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aaaa ok so for the favorite drag queen thingie: mine is Katya because I relate to her a lot and I really look up to her confidence. Watching her an Trixie on UNHhhh has pulled me out of so many depressive funks, and my best friend and I both love it a lot, so it kind of ties me to him in a nice way. (I had to move away from this friend;;) but yeah!! Katya's my fav and I really hope to meet her someday 💖💖

Aww!!! I totally feel ya, UNHhhh can be such a great mood lifter!! I hope you get to meet her someday too!! 💞

3. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?

Probably Scotland. I desperately want to see the Scottish highlands where I have some ancestral ties to.

41. I love black petunias weirdly enough. I’m not a big fan of other kinds of petunias. I also love roses and orchards.

Thank you!!! ^-^

Holy crap!!

Not only did they go there with Twincer, but she’s British & she killed Wren?!?!?!?? I am still legitimately surprised that Marlene would let Toby get screwed over like that! I am glad they tied in the scenes though! Side note: I love Troian so much

Episode 183
  • Astra : Who are you guys ? Gregor Hartway and, Markus, where do you come from ? What, what's your job ?
  • Markus : Oh !
  • Gregor : We are, a family friendly, restaurant bar,
  • Thog : NIce nice work the family angle--
  • Markus : Slash adventuring agency !
  • Astra : Oh, oh, I think I see what you guys are doing, you've got like a whole,
  • Rings her finger around
  • Astra : Good adventurer bad adventurer thing going on.
  • Gregor : That depends on who is what.
  • Markus, whispering : Nonono Gregor, Gregor nonono hey hey buddy perk up perk up c'mon, we need some of your Lawful Good action right now, I'll be bad adventurer.
  • Gregor : I am all that is good in the world !
  • Markus : And I take bribes !

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Budig leaving 😭 Burton returning 🤔 How do you feel 😬

Lol. I’m bummed about Rebecca Budig because she’s a really good actress who’s character had a lot of potential but they sort of derailed all her character progress by making her a Webber. It was so pointless. The only person it tied her to was Liz. Meh.

I loved Steve Burton when he was Jason, I mean he is half the reason I fell in love with JaSam but I’m over Steve. Idk what to think. He’s aged a lot, too, I mean idk if YR just made him look super ugly with the heavy make up or what that show just made him look so much older. And I love Billy. He and Kelly are perfection on screen. And he has really made me love his Jason, and I love the way they write him now, the way he loves his family and Sam, there’s been a lot of growth in his character since the SBu years and it was kinda suck to see all that progress erased for SBu’s return.

I’m not Anti-Steve’s Jason though, how can I be? He helped create arguably the most popular couple on soaps right now. I just have mixed feelings, I’ll take it as it comes. If the story is good, I’m fine with it, plus it gives Kelly SO much material and she deserves the WORLD. Two Jasons fighting over her, I mean…

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I love sara's cut but I miss her longer hair and how it framed her face. What is your favorite sara hair/styles?

I mean, her longer hair is probably my ULTIMATE fave, when she wore it wavy, but what she has now is also tied for fave. I freaking love it, it’s so hot.

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Have you ever watched Miraculous Ladybug? I would love you draw some nsfw art of Chat tied up in Ladybug's yoyo? Or anything from that fandom! If not, no worries!

Omg this sounds like a great idea, but I unfortunately have not watched Miraculous Ladybug :( I’m sorry!! That show does look so precious and i’d been planning to start it but never found a good place to watch it. If I do end up watching it, I’ll keep this request in mind tho, I promise!

Inrealised a lot of things in therapy last night and it made me so happy & proud of myself at how far ive come in the last 2 months
-i no longer feel the inexcapable need to keep pushing in disagreements/arguments. I can easily let a disagreement go whereas before i would keep going until i had driven a significant wedge in the relationship
-responsibilities are no longer overwhelming amd are easily doable (including household chores, prep for my job, errands, and phone calls)
-i enjoy things in reality, not in theory. I went on a bike ride for fun the other day. Yesterday i played my guitar because i wanted to. I no longer just like the idea of things, im back to actually liking them
-my brain no longer feels the need to “turn off”; it was difficult for me to interact with people amd i would often feel the need to escape after barely 5 minutes (this included babies even tho i love babies; kinda tied to the liking the idea of things bit ig). I can interact with people and not feel the need to switch off and check out b.c im overwhelmed anymore
-i havent missed a single dr appointment, either therapy or obgyn appointments!
-the biggest thing is now that my mental health is getting taken care of, i can be outside myself and look to the needs of others. Like i am putting more effort & energy into my marriage (affection & stuff) b.c im not wrapped up in me anymore. I respond to friends more. Im able to give others my time & energy.

Anyway these are all huge steps for me and im really excited to see what i can accomplish & how i will grow in the next 2 months ❤❤

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idk if u know me but im kyra,, Type queen™ and i gotta recommend truthwitch bc 😍 tis my love gotta pay homage to my url and thw wrath and tbe dawn!!!! so good and congrats on 1.5k sam 💕

i’m sorry ,, doesn’t ring a bell :// jK ily Type queen™!!!!!! and i also bought truthwitch thanks to u and will be adding the wrath and the dawn to my tbr list so!! thank yoooou <4 here’s your moodboard!!