but i love ti

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ghost type !


- my favorite pokemon of that type


the purest and goodest purple marshmallow….a classic ghosty that can do no wrong

- my second favorite pokemon of that type


She Is Just So Beautiful I Would Die For Her one of the things that really sold sinnoh to me after i had to say goodbye to hoenn 

- the cutest pokemon of that type


like. cmon. Cmon. there aint nothing cuter than mimikyu. period. technically tied with gengar as first fave bc i love this eldritch horror so much

- least favorite pokemon of that type


FUCK THIS THING FUCK THIS MR PRINGLES LOOKIN ASS its just so ugly. so ugly. its hard for me to hate ghost types but here u go

like i love prompto to death but i wish theyd kept his old design

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I'm in love with a guy but he's said he's only want sex with me and not a romantic relationship and i devasted

Oh no :( I’m so sorry sweetheart. I know you love him but I would cut all ties honestly. You would be the only one getting hurt in the end if he’s told you he only wants a sexual relationship instead of a romantic one. You deserve more than that xx

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Telika ti sou aresei se auth??

And what i loved most she had so much soul

Slim was fresh yo, when she was underground

Original, pure untampered and down sister
Boy I tell yaaaaaaa, I miss her

Decisi testardamente di amarlo, che ci fosse o meno la possibilità di un lieto fine
—  Sara Mengo