH EVERYONE I FELL IN LOVE WITH EXCEPT FOR YOU WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO YOURSELF WHY WHY WHY I’M NOTHING BUT A MONSTER WHO CAREs ABOUT ME


Why don’t you break up for me so I can die already

“Y aquí estoy una vez más agonizando por ti. Tratando de verte de lejos, de aspirarte a distancia, ver cómo te abrumas poco a poco. Quiero verte pero de lejos, quiero estar contigo pero de lejos porque estando cerca me punzas cada vez más, me derrites con tu inexistente presencia. Me enfrías, en vez de acalorarme. Quiero estar cerca de ti, pero que el destino lo haga realidad. Quiero estar lejos de ti porque de cerca me provocas, me hieres y haces que me ahogue de ti. Ya déjame ser libre, vete lejos y suéltame las ganas de verte a diario, y mándame las ganas de ya no verte jamás, pero saber de ti y de tus logros. Vamos a caminar juntos, pero no de la mano, no en la mismas calles, ni en las mismas avenidas, ni mucho menos en la misma ciudad. Déjame ser tu consuelo de tus fracasos, déjame ser esa mierda que extrañas a las 3 a.m. Déjame ser yo por la quien sufres y haces corajes y yo te voy a dejar ser aquel que quise pero jamás a mi lado.”

-Sara Sofía (1.26 a.m.)

clinicalrage  asked:

slurred words! (bruce feels a little guilty about this)


          ❛ Did I ever told ya how cute ‘nd ador’ble y’are? ‘cause that’s what y’are, ador’ble Brucie Banner. See, I managed yer name, ‘m not that drunk. But y’know what else y’are? Yer fuckin’ sexy. How yer doin’ that? Cute ‘nd sexy ‘nd I’d love t’kiss ya right now. Might think of other things too. Yer always taking so good care o’ me ‘nd now ‘m yer probl’m. Oh but yer clever ‘n’ smart ‘nd ‘m sure the pretty head of ya will handle this righ’? Clever ‘n’ calm Brucie, but not when yer angry. Don’ like that, but ‘tis not yer fault. ‘nd I love ya anyway, ‘kay? Y’love me too? ‘cause I think ya do. I mean ‘m pretty ‘nd ‘m clever as well ‘nd ‘m taking no shit of nothing, that’s sexy righ’? Might like me for it. ❜

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Top 5 Pokémon?

Not gonna list in any particular order, else I’ll be here all day trying to justify it (mostly to myself).

Shinx (These two are actually my tied for 1st faves, I love them both so much ;3;)
Piplup (Special mention, cos if not for this lil guy, I wouldn’t have gotten Pokemon Diamond all them years ago :D)

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hi i love u and i hope u had a good day and if u didnt thats ok, i still love u bc ur an amazing person !!!!

YOU. you. thank you so much this helped me cheer up a bit… i love y too anon thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for posting so many photos of these books, but I’m just so in love with them.

Plus, you know, tis the season for it and all.